Paramount Releases Trailer For Abrams 1-18-08 Movie (aka Cloverfield)

No more need for crappy pirated video of the new Abrams movie trailer, Paramount have officially released the trailer and it is up at Apple (click image)

Still no idea what the film is called (‘Cloverfield’ is just a code name), but it may actually be called 1-18-08. The site has been ‘updated’ with a whole new photo (woohoo). Speculation is all over the place on the plot, but nothing is nailed down. The online game and blog promise more info by August 1st. has been told that more info may come sooner at Comic-Con. If you missed it, The Hollywood Reporter has more info on the secrecy behind the project

Paramount greenlighted the project under a veil of heavy secrecy in February, about the same time that Abrams agreed to the take over the directing reins of the new "Star Trek" film.

The casting process was just as mysterious. No scripts or even scene pages were sent out; agents who were contacted were simply asked if their client wanted to be in the movie or not. Eventually a cast,made up mostly of relative unknowns, was put together; it includes Michael Stahl-David ("The Black Donnellys"), Odet Jasmin, Mike Vogel ("Supercross") and Lizzy Caplan ("The Class").

As we learn more we will bring it to you. Yes we will continue to report on this new Abrams project

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Your welcome!!!


Godzilla 2


Cthuhlu 1?

Ironic…..Lizzy Caplan from “The Class” whic had a character named Ethan Haas played by Jason Ritter that she was friends with…..HMMM.

Ah…the audio’s much clearer (as is the video of course) than what we’ve seen previously. Looks awesome. The debris that flies out from that big fireball downtown seems to explode like fireworks when it gets up high, anyone else notice that?

Personally, I’m suspecting a LOST tie-in movie.

Holy bananas that was cool!

Yes creepy cool, just have to wait and see if it plays out to be a cool film overall. I want it to be good! After so many dissappointments these days.

Probably have to go see this, looks pretty cool even without knowing whats going on. Guess the mystery of the movie is causing some buzz, this was on the AOL main page(well linked to it).

Can’t. freakin’. wait. Of course, since this is J.J. Abrams there’ll likely be twenty questions, two of which the movie will actually answer. But the trailer is hellacool.

Then again, so was the trailer for Phantom Menace…

Ain’t It Cool News posted a quick message from Abrams where he says there are other websites out there (besides and that also hold clues about this film.

There has also been speculation that Abrams has optioned one of H.P. Lovecraft’s books for a film and this could be it.

Of course, it could also be another Godzilla remake, as mentioned above by last o’ the timelords. Abrams making Godzilla would be simply awesome, but I’m betting this has more to do with the Lovecraft idea. That deep, guttural moan sounds awfully demonic.

In any case, it’s one hell of a teaser. Looking forward to learning more.

Hey guys, nothing to do with this film, but I just watched an interview with Shatner where he states that Nimoy is indeed in the film. He states that when he spoke to Nimoy, Spock said he had read the script and it was good. Shatner then asked him: “Am I in it?” Nimoy paused and said “no”.

Hope this is not true.

Buckaroohawk is right. Here’s the source of the article in which Abrams denounces his 1-18-08 movie’s affiliation with Ethan Haas:

I’m a bit disappointed, actually!
But there’s still hope… apparently Abrams planted some more sites of his own that actually have to do with the movie.

The question remains, however: Why is Paramount also pulling Youtube vids of the unlocked Ethan Haas vids from the game? Hmm…

I’m a bit skeptical of his claim that the Ethan Haas sites are not related.
I guess we’ll see on August 1st.

A friend of mine says he thinks it’s Godzilla since Rob (the guy getting the party in the trailer) is going to *Japan*.

Of course, that may be just to throw us off …

im thinking godzilla 2

Isn’t the Statue of Liberty’s head much larger than that?

More about the Statue of Liberty head:

Head from chin to cranium 17’3″ 5.26m
Head thickness from ear to ear 10’0″ 3.05m

Just guesstimating; but comparing to the car in the street, the SoL head in this appears to be 50-60% of the real one.
Is there a 50-60% size replica of the Statue of Liberty in New York; or did they mess up?
(And before any one writes ‘this is just a movie’, remember, this IS a Star Trek site, so the likelihood of someone checking stuff like this is VERY high.) >;>}

I do NOT believe this to be connected with Godzilla, due to the fact that SONY
Pictures owns the distribution rights to that TOHO property right now (NOT Paramount).
The first American Godzilla movie was released by Columbia Pictures (owned by SONY). Nearly all new Godzilla dvd’s are being released by Sony
under the Classic Media banner. What would Paramount have to do with Godzilla?

It’s not a statue of liberty head but a “gargoyle” from a building fascia

A large metal head that looks like just the Statue of Liberty’s head, albeit appearing smaller. Maybe the M.U.F. shrank it somewhat before throwing it.

The Slusho tie-in site seems to support the Godzilla theory – it’s focused on a Japanese beverage whose special “delicious ingredient” is found deep on the ocean floor…

The “demon in the hair” and “creepy yellow face” on and the almost human groan in the trailer indicate something other than Godzilla, something very creepy.
The average person POV is very interesting, but Spielberg almost completely ruined that concept in War of the Worlds, but hopefully not completely so. At least, so far, we are not seeing what IT is yet. (We saw WAY too much of the aliens in WotW.)
Also, I do hope for a really good viral campaign here. The best I have seen so far was the one for AI, the story and characters for it were much better than the movie.
Wow, I really didn’t intend for this to be a Spielberg bashing; but these are the observations that come up from this. To be fair, Michael Bay (Transformers) and probably many others have overdone the average person POV. Just a reaction to 9/11 I would suppose.
The new photo on has people running in a white fog: no creepy faces immediately evident. The position of the 3 pictures seem to be random, changing each time I refresh the page.
Waiting for more…

Hello. My name is David Dychko.

As we all have dissected the trailer 1-18-08 bit by bit, you’ll notice there’s a lot of Japan references throughout:

* The party is for Rob leaving for Japan
* Sushi
* Japanese art work and statues
* Even a letter written in Japanese on the refrigerator
* Even the “viral” site is Japanese with the quote “You can’t drink just six”.

Where am I going with this?

1. Well on the “6th” of August 1945, the nuclear weapon “Little Boy” was dropped on the city of Hiroshima, Japan.

2. Romans 1:18. It says the following:
“God’s Wrath on Unrighteousness
For the wrath of God is revealed from heaven against all ungodliness and unrighteousness of men, who suppress the truth in unrighteousness”

Note: If Man messes with nature (nuclear bomb, pollution, etc.), monsters are born.

3. This history of “Slusho” says that drink was “discovered” by Noriko Yoashida whose nickname was Little “Whale”. She was known throughout the town as a great “scientist that did remarkable things with water” but later “disappeared while on the ocean”. Her son picked up the business and found an ingredients in it’s near “frozen-state” to preserve its freshness.

Does the three things ring a bell for any of you monster fans?

—–>They all point to the movie Godzilla (1954).

Now before you blast my post, here me out.

* Godzilla 1954 was about a dinosaur who woke from his “frozen state” at the bottom of the “ocean” from a “nuclear bomb” off from the coast of “Japan”. In the movie, a fishing “boat goes missing” off the coast. There was a “water scientist” who created the Oxygen Destroyer, a weapon that removed oxygen from water. It was used to kill Godzilla later in the movie.

* Gojira, his Japanese name, is a combination of the words “Whale” and Gorilla.

Side note: Godzilla was originally conceived to be a Squid before one of the producer said make him a dinosaur.

* Sony doesn’t own the rights to Godzilla anymore since they didn’t fulfill the contract agreement of making any movie after the 98 debacle.

* There have been talks and actual production of a CGI Godzilla movie for 2 years now. It was scheduled to be released in IMAX theaters but has faded away.

Could JJ.Abrams bought the rights and put him in this movie?

I, for one, would love to see this happen because Godzilla (1954) was a horror film anf that’s what I feel this movie, 1-18-08, direction is. Godzilla was a walking nuclear bomb, and inflected fear and hard reminder to the horrors of the Hiroshima bomb.

I hope I’m right on this. J.J?

You know, I liked the preview for this film when I took my son to see the new Transformers movie. However, as much as anyone might believe this could be a follow up to something awful done by the US for the Godzilla franchise, think again people. Why would they (Toho) give the US another round of something they had no business making in the first place. Like Independence Day,(another piece of useless brain candy) I saw that Godzilla-wanna-a-be opening day and was ready to walk out of the theater as soon as the creature (which turned up again in Godzilla-Final Wars (if you check the run-time it gets defeated by Godzilla (itself) in less than 30 seconds)but I had already spent the money and thought it was just rude to walk out of any film. As soon as it went Jurassic Park I knew it would bomb miserably. So, set the record straight people..This film 01-18-08 or WHATEVER they choose to call it when it finally comes out will NOT be a Godzilla film. If it’s a giant creature film…GREAT! I love them still. My son has grown up watching them just as I watched all of them when I was a child. It will NOT be a Godzilla film. The Internet buzz would be huge when they previewed the trailer (teaser) at Transformers..bully for them! Using this media to launch the success of a film that probably hasn’t even finished first unit production is the best compliment any smart person (people) would do. They are all sitting back now doing Google searches of the stir they’ve caused among the people. Americans have NO business making a Godzilla film, ever! But, we did launch the giant monster films and to continue it, well, I’ll pay to see them on the big screen, what about you?

DID anyone else hear the running man towards the end of the trailer say
” …a giant lion..” or was it just me?

The man did say, “I saw it! It’s a lion…it’s huge!” while running in the street.

Actually he said, “It’s alive, it’s huge!”

About the statue of Liberty Head, I noticed that it was smaller than the original also and I did some reseach. There is a replica of the statue of liberty in New York that is somewhere between 37 and 55 feet tall.

I wish someone could be definitive about what the guy in the trailer yells. I hear it as “its alive” and my best friend hears it as “it’s a lion.” We need to keep working on this until someone can convince all of us of what the man yells. It is not a mistake that we hear that line of dialouge and it is highly improbable that it is a mistake that the line is hard to hear and understand. I’m just so excited for another trailer and the actual movie…

did anyone see the large ball of fire ?……lol…of course we all did….. there have been rumors of a new Gamera movie for yrs also……

Party guest : I saw it! ..It’s alive! ..It’s huge!

its not godzilla 2, it was confirmed to not be a sequel or a remake

i think its a monster in the book of revelation

I particularly like the Slurpo Ads on the side…

I particularly like the Slusho Ads on the side…

Its not Godzilla which is to bad, its either has something to do with H.P. Lovecraft or an entirely new monster the man screams out its alive not its a lion so no its most likely not Voltron and for the one guy that said its probably Gamera, it can be because there is no interest in the US for a giant turtle.

yes, he said its ALIVE! also been hearing tht for years von, bout GAMERA. watching the trailer I thoguht of Gamera also.
could it maybe be an Ultra-man movie? I think tht name Rob is important, as to what remake this might be from years ago monster movies. who knows.


Here is something for all you 1-18-08 people. If you check out Paramounts website and click on 1-18-08 there is a new “movie poster” in which the statue of liberty is missing a head and a path is ripped into new york city. also there are three finger claww marks everywhere. Don’t know how many claws godzilla had on each hand but thats something for yall to discuss. Have fun with the new info and look forward to reading yalls theories now. PS. Also new Indiana Jones trailer will be out soon.

I hope it isnt something where the monster(s) break out in kung fu or something. I remember the original Godzilla with the American actor (played perry mason I forgot). The fire breathing effect melting tanks etc was quite good, and the that weapon at the stripping the flesh off of Godzilla was quite good also. Rodan, the pteredactyls also was well done. what happened after is anyones guess. I would like them to leave Godzilla in peace., real lack of imagination if it is him/her Claw marks..hmm attack of the 50ft breathing..well hell hath no fury..hehehehe.
Thanx to the above posters for great insight.


my bet is gamera… godzilla sounds different and already has its own sound. Plus gamera can also shoot fireballs too.

It’s going to suck if it’s not Godzilla,because he has a huge fan base,oh well.

maybe a mothra movie? who knows?

nope none of that sorry… Abrams said it was completely original. An american monster, Godzilla, Mothra, Voltron, Gamera, not ours and not original.

Okayyyyyyyyy G’zilla fans…..!
here is the take from lil-ole- me.

THIS movie borrows from a few other flicks- ironic yes but true…..ya have to watch & see… I sat thru this flick 3 times….the camera action is a mix of major motion pic movie & Blair Witch camera angles….But….(hold on ) It borrows from King Kong, Jurrasic Park,Godzilla-98′ (not Japan-thankfully- saving the Big G more embarrassment ! ) and I’m sorry to say the scrpting is straight ought of a docu-mockumentary……still a party in NY that gets stomped on as a horror-monster flick…can’t be all bad….

New England is a hot bed of pix being shot right now tho they’ll probably put me to sleep in the theater… wake up folks in N.E. & film a flick with carnage,action,love sex,deth,fight scenes,car chases, wise words & monsters,Suspense….henchmen,babes in boots,scary Villains……..
( ummmm anyone seen Jaws on big screen-theater size…? )