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Star Trek: Enterprise Season 3 Blu-ray review January 11, 2014

by Matt Wright , Filed under: DVD/Blu-ray,ENT,Review , trackback

We have come to Season 3 in the Blu-ray release schedule, this is the season many feel Enterprise became a show worth watching. Season 3 contains the season long arc of the Xindi threat. It also contains some great one-shot stories outside of the main Xindi narrative such as “Twilight” and “Similitude”, and a couple of pretty lame ones too, such as “Extinction” which is called “one of the singularly most embarrassing episodes of Star Trek I’ve been involved with” by Brannon Braga in the documentary on the set. Read on for the full review of this generally excellent season.

The Episodes

Fresh off the injury to Earth in “The Expanse” at the end of Season 2, Season 3 starts off slowly with our crew angry and hurt, but with very little information about the Xindi. The crew is so desperate to find anything about the Xindi they make a bad deal with a shady mining boss to interview a member of the species. The region of space where the Xindi live is known as The Expanse, and it is filled with unstable areas that wreak havoc with Enterprise. Little-by-little pieces of who the Xindi are get filled in. The Xindi are actually a group of five different species, and not all of them are in total agreement with the idea of eradicating another species (humans).


Mid-season the sense of urgency gets heightened. The Andorians drop in and lend a hand (though they have ulterior motives) and help gather data on the next test weapon in a “proving ground” where the Xindi weapon designer Degra is overseeing a next generation test. Degra is nabbed by our heroes and tricked into revealing the location of the production facility for the final version of the weapon.


Time is of the essence, and at every turn Enterprise takes a beating, it’s stopped dead multiple times this season.


One of the dead stop episodes creates the circumstances for one of Trek’s better ethical dilemma episodes “Similitude”, where Trip is critically injured and needs a synaptic replacement, the only choice they have given their distance from home and their urgent mission is to clone Trip using a technique which makes a clone that lives 15-days. Of course as he “grows up” it becomes much harder for Archer to turn around and sacrifice this new version of Trip dubbed “Sim.”


Eventually Archer convinces Degra that humans are not the enemy, and the last few episodes are a nail biting race against time to get to the weapon and stop it before the Xindi-Reptilians and Xindi-Insectoids, intent on Earth’s destruction, activate it.


Audio and Video Quality

The audio is once again generally excellent DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 mixes. It helps that Enterprise is the most modern of the TV series and so was produced with surround sound in mind. Season 3’s focus on action and adventure often puts the surround sound to better use than previous seasons.

As to the visual quality, Season 3 looks very much like Season 2, the live action elements generally look good, but there is also an inherent softness to many of the shots, especially when on the bridge. So those hoping for a sharper presentation than Season 1 or 2, you’re out of luck, we’ll have to wait until Season 4 for that it seems.

However, when the lighting is good, outdoor scenes are the best examples, things look pretty detailed. As usual Michael Westmore’s alien makeup designs are amazingly detailed and definitely stand up to the scrutiny of high-definition. The Xindi-Arboreal and Reptilian make-up is incredibly detailed.



Season 3’s CGI appears to be all rendered at 720p (or better), only the periodic reused stock shots of Enterprise at warp from Season 1 are obviously low quality.


That’s not to say that it’s all perfect, the increasing use of CGI for landscapes, factories, and now characters (i.e. Xindi-Aquatics and Xindi-Insectoids) means that the 10-year-old television budget computer graphics looks its’ age at times. It’s still generally just fine, and can look downright amazing at times.




Bonus Material

As with Seasons 1 and 2, all DVD bonus content is ported over, this includes deleted scenes, commentaries and featurettes.

New audio commentaries – “Impulse” with David Livingston and David A. Goodman
“North Star” with David A. Goodman and Chris Black
“Similitude” with Manny Coto and Connor Trinneer
“The Forgotten” with David A. Goodman, Chris Black and Connor Trinneer
“Countdown” with Chris Black and André Bormanis


On disc 6 is another excellent three part documentary, which we’ve come to expect from the Blu-ray production team of Roger Lay Jr. and Robert Meyer Burnett.

The documentary covering Season 3 is called “In a Time of War” (broken into three 30-minute sections – Part 1: Call to Arms, Part 2: Front Line, Part 3: Final Conflict).

“Call to Arms”

Scott Bakula talks about how the Xindi season arc gave the show a purpose, season 1 and 2 had been floundering about.

Phylis Strong says that Season 3 wasn’t directly influenced by 9/11 (Season 1 was released only a couple of weeks after 9/11), but that the shift in the American psyche couldn’t be ignored. It took about two years until it didn’t feel so fresh as to be a sore spot, so the writing team could address it with a little bit of distance and perspective.

UPN wanted more action, TV shows and movies in general, were getting darker in tone, and they wanted to see Enterprise shift as well.

Mike Sussman wishes it had been the Romulan War for a season long arc, not the newly fabricated Xindi.

David Livingston discusses the franchise feeling stale and how great it was that they brought in huge Trek fan Manny Coto during Season 3 as a co-producer for shot in the arm.

Manny Coto talks about how frazzled Branon Braga was when he came in, he could tell Brannon felt stuck with writers that weren’t working. Brannon Braga says what he needed from the first day of Enterprise was Manny Coto. Manny says he’s a Trek nerd, while Brannon was just a fan of Trek. Braga says that he went through a bunch of writers who just didn’t get Trek – he says in Season 2 he had a writer that had no idea how communicators worked, yet claimed he knew Trek.

“Front Lines”

We hear from those on the front lines – the actors. This section is very candid.

Jolene Blalock opens this segment discussing how getting Enterprise was huge for her, she was cast as a relatively new actress (she had been a model until the age of 22), she says she grew with show as an actor and as a person.

We hear extensively from John Billingsley and Anthony Montgomery, the actors didn’t know what the length of the Xindi arc would be, but they knew it was going to be a big change for the show. Anthony Montgomery talks about how he would hear from fans about how the first two seasons felt much like Voyager and that they couldn’t really do much to change that as just actors, but they wanted to very much. The actors say that they started to hear rumblings about cancelation during Season 3’s production. Jolene talks about how Rick Berman and Brannon Braga weren’t very accessible.

Connor Trineer talks about being affected by 9/11 and wanting to do something more meaningful than being an actor in that time of need. He says through Tripp’s dealing with his loss of his sister, he as an actor got to work through some of his own feelings about 9/11. John Billingsley says he had a hard time with Archer throwing a captive in the airlock and using it to extract information, which he felt wasn’t fitting with Trek ethics. Season 3 for him walked a fine line veering close to saying that the end results justify the means.

“Final Conflict”

Brannon Braga starts the segment saying that he takes full responsibility for Season 1 and Season 2, and was happy to see Season 3 move forward to where they wanted to go. John Billingsley talks about how making CGI characters was new and cool but of course couldn’t really hold up to the CGI of a big budget movie, which was a little bit of a catch-22 due to the inevitable comparisons between a limited budget TV show and blockbuster movie. Dan Curry and Ron B. Moore discuss how visual effects technology had evolved, using CGI for nearly all effects was new, and doing it on a budget wasn’t always perfect but it was trailblazing to do what they did with a TV budget.

Randy Oglesby (Degra) and Dan Curry talk about dealing with, and interacting with, stand-ins for CGI characters on the set.

Randy Oglesby talks about his character Degra and being happy to be a reoccurring guest actor with a rich backstory and arc from weapons maker to human sympathizer. Oglesby was good friends with Scott MacDonald (the actor who played lead Xindi-Reptilian Commander Dolim), and in their their first show together their character’s roles weren’t very defined, so they made an actors decision that the Reptilians and Primates weren’t exactly friendly with each other, and the producers seem to have noticed it and went with it.

UPN, ever youth focused, wanted to kill off Archer, and have a new younger captain come in for the next season. Rick Berman had to push back on the network to keep him for Season Four.


There is a second shorter documentary (~20 minutes) called “Temporal Cold War: Declassified”

Matt Winston (Daniels) would ask the producers if his character was being honest with Archer, but he also knew there were things being unveiled and as yet un-written, so he mostly left it alone. He’s also happy to be a reoccurring thread throughout the seasons. He also talks about being part of a bigger Trek universe, and fandom, and loving meeting fans.


Brannon Braga says the Temporal Cold War was put in because the studio wanted a future element, they didn’t like the straight prequel idea.

David Livingston says he doesn’t think the Suliban threat really paid-off, they’re just sort of hanging around as agents of the cold war.

John Fleck (Silik) talks about being Silik, the challenges of his makeup (giant contact lenses!) and costuming, and how he was very happy to be a guest actor on TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT.

Matt Winston, corroborating what we heard from Jolene Blalock in part 2, talks about how he never had a writer available to him, whereas in most productions the head writer is a show runner, so he or she is on set. So any questions about a character or dialogue tweaks/changes it would have to be sent over to the production team and they would have to hold production and wait on set for a response.

Braga brings up the idea that they kicked around the idea that “Future Guy” might have been Archer, manipulating himself from the future.

More Season 3 Images








1. Jack - January 11, 2014

I got bored — did we ever find out who future guy was?

2. Mike C. - January 11, 2014

I was never bored, because the show was never being boring.

3. Cygnus-X1 - January 11, 2014

I just finished watching Season 3 for the third time. It really was a huge improvement over Season 2.

Season 2, I think, is what sealed the fate of the series. Season 1, while not perfect, held viewer interest because it had introduced series, its prequel concept and the new characters. People stuck through Season 1 hoping that Season 2 would show substantial growth and improvement (as had been the case with TNG, for example). But it didn’t, and most unfortunately, many people gave up on the series and didn’t stick around for Seasons 3 and 4, during which the series improved by leaps and bounds. I noticed, watching Season 3 again, how much more voraciously I consumed it than I had Season 2. I blew through Season 3 in less than half the time it took me to get through Season 2.

Interesting about the concept of Future Guy being Archer having been bandied about, but glad they didn’t do it. Too hokey. I sure hope we get to see some more Manny Coto Trek.

4. MJ - January 11, 2014


5. Craiger - January 11, 2014

Glad to see Sussman wanted the Romulan War. I wonder if the other writers were afraid to do the RW because if a Human seeing a Romulan during the War? I think having the Romulans attack Earth instead of the Xindi. Season 4 could have been spent finding out who attacked Earth then Sesaons 5 and 6 could have been the War. Then Season 7 could have been exploring and gathering members for the Federation and the final episode could have been about the signing of the Federation Charter.

6. Rod of Rasilon - January 11, 2014

4 agreed, most of your comments ARE boring.

7. I'm Dead Jim - January 11, 2014

I have to disagree a little with John Billingsley concerning Archer torturing the Xindi in the airlock. I remember that being a dramatic turning point for Archer as he wrestled with the decision and how it pained him afterwards. It was terrible that he did it but with Earth facing imminent destruction, what choice did he have?

8. Platitude - January 11, 2014

It didn’t always feel like Star Trek per se, but Season Three of Enterprise is great television.

9. Odkin - January 11, 2014

This is the season that killed Enterprise. “Protracted story arc” does not work in Trek. If season 4 had been season 3, that might have prevented the audience from walking away.

10. CmdrR - January 11, 2014

Felt as though the Xindi arc dragged on way too long. The longer villains whirl their mustaches, the less terrifying they are. In the end, only Dolim was a real villain, unless you count the Xindi-Insectoids. It could have been a great half-dozen eps spaced throughout the season, without the endless hunting for info stuff. Also, Jolene being reduced to a crack ho was a little much. I enjoyed the freshness and unpreparedness elements of Season One better. Season Four gave us some great writing. Yes, I think the series should have continued, but that’s not gonna happen.

Ah well…

11. The Fonze - January 11, 2014

Wow thanks for bringing something valuable to the conversation.

Its fine we get it you don’t like Enterprise but you dont have to troll the enterprise threads announcing that dislike

12. Aussie Ian - January 11, 2014

I am counting down until season 4 on blu-ray. The only Enterprise season I will buy and watch all 23 episodes (These Are The Voyages was a TNG holodeck episode plain and simple. Not an Enterprise episode) where Trip Lives for further adventures in the 6 year gap before TATV.

For me the Xindii never worked but the character and script improvements definitely lift this season quality.Harbinger was my favourite episode. Reed’s fight with Major Hayes and Trip’s love triangle were a great mix in the one episode.

On a negative note, why did they even put Daniels in Zero Hour? He is just annoying. The only way he could be more annoying would be if he was a talaxian!

13. AdmNaismith - January 11, 2014

You mean to tell me the Romulan War could have been a season-long arc?
>face palm<

Oh, man…

The XIndi thing was OK, but no one was going to remember the Xindi like they do the Romulans.

#9 @Odkin- you are so right.

Still Similitude is great television no matter how you slice it.

14. pilotfred - January 12, 2014

i loved season 3 and 4,now if only the first two season was half as good.
as for the boring comment did you watch the episodes? i take person saying it lasted to long never did get into ds9 then!!!!!!

15. Daniel - January 12, 2014

ENT wasn’t always great, but god I’d give my left hand to have Trek back on TV again. And I’m left-handed : )

Trip was a stand out character, big time.

16. Weerd1 - January 12, 2014

There’s a lot of good stuff in season 3, but I think it needed one last element. At the end of the season the Xindi superweapon should have been the TOS Planet Killer. Have Archer and the gang wipe out it’s programming or kill the pilot, etc. and the thing wanders off on its own. Ot perhaps they think it’s just s dead husk and it fires up later, something to that effect. Would have been a nice payoff to what is actually a pretty interesting season that needed more of a hook. Personal opinion, and again there is some great stuff in this season.

17. pilotfred - January 12, 2014

the doomday machine,yeah that may have been well cool,i like your thinking on that,the only episode i dont like or dont understand it in the season arch is the western episode,nice job of sorting out the civil rights to the planet however was their a big weapon at some unknown time set destory earth

18. Rastaman - January 12, 2014

I agree with John Billingsley about the torture scene in the pressure chamber defying Trek ethics. I recall watching the episode with some close friends, and their dad sat with us during the episode. After his youngest son saw that scene, he pulled him aside and talked to him about why it was wrong and told us all he would not watch Star Trek anymore. He was a huge Trekkie and it kind of shocked me.

I hated that scene too because with all the news surrounding waterboarding and the Bush administration’s use of torture at the time, it took the side of the neo-cons and their justifications. Roddenberry would never have approved that scene, and Star Trek ultimately appeared on the wrong side of history when Abu Ghraib became public only a few months later. However, I suppose it did get people talking about the issue which is good.

19. Cygnus-X1 - January 12, 2014

13. AdmNaismith – January 11, 2014

—The XIndi thing was OK, but no one was going to remember the Xindi like they do the Romulans. Still Similitude is great television no matter how you slice it..—

I actually liked the Xinidi, once I got over the silliness of the Aquatics swimming around the underwater interior of their spaceship and so forth. The main Reptilian dude was a great villain. Degra was very good, too. The episode where Archer confronts the Arborial engineer and convinces him to sabotage the trellium-D was very good, classic Trek.

One nitpick I have is that, for such an important and prominent group of species in the history of Earth and Star Fleet—killing 7 million humans, nearly succeeding in blowing up the Earth—the Xindi were never mentioned (for obvious reasons) in the entire history of Trekdom prior to the series, Enterprise. Things like this are one of the obvious drawbacks of canon, and an advantage of the alt universe premise of BR’s Trek.

The reverse of that…I did appreciate how they developed the Andorians in Enterprise, that species having been introduced but never developed in TOS.

9. Odkin – January 11, 2014

—This is the season that killed Enterprise. “Protracted story arc” does not work in Trek. If season 4 had been season 3, that might have prevented the audience from walking away.—

What doesn’t it work in Trek? A lot of people seemed to think it worked in DS9.

20. MikeTen - January 12, 2014

I agree with #5. Craiger, It should have been the Romulans instead of the Xindi who no fan had heard of before the end of Season 2 of Enterprise. Either that or the Romulans could have ben behind the Xindi attacking Earth and just used the Xindi to do their dirty work.

21. Damian - January 12, 2014

1–One of Christopher Bennett’s Department of Temporal Investigations novels revealed who future guy was.

Season 3 pushed the envelope for Star Trek, which I thought was an improvement. It’s sort of amusing, some fans complain Star Trek was stale at this point and wasn’t doing anything different. Then they tried something different here and fans complain Star Trek never did that before. Do you want something different or not?

I thought it worked reasonable well. I do agree the Romulan War would have made a better storyline there, though historically we learned the War lasted 4 years, and they never knew if they were going to last to the next year.

There was a season long story arc, but there were plenty of individual episodes during season 3 that had little to do with the Xindi threat. I always thought “Impulse” made a great Halloween type episode, “Similitude” was obviously one of those episodes Star Trek has always been know for, the ethical dilemma, and “Twilight” was another great non-Xindi story. “Extinction” was obviously the weak point of the episode, but even the best TV series out there have clunkers.

I always thought Enterprise was an improvement over Voyager. Bringing Manny Coto on board was a good call, but too bad they didn’t find him in Season 1. He may have helped keep things on track from the very beginning.

22. Commodore Adams - January 12, 2014

It seems like simple transfers from a master copy or just upresed somehow. It does not seem like they went back to the negatives as they did for TNG. In my in my opinion 90-95% of TNG on blu-ray (except for the odd soft, fuzzy, pixelated shots) looks far better than Enterprise on blu-ray. Even TOS (a mix bag of visuals) has far better clarity in many of episodes, especially when you can see the stitching on the insignia on a close up! Enterprise looks slightly better to me as when I was watching it on DVD and my blu-ray player did the upscaling. When looking at the rank pips and other small details its noticeable. I know a lot of the stock CG Enterprise ship shots don’t look that great, but in Broken Bow when the Enterprise is pulling out of dock, it looks fantastic! Its sharp, its clear, the colour saturation and contrast looks great. That is what I expect.

That being said, I still love it. Seasons 1 and 2 had those exploratory qualities. Season 3 pushed the captain and crew to the limit. Season 4 was for the fans. There is nothing about Enterprise I would have changed…..except 3 more seasons.

23. Craiger - January 12, 2014

I wonder how Enterprise would have been with Coto and Sussman incharge?

24. The Fonze - January 13, 2014

Matt can we get an updated Star Trek nemesis deluxe edition score thread?

Its a great release featuring not only at long last the complete nemesis score, but all the source music and the full 3 and half minute version of Brent Spiner singing Blue Skies.

25. James - January 13, 2014

@18. I agree with you about the torture scene. I mean, can you imagine Kirk or Picard acting that way?

I’ll always feel regret over Enterprise, because I loved Quantum Leap – and I have huge respect for Scott Bakula. But the wonderful sense of humanity that he imbued Sam Beckett with, is completely missing from his wooden and often stilted acting in Enterprise. The guy just never seemed to be able to relax into it.

26. TUP - January 13, 2014

@25 James – I hate to agree with you but you hit the nail on the head. I love Scott Bakula but he was all wrong for this part.

The idea of replacing Bakula is interesting and might have injected the show with something fresh. I would have promoted him after seasn 3 and had the actor on recurring status. Bring in a more Kirk-like young “cowboy” Captain…

And count me among those that HATED this stupid “arc”. It was like Braga or whomever decided to copy DS9 with no idea what made DS9 great.

27. Matt Wright - January 13, 2014

@ The Fonze – Has it shipped yet? Last I saw the soundtrack wasn’t shipping yet. It was still a pre-order sort of thing.

28. pilotfred - January 13, 2014

personly i lopved the arch,it gave the program purpose,yeah the torture scene was,however they did kill millions of people and were going to kill even more,so it did ask the question is it ever right

29. Vultan - January 13, 2014

#25 #26

I agree. Bakula was great in Quantum Leap. Odd he couldn’t settle into the Archer role. I can’t help but wonder if Connor Trinneer would’ve been a better choice. At least Trip had personality.

30. Matt Wright - January 13, 2014

I think part of the problem is how they sold Archer to Bakula. He was told Archer was going to be John Wayne-like. But of course Trek isn’t actually a Western, especially in the B&B-era. So it became a sort of hodgepodge of ideas for the character.

31. Cygnus-X1 - January 13, 2014

I never liked Bakula as Archer while the series was on air, but I’ve grown to like him more upon repeat viewings. Keep in mind, Archer was a very different character from Bakula’s character on Quantum Leap. Archer wasn’t supposed to be a laid-back babe in the woods. His job was to be a strong leader and accomplish his missions. He was supposed to err on the side of being an uptight hard-ass. Especially when the stakes were high, like during all of Season 3. So, I’m not sure that “relaxing into the role” would have fit the part, though I do understand the complaints about him. Perhaps another actor would have achieved a more comfortable middle of being assertive and aggressive while also not seeming wooden.

32. Cygnus-X1 - January 13, 2014

…and, maybe, as Matt says, the qualities that people don’t like about Bakula’s Archer are partly attributable to poor direction and conceptualization of the character.

33. TUP - January 13, 2014

I found Bakula’s portrayal was very stilted, like he was clearly “acting” as opposed to being natural.

Enterprise as a concept was flawed from the beginning. The moment they called the ship Enterprise, they were doomed.

34. The Fonze - January 13, 2014

27 It has shipped
Got my copy in the mail on Saturday, its a great release.

35. The Fonze - January 13, 2014

Besides the Full Version of Blue Skies, there is also a great little track at the very end where Jerry, and director Stuart Baird (who had been Friends with Jerry since the days that they both worked on the Omen) thank the orchestra for their contributions to the film. a very touching final track for the set.

36. Son of Captain Garth - January 13, 2014

Yay . . . . season three, or as I like to say, “The massive plot hole that swallowed Enterprise.” Season 4 was just about the only watchable one of the series. Each other season had a few good shows, but that’s it.

37. Dunsel Report - January 13, 2014

Yeah, the torture thing was an unfortunate relic of the times, wasn’t it? Around 2002, everyone thought it was really provocative to ask, “Wait, isn’t torture worth it sometimes??” just like they were doing on TV. And of course they would come up with the same answer, which was “yes.” In retrospect, setting up pro-torture scenarios in our entertainment was a lot less provocative than we all thought, and even more dated than “A Private Little War.”

As a wonderful Slate magazine article pointed out, the correct Star Trek response to the issue was “there are four lights.”

38. Horatio - January 13, 2014

I thought season 3 was great SF television. Debatable if it was great Trek but still a great season.
However the season was all blown away with space Nazi’s in the season finale. Good Gawd.

39. Cmd.Bremmon - January 13, 2014

I thought bad future guy was Braga/90s Roddenbery trying to eliminate evidence of how exciting TOS was versus the bland TNG while Archer was aided by “Wagon Train to the Stars” Roddenbery from the 60s (“a phaser is a gun”). Ironically Braga’s intervention in the time line failed as Enterprise resulted in the JJ Verse bringing back the TOS characters and environment reminding everyone just how tragic Star Trek Generations was in taking the death of an American icon and making it as boring as possible could be.

40. Matt Wright - January 13, 2014

Yep when in doubt “space Nazis” ugh! Such a terrible idea. No surprise, much of the same writing team did it with VOY first. I mean you can tell they were just trying to quickly wrap up the Temporal Cold War and get on with the prequel stuff they really wanted to do (I believe they have said as much in interviews). Big thanks to UPN management for insisting on future Trek stuff being thrown in…

41. Cygnus-X1 - January 13, 2014

The whole future/temporal-cold-war arc was pretty half-baked.

The alien dude from “one of the factions” fighting the temporal cold war just sort of popped in and out of the series for a quickie during those two Nazi episodes. We didn’t even learn the name of his species. He was pretty cool lookin’, though.

42. Riker's Mailbox - January 13, 2014

Brannon Braga takes full responsibility for Season 1 and Season 2, and he should. He should also take responsibility for the show’s failure. He was the show runner. It is remarkable for him to say now that Manno Coto should have been there since day one and that Braga was merely a ‘fan’ and not a Trek ‘nerd’. To create a prequel for a beloved franchise with a rich history is no easy task, and to think that you can do it successfully without having a staff that knows and understands this rich history means that you are full of hubris and ignorance. What was this guy thinking? How could you possibly weave a pre-history of Star Trek without having a comprehensive game plan? A plan that connected the dots and did so in a thrilling way. It still baffles me to this day.

So the studio wanted a ‘future’ element. Fine.Star Trek episodes have sent characters back in time to change history. If that’s the case, than whatever these time-travelers change must lead up to the Original Series world that we’re all familiar with. The best you could come up with was a ‘temporal cold war’? What does that even mean? How did this connect the dots? The answer is it didn’t. Berman and Braga should not have taken on this project because they were not adequately qualified or prepared for it.

43. Craiger - January 13, 2014

Sounds to me that Paramount/CBS was incharge of Enterprise and they hired writers that knew nothing about Trek and would go with what they wanted and B&B wasn’t. Maybe that is one reason why we didn’t get the RW? Maybe we should cut B&B some slack. Braga said he needed Coto in the beginning.

44. Craiger - January 13, 2014

Could it also be that Paramount/CBS really wanted Enterprise for younger viewers and not just a general audience? Epecially wanting a younger Captain.That could be why it looks like they ignored the experienced Trek writers and went with writers that knew nothing about Trek but they knew about the younger audience?

45. Robman007 - January 13, 2014

What is a Drazi doing in Star Trek?

46. TUP - January 14, 2014

What I really hate about Enterprise is that it killed the concept. A Prequel concept was so exciting and could have revitalizes Trek. But they left it in the hands of people that simply didnt “get” Trek.

Whomever was the person or persons responsible at Paramount/UPN who saw the set designs and concept art and didnt wonder how this was a prequel also failed miserably.

They got the uniforms right. Thats about it.

47. Horatio - January 14, 2014

I still believe that the prequel concept – done correctly – would kick some major Trek arse.
Sadly, the window of opportunity for that has come and gone.

48. pilotfred - January 14, 2014

i honest loved scott in the role

49. Lore - January 14, 2014

After watching the Captain’s Panel on Utube, I realized something everyone else probably knows. Shatner and Bakula have some interesting things in common. Both of their Trek series were cancelled. Neither of them had to “READ” for the role(all other Captains had to audition), they were known actors who were actively sought for the roles. Both of their shows were moved to Friday night to kill them off.

50. Danpaine - January 14, 2014

Did Patrick Stewart actively pursue the role of Picard? I thought I read they kind of had to twist his arm to take it, but I can’t find anything like that online.

51. Son of Captain Garth - January 14, 2014

If I recall correctly, he was approached after performing some Shakespeare in the States and was invited to audition. I think he was reluctant until his agent did the math and saw the dollar signs and convinced Stewart that it wouldn’t last very long, to go ahead and take the cash.

52. Lore - January 14, 2014

He said he was afraid to take the role, and after he took it he was constantly scared they would fire him. But, yes he did have to audition. They did go to him for the part but he was the final choice of a long process. He said he had this talk with the cast early on, telling them they were not there to “Have Fun”. They were there to do a job. He said the rest of the cast wore him down over time. Its ironic that they wrote the Picard character that way. He didn’t go play poker with the crew until the last episode, and he said “I should have done this a long time ago”.

53. tronic307 - January 15, 2014

This show could have been awesome if the differing agendas of the pre-Federation civilizations played more of a role, if spaceflight seemed more realistically difficult and if the arc and world building for the series had been planned well before the show started filming. They could have had more political intrigue that the viewer saw first, but the crew had to innovate a solution to. They should have built the Federation piece by piece from the beginning of the series, through the networking efforts of the crew of the Enterprise.
All of that was sort of there, but you had to cut though a lot of filler to see it. As to advancing the overall plot, most episodes were wasted.

54. Damian - January 15, 2014

46–I actually thought the set design was pretty good. Zimmerman and his staff were tasked with creating a less primitive ship than the original Enterprise, but making it look futuristic from our time.

That was a tall order. The original series is my all time favorite, but lets face it, the set design from the 60’s would be laughed at if done today.

They made the ship feel much more claustrophobic, with the narrow, rounded corridors and smaller crew quarters. And the ship didn’t have all the technology of the original Enterprise (no shields, less advanced weaponry, using shuttlepods that were smaller and more cramped then shuttlecraft, no tractor beam, a bulkier warp engine). The ship still had a number of push buttons, displays that had a radar look to them, these were other things that looked more primitive. Also the ship itself looked bulkier, not the nice streamlining you saw 100 years later.

But they also did a good job making the ship look more advanced than what we have today.

I thought Zimmerman achieved a good balance between making a futuristic ship after today that backtracked from the original Enterprise as much as possible without looking laughable.

55. Damian - January 15, 2014

40–Agree with you there. I just watched the Voyager episodes “The Killing Game” and while on a holodeck, it was a lot like the Enterprise episodes. Obviously one of the writers had a WWII fetish.

All of season 3 was basically a temporal cold war event, though it was much more in the background. After Silik’s future guy friend gave them information, they kind of let it fade. Daniels return brought it back to the forefront briefly, but it returned to the background.

The season 4 opening basically seemed to me too, a way to just put an end to the temporal cold war once and for all. They probably felt they needed to close that chapter. I almost wish they just confined it to one episode though.

Even the DTI books noted that the temporal cold war went dormant following those events.

56. Jim Nightshade - January 16, 2014

hmm i understand the fathers response to the shocking torture scene….in its defense it was trek trying to be topical before archer n starfleet came up with rules n regulations…this was not a more civilized time…learning from mistakes…i thought bakula did great gritting his teeth on a difficult decision that probably haunted him….bakula had a tough role being the first captain…i think it was well done…his dislike of vulcans based on them holding his dad n humanity back from the stars then almost proving why the vulcans may have been right…archer wasnt very likable at first on purpose…he had to learn to realize much more bad out there in the universe than he thought…just as he started to loosen up the zindi arc happened….it was slow going but i think bakulas acting was great cuz he was a laid back likable dude in quantum leap…by the 4th season he was becoming wiser n less volatile…having a legendary vulcans katra in him had to have some effect…but even i must admit that the mirror universe episodes were my fave….bakula made an evil archer the best…i wished the whole series woulda been mirror universe….hahhah….didnt have as much fun watchin trek since kiras mirror character which was delightfully evil in deep space nine….i think archer didnt seem like a good captain because he was more human less trained–hid captain helped starfleet to make the rules..he had plenty of good character as well loyal to earth n starfleet n his crew as any other captain…often throwing himself into dangerous circumstances for ship crew and earth even tho he didnt like doing so n let ya know about it..again less likable n diplomatic but more human….bakulas acting was great you werent supposed to like archer as much as kirk or picard at least at first…imho

57. Cygnus-X1 - January 16, 2014

I found the torture scene appropriate and thematically effective.

Firstly, remember that “Enterprise” is set not only prior to TNG, but more than 100 years prior to TOS. Star Fleet captains would naturally have been somewhat less “progressively-minded” in their ethics during Archer’s time than during the time of Picard and Janeway.

Secondly, nothing less than the entire planet Earth and the existence of humanity was at stake. Refusing to violate certain ethics for the sake of saving humanity would more likely have left Archer rather lonely with his ethical consistency as all but a few hundred humans were annihilated along with their home planet. The question of the greater good was definitely relevant in that situation, and Archer chose the greater good over ethical consistency.

Thirdly, Berman et al must have been receiving quite a bit of mail and comments during the run of Voyager relating to Janeway’s habit of constantly sacrificing the well-being of her crew and jeopardizing their lives so as to avoid possibly inconveniencing some alien culture. This recurring theme over the first few seasons of Voyager, more than anything else, turned me off of that show. Eventually, around Season 4 or so, Berman et al got the message and started addressing the issue by writing it into the stories—crew expressing anger over Janeway’s command decisions which did a disservice to her own crew, rebelling against her, and so forth. They even had Janeway learn what one might call “the opposite lesson” in the VOY series finale, where she’s bent on violating the Temporal Prime Directive in order to get Voyager home to avoid Seven and other members of the crew being killed.

So, not only was Archer’s decision to cross the torture line appropriate to his situation, but it had a great deal of relevance and thematic value with respect to the Trekdom across series. And that’s good writing.

58. Cygnus-X1 - January 16, 2014

correction: with respect to Trekdom across series.

59. Schinzon's Lover - January 16, 2014

That blows me away about UPN wanting to kill off Archer. I love how these docs don’t white-wash the show’s history.

60. SkiesSeven - January 17, 2014


When you have a franchise that consistently preaches morals and values for the better part of fifty years, you don’t suddenly abandon those values and starts advocating things like torture because of a few bad ratings.

Granted, Trek had reached it’s saturation point and needed some new ideas – some of which we saw in season 4. But season 3 and the whole Xindi arc did nothing positive for the show.

61. Disinvited - January 17, 2014

#57. Cygnus-X1 – January 16, 2014

I think what confuses me is I thought torture in Trek TV had been extensively breached long before that when the Cardassian did it to Picard in TNG over the course of not one but TWO episodes? And maybe I’m misremembering it but it sure seems to me that their was a lot of screaming in agony in attempts at persuasion from the first series’ episodes on? What exactly is it that people watching thought the flying frying eggs were doing to Spock, the agonizer in MIRROR, MIRROR, The Ceti Eels, The Givers of Pain… etc?

When I consider that, it seems that it may be that it isn’t torture in Trek that has so much raised the hackles, but a presentation in where an otherwise good but desperate man would resort to it as to opposed to an obvious moustache twirler?

62. Cygnus-X1 - January 17, 2014

60. SkiesSeven – January 17, 2014

—Cygnus-X1 When you have a franchise that consistently preaches morals and values for the better part of fifty years, you don’t suddenly abandon those values and starts advocating things like torture because of a few bad ratings.

You’re assuming that they did it purely as a gimmick to boost ratings, but this ignores everything that I said about it. You’re also ignoring the bit about it being appropriate with respect to the Trek timeline, as”Enterprise” was set in a more primitive time than TNG and VOY.

I suppose you’re correct in saying that the torture scene in ENT was a departure from the morals and values which had been promoted by Trek up to that point, but is a deviation from a formula bad per se? Everyone has their own taste, but mine is that I appreciated a bit more realism and tackling of the grittier issues that Trek hitherto had been Pollyana about.

They did do a torture episode in TNG, which showed Trek at its finest, but it was the bad guys doing the torturing, not the good guys. ENT turned the tables on that theme and, perhaps for the first time ever in Trek, we got to see the good guys doing bad-guy behavior, but with good intentions. We saw it again when Archer orders the Enterprise to steal the warp core of the friendly, peaceful ship they’d met, again for the greater good of saving humanity. I think that you’re cheating yourself out of some rich Trek by dismissing these themes as mere ratings-boosters.

63. Cygnus-X1 - January 17, 2014

—61. Disinvited – January 17, 2014

#57. Cygnus-X1 – January 16, 2014 I think what confuses me is I thought torture in Trek TV had been extensively breached long before that when the Cardassian did it to Picard in TNG over the course of not one but TWO episodes?—

You’re right, they addressed torture to some degree in TOS, albeit with less moral examination about it.

—When I consider that, it seems that it may be that it isn’t torture in Trek that has so much raised the hackles, but a presentation in where an otherwise good but desperate man would resort to it as to opposed to an obvious moustache twirler?—

Could well be that for some. Controversy goes part and parcel with writing which effectively examines conventional moral views. I’m sure the writers knew that a substantial portion of the audience would take issue with Archer’s decision. Whether people approve of Archer’s decision (and the writing of that episode) or not, they can’t rightly argue that it’s a black-and-white moral issue. It’s an ambiguous moral issue, and thoughtful, compelling arguments can be made for either side of it. Again, to me this makes it good writing.

64. Lore - January 17, 2014

Everyone needs to remember what else was on TV when Enterprise aired. The Fox drama 24 was a ratings smash during the time Enterprise was airing. Agent Jack Bauer was making torture seem normal. Maybe the writers of Enterprise were big 24 fans.

65. Damian - January 17, 2014


I agree with your assessment. This was a more primitive time. But I think the there’s more to the tale too because Archer did it out of desperation (he was trying to save his planet after all).

But he also agonized over it. Even into Season 4 “Home” he was till agonized over it. He made a move that he felt was necessary, but could he live with it. This was no “good of the many” excuse. He was presented as a man who will have this haunt him the rest of his days.

I think people also forget how far Captain Sisko went to get the Romulans in the Dominion War “In the Pale Moonlight”. He kept taking that extra step, up to an including deception and even being a party to murder. This was not new territory for Star Trek by any means.

66. Matt Wright - January 17, 2014

@ 64 – It’s funny you mention 24, because both Coto and Braga went on to do 24 after ENT was canceled.

In fact Coto is currently busy overseeing the 24 mini series that’s coming to Fox later this year.

67. Cygnus-X1 - January 17, 2014

—65. Damian – January 17, 2014

62–Cygnus– But I think the there’s more to the tale too because Archer did it out of desperation (he was trying to save his planet after all).

But he also agonized over it. Even into Season 4 “Home” he was till agonized over it. He made a move that he felt was necessary, but could he live with it. This was no “good of the many” excuse. He was presented as a man who will have this haunt him the rest of his days.—

I agree.

It was a thoughtfully nuanced treatment of the torture theme. Did Archer HAVE to make that decision? If not, why did he? If so, why did it weigh so heavily on his conscience? And then, how did crossing that moral line change Archer psychologically? Did it make him more likely to cross that line again? The answer to this last question would seem to be YES, as we found out later when he orders the raid on the peaceful ship.

I found the whole concept of The Expanse, as a sort of amoral wilderness where necessity is often analogous with morality, quite compelling. There wouldn’t have been a need for The Expanse as a concept without the dire threat to humanity being the far-away Xindi (as opposed to the more nearby Romulans), and from The Expanse we got episodes and themes like the one in question with its look at good guys deciding to do bad things for good reasons which might or might not be considered morally justified necessiity, depending upon your point of view.

68. Cygnus-X1 - January 17, 2014

Having said all that, however, I do appreciate what 64. Lore has to say.

All art, be it music, literature, film, etc…, is at least partly judged in accordance with its contemporaries and with regard to the various issues and zeitgeist of the time in which it is produced. One might have felt in 2003/2004 that TV productions were jumping on the torture bandwagon, given the relevant social issues of the day.

69. Red Shirt Diaries - January 17, 2014

In about 2 years I will be able to get the Enterprise Complete Series Blu-ray set in the Wal-Mart or Best Buy $9.99 bin. That’s when I will buy it, because, unfortunately, that it about what it is worth.

70. Son of Captain Garth - January 17, 2014

#69 Well thank goodness you took time out of your busy day to come here and visit a forum about the blu-ray version of a series you don’t like. You must have a busy, important life to take the time to do this. Are you on break from mopping the bathrooms at Burger King?

Re: Torture. I thought season 3 was Paramount’s sartorial attempt to water board the fans. Oh, my God that was tedious. So tedious, in fact, that it almost numbed me to the gaping plot holes. Four was a much better season. Honestly, I did like a few episodes, but the season was a drag. The story line was kind of a pisser the whole season and we were still having the hype of 9/11 rubbed in our faces. (Remember the whole color-coded alerts we saw on the TV news every night? I wanted some escapism and I can only afford to go to strip clubs so often. Sheesh.)

71. Cygnus-X1 - January 18, 2014

70. Son of Captain Garth – January 17, 2014

Re: Torture. I thought season 3 was Paramount’s sartorial attempt to water board the fans.

Sartorial?? Maybe you got special treatment, but no one from Paramount showed up at my home during Season 3 to measure me for a suit as a ruse to waterboard me. ;-)

72. MJ - January 18, 2014


Yea, it was TORTURE to have to watch Enterprise most of the time.


73. Dave H - January 18, 2014


Agreed. Voyager and Enterprise were like Rick Berrman water-boarding all of Trek fandom.

JJ-Trek was like Seal Team Six making everything right again.

74. Cygnus-X1 - January 18, 2014

73. Dave H – January 18, 2014

Agreed. Voyager and Enterprise were like Rick Berrman water-boarding all of Trek fandom. JJ-Trek was like Seal Team Six making everything right again.

Right “again”?

Because prior to Voyager, Trek was a comic-book/action-movie franchise devoid of original science fiction premises?

Please. You can love BR Trek and think it’s good for your own taste, but don’t try to rewrite history.

75. Son of Captain Garth - January 19, 2014


Yeah, the Carlyle reference was probably a little too oblique; I’ll keep my references a little more explicit in the future. I’ll try not to be too epistemological, either.

76. ME!! - January 19, 2014

Hey that’s just great.

What’s the word on TNG season 6 Blu?

77. MJ - January 19, 2014


Still, the reason you have a JJ-Trek that your personally don’t like has a lot to do with the near-criminally boring and inane type to Star Trek we got in the last two Berman series — Voyager and Trek. JJ-Trek is the exact opposite of those shows — it’s exciting, action-packed, and sometimes is too much space opera for sure.

So blame Berman if you don’t like JJ-Trek.

78. MJ - January 19, 2014

mean: “series — Voyager and Enterprise,”

79. Romulan Commander - January 19, 2014

@77 so many purists heckling JJ, meanwhile, Episode VII’s production is rolling along and Disney is planning on how they can bombard the public with Star Wars to make them lose interest in Trek.

80. Cygnus-X1 - January 19, 2014

77. MJ – January 19, 2014

Still, the reason you have a JJ-Trek that your personally don’t like has a lot to do with the near-criminally boring and inane type to Star Trek we got in the last two Berman series — Voyager and Trek. JJ-Trek is the exact opposite of those shows — it’s exciting, action-packed, and sometimes is too much space opera for sure. So blame Berman if you don’t like JJ-Trek.

I’ll grant you that Voyager was a low point, but not Enterprise. At least, not Seasons 3 and 4, though the rot had already set in when Season 2 failed to improve substantially over Season 1, and hence, not enough viewers stuck around for Seasons 3 and 4. But most people rate Enterprise a better series than Voyager, and that shows that there was movement in the right direction.

I think a better explanation would be the Berman-era movies, which, to most people, got progressively worse after First Contact. And Nemesis is generally rated one of the worst Trek movies of all time, as we’ve discussed previously. So, in short, I DO blame Berman!

81. Matt Wright - January 19, 2014

@ 76 — TNG S6 is expected in June.

82. Son of Captain Garth - January 19, 2014

#80 Berman movies.

I agree that Nemesis was awful. To make a more direct comparison than arcane literature, it sucked more balls than a vacuum cleaner at a driving range. has a brilliant review of the film, but it was just poorly executed and riddled with plot holes that were poorly filled with rote set-ups that demonstrated a total lack of understanding with respect to the franchise. Stuart Baird should not have been allowed to use Nemesis as his test project. Of course, Insurrection was somewhat of a head-slapper as well. That ending was pure Freddie Freiburger.

83. Cygnus-X1 - January 20, 2014

82. Son of Captain Garth – January 19, 2014

I totally agree. And that review at is great. It actually makes Nemesis worth watching, just as a set-up for the StarDestroyer take-down.

84. TUP - January 20, 2014

The torture scene was fine in paper but I didnt really like the execution. I just didnt buy Archer’s descent into madness (or at least descent to a willingness to do anything).

85. Son of Captain Garth - January 20, 2014

#83 Cygnus: That response alone makes me wish you were nearby so that we could share a glass of Scotch and talk Trek. I bet you’re a hoot. BTW, I thought the bit about up-front money was the funniest.

#84 TUP: I don’t know if I’d even say it’s fine on paper–unless that paper were being used to line a bird cage. Bakula’s delivery seemed less than whole-hearted–not so much a descent into madness as much as a side-trip into annoyance. I don’t think he got great direction for those scenes, nor do I believe he was convinced about how it was executed on paper.

86. Michael - January 20, 2014

Hmmmm…Glad I waited to buy this! Just last night Amazon had a warning posting about not selling any more copies, due to many customer complaints being received about their stock. Must have been poorly manufactured. But today they are again offering this, but at a higher price!

87. K-7 - January 20, 2014


Wonderful !!!

The series content already stinks, so let’s give the fans crappily manufactured discs, and then for the final insult…drum roll…let’s raise the prices!

LOL — thank goodness for CBS that there is a Trek fan sucker born every minute. :-)))

88. Matt Wright - January 20, 2014

It wasn’t the discs AFAIK, it was the case. I’ve seen some complaints that the case came cracked/damaged from Amazon.

89. Aussie Ian - January 20, 2014

I think that we, as Trek fans are blessed with an abundance of sourse material. How wonderful it is that there is so much good trek that we can identify bad trek. When I was growing up in the 70’s (yes I’m that old) bad trek was what you called Spock’s Brain and Turnabout Intruder – not whole seasons or entire series as people whinge about today.

It’s a consumer’s right to only buy what they want and discard the rest. Your friends won’t think less of you if you are not completist and decode not to buy Enterprise in yet another format.

On the point of format releases, I resisted buying TOS on Blu-ray for years since I had the mono sound 480i pictureVHS tapes and DVD but when I saw the picture quality I was in. Only thing is, from that point on my TNG DVDs became unwatchable as the low picture quality became glaringly obvious and it bugged the hell out of me. Now I am the owner of pristine blu ray quality TOS & TNG. But that is where it ends for me. Even if DS9 and Voyager follow Enterprise onto the Blu ray format I will pass. The final season of TNG showed that the writers and producers were running out of originality in 1994. With the exception of Pre-emptive Strike, Pegasus, Parallels and All Good Things the final season was woeful with everyone’s mother Turing up for an episode (Dark Page, Interface or Inheritance on anyone’s top ten list? Didn’t think so! ).

DS9 had its moments but when exuberant Dr Bashir became a dark and brooding augment the series was forever soured for me. Less said about Borg eunuch Voyager the better. Enterprise was a mistake. Prequels never work eg Hannibal, Star Wars etc

90. Aussie Ian - January 20, 2014

I need a secretary or a ghost writer! Sorry for all the typos folks. Small phone, big fingers! … and yes I realise that I had a whinge about the latter series and became a hypocrite! Buy DS9, Enterprise and Voyager on Blu-ray when available if you want. You can improve picture and sound with a format upgrade but nothing fixes poor character development.

91. TheBlackArchives - January 20, 2014

What the hell is going on with Star Trek? Its 50th anniversary is coming up and all we’ve got is low budget fanfilms, and a third JJ produced movie in the works. I’m still recovering from the Doctor Who 50th anniversary which the BBC overdosed us with, I sure hope Paramount has something similar in the pipeline for Star Trek. Trek deserves it and so do the fans. I’d hate to see its 50th pass by with just the JJ produced Star Trek 3: Tokyo Drift and some documentaries.

92. Cygnus-X1 - January 20, 2014

89. Aussie Ian – January 20, 2014

I agree with you about TNG Season 7.

It was as if they’d made a conscious decision to abandon the writing style which had worked so well for 4 or 5 seasons in favor of an intentionally slower, more boring, uncompelling writing style—as if it was a challenge to see how boring and slow and uninteresting they could make an episode.

Being that the decline of TNG roughly coincided with the death of Gene Roddenberry, I’ve always assumed Berman was to blame for the change in direction of the franchise, which never got back up to its TNG peak performance (no pun intended) after Berman took over. I’d tune in every Sunday evening for a new episode during Season 7, and most of the time I was terribly disappointed. It was really mind-boggling.

93. Matt Wright - January 20, 2014

Actually the decline came with Pillar leaving. Roddenberry was barely involved in the show during it’s best seasons even while he was alive (remember Roddenberry was ailing during S3 and especially during S4). It’s due to Berman, as the exec producer, realizing that he needed new blood, so brought on Michael Pillar. Pillar then brought on all the talent we think of as shaping ’90s Trek: Ira Steven Behr, Ron D. Moore, etc.

94. Cygnus-X1 - January 20, 2014

93. Matt Wright – January 20, 2014

I knew that GR was sick, but I figured Berman had waited until GR’s passing to change the direction of Gene’s show. In his IMDB bio, it says that Piller was heavily involved in DS9 and VOY. I assume you mean that the decline of TNG resulted from Piller’s attention being focused elsewhere, leaving Berman alone to run TNG in Season 7?

Piller also co-wrote Insurrection with Berman.

Braga and RD Moore co-wrote Generations with Berman.

I’m getting the impression that Berman was something of a poison pill creatively.

95. Son of Captain Garth - January 20, 2014

#94 Cygnus-X1: “something of a poison pill creatively”? Not at all. If he took the poison pill, he’d just go back in time before he took it and “reset” everything, or he’d bombard it with tachyons through the deflector dish. Hell, if you’ve got those two McGuffins, what do you need creativity for? I guess that’s not true; he could also always fall back on Wesley Crusher to save the day.

What I recall from Generations was a series of whopping plot holes, listless interaction among the main cast (the few minutes with the TOS guys was much more interesting) and a wasted team-up. What I recall from Insomnia, uh, Insurrection was a contrived central premise with an unnecessarily uncompromising moral and an idiotic ending. Honestly, of the TNG movies, the only decent one is First Contact and it’s not without problems. Of the TOS movies, of course 2, 4, and 6 are best, but TMP and Search for Spock still have special places in my heart. 5 is the ugly stepchild, but I’d rather watch it than Nemesis.

96. Who cares - January 20, 2014

Remembering DeForrest Kelley on his (and my) birthday January 20th. He is missed.

97. Cygnus-X1 - January 20, 2014

95. Son of Captain Garth – January 20, 2014

I agree with you (and the majority of people) on the TOS and TNG movies. I watched STIII recently, inspired by some people here who rated it highly amongst Trek movies, and…I’d have to watch STVI again to compare them, but STIII is pretty close in quality to STVI, though STIII has a couple of major plot holes that drag it down. I especially enjoyed the comedic scenes in STIII involving McCoy possessed by Spock’s katra.

First Contact is generally agreed to be the best of the TNG movies, but upon close scrutiny it suffered from plot holes as badly as the other TNG movies—it just compensated by being better in other respects. Mr. Plinkett’s review does a great job of laying it all out regarding the TNG movies.

98. Cygnus-X1 - January 20, 2014

96. Who cares – January 20, 2014

Remembering DeForrest Kelley on his (and my) birthday January 20th. He is missed.

Hear, hear.

99. Son of Captain Garth - January 20, 2014

#98 Cygnus-X1: What, what? Just kidding.

De Kelley was a great actor and his prickly approach to McCoy was beyond reproach. However, sometimes the writing failed him as an actor and McCoy as a character. How many times did McCoy accuse Spock of exploiting a situation to get command? You can only ring that bell so often before it becomes parodic. Furthermore, how can this supposedly brilliant doctor who also had these supposedly deep insights into psychology simultaneously accuse Spock of unbridled ambition, yet accuse him of being emotionless? What good is ambition to one without emotion? Also, flying off at the handle on the bridge when Spock was in command was unprofessional. He may have spoken up with Kirk, but not in front of the crew, nor with such blatant disrespect. Hell, he never did that with Scotty, either. Ergo, flawed writing.

McCoy also suffers from the era in which he was created. In “The Paradise Syndrome,” Kirk and his wife suffer from blunt force traumas. Spock and McCoy beam down almost immediately after they’re injured, yet McCoy can’t save her? What kind of quack is he? Hell, doctors TODAY could probably have saved her–let alone in the 23rd century. Of course, by Next Gen, Crusher was saving almost EVERYTHING just by rewriting DNA like it was text to be corrected in MS Word or something.

It’s a testament to Kelley’s talent that we were so drawn to the character despite the sometimes questionable writing.

100. Jim Nightshade - January 22, 2014

seth mcfarlane mentioned that despite mccoys modern medicine skills n machines he spent most of his time confirming when someone was dead….

101. Cygnus-X1 - January 22, 2014

100. Jim Nightshade – January 22, 2014

seth mcfarlane mentioned that despite mccoys modern medicine skills n machines he spent most of his time confirming when someone was dead….

You’re right, Jim.

102. TUP - January 22, 2014

A remastered Director’s cut edition of the Final Frontier might be a nice 50th Anniversary treat.

103. Anthony Thompson - January 22, 2014

8 months have passed and still not one solid piece of news about Trek 3. Well, other than Bob and those two frat boys being assigned to write it. Is it going to happen? Will it be ready for ’16?

104. TUP - January 23, 2014

’16 is getting crowded with Batman vs Superman moved there. Any delays in Star Wars pushes that back too.

105. Lore - January 23, 2014

History has proven JJ will make us wait 4 years for another Trek film. 2017 will be perfect. Chris Pine will have gotten old enough to struggle with his body weight. His hairline will have receded and a hair piece will be needed. We will finally have a proper Captain Kirk commanding the Enterprise.

106. Ronnie B. - January 23, 2014

So is this site dead now, too? First TrekWeb, now TrekMovie. Damn.

107. Kevin - January 23, 2014

@106 Most of us from TrekWeb moved over to TrekCore after TW bit the dust.

108. Son of Captain Garth - January 23, 2014

#106 Yeah, this has dried up faster than an unpaid hooker. After JJ wiped his ass on a script and released the results in May, the posts screeched to a halt because so many Trekkers lost interest.

Remember, the subject of this was supposed to be Enterprise season 3 on Blu-Ray. Interest has lasted just about as long as Justin Bieber would have lasted in prison. Too bad we’ll never get official confirmation of that. If he’d stayed, there would have been one less lonely girl.

I may have check this TrekCore thing out. It’s as dead as a K-mart in here.

109. Jim Nightshade - January 24, 2014

blue light special….for the next ten minutes only….

110. TUP - January 24, 2014

I didnt really like TrekCore but this is ridiculous here.

111. Ronnie B. - January 24, 2014

TrekCore is a pretty crappy site, and TrekToday is extremely amateurish. But at this point, they’re the only game in town.

112. TUP - January 24, 2014

Trekcore could benefit from a face lift for sure. But they do have active forums. Except, they arent accepting new members. WTF. Is it an exclusive club?? lol

113. Son of Captain Garth - January 24, 2014

They’re not accepting new members? What, are they the Hamptons of Trek fandom and we’re the sweaty, underpaid gardeners?

How could they reject members? Is this another one of those weird, “I can’t differentiate-between-fanclub-and-actual-military-organization” things where some douchebag demands to be referred to by his “rank” and thinks that those participants are under his command? I’ve met losers like that and even when they’re on duty during the night shift at Steak n Shake, they want to be called “Captain,” even if the only thing they’re captain of is the mop bucket and the dish machine.

114. Ronnie B. - January 24, 2014

#113: HA! I’ve known several freaks like that as well–they act like Starfleet is real, and as though they actual have a military background.

115. Craiger - January 24, 2014

I think Star Trek is dead. JJ left for SW and we have seen any news on the Trek 3 script and no director has been chosen. At this rate if Trek 3 is made we wont see it till 2017.

Looks like Matt has even grown tired of reporting Trek news,

116. Craiger - January 24, 2014

Sorry meant to say haven’t seen any news on the script for Trek 3.

117. Matt Wright - January 24, 2014

Sorry but between being busy, and the fact that there’s really just no news worth reporting right now, there hasn’t been a new article. For example if you look at another Trek website all you’ll see is random stuff, like reposts from hawking random merch that no one cares about, and random BS that Trek alum say online or are doing in other (totally un-Trek related) projects.

I keep meaning to do a fluff round-up, I guess I’ll do it sometime soon…

118. Diskhanbobulated - January 24, 2014

“It’s been a loooong tiiiiime…”

…since we’ve had a new article posted -_-

119. Ahmed - January 24, 2014

@112. TUP – January 24, 2014

Trekcore could benefit from a face lift for sure. But they do have active forums. Except, they arent accepting new members. WTF. Is it an exclusive club?? lol”

Yep, I just checked the forums & got this message when clicked on “Create Account”

“The administrator is currently not accepting new membership registrations. ” WTF indeed

There is nothing happening in Trek world, as most of you pointed out. Abrams is not focusing on Trek right now, as he said in a recent interview. Bob is not talking about ST XIII with the media. We know very little about the new writers & no release date or a director yet.

No wonder that most of Trek sites are not active, there is just nothing to report these days.

120. Son of Captain Garth - January 24, 2014

#119 How about a little of both? It’s like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

There’s less action going on here than in a nun’s underwear drawer. If it weren’t for the fan films, there’d be no news at all. Maybe Matt could do some sort of round-up of the remaining fanfilm organizations–at least the major ones like Farragut, Phase II, etc. Maybe we could solve the mystery of Phoenix, or as I like to call it, “much ado about not much.”

121. Kevin - January 25, 2014

@112, 113, 119 —

The TrekCore forums had a bunch of spam issues causing troubles, so they had to manually activate everybody’s registration. It’s not closed, just being monitored for site safety:

122. Craiger - January 25, 2014

I wonder if Paramount considers STID a failure and is reconsidering Trek 3? Or it wasn’t impressed with its returns? I think Paramount should have given JJ a cut of the old Trek merchandise sales instead of telling him they don’t want to get of if like JJ wanted then maybe he would have stuck with Trek?

123. BatlethInTheGroin - January 25, 2014

#115: Star Trek is dead? LOL. That’s a completely ridiculous thing to say.

124. BatlethInTheGroin - January 25, 2014

#122: Paramount does NOT consider STID a failure. You’re being melodramatic and silly.

125. Ahmed - January 25, 2014

@122. Craiger

“I wonder if Paramount considers STID a failure and is reconsidering Trek 3? Or it wasn’t impressed with its returns? I think Paramount should have given JJ a cut of the old Trek merchandise sales instead of telling him they don’t want to get of if like JJ wanted then maybe he would have stuck with Trek?”

Not likely. I’m not known for liking STID but I will say this, the movie made lot of money, at least worldwide. Rest assured that a 3rd movie is on the way, the question is WHEN, not IF.

126. Martin - January 25, 2014

It’s been over two weeks with no new news articles posted

I can think of loads such as new voyager novel is out now how bout a preview, new star trek magazine issue 48/175 is out now, plus more star trek ongoing comics, there is an interview with tim russ on about joining star trek online and his work on renagades a brief chat with chris pine on trekcore about star trek 3 and more guest are attending dstg.

there is a brief update of trek news.

127. Who cares - January 25, 2014

@Matt. Two pieces of fairly relevant Trek news I have seen in the last week.

Actress Sarah Marshal, known to Trek fans as Dr. Janet Wallace in the TOS episode The Deadly Years has died. The Dr. Wallace character can be considered a prototype for Dr. Carol Marcus as Dr. Wallace was in early drafts of the script for STTWOK before being replaced by Dr. Marcus. The reboot timeline pays homage to this by having Dr. Marcus use the name Wallace when she boarded the Enterprise in STID.

Actor Tim Russ will be reprising the role of Tuvok for the Star Trek Online MMORPG in a new “episode” (mission) available February 1st 2014.

128. Phil - January 25, 2014

@122. A failure? Probably not. Are they disappointed this wasn’t a billion dollar movie – probably. They need to address what the misfire was here, take a hard look at if they even want to release a movie in a very crowded 2016 schedule that’s bookended with Star Wars and Avatar 2, and properly position the franchise for any future movies after this cast sails off into the sunset.

It would not be the first time a successful movie didn’t spawn an anticipated sequel. They may be taking a look at the demographics and deciding that they are not attracting the younger or female audience – in which case, a retool is in order. Unfortunately, the one guy who could shed some light on this….won’t.

129. Martin - January 25, 2014

There better be a 3rd trek movie by sept 2016, I’m concerned be cause the first film was delayed from 08 to 09 and the second was delayed from 12 to 13, Star Trek needs its 50th anniversary treatment. James Bond and doctor who had big screen epics so should trek. Some People treat trek like crap it deserves better.

130. Craiger - January 25, 2014

Phil, that is what I should have said in my earlier post. Maybe Paramount saw they weren’t getting the general audience and just the Trekkies saw it with some of the general audience but not all.

131. Cygnus-X1 - January 25, 2014

I’ve been noticing that quite a bit of ST09 was taken from Season 4 of Enterprise.

The whole idea of Spock’s mother dying and Spock refusing to acknowledge that he’s emotionally disturbed by his mother’s death is from Enterprise episode 4.10 “Daedelus,” wherein T’Pol refuses to acknowledge being emotionally disturbed about her mother’s death. “Daedelus” doesn’t focus as much on T’Pol being emotionally compromised as is done in ST09, wherein it is a major plot point.

The alternate universe premise of ST09 is from Enterprise episode 4.18 “In a Mirror, Darkly,” wherein a starship (USS Defiant) from the future of the Prime Universe gets lured into the past of the Alternate Universe. There’s even a moment in ST09 where they had Uhura speak the phrase, “alternate reality” just as T’Pol does in “Mirror Darkly.” Though, the alternate universe premise, per se, goes back to TOS “Mirror, Mirror” and has been used in every Trek series since.

There were also Orion women featured prominently in Enterprise episode 4.17 “Bound,” and one shows up again as a crew member on the USS Avenger in “Mirror Darkly pt.2″.

132. Cygnus-X1 - January 25, 2014

Also, the Augment/Klingon connection from STID firstly appeared in Season 4 of Enterprise, episodes 4.4 “Borderland,” 4.5 “Cold Station 12,” and 4.6 “The Augments.”

And, obviously, the central premise and some plot points of STID were taken from TWOK.

Come to think of it, there really aren’t many original ideas in ST09 and STID.

133. Cygnus-X1 - January 25, 2014

In any case, while I am enjoying my third run through Enterprise Season 4, I have noticed more of what people here were complaining about in Scott Bakula’s approach to Archer. He seems to overdo it. It totally could be attributable to him not receiving good direction as to how to play the character; perhaps he was even given bad direction, as some Trek actors (like Garrett Wang) have complained about during the Berman years. But, I do understand what the person who complained about Bakula never quite “relaxing into the role” meant. I still enjoy his performance, and it doesn’t take me out of the moment too much, but at times Bakula does seem to be over-acting. And this is a common performance flaw that a good director, say, in a movie, would work with the actor to correct.

134. Cygnus-X1 - January 25, 2014

Ha! They even took a casting cue from Enterprise Season 4 and hired Peter Weller to play the villain in STID, not that I mind; I enjoyed his performance both as the villain, “Paxton,” in Enterprise episodes 4.20 “Demons” and 4.21 “Terra Prime,” and also as Admiral Marcus in STID.

135. ME!! - January 26, 2014

I guess the “source for everything new in Trek” hasn’t heard anything new in 3 weeks.

136. ME!! - January 26, 2014

@133: He was likely intimidated by the very big shoes he had to fill. Either that, or Berman was a little too influential on the show as he was on Voyager (and most of TNG).

@ 134: I highly doubt Abrams gave two cents about whether Weller was on Enterprise or not.

137. Ahmed - January 26, 2014

@ 135. ME!! – January 26, 2014

“I guess the “source for everything new in Trek” hasn’t heard anything new in 3 weeks.”

There is no new Trek related news at all. No movements on the movie front & there is no TV series to talk about.

138. Ronnie B. - January 26, 2014

#137: Untrue. There are new comics, new novels, actor deaths… there’s much to discuss, but as usual, TrekMovie is ignoring it.

139. Ahmed - January 26, 2014

@ 138. Ronnie B. – January 26, 2014

“#137: Untrue. There are new comics, new novels, actor deaths… there’s much to discuss, but as usual, TrekMovie is ignoring it.”

I don’t know if you aware that trekmovie is understaffed or not & that the owner of the site, Anthony Pascale, went AWOL couple weeks after STID was released last year.

Matt Wright & Kayla Iacovino are the only people updating the site & both of them have day jobs.

Most of us don’t come here for comics or novels news but for movie related news anyway.

140. Jim Nightshade - January 27, 2014

i do wonder why we never hear anything about anthony p and why hes no longer taking care of his website…most unusual as usually when a website changes at least the head honchho does explain whats going on as a kindness to their loyal supporters,..dont even need personal details….

even bob irci preferred trekmovie due to anthony and us overly impassioned both good n bad fans..

141. James - January 27, 2014

It’s a shame that TrekMovie isn’t updated as often anymore. Like people have said, there are some other good sites:

Trek BBS

I also think that some Trek fans that post here are unduly negative about Star Trek and the recent movie in general, so here are some facts that should help to change peoples minds:

According to Home Media Magazine STID was the 7th best selling Blu-Ray in 2013 selling more copies than F&F6 and Iron Man 3.

STID’s worldwide gross was $467 million dollars and the movie has an 87% fresh with critics and 90% fresh rate with audiences, so it was well received by critics.

STID is the highest attended Star Trek movie ever!

TNG continues to be released on blu-ray and sales figures – hopefully we get DS9 soon.

Now, pity the X-Files fans. They’re getting yucky upscaled video for their blu-ray release.

I love Star Trek – really hoping that TAS one day gets a CG makeover.

142. Victor Hugo - January 27, 2014

141. James –
” really hoping that TAS one day gets a CG makeover.”

That, i can see it happening, with todays softwares this can be done over a week. The voice over is complete, for pete´s sake!

Me, deep inside my head i´m still waiting for the unfinished/never released game “The Secret of Vulcan Fury”, which would have voices of all the actors.

143. Kevin - January 27, 2014


There has been movie-related stuff being posted, TrekCore wrote up about Chris Pine’s comments about ST3 and about STID getting the Oscar nomination. That’s all movie news.

144. BatlethInTheGroin - January 27, 2014

#139: I wasn’t aware you speak for “most of us” (you don’t). There are many people who come here for Trek news not specifically related to the movies.

145. Josef - January 27, 2014

#144: Agreed. That’s why I like Trekcore, they do book reviews and interviews with all the authors. Trekcore may not be the best for current news (although like many have said, there isn’t much current news!), but they do fantastic interviews and investigative journalism that no other site does.

146. Ahmed - January 27, 2014

@ 144. BatlethInTheGroin – January 27, 2014

“#139: I wasn’t aware you speak for “most of us” (you don’t). There are many people who come here for Trek news not specifically related to the movies.”

Judging from the comments on trekmovie, most of the comments are about the movies/TV series/Fan films. A few times, people comments on comics/novels. That was my point, not that I speak for you or anyone else here beside myself.

147. Scott McC - January 27, 2014

@ 141 James

Thanks for the STID performance summary. Gives me hope when reading your list that Paramount et al are enthused about a further installment. When you read news about the advanced state of other movie franchises e.g. Superman etc you could be forgiven for thinking that the studio has gone a little cold towards future Trek movies.

148. Matt Wright - January 27, 2014

I’ll be doing some new news round-ups soon.

Also instead of complaining that we’re not updating enough, how about volunteering? It takes more than one person to keep a site going, but currently that’s really all there is (Kayla is a super busy PhD student climbing volcanoes all over the world for field research). We used to have people that covered comics, novels, and general merchandise. But that’s fallen away unfortunately.
Other sites have at least a handful of people, usually people with news specialties, etc.

@140 – Not sure if you’re relatively new to the site, but I’ve talked about this a number times. We literally have no idea what Anthony is doing, if he’s OK, if he’s even still in Southern California, etc. He moved in 2012, just a few towns over, still in the greater Los Angeles area, however he didn’t give us his new address. All attempts to contact him, in every medium you can think of, have gone unanswered or were unsuccessful. Theoretically, his e-mail still works, his phones still work, but he just doesn’t answer and doesn’t call us back when we leave a voice mail or send him a text, etc. He’s gone AWOL before, but typically only for about 3-4 months. This time it is quickly becoming the better part of a year.

@ 143 – To be fair, that’s basically non-news. Pine was just BSing at a press junket, it’s nothing official in the least. But don’t worry it will be posted as an article here soon.

@145 – Yep I really like TrekCore, I wish I had the contacts/resources they do with CBS

149. Son of Captain Garth - January 27, 2014

Here’s a freebie for news: Quantum Mechanix is coming out with a new version of the JJ movie phaser. It’s not real metal this time–just plating–but it still is supposedly screen-accurate. You can pre-order at Entertainment Earth for just shy of $60–or about .0005 quatloos.

Speaking of JJ-prise merchandise, the Playmates stuff is often deeply discounted (several times a year at least) and you can get the 3-piece landing party equipment for about $11 each, or the ship with the uncircumsised penis nacells for about $15. Surely a bargain that even Quark would appreciate.

Aren’t I just a ray of sunshine?

150. Kevin - January 27, 2014

@148 — TM and Trekweb, both sites with owners/webmasters MIA? That’s a bit weird!

151. Ahmed - January 27, 2014

@ 150. Kevin – January 27, 2014

“TM and Trekweb, both sites with owners/webmasters MIA? That’s a bit weird!”

Anthony used to go away for weeks & then come back. But this time around, he vanished completely couple weeks after STID was released.

I didn’t know that trekweb had similar problem with the owner, I thought it was a problem with the editor over there.

152. Kevin - January 27, 2014

@151 Back in September the lead TW editor posted a big thing about how the site owner had gone MIA and wouldn’t respond to contact inquiries, and then he publicly announced he was giving up running the site by himself — and the forums posters all seemed to follow. Look over there now, there are no headlines and it’s all tumbleweeds and empty fields.

153. Ahmed - January 27, 2014

@152. Kevin

Looks like 2013 was a bad year for Trek sites !!

I just checked out TW & they posted just one update in 2014 about an old interview with Bob Orci !!

154. smike - January 27, 2014

“Now, pity the X-Files fans. They’re getting yucky upscaled video for their blu-ray release.”

Really? I thought they were going back to original film footage as well and those are even upgraded to fullscreen for the first seasons.

I truly hope it won’t be just an upscale although that would be better than nothing.

On the other hand, I’m so glad we got fully enhanced BD releases for the core series TOS and TNG. I doubt, they will go through the same process for DS9 and VOY though. Given the upscaled quality of ENT, I reckon the minor series are not up for true HD at all…

It comes down to TOS, TNG and the movies being the essence of Star Trek with the other three spin-offs being historical footnote only…

If true, I pity the Niners. Although it is my least favourite Trek show (but by no means a bad one) there are still flocks of die-hards who think of it as the best. I respect that and would really like to see a Full HD version of DS9 at some point…personally I’m only looking forward to the TOS-related episodes (Klingons, Tribbles), some favourites (Far Beyond the Stars, The Visitor et al.) and the Dominion Arc.

Personally I’d love to see VOY in true HD, but that seems but a pipedream at this point…

155. Phil - January 27, 2014

@148. Okay…

156. smike - January 27, 2014

I also truly hope CBS will abandon its policy of “no new Trek on TV” for the 50th anniversary. Given the success of Doctor Who and 007 anniversary projects it’s a no-brainer the Trek anniversary could be a HUGE TV event in 2016… If I were in charge, I would do at least three different anniversary specials:

1. Star Trek – Foundation: A new conclusion to ENT, featuring the Foundation of the Federation, the original Kobayashi Maru incident and the Romulan Wars as well as Doug Drexler’s NX-01 refit as seen on the Netflix campaign facebook site…

2. Star Trek – Year Four: An official TOS revival miniseries featuring Vic Mignogna as Kirk, Brandon Stacy as Spock, Chris Doohan as Scotty and introducing Gary Sinese as Bones as well as James Kyson as Sulu…

3. Star Trek – Aftermath: A Next-Gen-era reunion-crossover featuring all available stars from all three 24th century series, revolving around the political repercussions of Romulus’ demise…

That would be an awsome line-up, wouldn’t it?

The third big-screen movie should be split in two parts, with one launching in May 2016 and the second part launching in September, just in time of the anniversary. It should involve elements from all generations of Trek which would be an easy thing to do:

Since the Narada had been updated with Borg technology, the 23rd century Borg might already be on their way to the Alpha Quadrant in this timeline. And wouldn’t it be intriguing if Kirk and crew had to use the Doomsday Machine to defeat them (as indicated in the Peter David novel Vendetta) or the Guardian of Forever?

I know, just an overgrown fanboy’s wet dream… I reckon we’ll get a TAS Soundtrack instead :-)

157. Josef - January 27, 2014

@148: That’s too bad Matt, but thanks for keeping the site alive. Hopefully Anthony will come back to resuscitate it at some point!

@152: I heard that too, Kevin. Most of the TrekWeb folks are over at Trekcore now. I just manually registered on their forums, enjoying the atmosphere there so far!

158. Matt Wright - January 27, 2014

@ 156 — Not sure where you got that CBS has some kind of rule about no new Trek on TV? There is a huge mess of politics about Trek and who gets to have the “current” and “leading” Trek franchise. Paramount seems to be getting its way and getting the new movies. To do a new TV show, especially one set in anyway with something Paramount also lays claim to (anything in a TOS or TNG movie is something Paramount still owns) means a big cross-licensing agreement between CBS and Paramount. The politics of it are nearly insurmountable I would imagine.

159. Matt Wright - January 27, 2014

@ 154 – X-Files is some of each, they are rescanning the film, but anything not done in-camera is just being upscaled (i.e. any early CGI uses). Oh and it’s being done by HTV (the same people that did the poor job on TNG S2) for Fox, so we shall see how that all goes.

160. Martin - January 27, 2014

@156 smike

I for one 100% agree with you on that.
brilliant for 50TH anniversary

we just need to get the word out to everyone.

161. smike - January 27, 2014

@158: I know, but if they really WANTED to happen, they could find a way to arrive at some agreement.

Also, my three anniversary special ideas from above hardly involve any movie elements CBS would be tampering with. Both the ENT revival and the TOS revival would be TV-based only and they could easily find their way around the Next Gen movies for any 24th century reunion project. Introduce a new Enterprise-F, a new set of uniforms and voilà… the “destruction of Romulus” tidbit could pose a problem though…

But it would be such a pity to pass on the opportunity of any 50th anniversary special… A TOS revival in the spirit of web-based fan films would be hardly an investment. And they could easily used the same set pieces for the ENT special and the NextGen era project, with minor redesigning and digital enhancements to distiguish both ships. The NX-01 refit as well as the Enterprise-F could be filmed on the same set. It worked for the later TOS movies using NextGen set pieces. Why not now?

As far as a big new TV show is concerned: it should be a big departure from any previous Trek anyway, so no copyright infringements would be required. I would do a show based on a mysterious alien starship. The crew of a Starfleet vessel could be stranded aboard this alien ship which was built by an ancient race of “Warp Lords” that is only manned by a mysterious alien who calls himself The Captain, looking for companions to continue his journey through time and space…intergalactic space travel that is…

The Captain, whose origins, identity and agenda remains a mystery throughout the show, would be some sort of advanced being who has recently found interest in Starfleet and mankind, striving to be a true Starfleet captain. The ship itself could be bio-engineered, shape-shifting, full of holographic technology and powered by superior warp technology that involves Omega particles…

I know, it sounds a bit like Doctor Who, but given the infinite creative possibilities of that show, it would also make a great Star Trek concept, that would finally move beyond the old formula…

The Captain might turn out to be Gary Seven, a Q or anyone else, but this would be his ultimate secret, at least for the first season. Time travel capabilities would also obliterate the need for “parallel worlds” as seen on TOS and the show could also crossover with previous Star Trek shows whenever creatively required…

162. Who cares - January 27, 2014

@Matt. The idea that CBS has some kind of rula against new Trek on TV may simply be a perfectly valid interpretation of the fact that CBS has been pitched multiple ideas for a new Trek show, by Dorn, Orci and others, and yet according to JJ CBS has quote “absolutely no interest in a new Star Trek TV series”.

163. Matt Wright - January 27, 2014

The Dorn thing is more of a joke he tells at conventions more than anything serious. The Orci thing was never confirmed. And the JJ thing seems to be a stock sort of answer because he’s only semi-serious about a TV show.

He also seems to be totally oblivious to the issues around CBS and Paramount coordinating. He just does the movies, which he had to really lobby Paramount to make. Also ever since moving on to Star Wars he seems to have become less and less in touch with the reality of Trek. That quote is from a fairly recent point in time when he had already moved on. I’d bet CBS doesn’t want to mess with things when the dude isn’t really present.

164. Phil - January 27, 2014

I suspect that most of these ‘pitches’ really didn’t amount to much more then a dinnertime conversation between the studio types. So, until someone orders a pilot, nothing is serious.

165. Matt Wright - January 27, 2014

@ Phil – Exactly. It seems all of these things are just casual ideas being thrown around. CBS isn’t going to go run up against the juggernaut that is Paramount and Bad Robot on a whim. They need to plan carefully what to do so as to not step on the movie franchise.

166. Jim Nightshade - January 30, 2014

well thanx for updating us matt..ive been with trekmovie since years before trek 009 i preferred it here over almost all other trek sites…anthony was a big reason why…coverage was well done…not any more as you mentioned…nothing on this years hallmark ornaments for instance, i know it costs money to keep a web site up…is anthony doing that?

167. Matt Wright - January 30, 2014

@ Jim Nightshade — well the site is still up, so it’s being charged to Anthony. But we have no idea what else is going on. We assume it’s on an autopay setup and just gets charged to him. So in that sense the website is still up and running. But we don’t know if/when that could change.

168. Son of Captain Garth - January 31, 2014

#161 “Warp Lords”? Sounds like the name of some 80s punk band. Actually, that would be rather interesting. They travel through time via warp technology to bring the world truly “rad” music–just like Bill and Ted!

It would have to make some sort of economic sense to all parties involved in order to promote the idea of a new series. Problems:
1. It has to feel like Trek, because the die-hard fans would be the base audience, i.e. white men in their 40s and beyond. Maybe Geritol could get behind it as a special sponsor the way cigarette companies used to do back in the 50s.
2. It can’t feel too much like Trek if it wants to attract a broader audience. Therefore, you risk “raping the childhood” of the aforementioned Viagra crowd (oh, maybe they could sponsor it, too, with a “set it on STUN” campaign!).
3. It would have to NOT run on SyFy as one of those embarrassingly cheap shark/snake/mutant spider movies with the Commodore 64-level CGI effects.

So, the challenge is to make it familiar, but not stale, yet also pitch it to the 40-plus crowd with the most disposable income while making the mindless millennials happy at the same time. Yeah, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath for that.

Nor is anyone going to fulfill some fanboy’s pipe dream of having one of the fan films picked up for production by Paramount or CBS. Get your heads out of the clouds. Paramount will devote its Star Trek resources solely to the next movie; CBS is largely SOL. All they could conceivably do is another Classic Trek series which would be buoyed solely by the Grecian Formula crowd.

169. Anthony Thompson - February 2, 2014

148, 167 Matt

Interesting! Thanks for all your efforts in keeping this going!

170. Son of Captain Garth - February 3, 2014

Here’s some news:

Scott Bakula (Archer) is in NCIS: New Orleans. I guess this is as close as CBS is going to get to reviving Enterprise. Maybe they could do one case as a whole season–you know, where the perpetrators make an obvious gesture that alerts the good guys of their true intentions and then Bakula could lead a team to follow the perps back to their home base, getting lost along the way, robbing some travelers so the team can get fuel for their vehicle . . . wait . . . that sounds familiar for some reason. is represented by Gorilla Nation. Please contact Gorilla Nation for ad rates, packages and general advertising information.