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TrekInk: Review of Countdown to Darkness #3 + 7-page Preview March 19, 2013

by Mark Martinez , Filed under: Comics,Review,Star Trek Beyond , trackback

shkow shkow The countdown actually gets dark in the penultimate issue of IDW Publishing’s prequel to Star Trek Into Darkness. Countdown to Darkness #3 will be released this week and April won’t leave anything to chance or Kirk. Spoilers ahead.



Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 (of 4)
Story by Roberto Orci and Mike Johnson, script by Mike Johnson, art by David Messina, ink assist by Marina Castelvetro, coloring by Claudia Scarletgothica, letters by Chris Mowry, creative consultant Anthony Pascale, edited by Scott Dunbier


Held captive, Sulu and Hendorff do their best to escape, while Kirk argues with April about joining Spock’s rescue attempt. They are interrupted by the arrival of Uhura and Mudd in a shuttle. Kirk ignores April’s advice. Spock finds Sulu and Hendorff but they get pinned down by enemy fire. Kirk and Uhura arrive in the shuttle just in time. Reconvening aboard the Enterprise with April and Mudd in tow, Kirk tries to make sense of the situation. Spock determines that the Klingons have been supplying April’s opposition and Kirk is appalled to learn that April might ignite an interstellar war. April is unrepentant. Using one of his old security codes, he takes command of the Enterprise, with Mudd hoping for an even bigger payday.


Never gonna fall in love?


Storytellers Orci and Johnson have done something really interesting in the third issue of Countdown to Darkness. A set of action sequences frames an introspective examination of duty and grief. After rescuing members of his crew, Kirk still has to deal with April’s request to intervene in spite of the Prime Directive. Learning that the Klingons are already involved further complicates the situation. Kirk also confronts Spock, at Uhura’s urging, about his recklessness. To Kirk’s surprise, Spock admits that he has put the needs of the few before the needs of the many. In some respects, this seems to be an education for Kirk as much as it is a revelation for Spock. I like the interplay between all the characters in this issue, made so much more relevant when April turns the tables on the entire crew of the Enterprise, taking control of the ship. I’m not quite sure what role Mudd is intended to play. Identified as her disreputable father’s daughter, she seems to be comic relief in this issue. If that’s all she is to this story, I’ll be disappointed. At any rate, we have a nice setup for the final issue of the mini-series.

Like the previous issues, the art by David Messina, Marina Castelvetro, and Claudia Scarletgothica is outstanding. The scenes on the planet’s surface and on the Enterprise complement the compelling story. Spock is the featured character blending into a starscape on David Messina’s cover for issue #3. Don’t cut yourself on his razor-sharp ear. The B cover is a photograph of Spock and Kirk with lots of lens flare. The retailer incentive cover is a CGC-graded and slabbed variant of Messina’s art cover. Only 100 copies are available. I still haven’t seen any of the previous CGC variants out in the wild. I wonder if the 250-copy purchase required to snag one of these variants is too steep for most comic book retailers, let alone mere mortal comic book fans? It doesn’t really matter, because IDW’s creative team is doing a terrific job with this prequel. And what does it tell us about the forthcoming film? Well, I leave that for you to argue in the comments. I’m simply enjoying this tale on its own merits.

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 A, cover art by David Messina Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 B, photo cover

Cover A: Art by David Messina and colors by Claudia Scarletgothica, Cover B: Photo cover

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 RI CGC, cover art by David Messina

Cover RI CGC: Art by David Messina and colors by Claudia Scarletgothica

Countdown to Darkness #3 will beam down to your local comic shop this Wednesday, March 20. Digital format is available the same day as print at, iTunes, IDW’s Star Trek app for iOS, and for Android in the comiXology app at Amazon or the comiXology app at Google Play. The trade paperback collection of Countdown to Darkness is scheduled for publication in late April, just before the new Star Trek film is released.

Preview of Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3

Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 1 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 2 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 3 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 4 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 5 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 6 Star Trek: Countdown to Darkness #3 Page 7

Mark Martinez is an obsessive-compulsive Star Trek comics reader and collector. You can visit his website, the Star Trek Comics Checklist for more than you ever needed to know about Star Trek comics.


1. Harry Ballz - March 19, 2013

What, people are expected to read the comics in order to get what happens in the movie?


2. crucifixion - March 19, 2013

Still no idea who or what the main bad guy is.

3. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 19, 2013

I’m nitpicking I know – but Sulu and Hendorff seem to have commander’s braid on their sleeves (especially page 6)…

4. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

Taking command of the Enterprise using one of his old security codes!?

It MUST be Khan!

5. Brian Johnson - March 19, 2013

Hmm. Who is that up in the pic next to the article title?

6. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 19, 2013

@5. Brian Johnson

I’m pretty sure that it’s April.

7. Mawazitus - March 19, 2013

@4. Curious Cadet

Wouldn’t that be Kirk?

8. freezejeans - March 19, 2013

Does an old security code still work on the new E? Maybe I’m just confused here or something, lack of sleep will do that…

9. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 19, 2013

@7. Mawazitus
Yep, in TWOK, Kirk used the Reliant’s prefix code to remotely lower her shields.

Memory Alpha states: “The prefix code is a numbered code individually assigned to each Federation starship. It is a defensive measure designed to help Starfleet personnel combat enemies who have seized control of a ship of their fleet, and to prevent enemy ships from attempting to seize control of a Starfleet vessel. ”

It is entirely possible that the code was reused for the new Enterprise once the old one was decomissioned. It is possible that it was considered easier to keep the same code for each vessel (unless it was known to be compromised) than to have to constantly update the codes and run the risk of Starfleet personnel trying to use an outdated one in an emergency situation.

10. Navy - March 19, 2013


Spock had to look up Reliants prefix code. This suggests that the Captain must have access to a Starfleet database to get the prefix in a time of emergency.

11. freezejeans - March 19, 2013

9 ObsessiveStarTrekFan

Thanks for the reply! I was wondering out loud about that in part from my time in the Air Force. There were codes for things that changed daily, if I recall correctly. Seems like they should rotate them for something as big and powerful as starships :)

12. Pah Wraith - March 19, 2013

Sulu’s socks have starfleet emblem on them. That beats old security code thing every time!

13. - March 19, 2013

I really love the idea of the comics providing background in the lead up to the movie.

I don’t like that Spocks line about the needs of the many seems to get continually pimped out. I think it takes away from it’s power in TWOK.

14. DJT - March 19, 2013

# 13

Exactly. It makes the universe seem small. I understand homages here and there, but I’d rather have something new and intelligent.

15. - March 19, 2013

It reminds me a little of Worf always talking about honor whereas a culture like his would have many ways of saying that.

16. Jack - March 19, 2013

14. Well said.

17. Jack - March 19, 2013

Does Uhura have just the one set of earrings? Just wondering.

18. Starfleet Sideburns - March 19, 2013

Umm. Wouldn’t it be more, ahem, *logical* to leave the conn to Chekov or Scotty, instead of the ship’s doctor? I’m so confused about the chain of command in Trek sometimes… But then again, it would seem that so are Kirk and co. :P

19. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - March 19, 2013

“The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few” – this is also quoted by T’Pol in the Enterprise episode The Council (season 3) as a Vulcan Axiom. There may be other canon references to it, but I didn’t want to take too much time trawling through everything.

This bit probably isn’t considered canon, but this quote is generally attributed to Surak. In that case, I would expect every single (non V’tosh ka’tur) Vulcan to be trying to live by it, and prone to quoting it whenever they though it approriate…

20. Starfleet Sideburns - March 19, 2013

#17: I’ve been wondering about that myself! Though TOS Uhura seemed to have the same “problem” throughout the first two seasons… :) Maybe she just really likes the design? After all, she did wear two different sets in the movie, but they differed only in color.

21. Disinvited - March 19, 2013


Well, Spock being fictional, the proper attribution goes to the scriptwriters who actually strung those words together but even at that, those authors more than overtly and subtly credit the concept in their TWOK to Charles Dickens who explored it in many of his writings including A TALE OF TWO CITIES which was featured on screen, and his more well-known A CHRISTMAS CAROL.

22. Disinvited - March 19, 2013

#18. Starfleet Sideburns – March 19, 2013

I recall in the supposedly far more advanced Federation of TNG tv series and movies the Doctor and Counselor were left the conn on separate occasions. So, you tell me what makes more sense given that?

23. Jemini - March 19, 2013

whoa I like the conversation between Uhura and Kirk about Spock that’s hitting the nail on the head.

I think that the clues are just thematic . to name few:
– The fact that Spock is still grieving about vulcan but he won’t admit it and Uhura knows that and, finally, Kirk knows too.
Her explanation had been my opinion as well in these comics and I think it will play out in the movie. It’s interesting because on one hand it seems that he’s embracing his vulcan side but at the same time he’s making emotional, irrational, illogical, decisions.
– the fact that Kirk and Spock aren’t a good team and co-workers atm. The part in the previous comic where April talked about his first officer it seemed to me to point up how different K/S are, the fact that Spock would have reported Kirk instead of helping him like April’s first officer did. Then right after that you have Spock taking action to save Sulu and Cupcake without even telling his captain first.
Being a team means, or at least it should, that you think as a group and not just as a single person and that’s something that Spock isn’t doing right now. He doesn’t even seem to consider Kirk the captain even if he keeps calling him “captain”. That bit between Uhura and Kirk is more an example of “team” than K/S ever had in these comics.

24. BatlethInTheGroin - March 19, 2013

#1: What’s with the melodramatizing? Relax, dude. You’ll burst a vein.

25. Damian - March 19, 2013

1–I think the comics just provide background for the hardcore fan who’s interested. I don’t think it’s by any means necessary to read them to get into the movie.

I don’t think you’ll be slighted if you don’t read the comics.

26. Harry Mudd - March 19, 2013

Anyone else think that this “Mudd” chracter bears a rather striking resemblance to one Alice Eve?

27. Baby - March 19, 2013

@26 Harry Mudd

yeah…….. She does look like alice eve except the hair. Maybe she is carol in disguise. Remember the trailer?

Carol smiled at Kirk and the he smiles back. it’s like they have met somewhere before.

28. Scott - March 19, 2013

This was actually released last week in the iBook Store, was kinda surprised when I got the email my preorder was ready for download. Not sure if its still available, was a fluke, or what. It’s a good issue I’d check and see if its still available.

29. Sunfell - March 19, 2013

Things are really heating up. And Spock’s actions in the comic series lead up to his desire to sacrifice himself in that volcano in the movie preview. It will be interesting to see how Cumberbatch’s character takes advantage of both Spock’s relaitonship with Uhura as well as with Kirk.

I was very gratified to learn that the comic series will continue after the movie. And if they’re serious about having a 50th anniversary movie in ’16, that means a shorter wait, as well.

30. - March 19, 2013

@21 Thanks for the heads up that Spock is a fictional character.

Who knew.

31. crazydaystrom - March 19, 2013

1. Harry Ballz –
“What, people are expected to read the comics in order to get what happens in the movie?”

Bad Robot have stated repeatedly to movie needs to stand no it’s own Harry. They want people to be able to enjoy the film even if they’ve had no other previous Trek exposure. That would include movies, series, novels and comics. Countdown should help to enhance the movie experience but should not necessary to understand it. The film must be ‘all of a piece’ to be a successful work. It’s only logical.

32. Marja - March 19, 2013

#17, Jack, The pair of earrings Uhura’s wearing THIS time has stud fasteners. The other pair, which she wears almost all the time, is a French-hook-style …

I know, they sure look like the same stones. Maybe she has another pair with a great big loop hook : )

Oh, #29, Sunfell, I do hope they get a good movie done by 2016, wouldn’t that be glorious!

33. The Sinfonian - March 19, 2013

Does this Mudd have a name? How about Mudd Nerys. ;)

@21 Dr. Benjamin Spock is appalled at you calling him fictional! The needs of the baby outweigh the needs of the parent, doncha know.

@26/27 I don’t see Alice Eve in this drawing. She’s rounder, bluer eyes. This character reminds me of Allison Scagliotti’s Claudia of W13 as a blonde. Admiral Marcus was April’s First Officer, right, since George Kirk couldn’t be in this universe? Robert would recognize Carol, I would think. There’s no way she could masquerade and him not figure it out. I still like the idea that Harcourt Fenton Mudd was simply “the dread pirate Roberts” equivalent in the ST universe. After all, TOS Mudd could have really been Leo Walsh, too.

34. Edshrinker - March 19, 2013

Since Bad Robot likes the quote “Needs of the many…”

Give us our nuTrek 3 by the 50th anniversary! New direction would be fine with the right person (JJ Producing). It might be a breath of fresh air for this cast that is closely connected.

35. Sebi - March 19, 2013

I still find it somewhat strange, that a weird, mustache wearing, overweight male human is now a hot, sassy, female Bajoran in the new universe.

Not complaining though…..

36. Aurore - March 19, 2013

….Well, in a few hours now, I will know whether or not the fellow poster claiming to have already read the issue was serious…

According to him/her, and amongst other “spoilers”, “Mudd” IS Harcourt Fenton Mudd’s daughter.

(A while back, there was another poster who talked about seeing the Star Trek Into Darkness trailer with The Enterprise underwater, a few days before the trailer where we, indeed, saw a starship underwater was released.

Therefore, anything is possible, in my opinion ; the person I referred to earlier might, in effect, have already read the story…or not…we’ll see…)

37. Tiberius Subprime - March 19, 2013

Please don’t tell me, then, that Cumberbatch is Harry Mudd.

Please. Don’t.

38. Jack - March 19, 2013

Nice writing, Mark.

39. Jack - March 19, 2013

32. Thanks! Er, I was just being catty at 3AM. :)

40. TyrusX - March 19, 2013

@36. Aurore

Here you go, another proof, with little spoiler on it, but you can compare to what is written in the comic.
RA to MUDD: Never Fall For enlisted men, Mudd, It only ends badly.
RA To Enterprise Computer: Computer, activate impulse Engines. Full Power, Bearing Longitude 35 degrees north, 3 degrees west, altitude two thousand meters above the surface.

What happened was that the Itunes store realized the comic one week before they were supposed to, so I got it, not even realizing they made a mistake.

41. Jenna - March 19, 2013

Why is the red-shirt still alive?

42. Aurore - March 19, 2013

40. TyrusX – March 19, 2013



I “recognize” you!

“Here you go, another proof, with little spoiler on it, but you can compare to what is written in the comic.”

I haven’t read any comics.
But, reading articles dealing with them, and, fans’opinions, can be interesting! Thus, I’ll compare…with the review of the issue…in a few hours…

I was intrigued by your guess about John Harrison’s identity, by the way…

‘Beats Khan Noonien Singh being the villain, if you ask me…
But, as you may know, I am a LITTLE biased, regarding that specific topic.


43. bardicjim - March 19, 2013

John Harrison
Harry son

44. Jack - March 19, 2013

Maybe the code was just “password” — Kirk was supposed to change it on day one.

Incidentally, years ago, I used Ncc1701 for passwords, until a university robot told me it wasn’t secure — “too common a password.” I tried adding an A at the end — still too frequently used.

45. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@43 bardicjim,

“Harry son”

I like that a lot!

The only problem is its hard to imagine a son of Mudd getting involved in anything that doesn’t ultimately make him an enormous profit. He would also be a little young, assuming Mudd was always around Kirk’s age. But, I suppose if one considers Mudd going the route of a military industrial contractor like Halliburton or Blackwater, then there might be an interesting story here. A partnership with a certain Admiral Marcus.

Here’s the thing, Mudd was a bad man in Mudd’s women. And he was a big man. If the producers can make April go from a respected ambassador of the federation in the Prime Universe to a renegade outlaw in this one, then Mudd can become a much more dark and twisted character, especially if he’s been hanging out with the cardassians and bejorans. I wouldn’t be surprised if Harrison was Mudd! Marcus is the one that tells us His identity is John Harrison, and if Marcus is in on it, then much easier to help Mudd infiltrate Starfleet in the first place.

46. TyrusX - March 19, 2013

42. Aurore.
I’m guessing that JH is either a Klingon or a Vulcan. But who knows. THRUST NO ONE! Hopefully we will have more on him with Volume 4.

43. bardicjim

LOL It would be funny if that was indeed true.

44. Jack
Try NCC1701-A_USS_Enterprise then.

47. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@45 More ^^^

It’s easy to figure out why Mudd would be interested in fueling the Klingon battle with April. Indeed, Mudd could be supplying April, vis-a-vis Marcus. An Ollie North Iran/Contra black ops kinda thing. Or he could be supplying the Klingons. But if Harrison were to be Mudd, it makes more sense that he be on the side of the underdog. Marcus protects April, sees the need for Starfleet to intercede where they officially can’t to keep the Klingons out, Kirk finds all this out and which informs his rejection of the Prime Directive on Niburu. Marcus is forced to make an example of him to keep his operation a secret, and perhaps even has to drop federation support completely to protect his butt, leaving April and the others to die. Mudd then concocts a scheme with Marcus to pose an outside threat to Starfleet to get them to change their policies, and keep the money flowing into his pockets.

Who but Mudd could sell a “miracle” cure to man and get him to become a terrorist in payment to save his daughter?

48. THX-1138 - March 19, 2013

John Harrison is a Tholian.

49. Aurore - March 19, 2013

46. TyrusX – March 19, 2013
42. Aurore.


Well…If I am unhappy with the story , I will physically harm Roberto Orci, yes. I already said as much.

However, I promise not to thrust him.


“Hopefully we will have more on him with Volume 4.”

We may learn more about John Harrison, soon.

50. ACJG1985 - March 19, 2013

I think the code they are referring to with April is his Command Codes not the prefix code, why would you use the prefix code to take command of a vessel when you’re asking the computer to confirm your identity much like Kirk did in SFS during the auto destruct sequence? The prefix code is used to prevent a ship being controlled by another ship hacking the system hence why Khan had to keep Chekov and Terrell alive during the seizure of thee Reliant, he needed Terrell to transfer command to him (Kahn didn’t know about the prefix or he would have changed it) so it would have been “Computer, this is Captain Robert April authorization code…. I here by relieve Captain Kirk transfer command of the Enterprise to me…” And whatever else he’d need to lock out Spock and anyone else

51. Mark Martinez - March 19, 2013

Just clarifying an earlier comment. Countdown to Darkness #3 was released last week on iTunes by mistake, so some people had early access. I think iTunes availability was disabled and it will be available again March 20.

52. TrekkerChick - March 19, 2013


It was


… the same as some idiot might have on his luggage… Well, and the air shields

53. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@50 ACJG1985,

I agree, it sounds more like a back-door password that remained in the base coding of the Enterprise computer system which only he knew about (as the possible person in charge of its construction mirroring the Prime universe). Anything else would have long since been expunged as compromised after he went missing 20 years earlier.

Ultimately, whatever he does, it fails since Kirk has his Enterprise back and is found engaged in a new mission on Nibiru at the start of the film. And whatever it is, seems voluntary as Kirk would not have been able to get back the ship without April’s cooperation. Another reason that suggests April dies and perhaps releases the Enterprise on his deathbed, one captain to another.

Of course there’s nothing to say that Marcus just didn’t give April the security code.

54. TyrusX - March 19, 2013

@53 Curious Cadet

It was a backdoor. April installed on his original Enterprise so no one would attempt to do exactly what he is doing now, taking the bridge and turning everything off that is not controlled by him.

55. NCC-73515 - March 19, 2013

Even the socks have the Enterprise/Kelvin/Starfleet logo XD

Oh and Anthony is a consultant!

56. Daniel Forsman - March 19, 2013

John Harrisson is Robert April. De-aged and augmented, set on a crusade to change the federation and its standards.

Hint: John fighting klingons with April’s gattling cannon;)

57. Green - March 19, 2013


I lol’d.

58. Josh C. - March 19, 2013

I won’t read the spoilers before I get the issue, but I hope it’s easier to download this month than it was last month…

59. crucifixion - March 19, 2013


Hope it’s not something lame like “my name is not John Harrison..I am John, Harry’s Son”

LOL that would be epic Abrams trolling on us

60. Disinvited - March 19, 2013

#30. – March 19, 2013

Precisely, which is why it can’t be his line to be pimped out – it’s the authors’.

61. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@54. TyrusX,
“It was a backdoor.”

Figures. The only issue I have with that, is why would they be using the old Enterprise computer code in any way with the new Enterprise? You would go back to the source code and customize it for a brand new ship. Though I suppose in their haste to get the new ship launched they could have just copied it over and modified it for the new ship. But considering how different they must have been, seems more likely they would have started from scratch. Oh well. There’s wiggle room.

62. Disinvited - March 19, 2013

#33. The Sinfonian – March 19, 2013

Well, the real Dr. Spock getting the attribution’s even worse since he never said “The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few”, but that begs the question “Did any of Dr. Spock’s words get pimped on any STAR TREK?”

The closest I could get is “The needs of the one to have his or her diaper changed exceeds the needs of the many to detect it with their sense of smell.” ;)

63. dmduncan - March 19, 2013

Yeah, I’ll buy that.

Mudd is Mudd’s daughter.

I think it’s safe for me to relax now.

64. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@59. crucifixion,
“Hope it’s not something lame like “my name is not John Harrison..I am John, Harry’s Son”

Haha … Wouldn’t put it past them!

On the other hand, Harry Mudd’s son would not be from canon. Since that falls into the same category as Admiral Marcus, who is considered new, so must any relative of Mudd’s. and I don’t think any relative aside from his wife was ever mentioned otherwise to make them canon. Since Harrison is from canon, he’s probably not Mudd’s son.

65. Red Dead Ryan - March 19, 2013


That is what Deep Throat told Fox Mulder during an X-rated episode of “The X-Files”.


66. Daniel Forsman - March 19, 2013

I still think John Harrisson is Robert April.


67. Keachick - March 19, 2013

The writers and producers have told us that we do not need to read any of these comics or even to have seen the first film in this movie series, in order to be able to understand and enjoy STID.

I was hoping to be able to get hold of Star Trek Into Darkness comics 1 and 2 from a local retailer, but it seems that they are no longer in business, except that they are listed in the local telephone directory and are on the internet. I guess I could physically go to the premises to see what is(n’t) going on but what a drag…

It can be fun – not – being a trekkie living outside the US.

68. Jack - March 19, 2013

The age does seem off for Mudd to have a daughter… even if he’s, say, in his 40s at this time. Heck, she could be adopted or a step-kid, or somebody he won in a poker game. But, feh.

65. Ouch. ;)

Nice that they respected IDW’s embargo on these — but not the one (assuming there was one) on that screening in Brazil. Although, does trekmovie staff work for IDW? Just curious.

I’m moving on soon, really.

69. Jack - March 19, 2013

56. Hi. So does all this (de-aging and augmenting), happen years after this comic then? Months? It seems like a rather complicated process. It seems unlikely that they wouldn’t recognize the guy if he’d just been de-aged 20 years or so, no? I guess he shaved the beard…

Not trying to be a dick — anything’s possible in fiction, but I see a lot of seams….

70. TyrusX - March 19, 2013

I think this de-aging idea is bananas.

71. Aurore - March 19, 2013


That is what Deep Throat told Fox Mulder during an X-rated episode of “The X-Files”.


Name the episode. If you can.

What you are saying is a little.. hard to… swallow…

72. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@69 Jack,

I agree with TyrusX, the de-aging thing was a complete misunderstanding by a “journalist”, trying to shoehorn his theory in around a “discovered” sketch at BadRobot, of what happened in the TAS episode called the counter-clock incident in which April makes his only appearance.

As for when it supposedly would take place: it has to be between the comic and Nibiru, which is likely less than a month or two of the same year. And yes, they would absolutely recognize April in his thirties as he would have been the captain of a starship, blazing trails, and then disappeared — there would likely be memorials to him. I’ve been saying this from day one.

But yes, if it does happen, then it likely happens after Kirk leaves him, or else we will know who Harrison is. And I don’t think they are going to tell us in a prequel comic. They seem to want to hold that back for the end of the first screening of the first public audience, despite the first countdown comic telling us precisely who Nero was and why he was doing what he was doing.

My feeling is that April will be killed off, leaving only his legacy to affect Kirk, and everybody else in Starfleet. He may even be the “family” Harrison seeks revenge for, and not necessarily blood, but Starfleet family.

73. Aurore - March 19, 2013

“What you are saying is a little.. hard to… swallow…”


Trust no one ; it wasn’t *an* X-rated episode, but rather, a “two-parter” called “Impasse”…

“Oh, my “…The truth is so out there…


74. jack - March 19, 2013

70. Ditto. Even though it’s what happened to April in his only appearance (in a cartoon), it was under super-specific circumstances — weren’t they in a reverse time/anti-time dimension or something? And it was a cartoon. It’s not like anti-aging and the character are a natural fit. He ain’t Cher. Unless these writer guys are pulling out the destiny hokum again (which would mean: what happened before will happen again, but louder this time.)

75. Brock's Spain - March 19, 2013

Has anyone mentioned that Countdown to Darkness #3 was available on iTunes beginning last night (Monday)?

76. Curious Cadet - March 19, 2013

@74 Jack,

While I don’t think a story about a de-aged April makes any sense, or would be very compelling for the audience (then again Face Off was a huge success), I don’t necessarily dismiss the concept of “destiny” as hokum. At a quantum level it has been shown that although random, activity tends to occur in a similar way with more predictability and at a higher percentage than in a dissimilar way. Indeed, physics seems to confirm the concept of “destiny”, at least with regard to parallel universes.

The problem here is, the universe is “repairing” itself 10 years earlier than it previously did. And April is going to de-age because he did in the Prime universe? Well then so should Kirk, Spock and the rest. But that’s the least of the problems with destiny and April. He seems to have become the opposite of what he was in the Prime universe, resisting his Prime destiny for over 20 years.

77. Marja - March 19, 2013

Overseas folk, is it possible for y’all to order the Star Trek comics on-line from IDW? I thought they also sold via the internet.

78. DeShonn Steinblatt - March 19, 2013


No. We have been told the universes will become more and more different with each sequel.

79. mikejohnson - March 20, 2013

@ 1

Not only do you have to read these comics, you have to read every Trek comic ever made from any publisher, along with at least five random Asterix books AND the first two years of Rom: Spaceknight.



80. The Great Bird Lives - March 20, 2013


You are incorrect, Sir. The timeline Is reverting back to normalcy, and u will see signs of this in the forthcoming installment.
When the Narada encroached into our universe the timeline’s trajectory at that point was altered- thereby creating a new ‘arch’. However, the natural mechanics of space-time will force the timeline back to it’s original trajectory. The gravitational constant of the universe will allow for nothing else. But here’s where it get’s silly… Although this eventual repair is unavoidable, actions taken in the damaged timeline can still have equal, or opposite reactions to the repaired timeline. Thankfully, Spock-Prime has the foreknowledge to help the Federation avoid these potential ramifications.

81. Jack - March 20, 2013

“The gravitational constant of the universe will allow for nothing else”


Anyway, so it seems a bit odd that a brand new computer would have the previous E’s backdoor built in, complete with (sort of spoiler?)…

the password “Caroline” (the name of Marcus’s daughter?), unless the os is like, say, Windows and it’s full of ancient crap that they just leave there. Or is this new ship a sort-of refit (doesn’t seem likely)?

82. bardicjim - March 20, 2013

@80 If that’s the case could the third film be Star Trek III – The search for Vulcan? hehehe

83. Josh C. - March 20, 2013

Oh look, it’s still not available on Comixology, and IDW’s website won’t load. Imagine that. At least this issue is LISTED as SUPPOSED to being released today, unlike the last one at Comixology…

84. Disinvited - March 20, 2013

#81. Jack – March 20, 2013

Unless some catastrophic failure of the new AI forces them to reboot using the old one? Maybe this is the production’s way of dealing with Majel’s passing as well? Of course, you got me how an old AI can manage a totally new ship? Granted it is an AI, and probably could learn but seems pretty risky since part of learning is learning from mistakes.

85. Mr Mike - March 20, 2013

I wonder if Harrison could be April’s son or someone who has a connection to Carol Marcus, maybe an ex?

86. darhlocke - March 20, 2013

What’s kind of curious about using Mudd’s Daughter here, is that
1. Harry Mudd was one of five characters/species said to be in the film according to spoilers given from Cineblend back in 2010.
2. Greg Grunberg’s original part from 2009 was cut from the film, and instead he provided voice for Kirk’s step father. In a 2011 interview, Mr. Grunberg said it left the door open for him to play somebody else in the next film. He really wanted to play Harry Mudd! (So I’m hopeful that this is the case!)

Additionally the boy on the street that young Kirk waves to, was also originally cast as Kirk’s older brother (George Jr.) but, like with Grunberg’s scenes, where cut and changed. He instead is a boy Kirk knows named “Johnny” (John Harrison?????????)

I think the weird love story here with Mudd’s duaghter will be some kind of juxtaposition to Kirk’s relationship with Alex Marcus’ daughter, Carol.

And for those who think you have read the comic to understand the film, most likely that is not the case, but rather serves to “better understand” where the film is coming from. Just additional tie-in material that might give the film more weight/additional layers.

I’m anxiously waiting for issue three to arrive in the mail and can’t imagine what issue 4 will bring, let alone if any of the secondary characters will appear in the film?!

87. TyrusX - March 20, 2013

First page of Countdown to Darkness 4 is out:

No text. Just a hologram.

88. BatlethInTheGroin - March 20, 2013

Does anyone have any idea whatever became of Morgan Gendel’s “The Outer Light?” New chapters just stopped showing up on this site one day, without explanation.

89. BatlethInTheGroin - March 20, 2013

#86: That Cineblend quote was debunked some time back–it wasn’t really a Bob Orci quote.

90. BatlethInTheGroin - March 20, 2013

#80: Time travel has NEVER worked the way you’re describing in Star Trek.

91. Jack - March 20, 2013

88. They’re all there on Gendel’s site… The Outer Light.

92. Jack - March 20, 2013

…he finished it.

Verdict = a meh minus.

Okay, and the QM stuff discussed above (the way Bob talks sometimes, it’s like it didn’t exist until they started writing Trek ’09) just seems like a convenient excuse for using destiny and coincidences in storytelling. It’s all competing theories — and we’re pretending here that these storytelling devices are based on scientific evidence of how parallel universes work? Hogwash. I gave up trying to understand QM in undergraduate physics classes. And I get the sense from Bob’s comments here that he understands it about as well as I do, at best…

93. BH - March 20, 2013

A few things I’m thinking here:

– Harry Mudd has access to life like androids, so this “daughter” could be just that.

– conceptual elements be used in the reboot most certainly would include an anti-aging concept around April. Why not?

– I’m still going for Garth of Izar for two main reasons: the color scheme and costume are redone but identical in my mind: blue starfleet dress uniform under a black trench coat AND the ‘expolsives expert’ element of him, which is backed up in the new trailer and the official PR release talking of “one man weapon of mass destruction”; “detonates the fleet” etc. Shape changing powers explains his super jumping seen in the trailer as well and any potential age difference.

– but it very well could be April, deliberately drawn unlike Cumberbatch in the comic. The villain from ST2009 was Nero and was in every issue of that film’s comic prequel.

94. BatlethInTheGroin - March 20, 2013

I don’t see what all the controversy is about. Cumberbatch is clearly playing Governor John Lord Robert Khan Harcourt Gary Noonien Fenton Norman Kodos Singh Morn Mitchell-Mudd Joachim Harrison Q. April of Izar the Third.

95. crazydaystrom - March 20, 2013

Haha! I’ve said it a couple times here or more – Harrison = Harry’s son. Said first in jest then after the appearance of ‘Mudd Nerys’, actually considering the possibility.

96. Xeos - March 20, 2013

Just finished it, it’s definitely the bridge from the setup to the climax, so it’s the weaker of the three issues released, but it was enjoyable. Can’t wait till next month to see how everything pans out and what this means for the film!

97. Star Sick: the Original Generation - March 20, 2013

It would seem that you’re all missing the biggest issue of all…

…that Spock looks like Prince on the cover.

Seriously. Just fluff the hair a bit, make that shirt purple…

“My name is Spock, and I am funky!”

98. Zinc Saucier - March 21, 2013

18. Starfleet Sideburns

Agreed. That really bugged me. In TOS wasn’t Scotty actually the second officer? I seem to remember him always being in command if both Kirk and Spock were away.

99. Jack - March 21, 2013

93. Well, he had access to androids when he crashed on their planet (or something — it’s been years since I’ve seen that episode).

100. mikejohnson - March 21, 2013

Doing my part to ensure that every comics-related article hits at least three-figure comments.

101. Mark Martinez - March 21, 2013

@100 Good job!

102. Keachick - March 21, 2013


Please – can you provide me with a link, a way, in which I might be able to obtain copies of Star Trek Into Darkness 1, 2 and 3. I live in NZ and it seems my only source of getting the latest Star Trek comics (relating to this JJ/KO ST iteration) is not answering his phone – phone disconnected? (Check with our local telephone directory service).

It does mean that I will need to import them, however the cost would not be so much different what I would have to pay here, but at least I would be keeping local retail in business…except that I am able to (it seems).

Thank you so much.

103. Keachick - March 21, 2013

edit – I meant to write, “I checked with our local…”

104. BiggestTOSfanever - March 21, 2013


You might be able to use this website and order from an online US store.

I know you can get stuff from Amazon using this.

105. Bucky - March 23, 2013

Biggest revelation? Harry Mudd did the deed with a Bajorian! (She has to be half-Bajorian at least, unless Mudd was a surgically altered Bajoran) So does he have this kid in the prime-verse or is that localized only to JJ-verse?

106. games - March 25, 2013

Why people still make use of to read news papers when in this
technological world everything is presented on net?

107. Chuck I. - March 28, 2013

Curious. I have seen plenty of comments about April’s command code, yet no one has picked up on the Section 31 reference? I know I am not the only one who saw that. Am i? is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.