Abrams Contrasts Cloverfield and Trek

Another video interview with Star Trek director JJ Abrams is online (part of his Cloverfield DVD release promotion). Abrams contrasts Cloverfield and Trek with AP, saying that Trek, unlike the ‘found video’ style of Cloverfield, is ‘massive’ and ‘epic.’ The director also talks about what the experience of shooting Trek has been like and the beginning of the editing process.


Cloverfield v Star Trek…on why Cloverfield is right for TV

Cloverfield is supposed to be a videotape, found footage. That is the kind of thing you watch on television. Though I would never be saying that about a movie like Star Trek which is a huge, epic, massive film, the idea of Cloverfield is this terrifying experience captured on video tape. So when you watch it on your television it actually feels like it is being viewed properly.

On the end of Lost

Because there is an end-game, you know how to pace yourself. There is going to be very little wheel spinning.

On Trek wrapping

We wrapped production on Star Trek last week and we are editing now. It was the most exciting, challenging, but satisfying experience. The cast is spectacular. The movie is so much fun. I am just dying for you to see it.

Another Abrams Paramount project
In other news, the trades are reporting that Abrams Bad Robot production company has picked up a spec comedy script from Jay Dyer (Andy Richter Controls the Universe, Californication). “Hot for Teacher” is a high school comedy that joins “Star Trek” and two other films (“Morning Glory” and “Men Making Music”) that Abrams currently has at various stages of development at Paramount. [Variety, Hollywood Reporter]

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Abrams is making all the right noises. Very excited.

Well, Abrams has a long, long post production time so I expect no less than the bestest, grandest special effects for this movie ever!

…or else!



hes not the only one dying to see this,,,,


Strangely, I look forward to how his ‘shakycam’ footage of the Bridge crew being ‘jostled’ about will pan out… ;)

“So when you watch it on your television it actually feels like it is being viewed properly.”

One would hope that Abrams’ future project known as “ST: The Film” will also look good when you watch it on television.
… because I fully intend to watch it on a television many many many times in the future years to come.

When are we going to see snippets of the (completed) Enterprise or any of the cast in Star Fleet uniforms, or the bridge for that matter.

I can’t wait a whole year!

And we are dying to oblige you, JJ!

The adventure continues…

cloverfield was great, had a ‘blair witch’ vibe to it, on a larger scale… i hope there is a sequel.


…last night’s “Lost” was one of its best episodes EVER, and they’ve still got 2 or 3 more before the season finale!

If Abrams even brings 1/10th of the sheer awesomeness of “Lost” to the TREK table, then we’re in for a real treat.

Neat. O.

Saw “Cloverfield” this week (properly, on a TV screen) and though it was not my personal cup of tea (not a big fan of the shaky, camcorder POV thing; didn’t like the “BLUR-Witch Project, either), it had a good energy to it. Some nice performances gong on, and I liked the ‘bait and switch’ of lulling the (at the time) unaware audience into thinking the film (or tape) was going to be a “Friends” rehash and then BOOM! It’s a Roland Emmerich movie as shot through a camcorder! That was nice. I admire the integrity of the project (doing the WHOLE movie on camcorder POV); but I would’ve liked maybe just an occasional establishing shot here and there. I don’t mind the live-at-five energy of the photography (ala Black Hawk Down, BSG, etc.), it’s the whole camcorder view ONLY thing that makes the film feel more restrictive and self-conscious, rather than just claustophobic (to me, anyway). But overall, I liked the energy of it, however. And if that single ingredient carries into Star Trek (along with the $150-odd million budget worth of goodies), it should be quite cool (I’m pretty sure Trek will NOT be shot through a camcorder!).

I never cease to be amazed how stoked I am to see this movie. I’d really stepped away from Star Trek entirely since about the third season of ENTERPRISE and in the last six months I’ve rediscovered something I’ve loved since age 2.

Doing VOYAGER right now through Netflix. What an awesome way to watch these series, straight through. I figure by the time I make it through seven seasons of VOYAGER, TNG and DS9 it’ll be just about time to buy my theater tix. Introducing Trek to my two kids now. We have family VOYAGER viewings…by the time we get through all the series, they’ll be as excitied as I am about the new movie.

I’m nothing but optimistic .

My problem with Cloverfield was it wanted to be takes seriously as an event really happening while the characters came straight out of Hollywood. The leading man, the funny man, the girlfriend..etc. The realistic techniques with hollywood characters never seemed to gel.

I would have enjoyed it much more had it been told in the more traditional hollywood storytelling style. The realistic approach just didn’t work for me because I never bought into it, mainly due to the characters and acting. The hand held work, however, though annoying after a while, was handled with perfection.

Star trek filmed in glorious SONY CAMCORDARAMA . cool

378 days to go…………………………… i might really die as a result of dying to see the movie. too long. arg.

Welcome to “Tea Time Chat with British Naval Dude”
Today’s guest be JJ Abrams, of ‘Lost” fame…

BND: Let me ask ye JJ, while watchin’ Cloverfiled I had to dump me popcorn bucket so I could empty me guts into it. Never made it thru the whole 88 minutes. Was this intentional so I’d buy tha’ DVD and see tha’ ending thar?

JJ ABRAMS: The idea of Cloverfield is this terrifying experience…when you watch it on your television it actually feels like it is being viewed properly.

BND: I see. On another note, I’d like ta’ know if thar’ will be more subliminal mind control images broadcast during “Lost” that, like a Dagger of The Mind, forces ya’ to obey the network and watch “Lost” religiously?

JJ ABRAMS: There is going to be very little wheel spinning.

BND: I see, very good then. Now, then I hear you’re going on a hunger strike and ye won’t eat anything at all until your new Star Trek grosses 400 million. Is that right, mate?

JJ ABRAMS: I am just dying for you to see it.

BND: Great! Cheers, then! My next guest be Sir Peter O’Toole whose new movie involves a liver transplant.

Anthony, I hope this okay to do this. It’s a great cause.

Hi guys,

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They submitted his application a year or so ago and had the 15 grand to make it happen, but now they need an additional 10 grand before the committee meets again in June. Without the money, they won’t even consider his application.

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Thanks, Chris

Is it just me or is JJ starting to look more and more like George Lucas? Don’t get me wrong I have a great deal of respect for both geniuses. JJ just needs the obligitory check shirt.

Who know’s . . . maybe JJ could be doing episodes 7,8 & 9 someday??

#18: Chris, you, like your father, are a true gentleman!

If Walter needs money for a star, JJ could have him gueststar on Lost. It’d be quick, since they apparently have a contract that says all newbies get killed moments after the audience starts to care about them.

Seriously, I hope Walter gets his star.

20. Thanks!

#18 Someone said they couldn’t get through on my website (banner problems). Try http://www.dilithiumcrystal.com



# 18

thats a great cause i’ll be making a donation

We’re dying to see it too, J.J.!

BritDude#17- (wiping away the laughing tears)… Her Majesty’s Fleet should be proud to have you doing Tea Time with JJ… an honor to all in the UK, that’s what it is…

26. Thanke, lass!

Need more from Chris Pine………….

Laugh while you can Federation scum!! The Romulan Star Empire will RULE YOU ALL THIS .. errr.. I mean…. NEXT SUMMER!! :P

Shouldn’t they be starting production on the NEXT Trek movie soon?

And I’m wondering if it will be possible to not be spoiled by a new Trailer.. cause I love the trailers.. but hate the spoilerage..

“Very little wheel spinning” on LOST, eh? You mean besides the utterly pointless second season?

Koenig: Well, I might have to chip in! I guess after 40 years, Trek money has its limits. I can’t help but wonder, now, how much our ensemble heroes have or have not made over the years.

Lost: When it first came out, the ads made Lost look like crap. A couple of my friends persuaded me to watch season 1 on DVD with them, though, and I was hooked. Quality television! Season 2 wasn’t as good, but I was really into it by then. We all gave up on it after a couple of episodes during season 3. That was the first TV show I ever made a point to watch every week since DS9’s (disappointing) final season in 1999. I don’t watch much TV.

I have a feeling that this one is going to become my next favorite Star Trek movie.

#17 BND – Who are you?! Geez, you are a very funny bloke. Just when some people start taking themselves or trek too seriously, here you come. Always enjoy reading your posts; keep up the good work.

TNG needs to make another movie, no one wants to see a TOS prequel/remake.

#34 Apperntly enough people a Parmount wanted it made and so it is….I for one am looking foward to it….#17 your post brightned up my day….keep em comming!

“TNG needs to make another movie, no one wants to see a TOS prequel/remake.”

No one wanted to see a TNG movie, hence why it bombed. You lose.

Lose what, is this a videogame?

#34–Speak for yourself. I’ve been waiting years for someone to do this. TNG had a nice run. It’s over. No more holodecks, children on starships, Klingons and artificial beings in Starfleet, or ship’s counselors.

It’s time, once again, for mini-skirts, Vulcan neck pinches, sarcastic doctors, heroic two-fisted engineers, fencing helmsmen, sexy communications officers, doomed security officers on “landing parties”, and a captain who prefers to fistfight and fornicate his way across the cosmos…

Fly’s undone and phasers on stun!!!!

TNG sucked big time- no one (except diehard fanbois) wants to see a bald old man and his tap dancing android sidekick any more- TNG was a flash in the pan (it only became successful because it came at the right time but its woefully dated now while TOS remains a classic) and nothing more- it rightfully should stay dead.

Warning for trolling and this has been coming. Your ‘my trek is better than yours’ stuff has got very old and your name itself is trolling, so change it please

34. Battletrek – April 25, 2008
“TNG needs to make another movie, no one wants to see a TOS prequel/remake.”

You’ve been here awhile. You just figure out what the subject of the movie is..or still trying to stir things up?

I enjoyed Cloverfield for what it was, a modern American Monster movie. IMO, people getting sick in the movie was over reported.
It will be fun to watch this on the big screen at home with the lights down at about 11 tonight.


Cloverfield was an interesting experiment. I like monster movies but I never bought into the idea that this was real video with real people. Still fun to see the buildingget smahed. lol

And TNG has been over and done for years, stick a fork in it.

Cloverfield SUCKED!!!!!

Ok Warlock…. why?

TNG never made a decent feature, probably because it was based on an inane too-safe television show. It is still hard for me to believe that so many people got into trek on the basis of TNG, that’d be like discovering Kubrick by seeing and liking Hyams’ 2001.

Any series that needs the better part of three seasons to get its act together has no business being vomited onto the airwaves in the first place.

sorry, hyams 2010 (see above) bad typo

#36 Devon with all due respect ,the next Generation’s time as a movie franchise has come and gone. First Contact was the only good movie in the next generation series. They had as many chances as the highlander movie series and they still blew it. Its time to let someone else take a shot at revitalizing the series. I have to disagree with your statement about people not wanting to see a prequel/reboot of the series. The vast majority of us want the Abrams trek film to happen and to be a success and quite frankly, it will be a success.At this point I doubt many people are up for another next generation movie and besides the cast for next generation is getting a little long in the tooth themselves, wouldn’t you agree?

mouse says cloverfield really sucked bad I felt like I was watching the blair witch project which was really bad too……

funny to think that siskel and ebert liked first contact out of all the star trek movies.

Thanke, deary. Ahhh… tha’ age old question, who are I? Hmmmm… let me consult Plato and Sartre and get back to ye’….