Shatner: Nobody Offered Me A Role

Recently JJ Abrams kicked off a lot of buzz when he revealed that there was a scene in the new Star Trek movie written for Shatner, but said it didn’t meet with Shatner’s ‘no cameo’ requirements. Today William Shatner launched his new ‘Shatner Project’ video blog and one of the first videos is a direct reply to the latest from Star Trek’s director.


Shatner’s new message for JJ

For the video-challenged Shatner made it clear that he was not offered a role, but still wont take a cameo. Speaking directly to Abrams Shatner stated:

JJ, nobody every came to me and said ‘we have a cameo.’ Maybe you wrote it, but it never presented itself to me. But the truth is I wouldn’t have wanted to do a cameo, because that you would have clipped that out. It doesn’t fit. You said in your statement you were having trouble fitting it in anyway. But nobody every asked me and I am just sorry that I am not in your wonderful movie and I would have loved to have been in it.

But he isn’t giving up…he is now talking about the sequel. Shatner  went on…

If you make another one maybe you can think of ways of bringing Captain Kirk back to life. I brought him back to life in one of my books, very easily. You know the machine where you suck in air with the molecules where Captain Kirk hovers and you reassemble from the molecular…and then you throw the switch on the right and then you throw the one on the left and out comes Captain Kirk reassembled. We’ve got DNA of 160 million years old and we’re trying to right now with our primitive — we’re are not talking about 2300 now, we are talking about 2008. We are trying to assemble the DNA of a 160 million year old being. And I think we can do it. You don’t think you can get Captain Kirk back to life?

Anyone still think this is all some kind of publicity stunt?

More Shatner Project Video
In addition to the comment to Abrams, The Shatner Project also put up a new Welcome video

There should be more Shatner video coming soon. Keep track of all of Shatner’s videos at the new Shatner Project channel at YouTube.


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This has become exhausting. If it IS a PR stunt, it’s a darn effective one. :-)

Does Shatner own this site?

It would be a riot if this all really was a hoax… and at the end… he walks out.

I’ll admit. . . . I WANT Shatner’s Kirk, even in a cameo, in the new movie! There’s 1 vote for bringing him in. . . .

I believe Shatner. I think they wanted Spock becoause of the Heroes dud(e). Frankly I don,t like any of JJ’s work. Maybe if they bring a new series to TV/syndication he would appear in a role(Kirk?).

Hehe, yes, I love those videos. More coming soon…stay tuned! ;-)

I like his description of the Transporter.

Yawn. I really wish there could be a moritorium put on all Shatner articles on this site! Or at least anything relating to his non-involvement in the movie! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

He needs to give it up. He’s old, washed up. Don’t listen to him JJ! Bring on the new cast!

Bring back Shat in the ST XII

#4 – Make that TWO votes. It would make what will hopefully a great movie even better! So the debate rages on. And we who want him in won’t ever give up the ship!

And I, for one, don’t really care to see Shatner as Kirk again. The whole process has become so tiresome and overblown, not unlike…

… well, you get the idea.

Let’s focus on the present — what we HAVE, not what we don’t. Just sayin’.

Shatner you’re my hero and all, and you always will be… But please, for give it rest. Stop bitching about the fact that you’re not in the new movie.

its totally gotta be some viral something or other. JJ and Shatner probably sat down and said “hey, lets pretend your not in this”

And bring back Manny Coto as new Star Trek producer.

For god’s sake, give it up already. Shatner needs to get a life.

starting to sound like a broken record

10 and 11.

Yeah, an 80 year old Capt. Kirk would be awesome!!!

He’s in it. It’s all a hoax. Don’t be fooled. DENNY CRANE.

“… the machine where you suck air in…”
Wasn’t that in STV?

This really seems to be getting bitter and sad. Shatner needs to let this all go, and JJ needs to quit giving this story life by saying new things like “we had a scene written for him”.

Shatner won’t be in the next Trek. Move on, people.

It doesn’t matter how old he is, if he feels and looks like younger than he really is.

Shatner’s got that never say die kind of arrogant swagger and that makes him the captain now innit?




Shat is the shizz. yo.. JJ, Orci, Kurtz… you know what to do.. save Star Trek.. save Fandom.. save the Future.. BRING BACK KIRK!

Remember this well–there shall be no peace as long as Kirk’s dead.

Shanter needs his own series.

Oh my god. This man can’t be serious anymore. Maybe he should not ask himself the question “How can you bring back Kirk?” but instead “Why should they?”. We don’t know shit about the story of the movie, just that it centers around the two Spocks and Romulans. That’s it. If the story does not require him, then he’s not in it. Did you ever hear Koenig or Takei or Nichols complain that they are not in?

Cripes… More red meat for the fans

Kirk should be the villain in the next one,


‘Nuff said.

I don’t know who said it but i am going to say it again. AS much as I would want to see Shatner in Star Trek again… and I really would… it’s really not worth pursuing. And what they said was that they compared it to bringing back your dead grandfather just so that he could live a few more years and then die again. Whats the value in that? Could you build an entire movie around it? If so, who would want to?

We can’t, and shouldn’t, ignore Generations. This is starting to get as lame as the Brett Farve “retirement”. It’s supposed to be a somewhat permanent thing, the death of a character. It’s been almost 15 years since Generations. It was fun. Oh, my.



Will Shatner just SHUT UP and go away! I am so sick of reading about this. Star Trek can survive WITHOUT him just fine.

I am so sick of reading about this.


You’re dead Jim!

He’s in! He’s out! No, he’s in again! He’s out! IN! Out!!!

Um, is this reminding anyone of Adam West circa 1988/1989 while Tim Burton’s BATMAN was being filmed?

It’s so sad to see hwom many Abrams worshipers and Shat bashers we have on the TrekMovie. For me, thes people aren’t Star Trek fans, they only TOS nerd fans.

It’s sad, to me. I’d say, without seeing the film that Spock fits better. If I saw Kirk (Shatner) it would feel contrived.

Maybe they can work him in in a viable way for the next one.

For now, I just think the entire thing is…sad.

Once again, William Shatner confuses the novel and movie “Jurassic Park” with what scientists are doing in the real world.

Jesus Christ, Anthony, I really wish you could place a moratorium on these “Shatner in the new Star Trek movie” things. I know why you can’t, but you do realize that every single time you post an article about this shit, you end up with a 600-post blog entry filled with fans screaming at each other. It’s reached the point where it’s so far beyond ridiculous that you need the Hubble to find it.

Disagree, #38 – free speech and all, and this is Star Trek news.

What about disableing comments ond this pseudo message board, and make a real message board, like every other decent site.

I know that Anthony will delete my post, but I anway going to say: There is no free speech on this site, beacuse he deleting posts which don’t fit in the divine vision of mr. Abrams.

38 – Martin

It’s not just the Shatner stuff that puts everyone at odds. It’s everything! You have two camps.. people thatt like stuff and people that don’t. I find it frustrating too. It’s getting to the point where I may just stop reading what people are saying and just leave it at reading the articles. But.. then I miss things that Bob Orci or Chris Doohan might say in a post.

The issue of whether or not Mr. Shatner has a place in this new movie or not aside, I have a real problem with the disrespect so many ‘fans’ here show him. The man has made immeasurable contributions to this 40 year old franchise – give him the respect he deserves. You ‘bashers’ sound like a bunch a whiners.

While I don’t see how they can really make it possible for him to return as Kirk. Bill’s always been endlessly entertaining. I hope he continues for years to come. He doesn’t need Star trek anymore.
And hasn’t for some time now,
So keep on chugging Bill keep on Chugging.
And yes I can not wait for the movie.

you guys shouldnt bash AP like that. He runs a good site. YES, some things get deleted. You know what though, its his site. And he will invite valid criticism, just not mean spirited slander. You guys should be thanking AP, not bashing him.

did i just write that?



#43 These aren’t truly fans, these Lost&Alias fanboys, which accidently get int the Star Trek world.

I now expect “delete work”. ;)

And what about deleting Shat bashers posts?


He played a character in a 40 year old sci fi franchise, he didn’t find a cure for cancer. Can we keep things in perspective? I made my living as a professional actor for 10 years myself…they’re just people…flawed human beings. If only everyone fought for the well being of the less fortunate and the rights of the oppressed as valiantly as they will fight for a rich man who has had a fulfilling life already.

Life is change.

That video response is 100% the end of this subject and Shatner’s Kirk. He refuses the cameo regardless.

I’m someone who wanted him in the movie badly but even I can admit that Shatner was being very rude & patronising to JJ so I could not imagine any cirumstance whereby the 2 could ever work together now.

Sequel talk is just ridiculous. No big budget movie will ever focus on an 80 year old former leading man.

Nimoy is only involved as they needed someone to help with marketing for the ST relaunch.

Badly handled by both parties and the fans lose out on seeing the original Kirk one last time.

Hope the movie is incredible otherwise forget seeing anymore Star Trek for at least a decade.

I believe Shatner . But it sounds like he wanted a film which resurrected Kirk as the plot. If I were a stockholdein Paramount – I’d vote against that.

For those who want Shatner to reprise his role why don’t you pool your financial resources and make your own fan-made movie featuring Shatner as Kirk? Paramount will sell you the rights to his character if the price is right. Put your own money at stake here. You can take the risks Paramount shied away from. It’s only YOUR money at risk. Put a 77 yo Shatner into a movie about resurrecting elderly Kirk who has been dead to the public for 14 years and is unknown to the next generation. It’ll be a sure hit and the return on your money is guaranteed!! Better yet, Shatner has some decent resources – maybe he can put up the cash for that sure thing blockbuster movie. Go for it!!