Cruise Is Not Pike – But Who Is?

In August a rumor surfaced that Tom Cruise would be playing the role of Captain Christopher Pike in the new Star Trek film. That was actually the second time that the star of J.J. Abrams’ first feature film (M:I:III) came up in relation to Star Trek. In both cases reported that Cruise’s people denied the rumors and today Empire reports that Cruise himself has denied the rumor. The Tom replied to the inquiry “What? No, I’m not in that,….Nope. It’s just rumor.”

Who is Pike?
The role of Pike is the last of the major Star Trek roles to be cast. has been told that Kirk’s predecessor on the Enterprise, originally played by Jeffrey Hunter, has an important part to play and that it is not just a cameo. There had been reports that the studio was looking to find a big ‘A List’ name for the role, however a source says that in the end they may not go with an ‘A Lister.’ The role of the villain was also reported to be for a top star. However, in the end the job went to Eric Bana who is certainly well known and talented, but probably not considered an ‘A List’ star. Shooting on the film starts in a couple of weeks, but that does not necessarily mean that the entire cast will be in place. Yesterday in one of the seemingly infinite talkback threads on Shatner, the film’s co-writer Roberto Orci stated that the Shatner decision may go past that date, adding “our deadlines for various actions are not subject to intuitive rules.”

Sorry, no Tom for Star Trek

Pick a Pike
So who do you think should play Chris Pike?
UPDATE: Added a poll based on some of the suggestions below…see right column

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He’s a bit too short for Pike.

Ray Liota should be Captain Pike

what about Christian Bale?

roddenberry junior.

Jeffery Combs (aka Brunt)

Bruce Campbell

All I can say is… Thank the Great Bird!

Ray Liotta for sure… looks spot on.

Now my question is… do we get to see April? How sweet would THAT be?

actually, ray liotta has had some nasty-looking botox. his face looks like those guys from Insurrection.

Ray Liotta. Great actor, unbelievable resemblance to Hunter.

Others to consider: Liev Schreiber (saw him on stage, simply unbelievable), and while nowhere near an A-Lister, Ed Quinn (from Sci-Fi’s Eureka)

Paul Bettany?

Michael Keaton.

thank god

Ray Liotta just can’t put people in theater seats and I doubt Bana can either The people behind this production better wake up. If you are going to spend 140 million on a TREK film, it will need all the help it can get. So far, the film has nothing but no names, and if you think the name, STAR TREK is going to pack the audience in, you are dreaming. A star is needed, big time, especailly for international gross, where TREK has never done well. If no Tom, then they better get someone in the like. Bana and Liotta, just won’t cut it.

Ray Liotta–He’s plasable as an older Jeffery Hunter and has the ability to exude a commanding presence on screen.
I’d buy Liev Schreiber as well, Pragmaticus.

“…Yesterday, in one of the seemingly infinite talkback threads on Shatner…”

Infinite, yes! Like the Universe itself!

It’s the Bring Back Shatner Dancing Vigil; we’re going to keep that topic going through Christmas of 2008.

Free The Shat!

Free The Shat!

Free The Shat…

Rob Lowe. He’s got the look, and he already looks good in retro (i.e. Austin Powers).

I think Bale would do. How about Paul Mcgillion ?? *LOL* or Vin Diesel *LOLMAO*

Did Hunter have any kids?

Tom Hanks! Major Trek fan with box office appeal!

Re: 17
Perhaps a suppository?
Glad it’s not Cruise but why does the actor have to look like Jeffery Hunter? As long as he’s dark haired and blue eyed and can ACT count me in!

Harrison Ford, George Clooney, Anthony Hopkins, DeNiro??

Denzel Washington.

Have to see who ends up on the poll, still don’t have a sure pick but again I think Ben Browder could be good for it.

Ben Browder / Jeffrey Hunter comparison:

Scott Glenn. He doesn’t look like Hunter but can carry the gravitas.

hahahaha ben browder?

the stargate fans must camp out on this site.

Why not Sean Kenney, who played Pike in the Menagerie?…I met him a few months back…He still looks fairly young…Dye his hair…that would be a cool ‘tip of the hat’ to Classic Trek..

Browder or Glenn would be good choices too – Browder would be better.

Ray Liotta!

#12 OOwww Ed Quinn he’s great on Eureka, he’s definately got the dark good looks and steely gaze but he might be a wee bit tall (being 6ft4) compared to the other, but clean shaven he looks A LOT like Jeffrey Hunter. He’s got my vote!

#25 Ben does look at lot like young Jeffrey Hunter too…think I prefer Ed though.

#15 Mike

I totally agree with you… this production could use a big name for the international appeal alone.

As much as we love Trek, we can’t fool ourselves into thinking that the current buzz will do ANYTHING for markets that have traditionally not cared about Trek. Transformers could get away with a bunch of lesser known actors because it had a built-in audience both here and in Asia… no such thing with Trek.

So.. a big name for an important part may be just what is needed… and no… Ray Liotta is not that big of a name. I don’t even care about the resemblance… they got it close enough with the main crew that I could take liberties with this part if it brought more audience members in and guaranteed the new Trek a long and prosperous life…


#28 excellent idea

#17 Very troll like of you Dennis ;-)

With a “B lister” like Eric Bana (a very good “B lister” I might add) as the villain, they will need someone like Tom Hanks as Pike.

Paul Schneider, whose on everyones radar after Assassination of Jesse James and Lars & the Real girl.

then get William Devane to cameo as Admiral Robert April!

I think Jim Cavaziel would be cool as Pike.. he played Jesus just like Hunter did. Think about it….

31 Quinn or Browder would be very good choices, and even Bale would be cool.

But Mcgallion also he has the Blue eyes dark hair, why not??

The actor has to be slightly “older” (early-mid 40s), with some real presence on screen…could probably get an A-lister because they wouldn’t require a recurring role for that character.

Ray Liota would be good. Although he’s gained some weight – not sure he’s an A-lister though…

Can’t see CB (#4) in ST.

How about Val Kilmer? – scratch that….just saw a photo. Besides, not sure I’d be able to take him seriously….anybody out there see Top Secret ? ;-)

How about Chris O’Donnell?

I ran the image of Hunter accompanying this article through the “MyHeritage” face recognition site. Check out the link below to see what other celebrities their computer thinks he looks like (you have to click through to the second page):

I would kill for Clooney , Ford, or Crowe…

I wonder if we’ll see Spock on the bridge of the Enterprise serving under Pike? We know Pike can’t interact with Kirk, they only met once when Kirk took command, if I recall.

It would be sweet if we did see Spock on the Big E pre-Kirk!

My problem with Tom Hanks, although of course he’s a fantastic actor, is that his voice is way too nasally.

39 – Wow, one of the celebrities he most matches with is James Doohan!

Viggo Mortensen or Adrian Pasdar :)

f*************** k noooooo !!!!!

Harrison Ford or Tom Hanks. Great actors with great appeal. Bowder has the look and good acting chops but not the name and draw.

The guy from Due South, Paul Gross!!!

He would be brilliant. Do a Google image search and you’ll see why, or look at pics on IMDB of him.

Btw, this was mentioned a few months ago by someone on this website, so the credit goes to that person, not me!

i kept saying this from the start ray liotta!!!!

By the way, Tom Hanks has a MySpace page. I’m not kidding. It’s really him, as evidenced by his videos:

So I’d send him a message if you want him in the movie.

Tom Hanks just would not have the look of Pike. Now if he played Captain April that I can see. Clive Owen I think has the right look and would have the weight I think the role would need.