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New Into Darkness Clip & Q&A On MTV Wednesday + Full Celeb TV Publicity Tour Schedule May 7, 2013

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Celebrity,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

The US Star Trek celebrity publicity tour kicked off today with appearances by Zachary Quinto and Simon Pegg. MTV is showing a new clip and hosting a Q&A on Wednesday with more Trek celebs appearing on late-night and morning TV shows almost daily for two weeks. See below for full schedule of the US publicity tour.


Quinto & Pegg kicked off US Celeb TV Tour Today + New Clip & Q&A On MTV Tomorrow Night

Today the media tour for the Star Trek Into Darkness celebrities began with Zachary Quinto making appearances on NBC’s Today Show and the syndicated Live with Kelly and Michael show. Here is Zach from the Today show.

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And tonight Simon Pegg will be appearing on ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live (look for an update with video from that).

And tomorrow (Wednesday May 8 at 7:56PM ET) MTV will show an exclusive new clip from the movie and then have a 30 minute Q&A with JJ Abrams, Zachary Quinto, Chris Pine and Benedict Cumberbatch. Here is quick promo for that.

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Schedule for Star Trek Celebrity Appearances

JJ Abrams, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Zoe Saldana, Benedict Cumberbatch, Alice Eve and John Cho are going to be fanning out across the morning and late night TV shows to promote Star Trek Into Darkness. Here is the full schedule provided to TrekMovie by Paramount.

Wednesday 5/8

Late Night With Jimmy Fallon (NBC)   Quinto
Watch What Happens (Bravo)   Quinto
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)   Saldana (replays 5/14)

Thursday 5/9

Today Show (NBC)   Pine
Graham Norton Show (BBC America replay)   Pine & Cumberbatch
Late Show w/ David Letterman (CBS)   Cumberbatch


New York City Red Carpet Premiere

7PM  – AMC Loews Lincoln Square

Celebrities: Pine, Quinto, and Cumberbatch

Friday 5/10

Today Show (NBC)   Cumberbatch
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC) Cumberbatch
Late Show with David Letterman  (CBS) Pine

Monday 5/13

Howard Stern (Sirius Radio)   Abrams
Today Show (NBC)   Abrams
Daily Show with John Stewart (Comedy Central)   Abrams
Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) Cho

Tuesday 5/14

KTLA Morning Show   Cho


Hollywood Premiere

Time TBA (probably around 7PM) – Chinese & Kodak Theaters

Celebrities TBA (expect large group, including some classic Trek stars, but not Cumberbatch)

Wednesday 5/15

Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)   Abrams
Ellen (Syndication)   Pine
Chelsea Lately (E)   Quinto

Thursday 5/16

Conan (TBS)   Quinto
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)   Pine
Today Show  (NBC) Saldana (8:30 plaza)
Kelly and Michael (Syndication)   Saldana

Friday 5/17

Today Show (NBC)   Saldana (10am hour)
Jimmy Kimmel Live (ABC)   Eve
Late Night with Jimmy Fallon (NBC)   Saldana

Tuesday 5/21

Conan (TBS)   Eve

Wednesday 5/22

Conan (TBS)   Abrams

PBS and History Channel Specials

The next episode of the PBS movie review show Just Seen It will have a segment dedicated to Star Trek. The episode airs May 11th. Here is a preview.

Watch Love is all You Need,Oblivion,Mud,Star Trek Retrospective on PBS. See more from Just Seen It.

On Wednesday May 15th at 10PM the History Channel is airing a two hour special titled "Star Trek: Secrets of the Universe." Here is the official description.

Is building our own starship Enterprise possible? Will we ever travel between the stars as easily as they do in Star Trek? JJ Abrams’ new feature, Star Trek Into Darkness, hits the screen in a golden age of scientific discoveries. HISTORY is there, giving viewers a deep look behind the scenes, on the set, and into the science–amazing new exoplanets, the physics of Warp drive, and the ideas behind how we might one day live in a Star Trek Universe.

TrekMovie will track the celebs

TrekMovie will be posting videos from the celebrity appearances (when video is available) – likely in daily groups. So stay tuned.


1. Phasers On Stun - May 7, 2013

I wonder how much they are spending on marketing?

2. Scott Gammans - May 7, 2013

Thank you for posting the TV talk show schedules… something to keep me busy while I impatiently await next Wednesday evening!

3. clark billy - May 7, 2013

Quinto was in command on the KathyLee and Hoda show.

4. AyanEva - May 8, 2013

That History Channel promo might be my favorite tie-in so far! Bummer that Benedict isn’t going to be in LA but maybe the elusive Anton Yelchin will put in an appearance.

5. ScottC - May 8, 2013

I think you have the Graham Norton Show listed wrong. The episode premiers on BBC America Thursday 5/9 @ 9pm central according to my TV info guide.

6. Theatre Historian - May 8, 2013

4) AyanEva,
Anton Yelchin was attended the TCM 2013 film festival at the Chinese at the end of April.

7. Aix - May 8, 2013

I just want Weller in the red carpet!

Thanks for that! I was just watching Conan and he keeps on mentioning Trek! And made a parody of that Harrison-Kirk clip. It’s great. Bring it on!!!

8. AyanEva - May 8, 2013

#6 Oh, I thought he was filming something? I’m just wondering if he’ll make it to any of the premieres.

9. T'Leba - May 8, 2013

Thanks for posting this. I was just wishing for this.

Anthony, is the History Channel program on Wed., May 15 or Thurs., May 16? It says, “On Thursday May 15th..”

10. Anthony Pascale - May 8, 2013

History thing is next Wednesday, Norton USA replay is this Thursday

11. Theatre Historian - May 8, 2013

He was at the opening night screening of funny Girl for TCM Fest, and at several of the other classic screenings we hosted while TCM was at the theatre the 25th to the 28th of April. So he was in Hollywood atleast at the last weekend of April.

12. M-5 Computer - May 8, 2013


Thanks for the info! In addition to the above, many of the principals will be here at the Century Cinema 9 for the San Francisco Premiere on 5/8. I know because I’m going!!!

13. T'Leba - May 8, 2013

Thanks, Anthony, for the clarification.

14. ScottC - May 8, 2013

Thanks for posting all of this, now busy programming the DVR!

15. Jimtibkirk - May 8, 2013

I had Pine on Ellen May 15 not 16, maybe double check that one for your area. Also interesting how Kimmel, Today are favored while Leno, GMA and others are shut out completely. Would love to see Abrams on Charlie Rose with perhaps Orci or Rod Roddenberry to examine Trek’s cultural impact and show clips. There’s a show I’d love to see.

16. Jimtibkirk - May 8, 2013

Sorry I had it backwards, May 16 not 15 for Pine on last post.

17. Jack - May 8, 2013

No Urban? Too risky after that Gary Mitchell thing?

18. Mad Mann - May 8, 2013

I’m stoked about the History channel special.

Looks like it’s time to stock the DVR schedule….

Thanks Tony, this is an awesome schedule.

19. Hoggzman - May 8, 2013

Well worth watching Pine and Cumberpatch on Graham Norton guys and girls. They both came across very well :-)

20. Nony - May 8, 2013

Karl Urban may be tied up with Fox upfronts, which I think are in NYC in the afternoon of the same day as the LA premiere. :( I’m not sure what J.J. might be doing, though, considering he’s the producer/creator of the pilot Karl is in. Maybe they’ll both be very busy travellers that day.

21. Sabra - May 8, 2013

@20, Fox upfronts are Monday, May 13, plenty of time for JJ and Karl to attend both events.

I know Anton is shooting a new movie, but I’m sure they could have squeezed a couple of interviews here and there.

Honestly, there are no reasons for the lack of Anton and Cho, and to a less extent, Karl. I guess who already know who has been sidelined in the movie.

22. Sabra - May 8, 2013

Sorry, I meant “we know”.

23. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 10, 2013

#19 – True. They were adorable…:) That episode of the Graham Norton Shows screens next Friday (17 May) on NZ free-to-air television. Guess where I will be…:))

Karl Urban is back home here in Auckland, NZ. He was on NZ live TV, less than two hours ago, talking about, among other things, his new movie, Star Trek Into Darkness. He is taking a break downunder to spend time with his wife and kids before he flies the long haul back to do more STID promotional work and other JJ Abrams projects.

He looked and sounded good – as cool as a cucumber. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.