Star Trek Super Bowl Commercial (Officially) Online + TrekMovie Shot-by-shot Analysis

The new Star Trek commercial aired during the 2nd half of the Super Bowl, and now it is available at the official movie site. You can see the official version below. Plus, just like we did for the theatrical trailer, we have a full set of screenshots including a shot by shot analysis of the commercial, explaining what you are seeing. All that and more below.


Watch it online:
The trailer is now available at the official site for the Star Trek movie, and embedded below.

[HD sizes available: 480 | 720 | 1080 ]

Get to know the Star Trek Super Bowl commercial [SPOILERS]
Below are all the shots from the new Super Bowl commercial. They are presented in the same order as the commercial (which is not the same order as they are in the film).  The following scene description captions are based previous reports, analysis and other TM sources. Much of the new footage from the trailer comes from two of the four scenes shown during the Fall press tour: The Iowa Bar/ride to Riverside & The Romulan Attack On Vulcan (see TrekMovie analysis of those scenes for more details).

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Kirk (Chris Pine) on ‘Frozen Planet’ (where he will later meet Scotty and elder Spock)

Kirk gets into fight in Iowa bar (note Apollo 11 photo on wall)

(after breaking up fight) Capt. Pike gives Kirk a talk, urging him to go to Starfleet Academy

(immediately after bar scene) Kirk rides motorcycle to ‘Riverside Ship Yards’ where USS Enterprise is being constructed (later boards shuttle for Starfleet Academy)

Shuttles flying past Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco, Starfleet Academy can be seen in along water’s edge

(shortly following Kirk riding to shipyards scene) McCoy (Karl Urban) introduces self to Kirk on shuttle ride from Iowa to Academy

Kirk leaves escape pod on Frozen Planet after Spock has ejected him from the ship

Kirk faces monster on Frozen Planet

USS Enterprise in combat (note new pulsating phaser effect)

Nero (Eric Bana) on bridge of the Narada

Sulu (John Cho) fights Romulan on Narada drilling rig which is slicing into Planet Vulcan below

Spock (Zachary Quinto) beams down to Planet Vulcan to save Vulcan Council and his parents

Narada attacks San Francisco Bay (seen from drilling rig and Starfleet Academy perspectives)

Kirk flirts with Uhura (Zoe Saldana) in Iowa Bar (shortly before bar fight)

Kirk in bed with Orion cadet (Rachel Nichols) while attending Starfleet Academy

Kirk awaiting go ahead to jump from shuttle above Vulcan (voice heard is Pike, flying shuttle, saying “good luck”)

Kirk, Sulu and Chief Engineer Olsen (Greg Ellis) jump from shuttle above Vulcan to try and stop drilling rig

Kirk headed towards platform (voice heard is likely Olsen saying “woohoohoo”)

Olsen (foreground, in red!) without parachute opening, Kirk and Sulu (background) have chutes open (guess what happens next)

Explosion in USS Enterprise sickbay during battle with Narada while at Vulcan

Spock not happy with Kirk

Narada firing missles

Kirk in command of USS Enterprise yelling “do it! do it!”

USS Kelvin under attack from Narada

Trailer analysis
And in case you missed it, check out our shot-by-shot analysis of the theatrical trailer.

Thoughts on the Super Bowl commercial – The Future Begins
The best thing about this new Star Trek commercial is that 100 million people were just exposed to an action-packed trailer for a new Star Trek movie. Paramount are literally putting their money where their mouths are with regards to making Star Trek big again in the mainstream. The Trek commercial joined a number of other ‘tent pole’ films, such as GI Joe, Transformers Revenge of the Fallen, Angels and Demons, and others. Like Trek, all the commercials were very action-oriented, which works for the Super Bowl audience and viewing experience.

But mixed in with the frenetic pace of new shots from the movie you do get a hint of what this movie is about, it is an origin story about the original crew of the USS Enterprise coming together. We see Kirk in both his rebelious bar-fighting “why are you talking to me man” phase, as well as years later confidently issuing commands from the captain’s chair of the USS Enterprise. Some Trek fans may not recognize the younger pre-Academy Kirk, but that is the point. Pine addressed this head on in a recent interview, saying:

There’s a scene where my character is in a bar and he’s definitely inebriated and under the influence of his own arrogance. It’s him becoming the Kirk everyone knows. In my book that makes the journey a little more interesting. If he’s a clear-cut leader from the beginning, you don’t have anywhere to go.

As noted in my analysis of the press preview, many things about this film are new and different, and if you solely view this new film from the perspective of ‘what is different’ you are going to have a hard time enjoying the movie. Some fans seem to be blown away, but there are those who mull over the details and are wondering why this or that is different than it was decades ago. This is a modern film, with a blockbuster sensibility. You see this in terms of the directing, dialog, and the CGI budget. JJ Abrams has often asked fans to view his film with an open mind and this commercial makes the reasons for that clear. I recommended that you give that open mind thing a try, you might actually enjoy it.

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The attack on Corusan Francisco is like the verteron array beam in ENTs “Terra Prime”.
In the bar, there is a picture with Buzz Aldrin on the moon.
The Enterprise fires red pulse phasers.
A scene with Sulu on the platform is mirror-inverted.
You can see SF from orbit as it’s being attacked – a nice orbital view!

FIRST! Yay! Trailer looks cool.

Looked good on TV but was a little fast. Thanks for the stills!

Very well written – thanks for the analysis!

Man, I just saw this commercial! My dad flipped out (in a good way).

It looks like going to see Star Trek may be a family outing in May.

And after being exposed to TV spots of Friday the 13th, seeing a new Trek trailer is a welcome sight.

Great screenshots Anthony! Thank you much!

Absolutely freakin incredible!!! And I say that as both a Star Trek fan AND a member of the MTV audience! One question though…it’s available on the site for viewing, but when will it be available for download on itunes?

SWEET shot by shot analysis. Learned 2 things I didn’t know (damn spoilers).

Xindi attack again!

Chris Pine in his undies. Worth the price of admission.

I guess everyone else is watching the superbowl.

I understand exactly where the marketers are coming from and we have to be willing to invite in new people. Trekkers right now are like Lord of the Ringers were before the films were made: we are understandably protective of something we love but we have to be willing to share Trek with the rest of the world. We may love the film, maybe not, but we will always have the shows, comics, books, movies, memorabilia, etc. Even if you hate the new movie I don’t see how we can be that upset when we have all the cool stuff from the Trek universe already!

actually tango im on my laptop on this site WHILE watching the Super Bowl in a bar LOL…WHEN WILL THE NEW TRAILER BE ON ITUNES FOR DOWNLOAD? LOL

This kinda mkes we wonder: if this movie really is as action packed as the trailers seem to make it out to be, how are they ever going to get back to making a TV version?

I love the movies. But the shows are so much better.

yay first one :)

cant wait for the movie !

That big monster thing looks like a giant lobster.

What they leave out is as interesting as what they put in. This preview is very Kirk-centric. I guess that’s who will appeal to the football crowd.

Looks good

Just saw it. FANTASTIC!

I continue to be pumped.

Incidentally, did 20 of us just post at the same time?

Still wrapping my head around what is going to happen in the whole movie. DEFINITELY going to see the movie, and was already hyped up over the movie in the beginning.

Excelent Trailer.

Kirk will never look at seafood the same way again.

Thanks for the stills!!! But wtf is wrong with the Narada? Its like a huge piece of junk

That romulan that Sulu is fighting looks oddly like a Klingon… if you look at a clearer still from the longer trailer, you can clearly see a Klingon disruptor at his side, and very Klingon-y clothing…. anyone else thinking the same?


Once again this is freakin awesome!! :)

How good does the Enterprise look in action?!!

I was cheering at the end of the trailer! Can’t wait till May!

The Enterprise looks awesome!
This will be a fantastic movie for all Trek fans and new ones alike!

How many times must San Francisco be attacked before Starfleet learns its lesson?

Enterprise#21- LOL!


21. Maybe Kirk caught the space crab from the Orion girl.

Great trailer… Paramount marketing definately targeted it at the football & neocon crowd, ha ha.

LOVE IT!!!!!

thank god Paramount had the frakking balls to approach JJ Abrams & his team to reinvent Star Trek!

Let’s face it: There is a definite disconnect between the version of 23d Century SF seen in TMP and the one seen in this new movie.

However, I’m not one to let this affect my feelings toward this film.

Bring it.

Tango#31- She is so hot he probably thought it was worth it.

Narada reminds me of the Replicator Sattelite weapon from Stargate: Atlantis!


I agree I thought this character was a Klingon months ago when we first saw the image. My guess is Nero’s crew is made up of a mixed bag of criminals he busted out of the Klingon prison with. I say that’s a Klingon

I agree with #25! The Big E does look awesome.

#28 – I count only two other times. In DS9 by the Breen and in STIV (which doesn’t really count because the probe attacked the entire Earth). Am I missing one?

#9 – Yeah, it sort of reminded me of the Xindi attack but with much better camera angles. But I’m going to reserve judgement until we see it in context. That’s the optimist in me.

“This is a modern film, with a blockbuster sensibility. You see this in terms of the directing, dialog, and the CGI budget. JJ Abrams has often asked fans to view his film with an open mind and this commercial makes the reasons for that clear.”

Ah, yes…the old “view it with an open mind” statement…also known as “view it with your pocketbook open”

LOVE that Alias-alum Rachel Nichols is an Orion babe!!

Cool, thanks for the analysis. How ’bout them Steelers?

12 – I think I can get behind that.

Star Trek must evolve. It has reached the limits of its own universe, and it must evolve.

The “drill” reminds me too much of the Xindi attack in Enterprise… couldn’t they have come up with something that hasn’t been done before?

I actually like the pulse phasers on the Enterprise. That’s how it was on the Constitution refit Enterprise in such classic space battles as the Enterprise vs. the Reliant in Wrath of Khan.

I am going to see if I spot a “Dharma Initiative” symbol anywhere in this film, cause you know it’s gonna appear somewhere!!

the way Young-Kirk talks reminds me of Sawyer from LOST, another JJ Abrams masterpiece.

You guys are just a bunch of cheerleaders for this film (Anthony, I’m looking at you).

Promo looks nothing like the shows we know and love… and why is Kirk’s face still bloody on the shuttle from Iowa? So he gets drunk, gets in a fight, and gets invited to the Academy the next day? Doesn’t he at least have to take the SATs or SOMETHING?

39 – You have to open your wallet to view it, regardless of the mind being open or closed.

Pretty neat, guys…

Terrific trailer IMHO.

45 – This site is called, and is meant as a source of information and news for the new movie.

As for being a Cheerleader for the movie, I have to ask, why not?

After all, none of us want the movie to stink and fail.

We want it to be great and do well critically and at the box office.

I take your dismissal as a compliment.

45 – He takes competency exams there, and might have been invited by Pike specifically.