Mulgrew & Frakes Want In, Grunberg Getting Desperate

It should be no surprise that people want in to Star Trek XI, here are this week’s entries:

Star Trek: Voyager‘s Kate Mulgrew (Janeway) told a crowd at Vegas Con that not only does she want to play ‘Admiral Janeway’ again, but she thinks it will happen. Totally Kate reports her as saying: "I think maybe they will do it. This is the fortieth anniversary. Who knows? By the sixtieth all the captains may have come together in some motion picture. With any luck they will." Keep sitting by the phone Kate.

Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Jonathan Frakes (Riker) seems to be a fan of Trek XI prodcuer J.J. Abrams, telling Star Trek magazine "I’m addicted to Lost". He also put in a pitch for another shot at the Trek director’s chair, telling the mag that he hopes Abrams is too busy to direct (Abrams has said he will probably direct, but he does have a lot of stuff on his plate). After Star Trek: Insurrection, not sure Paramount is ready to hand back the keys.

Abrams pal Greg Grunberg has often spoke about getting a good role in Trek XI, but has recently said the competition is stiff. Now it seems he is getting less picky, telling iF Magazine "I would love to have a big presence and be an evil character. On MI3, it was only four days because it was a movie and such a small part, but it was so great working with everyone, it was a DREAM! I told them, though, that in this one there was no way I was sitting in make-up for eighteen hours for one line. J.J. said ‘Sure there is.’ And dammit yes I will! I just want any part of it. I’ll be on the set, I love to hang out and spend time with him. My money is on Grunberg being the first red shirt to go down.

With these folks and Shatner, Takei, Sirtis, Burton, etc, etc…the line to J.J. Abrams door gets longer every day

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Well, the original Spiner/Logan Script for STXI comes in mind. It should have been a kind of second “Generations”… maybe story elements are used…

Abrams has said he isn’t a fan of Voyager and if XI is primarily set in the TOS era how much screen time would be available for Mulgrew, not to mention Frakes or Sirtis, if there are some segments set in the “present day” TNG era?

Here’s hoping we see all those mentioned above on the big screen again someday, but XI may not be the forum for this to happen for them (and us).

Well, maybe Paramout should make some movies out of the line. Every movie represents another Trek-Series, so that all incarnations get its chance on the big screen. It would be a little bit like “Outer Limits”, but they could connect all these seperate films with one big background story. Just an idea…

Kate Mulgrew is a fabulous actress and Janeway would have been a legendary captain if she wasn’t so poorly conceived. I’d love to see Janeway turn up in the next Trek, though. For better or worse, Janeway is part of the Trek heritage. And frankly, I like her.

I’m sick of former cast members lobbying for a cash in!

No other trek series stars need to be in this movie. (Maybe The Shat and Nimoy) if written properly, but no one else.

All the cast members should be included.. the fans are having withdrawal symtroms from there being a lck of star trek on tv so I think everyone shoould be given a chance at some point.. maybe the next generation cast has had their turn so now maybe it should be up to the ds9 and voyager cast to have a turn.. and dont forget enterprise as well….. in fact maybe they should just start ano5th franchise anyway.. it’s been too long a time without a current series.