Star Trek Remastered Ratings Improving

Remastered episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series are pacing upwards after a slow start back in September of last year. The latest data shows the  ‘The Corbomite Maneuver’ registered a a 1.6 household rating, marking a season high for the series. The show is currently averaging a 1.3 household rating, just slightly below what Star Trek: Enterprise averaged in its first and only season in off-network broadcast syndication last year (1.4, with a peak of 1.7). However the show is following a similar pattern as Enterprise did and the recent 1.6 rating is the first time Star Trek has registered a stronger rating than Enterprise (see chart below for a detailed view). For the week of December 11 Star Trek was the second highest rated program in the Science Fiction and Fantasy Syndication category behind the 1.9 of Alias (ahead of Smallville – 1.4, Stargate SG-1 -1.3, Stargate Atlantis – 1.2, Farscape – 0.7 and The Outer Limits – 0.6). Click More to see ratings chart


click to enlarge (Note: gaps in TOSR ratings are due to data unavailability 


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Thanks for the article, Rosario. Now if we could get ST-R in better time slots in major markets, the show can only go up from here.

Great job! We love graphs at

I didn’t know enterprise aired off of UPN. What channel was that? These are pretty impressive numbers for the lousy timeslot it’s in.

Good news….good news!!!! I love it, I love it!!!

Enterprise ran in syndication last season after it’s run on UPN had already ended…. it was not first-run, but was a syndicated repeat. Many of the ST:TOS-R runs on stations are the same timeslot that Enterprise occupied last season. (WNDY/WISH in Indy is a prime example of this… they replaced Enterprise with ST:TOS-R in that timeslot.)

Yes, I agree Star Trek Re:Mastered can only go up from there… though, in my admittedly small circle… There’s still skeptism from old schoolers to even check them out. It’s like Star Trek TOS is an old friend that they have buried and mourned, and is no more. I can only convey my enthusiasm, and hope, eventually, they’ll at least be curious enough to check it out. I think, with the standard of work being carried now, Remastered could do quite well, as long as it stays that way and pushes for better! :-)

There is a Big Ass Nimoy billboard on the main drag into Chicago. Chicago does things right with Trek remastered – cherry timeslot, nice advertising campaign, replays from previous week. That is why Chicago survives the nuclear holocost in Buck Rogers, because we do remasterd right!!!

You guys do this stuff better than I do. But, if ANYONE comes up with an online petition to put TOS-R on at a better time, I’ll sign. In Atlanta, it’s still 2:35am… unless it slips because of football, in which case I must suffer through Whoopi Goldberg and Live at the Apollo. Maybe the petitions could be market by market. Still, any organization would be welcome. Thanks all. And yes, I’ve heard of TIVO. I just like the feel of real time.

WNBC-TV in New York still runs TOS-R once a week beginning at around 2:45 to 3:05 a.m. on a Monday morning. I recently started using Verizon Fios TV and recorded it on the DVR, I was amazed at how good it looks in SD so HD (even in aspect switching) must be unbelievable. I’ve watched a couple episodes of Enterprise on HD-Net and couldn’t’ t believe the detail, so now I’m anxiously awaiting “In a Mirror, Darkly” to be shown.

Picardsucks: (he doesn’t BTW) – It’d be cool if you took a picture of that billboard. It’d be cool to see =)

This is very mac in the pants kind of news.

hitch out.


This whole ratings thing is nonsense.

I know in manyh markets it doesn’t even air in prime time. Here in Houston, it airs at anywhere from 11:30 pm to midnight. This is a slot where if they weren’t showing Trek they’d be showing Girls Gone Wild commmercials…Truly, only diehard fans like us would stay to watch or even TIVO such an airing.

I don’t know how they can measure ratings for a show when the airtimes and dates vary so widely.

It’s not like it’s in a consistent slot on a network for crying out loud…in primetime.


Agreed. It’s way too random of a time slot to be gauged with any accuacy. Here in Pittsburgh, it comes on between 1:30 am and 2:35 am. Most of the time it starts at 2:16am. This is so unpredictible that I can’t even feel safe recording it and going to bed. Once I tried it, & got half of Catspaw, & half of “Masterminds.” This really pissed me off. So Instead, now I stay up and deliberately pause the recording during commercials. I figure this way I at least won’t have to be inconveinenced twice. I hate commercials, but I’d put up with them on a recording, if I could feel comfortable believing that the show started & ended at a consistent time. So the advertisers loose me after the original airing. Eventually when they come out on DVD, I will buy the series, & be done with the network’s B.S. Sux to be them!


That’s true — and why these figures are so impressive. To get a 1.6 share on a 40 year old program with no marketing budget to speak of, with crappy time slots and inconsistent scheduling speaks volumes!

– word of mouth is strong, thanks to Anthony and this site, for example

– regular late-night viewers are actually selecting it in preference to Girls Gone Wild and reruns of Law and Order

– it serves as proof-of-concept: Trek can still command an audience.

Imagine what Star Trek could do with even a little marketing support?

#13 well said :-)

Who cares about time slots? That’s what TiVO is for!!! I watch it when *I* want to watch it.

TIVO is for wimps! My roommate and I always stay up on Sunday nights (actually, Monday mornings) to watch Star Trek Remastered. We usually play the Star Trek: Remastered Drinking Game (TM).

Take a swig whenever:
– there’s a new digital ship shot.
– there’s a bad cut for syndication.
– Kirk is cooler than Picard.

Take two swigs whenever
– there’s a new matte painting.
– someone fires a phaser.
– Kirk kicks the badguy’s ass.

Take three swigs whenever
– anyone fires a phaser beam that is digitally remastered
– TOS contradicts anything in the later shows
– there’s an old special effect that SHOULD HAVE been replaced.
– Kirk gets the girl

Chug the entire bottle whenever
– anyone complains (again) about the stupid nacelle caps

Added rules:

Drink whenever there’s a new digital alien ship (twice if it’s a Klingon ship)

Drink when Kirk breaks the Prime Directive (Have lots of booze on hand)

Drink when you can se teh Bridge turbo-lift is misaligned

Drink when….awww just drink!

Ron Jon,

Dude, we gotta hang out and watch this show!