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Malachi Throne Dies At Age 84 March 14, 2013

by Jeff Bond , Filed under: Celebrity,TNG,TOS , trackback

Veteran character actor Malachi Throne’s death was announced on March 14, 2013. Throne was well-known to Star Trek fans for his role as Commodore Mendez in the two-part episode “The Menagerie,” but he had more connections to Trek and other high-profile genre productions over the course of his lengthy career.  



Malachi Throne dies at age 84

Malachi Throne was born in 1928 and began acting in theater productions at a young age, building up an impressive resume of stage work in New York before relocating to Los Angeles, where he became a familiar face in dozens of network television appearances. He appeared with William Shatner in the Outer Limits episode “Cold Hands, Warm Heart” and made an appearance on the spy series The Man from U.N.C.L.E. before providing the voice of the Talosian leader in the first Star Trek pilot, “The Cage.” When the series was picked up by NBC, Gene Roddenberry approached Throne for the role of Dr. McCoy—but Throne was only interested in the role of Spock, which was already cast. Not wanting to play the number three role in the series, Throne turned down the job. He was later cast as Commodore Mendez for “The Menagerie.” .

Malachi Throne as Mendez in "Star Trek" and Pardek in "Star Trek: The Next Generation"

Throne earned himself some major publicity by playing the role of Falseface, one of the villains in the ABC hit Batman, in 1966. He initially refused credit for the character (whose face is never seen) after finding out an actress cast in the episode was earning more money than him. When the identity of Falseface became an overnight watercooler discussion (Batman episodes aired in two parts on successive prime time evenings), Throne agreed to take credit for playing Falseface in the second episode. He had an even meatier role in the Lost in Space episode “The Thief from Outer Space,” playing an Arabian Nights-style, interstellar con man opposite Ted Cassidy (who also made several Star Trek appearances), who befriends Will Robinson but ultimately loses the boy’s trust. Throne also made appearances in The Wild Wild West, The Time Tunnel (once playing Machiavelli) and Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea (where he once played the ghost of Blackbeard the
pirate). He was probably best known to television audiences for his regular role of Noah Bain, Robert Wagner’s superior, on the action series It Takes A Thief, but he also appeared in Mission: Impossible, Land of the Giants, a 1975 Superman TV movie, The Six Million Dollar Man, the Saturday morning sic-fi series Ark II (as War Lord Brack), Project U.F.O., Babylon 5 (as the Centauri Prime Minister), as the voice of God in Animaniacs, and played Romulan Senator Pardek in the two-part Star Trek: The Next Generation episode “Unification,” making him one of a select few of actors who appeared both in the original Star Trek series and one of its spin-offs.

Throne as False Face in "Batman" and as Noah Bain with Robert Wagner in  "It Takes A Thief"

Malachi Throne’s distinctively low, authoritative voice made him a natural for voiceover work and he did one job that certainly lurks in the memories of anyone old enough to remember seeing the original Star Wars in theaters: Throne narrated the first trailer for Star Wars, before John Williams’ familiar music had been recorded. “It’s a tale of heroes…and villains…” Throne’s sepulchral voice intoned, giving the impression that the upcoming space fantasy might be more scary than thrilling.

Original 1977 "Star Wars" trailer narrated by Throne

Throne made a final Star Trek appearance in the fan-produced Star Trek: New Voyages episode “In Harms Way.” I was on the set the day Throne was filming his segment and got to spend a highly enjoyable afternoon speaking with the actor and watching him work. He was a charming, highly intelligent and enormously talented man with a sly, sometimes cutting sense of humor—he didn’t suffer fools gladly but he was gracious and generous to those he worked with. I doubt anyone who grew up on genre television between the sixties and the eighties didn’t watch and enjoy a performance by Throne at least a couple of times.

Throne in fan series "Star Trek: New Voyages"



1. Michael Hall - March 14, 2013

“The Menagerie” still remains the best two hours of Trek ever committed to film, and Jose Mendez one of its most indelible characters. Going back into Trek history almost as far as anyone, Throne also provided the original voice for The Keeper in “The Cage,” and was a regular fixture on American television during the Sixties and after. He will be missed.

2. Your Father's Star trek - March 14, 2013

A great character actor who entertained us for many years.

RIP, Commodore.

3. Anthony Pascale - March 14, 2013

Thank you Jeff for another well-written remembrance, and for a great character actor for Star Trek and beyond. RIP Mr. Throne

4. Maltz - March 14, 2013

I thought Vic Perrin did the voice-over for The Keeper in “The Menagerie”.

5. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 14, 2013

I remember him fondly from The Menagerie. Somehow, I had missed the fact that he also played Senator Pardek.

6. Jonboc - March 14, 2013

I had the pleasure to meet him a few years ago at a convention. He was very approachable and handled his own money at the autograph table. And the man was the sheer definition of “character actor”. What a great career and all those incredible connections to Trek is just pure gravy…he will be missed.

7. Masshuu il Thulcandra - March 14, 2013

The picture directly above the comments is not of Malachi Throne as ‘Mendes ‘but as the Klingon Korogh “IN HARMS WAY” STAR TREK NEW VOYAGES.
Outstanding character actor.

8. David G. - March 14, 2013

Dang. Had hoped to get the chance to meet him at a Star Trek convention sometime. I think this also brings us down to about 7 surviving “Batman” villains.

Not sure about one piece of the info presented here regarding the back-story about the credit on the False Face role in “Batman”, though. I’ve read in one of the histories someplace that — back at the time when everybody was seeking an opportunity to get cast as the show’s special guest villain — Malachi didn’t like the fact that his name got replaced with the gimmicky “?” that was put there. His name only appears during the ending credit on the 2nd of the 2 parts.

There’s also a logistical question regarding the claim that “water cooler talk” would’ve caused his name would’ve been added there between the time the 1st part was aired on a Wednesday night and the time the 2nd part came on the following evening. Back in 1966, TV episodes would’ve been cut together on film in Los Angeles, then sent by plane for broadcast from New York (no digital editing, or beaming-it-to-NY-by-satellite back then). Not impossible, but it seems like a little bit of a stretch that the ending credits on part 2 would’ve been changed so quickly.

Interesting how many “Trek” people later showed up on “6 Million Dollar Man” … even with Harve Bennett creating the Lee Majors show and later on taking the helm of the “Trek” movies.

9. Ensign RedShirt - March 14, 2013

Fantastic work, Jeff. A great remembrance of a great actor. He always brought a level of gravitas to his work that I really enjoyed. RIP.

10. Copper Based Blood - March 14, 2013

#6 Jonboc

Yes I too met him at a convention in the UK. A very warm, Friendly, Genuine person, who actually spent a lot of time talking with me.

will be missed.

11. Crone - March 14, 2013

Oh no! Sad to hear.

12. Sybok - March 14, 2013

A Class Act.

13. Chris Roberts - March 14, 2013

R.I.P. Malachi Throne.

“He was later cast as Commodore Mendez for ‘The Menagerie’, and in order to prevent confusion his vocal work for the Talosian leader played by Meg Wylie was redubbed (most likely by James Doohan).”

Are we sure about this? I thought the Keeper’s voice remained Throne’s voice… It was electronically treated to sound different in the TOS two-parter, a mix of his original voice-over and that in 1987’s reconstruction of “The Cage” and retrospectively corrected to all match for the DVD and Blu-rays.

14. Gary S - March 14, 2013

11. that was my reaction too.
A Great Character Actor .
He will be missed .

15. CanOpener1256 - March 14, 2013

Wow! I just finished watching the batman episode with false face not 10 minutes ago on You Tube. Now I come here and read that the actor died. I am having a Twilight Zone moment!

16. VorpalK - March 14, 2013

An amazing talent, and to all accounts a genuinely great person to meet. I regret that I never had the opportunity.

17. DWI - March 14, 2013

13. Yep. Compare Throne’s work as the Keeper from the B&W footage from the 1986-ish VHS to the remastered Blu-Ray – same exact inflection, timbre, and dialect – just electronicly enhanced and sped up. But it’s definitely Throne’s performance.

18. I'm Dead Jim! - March 14, 2013

How interesting it is that the TNG episode he appeared in also included Nimoy!

RIP Mr. Throne.

19. dmduncan - March 14, 2013

Bon voyage, Mr. Throne.

20. Terence T - March 14, 2013

Wow, I remember a lot of the roles that he did that were listed there. I’ve seen him all over the place through my years of watching reruns. I’m sorry to hear of his passing.

21. rm10019 - March 14, 2013

Sad to read this. My hat is off to you, Mr. Throne!

22. scotpens - March 14, 2013

Throne’s voice as the Talosian Keeper was not redubbed by another actor, nor was it “sped up”; technically speaking, for the two-part “Menagerie” episode. The pitch of his voice was altered using an analog reel-to-reel tape device known as an Eltro Information Rate Changer. Even back in the 1960s, audio engineers had some neat tricks up their sleeves.

23. LBC - March 14, 2013

Watched “The Menagerie” endlessly throughout high school in the mid-eighties. My all-time favorite Trek episode, with Mendez being one of the finest-drawn secondary characters of the entire series, maybe the franchise; Throne actualized a realistic, stressed-out bureaucrat long before such a role had become over-stereotyped on television.

“The fact remains that your first officer’s former captain is hospitalized, horribly injured at this base, and that same first officer seems to be the only one who heard that message!”

He will be dearly missed.

24. AJ - March 14, 2013

RIP, Sir.

A great actor and contributor to Star Trek.

25. Kev-1 - March 14, 2013

Great actor. Just saw him in a “High Chaparral” repeat. Repeat, great actor. Sad to hear this.

26. Matt Wright - March 14, 2013

Love Malachi Throne, his voice is unmistakable. He did a lot of voice acting in cartoons in the ’70s through early ‘2000s as well. RIP.

27. jeff Bond - March 14, 2013

I’ll change the part about redubbing the Talosian; the new voice is similar to some of the ones Doohand did for the series (and the Animated Series) but if people know otherwise that should be noted.

28. RJB - March 14, 2013

What a wonderful character actor. I’ve been a fan of his for close to 50 years. I can’t think of him ever giving a bad performance. RIP, Mr. Throne, you leave behind a great legacy.

29. H.Hill - March 14, 2013

I’ve seen that Star Wars trailer a few times and always thought it was Orson Welles narrating.

30. Brett L. - March 14, 2013

A superb actor with a great voice, he was a unique link between TOS and TNG. Few can claim they were there from the very beginning.

31. Hugh Hoyland - March 14, 2013

Thanks for the great job you did in those Trek episodes (especially the Menagerie) Mr. Throne! And although I havent seen a great deal of your other work I’m sure its top notch as well.

well done.

32. DonDonP1 - March 14, 2013

I send my condolences to the family and friends of Malachi Throne. May he rest in peace.

33. Red Shirt Diaries - March 14, 2013

It scares me that all of these TOS actors are dying in their 80s! Why wont JJ include them while he still can honor their legacy? Please honor Shatter and Nimoy together in new Trek while you still

34. John Bigbootee - March 14, 2013

Godspeed, and thank you, Mr. Throne.

35. RIP, a great actor - March 14, 2013

Now instead of Malachi Throne, he’s Malachi BONES!

36. Dan - March 14, 2013

RIP Mr. Throne, loved your work!!

37. Red Shirt Diaries - March 14, 2013

Where are you Bob Orci! If you are a true fan you will find a way for Shatter and Nimoy to seal their legacy be
ore its to late!

38. vantheman77 - March 14, 2013

I will remember him as Commodore Mendez, False Face, and Pardek. He was a staple in television and will be missed by his family, friends, and the show business community.

39. ug - March 14, 2013

“Now instead of Malachi Throne, he’s Malachi BONES!”

That was rather tasteless. Why do you come here just to insult the departed?

40. RIP, a great actor - March 14, 2013

How typical that you totally ignored the fact that I also wrote “RIP, a great actor”. Like everything has to be so damn serious 24/7 – come off it. He had a great life, acted brilliantly in a lot of memorable roles, and died in his 80’s – as far as I can see, this is a Win Win for everyone. There’s no insult in declaring him to be bones now, because he kind of is …

I think I might watch Menagerie now, to purge your inane comment from my mind!

41. GarySeven - March 14, 2013

I met him at a convention too. I told him how touched I was by his work in “The Menagerie,” and how Star Trek changed my life. I remember being struck by his poignant response: “You, me, and all of us too.” Thank you, Malachi Throne, and RIP.

42. Jack - March 14, 2013

I’d always hoped to see even more of him in Trek (and in other stuff) — and wished he hadn’t been hidden under makeup in that TNG episode.

Wow. I hadn’t known about the Star Wars trailer. Neat.

A nicely written piece, Jeff. Thanks.

43. cd - March 14, 2013

Interesting that he could have been Dr. McCoy. And I did not know he did the head Talosian’s voice! Great voice, great character actor in all those shows, and I always thought ‘Malachi Throne’ was a cool name! Rest In Peace, sir.

44. The Original Spock's Brain - March 15, 2013

@35. RIP, a great actor

Tasteless comment.

45. DWI - March 15, 2013

@22 – Thanx for the info. Technology is great! [Kyp Dynamite] Yeth, I love technolojee, but not ath much ath you, you see! But thtill I love technology; Alwayth and forever.” [/Kyp]

46. Andy Patterson - March 15, 2013

Wow! I didn’t know. Throne was always one of my favorites. I remember being pleased to see him as a print shop worker in “Catch me if you Can” a few years ago. – pleased he was still around. I always listened for him in commercial voice over work

As I read this article I thought, “wow Anthony’s hitting all the highlights I remember him from too”. Then I looked back up and noticed Jeff Bond had written it. Should have known. I like that historian aspect o you Jeff. Those are the kind of things I both amaze and bore my wife with. Credit where credit is due. That’s a good thing. There needs to be more of that in the world, my opinion.

His false face was always the most intriguing of all the villains to me. And a much better one than the Two Face I’ve heard they shied away from. This was a better substitution anyway. His voice behind an unmovable mask was very effective as a kid. Still is to me.

I had a whole schedule of shows I had to watch in the summer as a kid. I devoured TV . Some I’m not sure why I even watched,…starting with the Flying Nun and That Girl at 8:00 in the morning….leading up to what I really wanted to watch at 11:00 just before lunch – “It Takes a Thief”. Hearing him in the opening credits was such a cool concept to me,…”Oh look Al, I’m not asking you to spy,…I’m just asking you to steal”. I loved that show. Great opening. Great Dave Grusin theme song too.

I’d forgotten he was in that OuterLimits with Shatner. I have that on order just for that episode. Yes, I wax nostalgically for a different time sometimes.

And his Mendez in the Cage. Good stuff. “He can move his chair forward, back a bit,…but that’s all that poor devil can do, Jim” Great!

Malachi Throne was part of my childhood.

I miss this part of the site. This is what it used to be to me. All things Trek. Thanks for this.

47. bmar - March 15, 2013

And lest we forget, not only was he a great character actor – he just had one of the coolest names in the world. “Malachai Throne” is just a darn great name. And, from what I understand, it’s not even an actor’s stage name – it was his real name.

Great actor. Great voice. Great name.


48. bmar - March 15, 2013

Apologies – Malachi, not Malachai

49. Caesar - March 15, 2013

Can’t say it any better than most of the comments here–in pace requescat.

50. CmdrR - March 15, 2013

An era passes.

Thank you and RIP.

Loved It Takes a Thief.

51. Bill - March 15, 2013

Gee just yesterday I watch the two-part Six Million Dollar Man episode that was the “pilot” for the Bionic Woman, and guess who was in it Malachi Throne. It made me wonder what he was doing today. Low did I know that he died on the same day.

52. James McFadden - March 15, 2013

Who shall play Pardek in the Abramsverse?

53. crazydaystrom - March 15, 2013

@35. RIP, a great actor –
“Now instead of Malachi Throne, he’s Malachi BONES!”

He almost WAS Bones decades ago. He was offered the part of McCoy before De Kelley!

Mr. Throne was a fine actor. In the sixties and seventies he was ubiquitous on tv and so a familiar face to all television watchers. And what a great name, Malachi Throne! His real one, not a stage name.

54. T'Cal - March 15, 2013

Pardek too?? Sad that he passed.

Here’s an obscure question: was/is he the voice you hear as you ride through Disney World’s Haunted Mansion? I always thought it was him as he had such a great voice.

55. Andy Patterson - March 15, 2013


I know Thurl Ravenscroft (Tony the Tiger – the singing voice on the Grinch) did a lot of voice work for Disney parks.

56. Praetor Tal - March 15, 2013

I guess I missed the “Malachi Bones” thing as being a reference to him being dead. I thought it was because Roddenberry wanted him to play Bones McCoy.

57. Jovius the Romulan - March 15, 2013

That Star Wars trailer… I have to agree, the temp music, Throne’s voiceover, and the cutting did make it seem like it was going to be more of an uncompromising scifi thriller than the action fantasy it turned out to be. But that’s what was in during the ’70s — coming off of Dirty Harry, several disaster movies, and (for the time) some pretty violent Kung Fu movies, they probably had to sell it to the public like that.

Rest in peace, Malachi Throne.

58. Talos IV Bumhead - March 15, 2013

Cage original voice clip without audio effect:

Effect was to differentiate voices of Mendez & Keeper.
-Like it better with eltro info rate changer: more freaky alien sounding.

RIP Malachi

59. Trekkiegal63 - March 15, 2013

This definitely puts a damper on the morning, what very sad news.

I can only echo what others have already stated. “The Menagerie” was Star Trek at its finest. Brilliantly scripted, brilliantly crafted, but most of all… brilliantly acted. And with it Mr. Throne put a permenant stamp on the Trek legacy.

That he was also in “The Cage” and “Unification” is gravy. Thank you for your wonderful contributions to our beloved franchise, Mr. Throne. You will be missed.

60. Holger - March 15, 2013

RIP Malachi Throne :(

61. Marja - March 15, 2013

Sorry to hear of Mr. Throne’s passing. I loved him in “It Takes a Thief” and loved seeing him in “Menagerie.”

A great character actor. He will be missed.

62. Melissa Byers - March 15, 2013

Godspeed, Malachi. I was fortunate enough to meet him at the Hollywood Show in Los Angeles, and he was wonderful. He will be deeply missed.

63. Minara II Vian Bumhead (no throbbing veins) - March 15, 2013

58 Not only was the Eltro Information Rate Changer used for the ‘Keepers’ voice in the ST TOS classic “The Menagerie pts 1 & 2″ but was used in Kubrick’s classic “2001 A Space Odyssey” for the voice of ‘Hal5000′ when it is deactivated by Bowman.

RIP Mr Throne

64. Lt. Bailey - March 15, 2013

Wonderful actor who will be missed. RIP.

I think him for all he contributed to Trek.

65. Dave R - March 15, 2013

Nice piece Jeff!

66. Captain Hackett - March 15, 2013

RIP Malachi Throne :(

He was great in ST: TOS ‘The Menagerie’ episode.

67. bmar - March 15, 2013

@54 – The haunted mansion VO was an actor names Paul Frees.

“…and a ghost will follow you home! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”

68. Spock's Second Favorite Organ - March 15, 2013

Huh, I always thought that when Throne got cast in the two-parter, they found the original actress and dubbed her voice in with some electronic altering. I’m kind of amazed that isn’t the case only because it seems to me that the Keeper’s voice and the actress playing the part seemed such a perfect match!!

69. the dogfaced boy - March 15, 2013

I always thought it cool that both voices in the Menagerie were done by the same actor because the Keeper created the whole Commodore Mendez presence in Kirk’s mind anyway.

I love how you can read in more to the ST plots than what is actually said. You know, like with “Gary Mitchell didn’t know Kirk’s middle name so he wasn’t omnipodent”.

At some point Spock might have said to Jim “You know Mendez never did exist, don’t you?” Kirk might have said back “But Spock, I dated his daughter!”.

70. T'Cal - March 15, 2013

As a huge fan of the 60’s Batman show, I’m surprised and saddened to learn that he was False Face. RIP, sir.

71. scifib5st - March 15, 2013

Great Job Jeff, very well done.
I never checked the credits for In Harms Way. Just watched it last mounth for the 100th time.

Rest in peace, and thank you for such great perfomes.

Author, Author

72. Richard Daystrom - March 15, 2013

Never once growing up in the 60’s and 70’s and watching TV do I recall ever seeing him in a bad role. He was always great. He was one of the iconic TV character actors of the time. RIP

73. Joseph Dickerson - March 15, 2013

Huge loss, one of the great TV character actors of our time. We will not see his like again… Thanks Jeff for this great tribute!

74. Markus McLaughlin - March 15, 2013

I never met him, however, I loved his characters on Trek, Babylon 5, and Mission: Impossible. He will be missed…

75. TOS 4 EVER - March 16, 2013


I say with the utmost respect to the late Mr. Malachi Throne and his many, many great roles, voices and appearances…

You will ALWAYS be Commodore Jose Mendez, in my books Sir! (salutes)

IMO, Mr. Throne’s brilliant performance as this character in Star Trek: TOS ‘The Menagerie: Parts 1 and 2′ resonates for me like a very full flesh and blood character… so much more than just an image or illusion projected from Talos IV! ; )

76. JKP - March 16, 2013

Dang. Sucks to keep losing all these TOS vets. :(

RIP, Mr. Throne.

77. May you find your way as pleasant.... - March 16, 2013

I always took the episode of ‘The Cage’ as Roddenberry’s take on the insidiousness of brainwashing.

In any case, this version as well as ‘The Menagerie’ are Trek at its finest.
The way they incorporated the former into the latter so fantastically was genius.

Thanks Mr. Throne, for your contributions to the Trek universe and beyond. RIP

78. David G. - March 16, 2013

Okay, I did a check: We’re now down to 9 “Batman” TV villains still with us (out of 37 total, according to one site). Among the actual comic book villains, we still have two of the three who played Catwoman (Julie Newmar and Lee Meriwether … both of whom also played on “Star Trek”), the 2nd Riddler (John Astin), and the 3rd person to play Mr. Freeze (Eli Wallach); and Malachi/False Face had been on this list. Then there are five villainesses who were created just for the TV show and all appeared in the “Batgirl” final season: Joan Collins (Siren), Glynis Johns (Lady Penelope Peasoup), Barbara Rush (Nora Clavicle), Dina Merrill (Calamity Jan), and final-episode villain Zsa Zsa Gabor (Minerva).

I saw 84-year-old Adam West at Seattle’s Emerald City Comic Con earlier this month. He came to the stage … and immediately lifted his chair over his head!

79. Sebastian S. - March 16, 2013

I have a very fond memory of him at my first (!) ST convention back in 2001. My wife & I were attending along with our best friends and their then 6 month old baby girl. Well, as we wheeled her stroller into the autograph area of the convention, she was getting a lot of smiles.

At one point, her stroller was near Malachi Throne’s table, and as I watched from offside, Mr. Throne made the most ADORABLE faces at her; and even at 6 months, she giggled excitedly and smiled back at him. This exchange went on for about a minute or so, and it was about the sweetest thing I’d seen.

It remains to this day (and dozens of conventions later) one of my all time favorite convention memories. I sooo wished I had a video camera in those days. He showed such warmth and sweetness towards my friends’ baby that it touched us all.

I later met and talked to him that day (got an autograph too) and again at another convention, and he was as kind (and humorous) a man as you’ll ever hope to meet. He even chuckled at one of my dumb jokes (proof he was a really good actor! ;-P).

RIP, Malachi Throne.
Thanks for Star Trek, and all your memorable performances, but most of all? Thanks for a warm and sweet ‘first convention memory’ that I will cherish and never forget….


80. gabi - March 17, 2013

I was a huge fan of Star Trek in my childhood and the death of Malachi Throne was indeed a sad news to hear for all Star Trek fans. this is why I am releasing a domain name in order to commemorate his entire activity . So anyone interested in buying domain name can contact me at Maybe someone with more dedication can develop a website on which Malachi’s history can be described. God bless a great actor

81. Sophia Greene - March 17, 2013

Does anyone know is there any work he was doing yet to be released? RIP Malachi! You were the best.

82. Andy Patterson - March 17, 2013


Yeah, I’ve been saying for years one of the HUGE mistakes WB has made is not putting out Batman on DVD. They would have had golden extras from the likes of Frank Gorshin, Burgess Meredith and the others. The fact that they don’t seem to have even done preparation for that is criminal. I put that up there with Warner Bros. all those years ago never having any existing footage of Mel Blanc in the booth as he recorded all those great Looney Tunes characters. Poor vision and lack of foresight.

I also saw a then 72 year old Adam West 12 years ago. He was like a movie star as he strode in the room. Youthful and heroic. He made a big impression. My wife named our oldest son Adam.

83. Red Dead Ryan - March 17, 2013

FOX still owns part of the license for the old “Batman” series. Warner Brothers owns the whole property.

If WB were to release the series on dvd, they would have to split the revenues with FOX.

That’s why it’ll never happen.

84. John - March 18, 2013

Damn sad news indeed. RIP.

Always remember him as the fantastic narrator on The Story of The Empire Strikes Back LP. Will play it later in tribute.

Great actor & voice. Where are our moden equivalents of actors with his talents…

85. Baron Von Butcher - March 18, 2013

One of TV’s great narration men, Malachi’s voice lent gravitas to the immortal “Lancelot Link, Secret Chimp”

86. Chris Miles - March 19, 2013

A small section of the Outer Limits ep referenced in the article above

87. Xplodin_Nacelle - March 19, 2013

R.I.P. Malachi Throne.

88. Jim - April 10, 2013

Just saw him in an episode of The Fugitive… He always had that dominant presence

89. Jim - April 10, 2013

…sad to see he just died last month!! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.