Colbert Honors Worf

Stephen Colbert showed what a fine American he is by honoring none other than Star Trek: The Next Generation’s Lt. Worf on Thursday’s “The Colbert Report.” So prepare yourself for some Klingon truthiness and check out the clip below.

Colbert Honors Worf
…for Black Chinese History Month Minute

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Excellence! Worf is one of my favorite TNG characters. First?

Huckabee/Worf ticket!!

Second. Colbert is a true American hero. He’s chock full of truthiness.

Oh my Gorn! Who wrote that list of Worf’s accomplishments? Is there staff made up of geeks like us, or did someone actually do the research?

My son is half Chinese, by the way. Though I’m white rather than AA, I take great hilarity at this cheap comedy bit.


Well, that was nearly four minutes of not-particularly-funny. I did, however, think it was funny when they used Klingons on the Daily Show. Clips of Republicans saying “honor” many, many times followed by Kern saying “A Klingon is nothing without his honor.” Then, before commercial, Picard chastising the High Council for starting a war based upon lies.

I thought it was fairly funny. :) What would have been great is to –have– Michael Dorn put on the make-up and accept the award as Worf. I know, it would be a lot of hassle for Dorn to do the makeup for such a brief walk-on comedy bit. However, it would have been truly funny. :)

Hillary and Worf ’08!

Yeah, go ahead, kill me.

I am pretty certain that has a listing of what Worf’s most important accomplishments are.

#6 – Do you happen to have a URL for that clip? Couldn’t find it on

And I’m sure many of you have seen it, but Jon Stewart’s “Faux Klingon” sketch is a riot. Here’s the URL:


Just watched the faux Klingon clip. It’s amazing!

This was too funny

I supposed if the Klingons are the Chinese/Soviets that makes Romulans Japanese?

Thanks #10 for the faux Klingons clip!

Our congress is indeed a frightening place.

Kudos to Takei and Nimoy for the deadpan humor,

#6 and #10

That was again Colbert, not Stewart

Colbert is one of the most honorableness truthiness tv anchors I know of! Q’pla!

Worf is awsome, he explained in DS9 that the STOS Kilingons had a sickness or something and that is why the had Human heads. He also claimed the Kingons had a war with Tribbles or hunted them down and destroyed them. I liked the STNG eposide where his girlfriend is killed and he goes to the Kilingon ship and kills the Klingon who killed his girlfriend, the mother of his son. Worf kicks ass!


He’s doing Tai-Chi! LOL

Star Trek TNG has been featured on both The Daily Show and The Colbert Report recently. Goes to show the popularity of TNG. Star Trek (classic) may be seen as more popular at the moment, thanks to the excitment of the new movie, but I think both are just as popular. I really hope that by TNG’s 25th anniversay, we see a final movie made for them to go out on with a blast.

A final, successful movie for TNG, and I guarantee Paramount will see a healthy boast in DVD sales for the TNG tv and movie series.


Is that the one where they had Nimoy as the Senior Star Trek Analogy Analyst? I *loved* that bit!

Peace. Live long and prosper.
The Vulcanista }:-|

I don’t care what people say but that was funny :)

I busted out clapping when he annouced Worf. Yeah, for me it was a good mix of amazing and funny, especially when he started listing all of Worf’s milestones. I love Stephen Colbert…..!

I saw this when it aired. I can’t believe they went and did all his big achievements XD

#4 and #6

I believe due to the writer’s strike both Steve and Jon are writing their own material. Not bad considering that they are doiing that themselves.

Remember, Folks. They don’t just make Star Trek references because Star Trek has some popularity, they also make them because a lot of people like to laugh at Star Trek. It’s both. Just a healthy dose of reality. :)

25: Colbert is doing this without writers, and he is a well-known Trekker/SciFi Guy.

Don’t be surprised if he starts getting excited as XI draws near.

Yes, we can!

That ti won’t work. Hillary would never put someone on the ticket who is kinder and gentler than she is. To say nothing of prettier.

The piece was mildly amusing to me but Colbert is way overrated in my view. Calling Rodney Dangerfield!

That was good stuff.

He could have so easily gone the Tiger Woods route…

I love Stephen Colbert, but this particular bit wasn’t that funny – but will give him credit for honoring one of my favorite ST characters.

#10 Yes, that clip from the Daily Show was excellent! Thanks for sharing.

– My favorite klingon..or even my favorite alien…

i go for the daily show one, didnt make me feel uncomfortable watchin it unlike colbert one. having fun at ethnic minorities just aint my bag.

I can’t get this clip to work….anyone have an alternate url?

In listing Worf’s accomplishments Colbert did not follow CANON!!!!! Does anybody out there care anymore? Gene must be tossing and turning right about now.