Abrams on Star Trek ‘Flashbacks’ + more

Yet another report coming out of TCA with JJ Abrams giving a few more quotes on his Star Trek feature film, this time with ComingSoon.net. The director talked about what he loves about Trek and a bit about if the film is (or is not) told in flashbacks.


Excerpts from ComingSoon.net

Coming Soon: You’ve said that you didn’t start out as an uber-fan of “Star Trek,” but you quickly became a fan. Can you talk in general terms about what you fell in love with about the whole franchise?
Abrams: I fell in love with the relationships between the characters. I fell in love with the characters. The idea of – it’s so funny because you hear something so often and it loses it’s meaning. But “space, the final frontier” – if you actually consider space as uncharted territory there’s something about the idea of these people, because any ship flying by isn’t going to get you excited. It’s who’s on the ship that matters. I feel like these characters actually going out into that nothingness and finding something is great. Having lived with it now and gotten to know the characters and worked with amazing actors who portrayed them, it made me fall in love with that notion, that idea that for some reason never struck me the way that “Twilight Zone” did.

CS: Does the film feature many flashback sequences? We also know that Winona Ryder is playing Spock’s mother.
Abrams: Yeah, most of the movie is not – I wouldn’t call them flashbacks, but she’s in a great sequence and is so good. I love her.

For more from Abrams on Nimoy, Jennifer Morrison and more, check out ComingSoon.net

[minor spoilers]

Of course JJ Abrams (and his team) are well known for non-linear storytelling and for flashbacks (especially on Lost). TrekMovie has reported that the film does deal with jumps in time, and obviously it has both an older (Nimoy) and two younger Spocks (Quinto and Kogan). However it appears that the ‘early years’ for Kirk and Spock may follow a traditional origin story structure.


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It will be interesting to see how this turns out.

…now if we only had a picture or two…

#2, ditto

I agree some pictures or a new trailer or anything would be awesome!

Wasn’t a shot of the Enterprise “coming out soon” around the time the teaser was released???

#2, ditto
#3, ditto

Less than a year, now. Can’t BILLieve we’ve been doing this all here since 2006, was it?

We’re in the final stretch.



How about a cast shot in the Transporter room to mirror that old publicity photo?

I agree with #2 and #3. We need another trailer JJ, not more interviews.

9. – He only agrees to the interviews he’s offered. He doesn’t just randomly give them out.

I want to see photos to see how faithful JJ Abrams is being with Star Trek.

His comment yesterday about this movie not being kitsch was yet another comment that got me worried he is disrepecting the show which started it,

I am sure the new actors are going to be brilliant but they will never take the place of the originals.

I’m having a flashback, to last Fall when JJ promised a cast photo by Christmas 2007! Oh, well……must be one of those false memories!

I’d love to hear something from Ryder and whether she’s a fan. Even though it seems impossible, that will make her even hotter.

#12 – That promise was made before the film was moved on the schedule. No photos will be released before the holidays this year.

I’ve Heard a great Many people have loved Winona Ryder actually, Ahem….I hope it’ll be like Christian Slater in STVI, “Look Ma I did a Star Trek Movie”
entry on the old resume.



ye… news are quite rare… they should increase the news flow.

I’d love to see what how the Enterprise is going to look! However, I got he feeling that they may hold that one back until the end, just to keep us in suspense and awe.

Anything…throw us some kind of bone.

Show us a pic of the “E”, so it can be picked apart for nearly a year…but at least everybody will be used to it by next summer.

We’ve seen the ship – how about some pics of the crew or the bridge??

Christian Slater’s cameo role in “Star Trek VI” was because of his mother; she was the pic’s casting director.
Maybe Winona Ryder’s performance will “steal” this movie….

JJ has become a chatterbox this week!
1st:: “(My Trek is ) …Not Kitschy…”
2nd: “Zachary brought …an incredible sense of humor… the Spock character is deceivingly complicated.”
3rd: “It’s who’s on the ship that matters. I feel like these characters actually going out into that nothingness and finding something is great…. it made me fall in love…”

The info rate is rising…from the top! This is no Paramount orchestrated press tour ( I think anyway) .. It’s .JJ talking about what he’s doing, not connected to the roll-out strategy.
Could we get a surprise soon? JJ runs things his own way so maybe he’s getting a little excited and want’s to show off a bit… His reputation is he often keeps a tight lip. However, he’ll talk a lot if he’s psyched about something.
He also said he wanted Trek to be at SDCC…
So maybe he’ll be forced to try something new to get info to the fans…

RE: 20. sirbroiler – July 16, 2008
We’ve seen the ship – how about some pics of the crew or the bridge??

We’ve seen the Enterprise? Well, a partially built one on the Earth’s surface..yes. But a finished product…no. Any other pictures of the Big-E in orbit were just fan-made concepts. Albeit, fantastics ones, we have yet to see the actual design.

Although I am a bit torn on the subject, I think I’ll have to agree with the majority here. After 2 years of waiting, I’d love a peek at something to wet my appetite even more. Conceptual art…a cast photo…a shot of a major set…anything really. But, alas, I think “The Supreme Court” on this movie may be enjoying our frothing at the mouths.

In any event, this is the movie experience that I have been the most excited about in recent years.

Keep up the great work Anthony!

Signed – A faithful, several-times-a-day visitor.


Everyone, incudin’ JJ, be missin’ tha’ point o’ what truly matters (not what anti-matters) on Starrr Trek! Come on! Tha’ most important thing be tha’ floors!

Pink carpets like Picard; cold, grey grates like Archer and Sisko- and Kirk could chuck a color gel on tha’ lights and tha’ floor be anythin’ he wanted it ta’ be!

Being raised correctly, I never questioned tha’ style or color o’ carpeting Janeway had- and surely will not here. Don’t pong a lass aboot her decoratin’ sense or a throbbin’ on tha’ noggin ye’ get.

Floors be important ta’ me, and should be ta’ JJ, as fans like me intend ta’ sit in tha’ front row o’ tha’ cinema and therefore will not see anythin’ above the bottom third o’ tha’ screen.

Me advice: plush, sunest red, shag c- Arrrrrrr… pet…

ComingSoon.net- We got an interview with JJ and we did not even have to pull a phaser on him! LOL!


“the boy stood on the burning deck, his feet were full of awe for the floors?” Pretty close to a foot fetish if you ask me!


“I agree some pictures or a new trailer or anything would be awesome!” and everyone who’s said “ditto” or, my favorite, “JUST SHOW US THE DAMN SHIP!!!!!!” —

Wake up! The movie comes out in almost 300 days! We aren’t going to see anything for quite awhile. Despite the fact that I am here regularly and absorb every tidbit and morsel of information we’ve gotten so far I am really enjoying the level of secrecy JJ and company are wrapping this up in. Anticipation is fun. Savor it.


In tha’ UK it be not known as a foot fetish, it be a meter fetish… three times as powerful…



I’ll try not to be crass here, but I will probably offend everybody outside of the 69 forward.

I compare this LOOOOOOOOOONNNNNNGGG period of secrecy about our movie (for it truly is ours) to what I used to call a “dry spell”. You go without the company of the one you yearn for for too long and then when you finally are able to enjoy their company, you find the experience to be all too brief and you fall asleep. And somebody is disappointed.

I really try to avoid those situations, so…..

Pleez, I can has Enturprize picsherz?

Arrrr! I be so bloody offended by yer comment that all I can do is stares at tha’ floor!


Hey… nice carpeting thar’… thin, but soft… Now, what was I all mads aboot? Somethin’ George Lucas did, I think…


Keep chipping away at the details and this will be spoiled for all.



Hint: Don’t look.


Hi, THX. I’m in that kind of personal situation now. No disappointment. Ever.

Soon will come a time when we will be happily dissecting this film scene by scene. If the film is great, all the better.

Then, after the cinema release, and the DVD at Xmas, there will be another interminable wait, hopefully with many more insatiable fans pressuring JJ to do a sequel, or to shoot the next two simultaneously.

No bloody way… I ain’t going through dis again…


33. THX-1138

If you have not noticed, I have been not been posting too often lately.
But the spoilers are so irresistible. But I will try to take your advice.

You poor people, how did you survive the TEN YEARS from the last episode of The Original Series to The Motion Picture ?

Sometimes I wonder about the current generation of fans…..

Motto of the 21st century genre fan ” WE WANT IT NOW ! ”

Me, I can wait, I waited the 10 years, this is nothing….

a trailer or something tangible please!

I’m getting properly fed up now.

not even a tiny tease to help us get our way?

help us true fans to feel like we mean more than a fetid dogs bollocks to you corporate arses!



If JJ were in charge of this board, this comment would appear first–these comments are too linear for him.

I’m glad to hear that J.J. Abrams is now a fan of Trek and I think that he’s right that Trek is supposed to be about characters. It sounds more and more like it’s going to be an excellent film in May 2009! Looking forward to it.

#37 – Don’t forget that we grew up with TWO Star Trek series always on the air, with a new movie every two to four years as well. We have a different perspective.

Glad to see I’m not the only one in pain over all the secrecy. No images released yet……………………and still some wait.
I had to just stop checking this website everyday. It got to be too much.
So whenever something turns up I’ll check it out.
But Man,Paramount really did us dirty by changing the release dates.
I’m still really hurt by that.
You just don’t treat fans like that.