Five Page Preview Of Star Trek Countdown #4 Comic

The final issue of the hottest Star Trek comic book ever arrives in comic shops next week. IDW have sent TrekMovie the first five pages of "Star Trek Countdown" #4 to get you started. So check out these spoilerific pages to the ultimate Star Trek movie prequel, and maybe learn something more about the movie.  [SPOILERS]


Star Trek Countdown #4 – 5 page preview
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The fourth issue starts off right after the issue 3 cliff-hanger, with General Worf of the Klingon Empire leading a fleet against Nero (now tattooed) and his Narada, newly enhanced with Borg/Romulan-tech.

(Star Trek Countdown #4 cover & first five pages – click to enlarge)

Pre-order Countdown #4 or the TPB
Countdown #4 comes out April 1st (available in comic shops and via the Android and iTunes). If you have been buying the individual comics, it is a good idea to pre-order issue #4 at your local comic shop or The official release date for the Trade Paperback is April 7th for book stores and Kindle II (April 8th for comic shops). However, Amazon has sent it to some pre-order customers. Currently Amazon does not list it as ‘in stock’ so you can pre-order and you will likely get it sometime in the first week of April.

Countdown #4

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Nero M.O.? – get the captain?

There is an interesting parallel here with the Star Trek movie. During the attack on Vulcan (as seen during the 20-minute press preview in the Fall), Nero (Eric Bana) demands that Captain Pike (Bruce Greenwood) go over to the Romulan ship, the Narada. Many of the scenes from the trailers show the orbital skydive of Kirk (Chris Pine), Sulu (John Cho), and Olsen (Greg Ellis) where they are jumping from a shuttle. That shuttle is being piloted by Pike on his way to the Narada (after Pike put Spock in command and deemed Kirk first officer).

This shuttle is being piloted by Captain Pike, on his way to the Narada

This ‘come to my ship’ demand that he gives Worf and Pike seems to be part of Nero’s modus operandi, and could explain where Captain Robau (Faran Tahir) is during the attack on the USS Kelvin, and why first officer George Kirk (Chris Hemsworth) was ‘captain of a starship for twelve minutes.’

George Kirk in command of the USS Kelvin…where is Captain Robau?

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