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Into Darkness Blu-ray where are all the bonus features? [UPDATE 2] August 28, 2013

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,Editorial,Star Trek Into Darkness , trackback

When the details of the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu-ray discs were released last month, there was a big fan outcry wondering what happened to a fully loaded version with extras, like we got with Star Trek (2009)? The DVD version fared even worse, being a totally barebones release. Friend of TrekMovie, Bill Hunt from The Digital Bits, has that answer. It turns out that a plethora of bonus features do exist… it’s just that Paramount doesn’t want them all in one place. They are being used for retailer and digital download vendor exclusives.

UPDATED 9/2/2013 with even more details thanks to TrekCore’s diligence.

The Digital Bits just put up their article entitled “Paramount Has a Blu-ray Problem”

It turns out that more extras were created for this release – more featurettes and even an audio commentary with director J.J. Abrams and members of his crew.  None of it is available on the wide release Blu-ray or Blu-ray 3D SKUs.  The commentary can only be found as an iTunes “extra” download.  And those extra featurettes?  Some are on a Target bonus disc.  Some are on a Best Buy bonus disc.  And some are only available via CinemaNow and VUDU downloads.

That’s right: More than half of the special features created for Star Trek Into Darkness were used by Paramount’s marketing team as retailer exclusives.

You know how I found out? Readers told me. Several readers e-mailed me talking about the iTunes commentary and something about its shifting aspect ratios, and all I could think was: “Wait, there’s a freakin’ audio commentary somewhere… and it’s not on the Blu-ray?!”

Bill has even more to say in his editorial, read the whole text over at The Digital Bits


On the plus side, Bill’s review of the Into Darkness Blu-ray disc shows that at least the A/V quality is excellent, which is what we’d all expect thanks to being a brand new movie and the use of IMAX camera footage.

The video and audio quality is pretty terrific.  Presented in 2.35:1 and shot largely on film (35 mm Panavision and some 65 mm IMAX, with select use of Red Epic HD cameras), this film just looks fantastic.  Color, contrast and detail are all wonderful, with accurate flesh tones, nuanced shadings and deep, deep blacks.  Plus, the lens flares that irritated so many with the first film have been toned down to a more appropriate level, so there’s that.

The audio experience is terrific too.  This is one of the best Dolby TrueHD mixes I’ve heard in some time.  All 7.1 channels are active – sometimes subtly and sometimes more stridently – creating a delightful sense of immersion for the viewer in the sound space.  Dialogue is clear, bass is vigorous.  Michael Giacchino’s score is fantastic and actually sounds fantastic here.  Great moments worth listening to: The bombing of the London archive, Harrison’s attack on Starfleet HQ and the ship-to-ship space dive late in the film.  Each exhibits all of the best qualities of this surround mix.

Link to full review

On my own editorial note, I think this just continues to highlight what a fantastic job CBS has been doing with its’ portion of the Trek franchise. What a shame Paramount continues show that they don’t really see much value in their part of Trek.


UPDATE September 2

TrekCore has one again done some fantastic work on what bonus content comes with which retailer of STID.

UPDATE August 30, 2013

TrekCore has done some serious homework. In addition to their excellent review of the U.S. version of the Blu-ray disc of Into Darkness, they now have some information about what international releases will have (or not), and who may be responsible for the bonus content handling.


It turns out it may not be just Paramount Home Video, it seems it is also Bad Robot, as they reportedly retained control over the bonus content. So we have both the distributing movie studio and the production company to blame it seems.

As for our international readers, we’re still trying to piece together all the different international options for getting hold of the additional material. Canada’s Best Buy release will include a physical bonus disc in place of the CinemaNow streaming content; the German 3D/Blu-ray/DVD combo set and the the Sainsbury’s (UK) Blu-ray/DVD combo appear to have the same features as the Target release; Tesco’s Blinkbox streaming service is apparently advertising twenty minutes of unspecified extras in the UK – but aside from that, we have no information as to where the rest of this extra content will be available outside of the United States.

TrekCore’s review also has a quote from an anonymous industry contact:

“Bad Robot had 100% control [over the VAM production], it was all produced in-house, which is new – and they delivered the content to Paramount, who had basically no say. It’s possible – and this is speculation – that the Bad Robot content was delivered late; because account-specific features typically have a later deadline than the Blu-ray, it could have been thrown to different SKUs. That’s a ‘nice’ way of looking at it.

The other possibility is that those retail outlets paid for the extra content. Could Bad Robot have sought out those exclusive deals? Possibly… for sure, this is not JUST Paramount’s doing. Nothing happened with that Blu-ray that wasn’t discussed and approved by Bad Robot, even if Paramount drove the decisions.

My point is, I think it’s fair to say that Bad Robot was involved in the split VAM decision, and it’s naive to think otherwise – because at Paramount, it’s JJ’s world. If anyone is disappointed in the Blu-ray, criticize the responsible parties – not only the ‘faceless’ studio.”

–See more at TrekCore’s STID Blu-ray review


1. Harry Ballz - August 28, 2013

Ya gotta have bonus stuff!

2. Jason - August 28, 2013

The commentary being itunes exclusive and not on the disc is unreal.

3. CmdrR - August 28, 2013

So, what is the bright idea here? That Trekkers will trek to 10 stores hoping to find all the magic pieces?

Come on, Paramount! Buy a clue.

Still haven’t seen toys out there, either. I like toys, dammit. I like bonuses. I do not like Paramount’s current management team.

4. Sybok's Secret Brother - August 28, 2013

This just keeps getting better…

5. Vultan - August 28, 2013

Just a taste of the future, I suppose.
Still seems like a dumb decision.

6. Red Dead Ryan - August 28, 2013

This stinks. Although store-exclusive content has been done before. And not just by Paramount.

But Paramount seems to have taken it to the extreme. It’s a greedy way to force people to pay for the movie multiple times, and they wonder why people are pirating stuff. Sheesh!

I honestly don’t know if I’ll buy the movie now. What’s the point if you’re going to get screwed by the lack of special features. They’ll probably end up releasing them all on the same re-release a couple of years down the road, anyway.

CBS needs to take control of the movies from Paramount. Honestly, this is an absolute slap in the face to the fans.

7. BatlethInTheGroin - August 28, 2013

Whoever made this decision is a complete dick.

8. David - August 28, 2013

Guess what paramount, now i wont buy the movie at all, thanks enjoy

9. Red Dead Ryan - August 28, 2013

Between this fiasco, and the lack of merchandising for the movie, Paramount has really dropped the ball and screwed the cow at the same time.

They should be embarrassed with themselves. Who the hell makes these decisions down there???

Not to mention that JJ Abrams has jumped ship to direct the next “Star Wars”, which will no doubt be better marketed, and without the fans being screwed over.

Damn Paramount!

10. kmart - August 28, 2013

I guess simultaneous quintuple dipping has replaced the old every-5-years-redip that worked so well for Paramount in the transitional VHS/Laserdisc/DVD/BR age.

Not that I was going to buy this POS anyway, but this bit of news alone would have kept me chanting, ‘won’t get fooled a-GAIN!’

Guess I will have to wait another decade for the 4K or BR edit-your-own version of TMP that I’ve been cutting in my head for decades.

11. Mfrazi - August 28, 2013

I thought I pre-ordered STID thru Amazon but it is obvious I didn’t. It has yet to show up on my credit card and I haven’t heard from Amazon either. Now I’m glad to know I didn’t get it. They just keep coming up with ways to gouge the customer. It never ends! Can’t blame them though. The blame lies with the buying public. If people tefused to buy it they’d change policy. Like that’s going to happen. Well it will in my case. I will not buy either.

12. Pastor Neil - August 28, 2013

@11.. It will show up on your credit card when the item is shipped, and yes I agree, with Red Dead Ryan, CBS is a company I am now calling , Complete Bull $hit

if this movie will not contain any extras, such as, outakes, commentaries, doccumantaries, its certinally not worth spending 20$ for the dvd/blu/digital pack

Paramount/ CBS has screwed us fans again, who do they think theyre fooling here?

13. Matt Wright - August 28, 2013

@ 12 – To be clear: CBS isn’t responsible for this. Paramount is. They’re separate companies, and have been since 2005. Paramount only has the rights to the movies. CBS is generally doing a fine job with their Trek on TV properties.

14. Hat Rick - August 28, 2013

It’s great that Paramount is making decisions that benefit Paramount (at least in the short term). So we fans are supposed to buy several discs just so we can get all the extras that used to all be on one. So much the more money for Paramount.

So, it’s great for Paramount. Not so great for the fans that buy the movies that Paramount makes.

Something about killing the goose that lays the golden eggs comes to mind.

If this keeps up, pretty soon each version released on disk will have exactly one individual frame from the movie so you’ll have to buy hundreds of thousands of disks just to see all of it.

And once that’s done, they’ll begin subdividing the frames so you’ll have to buy tens of millions of disks.

Pretty soon this subdivision will get to the atomic and then nuclear level. Octillions upon octillions of disks just to see one movie.

And then Paramount will be happy.

But we won’t.

15. Matt Wright - August 28, 2013

@ 14 – It’s not even just discs, you’re supposed to go (re)buy digital copies in different formats from different vendors. iTunes, VUDU, etc. all have exclusive extras.

So much for Blu-ray being the definitive format for collectors and videophiles.

16. ilkers - August 28, 2013

who cares?

17. Jefferies Tubesteak - August 28, 2013

Blu-Rays and DVDs are for trash dumpsters. Of course they’re exclusive to iTunes. Come on, fellas.

18. Red Dead Ryan - August 28, 2013

I think if we make a loud enough ruckus about this, maybe Paramount will be shamed and embarrassed into giving us a PROPER release.

Maybe, but I doubt it.

This certainly raises doubts about the future of the film franchise. And I wouldn’t be surprised if we find out the real reason of Abrams’ departure is because of Paramount.

19. SarahSparrow - August 28, 2013

I don’t understand the marketing ploy here. They can’t possibly really expect people to actually buy 4+ copies of the same movie, can they? They only thing this is going to result in is all the exclusive extras being uploaded to Youtube and everyone else buys the barebones version.

@11 From my understanding, Amazon doesn’t charge until it’s actually shipped, and since it’s not to be released until the 10th…

20. Colin Campbell - August 28, 2013

Canceling my pre-order. Didn’t like the movie well enough (only saw it once, in dimly lit 3-D) to be double- or triple-dipped; I’ll wait for the eventual “Ultimate Edition”.’

Side note: JJ, Bob Orci, et. al. have obviously lost all “juice” at Paramount after the Star Wars betrayal… uh… I mean decision. They are fans. There is NO WAY the fan in them (and I know that they still are fans at heart) could endorse this clumsy misguided marketing mishandle. @BobOrci – tell me I’m wrong…

21. JRT! - August 28, 2013

NEAT! Saves me a heap of money! No cool merchandise and no good dvd/bluray. Guess I’ll spend it on something else. Paramount obviously doesn’t want my money. But at the back of their mind they’ll always know they could’ve had just that little bit more,lol!

Think I’ll jump ship too,while I’m at it. Guardians of the Galaxy….HERE I COME!

Have fun!


22. Ensign RedShirt - August 28, 2013

Canceled my preorder, and won’t be purchasing it in any other form until they give us a definitive release.

I suggest that others who are upset by this do the same. That’s the only way they’ll learn.

23. Ciarán - August 28, 2013

What about those who don’t live in the USA and don’t have Target or Best Buy? How in the name of all things holy is that fair for the international fans? Do they really think that we’ll order from the USA and pay international shipping charges and import taxes on them? That’s absolutely ridiculous. I’ve never heard something more stupid in all my life.

24. Melllvar - August 28, 2013

This does seem like a ridiculous decision.

Let’s be thankful that we’re living in the future and that, not only do we not need to pay for this stuff if we don’t want to, we can still enjoy the plethora of extras illegally via this amazing medium that is the internet!

Here but for the grace of the web go I.

25. Jason - August 28, 2013

Another thing they’ve done on recent Blu Rays is put commentaries on the stand alone discs of the TNG two parters (Best of Both Worlds, Redemption) that aren’t on the discs in the season sets

26. KevinA Melbourne Australia - August 28, 2013

I was going to purchase a collector edition of this title, I’ve now cancelled my order on Amazon. No way am I paying top dollar for a half hearted release. I will wait until these titles end up in the markdown bin NEXT MONTH when Paramount get stuck with a ton of discs ’cause no-one wants them!

What a ridiculous state of affairs. Its as if they think Star Trek fans are going to go out and buy multi versions to get all the extra’s…..absolutely ridiculous!

27. penhall - August 28, 2013

Well that settles it. Cancelled my pre order. I refuse to put up with this garbage. Will just wait for the inevitable super duper edition released in conjunction with the next movie.

28. Basement Blogger - August 28, 2013

@ 1, 3

Hello Harry, and CmdR! Amen to both of your points. Does Paramount want us to buy multiple versions of STID? I like the movie very much but I’m not made of money. I’m just going to buy one version. It’ s likely going to be Best Buy unless I really have to get the Walmart version with the cool USS Vengeance. Oh, the temptation.

29. MJ (The Original). - August 28, 2013

I’m really thinking seriously about cancelling my Blu-Ray order.

30. South African Dude - August 29, 2013

Catch 22, if fans do not buy the product poor results for the movie, and the profitability and future projects are in doubt again.

It is a real shame that the product is half hearty. Such a high quality film, such a huge film.
Also sad about the lack of merchandising. I still walk around seeing Iron Man 3 merchandise and tons of Monsters Inc. but nothing Trek.

What about attracting a younger audience, If little kids or teens can be seen dreaming of warp speed and beaming and phasers and the whole starship adventure, then you are cultivating future fans maybe even motivating a better society with a Roddenberry philosophy and future astronauts and engineers and so much more

there is too little buzz around this film. Is so damn sad, in a year no one besides loyal fans will even remember it.
any why, they could have made a killing.

I got into trek through the multitude of media exposure, which off course peaked my interest as a small boy, and I cannot shake it even years into adulthood.

Recently not well managed I think,

31. rogerachong - August 29, 2013

Downloaded an excellent digital copy of STID for free. Watched it another three times already. It will have to suffice for a while longer I see.

32. K-7 - August 29, 2013


Oh great, now the lawbreakers are posting here. Like that solves this problem. :-(

33. Jim Nightshade - August 29, 2013

maybe paramount figured since fans didnt like stid much so we wont care bout bonus content…..bastards..,,yeh for all the times us fans keep buyin the same things over n over this is the thanx we get…..guess i dont blame jj for jumpin ship…wish we could too n take trek with us….hey disney buy trek also while u r busy swallowing all entertainment into your black hole….

34. P'trick - August 29, 2013

Promptly cancelled my blu-ray preorder at

When Paramount greedily re-releases it next year in some special-edition, it’ll likely have contain the features the studio has parceled out like craven ferengi.

35. Janos Prohaska - August 29, 2013

Fuck you very much Paramount. Wasn’t sure if I was going to buy STID in the first place, but now I definitely won’t.

36. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013

OK Guys, you convinced me too. Just cancelled my Amazon pre-order.

I know this is very crude, but I feel like Paramount has F’d me up the ass one too many times now, and I have reached the limit of what I am going to take from them….A LINE WILL BE DRAWN — HEEEERE !!!

Let all of Paramounts beloved international market buyers — the ones that get all the special events and the earlier releases now — let of of then buy all the Blu-Rays this time…..


“I;m mad a hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore.”

37. ilkers - August 29, 2013

who cares

38. Ciarán - August 29, 2013

I would cancel my order if I wasn’t so desperate to see it in Real3D on my new 3D-HDTV.

39. DggJag - August 29, 2013

This reminds me of the subpar Superman Returns DVD release back in late 2006. Absolutely no special features at all!! Just a copy of the movie and nothing else. Although I liked this film much more than 2009, at least that release had the cool virtually tour of the Enterprise and a ton of extras!! Wow, just wow….

40. Elias Javalis - August 29, 2013

What are they thinking?????

I ll buy the phaser version, and i admit iam pretty disappointed.

Is it an attempt to cash more??? I dont care. For 80 bucks i demand the whole package.

41. Sxottlan - August 29, 2013

Doesn’t see the value? Well, they dropped $200M to make this film and it simply didn’t make back what they thought it would. It made strides internationally, but they were expecting a lot more and for whatever reason it backfired. They waited too long, the story was senseless, the marketing focus on ‘OMG! Who is Harrison!?!’ was misguided.

Conventional wisdom is that a movie needs to make three times its budget to be a real success. But compared to the rest of the summer films this year, it’s still a mild success. Certainly not worth shoving out with bare extras.

Not that extras matter to me anymore. I rarely watch the extras on a disc. I don’t think I watched any of the deleted scenes from the ’09 film. I buy the disc for the movie, not the extras. So I’ll probably still end up getting this.

42. njdss4 - August 29, 2013

Wow, way to screw over the customers, Paramount. Since special features were one of the things I was looking forward to most, I guess I won’t be getting STID on Blu-ray after all.

If I can’t get all the bonus features in one reasonably priced purchase, why not rent the movie off of Netflix whenever I feel like watching it and never buy it?

43. Dom - August 29, 2013

I’m mainly interested in the movie itself, but, compared with the ST09 Blu-ray, this is pathetic. Then again, this is the same Paramount who cancelled a raft of Blu-ray releases in the dying days of the high-definition format war to go HD-DVD exclusive!

Paramount’s marketing policies and attitude to Star Trek have long been weird and dismissive, given the lack of decent Blu-rays for the original and TNG films, the lack of alternate edits available in other formats, the refusal to let Shatner fine-tune TFF… the list goes on.

Blu-ray is supposed to be a premium collector’s format, not a churned-out mass consumption one like downloads or DVDs. To be honest, I’ve been suspicious for some time that the studios want to kill the format, especially since it’s created/licenced by Sony, in favour of downloads and streaming, which they can control, and this does nothing to convince me otherwise!

44. Vulcan Soul - August 29, 2013

If there was any doubt that Paramount is deeply disappointed by the STD financial perfomance, here it is. Be prepared for an across-the-board sequester coming for the next movie, starting with the director, of course!

45. Keachick - August 29, 2013

Wow – The folks at Paramount seem to be right wanking morons…oh dear, oh dear, oh dear… It is clear that some people are in dire need of receiving pink slips!

I assume they will still be retailing the DVD version (minus any Special Features) downunder sometime in September. I guess that will have to do. Because I don’t own a blu-ray player, I was not expecting to get to see anything more than the movie, but I see that even those who have invested in blu-ray players are being screwed over.

Give me a reason why I should want to get into debt so I can have the latest tech when this is the kind of crap I can expect.

46. Paul - August 29, 2013

Bonuses – both physical and on-disk – are really the only way official distribution can hope to combat the movie piracy. In this light, selling a “barebones” release for full price is a silly move. Every release has to be a “special edition”, packed with as much goodies as possible in order to make people buy it. Because if not, there is a *free* download just three clicks away.

47. Mad Mann - August 29, 2013

Wow! This is absolutely ridiculous! Can’t JJ or Orci have any say? I know that some film-makers, like Peter Jackson, are very concerned and influential with the DVD/Blu ray releases of their movies. Sir PJ would never stand for what Para is doing!

JJ, if you care about your audience, make a stand! Demand a “Director’s Edition” Blu-Ray with ALL the extras.

As it is now, I am not buying this. I might rent from Red Box, but that’s it, until a COMPLETE Blue-Ray comes out.

48. Jeyl - August 29, 2013

And JJ Abrams endorsed this when he said the BluRay would deliver bonus features he had never seen on BluRay.

49. Trekker5 - August 29, 2013

This is just stupid!

50. lerenor - August 29, 2013

well, that’s bull. Guess I won’t be picking up the bluray any time soon…

51. spock - August 29, 2013

It is a shame because the commentary and how they did it in itunes was really well done and interesting. This is just sad that Paramount disregards the movie franchise. They should be doing the remastering work that matches CBS

52. drum-van - August 29, 2013

i’ll try and be civil about this….PARAMOUNT, YOU SUCK! what a bunch of cash grabbing a-holes. way to bite the hand that feeds you.

looks like we’ll all be hunting for ripped bonus content on youtube. i know i will be.

53. NCC-73515 - August 29, 2013

This just screams piracy. People are basically forced to look for all the scattered material online.

54. Barney Fife - August 29, 2013

I cancelled my Amazon collectors edition and just ordered the regular edition. The Paramount marketing department sucks. I wish there was a way for some competent studio like Disney to buy the rights to the Star Trek TV/Movie franchise.

55. Kara giver of pain and delight - August 29, 2013

Didn’t enjoy the film in the cinema as it felt so unoriginal but planned on buying the DVD to have on hand and support the franchise. Pulling something like this is a huge turn-off. Now I’ll wait until someone uploads them on YouTube or wherever. Countless multi-disc special editions have shown that consumers are willing to pay more than double for extra features. This is just greed.

56. Pensive's Wetness - August 29, 2013

it would bea funny moment in Nonstory when some fat ass exec decides to break what stands for Star Trek Cannon into TV and Film being completely separate entities…

is that even possibly, such a horrible idea?

57. Mad Mann - August 29, 2013

49. That’s a good idea. I only want the movie in HD, not the extras. So I guess a person could find all the extras online somewhere.

58. Al Jalaikakik - August 29, 2013

Cancelling my phaser edition preorder at Amazon.

59. Curious Cadet - August 29, 2013

Announcement from Paramount:

October 15, 2013

Paramount announced today that it will not be producing a sequel to its 2013 Summer tentpole film Star Trek Into Darkness, citing a number of issues; including the loss of JJ Abrams as director, but mostly due to the modest performance of Star Trek Into Darkness at the boxoffice combined with the severe lack interest in the subsequent BluRay, DVD and home video offerings in general. A Paramount spokesman commented, “I would say the fans were boycotting the home video offerings, if it weren’t for the fact that this was the most successful Star Trek film in the history of the franchise. Clearly the fans have turned their backs on the franchise by not buying the BluRay, which because of the movie’s 190 million dollar budget and substantial marketing costs, Paramount was relying heavily upon to recoup its costs and make a new movie possible. Sadly the fans have killed Star Trek for us by making it financially unviable.”

60. Hat Rick - August 29, 2013

Curious, can I ask you for next month’s lotto numbers? Because I could cut you in on the winnings if you want. ;-)

61. Thorny - August 29, 2013

Is anyone surprised by this? Paramount has been gouging Trek fans for decades. Remember the $20 for two episodes VHS tapes?

62. NuclearWessels - August 29, 2013

Other than the gag reel, I don’t really watch the special features.

What I am disappointed with is the IMAX version (with the changing aspect ratios, similar to the Tron Legacy and The Dark Knight Blu Rays) isn’t on this release.

I think I read it’s part of the iTunes digital release which is stupid

63. Nony - August 29, 2013

Wow. This, along with the re-release this weekend and the iTunes release while the movie is still in theatres in some places, smacks pretty strongly of desperation on Paramount’s part — “we f*cked up on the timing and marketing of this movie, it wasn’t the kind of cash cow we’d hoped for, so instead of respecting the fanbase, let’s squeeze all the profits out of it that we can, as quickly as we can.”

64. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 29, 2013

Just might be worth it to finally figure out what the hell they were all thinking.

65. Robman007 - August 29, 2013

I wouldn’t give CBS a full pass….because of them getting into a p*ssing contest with Bad Robot, this Alternate Reality will only grown when a new film is released. They wanted to play dumb and release merchandise and promote TOS, which is not bad, but unwise when trying to grow a new franchise…

…so, instead of the treatment we are seeing with the Avengers franchise and the treatment Star Wars will get (multiple media support, merchandise, spin off films, etc), we are just getting standalone movies once every 4 years….

CBS just milks the franchise by selling over priced nonsense and re-releasing DVD’s that everyone already owns and charging WAY too much for them….they don’t have a clue just like Paramount.

66. Robman007 - August 29, 2013

Also, before everyone overreacts and calls foul…keep in mind this is how film companies are doing things nowadays. Maximize profits anyway possible. It’s not just Star Trek that is getting this treatment. Films are getting released on iTunes weeks before actual release…some bonus features will only play for folks who buy it off iTunes, or for the Xbox or buy it at best buy….that’s just how the industry is doing things to try and make some extra bucks off the fan boy who WILL go out and buy each version.

It’s not just Paramount doing this with Star Trek…..although I would say, just like in my comment above, that CBS AND Paramount have no clue how to handle Star Trek and should just sell the franchise to someone who could do it justice.

67. Basement Blogger - August 29, 2013

@ 33

MJ, I totally understand your anger. But what am I to do? I really like Star Trek Into Darkness and want to see it on a HDTV with a Blu-Ray player. The best I can do is merely buy one version of it and not go nuts and buy more than one for the goodies. I’m not made of money.

68. Robman007 - August 29, 2013

45. Jeyl – August 29, 2013

I don’t think JJ Abrams gives a damn anymore, to be honest. Why should he? CBS wanted to play dumb and only promote and milk TOS instead of working with him to enhance this new version of Trek….he took his ball and went to Disney who WOULD play with his vision. He’ll keep his name as producer for the next flick BUT having a producer credit in Hollywood is a dime a dozen. Look at the extended credits of any movie nowaways…you have more producer credits then anything…he’s done with Trek and can’t say I don’t blame him.

69. Robman007 - August 29, 2013


Exactly. I’ll buy one version and that’s it. This is not something they are doing JUST to Star Trek Into Darkness. It started LONG ago when they started doing exclusives for Target or Best Buy and they are just taking it a step further.

70. Paul - August 29, 2013

Cancelled Pre-Order, I was going to buy it just to add it to the collection, but this film sucks too much to pay to only watch it. I’ll buy it in 6 months when it’s in the bargain bin.

71. Optimistic Doodle - August 29, 2013

Saves money. However, that doesn’t make me smile this time :-(

Into Darkne$$

72. govna - August 29, 2013

i didnt even know there was a target exclusive.

73. Ahmed - August 29, 2013

@33. MJ

I didn’t like STID as much as you did, but I was planning to buy the blu ray to add it to my Star Trek collection. Now, seeing what these a**holes at Paramount doing, I’m not going to buy it.

Seriously, this is the most STUPID thing that I’ve ever heard. Do they really think that fans will actually buy various copies of the movie from different retailers just to get these bloody extras ? Why the hell they released on Blu ray in the first place?

Greedy & stupid for sure

74. Joel - August 29, 2013

Can’t agree more about the differences between CBS and Paramount. Despite the issues with Season 2, CBS is doing an incredible job with TNG on blu-ray, but Paramount gives us this crap?? I mean, some folks will actually buy every edition (digital included) just to ensure they get all the special features, but your average fan? Fat chance…

Way to go Paramount….

If I recall, Trek ’09 received quite a “best of” recognition for the blu-ray release. I doubt STID will follow suit.

75. Derek - August 29, 2013

Other than the gag reel, I don’t really watch the special features…

What I am disappointed with is the IMAX version (with the changing aspect ratios, similar to the Tron Legacy and The Dark Knight Blu Rays) isn’t on this release.

I think I read it’s part of the iTunes digital release which is stupid

76. pilotfred - August 29, 2013

i will not be buying the film,i may think about it when it comes down to £5,honest paramount the film did OK not great at the cinema,you real want to piss off the fans who will buy the discs!!!! i have still not brought the avengers film and i so want it however like this not many extras

77. Mantastic - August 29, 2013

What Paramount and most of Hollywood don’t realize is this is the exact kind of crap that causes more people to pirate their films and content. No one in their right mind is going to by every release to get every last bonus or content, and they’re making everyone else feel unsatisfied because they’re being left out just because they bought it at a particular store.

This is happening with music albums too and its driving me bonkers.

78. TribbleNation - August 29, 2013

I thought long and hard about the phaser bluray combo pack @ amazon for $100.00. It would have been worth it if the bonus disc with all of the extras would have been included. So I’m really glad I decided to wait. I purchased the $20.00 bluray pack just last week. Glad I didn’t get screwed like some people.

A note to Paramount. Not everyone supports Apple products or purchases their digital media from Itunes. The arrogance of your assumption that everyone does is not good business sense. If you are so worried about media piracy hire a company like Amazon to distribute certified digital copies. They are already world wide distributors of digital media of all types, and I believe more people have accounts with them than with Itunes. Just food for thought, if anybody in your marketing department still does that.

79. BobZ - August 29, 2013

Think I may wait and find it at a used DVD store or library sale :(

80. Ciarán - August 29, 2013

I know I mentioned it before, but I’d still love to know how Paramount are going to get round the fact that international customers won’t be able to get the seemingly USA-only additional special features. How can they defend or justify that?

81. Vulcancafe - August 29, 2013

re: pilotfred
Star Trek Into Darkness is the most successful Star Trek movie ever made in terms of box office dollars, even adjusted for inflation. I’d say that it did pretty great, including blowing open the China market for Star Trek, a huge development.

82. Curious Cadet - August 29, 2013

@59. Robman007,
“I wouldn’t give CBS a full pass….”

Nor would I. Their despicable behavior involving their TWC dispute demonstrates that for Moonves it’s evidently his way or the highway. Abrams took the HIGH-way.

Paramount’s decision regarding the BluRay seems to suggest they are not relying on the fans to buy it — only they have the box-office poll numbers and it’s a fair bet they show that the majority of ticket-buyers were not previously Star Trek fans. That’s the only way I can imagine they would pull a stunt like this, unless CBS shared with them the secret to milking dry the lemming-like Star Trek fan base, who like some here have indicated will buy the Blu-Ray regardless of Paramount’s ludicrous marketing practices.

83. kmart - August 29, 2013

You’re full of hot air yourself if you believe that inflation line. And it’s a lot more important to have a good budget to income ratio, which on this film would drop it into the mid-to-lower batch of trekfilms, even before taking into account the ludicrous amount dropped on advertising.

84. Cyrano Jones - August 29, 2013

aaaaand they wonder why so many people Pirate things…

85. sean - August 29, 2013

Very stupid decision, I have to say. I imagine most folks will just end up downloading the special features off the internet. I do think it’s a bit ridiculous to think JJ Abrams had anything to do with it, though. Paramount has marketing execs that make these kinds of decisions, and I assure you they are not consulting the filmmakers when they make them.

86. Curious Cadet - August 29, 2013

@73. Vulcancafe,
“Star Trek Into Darkness is the most successful Star Trek movie ever made in terms of box office dollars, even adjusted for inflation.”

Not hard to do considering the quality and history of the previous offerings. After a huge opening with ST09 in the US, STID substantially underperformed domestically, despite spending considerably more.

“I’d say that it did pretty great, including blowing open the China market for Star Trek, a huge development.”

Hard to say how big an accomplishment that is over previous Trek films, considering the import of Western films is a relatively new phenomenon, carefully regulated by the government.

The international growth is for sure an impressive accomplishment for Trek, but at the cost of a 35 percent increase in their marketing budget. But at least it paid off, it might not have. The question remains whether STID built a sustainable new audience for the next film.

Either way, can Paramount really afford to alienate anybody with this obvious cash-grab tactic? I’m with others when I say Paramount would be demonstrating their confidence and enthusiasm for the films success by “thanking” the films fans with a top-notch BluRay release.

87. JP - August 29, 2013

I’d just like to say that this is the closest to a general consensus this board has ever gotten. Leave it to Paramount to unite us all by making us disdain them.

On the surface of things, this would appear to be an attempt to pad the film’s relatively modest profit in order to make up the shortfall in their projections. The film made money, but did not do nearly as well as they were hoping for. They were swinging for the fences, and ended up with a solid double. And so here we are with them trying to wring as many dollars as can still be wrung.

Just seems like dirty pool to me.

88. steve - August 29, 2013

At least it has 7.1 audio. Surprisingly few releases bother with that. And yes, if you have a 7.1 speaker system, it makes a huge difference.

89. William Bradley - August 29, 2013

Yet another frak you to real Trek fans, all of a piece with the slap in the face that was the STID script …

I’ve seen this movie twice. That will do for the next few years.

90. Dee - lvs moon surface - August 29, 2013


91. Tanner Waterbury - August 29, 2013

Well if they are going to do that, can they at least release a VHS format?! I just LOVE being ripped off and having to pay for extra features, what a GREAT frakking plan to follow! Pay around 85 dollars all together to get ALL the special features? FRAK YEAH! Seriously, Bob Orci or anyone…. someones got some ‘splainin’ to do!

92. Q - August 29, 2013

You have to wait for the NEXT release of the Blu-Ray disc with extra bonus features NOT FOUND ANYWHERE ELSE!

Then, they will release a box set of the first two Star Trek movies with added scenes and extras!

Get your cash ready!

93. Spock - August 29, 2013

Completely and irrefutably ILLOGICAL

94. clark billy - August 29, 2013

i won’t buy it and i’m even an extra in the darn movie !!!

95. Kev-1 - August 29, 2013

Seems like a way for Paramount to get money up front by charging retailers for a “special” disc for their particular store. There’s no way to know how many discs this movie will sell. Based on lower domestic performance, Paramount may feel it won’t sell as many discs as 2009.

96. ST:EXP - August 29, 2013

Will there be a laserdisc release of this movie?

And also, does anyone know if the soundtrack will be available on 8-Track.

97. Colin - August 29, 2013

I think the problem with Paramount is that, for a tentpole franchise, they don’t seem to put much effort into making the best product available. I have heard that there are issues with the earlier blu-ray releases of the Star Trek films – something about the video quality of these films being inconsistent and that some films are worse than others. However, they want the buyer to pay alot of money for their product, and will offer it in several varieties.

When I read this announcement, I immediately recalled what is happening in the video game industry where the buyer doesn’t get the complete game, and that some features are tied exclusively to where the buyer buys the game. These are called pre-order bonuses.

TV Trope has two articles on this phenomena:

Limited Special Collector’s Ultimate Edition,

Pre-Order Bonus,

Both tropes are listed for ST: ID.

As for the issue between Bad Robot and CBS, my understanding is that the former wanted the latter to stop promoting and selling merchandise based on TOS. Apparently, they felt the audience wouldn’t be able to distinugish between the two sets of crews. This assessement was arrived at after a focus group study which showed brand confusion. An article about the mess:

I don’t like ST:ID because this is, for me, the fifth film in a row where a major theme was revenge. I am in agreement with Karl Urban who stated that he didn’t want another revenge-based film in the franchise.

I would like to add another thing I don’t want to see again in a ST film: the conspiracy thriller.

98. Bob Tompkins - August 29, 2013

The only reason I purchase a Blu Ray is for the bonus content [if it is good stuff and I don’t think the commentary about lens flares and justifying Khan is worthwhile] or it reaches its ‘sell-through’ price. I am normally content to wait until it hits cable to see it the second time.

99. Colin - August 29, 2013

Yep, I was right. I was thinking that someone at Paramount had heard about the video game industry’s practice of pre-order bonuses and thought this was a great idea. IGN is listing the five options available to the buyer:

1. TARGET: 70 minutes of bonus material, with 30 minutes exclusive to this store
2. BEST BUY: the above, with 30 minutes exclusive to this store
3. WALMART: Steelback packaging and a 1:50 scale replica of the USS Vengeance
4. AMAZON: 1:1 scale replica of the phaser

There there is the “vanilla” edition.

I am not buying this movie on blu-ray, for I don’t want my purchase to be seen as a support for this marketing scheme. I don’t want this to become the precedent for future releases.

100. Colin - August 29, 2013

Oops. I forget to include the link. Here it is:

101. Vernon Stains - August 29, 2013

Paramount can sniff my duck if they think they can treat fans like this;

Just Torrented the movie, something I have never done before; greedy Paramount won’t be getting my money…

102. Spock's Bangs - August 29, 2013

JJ left and went to Star Wars, paramount is pissed. They now have a very successful “tent pole” franchise, but the ringmaster who was holding the pole has left the circus. Now they have it and don’t know what to do with it. Sad…but typical behavior where the studio and Trek are concerned.

But hey, I’m still getting a cool phaser with my order, I’m happy!

103. TrekMadeMeWonder - August 29, 2013

97. Colin

Nice post, Collin. Esp the last line.

104. Stephen - August 29, 2013

Do they expect us to buy one at best buy, one at Walmart, one at target? The whole iTunes this is BS because I don’t do ipad/iPod!

105. crazydaystrom - August 29, 2013

This news is merely the latest in the long line of mistakes and bad decisions made in regards to STID. At this point it really comes as no surprise. Someone upthread said they thought it might be worth it just to get all the pieces. I hope he or she was being facetious, but in any case that IS no doubt what Paramount is hoping for: mindless lemming/sheep Trek fans to buy any and every thing they’re selling. Don’t do it my friends!


106. star trackie - August 29, 2013

What a rip. Well, it is what it is. Just want the movie and the model of the Vengence anyway. Special features I can live without. Although it does suck, the first movie was a goldmine of features. Doesn’t make sense. But with Paramount and Star Trek, that’s nothing new.

107. Spock69 - August 29, 2013

4 year wait for the film followed by a 4 year wait for the extras!
Why is anyone surprised? Happens all the time. Just think… they’ll release the ultimate edition of stid in 2017 just before the new film comes out called Star trek: Revenge of the Tribbles. Featuring the Ewoks.

108. raffie - August 29, 2013

When a movie stinks they wanna get the home video release out there as soon as possible, before the word gets out. So this was probably rushed …

109. Mad Mann - August 29, 2013

87. JP – August 29, 2013

The best way to unite people is with a common enemy. Paramount has certainly supplied that enemy!

BTW: Will Para really make more money with this strategy? I think it would actually make LESS! It would turn more people off to buying the disc and there would be very, very few who would buy the multiple versions of it for the complete set of extras. This is not only insulting to fans, but I think a stupid idea.

Unless, of course, they come out with the complete-complete Blu-ray with ALL the extras in a year.

110. Paul - August 29, 2013

This saddens me. I love extras, behind the scenes stuff, making of resurrected, commentaries, etc. But my net connection is terrible. Tried to buy on movie there and its so choppy I can’t watch it. I like just having the stuff on a disc. No darn downloads.

111. Will - August 29, 2013

Genius marketing- put bonus features on separate versions of releases to get the same people to buy it over and over again and keep the sales figure up in spite of the fact that it’s actually probably down overall from where it would be had there been only one single version released.

112. Robman007 - August 29, 2013

82. Curious Cadet – August 29, 2013

In all actually, something NOBODY here seems to understand, this is not just a Paramount trying to rob the fans blind stunt. It’s something the industry as a WHOLE are starting to do.

Don’t think for a second that Iron Man 3, Man of Steel 2, and other big block buster film future releases (Thor, Captain America 2, Avengers 2, etc) won’t do the same. It’s the direction the industry is taking. They want folks to get a copy of the show on blu-ray, on xbox live smartglass, the itunes download, Ultraviolet, Amazon..and they will pack in anything to make each purchase unique enough to appeal to the fan with more money then sense (the type that are willing to spend $6,995 for a refit model from QMx)…’s not just Trek fans that this is happening too, nor is it just this film…

The overall promotion and marketing of this film has been HORRENDOUS, especially in the US. Just further proof that Paramount and CBS should just sell the franchise to someone who could do it justice.

I do wonder just how much of Into Darkness depended on Bad Robot being able to create this multi-media alternate reality story and we saw the effect on the lack of backstory due to that pissing contest

113. Steve-o - August 29, 2013

I am torn.. I really have been looking forward to the blu-ray since may, when i pre-ordered my amazon copy with the phaser. However, I am having second thoughts because I dont want to support this type of practice.

I will wait a couple days, but i have to decide soon as I am sure my copy will be shipping soon

114. Sebastian S. - August 29, 2013

The movie’s not worth owning anyway. This may be the first time I pass on buying a ST movie.

The only thing I was looking forward to were the bonuses such as deleted scenes (hoping for something better in there), blooper reels or a commentary (to explain what went so wrong). Without it? It’s just a vanilla release of a movie that disappointed me greatly. There’s the eye candy factor, but it’s just not enough, I’m afraid. I’m a completist, not a masochist.

So why bother?

115. Danpaine - August 29, 2013

Just cancelled my order. Honestly, I wasn’t looking too forward to seeing it again so soon anyway. Twice was enough. Maybe I’ll come across it in the Big Lots $4 dvd bin next year.

Don’t sh*t where you eat, Paramount.

116. Ryan Spooner - August 29, 2013

I guess I won’t be buying STID then, what a shame. The **only** reason I buy movies these days is for the extras and bonus features. With the removal of these, I might as well source a copy of the movie “elsewhere”.

117. Red Dead Ryan - August 29, 2013

Hmm……they’re not including the IMAX scenes either???

Jesus F@KING Christ, man! As I said earlier, this pure greed.

Sure, other studios create store-specific content, but usually its only one store that gets a half-hour more of content than the others.

Why is it that the four disc set “Prometheus” Blu Ray managed to have almost TEN FRACKIN’ HOURS of bonus features, but that STID has it’s special features seperated by where you and how you buy it?

Paramount has taken this to the extreme, and obviously hasn’t thought of the consequences. This type of marketing actually encourages piracy, and alienates fans who have already shelled out big bucks multiple times for various Trek dvds and Blu Rays already.

I’ve always said the studio shouldn’t listen to the fans…..but in this case…they absolutely need to. They f@cked up big time, and I suspect the home video sales will provide ample evidence of this.

I think I’ll go and buy “Oblivion” instead for my sci-fi fix, thank-you-very-much.

118. Matt Wright - August 29, 2013

@117 — The IMAX scenes are there. Paramount is doing what they did to Mission Impossible 4 (which also had IMAX footage), which is keep the aspect ratio static at 2.35:1. So it just doesn’t change aspect ratios.

119. CJS - August 29, 2013

Good thing I have no interest in owning this film. At least not until it hits the bargain bin in Walmart.

120. Trekbilly - August 29, 2013

Epic fail, Paraclown! I’ll simply buy the exclusive set that I like best — Targets or Best Buys. But not both/all.

They must think fans are stoopid…:-/

Some may be…but not this one.

Greedy pigs!!

121. Holly - August 29, 2013

I was looking forward to buying this as a big fan of Cumberbatch but there’s so little of him on the extras and the extras are spread across so many versions that I’ll wait for now.

122. oliver - August 29, 2013

I’m still annoyed the Ode to Harrison music track wasnt on the soundtrack.

123. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013

Yes, we need to send a message with our wallets.

And whiners like Curious Cadet who are saying that we might not get a sequel if we don’t buy the Blu-ray/DVD next month, are part of the problem, not part of the solution. Their “sucker attitude” has led to this awful marketing situation for the STID Blu-Ray.

Fans who pay $90 list price for a single season of Trek, or who will buy 3 versions of STID (i.e. iTunes, Wal-Mart Blu-Ray, Target Blu-Ray), are doing a disservice to the rest of us fans. These fans, who can’t control their impulse buys, have led Paramount and CBS to believe that they can actually get away, and make more money, but sticking it to us now with the unforgivable tactics on the STID Blu-Ray release.

JUST SAY “NO” — cancel your orders, and don’t buy it this fall.

Please — at least wait until January to buy this.

124. Red Dead Ryan - August 29, 2013


Thanks, that is what I meant. I think they should have kept the mixed ratios for the Blu Ray, just like how Disney did for “Tron Legacy” and Warner Bros. for “The Dark Knight” and “The Dark Knight Rises”. This just smacks of Paramount withholding it for another dip in the future.

I think if we wait long enough, Paramount might take notice and put out a proper Blu Ray release.

125. Lt. Daniels - August 29, 2013

So wish store to buy it at Target or Best Buy?

126. Colin - August 29, 2013

I think it’s unfair to lump CBS and Paramount together. I think CBS has people who care about and love Star Trek. When CBS makes a mistake, they either correct it or don’t repeat it. Whatever I said about CBS, I can say the reverse about Paramount.

I see the money put into a season of TNG as an investment into DS9, which I want to see on blu-ray. DS9 is my second favorite series after TOS.

As for a proper release of ST: ID, I wouldn’t hold my breath. Paramount had time to release the earlier ST films wtih improved video and features on blu-ray, but has chosen not to.

127. Markus McLaughlin - August 29, 2013

I will settle for the film and audio commentary, like the previous films had!

128. Mirror Jordan - August 29, 2013

I just bought it on iTunes. I’m getting out of the physical disc business these days.

129. Trekbilly - August 29, 2013

Rest assured, there will be another, better release later…but i’m buying it — one set from one retailer — this time. I won’t be buying it again though.

130. Ciarán - August 29, 2013

I wonder if @boborci will comment on this…!

131. Justiceman - August 29, 2013

I’m also in the category that was undecided on buying the blu-ray, but now I definitely won’t. What’s the point?

132. Red Shirt Diaries - August 29, 2013

Later this year, I’ll be able to get a used “like new” Blu-Ray of STID on Ebay or Amazon Marketplace for $15.

That’s how I am going to get mine — I won’t be part of buying this from Paramount this year and rewarding their cash grab.

133. Allen Williams - August 29, 2013

Considering the only reason I’m buying this is because my OCD is forcing me to buy it, I don’t care too much. Coincidentally the only reason I’ll watch this movie is because i’m buying it. It may be like Voyager’s threshold where I watch this once every 5 years.

134. THX-1138 - August 29, 2013

That seals the deal. I won’t get this movie.

135. Colin - August 29, 2013

Eventually, most of what we buy, entertainment wise, will be downloaded. When that day comes, I only hope that our network will be far better than it is now. Our nation, the US, has the worst network of the developed world.

136. ironhyde - August 29, 2013

Simple then. I won’t be buying any of it. They want me to buy one part so I’m forced to buy others? Well, they kept it slightly better under wraps than they did the Khan reveal :P but I just won’t buy any of it. Sorry guys.

137. Platitude - August 29, 2013

I rarely listen to audio commentaries, but I was stunned when I saw that they didn’t list one on for the STID Blu-rays. This is a shame that they are pulling this kind of garbage on consumers.

Glad to hear the video quality of the Blu-ray is good though, Star Trek 09 looked fantastic on Blu-ray so I’m looking forward to more of that.

138. Damian - August 29, 2013

I will be waiting for a while to get my copy of STID as well. Eventually, they’ll probably release a special edition release with all the fixings (after everyone they think will buy the first version does). I’ll wait for that thank you.

I have to agree with Matt, CBS has been doing an admirable job with their piece of the pie. With TNG releases they have released the most popular episodes as stand alone, as requested by fans. They won’t force you to buy Season 3 and 4 to get BOBW. Paramount would not have given you a choice.

Reading the reviews of the Enterprise Blu-Ray releases with their interviews and commentary sheds some more light on Paramount as well. A lot of people slam Rick Berman here, but with those interviews and seeing what they are doing with STID, maybe Paramount shares more blame for things that went wrong than previously thought.

139. Damian - August 29, 2013

I also agree with MJ and RDR that Paramount really dropped the ball with marketing this movie. I didn’t feel any of the excitement from the general public I felt with Star Trek (2009), despite being a better film IMHO.

140. loon44 - August 29, 2013

Very disappointing. Another ‘brilliant’ marketing decision. Extras that offer some decent insight into the creation of films i’ve already seen at the cinema are a huge incentive to purchase the bluray.

I’m with RDR, I’ll be getting Oblivion for my fix.

141. JohnBoJim - August 29, 2013

What the hell. The only reason I spend the cash on purchasing a blu-ray copy of a film is for the special features. Now I have no reason to purchase a blu-ray copy. They wonder why piracy is so rampant! If there’s no advantage to purchasing the film, why wouldn’t I pirate it?

142. Brett L. - August 29, 2013

@122. Agree completely. Prove Paramount’s strategy wrong.

By stripping the Blu-Ray release of most of its extras, they’ve created a highly-fragmented product, forcing customers to keep forking over $$$ for features that should already be on the Blu-Ray. This trend started a few years back with things like a bonus disc at one retailer like Best Buy or something along those lines, but now they’re not even giving you the audio commentary?

I’ve seen the movie twice and don’t need to see it again anytime soon. I won’t be buying the Blu-Ray as I’d originally planned. As others have said, I’ll wait and see if there’s a release in a few years that restores some of what’s missing.

143. Schinzon's Lover - August 29, 2013

I don’t really care about special features. Most are terrible anyway. Odd decision about the commentary though.

144. Sybok's Secret Brother - August 29, 2013

I would think Paramount would/should be kissing our asses to get us to buy this one. Huh… nevermind.

For the FIRST time I will not be buying the LaserDisc/VHS/DVD/BluRay of the latest Trek when it comes out.

For those who think we need to throw our $ at crap with “Trek” on it in order to have more Trek… no thanks, not this.

145. Mike C. - August 29, 2013

Re: #130

Make no mistake, he will not.

Make no mistake, I will not purchase.

146. Cervantes - August 29, 2013

Just to add my own 2 cents – Paramount decision makers, you suck.

147. DonDonP1 - August 29, 2013

Blast. Well, at least the Best Buy and Target versions of the “Star Trek Into Darkness” Blu-ray and DVD may have special features.

148. KG - August 29, 2013

The funny thing is, I really couldn’t care less about the special features. I usually watch them once ever. I love listening to the commentary on my Blu-Rays and DVDs however.

The fact the commentary is only available as an iTunes download pisses me off to no end. I’m not going to use my music library & my headphones just to listen to a damn commentary.

I was going to buy the Target Blu-Ray, but because the commentary isn’t included, I’m probably just gonna downgrade to the regular Blu-Ray.

149. Captain, USS Northstar - August 29, 2013

Maybe I’ll just wait until it lands on FX’s “DVDs on TV” movie series — they usually have some pretty good insights and commentary.

150. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013

ALL, GREAT NEWS — this is gaining traction all over the internet!

151. I am to Smurfy - August 29, 2013

What the Hell, they make shifting aspect ratios availble but only on Itunes.
What they hell.

the same goes for the commentary, for the first time ever a star trek film is no longer a day and date purchase for me.

152. I am to Smurfy - August 29, 2013

And for once I agree with MJ on something.

But for me the big turn off is not including the shifting aspect ratios.
They pulled that BS with Ghost Protocol.
And made it available for TF2 on the Wal mart exclusive bluray.

Thats a crock WB has no problem with releasing the Dark Knight and Darkknight rises with the shifting aspect ratios for the IMAX scenes, paramount though has its head in its ass.

153. I am to Smurfy - August 29, 2013

Just want to note this isnt just a star trek issue, its an issue with Paramount home video as a whole, they really don’t have their heart into relasing physical media anymore now, so they are finding new ways to drive sales towards VOD and digital downloads.

Pretty sure that WWZ later this year will be the same where special features are spread out among retailers and with VOD and digital

154. I am to Smurfy - August 29, 2013

Red Dead Ryan,
unfortunately Paramount is just not crazy about physical media anymore.
Just look at the fact they licensed out nearly 1,000 titles from their catalog over to WB earlier this year for Bluray releases cause paramount didnt want to bother with them.

Those same titles however will be released via paramount for VOD and Digital releases.

It really sucks as I am not spending money on something I can not physically own and hold in my hand.
Something that the studio can up and decide one day they don’t want you watch anymore.

Anyone who is familar with BD live knows what I am talking about, try accessing those BD live special features on Paramount disney and sony movies today. you can’t cause the studios removed the content

155. Colin - August 29, 2013

Paramount has arranged a deal with select AMC, Regal, Carmike, Marcus, and other theatres to run both ST:ID and WWZ as a double feature from August 30th to September 5th. The cost is one ticket.

156. Greg2600 - August 29, 2013

Star Trek exists to make Paramount money. Fans are an afterthought. Pathetic.

157. Anonymous Coward - August 29, 2013

I look forward to buying a used disc of this movie.

158. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013


In Germany, they are getting a STID Blu-Ray release that has all the specical features that are being divided up in North America….PLUS THEY ARE GETTING THE JJ AUDIO COMMENTARY as well.

FU Paramount !!!!!

159. Jonboc - August 29, 2013

They already got my money…but I REALLY like the movie and I dig the phaser replica (more than I like special features lol) so sorry, no boycott here., can’t wait to get it! But it is a sad commentary on the mindset of the studio execs. Clearly the shift to streaming is on…our little shiny platters will soon be a relic right next to VHS and 8 track. time marches on.

160. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013

And to I am too Smurphy — YES, I want the shifting aspect ratios as well — just like in The Dark Knight Rises.

We agree!!! :-)

161. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013


Jonboc, I think you are missing the point. Even on iTunes they have divided the movie to be separate from the audio commentary. You have to buy each.

The point here is not a move to downloading. The point here is to try to get you to pay piecemeal not for everything you want in a release, regardless of the technology or way you get the disc or the files.

162. Gone2Disneyland - August 29, 2013

@I am to Smurfy, thanks for your posts about Paramount Home Video and physical media. That makes a lot of sense and fits in with what they seem to be doing here with STID. And I’m like you, I want it on hard media, none of this streaming business for me.

I can’t boycott this title. I’ll likely pick mine up from Target. Just the one and that’s it.

For everyone expecting Paramount to re-release this in an expanded edition, I can’t remember the last time Paramount did that for one of their titles. I know WB has for Affleck’s “The Town” and now coming later this year “Argo”. WB’s great at that! But I can’t think of a Paramount title that’s been released recently and then re-issued in an expanded edition a year or two later. Remember, we’ve yet to see Director’s Cuts of TMP, TWOK and TUC, right? Based on that, personally, I wouldn’t bet any money that Paramount will re-release STID in any format, with more or the same features, in the near future.

163. Red Dead Ryan - August 29, 2013

Yes, I agree that Jonboc has missed the point. Paramount is deliberately gouging their customers so that we have to pay 4-5X the normal price for all the special features that are now being sold seperately.

The fact that the commentary is being sold by itself as a seperate audio file on iTunes is a rather terrible commentary in of itself on Paramount’s business practices.

This is clearly outrageous, and no amount of excuse-making or denial will change that fact.

164. motax - August 29, 2013

German release on order…

165. John from Cincinnati - August 29, 2013

” it’s just that Paramount doesn’t want them all in one place. They are being used for retailer and digital download vendor exclusives.”

Yet just ANOTHER reason not to buy the movie.

166. Star Trek Family - August 29, 2013

They should call this Blu-Ray, Star Trek into Darkness- (The search for more money)!

I think this sucks, I won’t be buying this movie till all special features are included.

167. Dr. Cheis - August 29, 2013

When it comes time to review, please let us know which features can be found where so I knew where to buy.

168. Charles E. Pratt, Jr. - August 29, 2013

I’ve pre ordered the Star Trek Into Darkness Blu ray. I’m disappointed to hear that the “extras” aren’t that extra. One of the biggest advantages of Blu Ray is the extra features they pack on. I love listening to the commentaries by the creative people behind the films but I’ll be damned if I’ll buy an additional disc or two just to get some mediocre bonus content. Nobody’s got anything THAT interesting to say. If they want to pack on the extras and bonus content I’m more than willing to pay a good price, provided everything’s up front. Paramount, however, can kiss my big toe with the go here and buy this and go there and buy that strategy. Maybe next time at the box office we should give the ticket person a list of 4 or 5 different places around town they can find their price of admission.

169. TrekMadeMeFat - August 29, 2013

13) CBS is generally doing a fine job with their Trek on TV properties.

Uh, no. Starting with the botched discs right out of the gate and continuing with the terrible compositing on Seasons 2 and 4. Very disappointing.

170. Buzz Cagney - August 29, 2013

The Extra’s will be like the movie itself, you get a 4 year wait while it loads then, ultimately, you wonder why you bothered watching it at all.

171. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - August 29, 2013

I had been toying with the idea of buying the Blu ray version, even though I don’t own a Blu ray player. One of my sons has a games console that plays Blu Ray discs, so I had thought I would just borrow that from time to time.

It seems now, it’s not worth the bother. I’ll settle for the DVD when it comes out for my region.

172. shamelord - August 29, 2013

Maybe Paramount is supporting illegal download

173. Nemesis4909 - August 29, 2013

I am positively disgusted by this. I’ve made no secret of the fact that I hate this movie, I find it to be insulting to Star Trek fans everywhere.

I find it ludicrous that they’re spreading out the extras across different retail versions in the hopes that people will drop, what? $100/£100 (I live in the UK) buying the same film 4-5 times.

I can get behind retail exclusives like the Vengeance model, a model phaser, the steelbook etc. I even understand the slightly higher price 3D version, those are all fair enough but having to go elsewhere because you want a commentary or certain special features is just plain wrong.

This isn’t the first time this trick has been pulled. “The Avengers” or “Avengers Assemble” as we have it here was released here missing key features like the Joss Whedon commentary. Luckily I was heading for a dream break in New York last December so I was able to wait and buy the US version (actually called “The Avengers” too).

Games do it too with exclusive content that you get to “download” depending where you buy it from. Often the download is only a few kbs in size meaning that it’s just an unlock for content that’s already on the disk so when you buy a game you can’t access the other stuff that’s already sitting on that disk because you haven’t bought it from everywhere that sells it. There was also the infamous day one DLC for Mass Effect 3 that actually had an important character in it. Does that seem right to you?

I had no intention of buying Star Trek Into Dumbness anyway, as far as I’m concerned it’s not really Star Trek so my collection isn’t missing anything but reading this has cemented my decision to not buy it. If I didn’t like the film then what special feature do I want? The only thing I’d be halfway interested in is the commentary so I can hear Abrams making excuses for this atrocity for 2 hours.

Isn’t it ironic how Star Trek is about this utopian future where people aren’t motivated by financial gain and they fleece us for every penny we’re worth just because we happen to love something? There will be those who buy every version and Paramount knows that. This is blatant exploitation and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Everyone should boycott this release until we get what we really deserve.

Rant over, I apologise.

174. MJ (The Original). - August 29, 2013

“Isn’t it ironic how Star Trek is about this utopian future where people aren’t motivated by financial gain and they fleece us for every penny we’re worth just because we happen to love something? There will be those who buy every version and Paramount knows that. This is blatant exploitation and it shouldn’t be allowed to continue. Everyone should boycott this release until we get what we really deserve.”



! ! ! ! !

175. I am to Smurfy - August 30, 2013

I have another question,
If the studios don’t have shipping, packaging , and manufacturing costs with Digital downloads or streaming why is the cost just as much as it is for the bluray
And why is it more than the cost of the DVD?

176. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013


Because their marketing department has foretasted that the price they are charging will maximize revenue.

Pricing for this stuff bear’s little relation to the actual cost of anything.

177. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

….I am starting to think that nuTrek peaked with Trek 2009, and the rest is going to be downhill from here on out. Think of Hanna Montana becoming Gene Simmons within 6 years– same deal for Trek..

178. Nemesis4909 - August 30, 2013

@174 Thank you MJ, I’m glad my words found you well.

I agree that nuTrek seems to have peaked with 09.

179. PaulB - August 30, 2013

#177 MJ (The Original) “…I am starting to think that nuTrek peaked with Trek 2009, and the rest is going to be downhill from here on out.”
STID is proof of this.

180. Jim Nightshade - August 30, 2013

So the third n last movie will be worse than stid? If so on the plus side we aint gonna care bout or want the bonus features by then haha…maybe we wont even want the movie….n here some of us are worried there wont even be a third movie….self fulfilling prophecies anyone? Sigh….

181. Jim Nightshade - August 30, 2013

yah bd lives big promises regarding bonus content never really even came close to fulfilling its potential….the bonus stuff was lower quality harder to download n they didnt upkeep it either…a disappointing joke really…kinda like for a while disney had a wesite that letnyou stream movies u bought n they barely started it before ending it…so it doesnt make me confidant bout streamings future…if disney found it tough to do how long will we have services like et al? Enjoy it while it lasts…im beginning to doubt any of it will last…disney had the right idea..dvds u buy should be available to stream as well but it must be too expensive …maybe in the future bonus content may meet a similar fate…

182. ObsessiveStarTrekFan - August 30, 2013

Now, here’s something interesting for the Aussies… Big W is advertising the Star Trek Into Darkness (3D Blu-ray/Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Copy) (3 Discs) Blu-ray on pre-order for $48AUD.

The Special Features Big W is advertising are:
– Villain Piece – Opening Sequence Piece – Movie Magic Piece – Bad Ship Piece – Makeup/VFX/Allen [sic – I think they mean Alien…] – Post Production Piece – Making of Piece – Fan Contest Piece – Mission Continues Piece – Deleted Scenes – Bloopers – Easter Eggs – Roundtable

That seems to be more features than I thought were available on the US versions (still no commentary, though)…

If that advertising is accurate, I might have to re-think just getting the DVD. I won’t be pre-ordering, though – I’ll want to read the back of the case myself before deciding whether I’m prepared to commit to spending $48.

183. Picard, Jean-Luc - August 30, 2013

This is actually really really REALLY crappy of Paramount, I mean do they expect us to pay for multiple versions of the same movie just so we get these extras?

It didn’t work with Transformers, Its going to work even worse with Star Trek… Has Abrams just walked away from Trek now because I wouldn’t blame him one bit. Paramount have shown just how shit they are at running a franchise as important as Trek.

I’d rather see Disney buy it.

184. Matthew - August 30, 2013

That’s just asking people to download it

185. TigerClaw - August 30, 2013

It sucks when the studio do this, Releasing a bare bones version of a Blu-Ray, only to release a special edition version a couple of months later.

If the Itunes version has the commentary, I wonder if the Bluray with the digital copy which contains a code to download from iTunes version comes with the Extras. I had bought Blu-Ray movies that had the iTunes version which also came with the iTunes Extras.

186. swpinsent - August 30, 2013

@184… I was wondering the same thing… for me the commentary is my favourite feature. I’m considering cancelling my pre-order, but it puts me in a tough position – I wanted a 3d version, and I want a commentary. For now I’m going to wait and see, hopefully more info will come before my Amazon Phaser set ships.

187. Dave in RI - August 30, 2013

My, my, have we become a spoiled lot!

I remember when we had to plunk down $90-$100 for a movie on VHS.
And it was considered a luxury if the movie was letterboxed.

188. jus_wonderin - August 30, 2013

“The bombing of the London archive, Harrison’s attack on Starfleet HQ and the ship-to-ship space dive late in the film.”

SPOILERS!!! Damn!!!

189. Colin - August 30, 2013

Walmart in Canada is offering the bare bones version with a Klingon Mimobot. What is a mimobot?

190. swpinsent - August 30, 2013

Mimobot is a usb flash drive… there are a bunch of star wars ones, and others from other things… my mind is blank.

191. Randall Williams - August 30, 2013

I hate to remind people of their oversight regarding only three movies.

Chris Pine accidentally let it slip to a reporter that he has a contract
for FOUR Star Trek films.

You can Google for it as I do not want to post a URL here according to
Pascale’s blog guidelines.

Let me Guess … 2020 for the fourth film?
(There is a pun in there for you)

192. John from Cincinnati - August 30, 2013

Paramount has no feelings whatsoever towards the real Trek fans that have supported this franchise for well over 40 years. Paramount figuretively game us the middle finger when deciding to reboot the franchise, another middle finger when the cast doesnt show up for convetions, another middle finger with this witholding of bonus features for the STID release, another middle finger as they are just trying to squeeze every last dollar out of us “nerds”.

Well, if Paramount wants my loyalty back, get a real director with no lens flares and put the franchise back in the prime universe. Give us a “real” prequel of Kirk, where we see his early days on Tarsus IV, a serious minded student, and his working his way up through the ranks.

193. ME!! - August 30, 2013

In other words, wait for the special edition later.

194. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2013


“My, my, have we become a spoiled lot!

I remember when we had to plunk down $90-$100 for a movie on VHS.
And it was considered a luxury if the movie was letterboxed.”

Dude, that’s simply no excuse for Paramount’s current greed. And besides, I never paid $100 for a video tape. Not once.

195. Spock's Bangs - August 30, 2013

#173. “I find it ludicrous that they’re spreading out the extras across different retail versions in the hopes that people will drop, what? $100/£100 (I live in the UK) buying the same film 4-5 times”

I don think its a cash grab…it’s absurd to think anyone would buy the same movie over and over again just to get extra content. I think the studio is trying to wean us off of so much extra content so eventually, when you pay to stream and get NOTHING extra, it won’t be as much a shock.

196. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2013


“I don think its a cash grab…it’s absurd to think anyone would buy the same movie over and over again just to get extra content. I think the studio is trying to wean us off of so much extra content so eventually, when you pay to stream and get NOTHING extra, it won’t be as much a shock.”

Either way, it’s greed. Pure and simple.

197. RichCD - August 30, 2013

#177 NuTrek peaked when George Kirk flew the Kelvin into Nero’s ship. That scene was awesome. But from that point on, it has been straight downhill.

I would cancel my pre-order if I had made one. But I hope to never again lay eyes on this abomination calling itself Star Trek, and am honestly surprised at the number of fans that did like it. This movie so f-ing stupid – from the underwater Enterprise to Pine’s ‘resurrection’, the number of dumb things in this movie is staggering. I say ‘Pine’ because Kirk would never act like he did. Kind of like the rest of the characters – hardly any of which are anything like their TOS counterparts. Except for Karl Urban – and I actually feel sorry for him.

198. star trackie - August 30, 2013

197 ” This movie so f-ing stupid – from the underwater Enterprise to Pine’s ‘resurrection’, the number of dumb things in this movie is staggering. I say ‘Pine’ because Kirk would never act like he did. Kind of like the rest of the characters – hardly any of which are anything like their TOS counterparts.”

Rubbish. Get our of Next-Genland and watch TOS for awhile, your perceptions have been severely tainted, as proven by that ridiculous statement.

199. blue - August 30, 2013

this entire thread needs to be forwarded to the kind folks at Paramount.

200. Charla - August 30, 2013

Just cancelled my pre-order from Amazon (Blu-ray, DVD and digital copy)

I truly wanted to support Star Trek after the movie, but have to draw the line here. Will wait for it later. Thanks for the heads up and saving me the frustration I would have had I received it!!

201. Dave in RI - August 30, 2013


“Dude, that’s simply no excuse for Paramount’s current greed. And besides, I never paid $100 for a video tape. Not once.”

Never said it was an excuse, it’s just an obsvervation. When movies became available to home video, there were no extras at all and it was mostly full screen pan-scan versions too. And for the record, although it’s true prices fell to the $20-$30 range later on, when movies were first offered on VHS, they were in the $90-$100 range. I’m talking late ’70s to early ’80s.

202. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013


Hey dumbass,

We are talking about the horrid blu-ray marketing cash grab here — not about you trolls getting your 110th shot to blast the movie.

Shut the F up with your nuTrek hate. Wrong topic.

203. Granite Trek - August 30, 2013

Welp, won’t be buying the Blu-Ray after all. I can patiently wait the requisite time and get the Blu-Ray via Netflix to watch it. Sure, I have to then return it, but I can always put it back on the queue when I feel like watching it again.

204. Commodore Kor'Tar - August 30, 2013

I have been a supporter of the new universe films since day one. But after this turn it is safe to say I won’t be buying a bare bones home version. Let me know when the special edition with many bonus features and commentary tracks gets made.

205. Daddy Todd - August 30, 2013

I just cancelled my Amazon order for the $80 exclusive pack with the phaser reproduction. Seriously, if I’m only getting half the package, the addition of a chrome-plated phaser doesn’t make up for the lack of CONTENT.

206. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

56. Matt Wright – August 30, 2013
FYI: TrekCore has more information about the STID bonus content. It looks like all the content was made in-house at Bad Robot, not at Paramount Home Video, and Bad Robot got to dictate the terms of use over the bonus content. So they seem to be the ones who purposefully (or otherwise) screwed consumers over.


207. RichCD - August 30, 2013

#202. Um, I was agreeing with you. You posted that NuTrek was going downhill. Why the vitriol? This was the first time I personally have posted anything about this movie. Stay on topic? Okay, the bonus material is just another example of what I consider to be egregious and continuing mistreatment of the fans and the franchise by the powers that be. The whole thing is a cash grab, not just the Blu-ray

208. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2013


I agree with MJ. This is a complete slap in the face by Bob Orci and co. They made us wait four friggin’ years — and combined with the lack of marketing and a blatant cash grab with the bonus features fiasco — it turns out Bad Robot was behind it all.

And no, I don’t think Paramount is off the hook, either. To suggest that they would have absolutely no say in the matter is just the studio passing the blame. Both parties are responsible — it was Bad Robot’s idea to screw over the fans and Paramount obviously didn’t stop them from doing so. Paramount could have stepped up and ordered Bad Robot to release all the special features on one release, or not release them at all.

So in essence, Paramount was complicit in this. This just plain sucks, and obviously this puts the future of the film franchise in doubt.

F*CK YOU, Bad Robot!!!

209. Jonboc - August 30, 2013

#205. “Seriously, if I’m only getting half the package, the addition of a chrome-plated phaser doesn’t make up for the lack of CONTENT.”

Oh yes it does! Can’t wait to get mine! lol

210. Red Dead Ryan - August 30, 2013

Of course, I wonder if this bit of news is the reason that Bob Orci has been silent lately? He obviously knew all of this would come out, and I doubt he’d look forward to having to answer our questions.

211. Jonboc - August 30, 2013

“My point is, I think it’s fair to say that Bad Robot was involved in the split VAM decision, and it’s naive to think otherwise – because at Paramount, it’s JJ’s world. If anyone is disappointed in the Blu-ray, criticize the responsible parties – not only the ‘faceless’ studio.””

…Says the anonymous studio contact. I give the statement as much merit as it deserves.

212. Sybok's Secret Brother - August 30, 2013

I think we should give the $$ we were going to use to buy a copy STID and instead, donate it to Star Trek Continues:

STC actually gets Trek. Thank you folks!!

213. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

“…Says the anonymous studio contact. I give the statement as much merit as it deserves.”

Maybe its the same one who told us it was Khan 1.5 years ago.

Tell me, Jonboc, how did you and most everyone else here ignoring that inside contact work out for you on the Khan info?


Yea, I thought so. ;-)

214. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

@210 “Of course, I wonder if this bit of news is the reason that Bob Orci has been silent lately? He obviously knew all of this would come out, and I doubt he’d look forward to having to answer our questions.”

Yea, RDR, that explains why Bob has completely disappeared.

215. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

@207. Sorry, but I think we need to stay on target here. Let’s try to give this boycott some momentum. Bitching about the movie itself under this topic is counterproductive.

216. MJ (The Original). - August 30, 2013

..but sorry for venting on you. Just very upset over all of this.

217. VinnyJ - August 30, 2013

For the first time since 1980 and Star Trek: The Motion Picture (See the colon in the title) on VHS, I’m not buying this Star trek film. I’d rather give the money to Star Trek Continues. They respect Trek, and the fans.

218. Ciarán - August 30, 2013

My ass is sore and Bad Robot are responsible.

219. John - August 30, 2013

I won’t be buying it

220. John from Cincinnati - August 30, 2013

I’m seriously over nuTrek. I cringed and tried to live with it, but with Bad Robots hands all over this fiasco I AM DONE.

Going back to watch REAL Trek, Enterprise on Netflix. Hopefully someone can get this gem of a series renewed for a 5th season.

Bye bye JJ et al.

221. Vultan - August 30, 2013


Reevaluating the quality of the movie itself might help with this news. It was a bit of a mess, as was the marketing, and now the Blu-ray.

So at least they’re consistent!

222. Sean4000 - August 30, 2013

Icing on the cake would be a last-minute decision to re-encode in MPEG-2 and lossy audio.

Wouldn’t surprise me at this point.

223. Gone2Disneyland - August 30, 2013

From TrekCore’s review:

I can hear your response now: “Oh, I’ll just wait for the inevitable ‘ultimate edition’ of Star Trek Into Darkness, with all of this stuff in one package.” Well, I wouldn’t hold my breath – Paramount hasn’t shown any interest in repackaging bonus material sold to different retailers into a combined release in the past, and with so many separate parties involved this time around, it’s unlikely that it’s going to happen anytime in the foreseeable future.

I called it! He sees the same evidence – or lack thereof – that I do. No STID Ultimate Edition. Period.

@Star Trek Family, love your quote!

“They should call this Blu-Ray, Star Trek into Darkness- (The search for more money)!”

224. Jeff - August 30, 2013

I suspect that their main goal is to release another version in a year or two with all the extras and either charge extra ($45?) or sell for the same price and just hope that first purchasers will also purchase the second release.

Hopefully they’ll have abysmal sales on this first version and regret the decision. I certainly plan to do my part in making that happen.

225. Jeff - August 30, 2013

It would be nice to read in the next couple of week where Amazon is announcing that a few hundred pre-orders for Star Trek Into Darkness had been canceled.

Such an announcement would really drive home (to Paramount and Bad Robot) and give more wide spread media attention to how unappealing this marketing decision really is to consumers and especially serious fans.

226. Jonboc - August 30, 2013

Ah, come on MJ, really?

“….It’s possible – and this is speculation – ….
…the other possibility is…….could Bad Robot have sought out those exclusive deals? Possibly.,… even if Paramount drove the decisions…. I think…”

Give me a break. Pure and utter speculation by an un-named insider….sigh. I honestly can’t believe there is credence being given this conjecture. And believe what you want…wish what you want…but at the end of the day…THIS report…the one Matt posted…remains that, nothing but conjecture. It may fuel the fire nicely but I won’t be contributing to it.

Aside from that…whoever actually DID concoct this whole cockamamie “retail exclusive” fiasco…and I’ll admit, it COULD have been Bad Robot…really needs to have their head examined. There has to be endgame to this that we’re just not seeing….it’s way too stupid a move for Bad Robot to make, and even too stupid for the bean counters at Paramount. There has to be something else in play here.

227. Colin - August 30, 2013

I think that the people at Bad Robot saw Star Trek as a avenue to greater profits. I am sure not how much their respect for the franchise is genuine or liip service. And, I am not sure if they actually respect the fans.

I have difficulty justifying their decision to make fans think they are getting a deal when they get “props” with the film when those “props” were “hand-me-downs” from other companies and that those “props” were not newly created.

I am so glad thad Bad Robot has no say about the TV side of Star Trek. CBS, for its faults, has shown respect for the fans and their staff are populated by people who have shown their dedication and love for this franchise.

228. Matt Wright - August 30, 2013

Just an FYI the new details from TrekCore have been clarified in our article. The anonymous source is NOT from within Paramount.

229. Elias Javalis - August 30, 2013

I am disappointed too. Its clear that they aim towards the Foreign Market..!

I mean, i ll spent 80 Dollars for the American Blu-Ray – Phaser which its supposed to be best of the best.. But no, they had to put IMAX footage and more Extras into the German Blu – Ray.

For gods sake even the Greek Blu Ray will have more extras..!!
Anyway, good for them..

And why do i get the feeling that we are gonna see a Complete Edition in the near future..!

230. I am to Smurfy - August 30, 2013

202) Once again I agree with MJ, this is not the place to bash the film.
This is about voiceing displeasure with Paramount and apparently Bad Robot ripping consumers off with a sub par physical disc release.

I just want to add that those who are planning on purchasing the best buy release for the streaming extras, Streaming bonus features have a way suddenly and quietly disapering without any warning from the studio.

231. Craig - August 30, 2013

Boy, this movie just gets worse and worse. I have a feeling we will see all the extra’s gathered together in a nice mkv in the coming weeks. As well as the German video remuxed with english audio in mkv form as well. This is one time I fully support that method just to say fu to bad robot and paramount.

232. I am to Smurfy - August 30, 2013

If the German version ends up being region free, I will import it from
But otherwise I am not buying the us release day and date.

233. wi-kiry-lan - August 30, 2013

trekkies and their money are soon parted but real trekkies don’t care about nu-trek. the studio obviously thought the old rules still worked.

234. Jim Nightshade - August 31, 2013

Although possible i find it hard to believe bad robot is behind this..their fringe series had tons of bonus material for every season…

235. Optimistic Doodle - August 31, 2013

Forget BR. Isn’t there an old fashioned ‘paper’ (art book) coming out?

236. Tenchi56 - August 31, 2013

So, paramount is getting all the blame, even though it says in he article this was a bad robot decision? Come on people.

237. Curious Cadet - August 31, 2013

@234. Jim Nightshade,
“Although possible i find it hard to believe bad robot is behind this…”

I don’t. If the rumor about Abrams clashing with CBS over merchandising is to be believed, this is Abrams’ only opportunity to increase his profits on STID — and why else would he be doing Star Trek?

He’s not a Star Trek fan, so what loyalty does he feel to the fan base? Considering his statements and many of his choices in the last two films, I’d say not much. Then there’s announcing his jump to Star Wars just before the marketing campaign started on STID, turning into one big calling card for his move to Disney and a competing franchise.

Paramount can’t be happy about it either. According to reports Paramount had a very poor relationship with Marvel, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see their relationship with Abrams turning sour — the fact an anonymous source inside the studio would leak this little tidbit could mean they are trying to shift the blame onto their producing partner, or it’s legitimate and they are trying to save their reputation. Ether way they are throwing Abrams under the bus, and that can’t be good for any working relationship.

I’d say everything I’ve seen is Abrams cutting his ties with Paramount, starting with a big public middle finger back in December. Or maybe he’s just playing hardball with them, either way, he’s going to grab as much money as he possibly can if he’s on the way out.

This is all speculation of course, and nobody knows the terms of his deal with Disney, but Bad Robot may be involved in producing all 6 of the planned initial films, and Abrams could end up directing a least 3 of them tying him up for the next decade. Lucas basically retired after producing 3 films. So why would Abrams even need Paramount? When he’s as big as Stephen Spielberg, Paramount will come crawling back — or there will be a regime change who has no beef with Abrams. Either way, win win for Abrams — lose lose for Star Trek.

238. SoonerDave - August 31, 2013

So BR and/or Paramount expect me to chase all over town (or online, I suppose) to buy six, ten, or who knows how many variations and permutations of the “bonus” content have been created?

That really strikes more to their perception of just how obsessed the BR/Paramount people perceive the JJTrek “fandom” to be – that they apparently (obviously?) think that’s *precisely* what they’ll do to get every possible extra nibble of content. Sorry, I’m not that pathetic.

I may just reconsider picking up this title at all. If I pick it up on sale somewhere, somehow I’l just have to figure out how I can possibly live and breathe without all the “extra” content. Whatever I miss, I miss.

As Capt Kirk once said, “As we say on earth, c’est la vie.”

239. Elias Javalis - August 31, 2013


yeah, its probably for the best to choose the German Blu-Ray! If it wasnt for the Phaser i would buy it from a Greek Store in my country!! And who knows, Greek – German Editions might be the same!!:):)

240. C Zenko - August 31, 2013

Okay, here is what you do, go down to your local DVD or Blueray sales place and buy the hq blue ray Wrath of Khan, it’s a better movie than Into Darkness. And could send a message to Paramount about what we want. No more JJ Trek.

241. Ahmed - August 31, 2013


Simon Pegg Clears Up ‘Star Trek’ Fan ‘F— You,’ Is Accused of Lying

“Simon Pegg has walked back his “fuck you” to fans who voted his “Star Trek: Into Darkness” as the worst-ever Star Trek movie. The only problem is, that might be as truthful as the rumors that Pegg will be appearing in the upcoming Ant-Man film.

“Can I just please point out, following a few recent headlines of ‘Simon Pegg says ‘f–k you’ to Star Trek fans,’ I was doorstepped by a journalist very early in the morning who told me that Into Darkness had been voted the worst in a poll or something,” Pegg said in an interview with Collider.”

The journalist in question was Huffington Post’s Mike Ryan, who quoted Pegg as saying: “a lot of hard work and love went into that movie, and all J.J. wanted to do was make a film that people really enjoyed. So, to be subject to that level of sort of, like, crass f–king ire, I just say f–k you. Not you, but the people who said that.”

On Wednesday, Ryan responded, tweeting:

“Learned today that I showed up on Simon Pegg’s doorstep early in the morning to ask about Star Trek. This was actually said in an interview.

I suppose “doorstep” equals a scheduled interview at the Waldorf Astoria and “early in the morning” equals 3:45 p.m. So, sure.

Seriously, actors in movies realize that we actually *record* interviews with audio devices, right?”

Ryan has threatened to post the audio of the interview, but said he was waiting to hear back from Pegg’s publicist first.

242. Kiernana - August 31, 2013

Cancelled my order on Amazon for the phaser edition. Don’t feel at all bad about it. I’m sure in a couple years they will release another version anyway with all the extras, and I can always get a phaser on it’s own. My only reason in getting the Blu-ray to support the franchise, but if I’m only getting bare-bones extras for what is more-or-less a cruddy remake of a fantastic film, forget it. We need to send a message to Paramount AND Bad Robot in the only language they under$tand.

243. Phil - August 31, 2013

Note to self: Paramount has reached a new low.

244. Phil - August 31, 2013

Patience, dear people. Don’t buy any disk, STID will be on the FX network soon enough.

245. Phil - August 31, 2013

Other Phils have surfaced, I see.

246. VOODOO - August 31, 2013

Pathetic way to treat the loyal fans…How can a high profile Blu-ray release like this not have the commentary on the disc?

Do they honestly think people are going to go out of their way to search for all this bonus material?

247. dswynne - September 1, 2013

I just bought the Amazon VOD version of STiD. I’m fine w/o the Blu-Ray stuff, since I don’t have a Blu-Ray player to begin with. And pirating any film is WORSE than what Paramount is attempting to do to the fans. Oh, well…

248. Elias Javalis - September 1, 2013


I wish i could download via Itunes. Not Available in my country yet!

249. Jim Nightshade - September 1, 2013

237 Curious Cadet….valid points well made sir, you may very well be right…kinda sucks that its the fans that seem to be the ones payin the prices….and i agree the timing of jjs/disneys annoucement couldnt have been at a worse time, effectively moving interest from trek to wars…i wondered if it was on purpose n maybe jj was pissed off at trek or maybe paramount..that was before we heard those rumors about the battle for trek control….sigh

250. ironhyde - September 1, 2013

$30 and it’s got no bonus features? Disrespectful to the extreme.

Put it at $10 and let it be– and for the sake of all that’s holy stop putting digital copies on things so you can add more to the price. Digital copies are spyware and useless. Get that spyware off my discs and out of my life. Sell me the DVD on it’s own, 1 disc, for $10.

otherwise, this is movie’s release is a scam.

251. ironhyde - September 1, 2013

*blu-ray not DVD. Sell me the blu-ray on it’s own, 1 disc, for $10

252. Brevard - September 1, 2013

Paramount and Bad Robot put out a crappy movie and now a really crappy Blu-ray. Who is really surprised by this? Somebody stop JJ before it’s too late. The powers that be just don’t care. They want Trek fans to buy every conceivable version of this movie so they get wealthier and wealthier as they give us worse and worse movies.

253. Charla - September 1, 2013

#247 couldn’t agree with the two of you more.

254. Charla - September 1, 2013

just to clarify, 20.00 for 42 min of bonus material on blu-ray, dvd and digital download.

I think it is a fair price but it has been trimmed down since 2009’s movie, kind of like the ice cream half gallons getting smaller and other items?

I cancelled my Amazon order but do plan to get another if the bonus features are better than what Amazon had.

I also re-read the comments about the decision of JJ and George Lucas to talk about the Star Wars take over, and think that the news would have also served Star Wars’s Lucas to take away interest from Star Trek’s newly released movie to place attention to Star Wars.

I am glad STID did well as it did and hope to not have to wait 4 yrs for the next.

255. Mitchell - September 1, 2013

@10. kmart:
“Not that I was going to buy this POS anyway, but this bit of news alone would have kept me chanting, ‘won’t get fooled a-GAIN!’ ”

My exact thoughts.

256. Carlos Teran - September 2, 2013

This isn’t such a good movie to begin with and now I’ll have to buy it on VUDU and iTunes to get the extra content. This happened to me before with The Amazing Spider-Man and Prometheus (both Mexican releases were bare BR discs), and the second screen iPad app full content was an exclusive for the US iTunes store.

257. Disinvited - September 2, 2013

#155. Colin – August 29, 2013

In the old days, double bills would be packaged by the same distributor to shore up a weaker flick’s take by pairing it with a stronger one. The ticket credit going to the weaker. As Z did poorer domestically than STID, I see no other way to interpret this but as Paramount perceiving STID as being the stronger of the two which is fascinating.

258. Michael - September 2, 2013

Just went to Canada Best Buy to drop $25.00 for their store excl. w/ 30 min bonus content disc(as apposed to USA online streaming option), and they were SOLD OUT! Damn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

259. Keachick - September 2, 2013

#256 – If you say that it isn’t such a good movie anyway, why do you have to buy any version of it?

What – you guys buy stuff that you know is not to your liking – well, because?…

Wow – to have so much disposable income and yet so little common sense.

Holy moly. Brainfarts galore around here…

260. Commodore Adams - September 2, 2013

Its the Best Buy blu-ray steelbook for me.

Pathetic and upsetting that the special features are split up. The 2009 blu-ray special features disc was beyond impressive. I was expecting the same for Into Darkness.

Also disappointing that the IMAX ratio was cut. Do they honestly think that it will confuse people!? It worked wonderfully in The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises, the IMAX scenes looked amazing in high def on my 50″ plasma.

I am seriously questioning the sanity of Paramount.

261. I am to Smurfy - September 2, 2013

Walmart is the steelbook, best buy just has the stupid
exclusive cover, and the cinemanow streaming bonus features(that are availble for free right now to anyone on cinemanow)

262. I am to Smurfy - September 2, 2013

Because Keachick even disapointing star trek, is better than no star trek.
Again to me it was a disapointing movie, you might not think so and thats fine but for me it was disapointing, but I was still willing to buy it.
For now just going to wait for confirmation that the German release is region free, since its being reported now that the German release contains the shifting aspect ratio.

263. I am to Smurfy - September 2, 2013

257) and yet out of the two World WarZ is the only one to actually have its sequel allready greenlit.
to me that is fascinating.

264. Curious Cadet - September 3, 2013

@260. Commodore Adams,
“Also disappointing that the IMAX ratio was cut. Do they honestly think that it will confuse people!?”

You realize the new CGI shots composed for the TOS remaster are 16:9 too, yet CBS chose to crop them 4:3, right?

265. Andy - September 3, 2013

Oh, my god. So if you decide to buy the film from Apple, they have decided to give Benedict Cumberbatch’s character his real name and not John Harrison. Now I know by now most trek fans who will buy the movie have already, but just imagine Mr and Mrs Nobody want to buy a film from Apple, “Darling, lets buy that new Star Trek movie”, “No point, it says here, Khan a super human, blah blah.”

Absolutely no clue!

Exact quote “When a ruthless mastermind known as Khan (Benedict Cumberbatch) declares a one-man war on the Federation, …..”

266. I am to Smurfy - September 3, 2013

Curious Cadet,
Not the same thing at all, 4:3 has always been TOS intended aspect ratio.

The shifting aspect ratio for Into Darkness is the intended way to view into Darkness.

Nice try though.

267. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 3, 2013

This reeks on ice; it looks like a money grab. The DVD of 2011’s “Tower Heist”, that I picked up at Wal-Mart for five bucks, has a decent amount of features. That disc has (among others) a commentary track, two alternate endings, an interview featurette, and a featurette about the car that’s the centerpiece of the movie. Paramount is known for only thinking of the bottom line, and not its customers. By the way, how is that Epix channel working out for them? My cable company still won’t carry it, four years after it signed on.

268. pilotfred - September 3, 2013

ive brought the blu-ray from sainsburys in the uk,it has the 30 minutes,no com track,plus the secound disc is only dvd not blu-ray.i will miss not having the com track however i am not buying the film from itunes

269. Anthony Thompson - September 3, 2013

I discovered an inconsistency on the Enterprise sets feature. The ship’s plaque states that it was built in the San Francisco Fleet Yards. But we all know the Enterprise was built in Iowa! DISASTER!

270. Bob - September 4, 2013

Whoever created this is a marketing genius. Think about it… a lot of us are huge fans of Trek. We bought the show when it was made on Beta tapes with two episodes each. We bought it again on VHS because that format took over the market. Then we bought the initial run DVDs that were done with two episodes each. Then we bought the boxed set DVDs that held the entire season. We then bought the Blu-Ray version, and some even bought the HD-DVD versions! The powers that be know that we will want ALL of the bonus features, with a number of us purchasing the same movie simply to have the bonus features. That’s several sales that they would not have received if they had included all features on a mass release. And think about it… what if, a few months/years down the road, they find even more and do a completely new release??? How exciting!!! (Yes, we really need a sarcasm font.) Think this fan might be done with Trek purchases for a while…

271. Curious Cadet - September 4, 2013

@270 Bob,
“And think about it… what if, a few months/years down the road, they find even more and do a completely new release???”

Try a special release around Christmas that has all of those extras and features consolidated onto one disk, as well as some previously un-released bit of footage withheld from the initial release specifically as an inducement to buy the latest offering.

And better start saving now for the 50th anniversary sets.

Obviously this silly boycott will fail (it was dead before it got off the ground). Paramount will be so giddy with all the extra money that all home video releases from now on will follow the “Abrams” profit model as it will be called. ST16 will have a dozen different releases, one for each unique retailer with only one extra feature. Their marketing slogan will be “collect them all!”

272. I am to Smurfy - September 4, 2013

271) retailer video exclusives are nothing new, it doesnt engender more sales total. Just at the specific retail store.

Most people are not going to buy the Target and Best Buy version or Itunes version they are going to buy one or the other.

Part of the retailer exculisves is so Best Buy can now say to a person coming in with a Target ad,”Sorry we are not going to price match these are not the same release”

Same goes for Wal Mart and Target and so on.

This is just an example of the biggest attempt thus far to spread out retailer exclusive bonus features.
It will continue with world war z next month as well,

273. I am to Smurfy - September 4, 2013

267) When Tower Heist came out it was the then regular price for a new release of 17.99 to 24.99

The 5.00 price point you mention is several years AFTER its release on DVD/Blu

274. Disinvited - September 4, 2013

#271. Curious Cadet – September 4, 2013

Actually, if I recall correctly (IRON MAN 3 being the most recent example) they ARE producing different versions for different markets in the theaters before they even get to home distribution.

I should have seen that coming; if the studios were willing to make so many different versions for OTA broadcasts, does it really surprise that they’d do it to the actual theater runs eventually as well? Come to think of it I recall in my youth there was always talk that G rated movies actually had what my society regarded as “racier” scenes added for european distribution so the practice may not be as new as it seems.

275. USSEXETER - September 4, 2013

So is there a verdict of what release is better? Are people going with Best Buy or Target?

276. Disinvited - September 4, 2013

#275. USSEXETER – September 4, 2013

Me? I’m holding out for the 50th Anniversary commemorative edition but I suspect it may only be available as part of an outrageously priced boxed set.

277. gavabot - September 5, 2013

I want a STID commentary track with Brannon Braga and Rick Berman tearing it apart.

278. Michael - September 5, 2013

Ok, I am officially INSANE I have on it’s way from Target Online, the Blu ray. I also just won the USA Best Buy Excl. version off ebay yesterday. I have a source in Canada who’s gonna score me a BB Canadian excl version, that unlike the U.S. version, has it’s extra on a physical copy, not a download stream! And beings as the word is the German version HAS ALL THE CONTENT PRODUCED for this release…..I took a MAJOR GAMBLE and preordered the Germany Amazon copy too! In hopes the discs are somehow region less like many UK titles are. And that the extra’s/(commentary) are the English produced versions w/ simply sub-titled text. No guarantees, no real info., shot in the dark blind faith. I may regret spending $34.03 and get a completely worthless BD I can’t view @ all! But I wanted to have it in hand and see if a F’ing miracle is possible. If these ARE region less, word will hit and fans will flock to the Germany site to score this version. I pray I haven’t just bought 3 very expensive beverage coasters! I bought the 3D BD/DVD/Digital release. The street date there is 9/12.

279. Marja - September 5, 2013

Criminey. Glad I read this; I was planning to buy it soon but nevermind. I’ll just wait for feature things to show up on YouTube and buy the basic basic disc when it goes to a discount price instead of any Blu-Ray [which I don’t have the equipment to play anyhow]. Didn’t the Blu-Ray have the exclusive “chance to win a trip …”?

Although I really was hoping to be flown to England to attend the premiere of the live orchestra performance of the STiD soundtrack … o well.

The sort of marketing Paramount did for this film in the US was unconscionable. This is a result.

I think it may be JJ’s way of saying “Screw U Paramount/CBS – if you can’t agree on distribution of AUTrek merchandising rights and give me a multi-platform distribution deal, I’m’a make the buck$ where I can. Nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah nyeah”

That, and giving STiD the big “screw U” when, during the red carpet premieres all over Europe, he was answering more questions about Star Wars than Star Trek … he has mightily displeased me. A bolt of lightning your way, sir! Lightning, I say! BOOOM!!!

280. George - September 6, 2013

I made a mistake pre-ordering this becuase of the SCREWING Paramount is givng us with the release of the Blu-ray and DVD. And if Paramount thinks that I will buy all the EXTRA SHIT they are putting out for download and other releases they can forget it!

Thanks Paramount, that’s the way to treat the people that have supported this studio and Star Trek for almost 50 years.

281. Anthony Thompson - September 6, 2013

280. George

Cancel your pre-order, homeboy. That’s what I did. I’ll pick it up at Target.

282. Trek Tech - September 6, 2013

No thanks…screw you JJ and Paramount. Vultures.

283. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 6, 2013

If you must have this movie, wait until it hits the $5 DVD/$8 Blu-ray bins at Wal-Mart. Like I did with “Tower Heist”. Usually that happens when the flick has been playing on the cable movie channels for about a year.

284. Nick - September 6, 2013

Call me old fashioned, but I’d rather call me “lazy”. If Paramount and Bad Robot think that I am going to scamper around the market to piece together all the bonus material . . . . well, it ain’t gonna happen. Maybe they should split the movie in half and release it on two different discs? Or maybe offer the movie in 10 sections online and the consumer can piece together only the bits that they liked in the theater? Or maybe they can pour a tall stiff one and regret this mistake in a few months time.

285. A Trekkie that is pissed! - September 7, 2013

Paramount. You have ruined the movie! I know so many people that are not going to buy the movie now. Including me! I want to see everything with out having to spend $100+ just to get 5 or more movies that are all the same! They should be ashamed of themselves! If they want more money then they should try and find it another way. This is going to get them nothing!

I don’t know what they were thinking!

Maybe they might make a Christmas special with everything in a pack. That would be awesome and I know people would buy it. It would probably be more money but it’s better then having extra DVDs taking up your home space!

They are ruining Star Trek! Next movie that comes out they better not do this! It’s pissing everyone off! You would think they would be smarter then this!

286. drkmater - September 8, 2013

I canceled my pre-order. This is greed, pure and simple.
I have a HD rip that will hold me over, until they get their act together with a proper release.

287. Bob Casper - September 9, 2013

I too have cancelled my preorder and will just live the down load, until the release an edition that has it all.

288. Michael - September 9, 2013

Ok, we all know now that Paramount and or Bad Robot farmed out most of the extras to stores exclusives/online. I have the Target copy coming tomorrow in mail. Someone on this list is scoring me a Candian Best Buy copy. I bought a Best Buy USA copy off ebay. I also preordered the German version from Amazon. My source claims the German release SHOULD be regionless and play in my standard U.S. Blu Ray player! But the only version that has the unedited ratio of IMAX footage is the 3D combo version from Germany along with “ALL” the produced extras, featurettes/audio commentary! Now my main question is…….fingers crossed the Germany version plays in my machine…..since it’s 3D, will my standard BD player be able to read and playback the disc or not???????

289. NuclearWessels - September 10, 2013


From Trekcore:
Update (Sep 10): What a mess! We received the German 3D Blu-ray “Super-Set” today and unfortunately must report that the content is exactly the same as the standard US release. Paramount Germany’s official press-release for this set incorrectly stated that the Target Exclusive VAM would be included along with the full-sized IMAX aspect ratio presentation.

290. Adam Bomb 1701 - September 10, 2013

I still have yet to see this movie. Also, I’m a customer of Time Warner Cable. They are offering customers a free on-demand movie (through 10/31) in the aftermath of the nasty Time-Warner Cable/CBS dispute. I’ll use my freebie to watch “ST-ID”, and not give Paramount a dime.

291. Michael Johnson - September 10, 2013

Hey, Abrams, Orci and Co…no money from me until Commentary is on the blu-ray. And screw your retailer-favoring tactics. Screw. Them.

292. Nixx - September 10, 2013

I have to say that reading this review suggests to me that what is behind this is greed on the part of those organisations responsible for creating this movie. From what I understand this movie has made a profit but someone has made a decision to ignore what many fans would want. All I can say is what my gran used to say “you reep what you so”. The people here feel ripped off andnot excited by what you have done. How sad on you that you put more value on more profit over giving those who paid your profit something to enjoy. Sad day! is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.