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The Easter Eggs Of Star Trek Into Darkness May 23, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

Star Trek Into Darkness is headed into its second weekend and our own polling shows that many fans plan to see the movie a second (third, fourth, etc.) time. And with repeat viewings there are opportunities for you to spot some little fun ‘easter egg’ tidbits put into the movie. See below for our selection of Into Darkness easter eggs, but beware of spoilers.



Of course Star Trek Into Darkness includes some big homages and reverences to Star Trek history including Khan, Section 31 and beyond which are key parts of the film. But there are also some more subtle ‘easter egg’ references to Star Trek history and beyond included in the film. Some of which you may have already spoted and maybe some you didn’t.

McCoy’s Tribble

Doctor McCoy has a Tribble in sickbay, used for testing in the movie. McCoy already has this Tribble when the movie opens thanks to the adventures of the ongoing comic book series where they faced the Tribbles in “The Truth About Tribbles”.

The Truth About Tribbles
McCoy saved Kirk’s life after resurrecting tribble he got in the comic books


As the team approaches Qo’noS, there is a hulk of a dead moon, implying that the Klingon moon of Praxis was already over-mined in this timeline (Star Trek VI). As usual the writers are being coy and won’t say for sure that it’s Praxis.

The Klingon moon Praxis in Star Trek VI gets blown up earlier in new timeline

This seeming early destruction of Praxis may be related to a Section 31 operation that John Harrison carried out before the events of the movie. There is a reference to a “Praxxis Project” barely visible in the redacted text of the “leaked” Starfleet Memorandum document about Harrison found on [they appear to have misspelled the name, if it is indeed supposed to be in reference to the Klingon moon]. To see the memo for yourself read our article.

Bay Stadium

We can see the floating/hovering Bay Stadium that was seen in the Star Trek Enterprise episode “Home” is still there. It is located off of (roughly) where the ferry buildings are in present day San Francisco. The version in the film is a circular stadium/coliseum instead of the rectangular in shape seen in ENT.

The Bay Stadium from Enterprise’s 22nd Century still there in the 23rd

Spacefight future history

In Admiral Markus’ office among other historical space flight vehicles, such as a Saturn V rocket and a Space Shuttle, there are also models from Star Trek’s future history, including the U.S.S Kelvin (from Star Trek 2009)  NX-01 (Star Trek: Enterprise), the NX-Alpha (warp 2 test ship from the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “First Flight”), Cochrane’s Warp ship (Star Trek: First Contact), and the Enterprise XCV 330 “ring ship” (as seen on the wall of the rec deck in Star Trek: The Motion Picture , in a painting on the wall of the 602 Club in Star Trek: Enterprise, and rendered in the 2011 “Ships of the Line” calendar). The models were made by Quantum Mechanix for the movie, see our article for more.

The “Ring Ship” seen as one of Adm. Marcus’ history of spaceflight collection of models

Dr. Boyce

The attending physician’s name on the biobed monitor by Kirk when he wakes up in the hospital in San Francisco is Dr. Boyce, a reference to the ship’s doctor in the first Star Trek TV pilot “The Cage”, which is also where we first met the Prime timeline version of Pike.

Dr. Boyce counsels Pike in “The Cage” – and attends Kirk in “Into Darkness”

The Gorn Babies

McCoy mentions that he had given a cesarean section to a pregnant Gorn and that the live-birth babies bite (Star Trek The Video Game).

Gorn from Star Trek video game get a shout out from McCoy


Pike is called to the meeting with admiralty in the Daystrom Conference Room at Starfleet HQ. A reference to Dr. Richard Daystrom the inventor of the duotronic computers used in TOS (TOS: “The Ultimate Computer”).

Richard Daystrom has building named for him

Mudd Incident

Sulu says over the comm system to ready the impounded trade ship from “the Mudd incident.” This is a reference to the prequel comic “Countdown into Darkness” and that story’s involvement with Harry Mudd’s half-Bajoran daughter.

Kirk uses Mudd’s ship in Into Darkness

Nurse Chapel

Carol Marcus mentions her friend Christine Chapel who had told her of Kirk’s “reputation.” Chapel is of course a recurring character from the original Star Trek (played by Majel Barrett Rodddenberry). The character was also mentioned in the 2009 Star Trek film and was part of the USS Enterprise medical staff at that time, before leaving for a deep space assignment. She may be the blond nurse seen in this picture.

Christine Chapel gets shoutout

Ketha Province

The region of Qo’noS the team go to is the Ketha Province, which is where General Martok (Star Trek: Deep Space 9) will come from in the Prime timeline’s future.

Harrison picks Martok’s future hometown as his beam in location

Kirk’s Menage a Caitian

Kirk is seen in bed with two Caitains – a feline species first introduced in Star Trek: The Animated Series with the character M’Ress.

M’Ress – Star Trek’s first Caitain


Amok Time Sting

As mentioned in an interview last month with Michael Giacchino said he was compelled by a fan on Twitter to include something from the TOS score at the last minute. That homage is the classic “Amok Time” fight music, which is heard very briefly after Spock beams down in a foot chase after Harrison through San Francisco.

Iconic Amok Time music sneaks way into movie

Beastie Boys

Kirk is listening to an antique record of the Beastie Boys “Body Movin’ (Fat Boy Slim Remix)” while ‘entertaining’ twin cat-like ladies. This is a callback to young Kirk joyriding to “Sabotage” in Star Trek 2009, Kirk’s general interest in antiques in the Prime timeline, and thirdly, the Beastie Boys is a personal favorite of director of J.J. Abrams.

Beastie Boys are back



The archive blown up in London is the called “Kelvin Memorial Archive”, named for George Kirk’s ship destroyed by Nero in Star Trek 2009. The name of the U.S.S. Kelvin itself is from J.J. Abrams own family, it was his grandfather’s last name. This is of course in addition to the more apparent homage to Lord Kelvin of the eponymous temperature scale.

The Kelvin gets referenced in “Into Darkness”


Alcatraz Island in the San Francisco Bay is taken out by the USS Vengeance, a possible nod by the producers to the quickly canceled Abrams show on FOX named Alcatraz.

Alcatraz gets cancelled by USS Vengeance

In the bar by the Port of San Francisco where Scotty and Keenser are blowing off steam about resigning from the Enterprise mission, the bar tables has a rotating light-up Slusho sign in the middle. Slusho is from Abrams’ Cloverfield.


Carol “Wallace”

Carol Marcus’ mother’s maiden name was Wallace, which is assumed to be an homage to Janet Wallace (TOS “The Deadly Years”).

Wallace – inspiration for Carol’s mom?

Another Deltan Navigator?

A bald navigator (“Darwin”) is seen taking the helm when Chekov is assigned to engineering.  She may be an homage to Star Trek: The Motion Picture’s Lt. Illia and her Deltan race.

Is Darwin a Deltan?

See anything else?

There are bound to be more than the easter eggs listed above and when the Blu-rays arrive they will be much easier to spot with the benefit of freeze frame.

So did you spot any other little easter eggs in Into Darkness? If so post about them below.


1. Sebi - May 24, 2013

I thought I saw a Slusho ad at the bar in Frisco where Scotty and Keenser hung out. But I’m not sure, have to watch it again….

2. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 24, 2013

So the cat ladies were Caitian! I hope we see female Caitian crew members on the Enterprise in the next movie…purr, meow…Of course, we will be told their names!

3. Alt-Spock - May 24, 2013

I thought Gorn were reptilian. If so, they do not give birth, they lay eggs.

I guess when Nero killed Kirk’s father, all the Gorn spontaneously turned into mammals and…

4. Flaming Nacelles Forever - May 24, 2013

Android bridge officer?

5. Matthew Brannon - May 24, 2013

Anyone know where we can find the Amok Time reference in the soundtrack?

6. Sebi - May 24, 2013

@ Alt-Spock.

There were once dinosaurs (reptiles) which did give birth. Since the Gorn look like dinosaurs anyway, its not that far fetched…

7. Vespasian - May 24, 2013


Gorn are aliens. They look like reptiles, but are they really reptiles?

If so, then the Gorn Captain in Arena was lucky that he and Kirk were transported to the planet during the day. Otherwise he would have cooled too much during the night and Kirk could have killed him more easily.

8. topas - May 24, 2013

@5 Matthew Brannon

It can be heard at 1:55 of “The San Fran hustle”

9. aligee - May 24, 2013

I could have swore I heard a short refrain from ST Wrath of Khan near the end of the film after Kirk is saved by McCoy! 2 burst of the music!
I know that soundtrack inside out!

10. Matthew Brannon - May 24, 2013

8. Thanks so much!!! That’s a great easter egg!!!

11. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@3. Alt-Spock

Some terran reptiles and fish are viviparous (live bearing). And there are two oviparous mammals – the Echidna and the Platypus.

12. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

heres some more : (ranging from obvious to not so obvious)

-72 operational cryo pods (same in Space Seed)

-TMP style uniforms at certain points (Admiral Pike, McCoys white medical tunic)

-McCoys medical T shirt (straight out of TOS)

-Kirks leather coat in the Qo’noS scenes (reminiscent of Shatners Trek III coat)

-the cloak/coat Khan was wearing on Qo’noS recalled Khans costume from TWOK (e.g. the way he was wrapped up at the start – like Khan on Ceti Alpha V and also the ribbed collar of his jacket, being highly reminiscent of Khan’s TWOK brown outfit)

-Chekov’s redshirt fear

-kirk made a gag about sulu wanting his own command after having sat in the chair (TUC)

-various Trek movie lines – ‘Needs of the many..’…’they gave her back to me’…’you better get down here, better hurry’…’you’ll flood the whole compartment.’… ‘Ship, out of danger.’

-Spocks line – ’Wrath’ of the Klingons

-Pikes line of ‘Data reports that you blah blah’ (i know it might not have been intentional but the way Pike said it made me think he was referring to Lt Cmr Data – could he have been found earlier in this new timeline?)

-Klingon BOPs (the way they landed was similar to TSFS)

-USS Vengeance (looked like a TNG era ship esp the Ent E…plus the name recalled the original title of Star Trek II – The ‘Vengeance’ of Khan )

-Starfleet admiral saying war with the klingons is inevitable and conspiring with another villain to instigate a war with them (TUC) – also ties in with the praxis thing

-Scotty sabotaging an advanced starship with transwarp capability (TSFS)

-Khan threatens to take away life support (Space Seed)

-khan commendeering a federation vessel (Space Seed/TWOK)

-The safety belts that Spock, Sulu, et al wear (NEM – deleted end scene)

-saucer crash (GEN)

-Kirk lives (several TOS eps – esp Amok Time)

-”to boldly go where no ‘one’ has gone before’ (TNG – also used in ST09)

-similar to Amok Time music, apparently some TWOK cues are used in the score?

plus other movies:
-the way Khan kills Marcus (Blade Runner)

-the opening running away from the spear throwing natives (opening of Raiders)

-Khan and his followers at the end in the warehouse (end of Raiders)

-opening recalled elements of Prometheus (aliens were abit similar to engineers & the opening deals with the enterprise crew depicted as aliens rising a gigantic saucer craft near water on a planet early in its development helping them along, the aliens then drawing the enterprise symbol) plus later on Bones and Carol Marcus land on a barren planet that looks alot like LV233

-grey uniforms (Star Wars Empire)

-The interior of the USS Vengeance appears to be a cross between the Enterprise and an Imperial Star Destroyer

-flying a Millenium Falcon type shuttle on Qo’noS

-Khans Slave 1 style craft to kill the heads of SF

-“WILL FIT! WILL FIT! WILL FIT!” (Empire, Return of the Jedi, ID4 etc)

-Spock vs Khan fight in the future city (Blade Runner/Total Recallx2/5th Element/Attack of the Clones/Minority Report)

-Tron Legacy like spacesuits

-space jump sequence with the hatch they’re aiming for being so small and somebody saying Kirk won’t be able to hit it without the aid of his computer (Star Wars)

-villain gets all the big shots in one room and attacks it with a helicopter type craft (Godfather III)

-Khan wanting to be caught and orchastrating events whilst imprisoned ‘its all part of the plan’ (joker in TDK/Loki in Avengers/Silva in Skyfall/Lector in Silence)

-Khans vague origins this time (again like Joker in TDK)

-Lobot like bald androidy type dude on bridge (Empire)

-Inception style gravity loss

13. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@8. topas

Thanks, for that. I’ve seen the movie 7 times so far. Although I knew the Amok Time reference was supposed to be there, each time I am too caught up in the movie to consciously pay attention to the music. I have to say, though, that I don’t recognise it as Amok Time until 1:59.

14. Exverlobter - May 24, 2013

The Daystrom reference is a bit weird, unless Daystrom was already a genius as a child or teen.

I don’t think that the two female twins look like the catlike race of M’Ress at all

15. Exverlobter - May 24, 2013

There should have been also a model of the USS Horizon in the Admirals office. That was one of the first Starfleet ships at all.

16. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@14 i thought the cat girls were more a homage to catgirl from Trek V (lol)

17. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@9 – i think i also heard certain TWOK cues. someone needs to research it more (not me though :)

18. PaulB - May 24, 2013

#12 – You should study the difference between “easter eggs” and “everything in the movie.”

An easter egg isn’t just an element lifted from prior movies, such as the 72 cryotubes. It’s a hidden/secret “gift”–you know, like an Easter egg, something that is hidden and has to be found. (R2D2 in the debris near Vulcan in Trek09 = easter egg. “WILL FIT WILL FIT WILL FIT” is not.)

Simply cataloging the film’s similarities to others has nothing to do with Easter eggs.

19. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

the writers talk spoilers etc here:

20. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

18 – ok theres probably a few eggs in there anyway though

21. PaulB - May 24, 2013

#20 – No, not really. About half of your list is just elements of Star Trek that are openly used. The other half is an astute listing of some of STID’s most noticeable thefts from…uh, sorry, “homages to” other films.

In fact, I may quote your list to some friends who disagree about STID being so derivative, so thanks!

22. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@21 you are right, looking over the list i dont think theres one easter egg in there! i got it completly wrong. do i feel silly now.

23. PaulB - May 24, 2013

#22 – Nothing to feel silly about, since you clearly have a sharp eye for detail–all the many, many, many lifted and “borrowed” details in this otherwise fun movie. You caught a lot of visual references that I hadn’t connected to anything else.

I feel silly for picking on your list in the first place, but no matter: Everything on this board is a bit silly. Peace!

24. danielcw - May 24, 2013

No number 47?

Oh, and they may not be easter eggs, but I enjoyed Khan 2.0s list, as I enjoyed the article

25. Captain_Conrad - May 24, 2013

The use of torpedoes for storage of the cryo tubes. This could be a reference to Star Trek III. A cryo tube that was stored in one of the torps is then used to store dead Kirk until he can be revived with Khan’s blood.

Star Trek II reference, Spock gives Khan the torpedoes reminiscent of “stand by to receive transmission… here it comes…”

26. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@25 just like Spock in the torped!. nice catch

wonder if theres any Trek V nods? (like Kirk banging his head in ST09)

hmmm…the cat girls? (but then they wernt as feline as the one in V) anyone know where the Carol/Bones on a planetoid scene was filmed. it looked abit Prometheusy so maybe Iceland? or could it have been where they filmed Ska-Ka-Ree?

27. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@24 thanks man. i love looking for all this stuff

28. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

not Easter Eggs but NEMESIS connections? (obviously as NEM had a very similar in plot to TWOK) :

-Khan created by scientifics in lab, manipulating DNA (Shinzon).
-Khan betrays his ally (like Shinzon with the romulans).
-Khan has a huge all powerful superspaceship (like Shinzon).
-Khans superspaceship half destroys Enterprise and an important crewperson dies (only to be brought back 10 minutes later :)

29. Lostrod - May 24, 2013

Off topic, but William Shatner is attending screening of WOK and STID in Chicago. Has some great observations from the actor.


30. Captain Dunsel - May 24, 2013

“…our own polling shows that many fans plan to see the movie a second (third, fourth, etc.) time.”

Unfortunately there’s no way to UN vote in that poll. Having seen the film last Friday, I’d retract my predicted “twice” if I could.

31. Ali - May 24, 2013

Anyone else think the way the Enterprise’s engineering section of hull is cut through by the Vengeance was reference to the famous shot of the Reliant firing upon the Enterprise in Wrath of Khan?

32. Yanke - May 24, 2013

Thanks Anthony. Some of these I caught, some I missed.

Could someone please explain what’s up with the andriod on the bridge?

GAT-2000? (or something like that)

33. porthoses bitch - May 24, 2013

Not an Easter egg but the Ring ship has been around for a long time I remember it being in a portfolio available from Lincoln-Star Trek Enterprises back in ’73-’74. I think (not positive) it may have been an idea from Genesis II….as there was also a drawing of the underground tram station.

Star Trek enterprises….wow….Trek, Kung-fu.SEARCH, TAS, Spectre, Questor,anyone have a pdf of one of thier catalogs.? I remember TOS scripts were a high priced $7.95….film clips were 8 for $4.00.

34. TBW - May 24, 2013

The music that plays during the scene where the Harewoods drive to the hospital sounds very, very much like Stevie Wonder’s “They Won’t Go When I Go.”

35. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@33 i remember the Ring ENT from the Spaceflight chronology book from the late 70s(i remember thinking back to that book and also the TMP wall paintings when i saw the ships on Marcus’ desk)

36. Robert Gillis - May 24, 2013

Abrams often shows a “red ball” in his work (like red matter). When “Father” adds Khan’s blood to his daughter’s IV, it looks like a red ball at one point

37. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@14. Exverlobter

In the Prime universe, Daystrom (aged 24) made the duotronic breakthrough in 2243 that won him the Nobel and Zee-Magnees Prizes.

STID is set in 2259, so it’s possible the archive is named after him, if he made a similar breakthrough in a similar timeframe in the Alternate universe.

38. Juan Martinez - May 24, 2013

McCoy has surgery on torpedo like in star trek 6

39. Bob - May 24, 2013

It’s not Praxis. Read the hard cover novel.

40. Bob - May 24, 2013

It’s not Chapel. In STID Marcus herself says Chapel went to the frontier to become a nurse.

41. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

just flicking throgh the 1979 Space Flight Chronology book (havent opened it in years) i notice they show the DY-100 class Botany Bay and mention Khan and his followers(pity we didnt get to somehow see the Botany Bay in STID – maybe at the end in the warehouse)

also notice that one ship in the early 00s is called the ‘Lewis and Clark’ and a one later is called the ‘Horizon’

i wonder if the writer of Event Horizon (Paul WS Anderson) grew up reading this book? (the L&C in SFC is of a similar design to the Event Horizon in the 1997 movie)

42. Jorg Sacul - May 24, 2013

Went to the frontier? With… ROGER CORBY perhaps??

43. Damian - May 24, 2013

12–Interesting stuff. No, technically not Easter eggs but fun nonetheless.

But, no it can’t be the Data from TNG. He wasn’t created until the mid 23rd century (Memory Alpha probably has the exact year somewhere). I’m not even sure Dr Soong was born yet in 2259, and if so, he’d likely still be a child.

I thought the same thing about the Vengeance crashing into San Francisco. One scene in particular, when they show it from below, reminded me exactly of the Enterprise crashing in Generations, with a similar perspective.

I also had thought the Vengeance activating their weapons ports (or opening them, hard to describe) reminded me exactly of the Scimitar opening it’s wings when it was preparing to activate its thalaron weapon in Nemesis.

44. Captain Abrilon - May 24, 2013

The seat belts – the concept and how they look and operate – are from a deleted scene from Star Trek: Nemesis.

45. Mad Mann - May 24, 2013

Not all reptiles lay eggs. Some lizards and snakes give birth to live young. Google it.

It is entirely possible the Gorn, being more advanced than common animals, bear live young.

BTW: I remember tweeting to Giacchino to use the Amok Time music a few months ago, I wonder if I was “the fan?”

46. Bob - May 24, 2013

Spock melds with Pike, instead of McCoy as in TWoK. Possible set up for sequel wherein Pike’s “katra”, for lack of a better word, is in Spock, causing him to flee to Talos IV to allow Pike to live again in an illusional body. A rewriting of “The Cage” and “The Menagerie”.

The man issue is that a year has passed since Spock melded with Pike and the launch of the Enterprise 5-year mission. So, Pike would have to have been sitting quietly in Spock’s mind all that time.

47. BobZ - May 24, 2013

@ 42. Right! Could well imagine a great and more thoughtful movie centered around the ENTERPRISE finding Roger Corby, Christine Chapel, Ruk, and (yes) Andrea on planet Exo III.

48. michael li - May 24, 2013

@ 3

They are also from another planet.

49. Jtrekker - May 24, 2013

Hey Anthony –

I know there was some reference to the JJ Abrams interview on Conan earlier this week in another article. During that interview, JJ actually talks about Easter Eggs, and he says specifically that “R2D2 is in this movie”. He also references Slusho being in “all our movies”. So, I’m wondering if Slusho was in the bar scene, but has anyone found R2D2 in STID?

50. madcynic - May 24, 2013

I wonder. That shuttle they use to return to the Enterprise in space dock – is that named Takei? It was such a short glimpse and part of it was obscured by Urban’s head (I think), but… anyone confirm?

51. David Oakes - May 24, 2013

Nobody seems to mention that Uss Vengeance is also on Admiral Marcus’ Desk.

52. somethoughts - May 24, 2013

Deltans are thin by nature, this fine lady is more well rounded.

53. madcynic - May 24, 2013

@46 – as I understood it, Spock did not receive Pike’s katra, but just experienced his emotions as he was facing death. I’m not even sure humans have a katra of their own…

54. Clinton - May 24, 2013

For the “Amok Time” musical sting, if you have the CD, it’s on Track 12, at the 1:58 mark. And thanks to Mr. Giacchino for including it! :-)

55. somethoughts - May 24, 2013

I think they can create a tv show series and just call it SECTION 31 and get peter weller, bc, etc to do it, why not? JJ loves top secret spy stuff and this would be a hybrid of alias and star trek.

There is so much material here for them to show the underside of star trek. The entire tv series begins with the nero events and marcus reviving khan.

Boborci I want credit for this lol

56. Mike Poteet (@Bibliomike) - May 24, 2013

Wasn’t Carol Marcus in TWOK originally supposed to be Janet Wallace? (I think the “Making of Star Trek II” book from 1982 discusses this). If so, that’s a doubly deep easter egg of an alias for STID Carol to be using!

57. Rob Pivarnik - May 24, 2013


JJ Abrams told Conan O’Brien that R2-D2 and Slusho ARE in “STID.”

5/22/13 episode, starting at 29:55

I knew this going in, as I had to wait for my best friend to be available, and only saw it for the first time last night. Although my brain pinged most of the eggs cited above, both droid and drink eluded me.

Sigh… I’ll just have to see it again…

58. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@51 when i was watching it i thought it was the Enterprise E – i was like ‘WTF!? did i just see what i think i saw?!’

59. Dennis Bailey - May 24, 2013

The helm officer on the Enterprise clearly has a shaved, not bald, head. So much for the Deltans.

There can’t be references to the comic book in a movie whose script was written before the comic. It’s the other way around.

60. Baron Von Butcher - May 24, 2013

Forget about if she was a Deltan… you mean that hulking navigator in STID was a woman??

61. Bender Bending Rodriguez - May 24, 2013

I immediately wondered if Lt. Darwin was Deltan. Then I took a step back and thought “maybe she’s just — cool”.

I don’t know whether it was the vibe I got from the actress playing her or what, but the character excited me. I hope we see her again.

62. Clinton - May 24, 2013

@57 He was saying that he snuck things in. Those two things are in Star Trek (2009). But sure, go see STID again. It’s fun! :-)

63. Reign1701A - May 24, 2013

Anthony, nice catch on the Ketha Province and Dr. Boyce, never would have found those on my own! I knew the Ketha Province sounded familiar, argh!

I think the exterior of the dock holding the Vengeance strongly resembles the Epsilon IX Station (TMP)

Bones yelling “My god, the man’s talking about logic!” right before Spock reveals Carol’s real surname on the bridge (TWOK).

The Enterprise rising out of the clouds on Earth just like it rose out of Titan’s atmosphere (2009 movie).

64. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@60. Baron Von Butcher – May 24, 2013
“Forget about if she was a Deltan… you mean that hulking navigator in STID was a woman??”


@61. Bender Bending Rodriguez

Yes, she had definite possibilities. How about some female security officers, too. If I recall correctly, they had some female MACOs in ENT.

65. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

anyone else disappointed there wasnt more easter eggs? im sure we’ll find more yet but so far no Talosians/Gary Mitchell mention, also no Rand, No1, ripped shirt Kirk and Kirk-Fu, green wraparound Kirk tunic, phaser beams(not so much bolts), Shatner…

also i seem to have got it in my head the opening would be the end of an episode redone so i was thinking Doomsday Machine LOL (what we got was even better though :)

hopefully we’ll get to see some of that stuff in the next film which i imagine will be set after the 5 year mission (not a few months after the last film again LOL) so closer to the ‘movie’ era so can incorperate more movie type stuff – TWOK type uniforms, more ‘movie’ style design for Ent interior/exterior, mushroom space dock with the massive blue lit interior housing all the ships (instead of the K7 style), more movie characters like Decker, (S Collins as Matt Decker?), Terrel, Kruge, and movie ships like Excelsior, Reliant, Grissom, diff phasers, dark curly haired Kirk …maybe even change the classic ‘STAR TREK’ font to the movie font for promo stuff (i always liked the movie font best :)

basically have it more ‘Movie’ based -focusing on the untold story post 5 year mission (with TOS/’Ongoing’ filling in the 5 year mission – so we’ll see them at the time we never did in TOS – after the mission, just like the way we never saw the characters come together/begin the mission in TOS but did in ST09/STID)

66. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@63. Reign1701A
“The Enterprise rising out of the clouds on Earth just like it rose out of Titan’s atmosphere (2009 movie).”

Yeah, but for me, that never gets old. Team it with the triumphal music, and the Enterprise rising (out of water or out of cloud) is magnificent.

67. Sean - May 24, 2013

Check – 39:45 (soundtrack) and you might notice an homage to Star Trek film music of old.

68. James Cannon - Runcorn Trekkie UK - May 24, 2013

If these comic books are nu-canon, why did Kirk say to Pike that he’s not lost anyone since he took command, yet Gary MItchell gets left to float in space?

Anyone who’s read the comic I’d like to know if Kirk falsifies reports again …

69. Horatio - May 24, 2013

When JJ was on Conan a few nights ago he said R2D2 is hiding in the film somewhere too.

70. George Zip - May 24, 2013

What #39 said; apparently, Q’uo’nos has a series of planetoids in its orbit; the novel mentions them, as well as Praxis being their primary energy production facility. It’s not been detonated yet.

71. Horatio - May 24, 2013

Sorry #57, didn’t see you had already posted that. My bad.

72. George Zip - May 24, 2013

#68 — he didn’t lose him; he knows where he is. Wink, wink.

73. Curious Cadet - May 24, 2013

@43. Damian,
“no it can’t be the Data from TNG. He wasn’t created until the mid 23rd century (Memory Alpha probably has the exact year somewhere). I’m not even sure Dr Soong was born yet in 2259, and if so, he’d likely still be a child.”

However, Data’s head is buried in a cavern under San Francisco. It could have been discovered anytime during the last 25 years since Nero’s incursion. He did after all commence drilling a giant hole in SF bay, the fallout from which must have been significant. Starfleet engineers could have easily discovered the caverns while checking SF for structural and geological damage, or merely repairing the infrastructure.

The Discovery of Data’s still functional head could have changed significantly the technological development of Starfleet. Forget Prime Spock, or the Narada database, Data knows everything. Couple that with the fact Arik Soong presumably has already spawned at least one generation of family researchers developing advanced cybernetics, and who knows what the discovery of Data’s head might mean for Starfleet. That alone could account for the technological advancements seen in this timeline, let alone the possible revival of Data’s head if only in a glass jar like Futurama.

74. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

@68. James Cannon – Runcorn Trekkie UK – May 24, 2013
“If these comic books are nu-canon, why did Kirk say to Pike that he’s not lost anyone since he took command, yet Gary MItchell gets left to float in space?

Anyone who’s read the comic I’d like to know if Kirk falsifies reports again …”

As I understand it, the IDW comics are canon until they are contradicted in a movie. So, any comics set pre STID with crew deaths, didn’t actually happen… It’s not a satisfactory outcome, but it seems to be what we are stuck with.

75. Lt Bailey - May 24, 2013

Some of these we caught but there are some here that I did not get until reading them, now my wife and I have to go back to the movie with these in mind. We planned on seeing in again with our S.T. friends in Vegas next month but this is going to prompt us to go this weekend.

76. Perry - May 24, 2013

The music that plays leading up to Harrison revealing his real name reminded me a lot of the music that plays in TWOK when Khan unwraps his facemask and reveals himself to Chekov and Tyrell.

77. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 24, 2013

… and to answer your question regarding Kelso and Mitchell. Kirk records in his captains log the fact he buried his friends thst day.

78. Snugglepuff - May 24, 2013

Loved the Easter Eggs. Hopefully more emerge as time goes on.

79. Commodore Adams - May 24, 2013

If you actually watch the enterprise episode you will see that the bay stadium is not floating.

80. Reign1701A - May 24, 2013

“Yeah, but for me, that never gets old. Team it with the triumphal music, and the Enterprise rising (out of water or out of cloud) is magnificent.”

Agreed 100%, I like that it’s a visual touchstone of nuTrek. The music during the water scene sends a chill down my spine. That scene works so well because we the audience are in as much awe as the Niburu natives in watching the giant starship rise out of the ocean.

81. Reign1701A - May 24, 2013

“Yeah, but for me, that never gets old. Team it with the triumphal music, and the Enterprise rising (out of water or out of cloud) is magnificent.”

Agreed 100%, I like that it’s a visual touchstone of nuTrek. The music during the water scene sends a chill down my spine. That scene works so well because we the audience are in as much awe as the Niburu natives in watching the giant starship rise out of the ocean.

82. Bob - May 24, 2013

Lest you forget, this is the Abramsverse. Original Series rules do NOT apply. They can easily set up that mind meld with Pike to mirror to an extent “The Search for Spock”, while adding a rewrite of The Menagerie, and/or The Cage.

83. Lore - May 24, 2013

Correct me if I’m wrong on this. After watching the film for the first time with my 16 year old, he pointed out to me that Spock used the mind meld to quickly allow Khan to experience his own pain as Khan attempted to crush his skull. Has any Vulcan in either timeline ever attempted this? I cannot recall a single time.

84. SD80MAC - May 24, 2013

Kirk’s bed partners weren’t Caitians, they were an homage to anime catgirls. Caitians have feline faces and are covered in fur, as seen in TAS and STIV. They don’t look like Asian women wearing tails and ears. ;)

85. sean - May 24, 2013

JJ said on Conan that Slusho is in STID. I think it might just be an ad in the bar scene with Scotty.

86. Captain Kierkegaard - May 24, 2013

Love the easter eggs. I would love if, with all the drinking these characters do, if someone would order a glass of Chateau Picard!

87. TigerClaw - May 24, 2013

Even though we saw a pair of Catians in Into Darkness, Though they look a little too human. I hope the 3rd movie shows M’Ress in some scenes, It would be cool when Uhura isn’t on the bridge, You have shots of M’Ress as the relief communication officer which is what she was in the animated series, and some shots of that alien with the 3 arms.

88. Rainbucket - May 24, 2013

@51 The models from Marcus’ office have been getting a lot of publicity but that last dark ship is never mentioned. If the Vengeance was supposed to be secret (and built after the 1701 anyhow) I thought it might be the Robert April Enterprise from the Countdown comics.

I’m glad they’ve kept Christine Chapel as a name and not a face, if she does appear she should be properly cast and given some scenes.

Gorns are aliens, they didn’t evolve from the Earth reptiles they resemble. For all we know they could have three genders and secrete honey.

89. captainspock - May 24, 2013

on conon show JJ said he put r2d2 in this movie & spell the klingon home word qo’nos wrong.kirk dies in the dilithim chamber ensted of spock..

90. Beamer - May 24, 2013

Actually in an early script of Wrath of Khan, Dr. Wallace was the love interest rather than Dr. Marcus. (Source, Memory Alpha)

91. Craiger - May 24, 2013

Matt, shouldn’t they have had the model of the Enterprise that was talked about in the STID comics? When Captain April said he was Captain of the Enterprise and Kirk said he had the new one and April’s Enterprise was decommissioned?

92. Ziggy - May 24, 2013

Possible Easter Egg, Tie Fighter cockpit window design on patio tiles outside London hospital during scene just prior to Harrison says “I can save her”
Photo comparison on my twitter account – not exact but pretty close in resemblance I think.

If link doesn’t work, visit @zigzag1701 on twitter

93. I am not Herbert (retired) - May 24, 2013

…leave out the STUPID “easter eggs”…

…give me some REAL Star Trek PLEASE?

Thanks =(

94. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@3 Rattlesnakes on Earth actually give birth to young rather than lay eggs. (“Viviparous” versus “oviparous” to get all bio-babble.)

95. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@93 Yeah, how can a movie that has a presently relevant moral plot and centered entirely on building the friendship of Kirk and Spock through trial and hardship in space possibly be considered REAL Star Trek? Oh, wait. That’s pretty much every good episode of TOS, isn’t it?

Sorry, that whole thing is snarky, and like Admiral Marcus in this film I seem to have sunk to the level of the statements I don’t like (making this very post meta-fictional). I’ve been a Roddenberry devotee for a long time. I simply, for the life of me, do not see the distinction between what happened in this movie and what Roddenberry would have done.

First, Roddenberry’s primary goal, before all else, was to entertain. That was it, entertainment. The message came later. The message did become a very important aspect of Trek, and is very present here. Can we please also keep in mind that Gene Roddenberry WAS NOT A FAN of The Wrath of Khan? He felt Nicholas Meyer made Starfleet too militaristic, and lo and behold, THAT’S THE POINT TO THIS FILM. He didn’t like Undiscovered Country either; yet, TWOK and TUC are generally accepted by fans as the best of the original movies.

Please let’s remember TOS was not about a perfect humanity either. “Omega Glory” (written by Roddenberry himself), “Bread and Circuses,” “Patterns of Force,” “Dagger of the Mind” all had humans, even Starfleet Captains, who went wrong. “Private Little War” even has Kirk himself arming natives on a planet for a proxy war with the Klingons to show us an allegory for Vietnam. Roddenberry’s future was better, not perfect.

Which brings us to the Roddenberry produced first season of TNG. I remember Starlog magazine running cartoons mocking it by selling TNG “Actionless Figures.” TNG only found its footing as a drama when Gene, bless his heart, stepped away.

So, please, I don’t want to troll or be an ass, but please rather than just making some snarky comment about “real Trek” please argue against the new film in the actual context of what Star Trek is or should be. Entertaining story? Check. Characters overcoming their differences for the betterment of the planet? Check. Valor and self sacrifice at the forefront of the story’s resolution? Check. Some shady science allowing for some cool visuals and or space battles? Check. Please tell me what other TOS benchmark this movie should have hit to make it “Real Trek”?

Anthony, I apologize if it seems like trolling, and Hebert (retired) I am not trying to pick a fight; I would however love to have a conversation about it with examples and facts than just snark and irony. Apologies to all.

96. J Skagnetti - May 24, 2013

Is NOBODY seeing the Deep Space Nine RUNABOUT just chilling on that landing pad on Earth when Kirk and Spock are going to Admiral Robocop to get permission to go after Harrison??

97. J Skagnetti - May 24, 2013

98. Dennis C - May 24, 2013


I said almost exactly the same thing to my wife. They should have cast HER as Uhura!

99. Tim Sheehy - May 24, 2013

As you may already be aware, the novelization of the film was based on an earlier draft of the script, which included extended sequences, and additional, albeit often superfluous, dialog. While some of it serves to explain many of the perceived plot holes, such as why Spock had to arm the cold fusion bomb, seen at the beginning of the film, in person, rather than simply beaming it in, there are times when the narrative would drag, or would otherwise dull the pacing of the film.

However, are several key changes made to the plot involving the actual approach to Qo’noS. In the film, Kirk is ordered to fire the newly acquired torpedoes from a distance, rather than making any attempt at approaching the planet. In the book, Marcus actually recommends an approach vector that would place the Enterprise behind Praxis or one of the other planetoids orbiting the homeworld — Praxis, of course, is mentioned by name several times and is not simply hinted to. If the novel is any indication, it would seem that Abrams either cut around this or otherwise altered the final draft, as having a Starfleet vessel approach the Klingon homeworld without triggering their sensors would be a hard sell.

100. USSEXETER - May 24, 2013

Question- Why was it a big deal when Sulu took command and got to sit in the big chair? He was given command in the 2009 film when Spock & Kirk beam over to Nero’s ship towards the end of that movie. He (Sulu) had been there done that.

101. Dennis C - May 24, 2013


Good eye! Kewl.

102. Aaron - May 24, 2013

Did NOBODY hear the Tie Fighter engine sound the Klingon ship made while attacking Kirk/Spock/Uhura’s ship? This was plain as day.

103. Jovius the Romulan - May 24, 2013

They don’t look Caitian. Not furry enough. I certainly hope they aren’t supposed to be some re-envisioning of that race just because “ew furries are gross and we don’t want Kirk to be one”. Far as I could see, they were alien women with some features on their cheeks and tails to distinguish them from being human.

104. I am not Herbert (retired) - May 24, 2013

Weerd1: REAL Star Trek makes sense, in every way…

JJ-trek makes NO sense, it’s just fake and stupid “entertainment” for dim-witted droolers who don’t know any better…

not what you wanted to hear, but you asked for it…

REAL SCI-FI?: see District 9

105. Jovius the Romulan - May 24, 2013

100: Because he actually got to speak and act like a captain.

106. Jovius the Romulan - May 24, 2013

104: How original. Next you’ll tell anyone who found an ounce of good in these last two movies that they aren’t “real Trekkies”. Am I right?

107. Jovius the Romulan - May 24, 2013

61: I would not mind if she was described as Deltan in the comics or something. She was pretty cool indeed.

108. Theatre Historian - May 24, 2013

5) Mathew you can hear the Amok Time sting, at the 1:59 mark of The Track San Fan Hustle

109. LOL - May 24, 2013

@ 43 @46, @73… perhaps you’re all right: Starfleet discovers Data’s head under San Francisco while trying to repair it. Activate him, and with his help, build him a new body, whereupon he helps them to copy him. They get as far as making an android with a human-level abilities. QuintoSpock then transfers Pike’s soul/katra/memories into the new android body designed to look exactly like Pike, which Roger Korby also helped develop.

110. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@104- Ok, there’s a criterion, thank you. So:
“Alternative Factor” features a villain from an “antimatter dimension.” If made of antimatter, would not be able to exist here.

“Charlie X” has a biological human just raised by advanced aliens develop their powers.

“Miri,” “Bread and Circuses,” “Omega Glory,” have nearly EXACT copies of Earth down to continental drift, biological, and social evolution. Not extra-dimensional, all in or near Federation Space.

“The Doomsday Machine” feature a beast from outside of our galaxy that eats planets for fuel; HOW DID IT PASS BETWEEN GALAXIES?

“The Immunity Syndrome.” Giant. Amoeba.

“All Our Yesterdays.” Spock goes back in time, begins to act like Vulcans from that time period. What?

“Turnabout Intruder.” Women can’t command starships.

“Star Trek: The Motion Picture,” Klingons suddenly have head ridges.

“Star Trek III: The Search for Spock,” Starfleet conveniently assigns one unarmed ship to protect the single most valuable resource in the Galaxy.

“Star Trek V: The Final Frontier,” The Enterprise completes half the distance the Voyager will later face, IN A FEW HOURS. Also, she now has 78 decks.

And those are just off the top of my head. And that’s not even going into the subsequent series. Now, I certainly agree that District 9 is real Science Fiction, and intelligent and wonderful; however the only Trek I can think of that even tries to tell such a hard SF story is TMP, and is generally regarded as one of the worst of the films (I love it). Your statement wasn’t about “real Sci Fi,” it was about “real Trek,” and Trek always, ALWAYS sacrificed science for entertainment if the two came into conflict. Both the JJ films have a coherent plot, with some questions left unresolved: why park the Enterprise in the Ocean on Nabiru for example, but I point to the above examples and say that they are certainly not the first Trek to do that. They are faster paced than previous Trek. Please remember TOS set the stage for Trek storytelling by using the standard TV format of the day. That melodrama was what ALL shows did then if they weren’t comedies. Using a more modern form of media to tell Trek stories only requires the basics of Trek be in place, not the delivery. As pointed out in my previous post, everything that truly makes Trek stand out from other franchises is present.

Oh, and this one is a financial success both drawing in new people to watch the old stuff and exposing new audiences to a humanistic version of the future in direct contrast to every SF preview that aired before it.

So, aside from my agreement with you that the material is stylistically different, please point out for me the difference between these movies and existing Trek? Your statement about “REAL Trek makes sense in every way” is vague, not backed up by any particular example, and seems counter to the evidence I have presented here. I truly believe you are going to have an impossible task of pointing out something “wrong” with this movie that wasn’t “wrong” somewhere else in Trek. I am even willing to limit it to TOS if you would like, or the whole that went before. Your choice.

111. LOL - May 24, 2013

#110 read the early Next Generation novel Vendetta. Explains a lot about the Doomsday Machine and why they were made.

112. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@111 I have, but that information directly conflicts with Spock’s assessment of the Machine. Great book though. It has always been my assertion season3 of Enterprise would have been so much better if we found out the Xindi Weapon was in fact the Doomsday Machine.

113. Rainbucket - May 24, 2013

Regarding the cat ladies, we don’t know much about Caitians. They may have a wide species diversity where some are nearly furless. Humans vary a lot in their body hair.

Likewise Darwin could be a rare Deltan with some stubble (Deltan males are hirsute, some human women have facial hair) or just an Earthling who rocks a really short ‘do. Either way I like her.

114. Matt Wright - May 24, 2013

Just an FYI regarding the R2-D2 in STID, we’ve always thought there was one, which JJ confirmed on Conan, since ILM loves to slip them in, the problem is you’re not supposed to see him, they sneak him in for about a second at most. So we won’t be able to find and confirm R2-D2’s presence until we get it on home video later this year.

115. JackballTV - May 24, 2013

mural from ST-TMP, showing Ringship…

116. Anthony Lewis - May 24, 2013


Genesis Torpedo which instantly terraforms a planet into an eden like paradise. Better yet it detonated inside a nebula yet somehow creates a planet on its own? LOL

117. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@116- Exactly: yet we don’t hate TWOK because of that, we accept it as part of the narrative.

I do hope I am not coming off as a TOS basher; I am not even saying I love it in spite of its problems. To a large degree I love Star Trek BECAUSE of its foibles, and like many spent a lot of childhood figuring out ways that some little problem WASN’T a mistake. Fans used to do that, we used to love how our entertainment made us feel so much, we would beat our brains into submission and figure things out. Kudos to Enterprise for doing that on a pro-level and explaining the Klingon transformation…which is also an Easter Egg in Intro Darkness. Augment blood derivatives rewrote the DNA of almost the entire Klingon race, surely rebuilding Kirk’s irradiated cells wasn’t too tough.

Plus, the Klingons we see are already bumpy, which means they too had a technological boost from holding the Narada, and cured their disease earlier. That may also account for why they already had their Praxis disaster; increased energy demand for new tech.

118. Disinvited - May 24, 2013

#53. madcynic – May 24, 2013, 82. Bob – May 24, 2013

Tell that to the Prime characters Soran and Janice Lester.

119. Pose - May 24, 2013

Admiral Marcus has similar motivations to Admiral Drake from “The Ashes of Eden.” (Militaristic ideals and intercepting Kirk to destroy him)

120. Disinvited - May 24, 2013

#116. Anthony Lewis – May 24, 2013

I believe that and Spock’s resurrection was because the Genesis effect didn’t work as David advertised it and he udged it, i.e.substituting protomatter, an unstable and banned substance because of its unpredictability.

121. Dave Olden - May 24, 2013

@ #3

The Boa and the Viper are two reptiles that give live-birth their young.

So, yeah, most reptiles lay eggs, but not all.

(Oh, and how could I forget to include Gorns? ;) )

122. Disinvited - May 24, 2013


“udged it, i.e.substituting protomatter, an unstable and banned substance because of its unpredictability.” should be “fudged it, i.e.substituting protomatter, an unstable and banned substance because of these unpredictable side-effects in its use”.

123. Ahkinum - May 24, 2013

The prime Star Trek universe Federation Flag is Blue with a white emblem, while the parallel universe Federation Flag is White with a blue emblem.

124. Khan 2.0 - May 24, 2013

@88/91 – about it being Aprils ENT on the desk not the USS Vengeance. interesting. makes sense to me

125. Jon Spencer - May 24, 2013

The Phoenix on Admiral Marcus’ Desk! Not to mention the NX-01 model as well.

126. Jon Spencer - May 24, 2013

Whoops, see now you have that listed. Haha. Sorry!

127. NCC-73515 - May 24, 2013

Spock beats Khan with a piece of equipment, just like Kirk did in Space Seed.
Also in Space Seed, Khan says: “English! I thought I dreamed hearing it!” – so maybe he spent his childhood in England and had some fond memories… which is why Khan2.0 speaks british XD

128. Weerd1 - May 24, 2013

@127 I too have been thinking about the “masking” of Khan. It makes sense if he’s going to be working out of a London Section 31 facility to look like a local. If someone thawed out Hitler today to use for nefarious purposes, I would imagine they would need to disguise him. I can almost imagine some Section 31 agent flipping through history to find a quintessentially British face and finding an early 21st Century actor best known for playing Sherlock Holmes…

Honestly though, doesn’t it make more sense that Khan’s English would be British? If raised in India, he would have learned English there, and most English classes there are from the British Imperial presence. Perhaps we should instead be asking ourselves why on TOS a Sikh from the 20th Century would speak with a Spanish accent?

129. Michael Hall - May 24, 2013

Does anyone know what blues tune was playing in the “dive” in San Francisco, where Pike tells Kirk that he still believes in him? It sounded familiar, but I couldn’t place it.

130. LOL - May 24, 2013

@116 protomatter + terraforming device + pre-existing life and materials from PrimeKhan, his crew and the Reliant itself plus any plant life that might’ve been leftover from science labs on Reliant = creation of new planet.

131. Rob Pivarnik - May 24, 2013

@114 I suspect that some eager pirate will post a still long before the Blu-Rays hit the market.

132. LOL - May 24, 2013

ANOTHER EASTER EGG (seen on Star Trek Into Darkness Wikipedia entry (will see if this matches up in end credits when I go to see it for the 4th time) :) : Gary-7 as Nibirian elder

133. Charles Trotter - May 24, 2013

Spock having McCoy “operate” on the torpedoes is likely a reference to Undiscovered Country, in which Spock and McCoy modify a torpedo to track Chang’s ship.

Chekov never meets Khan in the movie nor is he on the bridge during the crew’s entire encounter with Khan, having been reassigned to engineering. This is likely in reference to Chekov being absent in “Space Seed” (since Walter Koenig had not yet joined the cast) though he still aboard the ship, as revealed in Wrath of Khan.

By the way, when Kirk asked what McCoy was doing to the tribble, I could have sworn McCoy responded, “It’s dead, Jim,” before explaining why he was injecting it with Khan’s blood. Did this happen or am I misremembering the scene?

Also, while it’s not a Star Trek Easter Egg, J.J. Abrams did tell Conan O’Brien this week that R2D2 appears in the movie. I’m not sure where, but I’d bet it’s either in the scene when the torpedoes are being brought in or in the debris field that Kirk and Khan navigate to get to the Vengeance.

134. wunderbrat - May 24, 2013

The USS Vengeance hatch number…ST3 destruct sequence.

135. David - May 24, 2013

Is the bald navigator (“Darwin”) the crew member who says “It’s a miracle!”
after Kirk re-aligns the Enterprise’s warp core?

136. TrekkerChick - May 24, 2013


Too bad they weren’t credited as “Josie McCoy” and “Melody Valentine”.*

(Old enough to remember that TV cartoon series)

137. Sunfell - May 24, 2013

I’m waiting for someone to find R2D2 somewhere. There are some audio easter eggs including Klingon ships with TIE fighter and pod-racer engines, and a blink and you’ll miss it bit of Amok Time fight music. (Spock was chasing Harrison.)

138. sean - May 24, 2013

Bob says on an interview on that the Kelvin was named after *his* uncle, not JJ’s.

139. Matt Wright - May 24, 2013

The Kelvin was named for JJ’s grandfather and the registry number is his grandfather’s date of birth according to the commentary on the ST ’09 DVD… And even more odd is that Bob Orci himself said so in interview with Trekmovie back in December 2008.

140. Chris Dent - May 24, 2013

Was watching the credits, waiting to see if there was an additional scene at the end (Marvel has us all hooked now). I saw in the credits, “transporter officer – the actor’s last name was Doohan.” I’m betting he was a son of James Doohan, TOS’ Scotty.

141. Charles Trotter - May 24, 2013

140. Yes, it was Christopher Doohan, James’ son. He also played the transporter officer in the previous movie.

142. Matt Wright - May 24, 2013

@ 140 – see our previous article about name spotting in the credits for more:

143. Joe Schmoe - May 24, 2013

For those addressing your comments to Anthony, he didn’t write this thread – Matt Wright did.

There’s no issue with a Gorn (most likely) laying eggs conflicting with McCoy’s statement – he said he delivered via C-section, so that could have been for one of many reasons. The Gorn couldn’t lay the eggs, it was injured and dying, or dead already (where have I heard that?), or whatever.

And this isn’t an Easter egg, and I mentioned it in another thread and the last time I checked no one had commented on it, but in STID, when the two Spocks are talking to each other, Spock Prime’s image on the view screen is reversed. Any guesses as to why? Or has anyone heard any reason for that????

144. stan - May 24, 2013

The wound on the right side of Kirk’s face was in the shape of the Star Fleet insignia.

145. Disinvited - May 25, 2013

#136. TrekkerChick – May 24, 2013

Jimmy and The Pussycats.

146. Disinvited - May 25, 2013

#139. Matt Wright – May 24, 2013

The only possible way to reconcile the two disparate stories is if JJ’s grandfather is also Bob’s uncle?

147. Grossed Out - May 25, 2013

That bald (possibly Deltan?) helmswoman is probably the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen on the big screen. Who knows what kind of favour she/he/IT had to pull in order to get the role. I’m guessing she knows something about Abrams.

148. James - May 25, 2013

#147. Mean and unnecessary. I bet you’re a stunning looking representation of a man.

149. Marja - May 25, 2013

#43, Damian, The gunports opening reminded me of the British warships in the Age of Sail – they had cannon behind those doors, and when the doors closed you’d see the “Nelson chequer” … long story.

I’ve also previously noted the tribute to Naval/Coast Guard Quartermasters – the “ship’s wheel” at the center front of the Engineering hull [that’s the deflector isn’t it?], the blue-lit part. Look for the circle with 8 spokes.

67, Damian, I also found the pulsing trombones from WOK at 1:19 in the full-length one on YouTube.

129, Michael Hall, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” by Albert King. (Interesting foreshadowing for Kirk don’t ya think?) :)

147, Grossed, Just doing your part to support diversity, eh? I for one was happy to see a proud, fit woman of normal woman dimensions. “Trek yourself before you wreck yourself,” dude.

150. porthoses bitch - May 25, 2013

@136 Where was Valerie Brown ?

At least your remembering the ’71 cartoon and not that abomination of a film. That may very well be the worst adaptation out there. Although what they did to Lost In Space was just wrong.

How come all the people who are vetching about Cumby not resembling Khan are saying nothing about how Marcus rembles Paxton from Enterprise. I mean he not only greatly resembles him in manner but in voice. It’s amazing…Ever notice how much Sarak resembles the Romulan commander…same thing…just sayin’ lol.

151. CmdrR - May 25, 2013

Any sign of Del Trame (BND) in the movie or credits?

152. Nanker - May 25, 2013

Possible Easter Egg: I could’ve sworn I heard the Smoke Monster sound from Lost when the USS Vengeance was chasing the Enterprise.

153. Guillaume - May 25, 2013

The start of the command meeting has the same opening as in Undiscovered Country when the admirals brief the Enterprise crew on the Praxis explosion: “By now, you have heard about the incident on ….” Exact same opening and conference room look as in ST VI.

154. Curious Cadet - May 25, 2013

128. Weerd1 – May 24, 2013
@127 I too have been thinking about the “masking” of Khan. It makes sense if he’s going to be working out of a London Section 31 facility to look like a local.

Right, because there are NO people of Indian descent living anywhere in London.

155. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 25, 2013

@123. Ahkinum – May 24, 2013
“The prime Star Trek universe Federation Flag is Blue with a white emblem, while the parallel universe Federation Flag is White with a blue emblem.”

I don’t think that is quite correct. The UFP flag flying between the two British union flags is also blue with a white emblem It is the flag used by the Starfleet ceremonial guard which is white with a blue emblem.

There is presumably some significance to the different colour of the flag used in the cermony. My guess is the flag we see at the cermony is not the standard UFP flag but is the Starfleet flag. This might be similar to the United Kingdom, for example, where the British Naval flag is the White Ensign.

I’m not up on flag etiquette, – maybe someone with more knowledge of such things can hypothesise reason for the the difference.

156. Weerd1 - May 25, 2013

@154 I know London is diverse. Please don’t mistake my identification of (at least the current) the majority for the rejection of any (at least current) minority. Points to you for pointing out the logic flaw in the set up for the joke in the next sentence in my post.

157. Ashley - May 25, 2013

Not really an easter egg but more a nod to TWOK. When Khan surrenders, he repeats ‘captain’ much the same way as ‘admiral’.

158. Jonboc - May 25, 2013

Not so much an easter egg as it is a nod to the original trek, but I loved how the windy-musical ambient sounds of the Klingon homeworld were very similar in tone and feel as Talos 4 from The Cage. The same with similar sounds aboard the Enterprise, like the hum of the turbo lift and sounds of consoles, buttons etc. These are the “little things” that tell me these guys know and understand TOS. Hats off to the sound designers. These are the little things that make this fresh, exciting, TOS timeline feel like home. It’s good to be back!

159. The Sinfonian - May 25, 2013

Bob’s uncle was the source of the name of Captain ROBAU of the Kelvin.
JJ’s family tree was the source of the name KELVIN.
Hence some of your confusion.

160. endeavour crew - May 25, 2013

There were Easter eggs in STID?

Where? What colors were they?

I saw nothing that looked like eggs!

161. The Sinfonian - May 25, 2013

Well, if you want to count things where they “laid an egg”….
Unexplained direct communicator from Kirk near Kronos to Scotty in a bar. (Secret transwarp communicators? Or, not-on-screen, Uhura makes the connection, same as she does for the Spock-to-Spock moment?)
Dancing fingers on a touchscreen that had only 4 buttons, none of them under the crewwoman’s fingers.
Inexplicable travel times to and fro Kronos.
The full frontal shot of Carol undressing when the camera angle from behind her in the other shot would have sufficed.

162. Curious Cadet - May 25, 2013

@156. Weerd1,
“Points to you for pointing out the logic flaw in the set up for the joke in the next sentence in my post.”

And points to your for conceiving of that joke.

If this were a Mel Brooks film, I can actually see him making that joke. ;-)

Here’s my problem with changing Khan’s appearance.

1) Assuming an abundance of caution over whether anyone might actually recognize Khan, they change his appearance. But actually going beyond altering some underlying cartilage and bone structure, there’s no need to change his skin color, or his eye color. If they really thought Khan was so obvious a possibility he might somehow show up in London 300 years after he faded from history for the average man on the street, or random Starfleet face recognition scan, that they had to entirely change his ethnicity, then why not change his hair color too? If the conceit is that someone might see a random person of Norther Indian descent living in London and assume he was the same 300 year old genetically engineered superman who once ruled 1/4 of the Earth, then dark hair would be a dead giveaway!

2) Since Khan is given absolutely no backstory in STID, other than the general details Harrison Ives us directly, we have nothing to go on but Star Trek canon, specifically Space Seed. In that episode there’s some very telling evidence about whether Khan would be recognized in the 23rd century.
a. McGivers is a historian and she apparently does not recognize Khan. Even after identifying his race and origins, with full knowledge of the time period he comes from, the appearance of the other occupants and the implication of the sleeper ship, she fails to connect the dots.
b. Though Kirk later professes an admiration for Khan, identifying him as “the best” of the tyrants, and despite suspecting the occupants might be products of selective breeding from the opening teaser, even after Montalban identifies himself as “Khan”, Kirk still fails to recognize him, along with everyone else following the dissemination of his name.
c. Scotty later claims to have always had a “sneaking admiration” for Khan, McCoy likewise seems to have more than a passing familiarity with him as well. Nevertheless, despite their close interaction with him, and knowing him as “Khan”, neither man recognized him.
d. Spock even says he’s “collected some names and made some counts” and yet the name “Khan” still doesn’t correspond with anything in his research.
e. Both Kirk and Spock in STID fail to recognize the name “Khan” even after Harrison makes the direct connection to his Eugenics past. Nor does anyone else on the ship, much less Bones or Scotty, appear to subsequently have any further insight into who Khan is, despite their Prime timeline counterpart’s familiarity.

So how to account for this? I think it’s pretty obvious.
a. “Khan” was hardly a household name, the way “Hitler” is (at least today).
b. Nobody had ever seen a picture of Khan, including the ship’s historian who was demonstrably interested in such men.
c. Records of the time period were poorly indexed or organized, such that despite Spock’s presumably thorough efforts to research it, knowing a partial name, time period, physical description, and suspicion of eugenics, produced no results, despite eventually producing a photograph and other detailed information.
d. In the alt timeline, Kirk, Scotty, and McCoy did not receive the same education regarding Khan and the Eugenics wars, or if they did, they kept it to themselves, unlike their Prime counterparts.

Conclusion? Nobody in the 23rd century had ever seen a picture of Khan, nor knew much about him, much less thought about him in any common way, nor immediately the first thought when discussing the Eugenics wars of the 1990s. This seems even more true of the alt timeline.

Curious then that anyone would consider Khan so recognizable that they would need to alter not only his facial features, but his race, ethnicity, eye color, and accent.

Taking this a step further … Space Seed took place in 2267 in the Prime universe. That’s 8 years after the events of STID, and who knows how many years after the time Marcus first found the Botany Bay. Whatever method Spock used to recover the photograph of Khan, cannot be assumed likely by anyone else. Moreover, it cannot be assumed that the single image of Khan, possibly the only one that comfirms his identity in existence, was even uploaded into the Federation database prior to 2267, or at all in a post Nero Federation with an alternate emphasis on militarizing rather than science and exploration. The image could have been discovered by some Federation researcher that very year from an archive of records awaiting cataloging, or new archeological find. Either way, it seems clear by the lack of identification of Khan by anyone on the ship, especially after knowing his name, that no one on board Enterprise had ever seen it, or if they had were even remotely familiar with him, including the ship’s historian.

163. Buzz Cagney - May 25, 2013

#2 Tiddles and Kitty.

164. Nicholas Roche - May 25, 2013

This one you gotta watch closely. As McCoy and Marcus manage to open the torpedo, you see the registry “CVN-65″ on the upper interior surfaces of the torpedo. CVN-65 is the US Naval Registry for the Nuclear Aircraft Carrier ENTERPRISE (as “seen” in STAR TREK IV: THE VOYAGE HOME).

165. LJ - May 25, 2013

Just one or two queries about the E in this film (not the right thread, I know, but try scrolling thru 1000+ on the open one). How many torpedo tubes does this E have? Prime had two fore, this E appears to have torpedo tubes port and starboard a la the cannons of an old ship of the line.

The circular area with the ‘bridge’ (no-not year actual bridge: the area with the circular cutout and bridge span above and below that is crossed a few imes), is that the central hub of the saucer?

How can what we see of engineering, the warp core, the saucer, the airlocks, etc. be reconciled with even a 750m ship? The interior implies a size at least equivalent to a Star Destroyer.

Just confused about how the interiors compare with the exterior and known/hypothesized dimensions. Fan boy stuff I know, but…

166. ol pointy ears - May 25, 2013


for now on lets call easter eggs in Star Trek…

“Gorn Eggs”!


167. Zirclet - May 25, 2013

It may be a stretch, but another Abramsverse nod could be the number 23 in the co-ordinates provided for the Vengeance… 23 being one of ‘The Numbers’ from LOST.

168. (v1ra) version 1.0 robotic assistant - May 25, 2013

Was that really a 3D easter egg for

The Big Bang Theory

in the credits?

169. Anthony Lewis - May 25, 2013

@162 the answer is much simpler than that.

It was just a retcon. He is still all those things that the made the character who he was outside of appearance and voice.

It’s a Star Trek tradition.

170. Curious Cadet - May 25, 2013

@169. Anthony Lewis,
“It was just a retcon.”

Exactly. Which is why it’s pointless to suggest the characters appearance needed to be changed. Doing so makes no sense in any regard to canon. And if no one ever saw a picture of Khan from the 20th century (which we did not in STID), then this Khan could be anybody, and look like anything. Therefore, no matter what the actor looks like to us, the characters all see Khan the same.

Klingons suddenly had ridges in TMP, where they had none before. Life went on just fine for almost 20 years until superimposing Worf into “The Trouble with Tribbles” forced anyone to officially call attention to it. They really should have left him out of that episode. And writers who had run out of ideas on Enterprise made it an issue to be explored further.

So Khan is now white with blue eyes and speaks with a British accent. Prove conclusively by anything in canon that Khan couldn’t be presented like this. Bob Orci essentially said Khan’s appearance was a casting decision and his change in appearance in canon was that he was also a shape-shifter. Prove he wasn’t. I don’t think Orci was serious, but nevertheless … the argument stands and that was likely the point of his reply. If Orci is smart he and IDW will avoid making the same mistake DS9 and Enterprise did with the Klingons in any kind of canon reconciliation.

It was a missed opportunity and that’s that.

171. Ryan Spooner - May 25, 2013

One thing that bugged me about STID was a reference to the “aft nacelle”. Grr.

172. HelenB - May 25, 2013

One I haven’t seen mentioned: In the DSP episode Trials and Tribbilations, Dax sees McCoy and reminisces about one of her previous hosts having an affair with him while he was in medical school. She mentions that ‘he has the hands of a surgeon’ in a dreamy way. The same line is used again (to describe who McCoy is being sent to open the torpedo) during Into Darkness.

173. porthoses bitch - May 25, 2013

@ 171 I didn’t get that reference at all….life support..wha??

174. porthoses bitch - May 25, 2013

Original thought…..what if …….Khan is a renegade trill …..undetected by present day…,(Trek time) science, the different bodies are merely hosts. The persona remains the same.

175. The Sinfonian - May 25, 2013

@171 The aft portion of the left nacelle.

176. Michael Hall - May 25, 2013

@149 Marja–

“129, Michael Hall, “Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven” by Albert King. (Interesting foreshadowing for Kirk don’t ya think?) :)”

Thanks! Not too keen on the Beastie Boys, but I’m a huge blues fan, and enjoyed the genre’s inclusion in STID very much.

177. Edifier - May 25, 2013

Best Trek to date (save perhaps ST VI). Never has social commentary dear to GR’s heart ever been more relevant. We live in a world where the USG can launch a drone and end a life with no trial to prove guilt. Kudos to Abrams for making Kirk the agent of reason and NOT firing those torpedoes.

178. pock speared - May 25, 2013

well, more of a tribute, but (as mentioned above) we had the ubiquitous board room scene that had become a chestnut of some ridicule where nothing really happened but some ponderous exposition.

the cool part? they blow the BEJESUS out of it. I laughed.

179. JSN - May 25, 2013

What a bunch of nerds.

180. KevinA Melbourne Australia - May 25, 2013

@43. Damian,
“no it can’t be the Data from TNG. He wasn’t created until the mid 23rd century (Memory Alpha probably has the exact year somewhere). I’m not even sure Dr Soong was born yet in 2259, and if so, he’d likely still be a child.”

You’re forgetting the 3 part episode in Enterprise starting with the “Augments” which tells the story of Soong’s genetic aspirations (nod to Kahn and his mob) and at the end of the trilogy decides to move toward “synthetic humans”.

Soong was very old in STNG. I don’t think they ever said how old. He must have lived from Archer’s time right through and therefore could have made a “Data” earlier in this new timeline.

181. Dave Duncan - May 25, 2013

There was a novel that dealt specifically with back story on Khan. Reading it might answer some questions.

182. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 25, 2013

@180. KevinA Melbourne Australia – May 25, 2013
“Soong was very old in STNG. I don’t think they ever said how old. He must have lived from Archer’s time right through and therefore could have made a “Data” earlier in this new timeline.”

I think you are confusing the two Dr Soongs – understandable as they were both played by Brent Spiner. The Dr Soong we see in ENT is Dr Arik Soong; the Dr Soong in TNG is Dr Noonian Soong. While it is not canon, the production staff on ENT apparently intended Dr Arik Soong to be Dr Noonian Soong’s great-grandfather.

183. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 25, 2013

Which reminds me, and yes, it is off-topic: I always thought that the name of Dr Noonian Soong in TNG was an homage to Khan Noonien Singh from TOS.

184. Michael Hall - May 25, 2013

“What a bunch of nerds.”

Come over here and say that.

185. Aged Flatulence - May 25, 2013

REAL Star Trek? They’re all “real!” TOS aired in 1966-67 and reflected the culture of the time. Each of the series, and movies, have done that in turn. I don’t want to see TOS – I saw it the first time around. Some of the assumptions of that series make me cringe now. I love seeing the progression of a great idea! The series inspired me in the late ’60s and I’ve been thrilled every time I see how the concept has been moved on and changed. Keep on telling the stories!

186. Hope to See ST:ID B4 Blu-rays - May 25, 2013

@12 Good picks til you got to “from other movies”, then you had me face-palming with the WILL FIT’s. That reminded me of my 7yo grandson whose tho’t processes can take some figuring out to see where he’s coming from. (BTW, that’s not intended as an insult.) It’s just that some of yer later entries in the easter egg list left me with a “HUH?” first impression.

187. LOL - May 25, 2013

I’m surprised JJ Abrams didn’t park a TARDIS outside the hospital where Harewood’s daughter was being cared forz An Easter Egg if you will because of Noel Clarke playing Harewood lol

Speaking on that, long ago Jennifer Garner had said she wanted to play a Klingon. Way to go Supreme Court on not getting that to happen.

188. RetroWarbird - May 26, 2013

Narratively it was full of easter eggs, too, amidst the spectacle. The story is quite literally a piece-meal of all the best moments from other Star Trek films.

1. Outclassed by another UFP ship, Scotty sabotages it. (Search for Spock)
2. Khan, Carol, Radiation room. (Wrath of Khan)
3. High-level officials use covert ops to make war with Kronos a reality (Undiscovered Country)
4. Specifically a corrupt admiral who’s gone beyond the pale (Insurrection)
5. The implement of this is a prototype (Undiscovered Country)
6. Unable to beat the big, black, evil ship ship-to-ship, the Captain beams over with in a superman-type raiding party (Nemesis).

I mean I enjoy the high-level style, and I even enjoy the spectacle of finally getting to see some big production value takes on stuff I’ve wanted to see (A physical confrontation between a Vulcan and a Khan type … faster paced sci-fi battles … Klingon commandos). And I even liked the allegory and that punctuating the nonstop action were just obvious philosophical and ethical questions being leveled.

189. Thomas Vinelli - May 26, 2013

In a last interview i saw with Gene, he said himself if Star trek goes on in the future with Movies and TV he hoped those handling it would take it in different directions of story telling. He did not say anything about staying true to the canon and all that crap you hear from old trek fans like me.
Gene was no fool ,he knew you can’t stay true to anything to do with Star Trek , it has to change!! But until ”old trek fans die off will keep hearing all the same boo hoo crap around how Trek must stay true to Genes Universe. That world we old trek fans grew up in is gone , and gone forever. Even the Trek of the late 80’s and 90’s is gone. Move on people its just a movie.

190. spock- you rascal you - May 26, 2013

There are still reptiles that give birth to live babies.

191. Lurker - May 26, 2013

Probably been said already – but was that an Observer on the bridge?

192. Weerd1 - May 26, 2013

@162 Logical. Well described and reasoned!

193. Mitchell - May 26, 2013

don’t forget Khan being “the ultimate easter egg”

194. Lancep - May 26, 2013

Scotty disabling the vengeance is straight outta Star trek iii the search for Spock.

195. RAMA - May 26, 2013

I did NOT hear the TOS fight music in STID, BUT people seemed to miss a really obvious easter egg….the wind chimes from the landing party in the Cage…the desolate surface of Kronos had the same sound as well as wind.

196. Gordian - May 26, 2013

What about the K’normians, the hyper-obscure race created for TMP that they disguised themselves as for the Klingon Run? Or does this count as a debut, considering that race wasn’t onscreen in that film (unless, of course, they were some kind of Easter Egg)?

197. Proud Trekkie - May 26, 2013

Don’t know whether this has already been mentioned in the comments above, but remember the hologram test that Deanna Troi had to undergo to get promoted? What do you do when the ship is about to be destroyed and the only way to save it is to send someone to the radiated part of the ship to make the repair, which, of course, will mean certain death to the person ordered to go there? It took several tries before Deanna figured out that she had to order the crew member to go to his death. Characteristically, Kirk does not order Scottie to go to his death, but chooses to go himself.

198. R.J. Crowther Jr. - May 26, 2013

Spock is supposed to be transferred to the USS Bradbury in STID, a fond tribute to author, Ray Bradbury, who passed away last year, and possibly the Bradbury class ship of the same name in TNG episode Menage a Troi.

199. Reign1701A - May 26, 2013

Just came back from my 2nd viewing, found another egg: in sickbay, there are several suits that are strongly reminiscent of the suit the policeman wore in ST 2009 (the one that pursued kid-Kirk), except that they are all bright white. The eye pieces and placement are the same though. I wonder what their purpose is?

200. PJ - May 26, 2013

Here are a few I picked up: the Mazda badge on the hover-car driven by the little girl’s parents (apparently Mazda has a long and prosperous future), the background noise in the brig is that of the view screen from TOS Enterprise, the battle scar on the port side of the engineering hull looks a lot like the one in the same spot in TWOK

201. surgical suits - May 26, 2013

@ 199 – they are probably walk-in surgical bio-suits.

202. James Maas - May 26, 2013

In reference to The USS Kavin. I wonder if it is a reference to H. Beam Piper’s “Lord Kalvan of Otherwhen”. This novel, and the Paratime seres is about humans from our timeline finding themselves in parallel timelines (just like the new Kirk and company).

203. Ithinkitis - May 26, 2013

Kirk is transfered to the Bradbury (Ray Bradbury)

They disarm the first torpedo in a planetoid called “Azimov”

204. Matt Wright - May 26, 2013

@ 200 — The brig has some ambient sounds that are very close to the TOS Engineering and/or corridor ambient throbbing sounds. Listen here:

There’s also some rather quiet TOS style computer bleeps and bloops when Harewood (AKA “the father”) access a terminal in the subbasement of the Kelvin Archive in London.

I had this in the article initially, but it wasn’t included in the final draft.

205. trekologist - May 26, 2013

I don’t think that the Cat Women were feline — there was nothing really feline about them other than the tails. Maybe they were Caitian-human hybrids?

206. Bad Bunny Mike - May 27, 2013

The Shuttlecraft looked like it was named Takei that Kirk and McCoy board, but you only catch a quick glimpse of it

207. Trekoid - May 27, 2013

I am not sure if this is an Easter Egg, but John Harrison refers to the U.S.S. Vengeance as Dreadnought class, which is a reference to the 3 nacelle ship class in the Starfleet Technical Manual by Franz Joseph.

208. Trekoid - May 27, 2013

@205 – Lindelof has explicitly stated in an interview on that the women in Kirk’s bed are indeed Caitians.

LINDELOF: You mean the women with the tails?

Yes, this is the species that Lt. M’Ress was, from The Animated Series.

LINDELOF: Yes, we can confirm this.

209. USSEXETER - May 27, 2013

So the entire 2013 Star Trek video game that came out right before STID is now canon, correct? McCoy mentions helping deliver Gorn babies, which is from that game. Has there ever been a previous video game that became Trek canon?

210. Jim Nightshade - May 27, 2013

Hey Trek Sleuths…I just read the empire magazine online review for Into Darkness..they mention part of the movie…Ive only seen it once and dont remember what they are referring to….they said…

“Keep your ears peeled for a fabulous joke at the behest of an iconic sound effect.”

Anybody know? Clues? We are going again tomorrow..I dont wanna miss it..where in the movie is this? Thanks

this is from their review on their website same site the spoiler podcast is…

211. Jim Nightshade - May 27, 2013

oh yeh heres the review from empire magazine online..

212. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 27, 2013

@211. Jim Nightshade

My guess, for what it’s worth, is the joke is when Scotty’s exclamation of “Sh*t” on first seeing the Vengeance inside the facility near Jupiter is cut off by the ‘Shhhhh’ sound of the door opening (a la TOS door sound effect) on Enterprise in the next scene.

213. Commodore Adams - May 27, 2013

DOES NOT FLOAT. A floating stadium would be a waste of energy.

214. Weerd1 - May 27, 2013

@213 There’s enough energy to power a warp engine and beam between planets, I would assume it is free and plentiful.

215. Spock - May 27, 2013

Tons of sound effects from tos were used in darkness

216. Spock - May 27, 2013

Tons of sound effects from tos were used in darkness

217. Trekker5 - May 27, 2013

I noticed the Kelvin sign,and some of the other things as I watch the movie for a second time yesterday night. In 3D this time,it was even more awesome! I took a non-fan with me,she loved it! :)

218. Navy - May 27, 2013

Has anyone explained the how and why of the Enterprise having 30 plus broad side torpedo tubes?

219. bassmaster - May 27, 2013

The movie was more of an exercise in parody than a collection of easter eggs. The use of so many “easter eggs” by the writers is more of a slap in the face to prime universe fans. It’s like they were desperate to prove they new something about Trek.
I can read a few articles too and have enough content to make these types of easter eggs.

220. Weerd1 - May 27, 2013

@219 Well, then it’s a good thing they also included a character driven plot with a moral conundrum and social commentary to make it Trek and not just parody.

221. Navy - May 27, 2013


Yeah Benedict Cumberbatch was driving the movie and every once and a while you could see the other actors. Occasionally the writing was seen somewhere back where the dust thins out.

I’m also starting to miss movies where the picture is filmed steady.

Into Darkness could have been much better:

Movie opens much like a series episode with the enterprise enroute to Nibiru for a survay mission.

“Captain, sensors have detected a small DY-100 class vessel slightly off coarse”

The enterprise collects khans ship in tow and carrys on to complete the survey mission of Nibiru.

Kirk and crew are more interested in Nibiru, Kirk, Spock and McCoy get into a heated debate about the Prime Directive, Kirk one-ups Spock and uses the destruction of Vulcan as a reason to save this people. Spock backs down and suggests the best course of action. Khan is biding his time, learning the enterprise and her crew, he chooses to remain on board the enterprise while she goes under water. Khans DY-100 is left in orbit.

Insert Nibiru sequence of events up to the enterprise rising out of the water. The enterprise successfully beams up Spock, but the same interference that blew out the shuttles engine does the same thing to the Enterprise.

A cascading failure in one of the nacelles doesn’t give the crew enough time to acheive orbit so they have to either risk a soft crash landing or destroy the enterprise. Soft crash landing it is. Spock starts to make a comment about the prime directive but looking around at all the warnings on the displays and the chaos on the bridge he closes his mouth and goes back to work. The camara pans to an indicator that no one is paying attention to: unauthorized shuttle launch.

Sulu spots a small lake with a hillside that the computer estimates would support the enterprise decently, however there is a rock formation that will make the landing difficult. The landing is going almost perfectly, sulu flares the enterprise the large saucer giving a surprising amount of lift, but in the last 100 meters the thrusters start to give out and the enterprise stops responding and starts dropping too fast. The port nacelle catches the rock formation, sheering away all of the nacelle aft of the strut. The saucer plows into the dirt short of the hillside, the Enterprise is covered in mud and debris.

Three days Scotty says, with the entire crew working day and night and maybe they might be able to repair enough of the crash damage to limp the enterprise back into space, and don’t even ask about the warp drive as he shakes his head and leaves to get to work.

Where is our Guest? Who is our guest? Once khans identity is known, a heated discussion takes place as to what the priorities should be and how long it would take before Khan might even get back. Spock takes the opportunity to remind Kirk that had they followed the prime directive and allowed this planet to die naturally they would not be in this situation. Even McCoy is starting to agree that this was a bad idea and perhaps that he and Kirk should have thought more about the prime directive.

Khan assembles his people and during the second night his female accomplice still on the enterprise lets him and his people in, believing they only want to help. Khan kicks some ass and takes over, but much like in space seed the female accomplice turns on him and helps Kirk escape. Kirk and Spock eject Khan and his people on Nibiru as the Enterprise limps off into the sky.

Kirk accepts full responsibility for the failed mission, Starfleet doesn’t know how to deal with the situation so they send him back to the academy as a cadet. Spock keeps his rank of commander but is sent back to work as an Academy Instructor. Enterprise goes in for refit.

The next movie would deal with the humility and hesitation that failure brings to Kirk and how he overcomes it to get back into the Captains seat.

222. Star Sick: the Original Generation - May 27, 2013

[originally posted this on another thread, but with all the heated debate I think it got passed over; sorry for the duplication]

Hello everyone! Quick question for anybody who uses the Star Trek App:

One of the missions is to scan the end credits of STID for 50 points and “exciting news”. I wasn’t able to scan it (had iPad but no wifi), and I have searched and searched but can’t find out what this news is. Would anybody care to post it? I’m insanely curious!


Your pal,

Live Long and Perspire!

223. Trekboi - May 27, 2013

What is this a drought of News Stories in the Second week of release of STAR TREK Into Darkness?

224. Patrick Shirley - May 27, 2013

Guys, where’s the news on the first Star Trek Continues episode. That was awesome!

225. tngbeard - May 27, 2013


Not to mention that Marcus probably had all reverences of Khan removed from all Fed databases.

226. Marja - May 27, 2013

88, rainbucket, I’d love it if Christine Chapel comes into ST3 – I think Christina Hendricks [Joan Harris, “Mad Men”] would make an awesome Chapel, especially as a doctor butting heads with McCoy – and maybe throwing a bit of attitude Kirk’s way as he tries to romance Carol Marcus [attitude as in “good luck with that, dearie – I’ve talked to her about you already, you pigdog!” ;)

218, navy, I don’t know, but being a big fan of Aubrey/Maturin novels by Patrick O’Brian and the Age of Sail in general, I loved it! Have you noticed the blue Quartermaster symbol in the deflector shield, or whatever that bright blue thing is at the front of the Engineering hull?

227. Jim Nightshade - May 27, 2013

212 obssesivetrekfan thanx that must be it…will watch for it

228. Robert - May 27, 2013

So Peter Weller/Robocop is the Admiral and then I see this android crewmember on the Enterprise with a round connector entry on the back of his head. A future version of a Robocop?

229. Khan 2.0 - May 28, 2013

not an easter egg merely another similarity to another movie (like the Godfather III thing) :

needing ancient Khan to respond to an uncivilized threat in a civilized time (Demolition Man)

230. Schiefy - May 28, 2013

Khan 2.0, here is a possible Trek V homage/easter egg: When Kirk, Spock & Uhura head off in shuttle to Kronos, Sulu (not Chekhov, this time) is the “Captain” giving the ultimatum this time?

Trek V was what popped into my head anyhow when watching this scene. :)

231. SD80MAC - May 28, 2013

If Lindelof has claimed that the two catgirls are Caitians, then we can just add it to the long list of things that Abramsverse Trek gets wrong. Caitians don’t look anything like that, and a timeline alteration wouldn’t change it.

232. Khan 2.0 - May 28, 2013

@230 you are quite right. that was totally Trek V with sulu instead of Chekov who had almost no screen time at all this time LOL – maybe they trying to make up for Chekov having the bigger role in II, IV and that captain scene in V (sulu had to wait until VI to get a decent part)

233. Moputo Jones - May 28, 2013

If Linedlof is saying that the two women are Caitians, then he’s full of crap. The Caitian admirals in Star Trek IV clearly look like cats as we knew them that are just standing upright.

234. Selor - May 28, 2013

Yes because we ever saw proper Caitians other then these 2 Admirals/Councilors and a drawn vision…

Who’s to say that everyone looks exactly like these Admirals?
Maybe those two girls just were… some crazy, hip girls loving the lifestyle of earth and just shaved?

235. Anthony Thompson - May 28, 2013

Don’t forget the ‘Takei’ shuttlecraft!

236. Patrick Shirley - May 28, 2013

#233- I always thought those Star Trek IV cat people were Regulans, not Caitians.

237. J - May 28, 2013

235: The shuttlecraft name is NOT Takei

238. Patrice J Tremblay - May 28, 2013

On admiral Marcus’ credence, we can see an assortment of spaceship from earth’s history … But, the last one is (or seems) the USS Vengeance ! Isn’t suppose to be a secret project ??

239. The Sinfonian - May 28, 2013

Shaved Caitians? Oh my.
There are hairless cat breeds, why not hairless Caitians? Or they could be half-human, half-Caitian. If a half-Vulcan can exist, anything’s possible.
It would be funnier if the shuttlecraft were “TAKAI”, as George would always point out… that “takai” means cheap, and he’s not.
@238 Admiral Marcus’ office isn’t open to the public. No one’s going to see his little ship…. of course, it’s just a rendering of a ship, a model. It could be a proposed project in the eyes of the public, just like the dreadnoughts in the TOS Star Fleet Tech Manual were.
As to the news ‘blackout’ here… I think Anthony is a bit exhausted from all the hard work he did with interviews. T’Bonz has some good news items at trektoday. Particularly telling is noting an interview with Orci stating he didn’t want to do Khan, but Lindelof made him do it. This sets up some very interesting questions I look forward to asking Bob someday around here. Like….. why suggest that Khan was found, resuscitated, put to work, the Vengeance built… all in less than a year!???? Why not just have Section 31 having found Khan as a result of the Kelvin data dump. Give yourself a few more years in the script, and you polish up a lot of holes that it all leaves.

240. al - May 28, 2013

What about Kubrick? There were at least 3 Kubrick throw backs…. First, the vengeance uniforms featured a pattern exactly the same to The Shining carpet outside 237. Second is the location the enterprise is stopped 237 thousand miles away from earth(not a coincidence). Third is the location of the vengeance… orbiting jupiter like 2001:A space odyssey.

241. Anthony Thompson - May 28, 2013

237. J

YES, it is (though glimpsed very briefly)! If you’d like to make a friendly bet (say for $20.00), email me at anthony_thompson_2000(ATTTTT) and I’ll contact you when the blu ray comes out to let you know the minute-second mark and to let you know where to send the money. : )

242. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 28, 2013

I’m pretty certain the shuttle’s name is TAKAY…

243. Shatner_Fan_2000 - May 28, 2013

I’m surprised this hasn’t come up … re. the seat-belts … I was watching TAS (“Once Upon A Planet”, sequel to Shore Leave), and the Enterprise lost gravity and the crew strapped themselves in with seat-belts!

244. Joe Siegler - May 28, 2013

In the walkthrough in the bar right before we got the scene with drunk Scotty..

We saw a romulan woman that looked exactly like the hair style from Star Trek V.

245. Joe Siegler - May 28, 2013

Also, while not a direct Easter Egg as such, that bit in the beginning when Spock is standing in the volcano and complaining about being rescued reminded me an awful lot of a very similar exchange between Spock & McCoy from “The Immunity Syndrome”..

Spock: “Do not risk the ship further on my behalf”.
McCoy: “Shut up Spock! We’re rescuing you!”
Spock: “Why thank, you Capt McCoy.”

As I type this, I forget the exact dialogue in STID. I know it’s not a duplicate of dialogue, but it was in a similar vein.

246. Jack - May 28, 2013

BTW — I’m pretty thrilled that they used “landing party” instead of away team, and the word augment wasn’t used once. Well done!

Okay, so if they could contact New Vulcan (even though their comm was down while they were in warp… but worked after Marcus attacked them…… ) , why not contact Starfleet, or send copies of Harrison’s Bond Villain transmission to the media? Or put it up onto Yourube? Or launch a message in a soup can toward Earth? Or abandon ship while Scortiy had the V’s systems down.

Btw, the Marcus changing scene would have made a little more sense had they had to wear spacesuits on the planetoid (like Terrell and Chekov had to wear on Ceti Alpha…

And why can’t Quinto raise one eyebrow? I practised for hours until I could do it — when I was 12.

247. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - May 29, 2013

@244. Jack – May 28, 2013

“And why can’t Quinto raise one eyebrow? ”

Well, actually he can, although probably not as easily as Nimoy. He gives an excellent left eyebrow raise in ST09 when Pike says: “Be careful with the ship, Spock. She’s brand new.”

“…I practised for hours until I could do it — when I was 12.”

That sounds like me with the Vulcan Salute. I practised until I could do it with both hands. Needless to say, my kids could do it long before they could tie their shoe laces.

248. Khan 2.0 - May 29, 2013

@244 – quite right i noticed the ‘landing party’ line too – not ‘Away team’ as in ST09 . like Neros interference must have been somehow responsible for landing parties being refered to as Away Teams about 100 years early

249. Disinvited - May 29, 2013

To find the connections, it helps to reexamine what went before, which we can do via CBS’ CNET:


“Crave: Spock’s death started a huge controversy. How did it come about?
Sallin: This is contrary to what everyone says. Harve had a discussion with the major cast members about returning for their roles. Everybody agreed, except for Leonard. Leonard didn’t want to do it. Leonard is one of the most intelligent people I’ve ever run across. To quote him, he didn’t want to put on the ears anymore. I wasn’t a Trekkie and Harve wasn’t a Trekkie, so we said, “Let’s kill him off.” Done. But, despite my attempts to keep the scripts logged in and under tight security, the word got out and the uproar was substantial. Then we had to figure out a way that he wouldn’t really be killed off. That’s when the idea came that he should be shot to the Genesis planet and we could play the rebirth-of-life concept. But, up until that moment, he was really going to be a goner. During that, I got a telephone call on my home phone saying, “If you kill Spock, we’ll kill you.” I had two small children and a wife, so we had enhanced security around our home, though nothing ever happened.” – “STAR TREK II producer talks Ceti Eel, J.J. Abrams, and more (Q&A)” by Amanda Kooser, May 25, 2013 7:00 AM PDT

250. Xplodin_Nacelle - May 29, 2013

Spock’s volcano spacesuit looked a lot like his TMP/V’Ger excursion one. I was even orange to boot.

# 171. It also bugs me in ST’09 when Pike says to “divert all power from the port Nacelles.” Grrrrr is right!

251. Xplodin_Nacelle - May 29, 2013

I also remember a scene, w/ Tyler Perry, @ the end of ST’09, where Kirk gets his “commendation medal for valor”. That’s a homage to TOS too.

252. bigjezza - May 30, 2013

One of McCoys lines “are we firing torpedos at the Klingons” is very similar to his line in The Undiscovered country…

253. msn1701 - May 30, 2013

I didn’t know about the Amok Time music! I don’t know how I missed that. Thanks for the heads up.

254. PC3 - May 30, 2013

#235 The shuttle is actually the TAKAYAMA.

255. J - May 30, 2013

@241 Anthony Thompson: click my nickname for a screencap that clearly shows it is NOT “Takei”

256. Matt Wright - May 30, 2013

I’m not sure the significance of Takayama, other than it’s a city in a mountain region of Japan.

For all we know it’s the home town of one of the VFX artists or something and they get it worked into the movie.

257. Dale - May 30, 2013

Having not read the comic beforehand, I decided in my head that the obvious android on the bridge was NORMAN… I decided that when I heard “Mudd incident.”

Not canonical, but fun.

258. Keachick - rose pinenut - May 30, 2013

We women would have legs and armpits as hairy as any man’s, if we did not constantly shave them…

There is a breed of cat that is born without a tail –

There are also several breeds of cat without fur

I had no idea…learn something every day!

259. JC - May 30, 2013

I got the impression that the Vengeance is a direct predecessor to the Excelsior, or perhaps the same class starship, and obviously Khan and Admiral Marcus were able to adapt Scotty’s transwarp beaming technique to Vengeance’s warp drive, thus making the Excelsior class starship with it’s transwarp capabilities make an earlier appearance in this alternate timeline. Aesthetically the Vengeance reminds me of Excelsior, though Vengeance is a more militaristic, muscular version – like an evil twin.

260. Jovius the Romulan - May 31, 2013

258: They look nothing like Caitians. The nose, ears, and facial structure is completely wrong. I think Bob spoke before thinking on this one.

261. Matt Wright - May 31, 2013

Agreed, they look nothing like Caitians seen in TAS or in ST:IV. I personally wasn’t even going to classify them as such, since they look way more like random cat lady pole dancer on Nimbus III from ST:V. However, since Bob Orci called them Caitian in an interview it was decided to label them as such in the article.

262. Matt Wright - May 31, 2013

@ 259 – Harrison states it’s a Dreadnaught class ship, for whatever it’s worth. Which of course is a long running name in fan fiction/expanded universe novels class of super ship.

263. Weerd1 - May 31, 2013

@261 Southern Caitians and Northern Caititans? Half Human Caitians? Maybe they will require a story like the Klingons to sort it all out.

264. Philip - June 1, 2013

265. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 1, 2013

Those real life cats without fur did not look much like your ordinary cat, but they are cats all the same.

Why would we want Klingons to sort out what/who Caitians are and how they should look? Klingons are not much exploring, just conquering and exploiting the resources of their newly gained territories. Let’s not go where Klingons are. Personally, I am more interested in the Caitian homeworld, which is hopefully far, far, far away from the Klingon world or any of their outposts.

266. Arlene Brown - June 1, 2013

Personally, I think the Droid on the bridge reminds me of the Steering guy in The Fifth Element that says “Helm! 108!”

267. porthoses bitch - June 1, 2013

In STTMP when Kirk is in the corridor you can see a background crewman with a tethered anti-grav cart pass in the background ( I think its when he confronts Decker.). In STID when kirk comes aboard you see the same thing. ( thankfully without Stephen Collin’s junk.)

268. J - June 2, 2013


“Why would we want Klingons to sort out what/who Caitians are and how they should look?”

What your original poster meant was that we need a backstory explaining Caitians’ appearance exactly like we have a backstory explaining Klingons’ appearance (ridges vs no ridges)

269. zoom - June 2, 2013

‘thus making the Excelsior class starship with it’s transwarp capabilities make an earlier appearance in this alternate timeline’

You’ve never needed transwarp to overtake a ship at warp before, you only need to travel at a higher warp factor. J.J. gets hyperspace confused with warp drive too much.

270. Jason - June 2, 2013

Imagine if the time wasted on stupid cr@p like this was put into developing a decent original story?

271. Joseph - June 2, 2013

I know one of the writers stated that the twins were meant to be Caitians, but they rather obviously weren’t. No fur, and the ears were wrong. That isn’t a minor difference, that’s a different species entirely. Fuck what the writers say, really, if it didn’t appear on screen and isn’t said by the director, it needn’t be counted as canon.

272. Navy - June 3, 2013


Yeah right, they could never write a good story anymore, it has to be written around special effects and call backs to previous movies and episodes.

There would have been to much risk involved with an original story.

273. Jovius the Romulan - June 3, 2013

261: Indeed, but even that unidentified species had three breasts. Honestly I think they just made up another humanoid race with a couple of cat-like features. Because… God forbid we have sex with anyone beyond green body makeup, face prosthetics, or tails! :P

265: As I pointed out, their facial structure and ears are completely wrong, however. Look at a picture of Lt. M’Ress. I continue in my opinion that they are not hairless Caitians, but simply humanoids with vestigial tails and a couple of ridges on their cheeks.

269: I’m not sure what you mean. We’ve seen ships fly alongside each other and engage in combat at warp speeds before in Star Trek. In the original series, in fact! Though if you’re complaining about transwarp capabilities, I don’t recall them explicitly saying that the Vengeance had it. That’s simply a fan theory at this point.

274. Marc - June 3, 2013

I don’t remember TOS Starfleet being this advanced. How is the Abramsverse more advanced then in Roddenberry’s version? Starfleet’s ships ween’t this big and advanced…

275. Marc - June 3, 2013

By the way, the scene with Spock Prime wasn’t needed. They should have used Shatner for it seeing as that Khan was getting revenge on him directly.

276. Jovius the Romulan - June 3, 2013

Marc: Because it’s 2013 and using the original designs would be deliberately campy?

As for using Shatner… wouldn’t work. He was killed in the prime timeline. And Khan’s revenge was directed at Admiral Marcus and Starfleet here, not Kirk.

277. Weerd1 - June 4, 2013

@274 Though I completely agree with Jovius, there are at least two in-universe reasons. First, the Narada was loaded with future tech, and thoroughly scanned by the Kelvin with all her logs transmitted by the survivors back to Earth. Secondly (and this is borne out in the new film as well) Starfleet spent 25 years thinking the Romulans had five mile long superships, and watched as the Klingons got more advanced (since they actually had the Narada for that time period; even if they couldn’t activate it, they could retro engineer parts) as well. Dramatically, your cue comes from the look of the Vengeance, intended to evoke the look of the Narada.

Since the stuff we saw in ST:Enterprise ALSO looked more advanced than TOS, I think we can also say that the Enterprise E incursion in “First Contact” had already advanced the tech for Earth the preceding two centuries, putting them ahead of the game even before the Narada came back. In the real world of course, ENT looked more advanced for the same reason STID does: if you make it look just like the 50 year old TV show you draw a smaller audience.

278. Jovius the Romulan - June 4, 2013

Weerd1: I know that’s their convenient explanation, but in reality they just had to cover their butts for making something that holds up better today!

The thing is, the U.S.S. Kelvin (2233) already looked far more advanced than the U.S.S. Enterprise featured in “The Cage” (2254) and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” (2265). Hell, the Kelvin already had wireless earpiece/microphones over 30 years previous to the latter episode, which had Spock listening in to the record tapes (already sounds quite dated) with a clunky-looking wired headphone!

You can try to rationalize all these things if you want, but frankly I would just let it go. :P

279. Keachick - rose pinenut - June 4, 2013

#271/273 – I believe the actual writer who publicly called the women with tails Caitians was Damon Lindelof.

I’m not sure if these “catwomen”, as they were first called on this site by Anthony Pascale(?), had a name. He was describing a scene which had not appeared in any trailers. I named them Caitians because I had heard that a humanoid race existed where they had feline like features, short soft fur and tails and were called Caitians. They appeared in the TAS series.

These women not having fur does not necessarily mean they can’t be members of the Caitian race. As I showed, this planet has six species of furless felines and one species which is born without a tail. They are ALL CATS.
Another example is the human male, who can come in a variety of colours, shapes and sizes. Some grow hair all over their bodies, whereas others have little or no hair at all, except head (maybe) or pubic hair (I assume). They are still male and quite likely still function in every way that matters…

280. Weerd1 - June 4, 2013

@278, but I LIKE rationalizing things; that’s how you win a No-Prize! Seriously though, back in the 70s and 80s when you could count the Trek series and movies on one hand whole fanzines existed to defend why continuity errors WEREN’T continuity errors. Some of those errors were deliberate.

It’s the same reason Klingons suddenly got bumpy heads in TMP: mo’ money.

281. Jovius the Romulan - June 5, 2013

Sometimes it’s fun, other times some people take it way too seriously.

While I’m aware of all the other problems in these last two movies (relating to the contrivances and gender roles mainly), I’ll defend the production design with my life. They needed to update it badly. Except for those phasers… why chrome???

282. Weerd1 - June 5, 2013

@280 I would imagine somewhere in a script was a description of a phaser with a twist front like in “The Cage” and the prop guy went the wrong way. As far as chrome…an in-joke from the Galaxy Quest Nebulizer?

Yeah, JJ’s Trek has it’s problems, but no more than TOS does. It’s just a different set of problems than most fans are used to!

283. Jovius the Romulan - June 5, 2013

That’s quite possible. Not to mention the hand-length trigger — a tactically unsound feature on both “The Cage” laser pistols and these phaser pistols! I do like how Kenney updated it a bit for STID so it’s a little more sensible and functional looking (seeing Scotty reassemble the pistol including a TOS-like detachable power pack handle made me geek out). He was outvoted on redesigning it completely, however, including retaining the chrome parts — he agrees with me there that they never made sense. :P

I’m actually fine with the overall shape but making it all matte gunmetal, adding a sighting lens like on the TOS props, and having an index finger trigger would have taken it from okay to awesome.

284. Weerd1 - June 5, 2013

@283 Have you seen the props they used for the Kelvin era phasers? Very reminiscent of TOS, but with a realistic machined look to them. Would love to find a replica.

285. Matt Wright - June 5, 2013

A good look at the Kelvin phasers here:
And communicator too:

286. beta - June 7, 2013

there is also a oldskool looking bird of prey flying in London at some point in the movie :)

287. ElBobbo the WonderChimp - June 7, 2013

Spock being transferred to the USS Bradbury, a ship that Rodenberry references in TOS, reputedly named for SciFi great Ray Bradbury.

Same name ship appears in the TNG,

288. troubled tribble - June 9, 2013

as far as the Kelvin era ship looking more advanced. if they are trying to convince us that starfleet is the natural progression of say, NASA, they have to include devices that are least as advanced as what we have today. they can’t pretend bluetooth never existed just because roddenberry had not thought of it in 1967? hell my galaxy s3 is 100 times more advanced than a tos communicator. I never once saw chekov bored at his station playing words with friends with some below decks hottie.

289. troubled tribble - June 9, 2013

a little bit of suspension of disbelief is a good thing to bring to any movie

290. Eric - June 9, 2013

Space 1999 the Eagle 1 spaceship on desk of Admiral Markus.

291. Charley W - June 10, 2013

Concerning the reptiles eggs/live-bith arguement:

While some modern lizards and snakes and other extinct reptiles (mostly marine forms) do bear live young, technically there’s a difference between what the reptiles do and live-bearing mammals. In the reptiles, the eggs form but are kept in the body rather than being laid. (The term is ‘oviviparous’.) With mammals (except for montromemes), the egg becomes a fetus fairly early on. (Yes, I’m simplifying the situation)

Also, the cat-lady in ST5 had 3 breasts, remember? M’ress had 2. Now maybe there’s 2 species, or one had a birth defect or cosmetic surgery…

292. IntoFanness - June 10, 2013

@277 yes, the First Contact incident would have advanced tech a lot, but also don’t forget The Temporal Cold War in Enterprise, the analysis of the wreckage of the Borg Sphere that crashed in the Arctic, and of course the Voyager incident with Henry Starling and the Timeship Aeon, all of which had already sent humanity on a more advanced technological curve, amongst other things.

293. Weerd1 - June 10, 2013

@292: Yeah, honestly the “Prime Universe” itself could be argued to be at least five different timelines.

294. ?>?>? - June 11, 2013

what were the 4 number Kirk gave Scotty to locate the Section 31 facility.

295. Olli - June 15, 2013

I think there was a DS9 Runabout at the SF Bay when Scotty told Kirk about the Trans Warp Transport to Kronos…

296. MC1 Doug - June 16, 2013

I found this today, which sums up a BIG problem I have with this film. Mind you, I liked the movie, but is it too much to ask that the writers and production crew not insult us with such inane impossibilities?

297. MC1 Doug - June 16, 2013

oops… hit the send button before I intended to.

298. weerd1 - June 17, 2013

I don’t know MC1 Doug; the classic Enterprise hit a black hole at Warp 8 and wasn’t torn apart. The NX-01 flew in the liquid atmosphere of a gas giant in the pilot. The Voyager entered and ENTIRE UNIVERSE full of fluid. Any of those circumstances seem far more devastating pressure wise than parking in an ocean on a class M planet.

299. Newdivide1701 - June 17, 2013

Does anyone know how common the name Wallace is?

300. Shane Bryner - June 17, 2013

please note everyone keeps saying slusho from cloverfield if you are a fan you would know it first appeared in J.J. Arms Alias.

301. Charles Trotter - June 17, 2013

294. ?>?>?

“what were the 4 number Kirk gave Scotty to locate the Section 31 facility.”

23 17 46 11

Coordinates not far from Earth (specifically, near Jupiter)

302. take it like a man - June 20, 2013

Star Trek Into Darkness is a horrible film

303. Trekboi - June 22, 2013

Is this site officialy dead?

304. Weerd1 - June 22, 2013

There was a similar drop off after Trek ’09 came out. Probably won’t be a lot of new Trek movie news until the video release. That’s cool, they deserve a break. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.