First Look At A Playmates Star Trek Movie Figure

Today Playmates has revealed the first image from their extensive line of toys and figures for the Star Trek movie. Toynewsi got a first look at a 6" Kirk action figure. This new image also gives a look at the new Starfleet phaser (albeit a small look) Check it out below, plus more details on the rest of the Playmates line. 


ToyNewsi was sent this first look today of the 6" figure of Chris Pine as Captain James T. Kirk (called the "Kirk in Enterprise Outfit" figure), which will retail for around $10.

6" of Kirkness from Playmates
 [click to see larger at ToyNewsi]

[UPDATED] The Kirk in Enterprise Outfit figure is just one ten 6" figures from Playmates coming out in April. In addition to Kirk, there will be four other figures in ‘Enterprise Outfits’ (Sulu, Pike, Quinto Spock, and Scotty), plus three figures in ‘Cadet Outfits (Uhura McCoy and Chekov). There is also a Nero figure and a ‘Prime Spock’ figure (Nimoy Spock). Each figure comes with its own stand and accessories like communicators and phasers. You can pre-order the 6" set of ten now from Entertainment Earth for $86.64. Playmates is also doing a larger 12" line and a smaller 3 3/4" line of figures.

The 6 inch figure line from Playmates Toys is meant to satisfy those looking for more articulation and detailing than is allowed in the smaller sized (3 3/4") figures, but also those who do not wish the bulk or height of the 12" line which become difficult to display in larger quantities. As is seen in the photo, the Kirk action figure has a good deal of articulation in the arms, legs, hands, and feet. And unlike some toy lines, the accessories are scaled properly and can be held by the toys easily due to the hand design (try to get Indiana Jones to hold his whip, for example, in many of the Hasbro action figures).

This new Kirk image also gives us another glimpse of the new Starfleet phaser.

The new Starfleet phaser (as an accessory for a 6" action figure)

Playmates Star Trek movie Toy Line
The above 6" is just one of a line of 6" figures, which are just the tip of the iceberg of Playmates products for the new Star Trek movie. The first wave of Playmates movie products comes out in March and April.

Here is what you can pre-order now from Entertainment Earth (see links for more details):

A second wave from Playmates is expected around September, but not confirmed. Earlier reports indicated this set would include:

  • Nero/Romulan ‘Narada’ (‘Jellyfish’) Vehicle Ship (w/ lights & sounds)

  • Utility belt

  • Walkie talkies

  • Phaser tag game

Thoughts on the new figures and the past and future of Playmates Trek
During the 1990s, Playmates Toys held the license for Star Trek feature films and television shows. Among other releases, Playmates Toys offered a line of 10 six inch action figures from Star Trek: First Contact, and comparing these figures to the Kirk image, it is obvious how much the technology has improved in the past decade. The new Kirk figure is more poseable (the Zefram Cochrane figure from the 1990s, for example, had almost no articulation) and the likeness is good. While some fans might be disappointed in the shirt, which is certainly a fair argument, it must be remembered that Star Trek toys are offered in a variety of sizes and prices for a reason. The 3.75" line will feature a great deal of variety and are scaled to the playsets. These are meant to be played with and detailing, while important, is less a concern than playability. However, the 6" line will likely feature better details and look great on display. The 12" line, or the Mattel Barbie figures (see below), will offer the best detailing, yet they of course cost much more. During 2009, Star Trek fans will get something they have not had for many years, action figures designs for all interests at varying prices, and varying sizes. Its IDIC time for collectors, and this Kirk bodes well for the Playmates Toy line. Now, we wait for more images and more details, so we could join Nero and say, "The wait is over!"

More Playmates images and news coming soon
The annual New York Toy Fair is in February and it is expected to Playmates to be showing off more of their Star Trek movie line there. In March ToyFare magazine will feature the StarTrek toys on the cover and have a full feature on them. You can pre-order ToyFare #141 now at for $3.99.

Mattel Barbie figures too
As noted above, Mattel will also be making figures for the Star Trek movie. TrekMovie previously reported on the line of three Barbie figures coming in May. This set of three collectible 12" figures can also be pre-ordered now for $151.19.

More Star Trek movie figures from Mattel’s Barbie line

Thanks to the many TrekMovie readers who sent in tips about the toynewsi article

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Looks like Pine’s mom knitted his tunic.

I kidz, but I loves me some good Trek toys!!

Is it just me or does his head look a little too small for that body?

As for the phaser, I’m reserving judgment, as most mini-accessories for action figures aren’t the same, detail-wise, as the actual prop. (Looks fairly close to TOS, from what I can see, though.)

Hope we see more soon! :D

Looks like the Pine doll has on Kirk’s outdoor boots that Shatner wore during outdoor action scenes. Or at least it has less heel than the ones they wore most of the time.

It’s odd. The Playmates Kirk puts me in mind of a Simpsons interpretation of itself, without actually _being_ a Simpsons interpretation of itself. Something about the shape of the mouth, I guess.

Now I have the Simpsons theme stuck in my head. Thanks, Playmates :/

Oh dear that figure looks awful!

The detail in the shirt is a little much, and Kirk’s hair isn’t red, but it’s cool overall.

#1, Dead On! That was what I was gonna say! Looks like Grandma Kirk got out the ole needle and thread and knitted Jimmy a sweater for Christmas? That or he went to a Knights of the Round Table fair and purchased a chain linked tunic, then spray painted it Yellow! But I guess I will buy them all anyway…just havin a lil fun here.

That looks horrendous.

What in the hell is that? It looks like its made from clay?!?!?

Looks shit. I you hate Playmates.

Has a figure collector, this figure is UGLY!!! Im hoping this is a prototype. I would really like to see something that is a alot better looking then that. Hopefully the 3/4” and 12” line looks alot better then the 6”.

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

I had high hopes for these. I REALLY wish Diamond Select/Art Asylum would’ve gotten the license for the new movie to go along with their other Trek licenses.

Art Asylum spoiled me pretty badly, I guess.

Looks like Benicio del Toro as Fenster in The Usual Suspects!

Not impressed but I’ll reserve judgement until I see a final image and the toy itself

That looks like a kirk with down syndrome! This doesent’ look any better than the crappy likeness in the figures from 10+ years ago. Art Asylum should have got a shot at thease……..

Darth “Action figure” BAllz

So was the Phaser made by Apple? Or is it silver and the glare really bad on it? I dunno if the world is ready for a white phaser…They’re so hard to keep clean and stain so easily. You can’t really take it down on the landing party to Heinz’s Tomato Sauce planet, because you can’t get the stains out later…


oh dear!

17: what a disgraceful comment I hope you never have kids with ‘downs syndrome’ …

18: If your taking that figure as literall I pity your sense of judgement, so going by what you said, kirk will also be wearing a 3 inch thick wooley shirt, and a JUMBO size utility belt?


I hate to say it, but I think this 6″ figure looks awful. I’m really hoping that it’s simply a proto-type figure, rather than the finished product. The proportions of the phaser seem way out of whack, as though Pine’s Kirk is wielding a barcode scanner and heeding the call of “Mark down in aisle six!!. Comparatively, the proportions of the 12″doll’s phaser strike me as likely being more accurate to true scale and far more aesthetically pleasing. Never thought I would ever so much as think this…but, in this case, I’d rather have a Barbie!!!

Nice to see Starfleet has decided to pass out sweaters to their crewmen…

At least with that ‘sweater’ on he looks chubby like the Shat…

I agree with #12, hopefully this is just a prototype…

The hair color is rather odd, and there’s quite a bit of forehead there. I don’t think Pine is losing his hair yet, or dying it red.

Kirk looks high.

Won’t be buyin’ that one!

“Kirk” looks like Cornelius from Planet of the Apes.

Yeah guys good thinking, Art Asylum would have got the license then they would barely be available in stores! These are just toys people.

The Playmates figure seems just wrong. Looks nothing like Kirk. I like the phaser though.

Don’t like that phaser…I hope it’s not a good reproduction of what’s in the movie. They probably should not have tried to reproduce the texture of the shirts on the action figure…as pointed out, it looks like a sweater…

Cable-knit Kirk! I’m waiting till the figure comes out in something a little lighter, maybe a nice merino wool v-neck.

Forgot to say — the Barbie figures look better but Kirk looks like Napoleon Dynamite…

yeah the barbie figures look alot better

i wanna see the 3 3/4 figures

wow… I am usually more positive… but that is horrible looking! Playmates has never really impressed me anyway. I really hope this is a prototype.. but I doubt it. The Barbie figures look a heck of a lot better than that does. Art Asylum would have done a kickass job with them. too bad. Playmates dropped teh ball on this.

I was afraid of this. That thing looks TERRIBLE. This movie really NEEDS to get Art Asylum to make the figures. Oh God, this isn’t good at all.

wow…these look……crap

I agree with the few posts I’ve read above… Firstly, that Kirk figure looks like it has the mid-section gerth of STGEN Shatner. And the head, the closest approximation I can come up with as far as who it looks like would be a ginger (that is red head) Elliot Gould… But I read Toyfare and collect figures enough to know this is (hopefully) just the prototype sculpt, and the final will look better.

The article has been updated by JOhn to add more details on the line and more context

RE: barbie v playmates
The barbies are 50 bucks each. They are twice as big and five times as expensive as the 6″ playmates, and it is cloth v plastic. Playmates will have their own 12″ with cloth outfits line, but it will also cost less than the barbies.

Ye gods, that thing is ugly. Where to start?

The likeness is shockingly off, looking less like Chris Pine than Hayden Christensen with a perm, the build is strangely stocky, and the bizarre design decision to emphasize the texture of the uniform pullover just makes it look like a woolly sweater. A stocky Hayden Christensen with a perm and a woolly sweater. Yeah. Dare I cling to the hope that this is a hastily-assembled prototype, and that the finished figure will be leagues better?

The uniform tunic looks like it’s a sweater. Bad representation. It should be smooth. Just forego the textured delta shield print and just make them gold, blue, red, etc.

That’s my informed opinion, Playmates.

Just wondering if some here have ever seen what Playmates Toys look like, especially past Star Trek ones? They are hardly what you would call “Detailed Reproductions.” However, seeing as they are toys, that’s the kind of quality you will get. If A.A. had anywhere near the mass distribution and mass production that Playmates had, they would be the top winner. But if you want toys, several lines of them, and easily available at virtually any retail store (compared to AA/Diamond Select where you basically have to buy the stuff online,) then you need to go with Playmates.

This is in no way a slam against AA/DS who I absolutely LOVE, but you have to deal with the way things are with both companies and look at who will promote your product better.

Ridiculous. It looks like Justin Timber-Kirk!!
I’ll stick with Diamond Select exclusively, thanks! Their figures actually look like the character they’re supposed to be!
Nice sweater!
Playmates is the perfect company to make lame figures for this lame movie!! What a perfect corporate partner ship! Their old figures suck too!

49: I am keeping Playmates’ history in mind; I was an avid collector of their 5″ TNG line from the ’90s, which did not strive for exact representation in the same way an Art Asylum or a NECA would today, but which had pleasingly cartoonish and rounded likenesses that were always recognizable. This is nooooooowhere near that standard.

#30 – Devon

Funny, I find the Art asylum/DST line easily, in Toys R Us, comic shops. In fact, they seem to be very capable of distributing widely.
What kind of back water podunk do you live in?

Awful. Awful sculpt. Looks nothing like Pine. Other toy lines (for example, Character Options “Doctor Who” line) have come so far. Playmates processes are firmly stuck in the 90s. One less thing to collect.

Nice phaser though.

Oh No! I was afraid this is what we were going to get from Playmates. They’ve not changed figure quality one bit since the ’90’s.

This doesn’t bode well for the movie Phaser and things that they are doing as well. The Phaser and the rest of the gear will probably be undersized just like their previous offerings.

Art Asylum should have gotten the license.

Ok lets have more people posting who they think it looks like..WE GET IT. THEY ARE BAD.

Having said that, the producers or marketing should have made SURE that the ‘better’ figures & toys get their pictures released FIRST. It doesn’t help anything when they show pics of sub-quality products that are supposed to represent a multi million $$ movie. Now people have that bad quality taste in their mouths I hope it doesn’t rub off onto the movie.