Preview Of Shatner’s Raw Nerve Interview With Leonard Nimoy (airing Tuesday Jan. 6)

For those who miss Shatcemeber, it is time to start celebrating Shatuary 6th. On Tuesday, January 6th, the Bio Channel is showing the long awaited William Shatner’s Raw Nerve interview of Leonard Nimoy. The event is being celebrated with a special day of Shatnerific and Star Trek programming. We have more details including video and images below.


Shatner’s interview show is yielding good ratings for the Bio Channel, with new episodes being planned (including a possible interview with George Takei). Of all the celebrities featured on the show, though, none have been more anticipated than Leonard Nimoy among Star Trek fans. Shatner and Nimoy are best friends on and off screen. For those who have not experienced their banter and unique interactions either at conventions or on the excellent DVD ‘Mind Meld,’ this episode should be a real experience. The two men were born just days apart, and their lives have been linked for more than four decades. Shatner’s interview style on Raw Nerve has produced some excellent insights into the experiences of previous celebrities such as Valerie Bertinelli and Kelsey Grammer, yet these were people Shatner did not personally know. It should be a "fascinating" episode as Shatner sits with his lifelong friend.
Bio Channel describes the interview as

Host William Shatner reunites with original Star Trek costar Leonard Nimoy for an intimate conversation. As the two old friends reminisce, Nimoy shares childhood stories and lessons he’s learned in his career with Shatner for the first time. Nimoy talks about his passion for photography, his new book and the number one love in his life.

Exclusive image of Nimoy on Shatner’s Raw Nerve

In an interview with TrekMovie last year, Nimoy described the taping of Raw Nerve:

…we had a wonderful conversation. I think we spoke much longer and he got much more material than he needed for what is a half-hour show. We talked for a long time. I thought it was a very new and special and rich conversations. We touched on subjects that were never touched on before as well as reviewing some of the things we have talked about before. I think it is going to be quite wonderful to watch and I am looking forward to seeing it myself, but it is going to be edited so I don’t know what to expect. But I got a very nice call from Bill a week after we had done it thanking me and he felt we had got into some wonderful stuff.

The Nimoy episode of Raw Nerve airs 10PM, with repeats January 7th (2AM), January 13th (10PM), January 14 (2:30 AM and 11PM) and January 15 (3:00AM)

Shatner previews his Nimoy Raw Nerve
The Shatner Project has just released a new video with Bill talking about the Nimoy episode of Raw Nerve. Bill also answers a question submitted by about what will happen to all the footage that didn’t make it into the episode.

January 6 = All Star Trek & Shatner at Bio
Here is a Guide to Bio’s Shatuary 6th Programming (all times are Eastern)

8AM Biography of Ricardo Montalban (repeats 2PM)
9AM Biography of Patrick Stewart (repeats 3PM)
10AM Star Trek: 30 Years and Beyond (repeats 4PM)
12 PM Biography of William Shatner (repeats 6PM)
1 PM: Star Trek: Captains Log (repeats 7PM)
8 PM: Star Trek 25th Anniversary Special (hosted by William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy)
10 PM Shatner’s Raw Nerve (Interview of Leonard Nimoy)

Also Bill will be appearing on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson on January 8th at 12:35 AM on CBS.

More Nerve
On January 13th is another new Raw Nerve episode with Jon Voigt (actor and father of Angelina Jolie). TrekMovie has been told that Jon and The Shat really go at it over politics. Plus two episodes of Shatner’s Raw Nerve are now available online (Valerie Bertinelli and Tim Allen), hopefully they put the Nimoy episode online later. 


Another exclusive image of Nimoy on Shatner’s Raw Nerve

Trekmovie wishes everyone Happy Shatuary 6th!


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Mr. Nimoy always looks so comfortable offscreen. I love the no-socks-no-tie look.

I think you touched on Shatner’s raw nerve with that last question.

Nimoy has one of the best voices ever :/

WOW, I can’t wait!

I just clicked on, & zoomed in on the on set photos………….

I can’t believe Nimoy wore that T-Shirt on national TV. It reminds me of something a teenager would wear as a joke.

It’s hard to take him seriously knowing what’s on it.

I get all choked up whenever I see the two of them together.


I wonder if i have the Bio channel…

Why don’t we just rename our standard unit of time from “the solar year” to “the shat” and be done with it?

I love what these two old guys bring out in each other.

#5 You do realize that’s one of Nimoy’s photos? I’d hardly call Full Body Project a teenage joke, unless you miss the point completely.

I bet this interview violates canon. :-P

Pity they are not going to release the extra footage for now.

This will be fantastic! Can’t wait.

Xplodin’ Nacelle, I believe that picture is from Mr. Nimoy’s latest Photography Exhibition. As I think we all know (or maybe it’s just us Trek-heads who are also Photography heads!!), Leonard Nimoy is also a Photographer.

It may not be a joke, but an image of “plump” chicks cavoting around nude makes me laugh really hard, that’s for sure…

@13: Yeah, but (as Vince Gill once said), “caloric-friendly” women?

Sheesh. Howsabout some landscapes or Ansel Adams-type monochromes?

What is with all the bambo in the vases? Those better be stowed if Shatner interview George T.

“Hey Bill, how would you like one of these stuck up your ***?!”

Nimoy Rocks!
Maybe Shat can ask him why JJ never called back.
Hope there is a question about the reboot movie.

This is going to be such a treat to watch tonight! I’m going to have to make sure I have something yummy for dinner and am curled up in front of the tube! :-)

Ooooh … I wish I had TV! Perhaps I can go to the local sports bar this evening and ask the patrons there if we could switch from the game to this for half an hour.

Do you think they’d let me? Maybe if I wore some Vulcan ears to show ’em I’m really a fan?

Darn, I wish I could see this tonight. :-P


If you’re going to try that, might I suggest bringing a few Klingons with you for “persuasive assistance”?

@15 : you’re probably right. Not really tee-shirt material, is it?

Bet you he wore it to try and throw The Shat off!!

LOL! Look at how those chairs are arranged LOL! I’m definitely going to watch it if it becomes available to watch online.

He should ask him about the movie. Early on Leonard was telling JJ that the movie would be better in it. Later on he kind of backed off and said it wasn’t going to work. Anyway i saw the Valerie Bertinelli episode. Bill is pretty good at this. Seemed like he got her to open up.

23: ..”Seemed like he got her to open up.”


When is he going to go 1×1 with his hairpiece?

“Calorie Friendly” women were the standard in great art well before we idolized the stick-thin or “in danger under a strong wind” women.

Even if you don’t have the Bio Chanel you can find Raw Nerve “On Demand” at A&E on Time Warner cable. It take a couple of weeks for them to post new episodes but I saw the majority of them over the holidays.

The photo on his t-shirt is indeed from his book called Full Body Project and that particular photo he got from a famous printing, hell I can’t remember now what it was called or who it was by but that’s what he was capturing.

I hope some one up loads it to you tube as I’m in the UK and can’t view it.


For those of you with Dish Network but not subscribers to the higher tier that includes the Biography Channel, the channel has been available as a free preview for the last month ending tomorrow, which means you can catch Shatner and Nimoy tonight.

#25 Say what you want, but Shat has always had one of the best hair hats ever. Thing looks very natural. Tell me you all weren’t checking for the duct tape when he was underwater in STIV. And you couldn’t find it! The Shat.

#30: As I understand it (and I may not) he abandoned rugs some time ago for a weave.

I found about this on the radio this morning, and the dj’s were insisting that Nimoy and Shatner absolutely loath each other and they figured this episode would end up in a fist fight. One of the assistants started to say, something about how Shatner and Nimoy were actually good friends and the one DJ just scoffed and stated, “No one who worked with him has ever liked Shatner.

I tell ya, a rumor get’s started and gets blown up all out of proportion and is then stated as fact. It’s sickening,

#31 As a bald guy meself, I don’t understand the weave thing. It implies some kind of attachment to something (woven). Do you grow the sides out, and then fasten the ol’ car mats down to the real hair remnants? I just shave it off, but I’m not on TV, of course. (handsome devil, though)

I always figured that Shatner ended up having transplants done. He’s certainly got the money.

“One of the assistants started to say, something about how Shatner and Nimoy were actually good friends and the one DJ just scoffed and stated, “No one who worked with him has ever liked Shatner.”

I’ve watched them interact at cons for years and it’s been noticeable how close they’ve gotten as the years have passed. Really sweet and nice to see. Bromance at its best I think. Course, a lot of folks mellow with age. I’m sure they were very competitve as young actors on the show. It would be normal.

Sahtner is on a row Go Shat.
Nimoy U rule

#34 “I’m sure they were very competitve as young actors on the show. It would be normal.”

You’re very right about that. They didn’t start to become close until the movies were being made.

I’ll definitely be watching this one. I like this show anyway, though. I saw the one featuring Tim Allen, and the interview was great. I hope this show will be on tv for a long time.

Socks are illogical

Biography is Channel 119, for the curious.

when will we see this in Great Britain?


Augh. I would KILL to have Biography Channel. xP

Long live two of sci-fi’s greatests in all history!! Hopefully someone will put this up on Youtube or something… I’d love to see this. Think of the broke people without Digital Cable!!!!!!!! ><

My info guide to my cable box says another segment follows Nimoys.
Does anybody know who is being interviewed in the second segment?

Judge Judy I believe

Oh man it was so hard to leave for work today. Luckily I was able to figure out how to program the (never used to record) VCR and get most of today’s programs on Bio – I’d seen all of these before, but not for a long time, and I can’t wait for my next day off to cuddle up with the tape.

Looking forward to the interview tonight. Damn, half an hour is waaaaaay too short; this should have been a 4-part special!!

Loving the 25th anniversary special (on now.) Shat looks fantastic (as does Leonard,) and the clips are great.

There are lots of things I love, and a few things I’m obsessed with, but I always come back to my first love. Thank [insert deity here] for Star Trek.

“I go to Google and type in ‘Shatner’ and all sorts of things pop up.”

LOL!!! Great episode, as always!

That was fantastic! Just like Mind Meld! I just love those two. I’ve watched most of the Raw Nerve’s so far, and it’s really a good show. The episodes are too short though, they need to be longer. I hope Shatner and Nimoy do some more things together, they are a great team.

Love Nimoy’s line at the end after Bill asks him about his photography research…..”I went to Google and typed Shatner, and kinds of weird things came up.”

Leonard does ‘the hand,’ Shatner: “I’ve seen that before….”

Great stories from start to finish, what an interesting young man with a fantastic grandfather (and parents, though their dreams for Leonard were not his.)

And BOTH these men, such MENSCHES!

If the interviews go for an hour, why not have an hour show? Many talk shows are live or live on tape. They repeat the half-hour show so many times it’s not like they’re afraid to over-expose it.

They have Star Trek History shows on before and after Shats Show….too bad I didnt know bout em ahead of time….My vcr doesnt go up to channel 275 for bio haha and dont have a dvr oh wellll if I had enuf time I could have figured out how to tape it from the tv oh well……..

oh and here biography is channel 275 so I suspect it depends on the digital cable company you have and where you are what channel bio is on haahah