“I, Mudd” Remastered Re-airs This Weekend

A classic humor based episode with that intergalactic lovable scoundrel Harry Mudd is repeating this weekend. Our buddy "Spockboy" has done it again and created a neat split screen of the original versus the remastered CGI effects, plus a little something else for fun at the end , enjoy!

TrekMovie.com I, Mudd coverage: PREVIEW  |  VIDEO/SCREENSHOTS  |  REVIEW

Star Trek.com also has a desktop wallpaper from the end sequence of I,Mudd available should it tickle your fancy.


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Hey Anthony,
First let me say this is the most refreshing Trek site I have seen in years. But I got a little question. Do you think you could cut down on the pop-up ads. I know you have to pay for the website, but I am sure we could donate some money so you don’t have to put those ads up. It’s starting to look like Trekweb.

Great video Spockboy! Keep up the good work!

Mike :o

PS: FX videos are so much better with sound….

Hate to say it, but I think this is one Remastered episode that needs to be re-remastered. Compared to the beautiful Enterprise model we are being spoiled with now, that old one just looks terribly CGI, and rather clunky in its motion past the camera. The Norman effects all look great, but I think those ship shots have to go.

As is the case with so many of the remastered episodes now, some shots and angles are FAR SUPERIOR to the originals, while others are FAR INFERIOR to the originals…in my own humble opinion of course! I agree with Demode that we at least need these early attempts to have the “second” CGI model incorporated sometime in time for Hi Def DVD etc.

Well done Spockboy, and I absolutely agree that FX videos are better when they also have sound.

J.J. should attach your spoof at the end of his End Credits!

Light Year Models

I’m on Firefox and never get any pop-up ads on this site. Check that the pop-up blocker on your browser is activated.

If you’re on a PC, download SpywareBlaster, AdAware SE Personal, CWShredder and Spybot Search & Destroy. They’re all free and are wonderful for cleaning up spyware infections and protecting against new ones.

If you have a spyware infection, you could be getting ads crop up, even though they’re not on the site!

Maybe he is referring to that “Mimzy” ad that expands across the screen if you accidentally roll over it. Same as that annoying one from a couple weeks ago for the horror movie.

As for “I, Mudd”, that has always been a favorite. The occasional comedic episode of Star Trek was always welcome. Roger C. Carmel did a great job with that role.

I just hope my station repeats “Wolf in the Fold” on Sunday evening, since it was nixed last week in favor of some NASCAR junk.

By the way, Spockboy, I really enjoyed your comparison video and the headbanging at the end.


Thanks buddy! Whatever they’re paying you, they ought to double it! What? They’re not paying you anything? For shame!

Whew.A yellow (indicates sulfur)planet.That’s gotta be a stinky one.

Sulfur has no odor.

spock snifs kirk

Thank you Spockboy! I love these comparison things you do. It makes it easy to compare, and to show others, who may not be so die-hard fans, the remastered changes. I really appreciate it, bring more on!

> “A yellow (indicates sulfur) planet.”

Sulfur! And now, if he can find some potassium nitrate,
and a charcoal deposit, or ordinary coal …
Oops, nevermind, wrong ep …

Love those side by side comparisons…..and the end of it all is a fun treat.

#1 and #5 – I use Firefox as well, and have never seen a single pop-up on this site. Also, Dom recommended SpywareBlaster, AdAware SE Personal, CWShredder and Spybot Search & Destroy. I have used all those in the past on my and several friends’ computers. They generally work fine and will clean up your computer, but some of them sort of conflict with each other, and you have several programs you constantly have to stay on top of as far as updates, running scans, etc. When I bought a new computer several months ago, I dumped them all and just use Earthlink’s “Protection Control Center.” It works better than all of those combined, imo, and it’s free if you use earthlink, otherwise it’s $4/mo. You can try it free for a month. Check it out at http://www.earthlink.net/software/nmpremium/pcc/ (and no, I don’t work for earthlink. If this is considered an ad or whatever, and shouldn’t have been posted, feel free to remove it – just trying to help.)

Spockboy I am still cracking up!!! Love it!!!! Scifi/fantasy and especially TOS can yield some funny moments, which I am glad of. Humor can save the human race in the end I think. Speaking of which I have to share some more scifi comedy goodness. Everytime I watch this I am dying of laughter!!!;0 ;)

Enjoy momma!

With these minimal cgi episodes-cause they’re not on the SHIP. At least please give me widescreen. Will I see this on XBOX live? Please at least somewhere. Not another year for re-re mastered. Sucker fan that would watch anyway. Sigh.

C’mon, other than Little Lord Damon, can anybody think of someone more appropriate to play a young James T. Kirk? Are Shatner’s shoes (and girdle) that hard to fill? I’m beginning to think…yes…LONG LIVE THE SHAT!!

Wow, that video really POPPED! :-)

#16 – It’s not a popup window. It’s a flash ad for the movie “Mimzy” that is incorporated into the page and covers up page content. For those of us who see it, it is very dificult to make it go away. It has no visible close box.

Also, it has nothing to do with spyware. I’m running Linux with Swiftfox.

Those nacelle caps look cool and very bright in the remastered version. But it looks like they forgot to illuminate them in the original version.

Mike :o


As always, excellently done. The gag reel is a scream. It would have been fun if a few of the androids had really “blown their tops” in the episode. Nice work.

Michael Appleton (#19): A few topics ago, I suggested Eric Dane (from X-Men 3 and Grey’s Anatomy) to play JTK. He’s a good actor, handsome, and a lot less expensive than Mr. Damon, I’m sure. I think he’s got the chops to do it.

You guys need to slow down your suggestions for who should be in the movie. The casting people at Paramount who read this can’t keep up. That’s why it is taking so long for them to announce who is in it. ;)

Somehow I think JJ has this all mapped out, is sitting back and reading all of this speculation, and laughing.

Sulphur has no odor? Ever smelled it? Rotten eggs… whew.

I think he was referring to the element sulphur having no odor of its own. If I remember from high school, sulphur is only odoriferous when it is in a compound with some other element, such as sulphur dioxide.

What a great name for the villian in the new Star Trek film! “Starfleet has ordered us to sacrifice the ship, if necessary, if that’s what it takes to defeat Odoriferous!” Hoooo Hawwww!!

Re: #22,

When we saw the non-lit nacelles, they were stock footage of the old Cage/WNMHGB episodes. They used to mix old and new footage. Fortunately the new footage is not so slavishly devoted to duplicating it that they also duplicate the problems such as mis-matched effects shots.

Pure sulphur has no odor. Hydrogen sulfide (the odor of rotten eggs) is another matter. If there is a debate on what (fictional) nacelle caps look like, then I think it is fair to point out that sulfur has no odor. :D

Anyway, I saw the rings of Mudd’s planet for the first time of TV last night. I though they looked very nice. Is the first time science fiction TV has given us a yellow planet?

Can any of the fake Kirk candidates do this?


This one has potential perhaps


#21 – Can you post up a screen cap? I see the ad but it’s off to the right under the “Categories” menu, and not in the way of anything.

#32 “potential perhaps”
The way William Shatner talks his way through a song, not singing, with that distinctive “halting speech” style of his, he was THE original rap artist! Long before rap music came along, he was doing it FIRST in the 1970’s! Talk about ahead of your time! The SHAT rules!

Not sure I like Shatner being associated with rap. I must insist that it is his own form of musical performance…no labels please.

That lion puppet does the best imitation of Shatner I’ve yet seen. Too bad his international superstardom will command too high of a salary for him to appear in the picture as fake Kirk.

#32: Stanky McFibberich:
The link to the lion puppet imitating the SHAT is priceless!
I haven’t laughed as hard as I just did for the last few weeks!

Hey, I agree that rap is CRAP,
Shat don’t belong in dat kinda TRAP
But what it be is what it BE
So how ’bout givin’ some HARMONY?

(I know, I know, don’t quit your day job!)

There once was a man named the SHAT
who ballooned up to chubby like THAT
One day with a grin
as he stroked his third chin
he said, “I’m not what I would call FAT”

Yo, yo, yo….wazzup…?

#36…Very funny! Poor FatShat!

But seriously folks…… Shatner looks much younger than his years, and I’m sure a few face lifts along the way didn’t hurt either.

It’s too bad the Shatner won’t start doing Nutri System or Weight watchers commericials instead of Priceline.com. We could watch his progress every month as he goes from his FatShat weight back to his lean, mean Capt Kirk fighting machine weight!

It would be great to see a lean Capt Kirk on the big screen again. Are you reading this Bill??

Mike :o

I’d like to see the SHAT looking thinner too, but I’m worried that if he lost all that weight he’d be left with enough wrinkles to hold a three day rain!

He’s not that fat. You know that TV adds pounds visually.

he’s gotta stop drinking those double martini’s.folks!

Shatner come back!…we miss seeing you in your …”healthy aw-inspiring body of god hood”…!


#41 Shatner…”he’s not that fat”
Are you kidding? His belly sticks out so far that it’s been so many years since he’s seen his own toes, he could have them declared legally dead!

I love Mudd and this remastered is great but one thing that I wonder about is this… I thought Data was supposed to be the 1st really advanced positronic “fully Functional” etc. etc. android and here we have an eppisode from the 60’s with a whole cast of them… Argh… Any thoughts?

Aaron R.

P.S. On the Fat Shat thing… I think it would be great if they had him in the new movie… Naturally the Shat would only be in for 5 – 10 minutes and should definately have his shirt ripped open 3 to 5 times in that period!!! After all it is tradition you know. Long live the shat belly… LOL

Aaron R.

#45 “Shat…should definitely have his shirt ripped open 3 to 5 times”
You’re willing to risk an ‘R’ rating on the new Trek film just to see this guy’s man titties??! Well, here comes my lunch!!

why are they so deathly afraid of going all the way with this, putting a little work into it and remastering the show, rather than replacing the old, crappy looking effects shots with identical, brand new, crappy looking effects shots?