Looney Leave

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well it turns out Paul did have a Shore Leave video for us, but it got lost in the shuffle

Very funny Spockboy! Great editing and sound effects!

Mike :o

Bravo! Bravo! *heavy applause*

I’m speechless…

But again..

Thanks Spockboy… another instant classic! =)

I love this! I saw it earlier today, Looney Tunes and Star Trek two of my favorite things as a kid.

Matt Wright: You are correct, sir! This is the best yet. Two of my favorite things as a kid, too…and as a BIG kid of 40, NOW! Fantastic, Spockboy! Better than I ever imagined!!!!!


Your stuff is TOP NOTCH and Funny as hell!!!!
Keep ’em coming!

Inspired! This may be my favorite yet!

I love the tree slam! Beautiful job in every respect.

Hillbilly Hare is one of my favorite Warner Bros. cartoons. As a kid I memorized the lyrics and can still (for the most part) remember them today.
Thank you for that!

Was a little disappointed that Bugs Bunny did not say, “What’s up, Doc?” to McCoy, though. :( ……………… :)

There’s no video to play, here or on the parent page?

Nice work Spockboy! You never cease to impress.

#10 Stanky McFibberich – Hillbilly Hare is one of my favorite Warner Bros. cartoons. As a kid I memorized the lyrics and can still (for the most part) remember them today.

Same here! Spockboy’s work here is an absolute Classic! Just Terrific!

HOLY CRAP! That’s fantastic! Bugs and Bones two of my favorite things! Once again Spockboy takes it to a Whole’nother’level. Well done boss!

Paul… Awesome as usual…

good lord, what a lot of work.


Wow! You really need to get a job in Hollywood.

can anyone tell me which bugs cartoon (title?) featured that long square dance song? i gotta rent me that original …


Thank you for sharing.

17 neal – can anyone tell me which bugs cartoon (title?)

See #10 & 13 — “Hillbilly Hare” and it is a Classic!

Hillbilly Hare Square Dance Text:

Probably my favorite gag reel yet. Keep it up!


I have the same problem! No video shown. Does anyone have a reason why? I never had a problem seeing them here before!

I see no vid. :-(

Warner Bothers

That was brilliant !

No really…. it was ;)

hillbilly hare on youtube:

Spockboy, thanks for the close up of that green globe used in the original show..underneath that green atmosphere, one can make out..Florida???
The TOS Special Effects people had less of a budget than I thought. I’m astounded they were able to do what they did.

This episode was ripe for a gag reel.
Bugs and Bones..what a perfect combination!
Keep up the GREAT work!!!

You are either a flippen genius, or you’ve got waaaaaaaaay to much time on your hands, either way. I LOVE it! More, more, more!

Brilliant, Spockboy! I expected McCoy to turn into Elmer Fudd and you pulled the rug out from even that. I laffed and laffed.

Do you have a blog or website where your work is archived?

Give this guy an Emmy, Oscar hell what kind of award do you give for such great work as this. Once again Spockboy you brighten the day with your slambam funny as heck work!!! Can’t wait to share it!

Still seein nothin. :-(

All I get is the end screen where Live Video asks me if I want to see Spockboy’s older clips or some weird sub-soap clips with scary Teens at high school going “Oh My Gahhd, Oh mY Gahhd. Chad’s is Duhmping Mahy.”

I think it must mean either the apocalypse has begun, or maybe its an ISP problem.

Hehhehehee. Thanks Kirkboy – that did the trick.
Another good one Spockboy!

Gottalove the thwack/thud/splat foley noises. :-)

That was great!! Great use of sound effects. These are the jems I’m looking for! One of the bennifits of remastering both thoese films… we can pass that humor onto the next genneration.

I kneel before spockboy… humbly asking him for more…

I agree with Stankitsch… What’s up Doc on the what’s up doc?
Bu the rest was classic.


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