First Star Trek Tickets Go On Sale + ST09 Art Display At Arclight Hollywood [UPDATE: Run Time Confirmed]

Just this morning, the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood (home of the famous Cinerama Dome) became the first theater in the world to begin selling tickets to the new Star Trek movie. So far they have two midnight shows (on two screens) for Thursday May 8th. Plus last night Paramount put up an artistic Star Trek display at the Arclight, in honor of the new trailer. Details below 


Be the first
Well due to Star Trek being a global premiere, folks in Europe will actually be the first to see the new Star Trek movie, but you can be the first in LA to see it if you book your tickets now at the Arclight.

So far they have two midnight screenings listed for Thursday May 8th: 12:01 AM and 12:10 AM. If these sell out quickly, the Arclight may add additional shows.

See Trek first in Arclight’s historic Dome theater

Star Trek Enterprise Art Display
Just in time for the Star Trek trailer premiere with Watchmen, Paramount put up a new Star Trek display at the Hollywood Arclight on Thursday. Visitors to the theater lobby can see three Enterprise ship displays, each encased in glass. All three ships are around three feet long and shaped like the new USS Enterprise from the Star Trek movie. One is painted to be an accurate replica, with both paint detailing and lights. The other two have been stylized by local artists.

Star Trek display at Arclight

Enterprise Replica with lights and details by The FX Company/Quantum Mechanix

Enterprise in graffiti style, by Santa Monica street artist Duncan Lemon

Enterprise as Galactic Delivery Truck by LA pop artist ‘Mr. Brainwash’

[click photos to enlarge – all courtesy of Paramount]

The display should remain up at the Arclight Hollywood for about a week.

140 minutes? [UPDATE: actually 126]
The Arclight Star Trek page is listing the film running time at 140 minutes. This is actually longer than previously indicated the film’s producers, who have said it should be around 2 hours. It is possible that Arclight got the timing wrong, TrekMovie is looking into it.

UPDATE: Paramount informs us the actual runtime for Star Trek is 126 minutes long, and they have informed Arclight who will update their site.

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If I lived anywhere near that theatre I’d be first in line!


That Enterprise display, yeah, the one with the working lights and so forth… yeah, I want it, I WANT IT, NOW.

Pic 5: “What can brown do for you?”

The Enterprise sure looks beautiful in those pictures. I like the new design more and more every time new images of it comes out. Excellent work by the design team.


I hated this ship at first sight.

This version has slowly grown on me!
Now, I love it.
Nice work Mr Church!

Scored great seats to the 12:01 on the DOME!


Can’t wait… can’t wait… so near although so far away!

“folks in Europe will actually be the first to see the new Star Trek movie…”

I still don’t like the fat nacelles, seems obscenely enhanced- kinda like looking at Pamela Anderson.

Where’s the Galaxy Express version? I kidd

8. Ageed. I think it’s the angle of the photo, though. When viewed from other angles I think it looks great.

I wonder if Quantum Mechanix will make a retail version of this that wolud go nicely with Master Replicas version of the original E

heheee we get the movie before the Americans! woohoo!

I believe that we in Australia actually get it first

Just came from the midnight showing of Watchmen at the Arclight, and they DIDN’T HAVE THE NEW TREK TRAILER!!!!!! I was sooo pissed, but saw it online and it looks great. Also saw all the Trek stuff.

Argh oh well..jst as long as we get it before the US (that makes up for us not being able to enter any official competitions! :P)

I’m not sure exactly but I think Australia might be the 1st place to see the new movie (well maybe New Zealand and a few Pacific islands but they don’t count – just kiding Kiwi’s!)

So get on a plane and get downunder! Then fly back for your own opening the same day! That should really get your heads spinning!

Jst came from seeing Watchmen…….GOT THE TRAILER WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOO AWESOME..watchmen was good to lol

Got my seat for the 12:01 in the dome. Row C, hell yeah!

The fake Enterprise looks like some kid drew it in study hall…and not one with much design talent. IMHO


The UPS Enterprise cracks me up.

I’m one of those people who was hating the new Enterprise when the first picture was released, but am loving it now!


The Enterprise display at the Arclight is frackking AWESOME. I have to say…the model of the film version is rather impressive…and seeing it in three dimensions…at about 1/350 Scale…looks pretty decent. I now actually want a model of it. I made my girlfriend shoot many angles of it, much to her chagrin (she was like…”Is there a Master Replicas model of this…because YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!!!).

Originally, I HATED the uncut foreskin nacelle design of the ship…UNTIL I SAW THIS 3/D model tonight…And Now…? Well…it’s…oh…alright…I’ll say it….it’s COOL. It’s…SEXY.

Now…where the heck do I get one of those models?

BTW…despite the HIDEOUS Enterprise interior production design (the Engineering section is particularly galling)…the new trailer is CHILLING. The audience applauded. The music is awe-inspiring…! Where is that track from anyway? Dare I say it…but I did feel a burning in my loins of tremendous man-love when Pine sits in the center seat.

But the destruction of Vulcan…?!? I mean…VULCAN is GONE at the end of the film…!!! At least…It really seems like it’s gone…. And…it’s IN THE TRAILER!!!

Bruce Greenwood PWNS.

I have to say…while I have my misgivings…being a staunch cannonista and all…I’m really, FINALLY excited for this movie…and I’ve already seen twenty minutes of it. I’ve always maintained a YESTERDAY’S ENTERPRISE reboot would work for me…AND APPARENTLY… IT DOES!!!

But…with the destruction of of the Romulan homeworld in COUNTDOWN #2…with Nero’s wife and child consumed in the destruction because of Vulcan inaction…well…if I were Nero…I’d blow up Vulcan, too…!

Also…I have to admit…Spock Prime as Jor-El…well…that’s really, really tasty.

I’ve been painfully nit-picking this reboot for a year now…but I’m man enough to admit…I’m really, REALLY looking forward to seeing this film.

STAR TREK LIVES! (again…and again…and again…and again…)


Latinamerica look de movie firts, May 7.

Star Trek could sell out by the beginning of April if other theaters do this too. I’d buy tickets if a theater near me offered them. This is great news. I love the diplays. They are beautiful.

Star Trek lives!


I was not expecting that kind of reversal in thinking.

Must have been like this for Heston fans when his polarities swung wrong starting in the 70s and he traded his sensibilities for dogma.

I’ve got to have a model of that ship!!


I know Master Replicas has rights to the movie however any word on actual model kits like RC2, Polar Lights, ect….


What??? Tickets are on sale now??? FRACK ME!!

Confused about the running length. JJ talked earlier about the movie being no longer than an hour and a half. But I know Anthony is on the case and will get the info we need.

WOO HOO! LOVE the Enterprise replicas! Would beam into a radioactive engineering room to get my hands on the UPS Enterprise…


Where in the world did the Charlton Heston thing come from?

Just got my 4 tickets to the 12:01am show!

#8 And yet if the Enterprise was real or Pam Anderson was willing and they both said welcome aboard you would be the first one there:D

Ok. I will just havt to wait till I can get my tickets here in Austin. Ill get the Midnght showing then the next day ill do the Imax Showing. So can’t Wait!!!!.

I still don’t like the blue bacelle caps. Everything else about the new E is pretty damn good….

Damn, I should try typing “nacelle” with my eyes open next time…

36 You know it’s funny but they kind of do look like ball caps from a certain point of view. I think you are on to something with “bacelle” caps.

I still hate the nacelles on this design

That is the ugliest version of the enterprise I have ever seen!

Still wish the Bussard Collectors were red… but maybe then it would look too much like a cop car. The blue seems to indicate a shift in the physics of Federation war drives. Hmmm.

19. Stanky McFibberich – March 6, 2009
“The fake Enterprise looks like some kid drew it in study hall…and not one with much design talent. IMHO

Good thing your opinion doesn’t really mean anything Stanky :) LoL

What’s with all this ‘uncut’ stuff? LOL! Have been a (gay) fan for 40 yrs and never seen (straight) male fans so phallic-ly obsessed with nacelles before!

19- Feel free to showcase your superior alternative.

Enterprise on steriods. Perhaps Congress can investigate. They’re not doing anything serious anyway.

To heck with the new stuff – I love that old “Cinerama” sign in the photo at the top – where can I get one of those? LOL

#25:”Must have been like this for Heston fans when his polarities swung wrong starting in the 70s and he traded his sensibilities for dogma.”

Yeah, except that this is the clear opposite – the rejection of dogma in favor of a direct aesthetic response to what’s being seen of the film itself.

One would think the inappropriateness of that analogy would be obvious even to you. Enjoy your dogma. It’s all you have left. LOL

The sense of balance and symetry is lost with those crazy nacelles. Not near as bad as the top heavy Enterprise D but still not as balanced as the TOS or movie E. But hey, I’m optimistic. The camera can’t focus on the bad angles the whole movie through.

we are going to get the movie 1 day early , may 7 , because the new movies open on thursdays…. I´ll take a plane to Buenos aires just to see this movie ( the theatres where i live are really bad, small screens and no dolby thx )

I BEG TO DISAGREE! we filipinos will be the first to see Trek. =P

– That ship looks great…

#18. Im so jealous. No Fair!!!. Just not Right.I do not like you!!. Please! please! please!. Can I have your Ticket. Please!!!!!!