William Shatner NOT In Life Or Death Struggle

The current issue (which came out last Friday) of The National Enquirer has a story titled WILLIAM SHATNER SURGERY TURNS INTO LIFE-OR-DEATH DRAMA which would be pretty big news if it were true. The story states that Mr. Shatner suffered heart complications during hip surgery. After being sent tips to the story, TrekMovie.com checked in at Shatner HQ and was told that Bill was fine, that he has had no surgeries and the whole thing was made up.

Bill has now put out a statement on his official site forums:

I’m in absolute perfect health. I’ve never felt better in my life.Somebody made up an absolutely foolish story.My Best, Bill

By the way….here is a ShatnerVision from last week of Bill making his Superbowl pick and talking about his plans for a party.

Apparently when Bill first heard of the report he thought the whole thing was kind of funny and he was even thinking calling up the reporter and having some fun with it.

Anyway…nothing to see here…so just move along. Just another tabloid flare-up.

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The National Enquirer is wrong? Run for the hills! It’s the end of civilization!

This is the first time Im even close to being one. Drats! Viva la shatner!

You would’ve thought Shatner would have milked this one for all it’s worth by not coming out to say anything for a while. Let it fester and have people wonder for a while. It’s great drama and we all know how much he loves drama!

the man looks great, looks like he’s lost weight as well as letting his hair growing out. all we need now is pointed sideburns. :-)

I just hope he wasn’t too annoyed by the Patriots loss at the Super Bowl. Hope you had a good time though Mr. Shatner.

The National Enquirer made up a story? Oh, say it ain’t so!!! :P

The Globe now says that Paul Newman is on his death bed after a “secret surgery”….

I am glad Mr. Shatner is ok.

….”TrekMovie.com checked in at Shatner HQ and was told that Bill was fine, that he has had no surgeries and the whole thing was made up.”

Well, this is the National Enquirer who broke the story, so why am I not at all surprised that they would make it up? Or, everything up for that matter!

Wow. The National Enquirer has fake news? Who would’ve thought,.

Hey Bill, if you got a pair, you should sue the Enquirer. I’m not sure what is worse, people who write that crap, or those who buy that rag.

I don’t know… how can publications like the Enquirer get away with saying the things they do. Isn’t it slander and defamation… especially when you don’t have any proof. Are they covered under satire? The First Amendment doesn’t say you can spread lies about people.

12 Kevin

They have been sued before and will be again.

In case anyone might be interested, I would recommend checking out a book called I Watched a Wild Hog Eat My Baby!: A Colorful History of Tabloids and Their Cultural Impact, a very entertaining book about how tabloids work and why certain stories get printed over others. Good read.

Maybe they’ll print a retraction.Maybe I’m naive.

I hate tabloids. I truly appreciate the fact that we still have Bill, Leonard, and indeed 5 of the main TOS cast with us, all these years later. There probably aren’t many series from the 60’s that can boast that.

And more than just being alive, they continue to thrive in popularity and as artists as well; especially the ubiquitous & ever-popular Bill. The day when we lose him will come eventually, of course. And as Spock said in Requiem for Methuselah, “On that day, I shall mourn.”

Bill are you sure? The National Enquirer is usually such a trustyworthy news organ. They’re the ones with the politically-minded space alien, and bat boy, aren’t they?


Stay healthy, Bill! We love ya.(Hope I’m as active as you when I’m in my 70’s!)

Or…Maybe Bill needs a good lawyer… Anyone care to drop a name?

18. Denny crane? ;-)

#18: Samuel T. Cogley comes to mind.

Always good to check into the accuracy of the Enquirer since they have such a great record of purveying the truth.

Regardless of anyone’s feelings on Mr. Shatner appearing or not in Star Trek XI, I must say that we should all appreciate his contributions to us via Star Trek over the years.

# 4,

I agree! Shat looks a little more radiant than usual — what gives?

This is even funnier since there was a big toodoo late last year about the National Enquirer closing up shop due to reduced circulation. I’m actually quite surprised that they are still around at all.

Yay Bill!


The problem with any lawsuit vs The Enquirer is they end up making more money because of the additional exposure. . . . Carol Burnett discovered that when she sued them in the 80’s. It’s probably not worth it.

Oh, I’ve gotta ask. . . . Pats! What happened????!?

“I agree! Shat looks a little more radiant than usual — what gives?”

Probably the fact that he’s not whining about Trek XI for a change.


Stick around, Bill!

Media’s buzzing with weird stories all the time.

Glad this one turned out to be wrong.

Shatner does look better here, I wonder…

He doesn’t have hair to grow out of course…

The Shat is the Sh!t… what a legend.

He sure is in the news alot these days… I sense a new Shatner will play Kirk thread hijack here!! hehehe!

The Enquirer must be trying to take up the slack left when Weekly World News went out of business.

Go, Bat Boy, go!

There’s at least another 20 years in him yet ;)

..he’s losing weight and the salt and pepper gray is gone, replaced with a longer more “Kirkish” brown.

..just sayin’

Yellow journalism?? You bet.
The Shat will be around long after these sleezeballs have gone out of business!

-Shatner is ill ?
This is really a bad news..

Shatner is the man !!! Over the years I’ve come to appreciate William Shatner and I love him as Denny Crane in Boston Legal.