Star Trek: Discovery (DSC)

Formerly known as the Untitled CBS All Access Star Trek

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Star Trek: Discovery Logo with New Delta Shield

Star Trek: Discovery Logo with New Delta Shield (2017)

RELEASE DATE: Fall, 2017 (“When it’s ready”)



First episode will be broadcast on CBS, then all others will be exclusively on CBS All Access streaming service

CBS All Access details, including currently supported platforms for the CBS streaming app:


Canadian media partner is Bell Media.

First episode will be broadcast on CTV the same night as it airs on CBS in the USA. Then remaining episodes will be on Space (in English) and Z (in French), and then later exclusively on CraveTV streaming service.

All other regions:

The show will be available via Netflix. Each episode of the new series will be available within 24-hours of its U.S. premiere.


Set in the Prime Timeline, the Starship Discovery NCC-1031 explores the galaxy, 10 years before Kirk takes command of the Enterprise (TOS).



Federation characters

Crew of the USS Discovery

Captain of Discovery  TBA
Lt. Cmdr. Rainsford (2nd in command) (the main character of DSC)
Sonequa Martin-Green
Science officer Lt. Saru Doug Jones
Science officer Lt. Stamets Anthony Rapp

Crew of  the USS Shenzhou

Captain Georgiou Michelle Yeoh
Dr. Nambue (CMO) Maulik Pancholy
Ensign Connor  Sam Vartholomeos

Other Federation characters

Admiral Anderson Terry Serpico
Ambassador Sarek  James Frain

Klingon characters 

T’Kuvma (a top leader of Klingon forces) Chris Obi
Kol (protege to T’Kuvma) Shazad Latif
L’Rell (commander) Mary Chieffo


Executive Producers Gretchen Berg (showrunner)
  Aaron Harberts (showrunner)
  Akvia Goldsman
  Alex Kurtzman
  Heather Kadin
  Eugene “Rod” Roddenberry
  Trevor Roth

Writers Bryan Fuller (early production only)
  Nicholas Meyer
  Kirsten Beyer
  Joe Menosky
  Aron Eli Coleite
  Gretchen J. Berg
  Jesse Alexander
  Aaron Harberts
  Kemp Powers
  Ted Sullivan
  Bo Yeon Kim Infographic (October 2016) [obsolete]



Announcing the Beginning of Filming – January 2017

San Diego ComicCon “First Look” Teaser – July 2016

Announcement Teaser – May 2016