What Is This?

A little birdy has tipped me off to fightingthedead.com, a new teaser site for a sci-fi/genre TV project for 2008. Not sure what network or what it is called (possibly ‘Fighting the Dead’?), but apparently it involves many Star Trek veterans from in front and behind the camera. Once at the site you may even be able to distinguish one of their voices.

Note that this has nothing to do with J.J. Abrams /Cloverfield’ project which is also using these viral videos.

For more information you can send an email to cjasper@falconrockcommand.com, and another site (falconrockcommand.com) says there will be an update next week

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Great. I’m the first–to have nightmares tonight. That was extremely disturbing. I hate zombies. They’re so…pesky.

Oh, yeah. Turn down your sound for the 1st 10 seconds or so. I scared the crap out of my dogs.

If this is what I think it is. this is going to be so cool. I hope its a TV show about a zombie invasion. WOW that would be pretty awesome.

I listened to the audio a few times, and I must admit: I didn’t recognize any of them. Anyone care to fill me in?

Hm, it’s not like I ever thought “wouldn’t it be nice if the ST makers turned their attention to Resident Evil-style “survivor horror,” though. Then again, Best of Both Worlds and First Contact and most *good* Borg episodes are just that, when you think about it.

Should be interesting, but would DEFINITELY need some sort of story arc as a weekly show ala monster of the week would be even more ridiculous than the usual far feched worst case scenario that starts of most of such movie/game situations that end up with people’s brains eaten, or worse.

I usually have a good ear for stuff like this.

Only voice I can hear is a male voice saying “turn it off” and “get down, now, now”.

Cant place it at the moment though…

Tim Russ?

Zombies have been exploited to death.

possibly the nafest trailer this year… done in flash in 10 seconds ill bet,
it looks like a Cloverfield rip-off..straight to video!

I didn’t recognize the voices either. Looks creepy. I’ll check it out when its on the air.

I don’t know what to think about these “teaser” websites like this one and the cloverfield site. I suppose it’s just for the hardcore fans. By the time the actual marketing gets going, it’s going to be interesting to see if these websites had any affect on the audience

What is it?
Looks like a zombie about to feast on human flesh to me.

All harmless fun of course…. Having a society that craves violent movies about cannibals, the living dead, sadism, psychotic murderers and college frat parties is in NO way a sign of a civilisation in decline.


It’s Frakes saying “Turn it off!”

Crikey! Very creepy. I swear that guy with the gag or whatever over his mouth looks like Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat on DS9). I look forward to hearing more on this.

In fact, I think the guy pictured is the same guy…

#12 Oceanhopper…. Another thing of note is the terrible spelling and grammar being a clear cut sign of the decline of “civilisation”.

Aaron R.

Re: #17
Don’t forget certain words are spelled with an s instead of a z in British English, including civilisation.

Don’t worry, we won’t judge you as hastily for being ignorant.

And yeah, no voices really rang any bells for me.

From the screencap posted above, it looks like the series is set in August 2008 or August 2009 (image not clear enough to tell which), so it’s a present-day or near-future storyline.

I love zombie movies. If this is gona be an actual series- SWEET!

Doesn’t sound anything like Frakes. Spill it, Anthony! Who is it?

Cant tell who it is. I didnt trust the link for a second, i thought it might be a screamer. The quick flash of the guy laying on the floor did look like Alamio though.

Oh yeah, and today is my 20th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Tanner. You’re a day older than TNG!

Happy birthday Tanner!

I think the guy’s nose doesn’t look like Alaimo. More like Combs.

meh. thats all i have 2 say

Maybe it’s Nimoy. “Zombies of the Stratosphere,” anyone?

Looks like crap to me! It’s amazing what passes for entertainment these days……

I completely agree Hairy,—-er—I mean Harry : )

Spockboy, I admire your work so much, you may call me Hairy!

It’s Frakes

Definitely not frakes. Couldn’t be Nimoy. He’s busy on Trek XI.

Its like loading up a spectrum game watching this!

Ok, I’ll bite. What is Falcon Rock command?

Falcon Rock Command is probably the name of the series. Looks like they’re going to release an update in two days.

search for falconrockcommand on google and watch all of the video clips and read the blog, realy interesting stuff,

Its going to be a tv serie, and will be launching later this summer

sry for my bad english, im from norway

hell yeah man, i was just thinking about how badass a zombie series would be…i hope they dont do to it what they did resident evil…

re 17.

f*cking dumb Yanks. You make up your own language and think you know everything, yet the rest of the world sits back and laughs at your ignorance.

just letting y’all know, the picture says the date that follows:

10 AUGUST 2009

I’m gonna let y’all figure it out for yourselves.