Report On Kellogg’s Star Trek Movie Promotions

As previously reported, on of Paramount’s biggest promotional partners for their new Star Trek movie is Kellogg’s. TrekMovie has sent out a special agent to to get a full report on how the new Star Trek appearing across isles at local markets across the country.  


Kellogg Reports on Kellogg’s
(as reported by Ensign Kellogg submitted to John Tenuto)


She was trusted by Captain Jean Luc Picard on tactical missions of vital importance, such as helping to save Earth in the past in First Contact. Her name: Ensign Kellogg. TrekMovie has asked Picard for permission to assign Kellogg to her most important task: visiting grocery stores on present day Earth and reporting on what Kellogg’s promotional products she uncovers.



Ensign Kellogg’s Log: Earthdate March 2009
Having been assigned the task of reporting to Star Trek fans about Kellogg’s products, I have been scouring local grocery stores for information. Here is what we know for certain is available, and what Star Trek items are being offered either in the box or for mail-away. 

While I am famous for helping Geordi save Earth during our voyage back in time to stop the Borg, the Kellogg’s company is most famous for its cereal. Star Trek is being featured on almost all varieties. Depending on the cereal, there are one of three offers being promoted.

Apple Jacks, Corn Pops, Frosted Mini-wheats, Frosted Flakes, Fruit Loops, and Rice Krispies feature a free Beam Me Up Badge inside specially marked packages. There are five varieties, the main Starfleet divisions of science, command, and engineering, a Klingon badge, and a Romulan badge. Each badge lights up like a small flashlight. Again, the box backs are featuring nice images of the USS Enterprise.  [more info on this offer at]

Apple Jacks and other cereals offer Star Trek beam up badges (click to enlarge)

On Frosted Krispies there is an offer for a Star Trek tee shirt designed to look like those from the movie, available . Fans could choose between blue or red, and get the shirt by mailing either 9 tokens and an official order form, or 1 token and $9.99.

Frosted Krispies offers Star Trek T-shirts (click to enlarge)

Frosted Flakes (Reduced Sugar) features an offer for a Star Trek 1GB flash drive wristband. Fans could either send in 8 Star Trek tokens from specially marked packaged for a free drive, or mail $7.99 plus 1 token. Drive comes pre-loaded with Star Trek images.

Frosted Flakes offers Star Trek wrist flash drives (click to enlarge)

Keebler E.L. Fudge Double Stuffed Cookies feature the same ST09 1GB flash drive wristband offer as the Frosted Flakes.

E.L. Fudge also offers the flash drive (click to enlarge)

Keebler Fudge Shoppe Fudge Stripes and Keebler Fudge Sticks Cookies features the same 1GB flash drive offer. There is a new picture of the USS Enterprise orbiting a planet on the back of the Stripes packaging.

Keebler Stripes has flash drive offer + nice shot of big E (click to enlarge)

Star Trek is featured on the boxes for a variety of EGGO Waffles. Fans could send in 2 tokens and $3.99 to get a 3D Warp Speed Plate.  [more info on this offer at]

Eggos offer free Star Trek plates (click to enlarge)

Want to see ST09 for free? Then pick up a family sized PopTart boxes, collect 5 official movie pass vouchers from specially marked packages and mail in for a free ticket. Limitations apply, so be sure to read the details printed inside the box. The PopTart packaging includes a new picture of Uhura. [more info on this offer at]

Pop Tarts offer free movie passes (click to enlarge)

I have it on good authority from my contacts in Aisle 31 (a grocery store version of Section 31) that there is more to come from Kellogg’s. Don’t be surprised if you see a limited edition Star Trek cereal of its very own. Kellogg out.


Thanks to David for his assistance with this report


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