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Orci & Kurtzman Talk ‘Into Darkness’ & Next Star Trek In Official Mag + 4 New Images March 31, 2013

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The latest issue of the official Star Trek magazine has an interview with Star Trek Into Darkness co-writer/producers Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman. The pair talk about the villain John Harrison, the arc of the crew, how the film ties into today and even a bit about their next Star Trek movie. Excerpts below plus some scans of new Into Darkness images from the mag.  


Orci and Kurtzman talk ‘Into Darkness’ in latest Star Trek magazine

Orci on the villain John Harrison and his relation to the film’s title "Into Darkness"

Well he understands Starfleet because he was enlisted in a similar way. Some
might see part of the title coming from the fact
that he’s kind of a dark shadow of members of our crew. He too has gone through the process to some degree, that some of our crew have gone
though, and clearly for some reason it’s failed to bring him over, so I think he represents that part of our heroes."

New image of Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison from Star Trek mag

Orci also commented on where the crew is on their arc and how Harrison ties into that arc, saying:

"The relationship [between Kirk and Spock] is still forming itself, and in many ways forms itself over the course of this movie. It also gives us a great opportunity, because of the logic versus emotion conflict is such a brilliant and wonderful backdrop against which to pit a huge problem like Benedict Cumberbatch walking into their life. It isn’t just Kirk and Spock, it’s all of them, and how they’re all functioning together now. They are not the well oiled machine that they were in the original series, because they had gone through many, many more missions in the original series."

Chris Pine as Kirk (image from Star Trek mag)

There is a lot of talk about Harrison as a ‘terrorist.’ Orci said that this isn’t what the movie is all about but it does tie it to today’s reality:

"…that’s not just as simple as it being a terrorist allegory – it’s a flavor of the movie, it’s an element, but it’s certainly not at the center of its plot. It does speak to the fact that we wanted to embed in our universe events that are recognizable to an audience."

…but Kurtzman noted that regardless of terrorism element and the ‘dark’ title, the film still holds on to Star Trek’s optimistic vision:

"The thing that’s been interesting to us is that, despite the fact that we are literally going Into Darkness, I think we all worked very hard to make sure the theme of hope, what hope costs, and what it’s really about, was always alive in how we were designing our story. So we’re pretty consistent with the last movie in terms of dark things happening, but holding on to the light that Roddenberry set up as a basic tenet of the Star Trek universe."

Spock looks concerned in the captain’s chair

Orci also talked about how the pair of writers are ready for the next movie and want to gauge reaction to Into Darkness

"You can see we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie – we just want to make sure we’ve learned the lessons from the first two. "

More from Orci and Kurtzman in the latest issue of Star Trek Magazine on newstands now.

Latest issue of Star Trek magazine



1. thomoz - March 31, 2013

Looking forward to this mag, i have not seen Empire in a store yet either.

2. JRT! - March 31, 2013

WTF!?! Where’s the comment I posted ten minutes ago? Is this some kinda April Fools joke? GEE! LOL!


3. SherlockFangirl - March 31, 2013

That new pic of Harrison looks like a passport photo!

4. JRT! - March 31, 2013

Oh that Empire mag was really good! Usually don’t reach the US till a week or two after the UK though,from previous experience. And that is NOT an April Fools joke! lol.


5. Anthony Pascale - March 31, 2013

All ‘first’ comments are deleted abusers get banned. Been policy since 2006

6. Riker's Mailbox - March 31, 2013

3rd move should deal with the Romulans. We still need a good Romulan movie.

7. JRT! - March 31, 2013

Oh,ok. Well I didn’t mean to abuse or anything. I never say first even when I AM first,as I think it’s just stupid,and kinda obvious,lol! So,hope my post which was meant as a joke wasn’t taken as abuse.


8. dmduncan - March 31, 2013

“You can se we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie…”

Sadly, friends, thought it has been great fun and at times challenging to contribute here, and a great honor to have my comments read by Bob—a man who is as much a fan as I am and who is one of THE FEW people on Earth who decides how Star Trek turns out (how COOL it is that we get HEARD by Bob!)—I’m not sure I’ll be saying much for the third movie.

I’m returning to the prairie desert and in about another day, two at the max, I’ll be out of hailing range. I’m not sure how long I’ll be offline or if, once I do go back online, I’ll get back into the rhythm of commenting here, because a big move like I’m going through to such a different cultural place than where I am now changes more than just one’s location.

Even though I’ve never met any of you face to face, this IS still a community of what “friends” means in 2013, so I’m giving y’all a head’s up, which also gives me a reason to let you all know I’m going to miss you!

9. JRT! - March 31, 2013

We’ll miss you too,DMD. Always enjoyed reading your posts and even agreed from time to time,lol! Be safe,wherever you are,and good luck.


10. Trek Fan - March 31, 2013

“You can see we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie…”

Bob Orci … I’d like to see something original again. New story, fresh ideas, the Kirk/Spock relationship firm, maybe bring in one of the classic Klingons in an original story.

11. somethoughts - March 31, 2013

Will miss you dmduncan, cheers!

12. Andrew - March 31, 2013

I can’t believe I am already looking forward to the next Trek in (has to be) 2016 when STID isn’t even out yet. It’s just that the 50th anniversary year ought to be a big year for Trek and the next film should be the centerpiece of that.

13. DJT - March 31, 2013

Tenets of Roddenberry? Like blowing up an enemy after they refuse help from you. Even though they are getting sucked into a black hole.

Very Roddenberryesque.

14. somethoughts - March 31, 2013

Time does fly, many thanks to Anthony, for allowing everyone to discuss and debate/create ST ID and influence bob and company for making awesome star trek! Looking forward to ST ID and more, cheers!

15. Admiral Stedman - March 31, 2013

Agreed #10. History tends to place Khan as Kirk’s ultimate nemesis but I would have liked to see Kor worked into the movies somehow. Even with another actor playing him instead of Corlios. I know he did a few roles on DS9 as an older version of the character. But having Kor somehow involved in the whole Genesis / David Marcus thing or even the ST:TUC story line would have been nice.

Maybe we’ll get that chance in the new timeline somehow.

16. Marvin the Martian - March 31, 2013

The next Star Trek movie needs more boobs. Star Trek always needs more boobs. Boobs, boobs everywhere.

Or Tribbles. Either one.

17. JohnRambo - March 31, 2013

“You can see we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie…”

don’t listen to the TNG, VOY, DS9, ENT Fans!!!!

only listen to the Star Trek (TOS)Fans!

18. somethoughts - March 31, 2013


Yea would have been cool to see Kirk and Spock beam aboard Nero etc onto the Brig at the end and have them locked up forever despite them being emotionally compromised. What better punishment then to help a maniac when he does not want it even at the face of death

19. I am not Herbert - March 31, 2013

Note to Orci and Kurtzman:

Let someone else handle the next one…?

Thanks! =)

20. somethoughts - March 31, 2013

Part 3 should be pure exploration of the galaxy, characters and fight versus Nature that includes Talosians, Trelane and Mudd.

Kirk has to work with the Klingons Kor or Kang to help save the Galaxy :)

21. I am not Herbert - March 31, 2013

‘G.I. Joe: Retaliation’ Scores Second-Largest Easter Opening Ever


22. geodesic17 - March 31, 2013

I just finished watching the augments episodes of Star Trek: Enterprise. If this movie features augments at all, it would be a good opportunity for a cameo of Brent Spiner as Dr. Arik Soong, or at least an on-screen mention of the character.

23. I am not Herbert - March 31, 2013

Brent Spiner / Dr. Soong is a GREAT character! =)

24. Jonboc - March 31, 2013


Wishing you all the best, DMD. I’ve seen your name here for a long long time and always enjoy your posts. Hurry back when you get a chance!

25. Jonboc - March 31, 2013

#23. “Brent Spiner / Dr. Soong is a GREAT character! =)”

Oh Lord, now I understand why you’re a JJ Trek hater…thank heavens Trek has escaped from those shackles!

26. somethoughts - March 31, 2013

Part 3, begins with 5 yr mission and we see them going through all the popular tos episodes quickly in fast sequences and it stops at the end of the 5yr mission and the movie begins

27. Son of Jello - March 31, 2013

Dont forget April fools is coming up.

28. somethoughts - March 31, 2013


I can see Anthony having something sneaky up his sleeves!

Villain revealed to be a Tribble

29. Commodore Adams - March 31, 2013

@ 8. dmduncan

God speed.

All hailing frequencies will be open.

30. Hugh Hoyland - March 31, 2013

dmduncan hey man just want to say I’ve enjoyed your posts over the years and I think we’ve got a lot in common as far as our world views go (and if I’m not mistaken we’ve both dabbled in screenplay writing).

I wish you luck on your move and hope you can get back in communication soon (my comm lines are always open bro).

31. Schultz - March 31, 2013

Sounds good. But no matter what they say, the studio is still selling the movie as the usual terrorist-cynical-mass-murder-revenge-action vehicle. So from an advertising standpoint, real Star Trek sure as hell doesn’t sell. More and more I’m longing for a new TV series.

32. USS Enterprise B - March 31, 2013

So ready for this movie! Can’t believe it’s almost here! But the more I think about it, the more I think one of the main characters might die… based on hints in the trailers and interviews… I certainly hope that’s not the case, unless the third film will parallel Star Trek III! Regardless, so excited!

33. saavik001 - March 31, 2013

I’d like a third movie that has andorians, tellarites and orions in it…

34. NCM - March 31, 2013

Hey, dmduncan, sorry to see you go, even though I think I already left. The threads got too busy for me to keep up, but I checked in tonight for the first time in months and see you’re off. I hope you’re happy about the move you’re making. It’s been a pleasure, dmduncan. Wish you the best, always–and online or not, I hope you’ll see the third movie…?

35. Vultan - March 31, 2013


Mr. Duncan, it was fun chatting/debating with you over the years. Hope your departure is not a permanent one. Would like to hear your opinion of the movie some day.

Happy trails!

36. Jeyl - March 31, 2013

Try writing a Star Trek story without involving Earth. I know Damon Lindelof thinks that Earth is such an important thing in Star Trek, but I personally find it to be just a boring place we’re already accustomed to on a 24/7 basis. Take us somewhere and go with it. Don’t take us somewhere and than run back home where everything is safe, familiar and relatable.

37. Commodore Adams - March 31, 2013

One thing I would like to see with the 13th movie is a story which does not revolve around Earth so much. Don’t get me wrong, I like how JJ’s movies along with expanding the trek universe are also expanding on Earth’s identity. But Star Trek is about exploration and not always dealing with someone trying to attack or destroy Earth. Star Trek 2009, most of it on Earth or revolving around Earth. Into Darkness, Cumberbatch attacking Earth. I would like the next movie to deal with something really far out there, something that tantalizes and expands the imagination. It seems like in these new movies the Enterprise is never far from home, what happened to deep space exploration. You can only go so far with trying the movie relate to people i.e. stories on Earth, terrorism etc. We all know each series and movie utilized what was happening in the world like the cold war, terrorism etc. I think it would be wise to give us some glorious mission, something a little more far fetched than usual. And if its not shown in Into Darkness would be nice to see a big fleet. Starfleet has many ships, but its always felt like Starfleet consist of 12 ships, it just always rubs me the wrong way.

38. Do - March 31, 2013

You can see we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie…”

An exploration-themed film please, set out at the frontier of known space.

39. somethoughts - March 31, 2013

I think the movie itself will be 100x better than the trailers.

The 9min imax preview was amazing and I imagine the rest of the film will be awesome also. I dont mind the earth scenes as other films never really did show us much of future earth etc.

I would love to see the soundtrack score names and listen to some of the music now!

Will we be getting any burger king or mcdonalds special collector cups or toys?

40. boborci - March 31, 2013

dmduncan rocks

41. Mad Mann - March 31, 2013

Make the third a “bottle ” or “ship” show set almost entirely on the Enterprise. Make it more character driven and about the crew working together as that well-oiled-machine. It could be done much less expensive and less box office but will have lager profits and be the most remembered movie of the three.

42. somethoughts - April 1, 2013


Nooooooooooo, I rather they go BIGGER than just smaller, just being on the ship would work for a regular episode but not for a movie imo.

If John Harrison is a big hit, have him return for part 3

43. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

Btw bob, tell damon, I think the engineer killed david and his father to grant them their wish of immortality as to live forever you must die and move onto the next state ie energy leaving physical body and the engineer was upset at how humans were playing god and have lost their way, ie wars etc and has become a dangerous species and was selected to be wiped and reimagined ie the payload headed for earth to restart creation.

44. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

The engineers understood to live forever one must sacrifce and help the process of creation must like salmon dying after reaching destination and giving birth to life. The Engineer simply is granting them their wish, now hols still while Engineer crushes your skull and rips of your head.

45. dmduncan - April 1, 2013

40. boborci – March 31, 2013

Haha! I love you man. (And I’m not just trying to get your beer. ;-))

46. dmduncan - April 1, 2013

9. JRT! – March 31, 2013

Agreement is not so much on my mind. If you think “dmduncan,” think that. ;-) Thank you my friend!

11. somethoughts – March 31, 2013

Thanks, somethoughts. You’ve been here as long as I have. Will miss you too.

24. Jonboc – March 31, 2013

Will do my best, Jonboc!!! Thank you.

29. Commodore Adams – March 31, 2013

Thank you sir. Will try to get in range!

30. Hugh Hoyland – March 31, 2013

Thanks Hugh. You are not mistaken! ;-)

34. NCM – March 31, 2013

“Hey, dmduncan, sorry to see you go, even though I think I already left. The threads got too busy for me to keep up, but I checked in tonight for the first time in months and see you’re off.”

Coincidence?—not if you’re familiar with my thinking! Will miss you NCM—and I was actually thinking about you, no BS. We’ve had memorable conversations here.

“ I hope you’re happy about the move you’re making. It’s been a pleasure, dmduncan. Wish you the best, always–and online or not, I hope you’ll see the third movie…?”

You kidding? Absolutely! The trip will be long, but for Star Trek? I make it. It’s already planned.

35. Vultan – March 31, 2013

Likewise, Vultan. Will do my best.

47. Keachick - April 1, 2013

I have enjoyed reading your comments, dmduncan. You have made some interesting observations over time. I hope your new place and lifestyle will be as you hope and that, at some point, you will manage to get yourself online and come say “Hi” to us here. I hope you enjoy Star Trek Into Darkness. Have a good one, dmduncan!

The thing about terrorism – it’s been around for a long time. I seem to recall the name Guy Fawkes. Different names have been given to what are essentially the same criminally harmful activities, especially when civilians become part of the “collateral damage”. Another word could be sabotage and John Harrison is a saboteur.

48. Red Dead Ryan - April 1, 2013

Yeah, I’m sad to see dmduncan leave. This site will be that much emptier without him.

dmduncan, your posts were always elegant and honest. No mean-spirited-ness, no egotism, no bullsh*t. Always a pleasure reading your intelligent posts.

I might not have always agreed with you, but the thing is, you articulated your arguments so well that I could understand where you were coming from. A signature of a great debater.

( I was going to say master-debater, but that is reserved for Harry Ballz! :-) )

Anyway, I hope your journey brings you great joy, and that you find whatever it is you may be looking for. Enjoy the trek (yours) and make sure you check out another Trek (Into Darkness) while thinking about us, and the lively discussions we had. I just know that you’ll have a blast seeing the sequel. I regret that we won’t be swapping opinions/criticisms anymore.

Live long and prosper. May the wind be at your back!

49. Keachick - April 1, 2013

Re STID promotion – My 10 year old daughter conned me into getting her an Australian publication called Mania, a magazine seemingly aimed at children between about 8 and 12, with quizzes, puzzles, info for the kids etc.

She ran into me showing me a page titled Mania Top 10 Movies – The Slickest Flicks Hitting the Big Screen! and among them – Star Trek: Into Darkness, along with this: “Live long and prosper. MANIACS! Return to the Starship Enterprise where danger is afoot and adventure is never far behind. The brave Captain Kirk and his best bud, Spock, have to do battle with a new villain with an unknown past! Out May 16″. Obviously the magazine went to print before the new release date of 9 May was made public.

Just thought Bob Orci might like to know…

50. Greeley - April 1, 2013

next movie = Borg

51. Marcus - April 1, 2013

The next film should do away with this damn JJverse and return to the Prime Timeline. Lets start with returning Spock Prime where he came from ( they never said what he will do since he is stuck there!) and make a film in the universe it belongs in. Lets see how many known Trek planets get destroyed and how many lens flares are in this film.

52. boborci - April 1, 2013

51. Okay, great. Pitch your canon consistent in universe movie. You’ve had years to think about it. Go!

53. Jim Nightshade - April 1, 2013

Best wishes dmduncan…i will also miss agreeing and disagreeing with your always well thought out n entertaining comments opinions etc…your name always stood out not just for your excellent posts but 35 years ago we had a cute one eyed cat adopt us…we named her duncan after sandy duncan…she was only with us a few years but she was family…will never forget her….llap…

54. Lostrod - April 1, 2013

Adios Dmduncan!

Your posts will be missed for sure. Be safe.


55. geodesic17 - April 1, 2013

Here is my pitch:

The crew is on shore leave on Risa. They learn that Spock is going through the Ponfar and must return to NEW Vulcan so that he may mate and marry T’Pring. Kirk, Bones, and Scotty decide to throw him a bachelor party. The next morning, the 3 of them wake up, hung over, and discover that Spock is missing. It is revealed that Scotty replaced the synthohol with the real deal. Hyjinks ensues as the crew tries to figure out what happened the night before while searching for their missing friend.

You could call it the Search for Spock.

56. Fctiger - April 1, 2013

That post was for #52. The quote I made didnt take for some reason.

57. Fctiger - April 1, 2013

Wow, seriously??? My post was erased just like that? Just because I criticized some Trek fans in general over their issues with Orci’s work? Wow, I see why I don’t spend much time posting here.

58. Jemini - April 1, 2013

“You can see we’re online, checking very much as fans what the Star Trek sites are saying, so we’re open to anything for the third movie…”

I hope the word “pander” isn’t implied here.
This is the kind of phrases that goes to the head of some people here and will make their entitlement even more huge than how it already is.
I for one think you shouldn’t listen to US especially when the vocal/online fandom doesn’t represent the general audience as a whole and not even the fandom (a lot of trek fans actually avoid sites like this one like plague! I was one of those myself too . I want to specify that it’s not the webmasters’ fault, they do a great job with the articles but I guess you already know that only few comment here.. )

59. JRT! - April 1, 2013

@46 – LOL! I’ll keep that in mind DMD. Have fun!


60. Hugh Hoyland - April 1, 2013

I’ll pitch an idea at Bob for the third movie. I remember Christopher Nolan talking about TDKR put forth the idea that usually the third movie in a trilogy often isnt good or memorable, (although that doesnt apply to Trek IMO because IV was great). But in essence he was saying the third is often a rehash of the first two. (Again ST IV worked because it WASNT a rehash of 2 & 3).

Maybe the third should be something that really comes out of “left field”. Like a story that takes place right after the events of TMP during the “untold” second five year mission. (Between TMP and TWOK). Theres fertile ground for new material there. And it would be cool to see the return of the pajama uniforms! :]

61. dscott - April 1, 2013

@ 17. JohnRambo

Are you serious? If so… wow, you are a bonehead :)

62. P Technobabble - April 1, 2013

dmduncan – if you are still reading: it has been a pleasure reading your posts, enjoying your wit and intelligence.

(PS forgive if this reposts, I’m having connection issues)

63. Aurore - April 1, 2013

8. dmduncan – March 31, 2013

“Even though I’ve never met any of you face to face, this IS still a community of what ‘friends’ means in 2013, so I’m giving y’all a head’s up, which also gives me a reason to let you all know I’m going to miss you!”

Take good care of yourself, dmduncan.

I will miss you, mon ami.


64. Tom - April 1, 2013

Hopefully Bob Orci is open to revisiting the possible inclusion of the William Shatner scene for the third movie

65. Trekkiegal63 - April 1, 2013

I think its great that the writers seek fan input. It exhibits a genuine and sincere interest in understanding what has kept a large portion of us loyal to this fanchise for 40+ years and cultivates that relationship even futher. It’s also exceedingly brave of them.

I wouldn’t call it ‘pandering’ anymore than I’d call using a test audience pandering. It’s cultivating or revitalizing a pre-existing passion that had almost been lost to us after Nemesis and Enterprise. Like blowing on an ember and lighting a fire anew.

And other than a few nitpicks here and there, I think they’ve done an excellent job of revitalizing the franchise.

66. T'Leba - April 1, 2013

Looking forward to May when I can say, “The wait is over.” Now, all I can say is, “Can’t wait!”

67. Christopher Roberts - April 1, 2013

@17. Yeah… you’re right. All those other Star Treks suck, and I’ve clearly been wasting my life! ;)

68. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

I like mia kunis rank of her fav star treks

69. TribbleDropping - April 1, 2013

Boborci I have one simple request for the next film: can we. please have some truly strange and alien worlds in which we can immerse ourselves for a while? Delta Vega was great in the first film but we were only there for a few minutes of screen time. I’d love to linger for a while on a few exotic worlds that feel believable, as Tattooine and Hoth did in the original Star Wars films. Please consider it. Thanks!

70. Keachick - April 1, 2013

Hi, Fctiger – don’t be alarmed if your post was deleted. This site has *funny* quirks, as in there are some words you cannot type without having your entire post deleted – words like p*rn or in*rance. Just rephrase and resubmit and see what happens.

71. somethoughts - April 1, 2013

Yea a alien planet where things are strange, 3 suns, reverse gravity, water falling upwards, walking talking trees, cold, hot, jungle, water climates in small area, ancient ruins, mysteries, quests, robots, alien crafts, crystal beings, carnivore vegetation, giant creatures like scorpians, crocs, 5 headed turtles etc, planet 25 times size of earth with purple colour water that rains sugar and salt with 3 rings each ring eminating melody of music etc :)

72. Marja - April 1, 2013

I’d love to see a return of the remaining TOS crew and a return to their timeline!


In all seriousness, I’d really like a Pon Farr subplot with Mila Kunis as T’Pring, and Uhura and T’Pring battling it out in the Marriage Challenge : )

Another script idea might concern The Romulan Commander (from “The Enterprise Incident”) but with a different Kirk and crew plot from that in the TOS original. Think of the issues that might arise for Spock and Uhura.

Or a movie in which the Enterprise crew explores new worlds and new civilizations ….

73. Keachick - April 1, 2013

What was that strange looking fish, or was it a fish? that Scotty saw take a peek at the Enterprise underwater? Could that be something extraterrestrial in nature? I wonder…

So many questions, so few answers…sigh.

74. Harry Ballz - April 1, 2013


Come back, dmduncan! dmduncan, come back!!!

75. Kevin - April 1, 2013

For a future Trek movie, I’d love to see more inspiration from classic science-fiction stories. It’s very Arthur C. Clarke, but the idea of something ancient and totally alien lying buried somewhere within our own solar system, linking us back to a time before life had emerged on Earth, or from another Galaxy, always has a big impact on me (see ‘Jupiter Five’ for a fantastic example).

76. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire - April 1, 2013

74. Harry Ballz – April 1, 2013

Come back, dmduncan! dmduncan, come back!!!

Yes. Come back in the name of the Empire!!!!!!!!!!!!

77. Khan 2.0 - April 1, 2013

How to reset to the original Prime timeline:

Final scene of Trek 3.0:

the heavily damaged Enterprise is in its final battle with Khan (CG 1967 Richardo Montalban – discovered at the end of the STID) and his army of renegade Klingon followers led by Commander Kruge (Benico Del Toro). Alone, with what was left of the crew evacuated and his bridge crew dead, Captain Kirk in a final act of desperation puts the ship on auto destruct and sets the ‘Genesis II’ carrying enterprise at the centre of a nearby nebula – on the burning bridge he fires all weapons at the armada of ships closing in as onscreen he watches the shuttle pod carrying Carol (Alice Eve) and infant son David escape to safety….as the enterprise finally destroys Kruge’s bird of prey, Kirk sets a collision course with Khans stolen Federation ship USS Reliant which has followed the enterprise into the nebula and diverts all remaining power to forward phasers….Khans chilling voice is heard on speakers goading Kirk as he sits in the command chair for the final time and launches into a big ‘KHHAAAAAN!!’ yell…..and then, just before everything is about to go kaboom, the burned, bloodied, shirt ripped Kirk closes his eyes and reaches into his pocket…we see a strange look on his face. He pulls out a marshmallow, and starts to hear a overpowering loud noise “BRRRRAAAWWWWW!!!” then what sounds like Bones shouting ‘Get that damn light outta my face!’….

cut to:
Kirk (CG 1989 William Shatner) awaking hungover in his sleeping bag by the deafening noise of a shuttlecraft landing. Empty bottles of bourbon and Romulan Ale surround him along with a copy of Quantum Mechanics Monthly and a bag of half eaten marsh ‘melons’ near the campfire.

after Kirk, Spock and Bones (CG 1989 Nimoy and Kelley) leave the campsite and enter the shuttlecraft, we see a marshmallow roasting on the fire, but the movie ends before we actually see it burn completely leaving it ambiguous whether he was still dreaming or not.

78. dmduncan - April 1, 2013

I heard Harry Ballz calling.

Every time I get out…he PULLS me back in.

47. Keachick – April 1, 2013
48. Red Dead Ryan – April 1, 2013
54. Lostrod – April 1, 2013
62. P Technobabble – April 1, 2013
76. Emperor Mike of the Alternate Empire – April 1, 2013

Thanks for all the kind words! It’s been a pleasure reading your posts and interacting here with you.

63. Aurore – April 1, 2013

Aurore. I’m going to miss you super much, mon amie.

But this will be a great opportunity for me to disappear into the countryside and write cool stuff that I will hopefully be able to share with you all someday. When I get back online, I’ll probably have a different rhythm and frequency. Probably won’t be able to have prolonged debates. I’ll be in and out and will mostly likely not be able to respond to everyone the way I used to.

But I know there’ll be things I want to share, so I will occasionally tweet, and I still have the blog which will be a good place for me to post any interesting things that happen or that I’m looking into.

79. Aurore - April 1, 2013

@78. dmduncan – April 1, 2013

“…But this will be a great opportunity for me to disappear into the countryside and write cool stuff that I will hopefully be able to share with you all someday.”

Yes. I sure hope so.

” When I get back online, I’ll probably have a different rhythm and frequency. Probably won’t be able to have prolonged debates. I’ll be in and out and will mostly likely not be able to respond to everyone the way I used to.”

You say that now, but, “Life finds a way” .

When it is revealed that you know who is pregnant with Spock’s child, I expect some epic prolonged debates…

“But I know there’ll be things I want to share, so I will occasionally tweet, and I still have the blog which will be a good place for me to post any interesting things that happen or that I’m looking into.”

I’m glad to hear that.

I wish you all the best, dmduncan.

80. boborci - April 1, 2013

77. Yoi misunderstand.

getting back to prime universe is not the hard part. tell me what yiu do on e you r there. what is the next prime universe movie?

81. Jonboc - April 1, 2013

First off, I’ll say I love the last movie, it was the perfect origins story. From what I’ve seen and read about the upcoming film, I think im really going to grok the visit to 23rd century earth and the “bad guy” looks amazing. As far as the next movie goes, I have to echo the requests for a movie that retains the wonderful, fun, action adventure format…but truly takes us all where no man has gone before. Take us back to the wild imagination of the original series…show us the awe… the wonder, and the peril of the unknown that threatened Kirk and his crew every week.. Let your imagination go Bob, nothing is too strange just because man cant explain it or has never seen it before. It’s a big galaxy out there!!

82. Red Dead Ryan - April 1, 2013

Yeah, I hope after this movie, the whole “madman out for revenge” theme gets put on ice for a long time……..

83. Jonboc - April 1, 2013

if I were doing a prime universe…assuming you could get Shatner and Nimoy and Nicelle, I would like to see a more intimate adventure…using smarts, moreso than force, treating the characters realistically for their age..Which, in the 23rd century, would be considered more middle-age than old-age. Using humor and other-worldly imagination to take them undercover, maybe pull some kind of con… hatch some cool intricate plan to free/help Uhura, who, for whatever reason, is in real danger. I’d prefer Bones be the one in danger, but he comes back in the 24th century….no suspense there. It takes place prior to the events of Trek ’09 and if it has to be explained, the nexus dropped Kirk off on some remote planet years before. Not exactly a summer blockbuster, but moreso a character study, examining these guys in this particular phase of their life…Not so grandiose I know, nonetheless, something I’d love to see.

84. P Technobabble - April 1, 2013

As someone who grew up on TOS (with all the wonderful memories and love that go along with it), I can honestly say I am thankful that Star Trek has transformed into something new.

85. kc - April 1, 2013

Leave boborci alone… that last movie brought the fun back into Trek and I’m looking forward to this new one. Why do we need to go back to the prime universe? Who cares? We had the prime universe and now we have this new one so we can get more stories.

These guys fixed what went wrong with recent Trek and hopefully they’ll fix what went wrong with the recent Star Wars. I’ll be there for both.

86. AJ - April 1, 2013

Jeez, guys.

I’m still waiting for ST09 to come out. That ’68 Corvette falling over the cliff is fantastic in the trailer. Hope the little kid wasn’t whacked by Robocop. Where were his horn-rimmed glasses? And where can I get them?

I am a great, old TOS fan, and I appreciate the JJ treatment of our old friends. And, while I would like to see some closure of the mom/off-planet/Greg Grunberg /Beastie Boys yelling/Nokia issue to understand his Kirk a bit more, I am happy that Pike has been resurrected as a stellar father figure. Casting says the rest.

Spock, Sarek and Amanda were just great. More Sarek next time, please. Get Ben Cross back in. Use the Force.

87. boborci - April 2, 2013

81. Jon Boc

Very articulate. Thank you. Duly noted.

88. Jim Nightshade - April 2, 2013

dmduncan thanx for mentioning my bye post to you….53…sigh…im always forgotten…been trying to ask bob orci if he saw my two sentences quoted in tv guide re fringe finale n nothin too …sigh..sniff pout..haha…..i know my posts aint as numerous or memorable as the others like mr harry ballz so i dont blame ya..haha

89. Jim Nightshade - April 2, 2013

Personally….i would look to classic scifi books n authors….for inspiration next trek….dune comes to mind intelligent multi layered…ecoworlds….messiahism…worship….futility of presciense…etc….now that was a book with depth….heinlen….why has stranger in a strange land ever been done as a movie…thar book so far ahead of its time also…and the humior…the satire…showing how insane governments, leaders are…also messiah n consequences themes…lots of sex haha cults etc….many heinlein books would make great movies with great filmakers like jj and you guys adapting them bob…..hell even forbidden planet..the backstory of the alien krell race n their hubris….monster of the id n adapting shakespeare to scifi great stuff….majorly influenced roddenberrys pilots for trek even the series…..i know into darkness will be awesome..remember my niece who hated trek until she relectantly saw your 2009 trek with army hubby n she didnt even take a bathroom break cuz she didnt want to miss a second of it bob o? they got transferred from here in tacoma wa to texas a year ago…i emailed her the new trailers they will be going to into darkness of course….and can hardly wait….oh yeh bob this might be a bit more obscure look up ee doc smith the father of space opera ….lensman and skylark series…..also great stuff never made into movies..the japan version of lensman dont count…too different….lastly cs lewis space trilogy out from silent planet…perelandra n that hideous strength …one of the best good n evil series….yeh also luv bradbury,asimov,clarke etc….but the above seem closer to trek for inspiration to me bob o….take care thanks

90. Jim Nightshade - April 2, 2013

ee doc smith was kinda the stan lee and jack kirby of modern scifi creating almost every detail of space operas as known….shields warp drives alien battles, inertialess drives,heroes villains u name it incredible imagination….star trek, wars, almost all modern scifi owes much to smith….his lensman series was very green lantern like decades earlier…skylark series reminded me a lot of the fantastic 4 comic series….these books should always be in print in my opinion he started almost all space opera…even had a rigel 4 planet ha…i read years ago ron howard got rights for lensman but havent heard anything since…

91. Khan 2.0 - April 2, 2013

@80 – Bob – I have to confess I wouldn’t know what to do in the PT after the new films.. But Ive often wondered what wouldve happened had Enterprise been a TNG style success and seen out its 7 years on tv, so heres a fun pitch for an alternate Trek film that couldve come out summer 2009 – (as with ST09 it would’ve been 7 years since Nemesis). No disrespect to the actual 2009 movie intended – although i made sure i stole stuff from it :)

Following its successful 10 year mission, the refitted NX01 is relaunched to confront a new threat to the newly formed UFPs outer defenses where they discover an advanced ship of unknown design has destroyed several federation ships and outposts. As they engage they realise they are seriously outmatched and flee but are pursued, take on heavy damage and are about to be destroyed when they are suddenly engulfed by a violently unstable anomaly – emerging in the late 24th century. There they find a future where the federation is in a desperate all out war with an advanced romulan empire led by a crazed revenge driven warlord. With the help of Captain Picard and the crew of the Enterprise E, Archer and his crew discover the ship which attacked them was from an unknown part of the galaxy and had the ability to create unstable quantum holes in space. Found by Romulans, they commandeered it back to the mid 22nd century to destroy the federation in its infancy, but were destroyed by the unstable anomaly they created when the NX01 unwittingly passed through and was thrown into the future. However Romulan ships of that period recovered debris from the ship which were enough to slowly advance their empire to the point where they are imminently about to destroy the federation in the 24th century…

Both crews of both Enterprises must work together along with a legendary vulcan former starfleet officer in order to save the past and the future….

Paramount Pictures presents….A Rick Berman Production…..‘Star Trek Enterprise’ (no colon)

starring Scott Bakula, John Billingsley, Jolene Blalock, Steven Culp, Michael Dorn, Jonathan Frakes, Stephen Lang, Jeri Ryan, Brent Spiner, Conner Trinneer, with Patrick Stewart, and Leonard Nimoy

Written by Manny Coto, Mike Sussman, and Nicholas Meyer
Directed by Jonathan Frakes

Tagline – Two Crews. One Destiny (a riff on the Generations tagline – like the way Insurrection took TUCs tagline)

92. somethoughts - April 2, 2013

The USS Enterprise NCC 1701- A under the command of James T. Kirk is sent to investigate ships that have gone missing in the Bermuda Triangle of space, between Federation Space, Klingon Space and Cardassian Space.

The Klingons and Cardassians have also sent their top ships and crews into the sector to investigate their missing ships.

In total there are 100 ships missing from each side, prompting a general order 99 to not enter the area of space due to the unknown nature of the missing ships and phenomenon.

As the Enterprise arrives they receive a faint distress call.

Space is heavily distorted and warped with what appears to be planets phasing in and out of reality. The distress call is coming from what appears to be a tri linear system with the 5th planet M class, 25 times the size of Earth, purple in colour with 3 rings emanating musical notes.

93. P Technobabble - April 2, 2013

No, no, no, the Prime Timeline (say that 100 times fast) has gone the way of novels and comic books, I think. It just makes so much more sense to have a new version of Star Trek that presents opportunities for new ideas. Think of it this way: TNG was a future version of TOS, DS9 was a completely unrelated version of TOS, VOY was a Lost In Space version of TOS, ENT was an a priori version of TOS and now we have a parallel universe version of TOS. I find nothing about that to be disturbing. Perhaps the next Trek will be a reality show version? Or a comedy? Or a musical? Now that’s disturbing.

94. Mad Mann - April 2, 2013

I’d love to see a great Star Trek movie with no time travel, no vengeful villain, and no iconic planet/starship/character get destroyed. Is it possible?

95. somethoughts - April 2, 2013

Full Circle

The Narada reappeared inside Federation space and the Klingons are coming to tow the ship away to study.

The Enterprise is sent to race there first, Nero and his crew is alive and has become supermen, side effects of the red matter.

Surprisingly, Vulcan has reappeared intact inside Klingon space.

Spock with a help from a few friends aborts the Narada mission and goes into Klingon space to rescue his planet and his mom.

Kirks father had been rescued by the Klingons and is held captive on a secret location.

The complete Trilogy, Star Trek Strange New Worlds

96. dmduncan - April 2, 2013

88. Jim Nightshade – April 2, 2013

Sorry, Jim. Thanks for your kind words. Didn’t mean to overlook you. My bad—not the quality of your posts.

Bye all. Take care; I’ll be seeing you.

You should be able to click on my name and it’ll take you to my blog, which I’ll update in the future if you want to read what I’m writing/doing.

And can’t wait for STID!

Take care, Aurore!

97. JohnRambo - April 2, 2013

……..these Comments here made me realise how good it is to have people like Bob Orci to lead the Story of the new Star Trek.

Here are some quotes from Gene Roddenberry:

“…I think it would be wonderful years from now to see Star Trek come back with an equally talented new cast playing Spock and Kirk and Bones and Scotty and all the rest as they say tomorrow’s things to tomorrow’s generations…”

“I feel that we’ve got such good people in Hollywood, and will in future as well, that I would be happy to have a Star Trek come on in 15 or 20 years where people say, “Now that is good! That makes Roddenberry look like nothing!” And that would please me!”

that in the years to come, new generations of fans would look at the new forms of STAR TREK being produced and say, “This is the real STAR TREK. Those other people back there at the beginning, they didn’t do it half as well.”

I love the Original Series, but the new Star Trek is better.

Thanks to Bob Orci and everyone that works on the new Star Trek.

ps: and a big thanks to whoever came up with this scene
(one of my favorite scenes ever)

can’t wait to see the enterprise rising out of the ocean! i heard the sound effects are awesome in this scene:-)

98. Aurore - April 2, 2013

@96. dmduncan – April 2, 2013

“You should be able to click on my name and it’ll take you to my blog, which I’ll update in the future if you want to read what I’m writing/doing.”


Please do update your blog, dmduncan.

“And can’t wait for STID!”

I am excited about the movie.
And, I am looking forward to reading your review of Star Trek Into…Into…yes…I still don’t like it.
F*cking title…


“Take care, Aurore!”

I will!

Have a safe trip.
Take care, dmduncan!

99. Jim Nightshade - April 3, 2013

Heres a plot that would never be done but id luv for the enterprise to come into contact with n solve the ufo abductions….the grays etc….we got govt conspiracy involvement complacency…dimensional vehicles n alternate universes….superior tech able to get around even starfleet etc to do what they do n why…..kidnappings, implants…etc….spock n kirk figure out whst no else can…with cameo with whitley strieber heheh..but it would not involve time travel unless grays are us in future unable to repiroduce etc…there ya go bob o hahhhh

100. Jim Nightshade - April 3, 2013

96 dmduncan…thanx buddy we is gonna miss ya….take care

101. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

@99 – that was done in a Marvel comic

102. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

IMDB style Trivia for the ST Enterprise movie (2009) (see post 77)

-a sequel to Enterprise and Nemesis

-third PG13 rated Star Trek film

-James Horners third Star Trek score

-Production Designer Herman Zimmerman’s seventh Star Trek feature

-Jonathan Frakes third time directing a Star Trek film.

-Nicholas Meyer was offered the chance to direct but turned it down, however he later agreed to co-write the film.

-Enterprise was close to cancellation by the forth season in 2005 due to low ratings, however massive fan support convinced Paramount to commission a fifth season which has been hailed as one of Star Treks best, leading to a further two critically acclaimed seasons. This led to the decision to revitalise the movie series with the Enterprise crew

-Plans for an eleventh Star Trek feature were halted after the box office failure of Star Trek Nemesis. However elements of a proposed ‘crossover’ film featuring several members of each series, as well as a prequel trilogy entitled ‘Star Trek: The Beginning’ were worked into this film.

-William Shatner was approached to cameo as Captain Kirk in a holodeck exposition scene but wanted a non holodeck Kirk role central to the action like Spocks – as a result the scene was discarded and the dialogue was added to Spocks character. Shatner had guest starred in the fifth season of Star Trek: Enterprise as a vengeful mirror universe Kirk.

-Leonard Nimoy initially declined to return as Spock. He agreed after Nicholas Meyer re-wrote elements of the script to make Spocks part more essential to the plot.

-Those considered for the role of Nero included Eric Bana and Russell Crowe, before Stephen Lang was cast.

-inspired by Yesterdays Enterprise (ship from the past encountering changed future, federation losing the war), and First Contact (attempting to destroy the federation in the past)

-Plans for a ‘Yesterdays Enterprise’ style crossover film featuring crews of two Enterprises go back to 1994s Star Trek Generations but the idea was discarded when it was established it would be too expensive.

-the NX01 emerging in the 23rd Century and teaming up with the remaining crew of the NCC 1701A was considered then discarded in favour of the TNG crew.

-the Enterprise E emerging in the 22nd Century was considered then dropped for the NX01 in the 24th century.

-Rumours surfaced in 2007 of an original series prequel film charting the early years of Kirk and Spock being developed. JJ Abrams, Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman were rumoured to be involved. However soon after it was revealed Paramount had hired Jonathon Frakes to direct a movie with the Star Trek Enterprise cast.

-22nd century scenes set – 2162. 24th Century scenes set – 2387

-Budget = $100m.

-Box Office – $45m opening wkend. $125m US total. $75m foreign = $200m ww

-Despite several rumours, there are no plans for a sequel as yet.


-Main characters = Capt Archer, Cmdr Tpol, Cmdr Tucker, Capt Picard, Cmdr Data (not B4 as is altered timeline), Nero (S Lang – crazed revenge driven Romulan warlord whose son was on board the destroyed timeship)
-Extended cameos = Cmdr Madden (Ent E 1st Officer – as in Nemesis deleted end scene), Capt Riker (USS Titan – in altered timeline was promoted to Captain long before end of Nemesis – helps the Enterprises out Sulu style), Cmdr Hansen (Titan 1st Officer – was never borgified into 7of9), Ambassador Spock (as in Unification trying stop the federation/romulan war)
-minor roles – all the rest in their usual positions/ranks (Geordi, Dr Crusher, Troi, Hoshi, Malcolm etc etc)

Spoilers (The trivia items below may give away important plot points):

-Enterprise crew deaths – Hoshi, Mayweather (opening attack), Madden (half way – replaced by Data as 1st Officer), Trip (end sacrifice), the entire Ent E crew (getting the NX01 back to the past)

-During Nero and Archers final fight scene Nero states ‘I Know your face from earths history….’ Archers response of ‘I find that difficult to believe’ is intended to be a reference to his Quantum Leap character Samuel Beckett.

-During the final battle the USS Voyager is seen to be destroyed

-Ships present during the final battle include the USS Excelsior, Reliant and all previous Enterprises.

-When Picard and Archer enter Spocks chambers, a photo of Kirk (William Shatner) can be seen on the desk.

-Near the end of the movie, Khan (Richardo Montalban) is briefly seen in a cryogenic stasis pod as Archer searches the gigantic cargo hold of Nero’s advanced Romulan battleship. (suggesting at some point between 2162 and 2387 in the changed timeline the romulans located the Botany Bay). The ILM effects team scanned Richardo Montalbans face from the 1967 episode Space Seed and applied the result to a stunt double.

103. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

actually no it was post 91

104. Khan 2.0 - April 3, 2013

btw that big post and 91 were for bob orci – if you are reading bob i hope you are not too offended by the reworking of your movie in to an ENT/TNG film in an alternate 2009 ;)

105. Fctiger - April 3, 2013

@70. Keachick – April 1, 2013

Ok, thank you for letting me know! :)

I wasnt sure obviously and it sucks to spend 30 mins to type up a post just to see it gone 3 mins after you push send. I can repost it, but the moment is sort of gone now. But the basic point I was making was that I think Bob Orci and company is doing a good job and no matter WHAT they did, prime universe or altered, people wouldve complained anyway. Thats just who we are as Trekkies…bitter complainers lol. I do believe they really want to honor the franchise and legacy of the show. I been watching Trek for over 30 years, watched all the shows, seen 90% of the films in the theaters and actually got to see Star Trek 09 at the premiere of the Sydney Opera House with Abrams and Company and its still one of the biggest highlights of my life. I dont think the film was perfect but it stayed true to the values of the show and more importantly we get Star Trek again! Thats more important to anything for me.

I would LOVE if Bob Orci can end all the silly John Harrison speculation and just tell us once and for all if hes just John Harrison or is it really a cover for someone else? Yes I know, probably not lol. But most people seem to have a sneaking suspicion its the latter, which I’m ok with, but I hope its not Khan. I think these guys knows better than that or at least cast someone in the role that makes sense. I’m still going on the idea he really is just a guy named John Harrison though!

106. 47 - April 16, 2013

Mr. Orci, I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to read this letter by a Star Trek fan. It’s an appeal to maintain the integrity of Star Trek in the next installment(s).


107. Bucky - April 18, 2013

hahahha, I love the quote that Kirk and Spock have “a huge problem like Benedict Cumberbatch walking into their life.”

Spock, look out! It’s a 21st century actor! Run!
Very logical response, Captain.

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