Wil Wheaton’s Shatner and Stewart Impersonations

Things are progressing over at the Kirk v Picard Script Writing Contest. They are about half way through and just picked the round two scene. finalists. In a new video Wil Wheaton actually acts out some of the moments from the round one finalists, including part of a scene written by TrekMovie.com contributor James Heaney (wowbagger). Wheaton hams it up, but also pokes some good fun at Wesley.  

Is Wil trying out to be the new Kirk? Keep track of the goings on at the Official Blog (run by yours truly)

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OK now I want Wil to be Kirk in the flix.

I don’t really mean this, but I have to say it:


Sorry, Wil-lol

He definitely has a good sence of humour. His Kirk impression is dead on.

Wil Wheaton rules. :lol:

Wil Wheaton rules. :lol:

Redundancy is good.

Who, besides me, would find it really funny if Will plays a ‘red shirt’ in the new movie, and gets killed early on in the film? He was always saving the day in TNG. It would be pretty funny if he was the first red shirt to get killed (…I like Wil, by the way… and I think he would find it pretty funny too…)

Wil Wheaton could be a young Kirk.
That said, I’m almost beyond belief in regards to how fast time has flown since the debut of TNG that night back in 1987…My G*d, that’s 20 years ago!! Those last 20 years were quick, indeed!!

Love the Futurama reference. He does good impressions of both captains!

did anyone else catch the Futurama reference Wil made?
“I bulit a finglonger to make it work.”

Love the Futurama reference. He does good impressions of both captains!

The whole project could be a product of the “What if” machine.

Rock on, Wil!

I must admit to being a Wesley basher but that Wheaton guy is OK

actually we could have Wesley Dialog (one of the Scene 2 Finalist has Wesley as First Officer of the Timeship Enterprise

vote for it at the KVP site voting ends at 3 PST Friday

Once a weenie, always a weenie. And it appears several of you need new sound cards.

He’s about as unfunny as he is unlikable, in or out of character.

Oh, Wil Wheaton’s not that bad. He’s gotten far too much grief over the years.

As for Kirk impressions, the funniest one that I’ve seen was by “Freaks and Geeks” castmember Samm Levine.

It’s a must-see, if you can find it. It’s included in the ‘special features’ of the Freeks and Geeks DVD series. I looked for it online, to post a link here, but couldn’t find it.

It’s comparable to Kevin Pollack’s Shat, but, funnier, I thought, especially because Levine was like 15 years old when he did it, and, it was so wonderfully hammy and over the top, even for a Shatner impression.

embarrassing…painful to watch and deeply unfunny

btw I’m really glad Shatner slapped him down like a little bitch when he went snooping around the Trek V set LOL….

Shame he didnt insist on him being sacked – he would have spared us an extra 2 years worth of W Crusher.

16, 17 & 19:
I’m in your camp on this one.

At least he shaved off the alleged beard.
Really, it’s not his fault they tried to make Wesley into a superboygenius. I think you’ll see him rebound, but only after a few more years. He’ll land some sit-com or something and then Wesley will be only a distant memory.
As for the impressions, I think they fail to ‘engage.’

22 – yes he really was the jar jar of trek

nah i cant see any comeback for him…

any way he was stupid to leave TNG – If hed stayed he would have finished out the series and done the movies…..maybe leading to something else for him.

so it was bad for him but good for everyone else.

he still looks exactly the same as he did in TNG

I actually liked the impression he did of himself the most, though the others were quite well observed.

Maybe if he’d stayed on the show he could’ve turned the character around. Bashir was quite irritating for the first few seasons of DS9 with his lame pining over Dax and such, but the actor acknowledged that and managed to make the character really well liked by about half way through.

Is Wil Wheaton doing William Shatner? It sounds more like Wil Wheaton is doing Kevin Pollack who’s doing Shatner. An impersonation of an impersonation. Interesting!


You’ve got too much time on your hands.
‘Get A Life’

the kid has no talent and truly is a tool.

who is Will Wetone?

I didn’t really have any problem with Mr. Wheaton’s portrayal of Wesley. It was the character I didn’t like. The whole idea of having families and kids on the Enterprise was goofy.
While Mr. Wheaton’s impression of Picard leaves something to be desired, it is no less preferable to Stewart’s actual performance as Picard which was often excruciatingly dull and stiff.
The Shatner was fair.

“While Mr. Wheaton’s impression of Picard leaves something to be desired, it is no less preferable to Stewart’s actual performance as Picard which was often excruciatingly dull and stiff.”

How DARE you!!


Man, you guys are a tough audience. Like almost everyone, I never liked the Wesley character (Star Trek + Kids = Bad), but I have to doff my hat at Wil Wheaton for having good humor about the whole thing. Like all of us he’s just a guy trying to do his best to get by in life, and it must have been tough to be an adolescent living under a magnifying glass…a magnifying glass most fans would just as soon use to focus the sun’s rays into a beam of searing death.
I thought his Shatner was pretty good; his Picard was okay. I thought the lines he was reading in the above clip were pretty bad though. Not his fault. Wil’s okay; cut him some slack.

Scott B. out.

Hmmm… Upon further review… I still hate that guy.

re: 30. snake – July 6, 2007
“While Mr. Wheaton’s impression of Picard leaves something to be desired, it is no less preferable to Stewart’s actual performance as Picard which was often excruciatingly dull and stiff.”
How DARE you!!”

Stewart is apparently very proud of his work on the stage. I have not seen any of his stage performances, but it always seemed to me that he was “stage acting” during the series. Never seemed like a real guy.

Stewarts performance in First Contact was one of the best performances ever in Star Trek or Sci Fi film for that matter…

anyway back to wheato – the guy needs to get a job and stop living of memories of his past brief association with a series where he was (and still is ) the most hated character of the entire franchaise :)

I’m sure his life isn’t worth living now that some of you have expressed your opinion.
It’s just a promo for KvP.

Anthony, I propose a video contest… best Kirk and / or Picard impersonation. I feel the need to be highly critical for little or no reason.


Bad but fun.
On second thought just bad

I think that it’s funny that people who post continuously tell other people who have accomplished things in the public eye to get a life. Cyber-anonymity is fun, is it not?

I agree with Xai, let’s have some brave souls put their money where their mouth is. Make them do Wesley Crusher imitations and let Wil Wheaton expound on the finer points of their performances.

Shaddup Wesley… ;-)

But seriously, Wil Wheaton is cool. He has redeemed himself. And he is not a bad Shat impression

the kid has no talent and truly is a tool.
the kid has no talent and truly is a tool.
the kid has no talent and truly is a tool.

#40 is repetitive and has nothing to say
#40 is repetitive and has nothing to say
#40 is repetitive and has nothing to say

I never really understood the torrent of anger expressed towards both Wesley Crusher and Wil Wheaton.

Wesley is just a character in fiction. Don’t like the character? Fine. But to be even half-jokingly upset with this character so many years later after the series’ cancellation is more than a little extreme.

I’ve heard that some people hate Wil because he asked that there be no smoking at his public appearances, due to some respiratory issues, I believe. That floors me. You hate an actor because he politely asks you to not smoke for 45 minutes? God, you’re self-absorbed.

However, based on my firsthand experience interacting with fans of another popular series, I’ve learned that it doesn’t matter now nice you are to people… some are determined to hate you and be cruel to you no matter what.

There is definitely a small subset of any TV show fanbase that is mentally unbalanced and even dangerous.

I hated Wesley, fair to say. My feelings about Mr. Wheaton stem from the hate-filled brew he has troweled out on his website through the years. I have made it a point to educate myself on the difference between the two. I would far rather spend an evening with WC that with WW. IMO, he is little more than a brat who needs a good spanking and told to grow up. That makes me neither unbalanced nor dangerous. Just informed.

#43 Admiraldeem
No, it makes you opinionated about a very minor actor that in the scheme of things likely isn’t worth all this venom.

I felt that much of this thread’s critiques weren’t needed because this thread wasn’t about Wil Wheaton.

But shucks, I guess I am being too nice to that bastard. How dare he…

I still like the Impersonation contest though…. Anthony?

Wil Wheaton’s OK…its not really his fault his character was written that way. Hes one of the Millions of actors that reads his lines and gets paid for it. Its a shame of alot of writers got paid to make his character smarter than any of the crew. You can thank alot of the Season One and Two writers for that.

Dang, did Wil Wheaton steal some of you guys’ lunch money? Steal your Orion Slave Girl “action figure” and sell it on eBay? Spoil the ending of “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows”?

How can you hate Wesley? It was based on Gene Roddenberry!

44 Xai

People who take time to learn the facts have a right to be opinionated. And I for one am sticking to the point as opposed to folks who cannot logically and factually defend Wheaton so they attack other posters. And as for the subject of the thread, looks to me like the first two words of the title make it clear it IS about Will Wheaton.

re: 49 and 45 Xai
Yeah, pretty much about Wheaton, I’d say.

I’d like to enter your proposed impersonation contest, Xai, but I do a terrible Kirk and I have no desire to do a Picard impersonation. The less I hear that voice, the better.

And I wouldn’t want to put my mug out there for all to see. Women would be leaving their husbands and I don’t want to be responsible for that.