Trek Spring Collection Preview: Mattel Games

Today’s preview of Trek’s Spring Collection brings us to two new games coming from Mattel. Due out in March, Mattel is releasing a Star Trek version of their popular hand-held 20Q trivia game and also a Trek version of the SceneIt? DVD board game. Mattel have provided us with details, images and video from these fun new games.


Star Trek SceneIt?
The ‘SceneIt?’ DVD trivia games are some of today’s most popular board games. Made by Mattel and Screen Life, the original general SceneIt? trivia games have spawned a number versions based on well-known licenses, such as James Bond, Harry Potter, Seinfeld, Pirates of Caribbean, Friends, Disney, and more. The "Scene It? Star Trek Edition" version is based on trivia questions from all six Trek television shows (TAS is included) and the 10 Trek feature films. You can have up to four players (although you can play in teams for larger groups), and players move around a board answer trivia questions on both cards and via an interactive DVD. The board can be configured in two ways for either an extended game or a quick game.

Star Trek Sceneit? [Deluxe ‘captains’ version pictured]
(click to enlarge)

Everything about the game from the board, the pieces, and the DVD are fully customized with Star Trek imagery. The standard version of the game retails for $29.99 and is just starting to arrive at retailers. It should be available at Toys R’ US, Target, Wal-mart and other big stores. There is also a ‘Deluxe’ version of the game that comes in a collectible metal tin (with either pictures of the Trek captains, or Trek ships on the cover). The Deluxe version also has metal pieces instead of plastic and retails for $44.99, and will mostly be available online.

Star Trek Sceneit? – standard (L) and ‘Deluxe Ships’ edition (R)
(click to enlarge)

[Order Standard SceneIt? at Toys R Us $29.99]

[Order Deluxe SceneIt? (Ships) at Amazon for $44.95]

[Order Deluxe SceneIt? (Captains) at Amazon for $44.95]

Mattel have also provided us with this promotional video for the game.


Star Trek 20Q
Another very popular game made by Mattel and Radica, is 20Q, the game that can ‘read your mind.’ There are many versions of these hand-held games, from basic trivia, to versions for the Simpsons, Harry Potter and many other popular franchises. And this Spring you can get one made just for Star Trek. 

Star Trek 20Q (click to enlarge)

The way the game works is that you think of anything from Star Trek (a planet, a thing, a person from the entire Trek franchise) and then the device asks you a series of questions. You answer Yes, No, Unknown or Sometimes and the device will eventually make a guess as to what you are thinking. You ‘beat’ the 20Q if it can’t ‘read your mind’ within 20 questions.

Star Trek 20Q on stand (click to enlarge)

The game you hold in your hand is shaped like the saucer of the USS Enterprise and you can sit it on a stand shaped like the rest of the ship. The 20Q game will be available at most big retailers around June for between $10 – $20, but  will be available from online retailers for around $20 in early March. 

Star Trek 20Q packaging (click to enlarge)

[Order 20Q at Amazon for $19.99]


Next Spring Collection Preview – something yummy
The next item we will preview this week will be a new Trek item you can literally sink your teeth into.  


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Been waiting for this FOREVER… Let me at it!

As I recall, the Star Trek SceneIt was being held back so Mattel could include content from the 2009 film. Looks like this is no longer the case…?

Also, the 20Q packaging says “Think of anything from the CLASSIC Star Trek movies, TV characters, and more…”
…but it has pictures of Janeway and Picard so by “classic” we’re calling everything in the franchise classic because the pictures lead me to think that content from all the shows is included. Plus John’s article says the “entire Trek franchise” so…yeah… I definitely hope so. I’m totally looking forward to these either way!! :)

Cant wait for these I have one of the game peices for Star Trek scene it, I got it when I did a product analysis for CBS consumer products

Cool! The amount of money I may be spending on Trek this year is kinda scary though..

I might accidentally put that pie (saucer) in the MICROWAVE!

I’d get the SceneIt game, but I’m afraid that I’d be the only one I know who’d win all the time.

I, too, microwave pies.

Ok. The 20Q Big E is just not Canon!!!! Oh ok. Lol. these look great and I would love to challenge anyone out there to Trek Trivia and im sure ill win. Looks great.

I have a standard 20Q game it is a hoot. People can’t put it down. I would cash out and forego some Starbucks to get one of these.

Could be worse. The Enterprise from the new movie could look like that game….

You used to be able to play the Trek 20Q online. It was pretty cool. I have an original 20Q and it’s pretty cool…so I’ll definitely get the Trek Q.

Hey. Any chance of getting a lifelike Agoniser Booth. Or i can just go with the smaller Agoniser. Either way i would be very happy. Long live the Terran Empire.

Ima get the scene it game (if i can find anyone to play it with me, yeah thats how scarce star trek fans here in aurora illinois), but the 20q game? For some reason the necells make me think of tiny dildos… kinda. Even so i kinda dont like little stuff like that really looks like toys. I wish someone would make high quality models again like the bandi ones. I have the sovy and its awesome.

cool, gonna see if these are sold in the UK and get them :D

Jeez if I played the SceneIt? game against anyone else it just wouldn’t be fair. Even if it were a team thing, it would have to be probably 4 people against me by myself for it to be fair.

Finally I can show my geekdom and play with it too!

I’ve never bought a SceneIt thing before but I may buy this one! LOVE IT!

where are the Halloween costumes??

I wish Battlestar Galactica came out with cool stuff like this!

#14, I live in Wheaton IL, and I’ve found the ultimate nerd Mecca.

Check out their store on Roosevelt Road. I’ve been getting my issues of Countdown from them. Maybe you can find someone there to play these games with you. My wife limits my Trekking, so there’s no hope left for me…

I want one of the 20Q games, definitely. I play it online whenever I have nothing better to do…

we play alot of sceneit anyway, its great fror when our fiend come over and I look forward to seeing this game on shelves before too long. I am notorious for losing at games, this will be one I can win!

can’t wait!


sorry, i’m a typonian

or are they fiends…????

oh dear…

Star Trek Scene It would be so much fun…if I had enough trekkie friends to play it with!

I have been waiting for this since the Vegas convention last year!

I like the Trek 20Q!


Love the Trek 20Q!


They should have used this E design for the new movie, huge improvement…

Hello Friends,

We have a review of the game soon at Trekmovie. It is fun, yet I have noticed comments how it might be unfair if some of our expert fans play against family or friends. The game is designed, with very challenging word jumbles, for example, so that it isn’t easy for those who know their Trek. However, there are also questions based on scenes which means people who know very little about Trek could be victorious. My six year old son did good against his old man in the game and I’ve been a fan for 40 years! Plus, there is a “party feature” which allows for individual or group play. Trust me, get the game!

SceneIt box:
I always liked Jean-Lucs Captains jackets…

Looks more like Bonaventure than Enterprise. I’m waiting for the review in Nacelles Monthly. ;)

They didn’t include TAS though?!? (just kiddin’!)

Oh man… looks like I have to go and win the lottery to get enough money for all this stuff…
This year is like heaven… Star Trek on every corner… whew… new Movie, new MMO, tons of stuff and collectibles…

Good lord, since when did Voyager become “Classic” Trek?! I feel old…


the Bonaventure story will be published as soon as we get word back from the Delta Triangle…

#6: That’ll be the next merchandising idea. STAR TREK: THE PIES!
Meat and fruit pies shaped like the saucer section of your favorite Federation star ships. Mmmmmm… pie!

20 questions sounds fun. The scene it game would be fun for me if it were only TOS. I don’t want to wade through a dozen spin off questions before I get to one TOS question. Not to mention the fact that I don’t know squat about the spin-offs so I would no doubt lose. But I’ll certainly give the 20Q a look.

That 20Q unit looks like a pelican with a pouchful of fish!! :)

Fine… and what does it cost to buy some friends to play it with? My family either can’t or won’t deal with Trekvia.

(they’re all normal and stuff. harumff!!)

38. I have the same problem. My friends and wife try, but who wants to be slaughtered? It’s a bummer

Wow, all captains on the cover, even without fan outrage! ;)

Remember those “Before Kirk…” trailers that ran during the Voyager finale to hype Enterprise? Geesh… time flies.

Aahhh!!!!!!!!! I need that SceneIt game!!! Looks awesome. I wonder if my dad could beat me… >:3


I’m impressed they were able to get all the captains to put on their Star Trek uniforms and pose together for the box cover! :D

hola se aserca nabidadd

mis papas no tienen dinero me gustaria tener solo un nenuco

o pinturas tengo 10 años y apenas se escribir eperk k me ayuden mandemen un mensage y les gustaria coperar

adios asta pronto