See (and Hear) Karl Urban Talk Texan

On January 13th Karl Urban (Dr. McCoy in the new Star Trek) will follow in the footsteps of his predecessor Golden Boot-winner DeForest Kelley by appearing in a western, the CBS mini-series Comanche Moon. If you were wondering if the New Zealand-born actor could do a southern drawl, then check out clips of him playing Texas Ranger Woodrow Call at the Official Site. [Click “VIDEO” and select clips 5 & 8].

Karl Urban as Woodrow F. Call in “Comanche Moon”

The 3-part mini-series Comanche Moon begins on CBS Sunday, January 13 (9pm et/pt)

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I’m really hoping he’s gonna be a great McCoy. Looks promising.

Huh. Passable, but a bit cartoony.

I hope he’s a good McCoy too.

Needs less Texas and more Mississippi twang…….but very promising.

clip 8..reminds me of Brokeback Mountain

am I the only one??

Interesting. Not how McCoy should sound, but I think he’s good enough to do the part. Promising indeed.

pics of Deforrest Kelly in western tv/movies:

R.I.P DeForest Kelley! i think Karl Urban is gonna be great Dr.Bones

I think he’ll be okay. Gonna be a different portrayal though.

He’s too good looking to be bones.

This is going to be stud-muffin McCoy, before he started eating the replicated muffins on The Enterprise and lost a lot of his muscle mass and younger good looks. And encountering all those alien dialects in space, it’s easy to have your accent change over time. (See, it works!)

You know, this is the McCoy that Dax said had hands like a surgeon. (I’m guessing it wasn’t Curzon — but if it was the host before, wouldn’t she had been an old woman? Oh well, to each his own).

Unless this new movie will be Brokeback Trek. Which I kinda don’t think will be the case.

Looks good. If anything it shows Urban call play another actors take on a character. He’s suppoed to be a younger Tommy Lee JOnes and he’s doing it quite well. And props to the other guy for his adaption of some of Robert Duval’s mannerisms and vocal cadence.

As far as the accent goes, this is a Texan’s accent, not “southern”. McCoy, when he got excited or drunk, was more of the southern gentleman type, from Georgia, or Alabama. Think Scarlet from Gone with the WInd. McCoy won’t, or at least he shouldn’t, be sounding anything like these boys from South Texas,

#10 jonboc

So, is this Ubran western t.v. movie a prequel to a Tommy Lee Jones/Robert Duval western?

p.s. I’m not really into Westerns at all! Being a Sci Fi fan, I can’t really stand them(I’m not saying you can’t be a fan of both). So I don’t know much about them. Hence why the movies I like go the opposite way in time, the future.

Even though it ain’t the real McCoy, I think I’ll take this McCoy! Gotta thing for cowboys & southern drawls of any kind.

Anthony, I posted this before, but for youtube, could you additionally post just the link for videos for all us mobile users? Most of us can’t see the video on the webpage & need an actual link. It would make your site more mobile friendly for Windows Mobile & iPhone. ‘Preciate it!

*11 Ever watch Firefly? It blended SciFi & Westerns pretty dang perfectly. If the new McCoy had some of Mal Reynolds take no sh!$ swagger, it’a be real nice. lol

#13 Moto….

Ah, yeah, I love Firefly and Serenity. I don’t know why I didn’t remember that. Probably because I didn’t get into it until recently. I guess I should rephrase myself. I, myself, can not really get into ‘straight up’ westerns. The only way I’ll take to them is if they have an element of futuristic sci fi to them such as Firefly(don’t anyone mention that Will Smith flop lol, I didn’t like it).

#13 Moto…

I totally forgot about Firefly/Serenity. I love that show! But, that is technically a sci fi show. I guess I should rephrase myself by saying that I can’t really get into ‘straight up’ westerns.

#11 -SIlver Express57- Yeah, this is a prequel to the outstanding CBS mini-series Lonesome Dove that starred Tommy Lee Jones and Robert Duval.

And you really should give the westerns a chance. Russell Crowe’s recent 3:10 to Yuma and Brad Pitt’s ASsassination of Jessie James were great. After all, what is Star Trek TOS but, as Gene put it, Wagon Train to the Stars. That’s how he sold the show, explorers venturing out into the dangers of the unknown with adventures at every stop. Take away the tech and they are more alike than not.

Sorry about the double post. As I hit ‘Say It’, my comp pooped on me. When I returned to the board, my post wasn’t there. So I thought It didn’t go through. Oh well.

#16 jonboc

Yeah, I’m aware of Gene’s ‘Wagon Train’ pitch. But, what drew me to Star Trek in the first place(as a kid) was the technology. I was fascinated by what was to come. The wonder… Knowing(hopefully) that things would turn out alright for us.

I just can’t get that from somthing set in the 1800’s. Now I’m not knocking all period films. I do like them from time to time. It is just western’s in particular. I have watched some good ones and enjoyed them on some level though. But I’m not drawn to them, nor could watch them repeatedly like my sci fi movies.

Just to clarify, I’m not saying Westerns are bad. Just not my cup of Earl Grey.

#18- no biggie, you like what you like, it’s all just personal taste. Me, I like just about anything that takes me out of “today” and puts me in another time and place…add to that six shooters, cat houses, lawlessness and the eternal struggle of the white hats over the black hats and I’m a happy camper.

Deforest Kelly had more of a Piedmont accent, the soft, aristocratic, Virginia-to-Georgia kind.


I found this pic at google… and the new cast actually looks pretty good:

I can really imagine Urban as McCoy here too..

Great Job JJ!

^^ great, its a broken link.. :(

can someone please delete my previous post for me…thanks :(

# 20, Picard, is right. Kelley’s accent, when he did one, was a Piedmont accent. It’s the one you hear most often in Hollywood productions when people are faking a “Southern” accent, and it’s usually done very poorly (Ah declayuh! Yawll show ah awflee kand!). You don’t hear many of those anymore (I live in Atlanta, where the predominant accent is some kind of Yankee). My neighbor down the street has a real one. It’s lovely to listen to.

The most interesting thing about the link to the clip is that CBS still has a link to at the bottom of the page. Sigh.

Scott B. out.

^23 Scott, it is a simple pleasure to hear it from a native speaker. Reminds me somewhat of the English West Country accent in certain ways, although that’s harder to find now as well. The sad fact of Hollywood is the diminishment of regional and local accents. I hope the Piedmont variety is never replaced with an “estuary english” imposter!

In Star Trek, Dr. McCoy was from Georgia (Atlanta). I hope they’ll keep that in the story line, though I’m sure they will.

Karl Urban always has those concerned looking/serious eyes, all of his characters are like that. But McCoy is a light hearted jovial guy most of the time.

At least Urban shouldn’t have a problem playing a McCoy that’s mad at Kirk.

I agree he look very tough and with a constant mean disposition. I just rewatched The Bourne Supremacy where Urban is a Russian assassin. Not a very kindly old country doctor there!

Urban was the only one of the new cast that I had some doubts over, but after seeing the clips, I can see him as McCoy a bit more. He actually has the same facial structure as De Kelly and damn if he doesn’t resemble Kelly in his western days in that promo pic above. But the key to McCoy is to bring that warm sense of humanity to the performance. And while I don’t think he’s as acerbic as De Kelly, John Kelly on “New Voyages” does a fine job at bringing that human quality to his performance as Dr. McCoy.

Concerning the accent, McCoy is from Georgia, Kelley was from Georgia too. He was “encouraged” to drop his accent when coming to Hollywood. In Star Trek, most of the time, we can’t discern his accent anyway, except when he’s drunk or very upset, or in an informal situation. I think personnally that Urban will pull it off just fine, if he doesn’t overdo it, because it was very discrete in the shows or the movies most of the times.

#8 If you think he’s too good-looking to be a young McCoy, you are either blind or have bad taste ;-) In his youth, Kelley was a very handsome man. I happen to have a copy of his biography, and there are a few pics in it, like an official photograph probably part of an actor portfolio. I’ll have you know he was quite handsome ;-) In the book, it is also stated that he had something about him that drew all eyes on him. Looking good is not reserved only for Kirk, you know. Sometimes I feel as though people can’t handle the fact that the others could be as handsome (or even better-looking) than Kirk :-) Anyway, Will Shatner has never been my type, even in his youth ;-) Besides, in the miniseries, Urban plays a young Tommy Lee Jones, and nobody can say that Jones is a really good-looking man. But everybody seems to think it works out all right ;-)

#9 the host you are reffering to is Emony Dax, I think SHE was the second host. She was a gymnast who came to Earth to judge a gymnastics competition. She must have been older than McCoy, but not by that much (come on…! :-P)

#26 A jovial, light-hearted kind of guy? Really? He was constantly complaining, whining, worrying, thinking the worst… I think Karl Urban fits just right. His “look” is just right :-)

Hey, Happy New Year to all!! :-)

I always consider McCoy as a very grumpy/ canky fellow…

I just check imdb and..
Karl Urban’s latest movie is called “Black water transit”

He plays Earl Pike-and its set in New Orleans after katrina hit

Hmmm do I see a pattern with this guy…

He must be in his southern phase …

I agree with Mary Jay….. the more stud-muffins, the better. We girls need some eye candy too, and Karl Urban oozes sex appeal. It will be interesting to see how he handles this role.

Rustlers Rhapsody ??


… maybe the genre doesn’t thrill me ALL the time…

In saying a TX accent we should hear Mexican right? ;)

being reminded now of sc-fi/western.
how about matsumoto’s Harlock/Galaxy Express/Emeraldas

oh. and I too am a Browncoat

Yum, yum, yum! I hope the very, very best for his appearance as McCoy. And may he be as droolworthy in Trek as in this Western outfit :)

#24 – Picard — I’m sure you have to endure listening to a lot of bad English accents attempted by American actors. Few can pull it off well. It’s typically either a bad posh accent, or a bad Cockney accent. :)

Scott B. out.

Mary Jay gets the award for most smilies in a single post :)

Ok, I’ve got it – this is about very young, very beautiful, very sexy people, some of them with fake accents, en route to their apogee in a glossy fabric softener film.

Thank goodness – nothing to bear in mind but to keep your glasses clean and to make sure that Prof. Higgins is coming with you.

#38 Well, you know, I’m a very smily kind of person so… :-)

Man, I love Star Trek. It’s just that simple. Greatest show ever.

Re: #41. Not sure what prompted that comment in this particular thread, but…agreed. Totally agreed.

Scott B. out.

Scott, I think Daniel was just “feeling the love” I agree with the sentiment; no other tv show has generated such passion from me for such a long period of time as ST.

Janice B.S. out

Wow… he’s kinda hot… *drools*

And for #4, you’re NOT the only one who thinks it looks like Brokeback Mountain. Being gay is great…

Anyways, he should make a good McCoy. He better. Though, it’s impossible to live up to the original “Dammit, Jim!” or “I’m a doctor, not a(n) [INSERT OCCUPATION HERE]”

Yeah, so, um…the first clip I watched had no southern accents, just a wonderful scene of someone getting scalped. Yeah… Anyway, make sure you click on the correct clips.

Makes for a convincing southern accent to me. And he will be kind of a beefy McCoy, no?

back to the original Lonesome Dove -it’s very much like Trek TOS, Firefly, Buffy/Angel in that the interesting relationships between the main characters are what makes it appealing and timeless.

This is the casting that I thought missed the target. I cannot see him as McCoy. At all. No other casting worries me the way this one does. Visually, I also think he’s the worst of the casting.

Urban, the as-of-yet-unrevealed ship & Uniforms are really my biggest worries at this point.

#42 & #43

Yeah, I was just feeling the love. I really don’t get into other TV shows. But Star Trek owns me. I started watching TNG when I was 8, but have recently starting watching TOS for the first time. They are just all awesome.

Great accent. This comes from someone who has actually been around people from Texas and been in Texas. Not someone who just sees people with Texas accents on TV.