New Star Trek Dossiers + New Movie Images + more

Paramount has been busy today, with an update on their official Star Trek site ( of four new ‘dossiers’, plus they have sent out ten new official images. There are also new ships in the Enterprise Gallery and new downloadable icons for your Mac or PC. Check it all out below.



New Dossiers
There are four new entries in the Dossiers section at the official site [direct link to dossiers]. Now there are a total of 12, with empty spaces for four more to come. The new ones are for Vulcan, Scotty Chekov, and Sulu. Each dossier image is also available as a downloadable wallpaper and has interesting tidbits about the characters.





New images
Paramount has just released a new set of images from Star Trek, see below with minor spoilery captions

Click images to enlarge

Karl Urban as Bones McCoy

Uhura and Kirk meet in a bar in Iowa

Kirk and Sulu get ready to leap to Vulcan

Kirk sees the Enterprise for the first time

Kirk rides bike into Riverside Shipyeards

Kirk and Sulu fight Romulans over Vulcan

Kirk w/ Scotty in background on Delta Vega

Chris Pine as Kirk gets ready for his Kobayashi Maru

Zoe Saldana as Uhura

Anton Yelchin as Chekov

Free Star Trek icons available at the Icon Factor
Head over to The Iconfactory special Star Trek Hub to download a set of beautiful (and free!) Star Trek icons for use on PC or Mac. There are also backgrounds and folder icons for you to Star Trek-ify your PC. .

Icon Factory Star Trek Icons

Enterprise Project updates
Lastly, the gallery of ships at The Enterprise Project ( is now almost complete, with only three left, In the last few days there have been a number of new entries, including a ‘Bad Robot’ Enterprise.

Enterprise done up as a "Bad Robot"

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“no comments yet – be the first?”

yeah, first *not*

anyway, really looking forward to it!

Awhhh, Anton Yelchin is so cute…
Doesn’t anyone else think so? He’s adorable! You could just eat him up.

ARGH not first. xD

Oh well. Third?

Wow, if you look at slide 8 on the website you’ll see a bunch of new ship designs docked at that (awesome looking) Starbase. I got goosebumps!

20th!!! just kidding.

those glass displays on the bridge seem less weird to me now that I know they come with a sharpey shaped stylus. This proves it’s not an apple store bridge, because then it would be a touch screen.

the chair from the Kobayashi Maru pic looks better than the Enterprise one

The Bad Robo’prise is so cute!! :D

Dang, I know it’s not a lot, but Star Trek is 100% on both Rotten Tomatoes and Metacritic right now.


Pegg is looking a lot like Doohan in his dossier picture.

Stupid J.J. Abrams ruining everything. Everything. And he’s gonna make a second one?

I hope the end of this movie has a big white POOF and once the whole timeline has been fixed, the REAL 1701 (you know, the real ORIGINAL) will fly by and the crew will be in the NORMAL uniforms on the REAL ORIGINAL bridge and Kirk says something like “Second star to the right, and straight on till morning” and then, and only then will JJ make it right.

I want one of those cozy Kobayashi Maru sweaters.

10. Kim Jong II

I’d seriously consider going to see a counselor.

10. Kim Jong Il –

I bet you’re happy you still have your blurry videotape TOS episodes. Please don’t sit behind me in the theatre — I don’t want to have to deal with your non-stop whining.

um…#10. please tell me that was serious sarcasm. if not, then take a seat and chill out. if you have that much of a problem, there are tons of dvds of the movies and tos episodes for you to enjoy. please do so.

Awww, Anton Yelchin is adorable!

I can’t wait for this movie :> Also… #10, dude, just chill out.

Scotty’s dossier is quite amusing…

“Former Academy aide for Admiral Archer’s “Advanced Relativistic Mechanics” course.”

I never cared much for “Enterprise”, but that’s a neat little tie-in.

Vulcan’s dossier mentions that it has no moons, keeping with Spock’s line in “The Man Trap”.

Well there is a nice nod to canon in Sulu’s dossier. Says he was at top of his class in Astrosciences. Perhaps had the timeline not been disrupted Sulu might have made it to the Enterprise as an astrophysicist first.

and the award for most ironic but yet still applicable handle of the day goes to:

Post #10!

well done..

perhaps he’s just wonely, oh so wonely…. ;)

I love kirks bike. Its really cool. I have to admit, i thought it would have been a really crappy bike, but thats the first time i got to see it fully. Gotta say…. the design of everything in this movie seems to be really impeccable.

why is Chekov standing behind the glass “screen” with the text facing the wrong way?

#8–It’s great that Star Trek is at 100% on RT! Yay!

#10–It’s time to take a chill pill. Roddenberry himself said that after he was gone he would like someone else to continue Star Trek.

Now, it would be nice if the alternate timeline was created with a time paradox so that Romulus was never destroyed, but the alternate would still remain. That way the movie wouldn’t end with the events never happening, but the Romulans would still would pose a large presence in the 24th century for future adventures.

@12, 13…

I’d advise you to not annoy the Dear Leader… he’s a bit cranky since the Taepodong fizzled :P


That looks like one of those old situation boards thatused to be in military air control rooms — they’d track flights with a grease pen. The same concept was used in Star Wars V: The Empire Strikes Back in the Hoth Base sequences.

I loved the dossiers. The factoids about each of the characters were quiter interesting.

I knew that Scotty was a brilliant engineer. I didn’t know he graduated at the top of his class at Starfleet Academy. In this timeline, Scotty must be pretty young. I wonder if the incident with Admiral Archer’s beagle had anything to do with the “disciplinary action” noted in his dossier. Oh. and he does look a lot like James Doohan in his dossier picture.

The canon nods are great.

The one thing that strikes me as peculiar is Chekhov. Was he a great scientist? Hm… not in the show, where he was a bit dully characterized as a snob of all things Russian.

Although, in Diane Duane’s books, he did have the makings of a potential science officer. And we know that Orci is a fan of Spock’s World. So, that fits actually.

Where can one find a pic of Spock? Or did I miss it? The gent they hav to play young McCoy is perfect!!!

@10: Come on, you can’t live in the 60’s forever, time to grow up! Things have changed, the storytelling, the directing, the design,… You can’t have a Trek movie with a cheesy set and design that belongs to the 60’s. It’s 2009 my friend, if you refuse that, at least let the young people watch a new vision of Star Trek!
By the way, you can still buy TOS on DVDs or Blurays. ;)

#25 Chekov here is the wunderkind Wesley Crusher type of his time. Child prodigy, which is Orci & Kurtzman’s backhanded a-ha to keep his age relative to Kirk intact.

Wonderful canon nods in the dossiers. I hope we can find out if O&K wrote them someday…

#10– Just buy the movie DVD when it comes out, remove the CSS and add that stuff yourself. I plan to do the same thing with Cinema Paradiso some day: They used to have some images in the credits on VHS that gave it a more optimistic ending… They cut those from the DVD…

Chekov may not have been a great scientist…

But in the original series it seems like he was always the one that would run to Spock’s science station when Spock was elsewhere.

I can think of several episodes of TOS where Chekov played a prominent role at the Science station.

So even though they didn’t play it up in TOS, Chekov was obviously well trained and extremely competent at the job. Competent enough that he eventually became First Officer on a science research vessel: the Reliant.

So I don’t find this to conflict with his character development from TOS at all.

I love all the nods to canon in the dossier and (based on the TrekMovie review) I look forward to all of them in the film. The more I learn about the new film I get more and more excited to see it. May 8th can’t get here soon enough. Two weeks and 1 day away!!!

I think the image where the caption reads kirk and sulu are preparing to leap to vulcan is actually just after they are beamed back…

The profiles reference Sulu’s interest in botany too, a nice call back to his botanist posting in “Where No Man Has Gone Before”.

As for those who are having canon issues with this film… DO NOT WORRY. An explanation for EVERYTHING is given in the film. Trust me. A friend of mine was in Austin and I grilled him about issues like that. He says that there’s a perfect explanation, but wouldn’t tell me anything more.

I wish the “Star Trek” cereal would come out… I spend my mornings (I am disabled and can’t work) watching TOS (trying to do all 80 episodes before May 8th. I started Friday and will probably finish Season 1 tonight.) and eating cereal.

and the spock dossier was #6

@ 33

Is your injury anything serious/permanent? If not, here’s to hoping you feel better.

That’s nice that you get to catch up on TOS. I wish its syndication hours weren’t so ungoldy (2, 3 AM) where I live.


Despite releasing a week later than “X-Men,” “Star Trek” has already sold 25% more advance tickets at than “X-Men.””

and appreantly X-men itself is on pace to sell 3 times more tickets then what iron man did in its opening… and STAR TREK is already 25 percent higher then x-men !!!! OH YEAHHHHH !!!

# 20

It looks like he is writing on a transparent computer screen with some sort of stylus. It looks like he is doing something they never showed on TOS: making calculations while plotting a course — you know, like a real navigator.

Good stuff.

I gotta stop reading the captions, it might ruin the movie for me, I’m doing my best to be spoiler-free as possible.

Zoe Saldana has a nice smile.

I can’t WAIT!!!! :D

So is the motorcycles wheels independent from the body? Look at the picture, it’s blowing my mind! Did someone say it was a BMW?

#10, you are not of the body. Just kidding. Really.

I love these little nods in the dossiers: The fact that Kirk, master of Kirk-Fu, was a assistant instructor of hand-to-hand. Pike being from Mojave. McCoy holding a Astrophobia seminar. Uhura being the VP of the Starfleet Academy Choir. Spock being a grandmaster at 3D Chess. “Ex Astris Scientia”. “Admiral Archer”. Chekov being the youngest cadet ever to win the marathon (he must have been, like, 15). Sulu’s swordsmanship.

Nice, very nice.

BTW, my guess on the last 4 dossiers: USS Enterprise NCC-1701, Old Spock, Nero, The Narada.

#10, I admit I originally felt the same way you did, especially after hearing that a certain major planet of the Federation is destroyed.

After much thought, I’m looking forward to seeing how they explain everything, I’ve enjoyed JJ Abrams other movies and shows so I’ll give him an open mind and go see the movie in glorious IMAX.

I just hope that it is explained what delayed the construction of the Enterprise. In the movie it’s a new ship, so I’m assuming that “The Cage” did not happen among other things.

All the little nods to obscure canon in the dossiers make me feel much better about this movie (already feeling good, but any unbroken canon is good canon). It just shows how much care they take to respect the old within the new.
So ready for this movie to come out!!

Uhura is great, but I want Number One!

This is truly awesome stuff. Only two weeks to go. I like the dossiers. They have a lot of nice canon nods. I also like the bike and the shipyards setting. Interesting how they tried to play down the CGI as much as possible. It works!

You know this might be one of the most random things to say on here, but I am missing British Naval Dude’s Sailor talkin here on the boards. Anyone else whos been on this board for a long time agree with me?

“I just hope that it is explained what delayed the construction of the Enterprise. In the movie it’s a new ship, so I’m assuming that “The Cage” did not happen among other things.”

Imagine it happened on whatever ship Pike was on before the Enterprise. Or, alternatively, imagine it was a “shakedown” cruise before comissioning.

Did anyone notice that Kirk’s bike had HOVER TIRES?
and the back tire has some kind of light up semi free floating device



You sound rather ignorant.

Ah I see Kimmy is back to his antics!

“Ronery I so ronery…”