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Is Star Trek-like Time Travel/Alternative Universes The New Thing For Genre TV? December 4, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Sci-Fi,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , comments closed

[Spoilers] Is it just me, or is Star Trek-like time travel the new thing for TV? Just a few years ago dealing with hard sci-fi topics was taboo in TV, but these days you can’t throw a rock in prime time, without it jumping into a parallel universe. The latest example came last night in FlashForward, a show co-created by TNG era vet Brannon Braga that also includes Star Trek’s John Cho in the cast. 


SyFy Wants A New Space Opera – Should It Be A New Star Trek TV Series? July 8, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Sci-Fi,Star Trek (2009 film),Star Trek Into Darkness,Trek on TV , comments closed

Yesterday, to much fanfare, the SciFi Channel changed its name to SyFy. Many took this as an attempt to distance itself from ‘real science fiction’ but yesterday network executives were on the record saying they are actually looking for a new ‘space opera’ to fill the void left by Battlestar Galactica and Farscape. TrekMovie wonders, why not a new Star Trek TV show?


Star Trek 2-week Box Office Analysis May 22, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: CBS/Paramount,Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

Yesterday Star Trek finished its first two weeks at the box office. Although films can stay in theaters for months, in general they tend to make over half of their money in those first two weeks, so today we take an in depth look at how the new Star Trek movie is performing relative to other recent films, both domestically and internationally


Some Mainstream Media Continue To Misunderstand (and misrepresent) Trek Fans May 7, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Fandom,Star Trek (2009 film),Trek Franchise , comments closed

A couple of days ago we pointed to a funny parody news clip at The Onion which poked some good-natured fun at Trek and Trek fans, and how we were up in arms over how the film was ‘fun’ and ‘watchable.’ Trek fans are self-aware and most seemed to get the joke, but in the last day I have noticed a more disturbing Trend from some in the mainstream media trying to to perpetuate the most negative stereotypes of Trek fans, and what is worse they are trying to get me to help them. More below.


Sci Fi Channel Changes Name to ‘SyFy’ — Really? March 16, 2009

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: BSG,Editorial,ENT,Sci-Fi,TNG , comments closed

Starting in July, if you tune to the Sci Fi Channel to watch reruns of Star Trek The Next Generation or Star Trek Enterprise or Ron Moore’s Battlestar Galactica you will notice that the channel has a new name ‘SyFy.’ NBC Universal announced the change this morning saying that it will ‘broaden the appeal’ of the network. Really?


Science and Trek Experts Weigh In On The New ‘Star Trek’ Movie December 28, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Interview,Science/Technology,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

Earlier this month in an exclusive interview with TrekMovie.com, Star Trek co-writer and executive producer Roberto Orci finally came clean and explained how the new Star Trek movie fit in with Star Trek canon, and the explanation involved a bit of Trek science and real science. Today TrekMovie takes a closer look at all of this with the help of some noted experts in both science and Star Trek. [SPOILERS]


TrekMovie Takes An In-Depth Look At The ‘Star Trek’ Competition in May 2009 December 17, 2008

by Rosario T. Calabria , Filed under: Editorial,Sci-Fi,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

According to the original plan, the new Star Trek movie was set to open in just a week, but earlier this year Paramount decided to move the film to May 2009 to take advantage of the more lucrative, and more competitive, Summer movie season. Today TrekMovie examines some of the heavy competition, including taking a look at some new previews. [Spoilers] 


Star Trek Online Update: Cryptic Begins To Chart Its Own Star Trek History December 7, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Games,Star Trek Online,Trek Franchise , comments closed

Cryptic Studios has made another one of their ‘Path to 2409′ which tells the story of the Star Trek universe from Star Trek Nemesis (in 2379) to the 25th Century setting of the Massive Multiplayer game and its war between the Federation and the Klingons. They are now up to 2382 and starting to branch away from the history set forward in the books.  

Mark Altman’s Take On The JJ Abrams Star Trek Preview November 24, 2008

by Mark A. Altman , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

TrekMovie Editor Anthony is not the only site contributor who attended the Paramount "Star Trek" preview in Los Angeles last week (see his report). Also on hand was writer/producer Mark Altman ("Free Enterprise"), who weighs on the new Trek from his unique perspective and with his formidable  ‘Trekspertise.’ [SPOILERS]


Deep Thoughts On Star Trek Trailer From TrekMovie Contributors November 23, 2008

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film),TrekMovie.com , comments closed

The Star Trek trailer hit the Trek world by storm this week, including the contributors to TrekMovie.com. Anthony, the Editor in Chief, has weighed in with his trailer review (and his 20 minute preview analysis), but today some of the other contributors put in their two cents on the trailer, including some observations from their unique perspectives.


Editorial: James Cawley On The New Star Trek Movie November 12, 2008

by James Cawley , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

Exactly one year ago tomorrow Star Trek Phase II star and executive producer James Cawley made news with his editorial here at TrekMovie regarding his thoughts on early designs he had seen of the new USS Enterprise from JJ Abrams new “Star Trek” film. Now that the pictures are out, he has sent in and update on his thoughts on this new Trek.


Star Trek Film Competition Update September 25, 2008

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

A month ago we reported that JJ Abrams Star Trek movie was getting some more competition in the form of some ‘counter programming,’ and now there are more changes in the May 2009 schedule with a big ‘tween’  movie pulling out and a smaller comedy and a horror film coming into the picture.


Editorial: The Next Space Frontier March 9, 2008

by Andre Bormanis , Filed under: Editorial , comments closed

Last Friday, at a campaign event in Wyoming, presidential hopeful Barack Obama said the following: "I grew up on Star Trek. I believe in the final frontier." Obama went on to say he has issues with the way the space program is currently being run, and might trim funding until NASA’s mission has been clarified.


James Cawley On The New Enterprise November 13, 2007

by James Cawley , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

There have been some reports about comments made by Star Trek New Voyage’s Creator James Cawley regarding the new film and the Enterprise design he has seen. TrekMovie.com has invited Mr. Cawley to share his thoughts with the TrekMovie.com community as well as clarify some rumors. More below


Top Ten Scary Trek Episodes October 31, 2007

by TrekMovie.com Staff , Filed under: Editorial , comments closed

Happy Halloween from TrekMovie.com

 see below for our picks of the top ten scariest Trek episodes


Time To Form Starfleet? June 3, 2007

by Anthony Pascale , Filed under: Editorial,Science/Technology,Trek Franchise , comments closed

In the world of Star Trek we know that eventually the Earth is united both with a single government and a single space agency. This agency called ‘The United Earth Space Probe Agency‘ and ‘Starfleet‘ even predates the formation of the United Federation of Planets. To date in the real world there have been many forays into international cooperation between agencies, but they are still fully independent. Now comes news that some of that may change. This week thirteen space agencies (including those of the USA, Russia, Europe, China and Japan) have agreed to co-ordinate future exploration – including the Moon and Mars. They have agreed to a (sadly non binding) document called "The Global Exploration Strategy: The Framework for Co-ordination." It is said to help with the exchange for information and most importantly "identify gaps, duplication and potential areas for collaboration."


Keeping ‘Trek’ flying Without Tube Power January 7, 2007

by Brian Lowry , Filed under: Editorial , comments closed

Reprinted with permission from Variety

For anybody looking to start the year on a hopeful note, consider this: "Star Trek: The Experience," a theme-park-style attraction at the Las Vegas Hilton, does a brisk wedding business, allowing happy couples to get hitched or renew their vows on the bridge of the U.S.S. Enterprise.

Now just consider the odds against this: Not only do such unions require a big enough "Star Trek" enthusiast to want to be married on a mock starship (up to four extras in full Klingon, BORG or Ferengi regalia, by the way, are part of the "Admiral’s Wedding" package), but said party must find someone willing to become Mr. or Mrs. Geek under these circumstances.

Clearly, there are no quadrants of the galaxy where love doesn’t reach.


Editorial: Star Trek Lives! December 10, 2006

by Mark A. Altman , Filed under: Editorial , comments closed

on J.J. Abrams taking the helm of the Star Trek franchise
It was 40 years ago that Gene Roddenberry first taught the band to play. It was a seminal science fiction series called Star Trek. And despite having spawned a succession of spin-off’s and sequels, the original Star Trek, remains the most prescient and entertaining series of all by far four decades after it first aired on NBC. Ironically, while it’s nearly impossible to watch Next Generation or Deep Space Nine these days, both which seem hopelessly dated relics of the bland 90s; Classic Trek, with its 60s fuelled New Frontier zeal, despite its Styrofoam sets and dated visual effects, remains amazingly potent largely because of the inter-personal dynamics of its troika of leading men; Kirk, Spock and McCoy. It’s because of them I’d rather watch the worst episode of Classic Trek than the best of Enterprise or Voyager.


Editorial: JJ, Don’t Forget About the “Old School” October 22, 2006

by Michael L. Wentz , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

Since the announcement of Star Trek XI there has been a frenzy of both excitement and anxiety. Scores of people are speaking up with their opinion on how J. J. Abrams should craft the story, with some championing strict adherence to the Trek canon, while others wish he would throw it all out with the bathwater much as Ronald D. Moore’s re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. But in all of this, the truth is that the Trek franchise began dying more than a decade ago as viewership declined from a peak during the height of Next Generation to the abysmal ratings of Enterprise and poor box office results for Nemesis. Mr. Abrams has a massive task ahead of him. He must breathe life into a franchise that has lost its fan base by finding a way to open Trek up to an entire new generation. However, I believe that in order for the movie to be successful, he must also find a way to also connect with ‘old school’ fan base. There are a lot of us out here with purchasing power of a demographic that spans every generation. J. J. Abrams will have to pull out those things that were great about Star Trek and “reboot” the franchise in such a way as to attract a mainstream audience. It is a monumental task, but one that could be accomplished simply by talking with the “Old School.” 


Debunking ‘Go Forward Not Backward’ October 1, 2006

by Dennis Russell Bailey , Filed under: Editorial,Star Trek (2009 film) , comments closed

This editorial is the first of a series from Dennis Russell Bailey on ‘Bad Reasons for not doing a TOS movie’

Based on published reports, it appears likely that the storyline J.J. Abrams has conceived for his “Star Trek” movie takes place in Trek’s 23rd century and revolves at least partly around youthful versions of James Kirk and Spock.  Some long-time fans of the Franchise are excited by this possibility, and some are dead-set against it.

Those fans who dislike the TOS-based movie premise have been active out on the Web advancing a number of assertions-passing-as-arguments as to how the premise somehow violates basic principles of “what ‘Star Trek’ should be about.”  There are several themes that crop up again and again on blogs and message boards. 

Here’s one of my favorites: “Star Trek is about the future.  It should move forward, not back.”


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