Crowe Talks Trek Again

J.J. Abrams and Paramount want an A-Lister to be the villain in the new Star Trek movie and word is that Russell Crowe is on the list. The actor was again asked by ExtraTV if there is anything to the rumors and his reply "Apparently. But I haven’t read anything. I can’t make a decision about anything until I read it so we’ll see what happens" implies that there may be something there. The most likely scenario is that he and/or his agent has been sent something (maybe even a script…although Paramount is keeping a tight lid on those), but that the busy actor hasn’t looked at whatever has been sent. Even IGN who first put his name out there acknowledge that it is unlikely he will be able to do the role. So the big question is…what other A-Listers on on J.J.’s list?

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First? hee hee

Crowe didn’t deny anything and didn’t seem to be adverse to the idea.

He could make a great villain and would add some real Hollywood A list punch to the cast.

Maybe Christian Bale is right: “Klingon, Klingon, Klingon!”

I think a crazed Starfleet captain would be better: Garth of Izor, as others have suggested? Crowe would be great!

Someone with a lot of experience in the entertainment industry told me, when this movie was first announced, “the studio will want two A-listers, one of whom can be the villain.”

I didn’t know what to make of that at the time, having little experience or insight of my own to either support or dispute it. It does look, however, as if the studio is shooting very high as far as at least one part in the film is concerned.

No crazed starship Captains for their first mission, please!

A Klingon seems the smart way to go. One we have never seen before. Should he be evil? No. But he should be a baddass!

Am I the only one who feels someone who is TOO well known might distract from the character? Rather than as Bale says “Klingon”, would some of you not think “There’s Russel Crowe in a Klingon suit”? I guess I might change my mind depending on how well the cone is glued to his head.

490 dtST

Klingons have been done to death in trek movies. Let’s show some originality and do a story with an alien race that wasn’t seen much in TOS – Andorians for example. Just about anything but Klingons.

Don’t forget… chances are, if Crowe plays a Klingon, he won’t have the ridges on his head. This is a TOS movie, after all!

I disagree. When he said “apparently, but I haven’t read anything” What he meant was that he’s been asked about it a bunch of times, and the rumor is red hot, but he hasn’t been told of anything. It was kind of like a half joke.

Crowe would make a great villain — he would especially make a great Garth of Izar, if he’s even in the film — but I kind of agree with Pizza Hotdog (#5), Crowe is very well-known and may throw off the film’s focus: audience attention may be on the actor rather than the character, and much of the focus could be on the villain rather than the heroes (ala Batman). That said, I am less worried about this happening with Crowe than I am with Tom Cruise — while both are fine actors, Crowe is better able to immerse himself in the role to the point that you see the character, not the actor. Cruise, on the other hand, always seems to be playing the role of “Cruise pretending to be a character.” When Cruise is on the screen, I just see Tom Cruise acting. When Crowe is on the screen, I see a character. No offense to Cruise’s acting ability, he plays his characters well, just not to the point that I am able to look beyond the fact that “Yup… that’s Tom Cruise.” That’s just how I see it, though.

I’d much rather see a troublesome – even “crazed” – human villain than one more goddamned Klingon or Romulan.

I don’t buy the “too well known” angle. I’ve “known” Russell Crowe since he did Virtuosity in 1995. Yet, I was still able to suspend my disbelief during ‘Gladiator’ and ‘Master and Commander’ and ‘Beautiful Mind.’

Why? Because they were well written, ‘meaty’ roles that Crowe could disappear within. THAT is the key here. Not whether Crowe is too recognizable, but whether the role of the villain is complex, 3-dimensional. If Crowe is given a part into which he can submerse himself, than he would be an awesome Trek villain.
Give him a role with nothing to it, that exists solely as a plot device… ah, but if that is the case, I doubt he’d take the part.

Put me in the Pro-Crowe camp.

Introducing Russell Crowe as Lord Garth Formerly of Izar!!!!!!

Your Lord approves of the casting

Wow. I say Crowe’s chances of appearing in this movie are less than one in ten at this point, but just the fact there could be any chance at all is stunning.

It makes me nervous about the new Kirk. If he’s going to be playing opposite big names in the roles of Pike and whoever this villain is going to be, he better be able to bring it.

I just keep thinking about Hayden Christensen in the Star Wars prequels, and I shudder at the possibility of something similar happening in Trek XI….

Here’s the interesting thing with Russell Crowe: even though the fans are jaded and cynical to the notion of another renegade starship captain, having seen it done on the T.V. shows, there are a couple of aspects to consider with Crowe thrown into the mix. First, with this being a depiction of a young Kirk, new to command, the film could have tremendous emotional weight in having a mentor/father figure to Kirk go renegade. James Kirk would be wonderfully conflicted while considering his options. Second, if you’re going to cast a “top drawer” actor to portray someone who could intimidate Kirk, who better than Russell Crowe, a superb thespian, who could make ANYBODY tentative in their approach to him, once he’s locked that steely gaze on them! Bring it on, baby!!!

I think Abe Vigoda will be the villian.

I’d like to see a new alien race — those were always my favorite episodes. Maybe a first contact mission gone awry…

Garth of Izar is actually a….logical choice, especially if they’re trying to recapture the experience of the Wrath of Khan. Most people would not know who Garth was, just like Khan, and as a human who has gone insane, he would make for a great villian! Especially if Crowe were to play him!


Sand…. Mr Spock…it’s course, rough, and it…get’s everywhere! But you are…soft….and smooth.


Why does everyone keep mentioning Garth of Izar?

Kirk had never met Garth prior to “Whom Gods destroy”, do we really want another Kirk ACTUALLY met him in the bathroom scenario ala Chekov and Khan?

15 …Abe Vigoda as the villians girlfriend

the film would be exteamely fortunate to have crowe on board (and cruise for that matter)

however i think we’ll hear tom hanks’s name being thrown around soon too

Josh – It must come to be!!!

btw has everyone seen crowes master & commander? its virtually almost the same story structure as star trek ii

Sorry, but “Whom Gods Destroy” is one of the goofier episodes in the first place. In the second place, shape-shifting is goofy and has been done to death.

I’d rather see a new villain. While we’re at it, some new aliens that are more than humans with funky brow-wrinkles. Considering what they can do with CGI motion-capture, you could have a Golum-like character whose proportions are truly alien.

Crowe would be excellent. Bale is great. There are some truly great actors on the A-list (along with some worthless pretty boys.)

I’d also love to see them work out the small things. Just as an example: watched an ep of Enterprise that takes the prize for most obvious mis-use of a turbo-lift. In all the series, the turbo-lift rides last just long enough to fit the dialogue (TOS had a 54 deck ride — I counted!) In this ENT ep, the turbo-lift ROSE 8 decks, and the actors stepped out onto the shuttle-pod bay (which is on the BOTTOM of the primary hull.) OK, it’s nitty. But, if they look at the dozens of conventions TOS introduced, and tweaked some of them, what fun!

Just glad to see this iteration of Trek casting its net much higher this time.

#7 Demode…. this isn’t true (Klingon make-up)…. Once again, I seriously doubt this film will look anything like the 60’s TOS shows. They are not going to use the same sets or costumes or make-up.

Remember the Star Trek movies? This was still suppose to be in the TOS era but the sets, costumes and the Kilngon make-up looked nothing like the TV show.

your wrong. CmdrR Your Lord thought you an ally now I see trechery flows through your veins. Marta shall deal with you quietly.

Funny, I’ve heard Marta is usually anything but quiet! Slurp!!

You want a well-known actor to play the villain in Star Trek? An actor with good chops, who can muster that love-to-hate quality?

How about James Woods?

I don’t think he’s right to play a Klingon, but, imagine him in some other kind of make-up, fiendishly plotting a needlessly painful demise for our heroes.

Or, ooh, even better…Anthony Hopkins.


Willem Dafoe for Ben Finney!!!

Oh, sorry…

Maybe get val kilmerif no crowe as hes a great actor too

I want Kiefer Sutherland!!

Why would they spend big money on an A-lister just to cover them up with makeup? It’s like why do they keep putting actors who have zero resemblance to a Vulcan in a ton of makeup to play a Vulcan? Joe, the female deputy from “Eureka” & Matt Dallas from “Kyle XY” would make super Vulcans with very little makeup, plus Dallas has that kind of cool (and somehow creepy) old man’s voice for one so young.

OMG, it just occured to me….what about a more sinister version of Harry Mudd?

Re 34:

Now, don’t get riled up here…but I think Shatner could play the part of Harry Mudd perfectly these days, with his sense of comic timing! A way to get him into this movie, but without necesssarily having to bring old Kirk back to life.

If they make the villian Harry Mudd, then J.J.’s name will be mud!!

I seriously don’t want to see Russell Crowe in a Trek film.

You must have a reason for feeling that way, may I ask what it is?

31: Val Kilmer is a terrible actor and would make a terrible villian