Fixed Mirror Mirror Replaced Space Seed In Some Markets

Last week we reported on how there was an errant editing goof in ‘Mirror Mirror’. This is something that CBS readily admitted and committed to fixing. In fact they sent out the fixed version to all of their affiliates right away. Unfortunately some of their affiliates mistook this fixed version of Mirror Mirror as the episode that should air next. TrekMovie has received a number of reports that say the fixed ‘Mirror Mirror’ was shown instead of ‘Space Seed’. Unfortunately there really isn’t anything CBS can do about this, this was done by a handful of affiliates. Producer Mike Okuda recommends that if you didn’t see Space Seed last weekend to contact your local station and ask them to use Space Seed for their second broadcast (many stations repeat episodes on the following weekend). For the rest it looks like you will have to wait until March 7th when ‘Space Seed’ is repeated.

Regardless it can’t hurt to call your local affiliate and tell them you love the show, and if you get it in an undesirable timeslot let them know that too.

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I don’t mind. With these updated episodes, I’ll watch again and when in HD I’ll buy. My market had Seed then Mirror, next week it’s Seed and Menagerie(Cage). I hope these “artists” at CBS are “true” fans because this is really historic to work on these episodes. Thanks.

Mirror Mirror was repeated in our area on Sunday after the Saturday airing of Space Seed, but it was not the ‘repaired’ version of Mirror…it still had the transition sequence of the Enterprise speeding by…

#1 DIL… I think if you read the previous story, you’ll see that the artists ARE fans…

Of course that STILL doesn’t change the fact that they keep the show in the Cincinnati market (WCPO) and rolling it at times sufficiently inconsistently to throw off DVR’s …

Well….heres a idea # 4. Ditch cable or the way you’re receiving it now and receive it via Dish-Network instead. That way…you can be certain of getting
it a same time (2:00 A.M. Eastern) on channel 235 providing you have the West coast package. Thats what I have and its good. Plus….they show (repeat) the prior weeks episode on a Saturday morning at 6:00 A.M. Eastern.

hey, can anyone email me at and tell me what time I can watch these newly done trek episodes? Im in the Tampa Bay area of florida with brighthouse cable. actually any help would be nice. thanks. PS I got the two on Xbox live today