Quinto: His Spock Will Be More Emotional

USA Today Celeb Watch has released their ‘outtakes’ from their Quinto/Nimoy interview

Interesting highlight is that Quinto thinks his early Spock will be ‘more charged with the internal struggle’ of being half human and half Vulcan. He also revealed he has not read the entire script

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Finally first!
It makes sense, Spock is half human after all

I thought I was any way, but I’m looking forward to what’s coming up!

its good to know that nemoy was influential in the casting of the new spock. but who is guiding the kirk casting?

^4. Shatner? Even if he’s not in the movie, it would be a good idea to hire him as a consultant and get his public blessing.

Who cares if Shatner gives his blessing….

For what it’s worth, I care what Shatner thinks. I would also expect Spock to be emotional, as we saw him journey to become more and more stoic up through ST:TMP.

I thought he became *less* stoic as the series progressed, more in touch with his human half due to Kirk and McCoy’s influences, and thus when everyone “broke up” 2½ years prior to TMP, he decided to get his Vulcan on full force again and underwent the “kull-in-eer” discipline. Mindmelding with a sleeping Kirk at the end of “Requiem for Methusalah” to help him get over the loss of a robot birlfriend is not exactly cold, unflinching logic.

Of course, Spock was all grins in “The Cage” of if the script atempts to address the variance in the character’s portrayal across the pilots and series, then I commend them.

And if I am referring to the “Kolinahr”, I am correct.

amazing, earth shattering news…

maybe next he will reveal that he will raise an eybrow…

Did you notice that when both men were asked if old and young Spock meet up in the film, Nimoy smiled and nodded in a rather emphatic manner. This would seem to more than imply, unless they retool the script, that such a scene will likely take place. Let’s hope it makes sense to the plot and is handled in a tasteful fashion!

A few notable tidbits and worth watching, but I really have to say Will Keck from USA Today just annoys the heck out of me. I kept hoping one of them would give him the vulcan nerve pinch.

Looks more and more like Nimoy has a great deal of involvement with the project besides his role. This to me is terrific

Re 10:

“Let’s hope it makes sense to the plot and is handled in a tasteful fashion!”

Yes. I also hope the Spock on Spock love scene is handled tastefully. :-P

#13…I just fell off my chair laughing.
Oh, and I also care what Shatner thinks, and I sure as hell believe this movie needs his blessing and his acting talent. Shatner’s got a style that’s all his own…Star Trek isn’t Star Trek without him. Just as Picard and Janeway bring their own elements into TNG and Voyager…Kirk brings something special into TOS..and I can’t bear to think that something will be missing. >_>

#8 You are referring to the “Ko-li-nar”. Please endeavor to be correct. Even if means pulling out your video of TMP. I, of course, need no such refreshment of memory.

{Tongue planted firmly in cheek}

#13 “I also hope the Spock on Spock love scene is handled tastefully”
What the hell is this…….Brokeback Mount Selaya?

I don’t think we have to worry about Spock laughing and being overly emotional in this movie. I think Quinto simply means that we’ll be able to see a bit more emotion under the surface in his portrayal. We’ll see him struggling to CONTAIN his emotions a lot more, instead of it being so effortless as in later years.

#8 — I’d also really like to see something that tells the story of how Spock went from the character we see in “The Cage” to the character we all know and love.

It would also make sense that he would be at a more emotional stage of his life earlier on in his Starfleet career, when there was clearly something driving him off of Vulcan so strongly that he would sever his relationship with his father — yet some years later, much of his energies are devoted to seeming as Vulcan, as un-Human, as possible — ultimately to the point of undergoing the Kolinahr ritual. It’s like when he’s on Vulcan, he finds himself not belonging, and escapes to his other side — the human side, in Starfleet. But in Starfleet, he is seen as being too Vulcan and, again not belonging, escapes into that aspect of himself. (I’m afraid I’m not articulating my point very clearly, but it’s something that’s always fascinated me.)

One Trek moment that always stood out in my mind was from This Side of Paradise, when Spock says, “It’s a true Eden, Jim. There is belonging…and love”; and then, a few scenes later, in the unforgettable transporter room fight scene, Spock says, sounding almost lost, “The spores. They’re gone. I don’t belong anymore.”

A great deal of Spock’s earlier years seemed to involve a craving for that sense of belonging — and when it was (transiently) satisfied by the spores, it was “the first time in [his] life [he] felt happy.” In that context, I think a more emotional Spock would make a lot of sense in the timeframe of this film, and I would look forward to seeing it.

Wow, that was long-winded.

I’ve been thinking about Quinto’s comment about not having read the entire script. That could be interpreted more than a few ways.

Re 19:

You mean like…he didn’t read the part WITH SHATNER AS KIRK IN IT? OMG!!!! SHATNER WILL BE IN THE MOVIE!!! YES!!! THANK YOU JJ!!!!!

Oh, calm down. Probably he’s only read the scenes where young Spock has dialogue. That would be in keeping with the whole veil of secrecy they’re trying to keep over this movie.

The only problem this film may face, is if the public gets tied and skeptical of the re-start thing.

We already got Darth Vader Begins, Spiderman Begins, Batman Begins and James Bond Begins.

Next we’re getting Michael Meyers Begins as the remake of the original 1978 Halloween is coming out soon.
Then we’re getting Jason Begins as the remake of the original 1980 Friday the 13th is coming out at some point in the next year or so…..

Just hope we don’t all get the Restart Blues!

For a minute I thought you said “Mike Myers Begins”

“For a minute I thought you said “Mike Myers Begins””
-Oceanhopper –

Funny you should say that, since we in fact did get Austin Powers Beings, in Goldmember! lol

see, its a well entrenched idea.

Haha! Zombies From the Stratosphere!

Nimoy’s a pretty strange guy.
I can’t wait to see how Quinto does this. :) him being an actor…. kinda HAS to do his own thing, otherwise he’s just mimicking someone else’s work. and that’s never a good thing in hollyweird.

I wish everybody the best of luck with this project, and I’ll be in a theater opening show! :D

That was a nice little interview with both ‘Spocks.’ This movie can’t happen soon enough. I feel like this is going to be 16 months of Trek foreplay.

Anyone have a spare silver DeLorean with a flux capacitor sitting around?

488 dtST

I think it makes sense for him to be more emotional.

If you go back and watch The Cage and WNMHGB and some of the early first season episodes, he does seem more emotional…smiling and raising his voice…that sort of thing.

The more i hear about this film the more the hairs on the back of my neck stand up! i really can’t wait – this film has all the signs of being truly amazing!

I just hope that its bigger than Mission Impossible 3 (i love that film) and better than any other Star Trek film!

I want this film to be the biggest thing since Star Wars: A New Hope came out.

Of course, they may just choose to ignore Spock’s portrayals “The Cage” and “Where No Man Has Gone Before” since, as some people feel, the pilots shouldn’t “count” since they weren’t part of the regular series – right, Anthony? :-)

Sounds great-I think Spock should be a bit more emotional if it’s around the time of “The Cage”, “Where No Man…”, or even “The Corbomite Manuever.”

I think Spock fled Vulcan because he was having trouble supressing his emotions and his father was constantly reminding him of how disappointing it was (hmmm…disappointment IS an emotion). So, Spock fled to Starfleet, which is what caused the real rift between him and pappa Sarek. Then, Spock more openly showed emotions, until (music cue here)…something dramatic/traumatic happens to him or someone close to him (ah-la similar to the Chris Pike thing). He then realizes that humans are out of control with their emotions, so he starts down the long path of trying to supress them (like his father always wanted him to do). However, being around McCoy and Kirk (two totally unemotional dudes-ha, ha) doesn’t make it easy. Perhaps that is why Spock “slips” once in a while (much to McCoy’s delight). Therefore, Spock decided once he’s away from those two, it’s time to get firm control back on Vulcan, etc., etc., etc.

Just my take on it. Oh, please bring back “the Shat!”

hmm hes has a point , i mean spock can emotional , and they can explain it by saying hes younger and cant not control his human side as much , plus i really want to see that zombie movie with nimoy now , anybody seen it ? is it anygood ?

Whether this matters or not, but Nimoy has said his smiling and such in The Cage was a mistake after the fact. He was trying to play the more emotional character to Jeffrey Hunter’s Christopher Pike. Other than establishing that Spock was on the Enterprise fresh out of the Academy, with Pike commanding, The Cage isn’t very good for back story. For Spock, Animated episode Yesteryear (DC Fontana) is much more worthy.

For Christ’s sake, what about the Mugatu??? Bring Back Mugatu!!!!

#32 Says
“Whether this matters or not, but Nimoy has said his smiling and such in The Cage was a mistake after the fact. He was trying to play the more emotional character to Jeffrey Hunter’s Christopher Pike. Other than establishing that Spock was on the Enterprise fresh out of the Academy, with Pike commanding, The Cage isn’t very good for back story. For Spock, Animated episode Yesteryear (DC Fontana) is much more worthy.”

See, now we have fans trying to make what Quinto said canon. How stupid we fans are…..”oh my god, how do we fit this into what we have been watching for the past 40 years. We need to make everything fit perfectly or nothing will ever make sense ever again. So lets find the smallest thing and connect it to that to make ourselves feel better.”

It’s just a show guys, a great one, but we all keep ourselves from enjoying it becuase we treat it as if it’s actual history…..it’s fiction…..

#34 — I agree that people can get a little out of control with trying to fit every little thing into canon (I’ve been guilty of this myself), but I don’t think that simply speculating on how things *could* fit in to canon and flesh out details we already know precludes enjoyment of the show. In fact, I enjoy thinking about all the things that could happen, all the stories that could get told — it means that even if they don’t get told on the big screen, I at least got to live them out in my imagination. Canon-based speculation only gets in the way if we get so caught up in our views of how things could fit that we reject other possibilities.

It’s just a show guys, a great one, but we all keep ourselves from enjoying it becuase we treat it as if it’s actual history…..it’s fiction…..

amen, mike. and good luck. I think you and I understand that CASH not CANON wil call the shots in this movie. I trust that JJ will be creative. But, the whole notion that a movie MUST utterly adhere to 40 years of previous material is Mugatu poo. (There, Garth, got that in for you at least.)

Think how cool the new Batman is. Think how much of an improvement the new Bond is over most of the previous 10 Bond movies.

Let JJ be JJ. I can’t wait until Trekmas ’08, but I’ll try to distract myself with… oh, I don’t know… a new baby and a presidential election.

Thanks CmdrR I knew you’d come around.
Because we demand it BBM Bring Back Mugatu!!!!

Nimoy said in ’91 that he was against recasting Spock, so why the hell is he for this in the first place?

re: 38

Times change.

Not that I usually like it. But its true.

#38. As Shatner hinted…it’s obviously the paycheck. Though I’m sure his love for Spock also plays some kind of role in it. Think about it, I love Star Trek and all…but I probably wouldn’t go see ST XI if Nimoy (and poor Shat) aren’t in it! I mean…I hated DS9 and Enterprise…so I would just assume it would be another Star Wars-like effects-based movie.

Lord Garth, I agree. The Mugatu has been long absent from Star Trek, and should be written into the new movie as an earlier version of himself. We could then have dueling Mugatus…

Thank you friend HJ – the groundswell has begun. How can they call it Star Trek without our beloved Mugatu. JJ are you and Robert listening?? Bring Back Mugatu = BBM !!!
And Russell Crowe as Lord Garth is just fine with me.
Tom Cruise can cameo as Mugatu!!!

An official endorsement from our Chancellor!!!!

Forget about who’s gonna play Jim Kirk, we need to start talking about who will don the white ape with a horn on it’s forehead costume… This will be a difficult role to reprise, since we will now be going back into the Mugatu’s seedy past, exploring the drinking, the womanizing, drugs and debauchery that led him to become the burned -out, starship captain- biting vagrant that we know and love. Did he have a job? Where was his family? What drove him to break out of rehab and go on that five day bender? Why did he only serve ten days out of a forty-five day sentence? Who pulled the strings from up high and got him acquitted of the manslaughter charges? All questions that need to be addressed in the film.

I always found it funny that Mugatu became Star Trek canon because De Kelley flubbed the line, which originally read, “Gumatu”!

Will Ferrell is the ONLY choice for Mugatu, dammit!:


I wonder how many other flubbed lines made it onscreen in Trek? I’ve always felt that Shatner saying, “My uncle’s barn in IDAHO” (Generations) was a mistake.

That’s The greatest thing I ever saw!!!!!!!!!!

If Will Ferrell is in this movie, I will boycott it. Unless he’s a sniveling Tellerite who gets vaporized.

Okay, I did post this a few minutes ago under another story, but I guess it belongs here instead… sorry for the crosspost (I’d erase the other if I could).

I think there’s a lot of canon (if you’re a canon fan) already out there to support the idea that Spock was more emotional when he was younger – the character’s portrayal in the original pilot (which became canon when it became part of “The Menagerie”) and his portrayal in the second pilot both point to him being more outwardly emotional. When I think of the Spock character in the series versus the movies, I get the impression that the older Spock in the movies was more at peace with himself, whereas even in the later TOS episodes, the feeling you get from the character is that he’s, well, a bit sharper and more tense (most of the time), indicating that more is happening under the surface. When you’re still trying to find your place in the universe, a journey younger Spock needs to go through due to the conflicts inherent in his mixed heritage and his father’s disapproval, I would think that would make him more emotional, and I suspect the changes resulting from the transition to the young, fiery Kirk from the older and burnt-out (by his own admission) Pike would be unsettling (a bit like when you start a new job). It makes sense then that Spock will be more emotional than we saw him at other times.