CBS Planning More Trek On HD DVD – Blu Ray Gains Ground

Season One of Star Trek The Original Series was released on HD DVD/DVD Combo six weeks ago and it appears that CBS is happy with the returns and are hoping to follow it up by releasing the rest of the series in HD later this year. However, the HD DVD format took a big hit this week as another studio dropped it entirely.

Video Business ran an article about CBS plans for DVD and HD DVD for the year. The article noted that CBS plans to increase their release schedule for both DVDs and HD DVDs and that they were pleased with the results of their first HD DVD title (which was Trek). From Video Business:

[CBS] predicts that its first high-definition release, the Nov. 20 HD DVD release of Star Trek: Season One, will reach 100,000 units sold. That momentum has led the company to commit to releasing all subsequent Star Trek seasons on high-def, amounting to two more HD DVD titles. That is ambitious, as most major studios are not yet heavily mining TV DVD libraries for catalog titles to release in next-gen formats.

“I think that when we are looking at catalog and some sitcoms, we don’t see [high-def] moving the dial that much, but with some of our sci-fi and action-adventure, it can be a very positive format change for us,” said [CBS DVD Executive VP Ken] Ross.

Warner goes Blu Ray only
However it isn’t all roses for HD DVD. Yesterday Warner Brothers announced that they will cease producing both Blu Ray and HD DVD and go Blu Ray exclusively starting this May. A few months ago Paramount (and CBS) were also format neutral, but then made the decision to go HD DVD exclusively through 2008. This move by Warner leaves Universal and Paramount/CBS (+ Dreamworks Animation) as the only major studios who are HD DVD exclusive. The Video Business story about CBS’ plans was written before the Warner announcement, and TV Shows On DVD wonders if CBS may change their mind. However, it is not known if Paramount and CBS have any ‘outs’ in their deal with Toshiba for HD DVD exclusivity. For now it still appears that Star Trek is still in the HD DVD camp, but in this format war things can change. will keep track of developments on the ongoing format war and what it means for the future of Star Trek in HD.

HD Trek movies headed to VUDU on demand

VUDU have announced that Star Trek movies will become available for viewing in HD for those with a VUDU receiver. The price is $3.99 per film. This would be the first time the Trek films were made in any format in HD. Although it has been rumored for a couple years, Paramount have yet to announce their plans to distribute the Trek film library on any HD format. More information on VUDU boxes at

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What? 42+ years later and they’re selling like hotcakes.
Gotta work harder.

Give the true experience this time Paramont and well be buying Trek XI in holographBluray in another 40+ years.

The Original Rocks!

HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, it’s such a headache. I bought an HD-DVD player for the sole purpose of buying HD-Trek. Just stick with it, it’s wonderful. Looking forward to Seasons 2 and 3.

Are they still selling the player with the Phaser Remote control?

Great! I need a second Phaser remote to battle the bad television tastes of friends that stop by.

sooo… I haven’t seen much lately about remastered Trek. Is that b/c is no more?


I don’t give a rat’s @$$ about the format of the best way to see and keep my beloved Trek, as along as I know that every few years a new one will come along and I can spend more money and have all my Trek to see any time I want! …

…gotta go, I’ve been thinking about “And The Children Shall Lead” all day…

By most accounts, the format war is over. The HD-DVD camp cancelled their CES appearance. New Line Cinema is now Blu-ray exclusive.

Dual HD players are the way to go now, or just wait until Paramount can fix the mess they’re in.

They don’t perceive themselves to be in a mess. They think they’re smart because now they get to sell everything in a new format all over again.

Who likes the old James Blish adaptations? I kinda like them better than the actual shows. The imagination is a wondrous thing.

The moment Blu-Ray “wins” is the moment I switch back to regular DVDs and await the next format that will replace it in 7-8 years. And I await the next technology with open arms if it gets us past this Sony nightmare.

Most films aren’t worth buying in HD. The added bonus of the HD image only works if they transfer it properly and even then an upscaled DVD looks almost as good.

I think season one is way, way, way, too expensive. Utterly rediculous 180dollers for DVDs, shame on the greedy sharks that put the price so high!

I don’t get it. The disks are the same size. The quality is the the same. This is ultimately a software war, right? So, why doesn’t someone with really deep pockets, experience with software, and an existing brand come in and pull the rug out from under both of them? C’mon Apple, how bout it. Quicktime HD. Or better yet, iDef. Am I oversimplifying this? I’m dying to buy a player and Trek, but refuse reward the bastards. Go iDef!

It’s such a pain, I went for HD DVD at Christmas there solely on the basis that the studios I would buy the most films from (Paramount, Warner and New Line) supported the format. I can live without Pirates of the Carribean in HD and the DVD does upscale nicely but I do feel today that I bought a piece of kit that will be pretty much useless in six months.

I agree though that most films don’t really benefit, as you stop noticing the detail quite quickly. The Bourne films are like that, I thought HD there was actually somewhat pointless. 300 on the other hand just looks awesome and I know TOS HD won’t dissapoint when I finally brace myself and spend the ~£95 on it.

At least I’ll be able to have all 3 season eventually though, so that’s good news (unless I’ve hexed it and now they’ll go BluRay exclusive on those too… sigh).

I can’t believe I’ve bought the Betamax of the Noughties though….

I would cream if they did DS9 in HD imagine that….oh the possibilities.

Slighty off topic but is there no new trailer or screen shots for this weeks remastered episode “Day of the Dove”?

There is nothing on

I guess thats because of the lay offs there?
I was just looking forward to a preview of the new Klingon Bird of Prey
to replace these shots…×07/dayofdove_016.jpg×07/dayofdove_092.jpg


“Most films aren’t worth buying in HD. The added bonus of the HD image only works if they transfer it properly and even then an upscaled DVD looks almost as good.”

I agree with you that most films (today) are garbage and not worth the HD treatment. And upscaled SD DVDs look great on my new PS3… but if you have a 720P front projector like me (they’re relatively cheap now) and an 8-foot screen, a well encoded Blu-ray (VC1 or AVC) with 1080p 24 Hz output looks absolutely stunning and damn near the original theater experience.

It’s like you’re running a 35mm print in your home. It is light years beyond upscaled DVD!

As far as TOS Remastered season one in HD? For me… no Blu-ray, no sale. I don’t want to be charged the added production cost of including the SD DVD discs. Why would I want those?

^15. Trekee! I wouldn’t rush to get it! I have it and thought I would be in love with the UK set and it STINKS!!

My first impressions of the set was “BLOODY HELL!!! ALL MY DISCS ARE MARKED!!! ” I’m not kidding, if they aren’t scratched they have something stuck to them and that is on both sides and brand new and sealed from Virginmegastore online.

The menus are a definite improvement on the other set although a little tricky to work out at times. My biggest gripe so far is that there isn’t any chapter searches for the episodes or that I can’t find them yet. I haven’t viewed the supplemental material yet so I will let you know how that is.

I must admit to being quite disappointed with the picture quality of the original 35mm footage. I was expecting better and I could swear that I can see some artefacting in the grey walls, which really shouldn’t happen in HD. I hope it isn’t because they had to stick SD versions on the other side of the disc. I don’t know why they do this as instead of a 10 discs set, I could have probably had half that many discs if it was just HD or if it had been on Blu-Ray which is my preferable format. That said, I haven’t seen any marks on the film itself or dirt, which can only be a good thing.

The remastering featurette on one of the discs (goodness knows which, there are 10 of them and double sided!) clearly states that they boosted the contrast of the new remasters.

I don’t know this for a fact but I suspect that they used the same equation or setting (whatever it is) for the contrast for ALL the episodes. This has left me with the impression that some of the episodes have too much ‘whiting out” of faces in some occasions where there is a lot of light on actors face. I noticed this quite clearly when the landing party beams down in “Return of the Archons”.

The sound is very quiet through my TV (Toshiba 37″ LCD) and when switching back to TV I have to turn my TV volume down quickly. I don’t have a great sound system here so it is just the TV I am listening to the discs through. The TrueHD sound is REALLY quiet. I’ve read online that there is a Dolby 2.0 english track available but this might just be on the US set as we don’t have it. Probably to make way for older German and French soundtracks.

I’m not going to buy the next set. Incidentially I paid £84 from Zaavi for this which is around the same as the old sets were.

I wont get into the pluses and minuses of the new effects, all I would say is that if you absolutely must own it then buy the US set and WAIT for it to drop in price.

The plastic cards you get with the discs to tell you what is on the damn things… whoever chose the images is an IDIOT!

For example… an image of Spock and the ginger navigator from The Menagerie adorns one of the cards. Are those episodes on that corresponding disc? NO! Not even close.

I’m getting fed up of inadvertantly damaging or leaving fingerprints on my discs now. I can’t see these damn things lasting the year. Bloody flippers!

Hope they can release Trek on Blu-Ray too :)

I’ve been keeping an eye on the ‘war’ of the formats a lot, and I can say that with the current Warner news, HD-DVD is effectively finished as a format now. Only two studios left supporting it. With 1 year left of Paramounts contract (lets hope they break it early).

Despite having bought the season 1 HD set, I’m not sure I can bring myself to spend the the money on the rest now that HD-DVD is being carried to the grave. I would however be wiling to buy a cheaper set of just normal DVDs, but they seem intent on this stupid overpriced como idea.

I utterly refuse to buy anything in HD until there is a total winner and I can buy from everyone in a distinct format.

#19 – Thanks for the info, the UK releases of a lot of things do seem to suffer on standard DVD but I’d hoped that with HD that would all be over. Seems not. The Bladerunner 5 disk HD DVD set and a few others seem to confirm it.

I’ve noticed a few deals on the US sets and since it’s region free (so far) that looks like the way to go.

Well, here’s a reality check for CBS. Trek sold so well because it IS TOS Trek and it has been totally remastered FOR HD. With remastered Trek, many got o sample the goods by watching the syndication run. Those that live in markets not showing the remastered Trek have read all about it and buying the set is the only way to experience it. Many more have sampled the series on itunes and like what they see. It has been a pretty much win-win situation. But this is TOS Trek. They aren’t going to do so well if they try and peddle Happy Days or Taxi for $100 a set.

As far as Waner Bros. going exclusively Blue Ray, yeah, HD is probably on its way out. Oh well. With that news, maybe I can pick up a really cheap HD player as people unload them on ebay and finally flip those Trek combo discs over for some 1080p Trek HD greatness.

I guess some people just dont get it. Of course there gonna crank out the other 2 seasons on hd quickly. Everyone will buy it up then all the companys will switch over to bluray. Hd will go the way of beta max, then CBS can reissue them on bluray. Marketing geniuses.

I refuse to buy into either HD format at this time; seeing as I only have a 42″ Toshiba 1080i HD set anyway. The most I could glean from it on HD-DVD would be 720p or so. And besides, this format war will soon be over. Now that WB has thrown in its lot with Blu-Ray….well, put it this way, the format war may not be “officially” over, but the Blu-ray troops have beached at Normandy! Before I choose a format, I want a clear winner announced (not to mention an upgraded TV!). No maybes, or very soons. Until then, good ol’ progessive scan, standard DVD will do nicely! And picking HD-DVD JUST for Trek would be seriously shortsighted! Patience, the format war is in its final stages (hell, so is disc-based media as far as I can see!). Besides, picture quality is only a part of the entertainment experience; story and characters are what draws me in!

I don’t care abot either format. I’m buying the sets ’cause of TOS with new SFX on the standard DVD side. I’ll never watch the HD version and I certainly won’t replace my 10,000+ disc DVD collection any time soon…

Why should I? I never even watched those special features on standard DVD…and the resolution aspect is not that important to me. DVD was a MAJOR improvement over VHS but none of the new formats is of any significant advantgage to me.

I just wanna be able to watch the episodes and movies with an English language track her in Germany. DVD already offers that…no BlueRay, HD-DVD, HD downloads or holographic superdiscs for me…

I’m perfectly happy watching the series on VHS on an old Philco Predicta black and white set.

In my opinion there should be no physical media. You buy an album or a movie, you download it, you own it. Wi-Fi it over to your TV unit to watch it there. Walk out to your mini-van and press a few buttons and wi-fi suck it into your van for a long road trip with the family. Throw it on a portable device and go watch it on a train to and from work.

Get rid of the media, get rid of Chaz McMarketing and the the piracy ‘overkill’ that prevents you from moving music and movies around to your own damned devices, and you are done.

I think there will be several formats and we will have to have multiple players. the combo players are just too expensive. The other alternative and I think its the future is the downloadable media.

Right now I am waiting to see what happens like a lot of other folks. I did however purchase the hd version of the TOSR Season 1. I will not commit to a format yet

My standard def format disks look great. I am not sure the extra cost of the newer disks are worth it for me

When I saw the Toshiba HD player for only $200 on amazon, I thought what the hell. Unlike the old days, when you’d buy a tv or stereo and expect it to last most of your life, these days you buy consumer electronics with no greater expectation than 3 yrs of usable life, like a cheap shirt from the Gap. Given how much it costs me to take the family to the movies, I figure if I watch HD movies with the kids just 6 times, the player will have paid for itself. And old Trek looks FABULOUS in HD.

Now that I bought my HD DVD Player looks like more and more studio’s are going Blu Ray. That’s just great!!!!

I don’t know how this is gonna go, but I purchased a Toshiba, got a few HD titles and I’m off and running. Frankly, I love the picture, but the upscaling of regular dvd looks great on my plasma and I don’t care all that much about getting everything I have now again in HD. I got into HD for trek and I’d be very angry if they don’t finish off the next two seasons in the same format as the first season. I love seeing trek on HD and I’d like to own the first six movies in HD DVD. That’s the way I want to see my trek, but as far as other movie, tv shows, etc. I really don’t care all that much. I’ve got Forbidden Planet, Blade Runner, 2001 and a few other movies and they’re great in HD, but I don’t have to see everything in HD.

This ‘war’ reminds me of the dolby b vs. dolby c deal in the cassette format years back, there was such a small difference, it really didn’t much matter to my ear.

As a side note, we watched “The Wind and The Lion” a restored film from the 70’s and it looked and sounded great with the upscaling. Also, in that film Jerry Goldsmith’s score includes the seeds of the Klingon Theme used in ST:TMP! No kidding about it, you can hear the theme, albeit a few note are different, but you can certainly hear that he had that in his head many years before he did the first Star Trek film.


No one has addressed the question I’m concerned about:
If I read the article correctly (I’m not sure I did):

Is there some doubt that TOS Seasons 2 and 3 will be released in HD?
That’s what matters to me.

Does anybody know?

hmmm…. There has been very little updating of latest re-mastered episode releases. Didn’t the The Day of the Dove just air? There were plenty of images, reviews, etc. before episodes aired last year. What gives?

Stanky, If you upgraded to the Philco “Continental”, you’d be much happier.

I haven’t seen side by side comparisons of BluRay and HD-DVD. They’re both High Definition so I’m not sure it really matters. ;-)

I heard the most significant difference between HD-DVD and BluRay is in a manufacturing process. Just not remembering if its in reference to player or disk manufacturing.

To implement BluRay the company invests in a totally new technology. HD-DVD requires making a low-cost upgrade to existing equipment. So – it will be interesting what determines the final outcome: movie purchases, or the companies which end up making the players

Not sure if there’s a point in here somewhere.. just wanted to add to the conversation.

I have a PS3 and a Toshibas player and although I’m sad to see HD-DVD go, I defintetly think that Blu-ray is the way to go.

The manufacturing process that leonel was talking about was something I heard about. Apparently, HD-DVD discs are easy to damage than blu-rays. This would certainly seem the case with my TOS-R set, although that could be down to the fact that they are awkward double-sided discs.

@As Far As Larry:
As a dedicated collector, I must disagree. I really hope there will always be an official release in some form that I can put on my shelves. I’ve never downloaded anything apart from trailers. I need to have “the real thing” in my hands. Saving space doesn*t matter…I’d even go so far to say the new smaller cases for BR and HD lack a certain sense of representativity…

I tell you what: I’d rather put thousands of movies I’ll never watch on my shelves than downloading or renting one single movie I don’t own…Okay, but that’s the collector’s perspective and I can understand most of our “online generation” won’t agree…I can only hope there will always be a market for real media instead of mere downloading. If real discs disappear so will my interest in movies…My favourite English term is “Collector’s Edition”…though awfully overused these days….

I agree with the person who is waiting. I know people who had shelves full of Beta tapes that lived to regret it. A little patience and the true winning format will emerge.

Then again, whoever thought CDs would be on their way out so fast? What’s next?

Still waiting for that combo hd/blue ray for my pc.

Wonder if I can get a that cool trek phaser to work with that setup?

hahhaha..and with the format war over, perhaps we will see blueray player prices drop..oh wait I dont have an hdtv. I keep forgetting that…

#42 Lol. That’s so true, if you don’t shell out for a TV with 1920X1080 resolution, what’s the point?

re: Comment no. 22
I utterly refuse to buy anything in HD until there is a total winner and I can buy from everyone in a distinct format.

I totally agree with this comment, its the VHS v Betamax war all over again!

36. Driver – January 6, 2008
“Stanky, If you upgraded to the Philco “Continental”, you’d be much happier.”

Yes, would love to have one of those. The Predicta Pedestal looks and works pretty fine, though

I just was a Blue Ray burner for my Macpro that will work with DVD Studio Pro!

VUDU’s site shows the poster for TMP:DE. Wouldn’t we have have heard if there was an HD version of that? My hunch is they’re either showing the theatrical cut in HD or the DE in SD.

I just bought a Toshiba HD-DVD player! DOH!!!!!

I guess I’ll have to buy a Blu-ray player in a few months. Or maybe they will find a way to install firmware to an HD-DVD player for Dual playback of blu-ray disks and HD-DVD’s???
Is it a software issue or hardware issue with the two formats?

@ T Negative

I fear, that’s not that simple. Granted, it’s the same laser wavelength, but the two formats are incompatible. And as for the advantages of BluRay: 25 GigaBytes per Layer vs. 15 GB on a HD-DVD. Do the math and tell me, which disk offers the possibility of picture & sound without compression artifacts.
Just look at Wikipedia!

Well now I’m glad I didn’t buy HD-DVD.
Warner has gone with BluRay because:
A. Sony bribed them, as it has the other studios;
B. They like it’s DRM “protection” and spyware.

The whole thing has gone on so long I think I’ll just sit this out.
In two years both formats will be obsolete, anyway.