The Galileo Seven Screenshots and Video

Star Trek Remastered was back this weekend with a fairly effects heavy episode…

SFX Video



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tee hee hee…great CGI in this ep, tho!

icky nemesis green!! Second!

Looking good.


Nice microquasar shots. While the original FX was pretty fluid and dynamic for a ’60s show, the Remastered version looks more “there” to me.

And, yes, quasars do come in stellar sizes, so Star Trek isn’t stretching science fact a whole lot with such a small quasar.

Is it just me or does it look like they created their own continuity error? They clearly show another shuttle (Copernicus?) in the bay during the F/X shot within the ship as Galileo departs. But in the external shot that looks towards the ship, you can’t see the second shuttle in the bay — though it should be clearly visible. So it seems to me, anyhow!

Ding Ding Ding….

Quasar looks great, ships (interior and exterior) still look like something I created in Paint Shop Pro. The more things change…

Hi Srgt. Munster,

you’re right! I saw the same mistake a few days ago at when they showed the first new images of “The Galileo Seven”. The inside shot shows clearly a second shuttle on the right side of the camera of the hangar bay (left side of the bay), but the oustide shot doesn’t show it although you’re looking towards to the left side of the shuttle bay.

I haven’t seen the episode yet because I’m living in in Germany, but I think it will be great. I hope the see it soon.

This episode was looking really great, but then right in the middle of it, they left in that hokey shot where the fog on the planet is suddenly blended with a very unnatural looking half screen of phoney swirley stuff. Back in the day, it simply went along with the “feel” of the rest of the episode, but now, with all of the other corrections that they’ve done, this seemed to be a very glaring omission, especially now that we’ve seen that they are actually able to fix things like this. In fact, it almost seems like this one would have been somewhat easy for them to fix in light what we’ve seen that they’ve done before.

Quasars were bleeding-edge astronomy in the 1960s and it shows better-than-average awareness of contemporary science for Star Trek to use what was then a real scientific mystery as the mysterious danger in this episode.

Kirk calls the object a “quasar-like phenomenon” which allows wiggle room on the science and shows the writers cared enough about accuracy to make wiggle room. (The quasar-like phenomenon is also called a quasar, but then Quadrotriticale is also called wheat.)

This week’s remastering controversy should be the contradiction of the updated chronometer on the bridge (nice job with the camera moving) but not doing anything with the mechanical pressure gauges in the shuttle.

Yes, you guys should add a screen shot of the chronometer. Nice shot, that one.

More complex than Brown… most superior. Yes, I thought the new effects were quite well done, and I’ve been very critical.
Still want a stand alone disc of the Billy Blackburn home movies being offered without having to buy the damn sets again. Borgus frat.

Maybe i have to see it on the tv (I missed this week’s episode because it seems the air times have been changed here) but those shots look a little cartoony.

Trek Remastered on digital cable does look better than its DVD counterpart, but on here it looks worse, strange…

Does anyone else have a problem with the unnatural way the shuttle jumps up off the floor of the docking bay just before it leaves? It sort of bobbles up like someone just cut a rope that was holding it down. Not a very controlled looking departure!

I think the episode looked pretty good. The fog thing looked very much an add on of the sixty’s for a needed effect. The one thing that didn’t change or rather kept changing was Mr. Gaetano’s side burns. They changed back to a regular cut then back to the pointed Star Trek standard. Not a big thing but it was quite noticeable. Overall a good episode and a well written story.

17 – I noticed that, too – it’s quite different from the shuttle launch in the original shot. I wonder if CBS Digital’s assumption is that the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite.

Was not able to catch the episode this weekend, but from the effects reel, it looks like a great effort.

17: Maybe Spock’s a bad pilot, and he “hit the gas,” making Galileo lurch upwards on takeoff. (Dropped the clutch, perhaps?) It’s only ever been said that he was “the best first officer in the fleet;” nothing’s ever been said about his driving!

19: If CBS-D is intending “…the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite…” then they really need to gain an understanding of how gravity actually works (or how artifical gravity theoretically should); the absence of gravity is zero-gravity, not repulsion. Shutting off the artifical gravity should cause Galileo at best to begin to drift from her position, not pop up like a jack-in-the-box.

17 – I noticed that, too – it’s quite different from the shuttle launch in the original shot. I wonder if CBS Digital’s assumption is that the launch procedure involves shutting off the artificial gravity before the shuttle engines ignite.

That’s a good assumption JB! It makes sense. I just think it should look a bit more controlled. It looks like it may bang into the wall when it lifts off like that! If it raised up more gracefully before flying out it would be an awesome effect!

The shuttle departure is a bit too “jerky”, a smoother take off would be nicer, plus redo some of the shuttle engine sounds effects, it sounded like the Galileo was straining and not sailing / gliding through space.

Too bad there is no way to clean up that bad effect of the layered fog when Gaetano fires his phaser, it appears as if they had to cover up something or just make things appear more menacing.

I also think some of the effects are still a bit too “cartoony”.

That shot where the camera is on the inside of the orbit is incredible. It may be my new favorite shot (or I haven’t had new shots in such a long time…)

To fix that weird fog effect, it seems to me they would have to have a view of the lower half of that frame that was unaffected by the fog effect. I don’t think there’s an unobscured shot of the area below Gaetano that they can copy and paste into the scene of Gaetano shooting the creatures. They’d have to digitally recreate it, including a digitally recreated dead body of Latimer (plus the spear in his back).

Actually, now that I think about it, it wouldn’t be impossible. They could shoot a stand-in for Latimer, digitally recreate the rock set, then obscure it somewhat with some better looking digital fog to help blend the old and new. The shot is pretty static once Gaetano starts blasting, so the rotoscoping wouldn’t be horribly difficult.

But it would still take a lot of time (time = money) to do.

Scott B. out.

Once, there was a group of people that lived for years on old, stale food and tepid water. Then, they began to be given fresh, tasty new food and sparkling fresh water.

But all they did was complain about the flavor, the texture and the colors of the food.

Poor, unappreciative people.

But I appreciate it. The new effects in this episode were awesome.

I couldn’t agree with you more. I said the same thing albeit in a nastier fasion on the previous thread regarding this episode last week.

OK you goofy “fans” (you say you’re fans, but I really don’t think you are) Let’s start the ball rolling wth criticism of the upcoming episode – The Conscience Of The King. I’m sure you will find plenty of reasons to hate it just like you have with all the others.

I’ll sit back and enjoy it despite you.

re: 21 — Since the shuttle is from the 1960’s maybe Spock isn’t used to driving a “three on the tree” stick shift.

I agree that the inside shot of the the ship’s orbit was fantastic. That’s how you give this model scale and make it look real. It looked massive looking almost straight up at the nacelle as it passed by. If the new guys on the movie shoot the old girl anything like that, it will look spectacular on the big screen.

Good job all around. Very nice work.

I really thought CBS did a great job on this episode. We were treated to many new angles of the E (new orbit shot from left side was fantastic) and some VERY dynamic shots of the shuttlecraft. I haven’t seen this episode in so long it was like a new experience for me. Count me as impressed.

This was a great effort on the part of CBS-D. The new effects, especially the ships, do look much better on television than in these still, for whatever reason. Some really gorgeous shots of the Enterprise and Murasaki 312, but what really made the show for me were all the new shots of the shuttlecraft. Like “The Naked Time”, “Tomorrow Is Yesterday” and “The Doomsday Machine”, this was an example of the new effects not only being pretty to look at, but they really made the whole episode work better as a whole. Even if I had to stay up til 3:00 a.m. to see it.

Airing in Atlanta was shown “already in progress” due to others shows going long…it started just as Latimer get’s the shaft…just as all of the local viewers have been getting with these late night showings…

We have seen the shuttle in earlier remastered airings, but this is where we were first introduced to the shuttlecraft back in the day…ahh, the memories…

I also see that they did not remove the film crew member reflection from the back of the shuttle…

As a side note, the expression on Gaetano’s face when Spock orders him to stay behind is still priceless!

I also wanted to mention and completely forgot – this has to be the longest and cheesiest “everybody has a good long laugh as the credits roll” ending of any Star Trek episode. Uhura’s holding her sides, Scotty’s bending over with hilarity, McCoy is wiping away tears of laughter, and everybody just laughs and laughs and laughs and laughs … they don’t make ’em like that anymore (which might not be bad).

you are dead on about the ending. It looked like it belonged in Police Squad.

HA, Ha, Latimers dead! Ha, Ha Gaetano’s dead. What a dick! HA. Ha.

Love most of the new effects. They really add to an already strong episode. OK, what the heck is the “1837” on the starboard side exterior of the shuttle bay section? We’ve seen the E fly by close enough for years without spotting that before.

Awdraper —
Yeah, I got hit with that too. And after having suffered through Showtime at the Apollo, too! Yes, we jumped right in “already in progress” with Latimer catching the spear with his spleen.

As for how many shuttles there are… In TAS there are bunches. I thought that four was standard during TOS, but I’m not sure I can back that up.

I did notice that on Copernicus’ return, it look itty bitty from the outside, but once it got inside it looked like an SUV pulling into a one car garage.

Oh… Lord Garth… I think Commissioner Farris stole your uniform.

I just caught the last half of this episode (it was broadcast on an HD channel in the Seattle area) on my 46″ HD TV, and the new affects were very impressive. You cannot compare it it to what you see on a computer monitor.

#35 CmdrR – “Oh… Lord Garth… I think Commissioner Farris stole your uniform.”

Actually its the other way around and more in keeping with Lord Garth’s personality I should say.

#13: “Yes, you guys should add a screen shot of the chronometer. Nice shot, that one.”

I agree. It went by fairly quickly. Maybe they didn’t notice it. It’s nice to see it at a different angle than the other remastered episodes.

34. lou – September 17, 2007
you are dead on about the ending. It looked like it belonged in Police Squad.

HA, Ha, Latimers dead! Ha, Ha Gaetano’s dead. What a dick! HA. Ha.

(You forgot the member of the rescue party who “got a speer through the body before we even knew they were there”)

Oh, is it worth noting that at least two of these guys a) got lines, and b) weren’t wearing ‘red shirts?’

Truely Amazing.

I will have to buy the set. Thank your very much.

I think the reason for the long laughter was the emotional release at the joy of having the shuttle crew back safely. I’ll let them slide on this one.

Well, having back the important ones anyway…. :)

I was able to catch the episode and thought the effects were very good.



Awesome job. I agree that it’s puzzling about the 2nd shuttle not being visible in the hanger, but there were plenty of things to rave about in this episode.

You know those shuttle hanger shots are easily the worst effects CBS have churned out. TAS springs to mind. They just don’t look like real live action footage.

I think this is their best work yet. Although I still like some of the original shots better. I like the shuttle bay with the brighter lights through the windows displaying what was always bright lights in the Enterprise corridors. I like the perspective in the original shuttle better. To tell truth, I like the shuttle itself better.

I enjoyed the new FX for the most part, although I was disappointed that they didn’t add some more realistic spear-throwing, particularly in the scene where they’re all running back toward the shuttle and you can see giant spears being “thrown” (obviously by stagehands) behind them. The spear arcs were downright silly, making it look like the big, mean humanoids were barely strong enough to stand.

One other question — for the shuttle interior shots, you can see several big tanks (fuel tanks?) through the back door. Was this added, or was it always there?

Yah! Star Trek Remastered is back! Time to revisit the past from a whole new perspective, listen to the rants and raves, and basically, honor a childhood love. For the most part, I thought the CBS digital effects were good.. the only real exception in my mind was the scene where the second shuttle is launched, maybe where we see the 1837(?), it made me think of a PEZ leaving the Enterprise’s bum. It’d been nice if they were able to CGI in some more jaunty spear throwing… the spears looked pretty lackluster for being thrown by angry aliens. And what about the incredible magic shuttle craft, which seems to have hidden spaces… when McCoy & some dude go to get a body they completly disappear in what should be less than a closets space!!! LOL! And people talk about low tech, what about when Scotty pulls off the Junction box to electrify the hull? LOL! Ah, its these things that make it charming.

I’m sure this is not of interest to many here, but the shuttlecraft mock-up was found years ago in a RV lot in southern california. It had been exposed to weather and was rotting badly, roof partially collapsed. The plywood was all dryrotted. Some fans found it, were able to aquire it and then hauled it to a hanger and began a long restoration of it. I saw it in partial repair at a convention in the early 90’s. It was close to done. So much had to be rebuilt, I felt it might have been easier to rebuild it using the original as a template. But this was the real deal. I think they fianlly ran out of money or lost interest. It’s whereabouts are not known to me. Seems almost as secret as the location of the survivng GT Mustang used in Bullitt where it’s owner will not sell it or show it. There’s even a video I saw of it before and during the restoration. The story goes that the guys where visited by Ed Miarecki who offered advise only during the work.