ABC Gives Abrams & Shatner Renewals

Although it isn’t a surprise, ABC has announced early renewals for fourteen of its shows including Lost created by Trek XI producers JJ Abrams and Damon Lindelof. Although the show has slipped in the ratings, ABC still touts that it is the highest rated scripted show for the key 18-49 demographic. Although Abrams has not been involved in the day to day for the show since season 1, Damon Lindelof has been sharing show running duties with Carlton Cuse (including doing weekly podcasts). Now that JJ Abrams is committed to directing Trek XI it is expected that much of the producing duties will probably fall on Lindelof. What effect this has on season 4 of Lost is still unknown. The fate of Abrams other ABC shows, Six Degrees and What About Brian, remains less certain. Six Degrees returns this Friday after a long hiatus and retooling.

Shatner to Face Himself
In addition ABC have also picked up Boston Legal for a 4th season, ensuring another year of employment for William Shatner (as well as DS9’s Rene Auberjonois). In other Boston Legal news, the show has announced plans to use footage of Shatner from an 1957 Studio One drama called "The Defenders." According to Studio Briefing the footage will be used for flashbacks when Denny Crane comes face to face with a man who has nursed a grudge against him for 50 years. Of course the Shat is used to dealing with multiple versions of himself…as this clip shows.

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That crazy Shatner! I hope I can keep going like him when I’m in my 70’s.

That video is funny as hell! Especially the part where Hooker, like a child, keeps croaking, “what’s in the f#*@ing box??” Hey, tomorrow Shatner turns 76! Holy shat!

Oh my gosh that was funny! FatShat is really quite good at comedy and parody!

Mike :o

Oh man… SHATNER is so freaking funny! They better put him in the new movie!

Alright! “Lost” updates! I was expecting the show to be renewed of course, but it’s still good to see it confirmed. Seems like they’re starting to come up with better episodes recently too, so I hope they keep that trend going in the next year. They should be able to, now they’ve worked it out that the series will only go for five years–no more padding things out with shows that don’t really go anwhere.

………Denny Crane.

I laughed my butt off! Excellent clip.

Great premise to use Shatner from “The Defenders.” His 1965 series “For the People” would also offer some rich material to play off of.
Speaking of which, I wish “For the People” and “The Barbary Coast” would be released on dvd soon.

And if the man holding the grudge is the same actor from “The Defenders,” that would really be cool.


Indeed. Same here.


B/C was a nice show while it lasted

— all 14 episodes.

It’s sad. I still can recall the theme music.

“The Defenders” became a series featuring E.G. Marshall and Somebody Instead Of Shatner. This kind of thing happened to him a lot in his early TV days – he created the television version of “Doctor Kildare” but the series role went to Richard Chamberlain.

I don’t get it, what was this Seven thing from? I get it’s a spoof of something and it’s well done. I must have missed the source. When was this done?

Does anyone recall Shatner’s appearance on the old Kung Fu series? I remember the very first time I saw that episode, without having seen the opening credits. I had no idea it was Mr. Shatner in that episode. Seeing it later, I could see him behind the big brawly beard.

I’m not sure whether the Seven Parody is from the Oscars show or the MTV Movies awards of that year. Rescue 911 Shatner was doing the Kevin Spacey role… TJ Shatner was Brad Pitt and Shakirk was … oh, what’s his face. You know… God. Morgan Freeman. Oh, and Mister TamberShatner was someone else in that film, but I won’t give away the ending if you haven’t seen Seven.

I am glad to see Lost be renewed. The episodes are fun again…tonight’s was a good example of that.

Witness the magic box

14. Nelson

Yes, it was the TV Movie Awards… too bad they didn’t put the captain in the gold tunic.

15. mikeg

That Shatner episode is on the Kung Fu dvd release.

By the way–happy 76th Birthday, William Shatner!

Jeffrey S. Nelson wrote:

> Great premise to use Shatner from “The Defenders.”

I saw that episode replayed a few years ago. Bill played it very low-key, not at all like his blustery Denny Crane character of Boston Legal.

> Speaking of which, I wish “For the People” and “The Barbary Coast”
> would be released on dvd soon.

The Barbary Coast is on pirate DVDs.

I think ABC should give it a go with the next Stat Trek tv show, whenever that will be. NBC had their chance & cancelled it. CBS had their chance, put it on UPSux & cancelled it. ABC needs a go. Heck, since Abrams has a long history w/ABC, he’s got the right contacts & could produce the thing. ABC’s done a big turnaround & has some kickass shows now & I like their style. They’re not gloomy like all the CBS forensics & death & kidnapping & war.

Yeah, I know, BIG fat chance of that happening though…

And yea for more Boston Legal & Lost to look forward to :)

#21 “BIG fat chance”
Hey, this gives us an idea for the next chapter in Shatner’s career! With his distinctive singing style, why doesn’t Shatner become the oldest, and most famous, rapper in the music biz! He gave us a taste of it at the end of Free Enterprise. I can hear the promo now, “Come see the most energetic septegenarian ever! Come see BIG FAT SHAT!! Yo, yo, yo…what it is…

Thanks guys for clearing up that TV Movie Awards thing. And I never saw the movie!

17 – Just caught last night’s LOST on Tivo, and was floored. Poor Locke–I feel bad for him and at the same time it seems he’s going over deeper and deeper into the dark side. Great episode, keep ’em coming!

^^^ > Just caught last night’s LOST on Tivo

I watched it here:

The new version of ABC’s free online player finally has a
full-screen mode, and the video quality is tolerable,
at least for me (your mileage may vary).

(I’d like to see CBS add TOS-R to their online player,
though the video quality wouldn’t do it justice.)