The Squire of Gothos Screenshots and Video

SFX Video




New and Old

En Route to the Beta VI colony
A strange little planet
In orbit
Trying to warp away

View astern
Dodging the planet
Leaving Gothos behind
On to the next mission — Beta VI colony



A most unusual welcome message

Kirk and Sulu on display

Trelane — General, retired; Squire of Gothos

DeSalle tries to stun Trelane

The sassy ladies of the Enterprise

I object to you; I object to intellect without discipline. I object to power without constructive purpose.

Kirk wields his pistol

Kirk and the source of Trelane’s power

Judge Trelane

Kirk before the noose

Cornered by Trelane

I would… I would… I would…

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Greetings and felicitations!

I watched this yesterday with my 15-year old daughter (who’d never seen it). At the scene where Kirk and Trelane are about to duel with Kirk objecting to Trelane shooting first by saying “We shoot together!” to which Trelane replies “It’s my game and my rules!” my daughter pipes in with “What a brat that guy is.” I smiled and said “More than you know, kid… more than you know.”

The lightning was a great touch.

Didn’t understand why they went yellowy-brownish since the soundstage had a dark tealy-greenish sky.

Unless we’re supposed to assume that the Trelane-affected portion of Gothos looks that way and the rest is yellowy-brownish.

Nice. If I didn’t know that this episode had probably already been remastered weeks ago, I’d have sworn that they had read my suggestions in a previous episode (last weeks I think). I’m talking about the lightning under the clouds.

Oh, and Tally-ho as well.

As for the effects:

Gothos was authentically sulfurous with its yellow atmosphere and visbile volcanic flashes. Perhaps not as angry and red as it could have been, but then I am perhaps thinking of Io, which is even more of a mental place than Gothos. So I am pleased with the rendition overall.

Highlight is the bit where Gothos tries to head-butt the ship. Got a real sense of “WTF?!” as it careened like a loony at the ship. Sweet!

My memory fails me, but what’s that class M planet at the end? Thought this was a star desert? Am I forgetting something? Or is it a goof?

Love the Galloping Gothos!
Also, interesting to note the “I Dream of Jeannie/Bewitched” school of SFX in this ep. (e.i. letting a sound effect or lighting gel do some of the heavy lifting.) Wonder if they’ll do THAT in STXI.

From a previous thread: What, no thoughts on the 900 years in the past reference?

well done Matt thanks. I didnt dvr this episode and so I missed all the fun

I know I have been going on and on about the planets of TOS losing their color

So let me say….I LOVE the new Gothos…it is a strange new world…well Done CBSD…and I love the reverse angle and some of those viewscreen shots.

This type of work shows how the new effects can actually match up better to the dialog and truly improve the show. I look foward to seeing this in HD!

if only they had gotten rid of the cartoony sound effects when the mirror when blooey.


Just to reiterate, the yellow with clouds is exactly what you would expect for a real planet with this kind of noxious atmosphere. So CBS-D is going with realistic hues for this one, which is cool with me, as it still looks distinctive and the planet has a “character” uniquely its own, which the story calls for since it is essentially an extension of Trelaine himself.

The “green sky” we see around the mansion is probably the effect of the class-M “bubble” they are in.

The challenge for CBS-D is to try to bring some individuality to the other worlds in the series – which is hard as most class-M planets would look similar to Earth. Possible approaches might be:
a) tinting the atmosphere a little from the standard blue & white with some unusual colour, as they did with Halka in “Mirror, Mirror”
b) add a striking set of moons / Sun / binary companion / rings (as has been done with a few eps so far)
c) having a weird angle (such as a polar orbit), to add distinctiveness?

Other possibilites:
“The Alternative Factor”, having Lazarus’ decimated world look like an Earth that is on its way to becoming a Mars?

“Conscience of the King” Seem to recall Planet Q had a pretty purplish night sky. A bit wacky, but an opportunity there for a bit of weird colour?

“Galileo Seven” – Taurus II having a green-tainted class-M atmosphere , like a mouldy marble, from all that freaky green haze it sits in?

“The Cloud Minders” – a farily dusty, ruddy planet. Orange sky = orange planet methinks.

And so on…

The Beta VI colony is the same planet like in the episode “A Piece of the Action”

But not only in the remastered also in the old version!!

But i like what they did and what they do !!

Cbs-d a grat job and thx thx thx :)

#5: “My memory fails me, but what’s that class M planet at the end? Thought this was a star desert? Am I forgetting something? Or is it a goof?”

By then they are past the star desert. That class-M planet is Beta VI. The Enterprise was en route there via the star desert.


The planet in “A Piece of the Action” was Sigma Iotia II. But, yeah, it does look similar to Beta VI. The continents are probably different shapes, though. It’s hard to tell from so far away.


good eyes.

comment image

Still, Beta VI Colony was a cameo, so it’ s not as bad as the abuse of Class M planets in TOS:

So, in the middle of a star desert, why does Gothos have a day side and a night side? (Although, dramatically it looks better this way, especially in the ‘chase’ sequence.)

900 years past…

That’s so easy, makes me roll my eyes when some don’t get this.

Trelane was looking at Earth (with a viewing scope, as Yeager guessed) from 900 LIGHT YEARS from Earth. Get it now?

This is not a reference to the time frame of Star Trek. I realize this might be a “retcon” as at the time, the production hadn’t placed Trek in any time frame (and didn’t until ST:TWoK).

Tell me I’m wrong. ;p

I remember references to TOS being 23rd Century long before TWOK.
Hamilton took the big dirt nap in 1804.
+900 = 2704 (28th Century) give or take a decade.
My take is one of two things:
A) Trelane moved his mobile home to 400 light years away and peeped in on Earth.
B) Star Trek is full of boo-boos.

#10-Cbs-d a grat job and thx thx thx

What’s that? May I help you?


If Trelane can make the planet move and wobble around then maybe he can make it appear as though it has a day side and a night side.

But really, I didn’t even think of that until you mentioned it.


Loved the new “dodging the planet” scenes. It really looked like the ship was going to crash into the planet at times.

And one thing I never noticed before is just how deadly SERIOUS Kirk is throughout this ep. Later on Kirk would probably play along and be a lot more jokey with someone like Trelane, but here he doesn’t want to take any sh*t from him at ALL.

One little complaint: At the very very end, the Enterprise suddenly appears out of nowhere behind the Executive Producer credit for the Great Bird of the Galaxy. I’m guessing that the Enterprise suddenly dropped out of warp behind Gene’s name, but we didn’t get to see it. Fooey!

TALLY – HO!!!!!

Who is this Tally and why does everyone keep calling her that??

Looks like Sulu was doing the Robot when he got zapped and frozen!

CBS-D, as most folks agree, did a supurb job on Gothos. It seemed to me this ep was shot using the old Enterprise model. Was it just me? Other than that great work. I just starting HD service from Directv. Even though it is not broadcast in HD the images are exceptionally clear. Beautiful!

Has anyone heard when they are going to announce the next “season” of remastered eps?

Nice lightning storms on the planet, of course both references to Carstairs’ storms were lost in syndication cuts.

And I love the cartoony sound effects, always have.

Under the Spock pic posted above:

Just wanted to say that the quote is not “I object to intellect without reason” although that would have been good. Spock actually says “I object to intellect without discipline.”
“I object to power without constructive purpose” is correct as stated above. It is also IMO often a correct observation of our world.

Don’t get me wrong – I like the video reels, but is there somewhere to get them without something splashed across the bottom of the screen? (I won’t mention any names). I’d like to make some desktop pics with the video, but they have a name across them.

Is it me, or does the Enterprise look more realistic this week? No more cartoon nacelle caps?

From what I could see, the opening flyby must have been the old CGI model because it has the “peppermint candy” nacelle caps. However, the episode title shot shows the correct nacelle caps, and it looks like they may have been tweaked because there appears to be more fan line detail inside… slowly getting more like the physical model nacelle caps, but not quite there yet. For some reason, the power effect of the blinking christmas lights and the rotating fans in the physical model nacelle caps are something that just can’t be fully duplicated using CGI.

The interesting thing… part of the CGI effort was to standardize the Enterprise shots in the episodes so that they didn’t contain both pilot and production shots. Now, the remastered episodes are containing both old CGI and new CGI model shots. Old habits are hard to break I guess.

Sorry – just OK for me. The lighting in the clouds was over-done – too bright and too large – should have been much more suttle.

Agree on the ship – looks like we are getting re-used shots of the older model. Oh well….

I too was curious about the closing shot of the blue planet. I Think the last shot pays homage to the infallable filemaker system touted by the TOSR producer mentioned in another thread on this board. (wink-wink) I bet there’s a statement and a correction made to future episodes much like the fix they made to Mirror-Mirror.

They reuse a same planet from episode ”A Piece of the action” ( and the same scene ). I don’t like that.
The Gothos looks great.

14, 15. Actually, after Jaeger makes his guess and Trelane acknowledges the guess, Kirk says the squire has been looking in on the doings nine hundred years past. Since he lives in a society that routinely uses instruments which collect subspace radiation, I am surprised that he assumes that the viewing scope collected electromagnetic radiation. I guess he was so angry at Trelane he simplified the time differential.

13, 17. A little after Kirk shoots Trelane’s machine and the bridge crew escape back to the Enterprise, Kirk takes an educated guess that Trelane’s range at tracing their subspace beam to “Spacefleet” Command is at the point the Enterprise entered “their” solar system. This guess implies that Gothos has a sun to create the day and night sides on the planet.

34. Uhura has just asked Kirk if she should make a full report to “Spacefleet” Command. This implies that the producers still did not pin the name of the organization to which the Enterprise and her crew belonged. Of course, internal to the show, we can argue that Uhura was so frightened she misspoke the name of Starfleet.

And Kirk says “their” solar system probably because of slopping writing, but internally to the show, we can argue that he is tripping over his words.

35. By “pin”, I meant “pin down”.

I wish they could have used CG effects to prevent Kirk and Sulu from wobbling while “frozen.” Oh well…

And was it my imagination, or did the glowy splotches of light that were the Squire’s parents look improved upon, almost as if they now had moving mouths as they spoke?

Ok, my job took me away for 2 weeks, and I don’t have a laptop.

Overall, good job. Still, I wish they could redo phasers. Other than that, great stuff.

Although I liked the moving planet, I think an exterior shot would’ve been really cool to see.