Five Page Preview Of Star Trek Countdown #4 Comic

The final issue of the hottest Star Trek comic book ever arrives in comic shops next week. IDW have sent TrekMovie the first five pages of "Star Trek Countdown" #4 to get you started. So check out these spoilerific pages to the ultimate Star Trek movie prequel, and maybe learn something more about the movie.  [SPOILERS]


Star Trek Countdown #4 – 5 page preview
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The fourth issue starts off right after the issue 3 cliff-hanger, with General Worf of the Klingon Empire leading a fleet against Nero (now tattooed) and his Narada, newly enhanced with Borg/Romulan-tech.

(Star Trek Countdown #4 cover & first five pages – click to enlarge)

Pre-order Countdown #4 or the TPB
Countdown #4 comes out April 1st (available in comic shops and via the Android and iTunes). If you have been buying the individual comics, it is a good idea to pre-order issue #4 at your local comic shop or The official release date for the Trade Paperback is April 7th for book stores and Kindle II (April 8th for comic shops). However, Amazon has sent it to some pre-order customers. Currently Amazon does not list it as ‘in stock’ so you can pre-order and you will likely get it sometime in the first week of April.

Countdown #4

Countdown TPB
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(April 1)


Nero M.O.? – get the captain?

There is an interesting parallel here with the Star Trek movie. During the attack on Vulcan (as seen during the 20-minute press preview in the Fall), Nero (Eric Bana) demands that Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) go over to the Romulan ship, the Narada. Many of the scenes from the trailers show the orbital skydive of Kirk (Chris Pine), Sulu (John Cho), and Olsen (Greg Ellis) where they are jumping from a shuttle. That shuttle is being piloted by Pike on his way to the Narada (after Pike put Spock in command and deemed Kirk first officer).

This shuttle is being piloted by Captain Pike, on his way to the Narada

This ‘come to my ship’ demand that he gives Worf and Pike seems to be part of Nero’s modus operandi, and could explain where Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) is during the attack on the USS Kelvin, and why first officer George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) was ‘captain of a starship for twelve minutes.’

George Kirk in command of the USS Kelvin…where is Captain Robau?

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Nice – went to my comic store today just to check and see if they had recieved the TPB yesterday by accident. No such luck.

THis is what I wrote March 18, in the thread from Countdown 3

I’m thinking that when Spock attempts to implant the red matter he runs into Nero and the Narada. Spock is successful in creating the black hole, but it effectively sucks both his ship and Nero’s in throwing both into the past.
Nero, with his plans to destroy Vulcan in his present thwarted, decides to destroy Vulcan in the past. In the movie he is trying to drill and collect decalithiumin hopes to recreate the red matter and return to his own timeline.

Hoping to see if some of it is coming true….

I have to say that I have never been a fan of Star Trek comic books in the past. Despite being both a Star Trek fan and a comic book fan, but this limited series has been some of the best comic book material I have read in a long time.

It’s too bad the artist didn’t have photo reference of Michael Dorn as Worf.


I’m wondering if this is the big Klingon battle that Bob Orci said they had to cut out of the movie….

I remember it was either him or JJ that said it was something like 40 Klingon ships destroyed.

Oh my God, he better not off Worf!

Worf is my boy. He will mess you up.

I have to agree with #3. It is a poor resemblance of Michael Dorn.

My, this is an interesting plot. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any more interesting.

This comic is the first I have ever read since the TMNT Mighty Mutanimals.

Looking forward to my birthday next week – which will include a stop at the comic store!

Maybe Worf does a little ear-trimming on Nero

Happy early Birthday Peter N!

#11: I’m thinking the same thing.

I haven’t picked up the individual issues in favour of getting the trade (glad to see each issue sell out) but the wait is killing me. I’m so glad IDW is releasing the trade so soon after the fourth issue.

5. cpelc


I bet you’re right, because part of the movie is suppose to take place in the 24th century, so it makes sense. My assumption is that the movie will begin in the 24th century and show Nero in the prison, his escape, going back in time, etc. Either that, or they show all the 24th century stuff in a flashback and the movie begins with the attack on the Kelvin. J.J. likes to do stuff like that.

It looks like today IS a good day to die, at least for Worf. Hopefully he goes out in a blaze of glory and takes down half of Nero’s crew.


These are not spoilers, as Bob Orci has refused to claim “canon” on your site no less.


I think the “Rura Penthe” years must be those conveniently spent by Nero & Crew as Kirk grows up in the 23rd century.


Hotness! I am so buying the TPB.

16. AJ

Did you read the WHOLE article? Its labeled as “spoilers” because of possible hints towards the plot of the new movie, not because of canon issues.

Read it again.

Let’s see how it pans out!


My guess is that the Kelvin captain is killed. And George Kirk takes command of the Kelvin as the last man to try to keep Nero busy so he doesn’t go after the evacuation shuttles.

Maybe Nero is going after the Kelvin to try to stop Kirk from being born?

I just dont understand why Kirk is that important to Nero.

This has been a good comic; I’ve enjoyed it. But man, the individual issues have felt so skimpy.

22. Dustin

That was my original thought.

Worf gets Neros ear I bet!!!

Worf goes Mike Tyson on Nero… what a thought

I wonder how Michale Dorn is going to react when someone tells him his characters been off’ed in the prequel comic when they inevitably ask him about his thoughts on the new movie.

and Dustin nero blames spock for not preventing the devistation of romulus’s populace and the death of his wife and for that he wants to really hit’ em where it hurts so hes going after his closest future friends and family as a way of making him as lonely as he is.

I found these comics on iTunes (like you said) and downloaded them for only 99 cents an issue. My ipod touch does a great job presenting them! I can’t wait till April 1st for the next one. WOO HOO!

Great books by the way.

I would like to see them take some story telling risk and kill off a major character like Worf. I’m wondering though if it is Worf who captures Nero and takes him to Rura Penthe.

Well with the ear thing it looks like he gets nero aganst a wall, and just narrowly got him with his fighting blade on the right ear, But I wish you we’re right Chris but its looking grim for worf in this universe.

I didn’t remember that this book wasn’t canon–has it really been stated that it’s not intended to be canon?

The comic has indeed felt rather skimpy, of course I probably would have preferred a movie leading up to this movie! Haha

It just hit me… Star Trek is cool again. Life is good!!!

Looks good.

One nit: Klingon disruptor blasts are green.

The ships appear to be a new type of Bird of Prey, kind of like the new Raptor they are planning for the MMO.

Good point, Anthony.

He will tell Pike in the orbit of Vulcan “You will surrender on behalf of the Federation”

Maybe the Narada has a guest room where all the captured captains hang out together and are forced to watch Romulan soap reruns…

Borg/Romulan technology? This reminds me very much of William Shatner’s “The Return.” They should have made a movie of that book when it was written!

And why did Worf leave StarFleet? I hope they don’t kill him off. They have no respect for anyone that has come before.

#3: Is it not obvious by now that JJ & crew really don’t care what the people who played the characters originally looked like, or played the character like?
ie: Kirk is now blond & Pine based his acting on Harrison Ford, not Shatner.
Nero doesn’t look like a TOS or TNG Romulan, he looks more like a wrestler, & he has no olive skin, & from what I have seen of the trailers he doesn’t have a typical Romulan personality either.
Simon Pegg looks nothing like Scotty, & I have a feeling that he is just going to be used as comic relief, & not as the genius miracle worker that Jimmy Doohan made him famous as.

Other than the cosmetic mistakes, I think it will be a good yarn!

35. I think you should put all that aside and enjoy the movie.

Today IS a GOOD day to die!!!!!!!!

Worf as a Klingon General makes that look like a bad fan fic


I agree.

Worf comment about the Romulans trick to fire through cloak was abit odd considering the Scimitar in Nemesis did it.

Also, looks like the Remans didn’t get a mention when their planet got destroyed by the supernova as well.

re: 32. Kevin, you said
“It just hit me… Star Trek is cool again…”

Am I SO un-cool that I thought it has ALWAYS been cool? :)

I think we may see a small battlr between the Enterprise E and the B and the narada. But they escape and spock was able to go and chase them with his ship. But thats just my thery.But i do believe no matter what we will see the Enterprise E in the Movie.

Perhaps this is a different man with the same name? Worf, NOT son of Mogh but instead Worf, son of Some Other Dude?

” … The fourth issue starts off right after the issue 3 cliff-hanger, with General Worf of the Klingon Empire leading a fleet against Nero (now tattooed) and his Narada, newly enhanced with Borg/Romulan-tech. …”

What?! Borg technology? Oh, snap.

Now, of course, at the end of the movie, our youngen crew of the Enterprise will be victorious, but… daaaaaang. If they’re incorporatin’ this Borg technology thing into the movie, then we’re gonna have a heck of a fight! :D

#41 :: “… Am I SO un-cool that I thought it has ALWAYS been cool? :) …”

Nope! :3 I felt the same way after seeing TWOK for the first time. x3

A shame that I will have to wait till end of April… (sometimes I hate international releases of such things… especially german ones… no Star Trek Kellogs (we still have those Clone Wars extra Lightswords…), no single Comics to collect only the Collection in April… etc. etc.)

I am so disappointed in all of you. Where’s the love and support for the Son of Mogh? You honestly think Nero is going to get the best of Worf? Did you read the last thing he said?! “Klingons NEVER surrender!” Never in BOLD. Worf has something crafty up his sleeve that’s the only reason he’d agree to Nero’s terms. He is not going to get “off’d”, he’s Worf and dying at Nero’s hand is not a good day to die. One way or another I think he’ll come out on top and Nero will come out SCHOOLED. He will take that filthy Romulan down!!!

“Grr…ROMulans.” – Worf in Generations

I received my copy of Countdown from Amazon a few days ago and of course have read all four chapters. It has added to my anticipation for the film, which I did not think possible, but it did!

Could be that Nero is going after Kirk because he learned that Kirk stuffed the Romulans so many times in the past.

Ah man…. how badass would it have been to start the movie with General Worf fighting the Romulans??? Missed opportunity for a fantastic nod to TNG, if you ask me!

Kill of Worf and I’m gonna be angry.