“Wink Of An Eye” Screenshots and Video

Here are the usual assortment of screenshots from the remastered Wink of an Eye. Plus the new Season 3 opening credits which features the newer CGI Enterprise model.

SFX Video


New and Old

In orbit of Scalos
The landing party
The Scalosian distress message
Phaser spread
Spock replays the message on his screen
A last image of Deela
Leaving Scalos


Assorted Shots

Kirk feels a kiss from nowhere

Kirk fires his phaser at Deela… very slowly

Compton hyperaged

Rael is jealous of Deela’s attraction to Kirk

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WOW… Looks amazing!! great job!!!

Very niiiiice. :) Can’t wait for the video… Great matte, ship pics look good and I wonder how they did the new sweep? Guess I’ll have to wait for its full glory.

I was just curious how they got around that green blob, I mean did they just hold over the shot before it starts and add some movement? I would think actually removing it would be impossible or at least very difficult. Looks good though from what I can see.

Looks cool! There’s something very Space:1999-ish about the new Scalosian city, especially when they’re in front of it in their shiny suits — but I liked Space:1999 too, so what the hey…

Glad they updated the ship in the credits also!

I have not researched the remastered series on this, but perhaps we should be seeing more planetary approachs with part of the night side showing? I think I see some hints of that here.

Love that they departed from the standard enterprise leaving orbit to show a parabolic post orbit tradjectory(“leaving scalos”,in above NEW and OLD).I’d love to see a sub-orbital top view of the enterprise and so on.with some planet features (ala google map).What says they need to do the same enterprise orbital shot different color planet everytime like TOS ?Well maybe when “Tomorrow is Yesterday”arrives?

I watched portions of the episode, but -to be honest- I was more interested in watching the Saints beat the Eagles…

The opening credits were bad… they kept the singing instead of putting in the loud ‘dings’ (I prefered the Third Season theme to the first two)… and when they came back from the opening commercial, things had already started to go wrong way too quickly (i.e., syndication cut).

As I kept noticing cuts, I just decided that Eagles/Saints was far better than sliced “Wink”.


oooh look blue titles. I always preferred the yellow, but it does show how committed they are to being true to the original.

good work as usual Matt!

speaking of mattes…they really get a lot of milage out of that one matte painting dont they

Yet to see the ep, but that grab from the titles looks great.
Wish they’d throw more color into that deflector dish.
Matte paintings seem to be up to the “Al Whitlock” standard they’ve set. Wow. Now that’s a phaser sweep…

Thanks Matt. I figured it was something like that and glad they were able to. It makes me wonder if and how they will deal with “A Piece of the Action”, I’m pretty sure thats where they lay down a wide pattern phaser. I think it just shows seperate green blobs appear over all the people. :)

Thanks Matt, awesome work as always.

I think a caption contest is in order for the “Kirk feels a kiss from nowhere” picture above. Here are a few of my submissions:

“Amidst all the confusion, Kirk wonders if he forgot to turn the coffee pot off!”
“After a few off-duty Romulan Ales with Bones, Kirk can’t tell if Uhura is wearing her hair differently.”
“Is Pavel going bald too? It must be these damned synthetic uniforms!”
“Kirk insists on watching Lifetime television while on the bridge”

I have one more caption.

“Kirk wonders if anyone will notice that he just passed gas.”

Sorry. It’s late and I’m a bit punchy. Couldn’t resist.

Matt (15):


Great minds think alike. Or at least ours do.

A couple of more:

“Spock, do I have any poppy seeds in my teeth”
“Did I just sit on my phaser again?”
“A bobby pin? What the hell is a man doing with a bobby pin?” (see Airplane 2)

The shots look great. Would like to see the episode but KPDX here in
Portland pulled Star Trek from its Saturday nite line up. Now I’ll have to
wait weeks to see the new episodes. I was looking forward to WNMHGB.
It too will have to wait. AAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGHHHHH!

Eh. The phaser shot looks like an opengl screensaver. The matte back is excellent, though.

thanks again joe…reel is now embedded in post and available for download

These shots just keep getting better and better each week! It’s a shame I can’t watch the episodes in the UK. I think they’re probably getting more and more “adventurous” with these external shots of the ENT, rather than just replicating old shots (see leaving Scalos). Very nice, I can’t wait for Where No Man Has Gone Before!

That last shot of the Enterprise leaving was superb. You can actually appreciate the size the ship is meant to be.

cada capitulo que pasa parece que los FX son mejores.

#24- Just saw the YouTube video, and I agree… that was a very good shot. The effects appear to be pretty good, though I still feel the matte painting of the Scalosian city is off… it just doesn’t look right. Also, I still think that they should have went with the third season version of the theme instead of recycling the first/second seasion version. The S3 theme was the best… higher energy and no annoying voice ;)


Hmm, somehow the new Enterprise seems to be little bit longer and less high in proportion.

FX shots look good. Trivia item: Kathie Browne (Deela) was married to Darren McGavin, the “Old Man” in A Christmas Story. She’s a major award!

It just occurred to me that everyone in the time of TNG must have become infected with Scalosian water, since they can duck out of the way of a phaser beam. Somewhere in the course of Trek evolution, phasers went from being this incredibly destructive weapon to something about as dangerous as a high school science project.

Here’s a question only a Trek fan could love: are phasers supposed to travel FTL? While it’s never explicitly stated, in TOS they must, since the Enterprise uses her phasers while traveling under warp on several occasions. But I recall reading in the old TNG script bible that they “corrected” that, saying phasers were only for use at sub-light speeds, and that photon torpedoes must be used when traveling FTL. It would be interesting to know if any of the spin-off series violated that premise. You could probably argue it either way; if the Trek scientists were able to figure out how to make a radio beam travel FTL (subspace radio), it’s no more of a stretch to say that a phaser beam travels FTL, as well. But that brings us back to the whole ducking-out-of-the-way problem.

Forgive me, because I didn’t watch or tape this episode and I’m just going by the effects trailer posted above, but in the shot where Kirk is talking on the communicator, it looks as if he and the red shirt are casting a shadow on the background (lower left; subtle, but there). It gives the effect of them standing in front of a screen with a projected image on it. I must be wrong, because this would be a huge goof. Can anyone clarify this?

copied and pasted from the earlier thread; I didn’t notice this one was up:
It’s kind of funny that a goofy third season episode actually gets me to post, but I have to say it: CBS Digital just gets better and better with the rendering of Enterprise. I look forward to eventually having all of the episodes in hard copy. Damn, they’ve found a way to get me to spend yet more money…
I can’t wait for next week.

I remember watching Star Trek the first time through without ever caring about nitpicky details. I just liked it and didn’t care why. Those were the good old days.

29 – The only shadow I saw was the one Kirk was casting on the red shirt. Unfortunately the stage lighting for this scene conflicts with the natural lighting suggested by the matte shot behind them, making it harder to believe that they’re outdoors.

Deela got the captain’s log!!!! Cool new phasers. The bridge looked exceptionally crisp and quite beautiful this weel, perhaps it was the way it was lit and shot or perhaps the original print was exceptionally clean or both. The E pulling away from orbit – really sweet!!! I love seeing her from new angles this ship is clearly the most beautiful science fiction space vehicle of all time and when you get to see it from angles that give you a sense of it’s size and grandure (it is the length of 3 football fields afterall) it really drives the point home.


Thankyou for those shots and the effects reel guys.

I agree that CBS is definately improving. That LAST Enterprise shot was SWEET indeed.
I too however, wish they would add some color to the deflector dish.

The city looked exceptionally good.

I wish the FX reels would include sound.

More great work by the CBS digital team. Nice to see the port side of the big E and whatever they’re doing (wide angle “lenses”?) the ship is looking much more to scale.

The leaving orbit shot was great, plus we get to see the side of the ship not really seen in the past. Although I always thought, well if they can out run a phaser shot, they why not just shot them from behind? Or at point blank?

Plus I think my favorite shot of the series is when Kirk is pulling on his boot. It was subtle but got the point across.

Doomsday Machine will be the ultimate benchmark of these effects shots since it’s been re-done by fans for years. We will know in just a few short weeks.

I think the overall effort was great!

The things that caught my attention were:

1. How nicely they rotoscope out the old Scalos city matte with the new and also match the camera pan as Kirk walks out of the matte and into the area of the set where McCoy and the fountain is.
2. The opening titles are improved and looked great. Appreciate the new music mix that reduces emphasis on the soprano. But it’s still a bit too much in the front. Another re-mix would be good!
3. The new phaser effects was very well done. I agree with the above poster, technically commendations for achieving that over an existing effect.
4. I really liked the new shot of the Enterprise leaving orbit/

One last thing, I just don’t understand why my broadcast image on a digital station looks so dark. The close up of Uhura at her station at the beginning of he episode is so dark, you barely see the console, except the lights on the consoles. Overall, the bridge was dark before Kirk is sped up. I hope it’s just the way the digital signal is processed and transmitted and not a reflection of the actual final product.

The effects look good… Thanks, CBS!

i did not notice any reduction in the level of the singer…nothing against the singer, but it should not be noticeable above everything else.

WOW! That parting shot as the Enterprise leaves orbit is spectacular! The Enterprise looks exactly as I’ve imagined it in my head for so long.
CBS is doing amazing work. Thanks guys!

My favorite new shot was the phasers blasting the force field. Great Job CBS Digital!! The original phaser effects really looked bad in that scene, hopefully CBS continues these kinds of improvements.

#38– Ultimate Computer might very well be every bit the benchmark episode that Doomsday should prove to be. Also Elyan of Trois has a battle with Klingons that should prove interesting

Forgot to mention, while these new Enterprise shots are great in the new titles sequence and the excting new shot of it leaving Scalos, there was still something bugging me. And I just realized, it was nicely rendered with texture and shading, but what was a tad off was the lack of any reflections on the surfaces. Nothing huge, just that minor bit of reflection and highlights here and there. Maybe I just didn’t see it since my picture was so dark!

Even if you’re hyperaccelerated, doesn’t a phaser shot move a tad fast for you? I mean, doesn’t it still pop out at the speed of light? The ratio would still seem to be comparable to trying to dodge a bullet.
I know — nitpicky me. Besides, Deela still got stunned by the James T. Kirk love gun.

43 – Do you think they’ll go back at some point and re-do the phaser effects in the earlier shows, like “The Menagerie”? I think they should redo the scene with the big cannon aimed at the door.

Yeah, some really great digital work in this episode. Like everybody else, I was also amazed at the parting shot of the Enterprise.

#44 – I have to agree with you. I’m sort of more looking forward to Ultimate Computer than Doomsday. I prefer it as an episode, and there’s the E vs 4 other constitution ships. It should be interesting to see what they do.

As for Wink of an Eye – I find I’m always a grand third season apologist, even sometimes crazily calling it my favorite season, but there were really a lot of holes in this episode. A great concept, but the execution was kind of poor. I can see, though, that CBS would want to do a low key episode before tackling No Man. Also, if they did all the great episodes first, then it would be sort of a let down later on, right?

Effects look great!

Would liked to have seen a updated effect for the Scalosian disruptor weapon. Also the dryer tubes coming out of the machine that’s supposed to be puting a deep-freeze on the E, that thing looks stupid! Even my wife noticed how bad that thing looked.

All in all, great work!

Beautiful city. Great phaser beams. GREAT costume on Deela. Ship still looks flat.