Heroes Honors Star Trek

Heroes kicked off its third season tonight on NBC. Over the past two seasons the show has featured a number of references to another NBC show, Star Trek. Tonight in the "Countdown to Heroes" special, Zachary Quinto (the new Spock) helped introduced a video segment on the Trek/Heroes homages, see video below.


…and yes they did leave out a few things, including Nichelle Nichols and Dominic Keating. More on the connections between Trek and Heroes at the Heroes Wiki.

If you missed tonight’s two-hour Zachariffic episode of Heroes, then you can catch it again on NBC.com

Shat is back
Another show that loves to make Star Trek references was back tonight. Boston Legal, staring William Shatner, returned for its final season. No overt Trek references, but Bill was seen in some kind of vessel and in uniform.

Watch Boston Legal online at ABC.com



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Don’t pull a Jonathan Harris on us Mr. Shatner!

Is that a dinghy?

Sweet! I had no idea that Cristine Rose played Gi’ral… but there was something klingon still lingering around her.

Cool! Yes, NBC aired the original “Star Trek” series (which is owned by the Peacock’s rival Tiffany network CBS) from 1966 (35 years before the three-season original’s four-season prequel “Enterprise” premiered on CBS’ then-sister network UPN) to 1969 (one decade before the theatrical release of “Star Trek: The Motion Picture”). “Fascinating.”

#1 – Sorry, don’t catch your drift. What do you mean?

I’m a fan of Heroes, but the Season Premiere was very lackluster, but it’s just beginning so hopefully things will get better. Unfortunately, the quality has gone down since the first season.

William Shatner’s one cool guy.

Shat looks sea sick.

William Shatner as Denny Crane, said that “he’s the captain of the boat” in the scene shown in the image above. However, nowhere in the episode other than this one line, did Denny or Alan refer to who’s who on the boat :P

5. Brett Campbell

Upon a Wiki search, I found an interesting article related to Lost in Space. A movie that I think is mirror mirroring our production of interest.

“…However, Jonathan Harris, who played Dr. Smith in the series, refused to make a cameo appearance in the motion picture version as the Global Sedition businessman who deals with Dr. Smith.”

The rest at…

Sound like another Big Head we know?

There are other simalarities, as I mentioned in my post #144 in the previous article “Abrams Talks Challenge Of Keeping Star Trek From Turning Into Parody,” which I found to be Interesting and relevant.

I was at least happy to read here that Mr. Shatner had found his own boat.

Good to see William Shatner in uniform once again !!


I realy don’t like Shatner and I am glad he’s not in the new movie. Smart decision by JJ.


You are not welcome here!

#10 TrekMadeMeWonder

I reckon Jonathan Harris knew his character’s worth, and was right not to accept a silly ‘alternative character’ cameo. He would certainly have brightened up the drek that particular Movie turned out to be, and his decision not to be involved in that particular way proved sound. It was a shambles unfortunately.

The scene shown above shows that an elderly Shatner STILL looks good in a tunic by the way!

#12 Bennie – perhaps not so smart….time will tell.

#14 Cervantes

Indeed time will tell.

But JJ has a point in stating that Kirk was killed in Generations. So they have to figure out a way to bring him back that is believable and fits in to
the story they want to tell. Guess that he’s not that important for this story.

For me personal I realy enjoyed watching Leonard Nemoy as Spock (in all incarnations of Trek). He, in my humble oppinion, is the best choice to kick start a new Trek adventure. I hope many more will follow.

#13 Shat4ever : yes there are indeed people who do not enjoy Shatner.

Can we please, just for once, have a thread where William Shatner is mentioned that doesn’t turn into another tiresome debate about whether or not he should be in the movie? Please?

On topic: I didn’t get a chance to watch Heroes last night, but I recorded it and will catch it this weekend. But how could they have a spot about honoring Star Trek connections without mentioning Nichelle Nichols??? Did I understand that right?

I caught a few minutes of Boston Legal and I think there was a slight Trek reference… Shat said “I AM the captain!” or something to that effect.

Ugh, and the Shatner Zombies crawl back out of their graves to proclaim their devotion to their god and heap scorn on all others who are able to let go.

Back to your crypts! The power of christ compels you!

#12 Bennie — it wasn’t JJ’s decision, it was Shatner’s. He just didn’t know it at the time. :-P

Takei still getting it done! I love it!!

By the way, last night’s Heroes premiere rocked. A bit slow at first, but it definitely picked up. I just hope some of the revelations to come aren’t as predictable as the whole “Who shot Nathan” thing. [spoilers ahead!!!] The minute he was shot at the end of last season, one of immediate suspects that came to mind was a time-displaced Peter. The minute this season opened with Peter running four years in the future, I knew he would be the one to pull the trigger in the present day.

That said, [more spoilers!!!], I totally didn’t Angela Petrelli’s whole “Sylar — I am your mother” thing. Assuming she’s telling the truth and Sylar is a Petrelli, it makes for a very interesting plot twist. I wonder, though, if Sylar’s next line was “That’s not true! That’s impossible!”

“Search your feelings, Gabriel, you know it to be true!”

Ok, I’m done. :-P

I liked the season premiere of “Heroes”. There seemed to be more going on in two hours than in all of the second season. Parts of it were less than clear, and a couple of plot twists were poorly-conceived (especially Mohinder’s improbable storyline), but still it was pretty good. A definite improvement over Season 2. Nice to see Bruce Boxleitner (“Babylon 5”) back on TV, but William Katt (“The Greatest American Hero”) evidently only lasted one episode.

They seemed to be trying to accomplish a little too much in the two hours last afforded them last night. Some of the storytelling was going on at high speed (no pun) such as Hiro and the safe, Hiro’s trip to the future – they seemed to be throwing story at us with a bucket. The idea of a hero-serum was lifted right out of the 4400, and apparently Mohinder is mutating into Jeff Goldblum, right down do his extreme horniness, hyperactivity and hanging from the ceiling. I think the writers are being pushed to keep things moving and it makes plot points seem more contrived and trivial. Still, there was some good stuff. I liked the examination scene with Sylar and Claire – including the comment (obviously to all the fans), “Eat your brain? That’s disgusting.” I also like the notion of characters alliances, switching sides from good to evil, and back. Sylar teaming up with Noah in the coming episodes should make for some interesting dialogue. Hopefully, they’ll slow down and let the story take a realistic pace in the following weeks.

Heroes + Trek = Awesome


and this is your decision to make why?

I can’t believe this is going to be the last season for “Boston Legal!” I hope they don’t kill off Denny. I don’t think I can handle seeing Captian Kirk die again.

Okay, I haven’t seen Heroes before but that might have to change this season. I’m seriously going to have to start watching this show.

Alan told Denny to do something while he was piloting the boat and Denny Crane said “I’m the Captain”. So there was a Star Trek reference unless I was hearing things.


Yes, you’re right. Was going to mention that.

Also, that little speech he fives Spader later on to pep him back up just reminds me how dynamic Shatner still is. If they did plan to put him in the second movie he’d be great. This being said of course for all the nay sayers that think he’s too old and decrepit to deliver.

29. Andy Patterson

I can see how the Sequel will open, now.

A space shot with a planet close in the foreground.

Caption: Verandan III

An energy ribbon wisps up past the camera, as the planet moves in much closer.

Now high over a great canyon. The camera zooms tigher to two men on a canyon floor

Kirk lyes broken as Picard looks on.


“Oh my.”

The camera zooms into Kirks eyes. Closer. Closer and then through his darkening pupil.


Stars start to zoom by.

Que the Chimes: ping….Ping….ping

Que the Trumpet


Space—the final frontier.

These are the voyages of the starship Enterprise. Its five-year mission: to explore strange new worlds, to seek out new life and new civilizations, to boldly go where no man has gone before! – Chris Pine

We here the roll of the familiar opening theme music
in a new symphonic recreation.

Star Trek
The Search for Kirk!

Closeup of the Enterprise.

The camera slowly pulls back away, revealing in the distance, the Milky way . A mission log is heard as Kirk describes thier mission. “The Enterprise is to travel beyond the limits of our Galaxy. Past the Great Energy barrier…”

Kirk stands from his chair on the bridge. The crew is shown operating a new sensor array at one of the bridge stations.

Closeup on Spock

“Transfer sensor data to the main screen, Dr. Dehner.”

A wide shot of the bridge is shown as the Enterprise crew watches the main screen. The image is transformed, and the danger of thier proximty to the cloud is magnified, as energy readings are displayed wildly across the screen.

Warning lights go off

Kirk: Mr. Arex. Steady.

Arex: My worlds!.

As the Enterprise approaches, an imense phosphorescent cloud wall of ionized gas particles begins to swirl. As the starship approaches it the cloud begins to react more violently. From far off in the cloud, an energy ribbon bursts forth. Its highly charged particles make a rapid approach towards the Enterprise.

It stikes the Bridge and there is an explosion.

The Helsman’s display explodes.
Mr. Arex is shown aglow, engulfed for a moment, in a shower of sparks…

…my vision fades…

fanwank to the extreeeeme!!!

But better than Generations.

Watched the Heroes premiere ep tonight. Loved most of it – the Syler/Claire brain operation scene was unlike anything I have ever seen on television. Here they are having what passes as a normal conversation right after he peels her scalp off…

Why do I feel no pain?
No nerve endings.
What are you doing?
Searching for the truth…Why does love never stay?
Are you going to eat it?
Eat your brain? Claire, that is disgusting.

Whoever penned that portion of the script should win an Emmy, along with Zach and Hayden for the macabre acting!

“Eat your brain? Claire, that is disgusting”

Denise — Loved that line.

“Also, that little speech he fives Spader later on to pep him back up just reminds me how dynamic Shatner still is….This being said of course for all the nay sayers that think he’s too old and decrepit to deliver.”

I’m in my 40s and wish I had half the energy Mr. Shatner has in his late 70s.

#33 & 34

Best scene of the whole show!

I’m also intrigued by Claire’s reaction to Syler’s “surgery.”

And if what Mama Petrelli told Syler at the end of the episode is true, it explains a lot about Gabriel’s evilness (evility?).

Wait… would that be Brain Salad Surgery?