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UPDATE 2: Empire Mag Into Darkness Cover Story Has Plot/Villain Details + New Images (w/ 1st look at Pike) December 24, 2012

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Spoilers,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

UPDATED: It’s a Christmas Miracle. The brand new Empire Magazine has a cover story from a Star Trek Into Darkness set visit including interviews with JJ Abrams and some of the cast. They also have some brand new exclusive images. TrekMovie has some excerpts of Abrams, Cumberbatch and Pine giving more details (and spoilers) on the film and its villain. Check that out below along with new images. [UPDATE 2:  more images added]


UPDATE: More Details on John Harrison & Into Darkness

The new Empire Magazine Star Trek Into Darkness set visit feature contains new images, cool new covers and interview quotes from director JJ Abrams and some of the stars. Some of the most interesting quotes are regarding the film’s villain, John Harrison, who is the subject of much discussion and speculation.

New image of Cumberbatch facing off with Kirk

Here is what some of them had to say about Harrison (interesting tidbits highlighted)…

Abrams: He was within Starfleet and has now turned against the organization and is hell-bent on revenge. He’s responsible for a very violent, horrific attack in London and then one in the States. He believes he and others were wronged and is focused on destruction. He’s an incredibly brilliant strategist who is aware of various truths that Kirk is not privy to.

Pine: He is Kirk’s shadow of death, his Achilles’ heel. He is just a big mirror reflecting all of Kirk’s insecurities back at him. He is just as intelligent and logical as Spock, but is also one very bad motherf—er.

Cumberbatch: He’s sort of superhuman, pretty much unbeatable. Brainy and brawny. He manipulates situations. He’s incarcerated when Kirk is talking to him and yet he still gets Kirk to do his work for him. He pushes him into a corner where the only route to salvation is cooperation. There is a real Hannibal Lecter quality to him.

The article also describes Harrison as a "Starfleet officer turned Galactic terrorist" as well as an "ex-Starfleet employee."

New image of Zachary Quinto as Spock

Some other highlights from the article

New Image (scan) of Kirk and Pike (Bruce Greenwood)

Check out these cool covers

There is much more in new issue of Empire Magazine (including additional new exclusive images). Pick up the digital copy at iTunes or on  newstands on December 27th. Here are the two cool collectible covers.

The Pine cover shows Kirk wearing civilian atire which he dons when he goes on a mission to the Klingon home world of Qo’noS to capture Benedict Cumberbatch’s John Harrison, who can be seen shackled in the other cover.

Additional covers Empire Magazine.

UPDATE 2: More Images

More image scans are now available…

Director JJ Abrams conferring with Chris Pine next to a shuttle craft
(different design than seen in Star Trek 2009 – may not bee Starfleet craft)

Spock in the Volcano on Nibiru

Uhura on Qu’noS

Cumberbatch in the brig

Cumberbatch crashing through window

Thanks to Alister


1. Tyler G. - December 24, 2012

LOVE the Cumberbatch cover! :D

2. Elias Javalis - December 24, 2012

Darn, I want this Issue!

3. Neesalun - December 24, 2012

I totally want this! Love Chris Pine’s Kirk! Gorgeous and talented! May will just not come fast enough!!

4. Michael - December 24, 2012

That handcuff device thingy is total overkill. He’s just an average guy called John Harrison. ;-)

5. Ciaran - December 24, 2012

Getting both of these covers!

Plus, look at this!


Try and guess what movie they named as the #1 must-see in 2013! LOL.

6. Tanner Waterbury (boborci is NOT A NUGGET!) - December 24, 2012

I`m truly tired of unsympathetic villans. Will we be able to feel for Harrisson in the movie? I was hoping wed get some sort of understanding with Nero, however he went from being a sympathetic character in the Countdown comics,.to your stereotypical villan. I LOVE the villians that you can be sympathetic to, and not have to rollmy eyes thinking ” Oh, GREAT! ANOTHER unsympathetic villian!” I want to understand what Harisson is going through.

7. Aligee - December 24, 2012

I downloaded the issue for iPad this morning great article as usual and the animated ipad covers are fantastic!
Oh and a Merry Christmas to all from me in Scotland!

8. The Last Vulcan - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas and happy holidays to all!

Those covers look like Jason Bourne in Blade Runner. It’s not Trek as I’ve ever known, and that is EXACTLY the point. JJ has very wisely taken the franchise in the direction of appealing to the ticket buying public. We Trekkers which make up a completely insignificant percentage of the total audience will still go see the movie even though the (very few) ones like me will do so in a severe state of handwringing. I never thought I’d say this, but just speaking for myself: All of a sudden Berman and Braga don’t look so bad… :(

The tiny glimmer of hope (for me) is in the nacelle configuration of the SF Bay crasher. Maybe, just maybe, this film has a TOS/TNG universe section like the first film’s superlative Kelvin scenes. At least I’ll have something to watch over and over again on the DVD! :)

9. Saix - December 24, 2012

Certainly you haven’t been reading/watching Cumberbatch’s recent interviews about his character in STID. He has been telling people that even though JH is a terrorist, you will sympathize with his cause. :)

10. olivadoti - December 24, 2012

Did someone notice the ornament on his sleeve? that looks very vintage?

11. Buzz Cagney - December 24, 2012

Not sure why but they made me laugh out loud!
Is this movie a comedy do we know?
I can picture Kirk giving it the whole ‘do you feel lucky, punk?’ Dirty Harry routine judging by that picture.

12. Picard, Jean-Luc - December 24, 2012

@11 that is the most ridiculous comment I’ve ever heard….

13. JohnRambo - December 24, 2012

The Cumberbatch cover…..who is this?

14. Sebi - December 24, 2012

@13 John Rambo,

It’s Khan Gary Harrison of Izar…. ;-)

15. I'm Dead Jim - December 24, 2012

@12 I didn’t laugh at it but I did think of Dirty Harry, so it’s not so ridiculous I guess. I have a tendency to cringe a little when I see Hollywood place so much visual emphasis on guns and violence, even more so when it’s in Trek, also that they feel like one way to get non-fans to see this movie is to make Kirk look like a bad-ass by putting a big gun in his hand.

That being said, I’m sure I will enjoy this movie very much. Can hardly wait!

16. Aurore - December 24, 2012

….Presumably captured and put into the restraints on…. Kronos?

What were you doing there, Johnny?!

What is so wrong about living an average (albeit comfortable) life, anyway?!


17. Optimistic Doodle - December 24, 2012

So, what’s keeping the Xmas trailer? ;-)

18. A french fan - December 24, 2012


I’ve been following this site since I discovered Star Trek last year and I never dared to comment among great trekkies like you.
But, in the first picture, there is something wich intrigue me. Instead of holding his phaser firmly with his two hands, Spock have the three last fingers of his left hand extended, as if, he was indicating the number three, like in «There are three enemies in front of us» or «Enemies (or John Harisson) are (is) at three hundred meters of us» to a person (probably Kirk or Uhura) near him.
What do you think?

19. The Last Vulcan - December 24, 2012

@15: Yeah, to me these covers are kinda like doing Toy Story 4 with Woody sporting a killer’s deadeye stare, dressed in black leather and holding a Smith & Wesson 500 Magnum. In what freakin’ universe is this Trek? Oh yeah, I forgot… in the JJverse. :(

20. Classy M - December 24, 2012

The Empire feature is excellent but be advised it contains some major spoilers.

I was already really looking forward to the film, but after reading Empire I’m even more excited. It’s great to see them doing something new and unexpected.

(The ‘Cumberbatchweb’ on twitter has links if you want to check them out.)

21. CPelcJcpelc - December 24, 2012

Don’t forget Kirk was in a leather jacket for mug of STIII do it’s not really breaking with tradition. The costume designer for this film is just a little more trendy.

22. Anthony Pascale - December 24, 2012

Article has been updated/rewritten with spoiler highlights from the article (which is available at iTunes)

23. Aix - December 24, 2012

Now I think we’re being fed too much info. Hahaha! Isn’t this too early a time for an Empire cover? Are they going to do another come April? Meh. Must be reserving for Man of Steel and IM3. Nevertheless, this is great!

Pine, old boy, you look Jack Reacher-ish in that cover. No Bones photos? Really?!

24. Aurore - December 24, 2012

“Article has been updated/rewritten with spoiler highlights from the article…”

Good stuff !!!

And, now, I would not mind knowing what character Mr. Weller is playing…
…Not to sound ungrateful or anything….


25. Ciaran - December 24, 2012

Oh for God sake, Kirk loses his command? How long are we going to be seeing him in his freaking captain’s uniform for? It seems to be as long as we did in the first movie! When are we going to see a movie where Kirk is in command of the Enterprise for the entire duration of the film?

26. JohnRambo - December 24, 2012

“Mention of Kirk “forced into a rash decision that breaks a critical Starfleet command, puts his crew in danger and costs him his captain’s chair.”

He has violated the prime directive in order to save spock from the volcano!

27. Ortiagno - December 24, 2012

Cumberbatch cover looks great, but Chris Pine cover, not so much especially for the expression of his face lmao, can not be taken seriously.

28. starranger 7 - December 24, 2012

Here is a wild guess what is going on… The one thing that is not being talked about is the Peter Weller character (CEO). My guess is that he is connected to generic engineering and some how a division of the federation is sponsoring new research. The John Harrison character may have discovered some hidden agenda and wants to stop it. Harrison may have started normal but from the research has develop superpowers from a new genetic drug which also saves the little girl. Maybe Harrison feels what the federation is doing is morally wrong. Maybe the research is based on the discovery of botany bay ship and in this timeline is discovered not by enterprise but another starship? This secret section of the federation is experimenting on the frozen crew. Harrison discovers this and feels the federation is corrupted or is connected some how to khan and seeking revenge for his family. I am not sure how the Klingons are involved but may be the federation is concern about a war between them and what this research for a potential war with them?
Maybe its the klingons who finds the botany bay ship and Harrison is trying to rescue them. The Federation knows this and starts up research on genetic engineering based on old records to make sure that the Klingons don’t have a tactical advantage.

I could be completely wrong on this but fun to guess.

29. Kirk's Girdle - December 24, 2012

#18 French Fan

I noticed the fingers looked a little odd myself and you could be right but it also looks like the gun handle is completely enveloped in Spock’s right hand and he is clasping that hand with his left and there is simply nothing for those fingers to hang onto.

30. Jack - December 24, 2012

Kirk’s apartment? So is he relieved of his command? Does the E get destroyed/disabled/decommissioned? There are all those scenes of an empty ship in the trailer…

31. Jack - December 24, 2012

Oops. I missed the ‘loses his command’ part of the article on my first, rabidly quick read…

32. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

Hmm…”…employee of Starfleet…” if the Merchant Marines maintains the same relationsheep with Starfleet as it presently does with the U.S. military. those Bill Harrisonites may be on to something.

33. Creed - December 24, 2012

I expect breaching the prime directive to rescue spock and risking the enterprise above a volcanic eruption might be what get Kirks in trouble with the brass…

34. crazydaystrom - December 24, 2012

Nice! Didn’t recognize Cumberbatch on his cover at first. NEED to see this movie, ASAP!

35. saavik001 - December 24, 2012

#15. Like the promo images from Where No Man Has Gone Before? :) Kirk with the phaser rifle is a great shot…

36. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

#28. starranger 7

During times of war in the U.S., The Merchant Marines a mixture of private and government vessels mostly involved in the shipping of cargo and the commerce thereof, becomes a part of the U.S. Navy. This could be how Weller’s CEO, a shipowner, and Harrison became a part of Starfleet, via the 23rd centuries’ Merchant Marines.

37. BillT - December 24, 2012

I think this can be Space Seed related. Harrison could be a descendant of one of the Botany Bay people they didn’t know about. One of them could have knocked up somebody who kept quiet about it because they were being captured and exiled. I think maybe the cure he says he knows about is probably just a way to manipulate a Starfleet person into doing something. There probably isn’t a cure.

38. Elias Javalis - December 24, 2012

…or this could be a built up movie. A prologue if I may say so. Its de facto for an expensive endeavor this size! The real “enterprise” begins in Star Trek III…:):)

39. Optimistic Doodle - December 24, 2012

@37: “There probably isn’t a cure.”

So, you’d let that beautiful little girl die?
C’mon, it’s Christmas Eve? ;-)

40. Rob - December 24, 2012

I believe that Harrison will indeed provide the cure as promised. He may well be an antagonist, but he seems, by all accounts, to be principled. It doesnt seem likely that he would make a promise and break it in the course of avenging what seems to be a series of moral deficincies and perhaps broken promises made by Starfleet.

The rash decision Kirk makes will NOT be the prime directive thing from the start of the movie. I am guessing here, but I am thinking that he lets Harrison get out of the brig, or takes him somewhere to follow up on information Harrison offers…all against the command of Starfleet.

41. Bill Lutz - December 24, 2012

yuck and yuck

42. BillT - December 24, 2012

@ 39 and 40. Harrison as described as Hannibal Lector, the Joker and Jack from the Shining. There is nothing about that description that makes me think he would follow through with a cure.

43. Basement Blogger - December 24, 2012

Looking at the photo of Pike and Kirk in dress uniforms, I’m guessing that the funeral is not for Pike. :-) Yep, this is just speculation, just like I guessed and am probably wrong that Peter Weller is Paxton or a relative of Paxton. But speaking of Weller, I’m guessing that he is a key in that he either frees Khan or defrosts him.

44. Mantastic - December 24, 2012

That cover picture of Kirk is probably the least…Kirky picture I’ve ever seen of Kirk ever.

At least give the man a phaser that doesn’t look like a 20th century pistol and a jacket that doesn’t look like the one I have in my closet.

45. LogicalLeopard - December 24, 2012

18 A French Fan

Good observation. I think he’s just in the process of raising the weapon and putting his hands around it completely. But he could be in the process of raising his fingers to signal someone.

46. Rob - December 24, 2012


Respectfully disagree. Lecter would also fulfill a promise.

If you consider what Cumby says about the viewer sympathsizing with JH, certainly a way to engender sympathy will to demonstrate morality and/or consistency.

47. PicardsFish - December 24, 2012

Its worth pointing out something interesting about Kirk in the Brig pics we’ve seen (spoiler: HE’S THE SAME!)

First pic of Kirk and Spock looking at Harrison in the Brig:

New Empire pic:

As someone pointed out in that original picture’s comment section, Kirk did in fact look a bit photoshopped in. And now we know he was indeed doctored in!

Or he’s just standing really, really still…

48. LogicalLeopard - December 24, 2012

So, it looks like Kirk is going to go through some sort of discipline, maybe a suspension pending a court martial. Then, the terror attacks start, and he mobilizes the Enterprise in defiance of orders to catch Harrison. Sounds like Kirk to me.

Or maybe he’s not suspended. Probably restricted to the starbase or put on sector patrol.

49. Classy M - December 24, 2012

#42 – Harrison doesn’t offer a cure, he offers to ‘save’ her.

We don’t know what that entails. Maybe he’ll put her into cryogenic stasis, or transfer her brain into an android. It may be a case of the ‘cure’ being worse than the illness.

And I agree with #46. As Rob says, the viewer is far more likely to sympathise with Harrison if he’s seen to be moral. About some things, anyway.

50. Dee - lvs moon' surface - December 24, 2012

Ok J. J. Abrams, stop talking about the movie now please! … lol

and btw … the cover of Chris Pine is as good as the cover of Benedict Cumberbatch … or both are awful … as you prefer! … I’m being a bit ironic, of course!

Merry Christmas!!!

;-) :-)

51. LogicalLeopard - December 24, 2012


Goood catch…..but why, is the question?

52. AyanEva - December 24, 2012

#47 I think it might just be two stills taken from the same scene within seconds of each other. The first still shows the wide shot that includes Spock and is just before Harrison turns his full body towards Kirk. In this still just his head is turned. The second photo is a close up on just Kirk/Harrison and shows Harrison after he’s turned his whole body in the same direction that he turned his head in the first still.

53. BeyondtheTech - December 24, 2012

Ugh. 5 months to go. Why so early?!?

54. Captain Archer - December 24, 2012

47. PicardsFish
“Or he’s just standing really, really still…”

Well, it IS a photograph! ;) Seriously, It is just taken at two different angles… slightly different and probably a second or two difference.

55. Rob - December 24, 2012

The info JH has that Kirk is not Privy to…

….dont you all think that might well be that Sf is conducting eugenic experiments with Wellers CEO character leading that effort? Im willing to embrace the theory that the Botany Bay has been discovered and that the resulting experiments have driven JH to extremes.

Question is, are these extreme feelings and actions borne of the fact that JH has family in the Botany Bay, or that his family … Starfleet… has corrupted itself by experimenting on frozen supermen and perhaps children?

56. Actual - December 24, 2012

My theory.

1) Kirk breaks the prime directive at the beginning of the movie in order to save Spock from the volcano.

2) This costs him his command, but probably deepens Kirk and Spock’s friendship (didn’t see much of this friendship in Trek 09, so they need a LOT of work in this movie to justify any TWOK moment).

3) The attack on the Starfleet meeting we’ve seen in the trailers is Kirk’s disciplinary hearing. Pike is present and is killed in the attack, It also explains why Kirk is seen in the meeting shooting at the attacking vessel.

4) With most of the fleet and leading officers down in the attack, Kirk is reinstated and sent to hunt Harrison down. It’s not only a chance to redeem himself, but with Pike’s death, a personal mission of revenge.

57. Jeff O'Connor - December 24, 2012

I’m particularly interested in learning where Scotty is located in his new shot. Looks like a Klingon warehouse or something.

58. Rob - December 24, 2012


Agree with your third point. The funeral we see in the trailer will end the movie. The missing man formation is always poignant.

The death of Pike…his “father” will teach him humility.

59. Trek was born on TV - December 24, 2012

This is starting to sound like multiple story-lines going on simultaneously. And either Peter Wellers role is minor enough that he wouldn’t have made it into the trailers, or his role is pivotal to the plot, and would give away too much if he appeared in the trailer. Given Peter Wellers history, I am betting on the latter.
And as for Noel Clarke? I have a gut feeling that his role is more pivotal then assumed. I think his character is cannon regardless of Bob Orci’s previous statements regarding this. In fact, I would not be surprised if everything he said was twisted, and he’s just having fun fueling the speculation machine. There is a lot going on in this movie, and with three movies slated for release there are a lot of places the movie needs to go, and if the movies are to be connected as a whole then these connections need to be established as well. So as we are fed more information- instead of more clarity we become more confused.
Let’s just sit back, and catch our breaths. The movie is written, filmed, and edited, so it is what it is either way. The powers that be are going to blow are minds in May, and the franchise will not only please us long time fans, but a lot of newcomers are going to be hooked, as well. And whatever the story is I’m sure it was well thought out.

60. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 24, 2012

Still not feeling it.

Where is my Star Trek?

Main character is a Terrorist? What wonderful hope for our future.

Thanks JJ for keeping the torch lit but this aint my cup of tea.

61. The Original Animated Next Generation Deep Space Voyager Enterprise I-XI - December 24, 2012

What I’d really like to know is who are the 2 Klingons we see helmetless in the movie. I wonder if the article says anything about them because they must be key characters if TPTB specifically mentioned them being the only ones out of many more Klingons we’ll see in the movie to show their faces.

My guess/hope: Kor & Kang

62. sean - December 24, 2012


Sorry, but since when are terrorists/antagonists new to Trek?

63. Rob - December 24, 2012


The hope comes in the form of the moral cancer in starfleet being resected. A socialist society such as roddenberry imagined, cannot thrive where “the good of the many” come at the expense of the few.

My guess is that the moral relativism created by paranoia (Nero, Klingon threat) of the federation, which starfleet is a key component, will be exposef by JH, but cured by a humbled Kirk.

64. jagen - December 24, 2012

#28 I’ve been saying for a while that somehow this Harrison is genetically engineered like Khan, maybe even an offshoot of his DNA? And Weller is the scientist who does it. Harrison is then ‘disillusioned’ by the power, ie: Khan, and when, like the other augments of Khans time they are deemed unsuitable and dangerous. they are then banished to a brutal world, like Khan. Harrison feels like he has not choice but to help his ‘family’ by taking over the federation and making room for them to rule. Like Khan. I think Harrison studies Khan and emulates his world domination attitude. Smart, charasmatic, superstrong…all attributes of Khan. It fits.

65. Trek Evolution baby - December 24, 2012

@ 60. TrekMadeMeWonder Your Star Trek is available on DVD.

I really get annoyed when these Star Trek “purists” start espousing this nonsense. If Star Trek tried to stay the same it would have been shelved.

One of Nerds correct me if I am wrong, there was violence on the original Star Trek and there was violence of every incarnation that came after it. DS9 had a major war storyline for two years. There was a war in the 23rd century. Are you kidding me? Roddenberry’s show was not Lost In Space.

Trek had to evolve. It is just that simple. I think its naive and short sighted.

The best Star Wars movie ever made was the one George Lucas did not direct. Battlestar Galactica was way better under Ron Moore than Glen Larson. I appreciate the seeds Larson planted and it wasn’t all bad but Moore evolved it to its highest form. He made it cool and he made it relevant. Gene Roddenberry is the father of the orginal model but his model is not equipped for the type of envrionment we live in today. It has to either evolve or die.

JJ Abrahms has done a great job and you can’t make Trek for the core fan base. Ask Rick Berman How that all worked out? It helped to end the Next Generation franchise. Almost every Next Gen film was made like it for television with the exception of First Contact.

Trek shows that as man goes out into space improved technological advances that none of that is going to be pie. Neros incursion changed that Universe forever. He changed the balance of power. You think there were not going to be repercussions for that?

I Love this New Trek.

66. Rob - December 24, 2012

One other point, aside from creating terror on Earth, is it possible that the second part of JH’s plan is to draw the federation into all out war with the Klingon empire… That would explain his presence on Q’Nos..or however its spelled.

Weaken the morale on Earth, then start a war. Sounds like good revenge to me. Then while eveything is in flux… Who emerges to attack, then rule?

67. Trek Evolution baby - December 24, 2012

A lot of the theories about Harrisson are rally baseless and pointless. He is human and obviously genetically engineered. He is powerful. Is he an Augment? Maybe. Is he the same crewman Harrison from the original series? Is he a disguise? Perhaps. How about we just find out when we go to the theatre.

I think its tied to the Eugenics Wars and I think its tied to the fallout from the last movie.

Harrison does not study Khan. I think there is a major twist to all of this. Orci and Kurtzman had time to think about all of this. They are not stupid. They are not making this obvious.

68. Rob - December 24, 2012

To apply a metaphor of sorts… JH could well be the Silver Surfer to Khan’s Galactus. Thinking 3rd movie here.

69. Gilberto - December 24, 2012


70. Make a Better Into Darkness Trailer Please - December 24, 2012

PLEASE…..PLEASE…..PLEASE….make a better trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness!!!! The Star Trek (2009) trailer with music from Two Steps from Hell – Freedom Fighters made the trailer super epic….and I believe contributed to the success of the film. We need a epic trailer for this film….not one with lame thumping music…if you want to even call that music!!

71. Rob - December 24, 2012


Agreed. I loved TOS, etc., but JJA and the SC have done a magnificent job in reimagining and reconstructing a more relevant and soicio~politically robust Trek, imo.

72. Flake - December 24, 2012


Terrorists been done on Trek before, infact there is little Trek has not done!

You want darkness? I bet this movie does not go anywhere near to TWOK level of darkness, what with in-ear parasites seen going in and coming out whilst the poor men are in severe pain, maimed crewmen dying in sickbay from horrific burns, throats cut, men&women tortured and strung up above pools of their own blood, Khan horribly burnt and disfigured, Spock dying slowly infront of everyone from Radiation poisoning, men vapourised! Terrell killing himself whilst going insane!

Funny how TWOK is cited as the best of Trek? When its the darkest of Trek.

73. thorsten - December 24, 2012

Same to you Gilberto!


74. jagen - December 24, 2012

Saying Harrison studies Khan does not make orci and kurtzman stupid. It’s saying that Harrison learns from history, as in the Eugenics War. As with all terrorist with a high agenda, he feels he can do it better and achieve victory where there was none before. I will agree that there is a radical twist to it and it all has to do with Eugenics and Harrison somehow being one.

75. seangh - December 24, 2012

The more I hear about this next flick, the less I like it. What happened to “where no man has gone before?” What I have read about the plot sounds like “Skyfall” to me, with Bond unwittingly doing the villains bidding, blah blah blah. Pass.

76. Mad Man - December 24, 2012

Are those phasers? What kind of weapons are Kirk and Spock holding? Maybe they are phasers redesigned to look non-Starfleet issue since they are undercover.

77. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

#72. Flake

FWIW my grand niece and nephew (11-12) think THE VOYAGE HOME is the best Trek movie ever and when they come to visit if I’m watching TWoK make me turn it off!

78. paul - December 24, 2012

More new pics here! not really spoilerish images just new stuff but pretty cool & a nice xmas present for sure!


79. Captain Archer - December 24, 2012

60. TrekMadeMeWonder

Have you seen Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country?

80. Robman007 - December 24, 2012

Klingon disrupters, no doubt.

81. Robman007 - December 24, 2012

TNG and Voyager made folks forget that Trek was a pretty rough place back in the TOS and film era. Politically correct non sense made it the lovey dovey socialist heaven in the TNG era.

One thing I loved about the Shatner “written” novels was that Kirk was always less then thrilled with how society and earth had evolved.

82. Sunfell - December 24, 2012

Now this is the story I wished for, and the story I want to see: Kirk screws up big time, and has to redeem himself.

Beats Khan, Gary Mitchell, and all that to heck.

May can’t get here quickly enough.

83. LJ - December 24, 2012

@60 IMHO the best way to illustrate the ideals of Trek, indeed any ideals, is to see how our protagonists respond when those ideals are challenged. This has always been at the core of Star Trek: how many times have we seen our heroes debate the pros and cons of the Prime Directive?

Indeed, war, terrorism and conflict have always been at the core of the various series. The Federation does not seek war, however sometimes war finds the Federation. Not every race in Star Trek shares the Federation’s ideals of peace, diversity, equality. Even the Klingons, who IMHO, as a non-Fed race come closest to the Federation ideal in that they act honourably and disdain the actions of such as the Romulans and Cardassians, seem to have an apartheid system (we never see any of their subject races in the Imperial fleet). Sometimes these differences break out into open conflict.

What is interesting is how our characters respond to those threats – and it’s not always the same. Sometimes characters will risk themselves to protect their values (TNG – Insurrection), other times they will go against everything the Federation believes in to protect it (Sisko – the assassination of Senator Vreenak).

In short, I am looking forward to this film, and the questions it may raise. For me, that is not just good Star Trek, but good fiction: fiction that has the audience thinking, discussing and debating. Long may it continue: rules were made to be broken.

84. thorsten - December 24, 2012

You are right, there is something fishy.
The viewpoint moves around the room and Cumby,
but Pine stays exactly the same, except for the creases in his pants.
Check out this animated gif:


85. The Sinfonian - December 24, 2012

@82. Agreed!

We’re getting:
voyages of the Starship Enterprise, clearly
ongoing mission, clearly
explore strange new worlds, Nibiru and Qo’noS among others?
seek out new life and new civilizations, Nibiru
boldly go where Norman has gone before, if Harrison is an android.

86. LJ - December 24, 2012

@85 Spot on.

I think it was a mistake when somebody (I can’t recall who) said of the 2009 movie “This is not your father’s Star Trek”. Sorry, but it is my father’s Star Trek: it’s everything I remember of watching reruns of TOS with my dad back when I was a kid. Action, fisticuffs, smart one-liners, and – it looks like – an issue to ponder afterwards. They’ve put the fun back into Star Trek, and I – for one – am happy to have it back.

I can’t wait for the new one. I can’t believe it’s another five month wait for that, then another seven months till The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug. I don’t want to wish my life away – it’s too short – so I’ll try (as best I can) to keep my mind off it and enjoy the time between now and then.

87. Sunfell - December 24, 2012

@85 That last line is worse than the Nyota pun in the Empire Mag photo-spread.


88. The Sinfonian - December 24, 2012

@86 Sherlock, Harrison, and Smaug. Cumberbatch is having all the fun. I can only hope, that like Hannibal Lecter that the Supreme Court and K/O + Damon don’t kill Harrison off! Keep him around like Blofeld for future sequels.

@84 And what is the weird reflection on Harrison’s right arm? Combined with the strange side-view that got tweeted, it’s like they are ARGing us to hunt these images for clues.

89. thorsten - December 24, 2012

That is a small display from one of the brigs columns Sinfonian, look here:


90. Romulus - December 24, 2012

1. Thorny – January 4, 2012

And again… so much for the “big name to draw in international audiences” idea.

JUST A reminder of the nay sayers when Cumberbatch was announced.

91. Kgreene - December 24, 2012

So somebody might have said it already… But this is “Heart of Darkness” Star Trek style. Nice.

92. Ryan Thomas Riddle - December 24, 2012

Glad to hear that the movie will explore Kirk’s self-doubting nature that was so prominent in the early part of TOS.

93. DeShonn Steinblatt - December 24, 2012

Prefer the Khan cover. Excuse me, the iconic John Harrison cover. Kirk’s face looks distorted. Didn’t even realize it was Kirk at first.

94. LJ - December 24, 2012

@88 I, also, am hoping they don’t kill Harrison off. It seems like in every Trek movie the antagonist has to be killed (usually by falling off something or getting blown up on their ship). It would be nice for one to survive, and – yes – provide an ongoing threat to the crew. A true nemesis for Kirk (one could say a Moriarty to Kirk’s Holmes – now that would be ironic).

I’m also hoping they don’t completely wipe London off the map. We don’t see much of the UK on Trek, and I’m eager to see what role it plays in-universe (seen that Paris is the political centre and San Francisco the military/scientific centre of the Federation). Is London still a financial/economic centre? Go on Harrison, you can have your attack, but don’t destroy it completely!

95. Troi's bar of soap - December 24, 2012


Well said, the franchise has to evolve and stay fresh in order to survive.
The “new” Trek will ensure the “old” Trek lives on.

96. The Sinfonian - December 24, 2012

@94 We always talk about redshirts dying, but you’re right. Star Trek Movie villains die, or leave forever with even more certainty!
1. Vejur: “ascends”
2. Khan: “blasted”
3. Kruge: “consumed”
4. Probe: “disengaged”
5. Sybok: “envelopped”
6. Chang: “fire!”
7. Soran: “goner”
8. Queenie: “hydroplasmatized”
9. Ru’afo: “imploded”
10. Shinzon: “jean-loocked”
11. Nero: “klein-itized”
12. Harrison….. “lives?”

I think London and SF survive… that only specific things are targeted. In London, it’s some unethical genetic augmentation program that Starfleet has been conducting (which connects to the Clarke/Contractor family), and in SF, it’s specifically some members of the Admiralty: Pike among them….

97. Elias Javalis - December 24, 2012


I am with you also. If you combine the blockbuster qualities of the new with the old references of trek we all grew the result is success.

Into Darkness is a certified hit long before its release. The media are bursting with it, (heck, there is even a dedicated site for Greeks, directly from Paramount – a Country with few but dedicated trekkies) but most importantly its fresh and meaningful…again!

98. MJ - December 24, 2012

“That handcuff device thingy is total overkill. He’s just an average guy called John Harrison. ;-)”

Yes, exactly. Average guy, my ass. LOL

99. MJ - December 24, 2012

@69. Yea, right, nice try. We’ve already deduced that you are Gilberto Lazcano from IDW. Nice misdirection with the “Rio greetings” dude to try to get out of the trouble you are in for releasing the info that Khan will make a brief appearance in CGI.

Nice try, Lazcano. :-))

100. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 24, 2012

Love those Phasers. You know? They remind me of Star Trek.

68. Rob

Bingo. I said that a few articles back. If there is a way to rip off an idea…

I think the original series had more to offer in all most every episode. And let’s all remember that Trek was ALWAYS best on TV. Especially the first few years. A prime example if the Phasers. In the original series the Phasers and Photon Torpedoes were weapons with unimaginable power. Even the hand phasers were impressive.

These days, and the last movie included, the Phasers and Torpedoes were diminished in power greatly. The hand phasers were no better than a handgun and the Torpedoes had all the power of a 17th century cannonball. Including Star Trek VI (79. Captain Archer).

If there is a message here for the suits, it time to get live action Trek back on TV. And hire a good writer that understands the true wonder and power of the Future Gene envisioned.

Please note that I still hold out hope for this Trek to be truely amazing. And it’s still way too early to write off as a no see.

Just letting you guys know where I see things.

101. Peter Loader - December 24, 2012


Clearly not the same pic of Kirk. Slightly different angle. Left arm slightly different position, as are the folds on Kirk’s left pants butt. Not photoshopped.

102. FarStrider - December 24, 2012

@99 OR, he’s Gilberto from Rio de Janeiro, who like almost all Star Trek fans here is making stuff up to fit a theory onto the out-of-context images that we’ve all seen. That poster NEVER claimed to be Gilberto Lazcano, certain people assumed he was without any proof. (And we all know what happens when people assume things).

And thinking about it, it makes no sense that a professional with a studio contract would casually drop a bombshell on a message board that just happens to conform to some posters pet theory. The people at Bad Robot know how to keep secrets. They won’t things slip until they want you to know it.


103. Sebastian S. - December 24, 2012

The villain John Harrison is sounding a bit like Javier Bardem’s ‘Silva’ in “Skyfall.” That’s a plus in my book. That could be a very interesting angle for Star Trek to have that kind of disgruntled, possibly genetically modified ex-Starfleet renegade running around ruining ‘paradise’ for everyone.

I’m guessing a Section-31 type organization (or even Section 31 itself) is at the core of this movie (they were probably making supersoldier augments and having them infiltrate Starfleet). Bob Orci’s (apparent) interest in conspiracies could be well-used in this movie.

I’m very much looking forward to it. :-)

104. Oktoberfest - December 24, 2012

So it is TNG The Hunted: the motion picture. I guess Roga finds a time portal on Angosia and joins Section 31. Doesn’t matter to me, if it’s by JJ, the plot could be Invasion of the Space Moose and I’ll still pay to see it a few times.

105. psb2009 - December 24, 2012

Not sure if anyone has mentioned this, but it looks like Pike is not in a wheelchair, and doesn’t need one from the position he is in.

106. Will - December 24, 2012

Scotty’s jacket reminds me of the second uniform jacket design from Stargate Atlantis.

107. MJ - December 24, 2012

@102 “OR, he’s Gilberto from Rio de Janeiro, who like almost all Star Trek fans here is making stuff up….”

Unlikely. Here’s exactly what he said:

“Khan will be CGI. Spilled beans, for the ones who know me…”

And I think he was surprised that one of the folks who knew him here as the IDW Gilberto Lazcaon outed him (some friend, eh!). He could get in a lot of trouble for this, so I completely understand the pretend “Greetings from Rio” post. He’s covering his ass so he can have plausability deniability when he returns to the office over the holidays. I mean, come on, “Merry Christmas from Rio?” LOL GIve me a break — who says somethng like that here announcing where they are at in their Christmas greetings?

108. MJ - December 24, 2012


109. Anthony Lewis - December 24, 2012

Actually Harrison sounds a lot more like. General Francis Hummel played by Ed Harris in The Rock.

Highly regarded military man, during black ops missions his men were lost and the United States refused to acknowledge them or pay reparations to their families.

Going up against the government and the military forces Hummel resorts to a terroistic threat to try and get justice for his men. Admirable cause, not so admirable means of attaining it.

110. ados - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Anthony and all trekkies…

111. Ahmed - December 24, 2012

I can’t wait to get my hands on that Empire issue. btw, Pike is not in his wheelchair in that picture.

112. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

“Cumberbatch: He’s SORT OF superhuman, pretty much unbeatable. Brainy and brawny.”


113. Ahmed - December 24, 2012

@ 109. Anthony Lewis – December 24, 2012

“Actually Harrison sounds a lot more like. General Francis Hummel played by Ed Harris in The Rock.

Highly regarded military man, during black ops missions his men were lost and the United States refused to acknowledge them or pay reparations to their families.

Going up against the government and the military forces Hummel resorts to a terroistic threat to try and get justice for his men. Admirable cause, not so admirable means of attaining it.”

Now that you mentioned, that is very good comparison. I can picture John in the same situation as General Hummel, a good man turned against his own organization for very good reasons. I hope this is the case here.

114. Vultan - December 24, 2012


Also, like Silva, Harrison is inside a glass cell talking to (or taunting?) the hero. Just like Loki in The Avengers. And quite a lot like the Joker in TDK.

I hope they aren’t playing the villain-meant-to-get-caught-to-carry-out-his-devious-plan card again. That’s getting old.

115. Dr. Image - December 24, 2012

Pushing the envelope! (Just like DS9 did.)

116. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

@114 Vultan,
“I hope they aren’t playing the villain-meant-to-get-caught-to-carry-out-his-devious-plan card again. That’s getting old.”

Though I’m reluctant to say obvious, the fact we’ve seen Kirk pummel this “sort of superhuman” guy prior to what appears to be his subsequent apprehension following Harrison’s apparently decimating a number of Klingons seemingly single handedly, I would say there’s good evidence to suggest this is exactly the card they are playing.

I can’t imagine Kirk, Spock and Uhura alone would be able to take this guy if he didn’t want to be taken.

117. Vultan - December 24, 2012


I think you may be right. If Harrison is so brilliant, how did he get caught? Oh, he—GASP—wanted to get caught….

Cue the big man with the tummy telephone.


Merry Christmas, everyone!

118. Jonboc - December 24, 2012

Sorry to see Pine is not sporting traditional Starfleet sideburns…I tend to like that signature aesthetic…but I will buy this issue of Empire to enjoy over the Christmas holiday tomorrow, in between the chaos that usually finds its way into my home. lol

And a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, including Bob Orci and the the cast and crew of Trek Into Darkness. The little nuggets of info, that you guys at Bad Robot have released, has made for a very entertaining holiday season!

119. Jakub Holy - December 24, 2012

Guys check out the pattern on Cumberbatch’s sleeve on the Empire poster and the pattern on Khan’s yellow collar from TOS http://en.memory-alpha.org/wiki/File:Khan_McGivers_Kirk_social.jpg or on the red one.

Isn’t that too much of a coincidence?

120. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

@119 Jakub Holy,

No similarity whatsoever.

However, thanks for pointing that out. I have seen that sleeve design before … But where …

121. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 24, 2012


Yeahhh. someones playin mind games.

Check out Decker’s insig and compare to Empire.

I credit another old school TOS Trekkie (who has forsaken Trek – don’t ya know.) for recognizing this. Eh, JL.


122. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 24, 2012

And here…

This one may be ful;l of surprises. Starting to like it.


BTW, old school Trekkie is a B5 Forever fan. So he says.

123. Jack - December 24, 2012

107. MJ – December 24, 2012

Gosh MJ. You’re outing Gilberto L. (repeatedly and incessantly) — a production assistant at IDW — without any proof. other than a screen name and an oddly worded post.

Type the guy’s full name into Google now, and you get repeated complaints from you calling for the guy to be punished by Bob Orci. And Ryan’s been following suit — on nearly every thread. This is getting into libel territory. What, do you want the guy fired?

Maybe it is him — but there’s also a Gilberto from Brazil who’s been posting on here for quite a while. Who says greetings from Rio? Somebody in Rio. And maybe understand that his first language might not be English. Jeepers.

People make all sorts of predictions and claim them as fact, or state that in ways that sound like they’re fact (ex. “it IS Khan”) all the time on here.

Man, Merry Christmas indeed.

124. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

@ 121 TrekMadeMeWnder,

Yeah, the Constellation assignment patch on Matt Decker … That may be what I’m thinking of …

It’s the Doomsday Machine!!

125. Jack - December 24, 2012

124, :). it doesn’t really look much like the constellation symbol either.

126. razzo - December 24, 2012


127. Curious Cadet - December 24, 2012

@ 126 razzo,

“Sort of superhuman”.

128. MJ - December 24, 2012

@127. Why do you keep focusing on this this. Sort of human just means he’s not quite as powerful the son of Jor El basically… i.e. he’s not a superhero. LOL.

129. razzo - December 24, 2012

@127: You’re cute. “(…) superhuman”.

130. MJ - December 24, 2012


Jack, what in the hell are you talking about??? A poster named “Vorus” outed him several days ago. Please get your facts straight next time before you jump in accusing me of things I never did. Your beef is with Vorus, not me. Sheesh, Merry Christmas to you indeed.

131. olly - December 24, 2012

Downloaded it for the Cumberbatch cover. Hope we get full size posters like that. His costume is ace.

132. JohnRambo - December 24, 2012

Chris Pine looks just like Kirk, AMAZING! He is James T. Kirk!

133. MJ - December 24, 2012

@123. If it is that Gilberto from Brazil, then why we he post two days ago that he had inside information the a CGI Khan would appear in the new movie. Yes, I suppose it’s possible that there are two Gilberto’s posting here in the past couple of days — I’ll give you that.

Regarding my comment about saying where he was from, my point was not some Engligh-centric comment that you jumped all over me on, my point was that it is unusual here for people to mention their locations in posts. Not unheard of, but unusual.

134. Sunfell - December 24, 2012

Harrison’s jacket sleeves are sporting some elegant soutache work, but nothing that looks like a Starfleet insignia, unless JJ’s gone all steampunky on us.


135. Jack - December 24, 2012

Has this L. guy posted as just Gilberto? I wasn’t slamming you about being English-centric, I commented about English, because it might explain why this Brazillian guy’s comment about spilling the beans sounded a bit, er, odd.

136. Jack - December 24, 2012

130. Well, I’ve just seen you and Ryan repeating it a bunch and calling out the guy by name. Sorry. I didn’t see Vorus’s comment. And, frankly, that makes it even worse — you’re piling on the guy based on an unsubstantiated claim by somebody else? I’d assumed you knew this Lozscsno guy…

137. Red Shirt Diaries - December 24, 2012

To MJ and Jack:

A poster named Vorus was the one who claimed he/she outed Gilberto Lazcano. And yes, it certainly looked to me as well that that Gilberto was claiming to have inside knowledge on the sequel.

138. Anthony Pascale - December 24, 2012

Guys not sure what the focus is on this poster Gilberto, but he is definitely from Brazil.

139. Jack - December 24, 2012

Dude, let me get this straight — I’m the one accusing and jumping all over you for calling you out on these repeated claims against this L. guy? Aren’t you accusing and jumping all over him?

And I’m not using your full name — or telling people where you work. Or calling for you to get fired or punished…

Fair trial…

140. CmdrR - December 24, 2012

Aside from Kirk’s tunic, the images here scream: SAME DULL ACTION FLICK YOU’VE PAID FOR 1,465 TIMES. Dudes in black leather dusters, oversized guns, jumping through windows. Jeez.

What about these images is supposed to say Star Trek? What new themes and ideas are here? Any? Looks like the crew has a bad guy to chase/kill. Whoo-hooo!

141. MJ - December 24, 2012

@136 OK, whatever, I’ll shut up on this matter as I don’t want the guy to get in trouble with IDW and the studio. This is my last message on this topic. I do though consider “a CGI Khan” as partially confirmed now for STID, and I am adding that to my database of info on STID being a Khan-centric story.

@137. Exactly!

142. Disinvited - December 24, 2012

#69. Gilberto

Let’s see if I can remember a few words of my Grandmother’s tongue:

Obrigado y bom dia!

#133. MJ

Do you honestly think its that out of the question for a guy named Gilbert Lazcano to have been born in Brazil (possibly home for the holidays), live in San Diego, and work for IDW?

143. Anthony Pascale - December 24, 2012

Let me be clearer, Gilberto has always posted from Rio or Sau Paulo, his first post was years ago.

As far as I can tell he has no inside info. Anything posted is speculation which is just fine.

Controversy over.

144. MJ - December 24, 2012

#133. No, you are right. Exactly my point!

145. MJ - December 24, 2012

@143. OK, I am dropping this completely then. This Gilberto was claiming to have inside knowledge of a CGI Khan in the next movie, Anthony, and some other poster (Varus) claimed he was the IDW Gilberto. Sounds like this has all been a lost leader then. Sorry.

146. Phil - December 24, 2012

Well, we all saw what a clusterf**k the CGI Arnold was in the last Terminator movie – I can’t imagine Abrams repeating that mistake.

147. MJ - December 24, 2012

@146. Unless it was just showing his face in the cryo chamber, or a very brief flashback.

148. Phil - December 24, 2012

Mention of Kirk “forced into a rash decision that breaks a critical Starfleet command, puts his crew in danger and costs him his captain’s chair.”

So, sinking the Enterprise was not that hot of an idea afterall. Or Starfleet came to it’s senses and realised the mistake they make making a cadet who what hours from a dishonorable discharge captain. The problem with this precedent is that future stories are going to have be created giving Kirk bigger issues to overcome to keep his command. A three movie arc with this production staff and cast should be sufficient for this, I don’t see this cast growing old with the franchise anymore.

149. R. Banks - December 24, 2012


That CGI Arnold was cringe inducing,.like fingernails on a chalkboard.

150. Thorny - December 24, 2012

Well, I’m very encouraged by this plot description. It seems to be addressing one of the (in my opinion) major flaws of the last movie… Kirk getting a command he really wasn’t prepared for. Maybe those chickens come home to roost in this movie and Kirk begins to become a true Captain.

151. MJ - December 24, 2012

@148 “A three movie arc with this production staff and cast should be sufficient for this, I don’t see this cast growing old with the franchise anymore.”

None of the actors has really broken into A-list territory. Therefore, it’s still possible we could get most of this cast signed on for HBO- or Showtime-style 10-episode Trek seasons yearly following the conclusion of this trilogy. We have to hope that Pine’s Jack Ryan movie doesn’t fare very well though, or he’ll be too expensive for this.

Otherwise it is onto the Orcii Star Wars….whoops, I mean Star Trek….cartoon idea, which I couldn’t get a rats ass about watching.

152. Jack - December 24, 2012

By the way, MJ and everyone else here. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

153. Vorus - December 24, 2012


Let me take this opportunity to apologize to you all for any confusion I started. I was just trying to dig for more info. Like most of us here, I’m anxious for more news, and I certainly wasn’t trying to “out” anyone. I’m glad it’s all officially over now, and I’m especially glad we didn’t get anyone in trouble and/or fired. Every Trekkie deserves a good job.

And thanks to Anthony for diffusing the situation. Sorry for the bother, sir.

154. LogicalLeopard - December 24, 2012

151 MJ

I’m going to say that you’d need a new cast and ship for a HBO style show. Zoe Saldana is a certified movie star in the US, i’d say. Pine is on the verge, i think his Jack Ryan gig is multi movie. Urban and Pegg have enough work to keep them moving as well. Cho always has Harold and Kumar.

155. Colin Lindsly - December 24, 2012

Looking back at JJ Abrams and having read some of the comics, one of my deepest fears may be coming true. A number of his works involve a conspiracy, which the protagonists must identify and confront.

In the comic “The Return of the Archons”, it was insinuated that there is a conspiracy involving Starfleet. Admiral Pike is aware of this and is in contact with one of the conspirators. He is told by his contact to keep Captain Kirk in check. In the comic, the captain had uncovered an experiment on Beta III that was initiated by Starfleet. Now, from the Empire Magazine, the readers are informed that “He’s an incredibly brilliant strategist who is aware of various truths that Kirk is not privy to.” (http://trekmovie.com/2012/12/24/new-star-trek-into-darkness-images-from-empire-mag/)

Oh, frack!

156. Gary S. - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!

157. Chris Doohan - December 24, 2012

Have a Merry Christmas, everyone.

158. aligee in Scotland - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to one and all
Alister in Scotland

159. anya - December 24, 2012

cumberbatch looks cheesy and kinda old on that cover pic. on the bright side captain fine looks as great as usual

160. rogerachong - December 24, 2012

Special Merry Christmas to the Scotland contingent from Trinidad. Will be joining you soon in the new year and will be looking for the nearest IMAX cinema in Aberdeen to see STID. Wish me luck as I move from the Caribbean sunshine to the Scottish winter! Yikes!!

161. Spock Jenkins - December 24, 2012

Kirk in civvies = William Shatner’s Jake ‘TEKWAR’ Cardigan

162. Gilberto - December 24, 2012

Oh, I saw it now, Pascalle. Guys, I’m really from Rio. And we speak Portuguese, NOT Spanish! Sorry about the Khan comment. It’s just a hunch, and “the ones who know me” are a bunch of Trekkie friends, including Cristina Nastasi, official Trek translator in Brazil for the past 25 years!! I have NO INSIDE INFO, OK? Unfortunatelly. Merry Christmas ONCE AGAIN from Rio de Janeiro!!

163. Gilberto - December 24, 2012

Feliz Natal e Próspero Ano Novo a todos os fãs de Star Trek (Jornada Nas Estrelas) no mundo todo, especialmente a Pasquale e equipe!! Ho-Ho-Ho.

164. MJ - December 24, 2012

@161 Ha! You really had us going dude…LOL Merry Christmas!!!!!

165. MJ - December 24, 2012

@155 That is because Bob Orci is “Mr. Conspiracy.” I guarantee you that this movie is going to teach us an “Orci lesson” about the U.S. over-response to 911. Of course, anybody with a brain already has figured that out. This will be like Star Trek VI all over again — the Cold War was already over when VI came out, hence the heavy-hand Trek lesson felt dated. Same deal here, but I still think the movie is going to be very good in spite of Orci’s dated political lesson and conspiracy stuff.

166. MJ - December 24, 2012

Jack, Vorus, Anthony, RDR, DM Duncan, Trek Fan, Disinvited, Keachick, Commodore Mike, BB, Chris Doohan, Phil, R. Banks, Curious Cadet, Montreal Paul….etc etc. etc

Merry Christmas!!!!!

167. MJ - December 24, 2012

and to Bob Orci of course as well.

168. Ctrl-Opt-Del - December 24, 2012

“ex-Starfleet employee” Hmm… “Employee” is an interesting word to use, with very specific connotations, different to those of “member” or “officer”… Curiouser and curiouser…

169. Red Dead Ryan - December 24, 2012

Harry Ballz, MJ, K-7, Red Shirt Diaries, dmduncan, Boborci, Keachick, Jack, ChrisFawkes, Jonboc, katie, Montreal_Paul, Jack, Hat Rick, Gilberto, Anthony, and all the other posters here:


Eat well, chill out with friends and family, maybe even “Trek” the halls!


170. Vorus - December 24, 2012


Or it could just be an indication that self-proclaimed non-fan JJ has no idea how Starfleet works, and that he should have said “officer” instead of “employee”. I would hope a film’s director would know better, but . . . can you say Stuart Baird? :p

I wouldn’t read too much into it.

171. Vorus - December 24, 2012

170 – EDIT:

I guess it was the article that used the word “Employee”, not JJ. Even more reason to take it with a grain of salt.

172. Ahmed - December 24, 2012

Happy Holidays everyone!

173. Lostrod - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas Everybody!


174. Trek Fan - December 24, 2012

98. MJ
“That handcuff device thingy is total overkill. He’s just an average guy called John Harrison. ;-)”
“Yes, exactly. Average guy, my ass. LOL”

Remember the handcuffs Kirk & McCoy had on while on trial and on Rura Penthe in Undiscovered Country? Yeah, me thinks those are Klingon handcuffs.

175. Colin Lindsly - December 24, 2012

Some say that people who work in the military are federal employees. So, the terminology might not be wrong.

176. Buzz Cagney - December 24, 2012

The critical Starfleet rule that Kirk breaks?
Section 9 Page 4 Paragraph 2- Never, under any circumstances, attempt to take your new Starship under water. It is built for space travel. Any immersion in liquid will invalidate its warranty and lead to a loss of performance.

177. dmduncan - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas, my friends!

178. Buzz Cagney - December 24, 2012

#177 ‘you’d never know it was a Star Trek movie’.

I can picture JJ and Co. ‘high fiving’ at that comment!

179. Elias Javalis - December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas to all trekkies/trekkers here!!

180. MJ - December 24, 2012

@179. Bah! Humbug! I’m eBuzzenizer Cagney and I don’t like JJ Trek. Tiny Tim should be watching TMP over and over instead of JJ Trek. Bah! Humbug!

181. Buzz Cagney - December 24, 2012

No, but I did greatly enjoy you making a muppet of yourself in the posts above MJ. Tremendous fun. Thanks. :-p

182. Aurore - December 25, 2012

Joyeuses fêtes de Noël à tous !
Merry Christmas, everyone !


183. J - December 25, 2012

Re: cover

A man in black leather carrying a gun… Sure, that must be Star Trek, what else?

184. chrisfawkes.com - December 25, 2012

I’m really grateful that the true spirit of Star Trek has been recaptured.

Next Gen kind of had it but eventually lost in then completely lost it in the films.

All other treks, although i enjoyed them had none of the feel of the original Trek.

Then JJ, Orci and crew managed to recapture all that was special about Star Trek while also making it appeal to a wider audience.

I’me very much looking forward to this movie and loving the tid bits of information filtering through.

185. Jim Nightshade - December 25, 2012

Trek fans sure sound divided over the new movies/plots etc….however you feel you cant say trek is stagnant anymore…thanks to jj and bob orci and all for stirring up the trek pot for us all…this is what a living breathing franchise should be…growing evolving changing,controversial yet still familiar…and different at same time…with epic scope and budget trek is finally now closer to what gene originally intended imho…and thanks to anthony n staff at trekmovie.com n all the great readers n posters here…Happy Holidays to all n thanks for caring bout trek and each other…and our future…some optimism is sorely needed these days plus a chance to escape into a great story where right makes might…

186. Devon - December 25, 2012

Some of you guys love creating controversy where there is none. What is supposed to make the cover so “Star Trek?” Having the characters hold up a picture of Gene Roddenberry? Some of you guys clearly have no idea how anything works and have little to no business commenting on it with the extreme absurdities that you post.

187. porthoses bitch - December 25, 2012

The Empire cover of Cumberbatch……..is it a bit too much like the image of Suoerman in cuffs in the promo image from Man of Steel?. Maybe someone more adept than I could post it here.


188. chrisfawkes.com - December 25, 2012


I think SOME of the negativity is from those who want to get attention from Abrams, Orci or anyone else connected with the upcoming Star Trek movie.

It’s trying to butt kiss without being obvious.

Trolls desperate for attention hoping the shock value of their comments will get them just that.

189. Janice - December 25, 2012

Thank You.
FINALLY, a still of my man PIKE from the movie—and I’m glad to see that he’s alive. Hope he stays that way!

190. FrancoMiranda - December 25, 2012

You know I was thinking…

I reckon the new plot will involve Khan in some sense simply due to the conspicuous absence of that storyline from the Ongoing comic series. I think this whole Khan CGI thing COULD be legit – I would quite like that actually. The only thing that would make me sigh with exasperation is if they changed the Botany Bay (which SHOULD look as it did perhaps with more detail). I like the idea of Khan being awoken and killed by the Klingons, or perhaps even woken and killed by Harrison, so as to remove leadership from the group and use them for nefarious ends.

As long as things are presented in a faithful manner I’m happy.

My wishes: either a fresh new story or a fresh twist on an old tale.

191. chrisfawkes.com - December 25, 2012

“I think this whole Khan CGI thing COULD be legit –”

Based on?

You know it would cost millions to CGI something that you could pay an actor much less for a small appearance.

192. Trek Fan - December 25, 2012

Wow – when I suggested that this guy, Gilberto, was just some guy posting his theory… I got blasted by people SURE that he was the IDW guy and that this was going to happen FOR SURE.

Guess I was right about that not being Gilberto from IDW. I guess some people are just so wrapped up in this Khan thing that they will believe anything.

193. crazydaystrom - December 25, 2012

65. Trek Evolution baby –
I’m a Trekkie since the the 60’s. I agree with EVERY word of your post.

“I Love this New Trek.”
As well!

Cheers, my friend.

194. Punkspocker - December 25, 2012

Happy Christmas to all who celebrate! I’ve downloaded and read it several times. Great interview and insight. There is one annoying bit, though. (And I don’t like when people complain on this site). Can people under 30 please stop making the Trek/Wars comparison please?! I may get punished here, but Wars is really meant for children, no? I loved it as a kid and my 8yr old loves it. In all my years at Trek premiers, never have I seen a kid in the theatre. The interviewer compares the Trek shuttle to the inside of the Falcon? This guy really needs some different points of reference. Ugh! With that, I must say that I love where this Trek is going. And Benedict, please stop with the “I’m not as good looking as Pine” crap. You’re bloody gorgeous!

195. Aaron (Naysayers are gonna nay) - December 25, 2012

Okay I am so done going back and forth. I am now firmly back in the Garth of Izar camp. If those descriptions don’t scream Garth I don’t know what does????

Until we have solid confirmation one way or another John Harrison is Garth of Izar. In fact for all we know the dads character may be John Harrison and Garth morphs to look like him. Gets all the info for the ship and command codes etc for his ship by saving his daughter. How does he save the daughter? Oh yeah Garth was taught healing abilities at the genetic level… Sort of a superman… very smart… military genius in fact… Here just read this description from startrek.com —

“”Famous starship captain of the 23rd century whose exploits are required reading at Starfleet Academy. Garth’s achievements included the historic victory at Axanar in the 2250s that helped preserve the Federation. In the 2260s, Garth became seriously injured in a terrible accident, and recovered with the help of the people of planet Antos IV. They repaired his body by teaching him the art of cellular metamorphosis, but did not realize that the accident had rendered him criminally insane. Garth ordered the crew of his starship to destroy Antos IV, after which he was committed to the Federation rehab colony on planet Elba II.

In 2268, Garth managed to overpower the colony’s keepers, proclaimed himself Lord Garth, master of the universe, and attempted to commandeer the U.S.S. Enterprise, which was visiting the colony. Garth’s escape attempt was aided by the Antos cellular-metamorphosis process, which allowed him to change his shape to become any person he wished. After Garth was recaptured, colony administrator Donald Cory indicated optimism that new experimental medications might be able to restore Garth to sanity.””

Tell me how that doesn’t jive with what we are hearing. What doesn’t jive is Khan in Starfleet which is one of the few things they could do that would make me grumpy.

196. Disinvited - December 25, 2012

#162 Gilberto

“Obrigado” and “Bom dia.” are Portuguese so I know you weren’t dissing my Grandma.

Now if you want to know what she’d say that isn’t Portuguese it’d be:

Mele Kalikimaka everyone!

#183. Aurore

Isn’t it true that during a Christmas in WW I all armed combatants laid down their arms and celebrated peace on Earth and goodwill to all? Even exchanged gifts?

Do you think such a thing might be possible on the internet?

Joyeuses Noel!

197. Craiger - December 25, 2012

Anyone thought that Weller gets temporary command of the Enterprise while Kirk is chasing Harrison? Maybe Spock and Uhura join him in going after Harrison

198. Craiger - December 25, 2012

Sorry I meant Spock and Uhura join Kirk in going after Harrison since those photos show Harrison with Kirk, Spock and Uhura.

199. FrancoMiranda - December 25, 2012


Based on the possibility that it simply could happen. You know? Anything is possible. I was just vocalising that it’s not 100% impossible. Everything after that was just personal feelings and thoughts expanding on that.

I’m sure I’ll enjoy the movie no matter what it’s about in the end.
I’m very excited.

200. Tara - December 25, 2012

I’m so excited that I almost can’t stand the wait! For anyone not familiar with Benedict, prepare to be amazed.

201. Aurore - December 25, 2012

“Isn’t it true that during a Christmas in WW I all armed combatants laid down their arms and celebrated peace on Earth and goodwill to all? Even exchanged gifts?”

That is what I heard….a few years ago ( a film had been made about this “truce” ).

I do not know much about what really happened, though.

“Do you think such a thing might be possible on the internet?”

And, I say so as an optimist.


Joyeux Noël !

202. Vice_Admiral_Baxter - December 25, 2012

I find it rather funny that BEFORE we got all of this information (even though it isn’t much), we the fans were screaming bloody murder for JJ being so mean to us for not giving us any information on about the film.

NOW, that we are getting information about the film WE the FANS are complaining yet again because we are being betrayed in order to please regular movie goers / sold out in the name of money / is another version of Khan or what ever reason WE the FANS will never be happy.

People these days don’t even realize that Star Trek (TOS) wasn’t even considered real Science Fiction by the Sci-Fi community in while it was on TV. So in some ways it really IS action. Like it or Not.

203. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to you all who come to trekmovie to read and maybe post a comment or two – or dozens…:). Thank you, Anthony, for providing such a great site. Merry Christmas to the KO writing team (you know who you are!), JJ Abrams and co and all the actors and others who are helping make Star Trek real and current. Have a good one, all of you!

It is now 26 December, Boxing Day, here.

Presents have been opened, much food consumed with clothes not fitting that well…I wonder why?…:) Weather is hot, humid and wet. It drizzled all of Christmas Day. It went well. The best present I got was a small Christmas card from my eldest son which said that I was an “awesome mother”. Can’t get better than that!

204. Masshuu il Thulcandra - December 25, 2012

I think I am definitely a John Harrison fan. His further description does make him sound like a Garth type character that broke out of that asylum! I’m not anti-Starfleet but I don’t trust the UFP. Over time they have definitely done more interference with other worlds than is let on. They are an Imperialist/colonialist organization who in spite of their own PRIME DIRECTIVE manipulate other worlds to become just like them. This could be clearly seen in DS9 and the planet Bajor. Even Captain Sisko came to realize this truth.

205. Rose (as in Keachick) - December 25, 2012

Of course, it is action as opposed to inaction, non-action. I look forward to the day when I can spend two hours of my time watching a movie with no action. Even a character constantly walking towards himself is still action…

Sorry, perhaps I am being facetious…must be the wine…obviously I need to pour myself another glass…:)

206. thorsten - December 25, 2012

Bon Noël Aurore!


207. The Sky's The Limit - December 25, 2012

Buon Natale e felice anno nuovo!

208. Disinvited - December 25, 2012

#202 Vice_Admiral_Baxter

That’s a bit of a retcon, after Harlan’s experience with his efforts. I can assure you, having lived in the era, the likes of Ellison, Matheson, Sturgeon, etc. wouldn’t have been submitting scripts if it wasn’t considered a legitimate platform for telling science-fiction tales in its time.

209. Ahmed - December 25, 2012

J.J.Abrams mentioned in his interview with Empire magazine that he is under contract to direct 3 Star Trek movies.


Lets hope that we won’t have to wait for another four years before we see the third Trek movie by Abrams.

210. porthoses bitch - December 25, 2012

If there is a cgi Kahn might Mr. Wellar be the voice ? He garnered some raves for his recent work as Batman in The Dark Knight Returns. And it would explain why he hasnt been seen.

Also I wonder if the speec h we hear BC giving in the trailer might be the speech he used in his audition?

211. Aurore - December 25, 2012

“Bon Noël Aurore!”


Joyeux Noël à vous aussi, thorsten!

212. Obsidian - December 25, 2012

Star Trek Into Dark Knight Rises

213. Bob Tompkins - December 25, 2012

The last picture looks straight out of Total Recall 2012…

214. The Last Vulcan - December 25, 2012

@120. I have taken a break from Xmas busy-ness to try and track down that sleeve design. I can’t come up with it but I remember that it was shown once on some sleeve of a high ranking Starfleet official in (probably) the first season of TOS. I’ve been piling through tons of images from early TOS but I can’t find it. However, as I remember it was gold-bronze on a yellow or green fabric. Anyone have a clearer memory than me?

And… MERRY (rest of) CHRISTMAS!

215. Khan was Framed! - December 25, 2012

Hmmm..this is starting to sound like he may be the decendent of an augment, rather than Khan himself…interesting.

216. Jim Nightshade - December 26, 2012

im still in the khan yet not khan camp….too many visual hints etc unless harrison meets or runs into khan….some variation of khan seems to be at least part of the plot….
202 baxter..i also have to agree that tos trek was always regarded as the best science fiction on tv at the time…besides many scifi writers on tos..the letter writing campaign by bjo trimble was mostly done by science fiction fans…

217. Bob Tompkins - December 26, 2012

Interesting bit of Zoe Saldana trivia-
In the Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks 2004 movie The Terminal, Saldana played an entry agent at a New York Airport who was an avid Trekker and even performed the Vulcan greeting in the movie…

218. Bob Tompkins - December 26, 2012

Khan will be in one of those mysterious cylinders that they’ll zoom in on in one of the final scenes of the movie, a digital Ricardo Montalban….probably a deceased Khan,

219. kevan - December 26, 2012

I was watching star trek 09 and had a thought.. remember when young kirk stole the car, and raced passed a boy on the road, young kirk yelled out hey Johnny, it could be john Harrison.

220. gov - December 26, 2012

more and more and more Blade Runner-ish. Which is awesome, if you ask me.

221. Curious Cadet - December 26, 2012

Now that it’s been established that Harrison is in the BRIG … What exactly is up with using a glass barrier? It’s very CAGE-like with Pike and the KEEPER.

Is it a redundant system? In other words, is it a force barrier as well as physical one, in case power fails or something? Or is it glass only (or transparent aluminum)? Seriously, even Star Wars had force barriers — BIG ONES like on the docking bays on the Death Star. Wonder why Abrams would choose this one area to take a substantial step backward in Trek tech?

222. Vice_Admiral_Baxter - December 26, 2012

@216 & 208

I wasn’t referring to what was on TV or who was submitting scripts at the time, those were and are quite obvious signs.

When I said “community” (maybe I should have been clearer) I was referring to the writers and hard core sci-fi fans (which were still a VERY large crowd at the time) that actually felt insulted in just about every way possible. When Star Trek first premiered WNMHGB these fans didn’t like it. Asimov and some of the other authors A.C.Clarke actually went WOW of it.

The dislike for TREK in the Sci-Fi community is what brought the Star Trek Convention into life too say the least.

223. Phil - December 26, 2012

@221. Well, as submarine Enterprise demonstrates, we have established that Enterprise has magic powers, so it’s possbile that a force field prison could function without power.

224. Disinvited - December 26, 2012

#222. Vice_Admiral_Baxter

The first episode premiered was THE MAN TRAP. Why would the heavy hitters wait to find an episode to disparage? Also I’m an Asimov fan and I very clearly recall he wasn’t getting much love as a science-fiction “heavy” back in the 60s.

Now Ellison, by the time he submitted his Trek script was considered so, at least in my circles. Matheson check. Sturgeon check. I think the “obvious signs” speak louder than words but it was popular to dismiss television as the “idiot box” in many elitist circles outside of science-fiction so no big surprise that some in sf would.

Also, in the heavy hitting science-fiction circles that I’ve been exposed, the term “Sci-Fi” was disdained just about as much as you claim WNMHGB.

225. Matias 47 - December 26, 2012


I’m wondering if you could cite any of your claims about the Science Fiction community hating Star Trek? This is what Herb Solow had to say about Gene Roddenberry’s trip to the World Science Fiction Convention to show WNMHGB the weekend before ST’s premier:

“But that weekend, Gene’ efforts paid off. “Where No Man,” unlike the other television and theatrical films screened, was well recieved. The science-fiction aficionados at the convention were entranced by the new show.”

And while Issac Asimov wrote an article in TV Guide criticizing the science in the show, when Roddenberry responded with a gentle letter pointing out the difficulties of doing adult oriented science fiction on television, this how Asimov responded:

“…i completely neglected to say that I like Star Trek very much … and on re-reading my article I feel very much ashamed at having lost a chance to support good science fiction before a large audience because I was so intent on being funny … and if you think you would like it, I would ask TV Guide if they would like me to do an article on Star Trek for them … I will give Star Trek favorable mentions every chance I get and will do whatever I can to help it.”

Asimov and Roddenberry became friends after this and Asimov would give unofficial science advise to GR and was the official consultant on TMP.

All of this information comes from, Inside Star Trek by Herb Solow and Robert Justman.

That doesn’t exactly sound to me that the SF community didn’t like TOS at the time.

226. Disinvited - December 26, 2012

#222. Vice_Admiral_B

If Arthur C. Clarke was at 1966’s WorldCon, color me educated.

#227. Matias 47

To be fair to the Admiral, he wasn’t typing about the aficionados but rather the elite who would more likely have been on the panels – if they were there at all.

227. BulletInTheFace - December 26, 2012

#222: That’s completely untrue. The science-fiction community, hard-core and otherwise, embraced Star Trek. Furthermore, the series didn’t premiere with WNMHGB. That episode aired third.

228. Kenji - December 26, 2012


I always wonder what Star Trek people are remembering as somehow being different from an action-adventure series with mainstream appeal.

I grew up on a TOS that featured the captain of the ship routinely beaming himself into danger; where all aliens speak English; where women could not be Starfleet captains; where they met Nazis, Apollo, Chicago gangsters, and re-enacted the Gunfight at the OK Corral! Where every bad guy could be subdued by a two-foot wrestling drop!

The show was always ridiculous and action-oriented.

I LOVED it anyway, because the Kirk-Spock-McCoy leadership triangle is so strong, the Enterprise is so beautiful and massive, and there was just enough reality (e.g. workplace politics, on-ship romances, technical snafus) to let the thing cross into plausibility.

229. Matias 47 - December 26, 2012


What he said was, “… Writers and hard core fans …”

The World Science Fiction Convention was and is where they give the Hugo Awards. L. Sprague Decamp was the guest of honor, Isaac Asimov was the toastmaster. This is the year Zelazny and Herbert tied for the Hugo for best novel and Frazetta won for art. Some of the confirmed guests were Leigh Brackett, Lester Del Ray, Harlan Ellison (who hit on the girl wearing a costume from the show that GR brought along) and Jerry Sohl. Since the entire con had 850 attendees, I’d say they were hard core fans, including Bjo Trimble.

I got this info from Inside Star Trek, Wikipedia and Fanac.org — just look up Tricon.

So, there were heavy hitter science fiction writers and hard core fans.

And, to reiterate, according to Star Trek producer Herb Solow the showing of WNMHGB went over very well to that group.

230. Disinvited - December 26, 2012

#220. Matias 47

You are preaching to the choir. What I’m pointing out is he mentioned Arthur C. Clarke and Asimov which were conspicously absent from your list of the WorldCon attendees of then. He’s tlaking about an elite that wouldn’t have given THE NAKED TIME a Hugo nomination let alone ROCKY HORROR it – most likely tv snobs.

231. Disinvited - December 26, 2012

#229. Matias 47

When I composed 230 I was Trying t see thAdmiral’s but now I look at the mess that got posted and I think I see what you were saying. Sorry, Admiral I still think I get what you were trying to say but I totally botched translating it. For some reason I go the notion the Admiral was saying my heavy hitters weren’t heavy enough.

Sorry Matias I totaly lost what you just said in that reply. I chalking it up to too much holidaying.

232. Matias 47 - December 26, 2012


Cheers, my friend..

BTW: I should very much like to wish you and everyone else on these boards a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.

And I really, really hope we get a get a movie in May that we like — Star Trek fans and movie fans in general (but mostly us).

233. Disinvited - December 26, 2012

#229. Matias 47

Too much of MY holidaying, not yours.

234. Marc McKenzie - December 26, 2012

@60: “Where is my Star Trek?” Whoa, hold on here….since when is it YOUR Star Trek? Look, you don’t like the direction of ST (where Abrams is taking it), fine. But quit it with the “mine” nonsense.

It’s not the first time ST’s gone a different route from the TOS. Remember THE MOTION PICTURE? THE WRATH OF KHAN? There was even moaning and groaning about THE NEXT GENERATION and DS9, especially the latter being “too dark”.

If JJ’s films get more people into liking ST, fine by me. Better that than a small, insular group of purists who keep thinking that they own a property that is not theirs, and really never was.

235. Marc McKenzie - December 26, 2012

@228: Agreed. This “Nu-Trek” has, in fact, the familiarity of the “Old-Trek”.

The TOS I remember seeing had fisticuffs, action, romance, Kirk’s speeches, the Kirk/Spock/McCoy troika, and space battles. Sure, they explored, but that was a prelude to the conflict/drama that arose in the episode.

Harve Bennet once mentioned that at its core, ST was space opera. He was right–which doesn’t diminish TOS in any way. The best thing about JJ’s Trek is that it has made it cool again to the masses. Thank the stars for that.

236. Disinvited - December 27, 2012

#232. Matias 47

Your understanding is much appreciated. I look at that mess I posted in the light of a clearer day and go WT*? LOL

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you too and everyone else.

237. TrekMadeMeWonder - December 27, 2012

Hmmm? The United states is staill around even after the UFP is founded.

I guess it speaks well for the Patriot moviement, especially with today’s headlines…


238. ug - December 27, 2012

“The best thing about JJ’s Trek is that it has made it cool again to the masses.”

The worst thing about it, though, is that the _only_ thing it has going for it is that it’s cool, which is not the case with Harve Bennett’s Trek.

239. Khan 2.0 - December 27, 2012

no ones mentioned this yet but on p73 of the Empire article Cumberbatch states

“Whats so brilliant is that he (JJ) keeps things so close to his chest. Its not paranoia, its not absurd control. Its about giving the audience what they secretly want. We all seek out whos playing what, whats going to happen…but like a kid with a box of chocolates, once youve eaten them all you feel sick. we all do it. we all glut and JJ knows it.”

is it just me or does “Its about giving the audience what they secretly want. We all seek out whos playing what,” scream KHHAAAAAAAAN! to anyone else?

240. chris pike - December 28, 2012

238 good point, that’s how I’m starting to think too..
also, remember avatar was all set on alien world with (albeit a bit dumb ) allegorical story ideas…and that did rather well!

241. Gary S. - December 28, 2012

BCs comment about what we secretly want refers to our desire to know everything even though we claim to want to know a little bit ,
JJ knows if we know a few tidbits we will then want to know EVERYTHING.

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