“Operation — Annihilate!” Screenshots and Video

Operation -- Annihilate



Remastered & Original


The Denevan ship hurtles into the sun

Jim err… George Kirk

Agitated Aurelan

The satellites activate

Fry, Spencer’s Gifts fake vomit, fry!

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I think I watched this on dvd through netflix a few weeks back. Pretty good!


Wow. Awesome. Seem much better than last week’s.

I love Operation Anhilate–First!

I still mourn the loss of the cool planetary colors (dull realism always seems out of place in Trek, at least to my eyes), but overall I think these guys are doing a bang-up job.

I saw this first on ITunes, then on my dvd set. No matter what some people may say, I really liked what they did with this one.

“Operation — Annihilate!” has always been one of my top three favorite episodes, and it great to see what an awesome job the effects team has done with the upgraded visuals!

thanks a lot Matt! well done. I think this is the second time they have replaced live action with effects. First was amok time

Perfect example of how I don’t like the way they mix and matched the pilot and regular E in the same scene. Note the engines – grills on the back and points on the caps in one view, missing in others. The CGI may at times look animated but at least the shots are consistant.

No audio?
I tried several times.
Anywho scary picture
of the woman with the
man-chin. Yikes!

Great new shots in this one. I’ve seen the HD version and I love the addition of the satellites.

Kind a bug-of-the-week story. I know, I know, dead brother, dead (hot) sister-in-law, future gay nephew, Spock goes blind kinda… but, still just a bunch o bad bugs to be zapped.

Anyway, fun.

Some of the CGI is sweet, some not so much. I really really wish they’d go back and give it one more coat of polish before selling it on Blu-Ray. They’re certainly charging as if there are no failed shots.

You know I like some of the things these guys are doing and I appreciate their effort but I look at this re-mastered project the way I do the Spider-Man movies – I’m thrilled it brings renewed interest and success to the franchise but it’s not my vision of how it should be.

Mmmm…giant flying boogers…

My ex-boyfrined lived in the neighborhood across from the TRW campus where this was filmed. The security guard took us to the little courtyard where Spock got stapled by one of the boogers. In 1983, it looked exactly the same. So cool. We gave the guard one of our Bartles & James.

Bartles & James?
And then, what?, he created another of the creatures on the sidewalk?

Why does every planet look like Earth? I have to admit, that I don’t know what “class: planet this one is, but in any capacity, every “M” class planet shouldn’t have to look like Earth….

I like the effort, but not enough vertices! I wish they would make their models more polygonially complex. :(

I wish someone from CBS-D would comment on that?


Never noticed before that Aurelan has a “man chin.” Dohhhhhhhh!

# 15: Yeah…with all the knowledge we have now centered on fact and with the use of imagination that anyone should have and could use you would think they would have planets that weren’t so one dimensional. Hire someone – use computers – etc.
Their are countless variables I would think yet they’re all water downed and so bland!

#16: As I understand it, the first version of the Big E was much more polygon-heavy than their current model. The render times on their farm were apparently ridiculously high. Thus the pared-down model.


…where the flying parasite smacks Leonard Nimoy dead in the ass always cracks me up. I’ve seen it countless times and I always laugh out loud. Priceless.


the RGB values of the saucer do not match the originals exactly therefore I cannot condone these graphics

Is it just me, our does it appear that the Enterprise’s standard orbit starts to change just after it releases the satellite? It looks like it’s going to take a digger into the planet. : )

Never realised it was directed by Herschel “one shot” Daugherty. Google him

Haven’t watched the remastered ep yet, but the new shots look fine to me, and the episode has always been one of my favorites.

“Mr. Spock, Regaining eye sight would be an emotional experience for most. You, I presume, felt nothing?.”
“Quite the contrary, Captain. I had a very strong reaction. My first sight was the face of Dr. McCoy bending over me.”
“Hmm… it is a pity brief blindness did not increase your appreciation for beauty, Mr. Spock.”

Myeah, it looks a bit like the helmsman is a bit too excited about dropping satellites, and isn’t looking at his screen ;)

And look, the bit of Deneva at TRW still looks very similar: http://tinyurl.com/yrkkgj (Google Maps)

Every planet looks the same (earth), whatever their reasening was to do this, it”s flawed since it takes away from the idea of em being alien planets. As if they couldn’t have made the planets more realistic whilst still making them look alien. COME ON.

Harry25- Google Maps – who woulda thunk it? Harry, you’re so good (yes, I know I’m giving you a prize opening, but you deserve it with the map bit).

A positive; the new cg satellite design is spot on, looking like something MJ would have produced in the era, but still looking futuristic.
But as I said previously
the bridge screen shot does need more work, shame.

I don’t get why m-class planets have to be the same colour as Earth.

Why can’t you have a bright blue m-class planet? This is sci-fi after all.

I prefer the original FX, the CGI Enterprise looks like plastic models. Plus, why must the CGI Enterprise always look gray instead of it’s classic white?

The first ship shot is pretty good. Must be the first shot that remotely passes as a real three-dimensional object. No further comment on the “planet”.

I STILL prefer spockboy’s ‘Sun’… :D

Might I suggest for anyone here that missed it, please read Sean4000’s future plans for a ‘different’, more complete ‘fan edit’ of TOS episodes…

See his post #96 onwards on this link to the recent ‘screenshots’ topic for ‘Operation-Annihilate’. This is something that I really hope will come to fruition. – https://trekmovie.com/2008/02/20/interview-trek-remastered-producers-preview-images-from-operation-annihilate/


Stock CGI footage of Earth+color filter (pick any color you like)=an alien planet. It’s too familiar, darnit, it’s our home planet, and it is kinda old. I appreciate your efforts, but bleh…


It’s called lease some more workstations, and let Renderman figure it all out. It’s not like they are gonna have another chance any time soon.

#33 Red Shirt

That’s what I suggested recently. Their planet work is fine, but did they have to make so many of them BLUE/GREEN. No is the answer.

Sean4000 – I forgot to say, thanks for that great link about Adywan’s ‘Star Wars Revisited’ thread on that post #96 recently. I look forward to his ‘Empire’ effort too.

The opening shot was awesome… so much like the old “Cage” shot that was iconic… loved the one looking down on the suacer in orbit…. and the departure shot, where we almost touch the warp nacelle… great job!!!!!!

I don’t get the confusion. Any earth-type planet is going to resemble earth.

Aside from changing the land mass and water coverage, I’m not sure how you expect them to get around that.

#37 jonboc

It’s just a ‘stylistic’ preferrence. ‘Earth-like’ in that it supports life as we know it, but in a different color-scheme.

Does anyone remember James Blish’s solution to the Deneva dilemma in his 1968 adaptation of Operation—Annihilate!? He totally changed the last act by having Kirk and Spock surmise that the organisms were connected to a gigantic brain somewhere in the Orion sector. Once having arrived at the gigantic brain’s home world, they destroyed it with “planet –wreckers”. Thus, all the parasites on Deneva and the one in Spock were destroyed. Talk about altering cannon! James Blish soon became aware of the wrath of fans as he later lamented to in the preface of Star Trek 12. Yes, all you cannon people, the history of your movement goes way back to the late 60’s…. : )

#26 I agree there are alot of planetary similarities. But you have figure in the galixy the odds are you will find alot of planets that have evolved similarly to earth with blue oceans and cloud covers. You would hate to land on an earthlike Planet whose oceans are green because that would indicate that more then likely ther is no oxygen in the atmosphere to breath.

25 — Thanks for the TRW aerial! Do they allow people to walk the grounds of the facility — in other words, could I visit that on a trip to L.A. (as I did Vasquez Rocks in 1999)?

Also, thanks for tinyurl, which I had never heard of. Great for when you can’t hotlink text.

#39 Moonwatcher that in the Blish Star Trek Books the story The Doomsday Machine Decker didn’t die.

god…why do you people come here? can’t you complain somewhere else? Besides….Class M = Earth-like planets. Guess what? They’re going to look like Earth. Catch a clue. Move on.

mmmmm undercooked space pancakes

they’re tasty, jim


That is a great story. What happened to the boyfriend? Did it last?

I’ve always liked this episode. Even though at the end the extra nictatating membrane seemed a little contrived.

re#44, i always thought they were ham and cheese space omlettes!


we are not complaining. we are discussing our thoughts. you should be nice, or you will get a flame warning from our humble webmaster.

43: Can YOU go complain somewhere else?

#39, I was always under the impression that Blish simply fleshed out early drafts of scripts that were sent to him long before the episodes filmed and aired and that is why his adaptions are often very different. For instance, his adaption of Man Trap is titled The Unreal McCoy, which was the working title of the script.

#49 that would explain a lot of things. I would imagine that some of the changes like those in Operation Annihilate would have been due to budgetary considerations? and the Doomsday Machine because Decker’s heroic death would have given the show an add kick of excitement and drama.