Fall Brings Changes in Trek on Cable

With the new fall season comes some changes for Star Trek series running in syndication on cable TV. The biggest change is that Star Trek The Next Generation is no longer being shown on Spike TV. Spike (when it was TNN) began running TNG in October of 2001, but the channel has changed a lot since that time and it appears they may be moving away from Trek. Spike is still showing Voyager in the early evenings and DS9 mostly in graveyard. TNG can still be seen on G4. Enterprise’s schedule on HDNet has also changed. Updated schedule for all 5 series on cable below.

Star Trek on Cable (US/Canada)

    Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat Sun
TOS TVLand 6am
  G4 9am-4pm
TNG G4   1am 1am, 7pm & 8pm 8pm & 9pm
DS9 Spike 2:30am 2am & 11am 11am
VOY Spike 1:30am & 4-7pm 1am & 4-7pm  4-7pm 5 & 6pm  
ENT HDNet 1pm & 9pm 12am, 3am & 1pm 1pm  
  Sci-Fi 7-11pm


all of the above is subject to change, always good to check your local listings 

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I would hope that would improve when we get closer to the release of JJ’s movie.
Yikes, show some respect. I think it’s time for a TrekTV channel. There’s certainly enough programming to fill it.

And next on TrekTV channel,,,,,,

Yay! G4 is still airing Trek uncut!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

Just another reason for Comcast to move these channels to their digital lineup. God, I hate Comcast. They had Sci-Fi on their regular lineup and then switched it over to digital line up. Greedy Asses!

HDNet, OTOH, is one of the best reasons out there for getting an HDTV and a cable or sat provider that carries the channel. “Star Trek: Enterprise” looks absolutely glorious in high definition. This is the first time I’ve seen ST:E in high def–our craptastic former UPN affiliate didn’t switch on their HD transmitter until after ST:E went belly-up.

*sigh*… what a disappointment ST:E was cancelled… just as it was finally hitting its stride in season 4. :(

Well, I suppose this would give me a chance to get more into Deep Space Nine.

er,you’ve got the listings wrong!

You have the VOY times listed for DS9 and DS9 times for VOY!

Meanwhile in the UK, new channel Virgin 1 has the rights to every Trek series and started showing DS9 yesterday with Enterprise starting next week, woo!

yeah, the times for DS9 and VOY are reversed. which is good, cause i like VOY a lot more… but still, this schedule SUCKS… we need trek at better times so more people that vampires and insomniacs are watching it! what are they trying to do, move it to the graveyard slots so the rating will go down and they can pull them from the air completely?!

=/\= James

sorry the VOY/DS9 was my fault on formatting the table…it is fixed

Kinda sucks because now I guess I will have to go and buy the series

A Trek Channel is a pretty interesting idea.

It should be launched with a new series showing new Trek episodes as it’s centerpiece. Preferably a “Next Next” Generation that I daydreamed about in a previous thread, taking place on a new Enterprise 80 years after Nemesis.

And perhaps take New Voyages under it’s wing and produce new weekly episodes of that show as well.

Bah! Bring on the HD set for crystal clear audio and video with no compression artifacts, commercials or station watermarks!

A Star Trek channel could have the ultimate Star Trek marathon — all of the seasons of TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY, ENT, TAS, and the 10 movies in 1 (31 day) month. There’d even be a few extra hours left in the month…

Spike canceled Next Gen. Now I can’t go back for the episodes I’m missing.


I’d still like to know if the remaining Remastered Star Trek episodes will have HD versions sent to stations for broadcast. But I suppose soon enough the HD-DVD’s will be out.


Aaron R.


Who is in charge of when to aire these shows? They’re real geniuses.

For the most part, you either have to be up at the butt crack of dawn, stay up all night, or not work in the morning. And if that’s not the case, you have to have a certain channel.Yes I can record, but maybe I am recording something else. Maybe I don’t have the extra cash for DVDs.

I recently started to watch Farscape reruns. I saw some when they were originally on, but missed them often because…well, it was Friday night and I was in college. I saw reruns of the third and fourth season. Then when they started with replaying from the start, I saw the first six shows only to find that by week seven it was gone. I was informed that many of the channels aireing the reruns felt that “no one was watching them.” No one asked me.

They put reruns of George Lopez on in it’s place. A show that is also on Nick at Nite too at the same time. I guess they didn’t get the memo that ABC pulled the plug on Lopez because ABC said, “no one was watching.

This takes me to Enterprise. It’s final year was odd to me. I say this because the channel that played new episodes of Enterprise–at least in my hometown– did not aire the shows until January.

They had commercials for it. They would say “this week on the next new episode of Enterprise” but when I went to watch I got to see an hour and a half long show on why “John Kerry should not be president.” The next week I saw a show by another group on “why George Bush should not be president.” This was followed by debates between Bush and Kerry. Then the next week I saw why I should vote for Kerry literally followed by a show why I should vote for Bush.

I stopped watching the channel after that.

But I laughed when I read the show was going off because of poor ratings. It wasn’t as if they even gave it a chance.

This is really horrible, just awful.

I gotta tell ya’… even though I’m not a huge fan of ENT, it is absolutely f**king awesome in Hi-Def!

Of course, it could be that everything in Hi-Def looks f**king awesome on my brand new Panasonic 58″ Plasma (TH-58PZ750U for fellow geeks.) Yeah, it’s ok… you can be jealous ;)

Even watching Standard Def DVD’s look great. Of course, that could be the Marantz DVD player with the Faroudja DCDi upscaling through HDMI.

Haven’t made the HD-DVD vs Blu-ray decision yet so I can’t wait until they broadcast TOS in Hi-Def!!! Hey… once they start, everybody come on over for a big pizza-wine-beer-TOS marathon! :)

Why doesn’t CBS just retool their online network and make a monthly on-demand Trek channel via the web? I think a lot of franchises are going to go in this direction as technology and bandwith capabilities improve. Some people making the transition, or at least harnessing online capabilities for broadcasting are ESPN and WWE. Trek could do the same. It’s not as though its fanbase isn’t web-savvy.

If there are any UK viewers of this site you may like to know that Trek is now on in the UK.

For Freeview users:

Deep Space Nine is now going to be shown on Virgin 1 at 8pm weekdays and Enterprise, at 9pm Mondays. Both series from the start.

Terrestrial TV:

The Next Generation on BBC2 double bills very early Saturday mornings.

Hurray! At last Trek, on free to air UK television.

I finally bought the TOS dvd’s last year and they look great on my HD tv, even though they are not HD dvd’s. But, for some reason , I prefer watching the reruns broadcast on tv (Do I like having the episodes selected for me / the small element of surprise? Do I like knowing other trekkies might be watching the same thing at the same time? I really don’t know). The G4 marathon on Mondays (I don’t work Mondays, haha) is especially fun since the episodes are uncut, even though the film quality is very poor (not nearly as good as the dvd’s). I wish they could show the remastered episodes uncut on tv. When they sell the remastered dvds, are the episodes going to be full length, uncut versions?


I was suprised to see Deep Space Nine on last night. Not seen that broadcast since early 2000’s and that what was on Sky1 in the early hours. Must admit that watching it did sober me up lol. Aparently according to Virgin 1 the going to be showing DS9/ENT/VOY/TNG. wonder who’ll have TOS in the UK then


I am surprised there isn’t a channel that does show all the Trek series, I would think it would work somewhere.

That is awesome, dude! How did you get that thing into your mom’s basement?

I have completely and totally given up on watching TOS remastered on broadcast channels or whatever. I’ll be getting them from Amazon. And the reason that you aren’t going to see a devoted Star Trek channel is because of all the money they can make off of box sets. Why do you think they air them at such stupid times in most parts of the states? Or pre-empt them when they do say that they will be on in the afternoon? To get us to shell out the $’s for box sets. I expect that they will come out with new versions of each of the series every 3-4 years or so just like Lucas did with Star Wars. The movies will be done in HD, then the rest of the series will be remastered, then they’ll uncover someone elses box of home movies, or they’ll group them like they did with the Borg and Time Travel sets. Money, money, money. How do you separate Trek fans from their cash? And I’m right on board with these remastered eps. Get the hook out of my mouth, already

When does DS9 start on Spike from 4 to 7? They are still showing Voyager at that time.

its kinda sad, all these shows, so good put on when your getting up or still in bed in the u.s.a., same w/my show Xena (which always beat syndicated star treks in the ratings when first run) now on an obscure nyc cable ch called oxygen at 6 a.m.!!!

stupid programmers at the tele nets!

I think Trek is on in the UK because Dr.Who and Torchwood are on in the US. Call it a geek-cultural exchange program, which is just going swimmingly!

Please ignore my post #28 I didn’t see Anthony has changed the schedule.

I miss the old regular broadcast syndicated TOS reruns from the 80’s and early 90’s before all this remastering crap. The show has just looked too clean ever since Sci FI Channel got the show in ’96. I haven’t really enjoyed the show since.
Boo remastering!

#27 I AM THX-1138

Can’t seem to post properly… I must be banned for some reason… Anthony?

I prefer the remastered episodes. I only wish they would have gone a step further and changed the dorky uniforms and Enterprise sets. With enough time it can be done, and it can look natural.

since I only have regular cable, it really pisses me off that I can’t watch TNG anymore


Dishnet DVR and my DVD recorder are my best friends. After years of wanting to have TNG on DVD, but never being able to justify spending so much money on all seven seasons, I now have most of it on DVD. Sure, it would look better on my High Definition flat screen TV if I had bought them on DVD, but I’m not overly concerned about that right now. When they re-release it again in High Definition, I might finally break down and buy it. Until then, I’m happy actually having it where I can watch it at will.

Now to get the episodes Spike screwed up on, like #42 Q Who, and about 10 episodes of season 1 where Spike couldn’t quite get them to air at the right times (lost the endings on several episodes before I noticed there was a problem and changed the timer settings on the DVR. Grrrrr.)