Patrick Stewart ‘Absolutely Loved’ New Star Trek Movie

The last four Star Trek movies featured the crew of The Next Generation, led by Captain Picard, played by Patrick Stewart. But in a new(ish) interview from the UK, Stewart seems to be a fan of the new Star Trek movie, as well as its new captain, Chris Pine. Details below, plus we catch up with what the former Jean Luc has been up to recently.


Stewart on Star Trek 2009
The discussion of the new Star Trek came from an interview with Stewart from last week in the Yorkshire Post. The actor was promoting his upcoming appearance in the "English Mystery Plays" in Barnsley, UK. But the topic of films came up and Stewart provided this review of Star Trek:

I loved it. I absolutely loved it. It was a very, very odd experience to be in the cinema watching a new Star Trek movie that I wasn’t in. Not only that, but with the exception of Leonard Nimoy I didn’t know any of the cast… but, it’s Star Trek. They’ve taken some quite innovative decisions but it’s absolutely essential, right down the middle Star Trek. I got a great kick out of it.

Stewart also offered this on Chris Pine

He’s brilliant. He is charming, truthful, funny and utterly delightful.

Stewart’s last time as Captain, 2002’s "Star Trek Nemesis"

For more read the full interview

PatWatch: God, Godot and Hamlet

Stewart is playing the voice of god in the English Mystery Plays, which are at Monk Bretton Priory from June 29 to July 11. More info at

Stewart is also currently appearing in "Waiting for Godot" with Iam McKellen at the Haymarket Theater in London. The play has been extended to August 9th. More info at

In other recent Stewart news, it was announced that the BBC is going to film the RSC’s "Hamlet" with Stewart as Claudius and Doctor Who’s David Tennant as Hamlet. More details at

Stewart’s in "Waiting for Godot"

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That is great that he loved the movie!

Patrick is so cool. I’m really glad to hear he liked the movie, and it doesn’t sound like he hated the whole alternate reality idea.

Patrick Stewart is a class act beyond compare. I hope that the cast of the new movie can be as successful as him beyond Star Trek.

The Shat could take pointers from Patrick Stewart… Mr. “I never watched your show yet most of my novels are somehow set in the TNG era” Shatner that is.

Capt, you took the words right out of my mouth. Long ago, I attended a convention featuring Mr.Stewart. He was polite and forthright about his role on the show. Not long after that I had the opportunity to see him (and a laege number of the cast members) in the play “Every Good Boy Deserves Favor.”

This, from wikipedia:

“Patrick Stewart also appeared in a 1992 production (produced by Charles Johanson for the Orange County Symphony) which toured to four US cities. The cast included his Star Trek: The Next Generation colleagues Gates McFadden, Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner and Colm Meaney.”

He is and was genius in role (as was the rest of the cast), as is just about everything he does. I have said this before; Mr. Stewart could be reading entries in the phone book and make his audience weep!

Even though I know it’s not likely, I sure wish we could see him and the rest of the TNG crew togeether in one last, daring and fitting adventure.

Reading about his current schedule makes me wish I lived in England, ust so I could go see him perform again!

As much as I’m looking forward to further adventures with this new cast, I gotta say….

I really miss Captain Picard. : (

Best Captain ever accoring to my book! He is what made me a trekkie…. I miss him so much I think i’m going to go and watch a few TNG episodes again :)

#7 So do I. So do I. He’s a legend.

Patrick Stewart is a class act! I totally agree with Simon, The Shat could take a few pointers from Mr. Stewart.

Classy guy. He’s either got a terrible taste in films or he’s a true gentleman, God bless!

He’s a very good actor, a little over-mannered at times for my tastes, but without doubt he and Brent Spiner saved the TNG TV series from oblivion. Had they not given such strong performances I doubt the show would have made it beyond season two.

I think TNG was good sci-fi show, but a bad Star Trek show, based on a horrible revisionist misunderstanding of what Star Trek was about. And I’d still rather watch Kirk, Spock and McCoy anyday.

But I miss the Picard and Data of old – they’re the two characters I can honestly believe would have fitted comfortably in the 23rd century Star Trekuniverse.

Patrick dosent even have to try to win peoples hearts, He says he liked the movie and he wasnt a crybaby about not being in it. and he is loved and respected by everyone (almost…) Patrick dosent seem to think he is owed something from trek and its fans, unlike his helper from “Generations” …I’m starting to think “bill ” is aloof and dosent get it.

How come patrick had a spare couple hours to see a film he is most identified with, and yet “bill” who will always be best known as “captain kirk” hasnt gotten around to seeing it? “Please give more to star trek bill…”

Both Stewart and McKellen are pure genius in “Waiting for Godot”

Go see it everyone

Before the ‘Shat-Hate Gang’ gets over-excited (Shatner hatred is soooo mid-nineties, by the way) there was more bitchy noise made about not being in the new film by elements of the TNG cast than Shatner. He just got reported more!

Shatner is a larger-than-life character in every sense and a great self-publicist. He was clearly mostly taking the mickey, even if he was very disappointed not to be in the new film.

The problem, as with the infamous ‘Get a Life’ sketch, is that elements of Trek fandom have no sense of humour or perspective.

Their Patrick Stewart worship is a less a matter of respect for him as an actor than case of snobbery about him being a British RSC actor (‘Don’t you know, dear!’) and therefore in some way superior to a Canadian Shakespearian actor who became a celebrity in the 1960s!

I mean, there are Trek ‘fans’ who turn up to see Stewart on stage, sitting in the audience wearing TNG uniforms. It’s pathetic and Patrick Stewart himself said so!

Star Trek has seen many actors, but in my opinion Stewart is the finest among them. Not that the others were bad, but Stewart always was that bit better in my opinion – more experienced and more convincing. It really is a shame, that we won’t see him again in Trek.

Now this is a how a professional behaves. You taking notes here Shat?

I love Patrick Stewart. He embodies the ideals of Star Trek so well. Just as the teaser for The Undiscovered Country says, these people are real parts of fans’ lives, friends, mentors, guides. Stewart was a second father for me as a kid, for sure. I miss all of the TNG crew and I’m sorry we never got to say a decent goodbye.

Time to pop in a DVD. “Final Mission” maybe… hm.. sounds good.

What’s the big deal if Da Shat doesn’t watch Trek? I really don’t see how it matters if he cares one way or the other.

Yeah, but then again He also Liked “Beavis and Butthead”……..wait so do I

uh huh huh huh huh, uh Yeah,

Heh Heh Yeah, Captain Picard Rules!! He Rules!!

i hoping to see him cameo in the new film (e.g. in Spocks mind meld scene)….although maybe it wouldve been abit jarring seeing him in a blink and you’ll miss it cameo in what was an important piece of exposition i dunno

Patrick is great in STTNG and elsewhere, and I just loved his duo with McKellen in the X-Men movies.

Stewart has a generous and kind nature, Shatner is self-absorbed to the extreme! It’s a simple case of class vs. crass!

Stewart: “I thought that the young Pine fellow played my role wonderfully. I could absolutely see myself in everything he did. Quite handsome chap, also.”

You know i wouldn’t mind seeing him back in the next Star Trek movie – anything is possible and Patrick Stewart is just pure class.

Any opinion by Patrick Stewart really doesn’t mean much, even if it’s legitimate. That goes for just about anyone involved in Trek or who has any interest in keeping the Abrams crew happy.

It’s a no win situation. If he likes the film, it looks like he’s just saying that for publicity sake, and jumping on the bandwagon. If he doesn’t like the film, he comes off as bitter and jealous. He chose the better path.

I have great admiration for Patrick Stewart, and not just as one of my favorite Starfleet captains. He is no fuddy-duddy, and it was no surprise that he was able to see both the innovation and the respect for continuity that is evident in Star Trek (2009).

^ correction “that are evident…”

Also, he was hilarious in Extras. Cheers to truly excellent, classy actor.

Of course he enjoyed it- its a fine, wonderful, massively enjoyable film.

Ya know… I hate to say it but… uh… that 1701-E bridge is SERIOUSLY lacking in lens flares.

Patrick Stewart is a fantastic actor and most of the time, he appears to be quite the professional acting and good natured man. However, I have a relative that is freinds with his son (who appeared in a famous TNG episode) and my relative says that he’s not all he’s cracked up to be. Apparently he can be very aloof at times and quite demanding. Notice that I didn’t say ALL the time…I just think it’s tough to find very many seasoned actors who don’t carry around somewhat inflated egos.

All that aside, he’s still my 2nd favorite captain behind James T. Kirk. I do feel Shatner needs to be a bit more open minded about this movie and less whiny. Concerning the rest of TNG crew: wouldn’t you whine if you went out on a wimper like Nemesis? The movie itself had potential and some great special effects, but the clone/B4 thing absolutely cheapened and ruined it. Frakes directing would have helped it, but the script was just too rushed and not thought out well enough.

My order of captain favorites:
1. James T. Kirk
2. Jean-Luc Picard
3. Jonathan Archer (tie)
3. Bejamin Sisko (tie) [goatee & bald headed one, preferably)
4. Pretty much any other starfleet captains (even Mr. “Not until Tuesday”)
5. Katherine Janeway (lay of the cigs, please!)

My new movie order preference:
1. Star Trek ’09 (11, whatever)
2. Star Trek 2
3. Star Trek 6
4. Star Trek 4
5. Star Trek 8
6. Star Trek 3
7. Star Trek 9
8. Star Trek 1 (TMP)
9. Star Trek 10
10. Star Trek 5 (though in some ways, it has some great moments)

ughh…sorry about my typos, too early in the morning: friends ] lol

#30, You’re missing Generations.

What if….in the new timeline….instead of the Borg going back in time to disrupt the first warp flight…the Borg go back to the TOS era instead…and chasing right behind…the Enterprise-E???

Finally – we can see the TnG crew side-by-side with the TOS crew…what we should have had in Generations! Only difference is it will be the new timeline TOS crew.

We can all dream, can’t we.

I will buy the DVD of Hamlet with Stewart as Claudius and Doctor Who’s David Tennant as Hamlet the second it comes out – Tennant had to miss some performances and this is great news! Trek and Who fans rejoice!

Stewart rocks! :)

I do like the idea 33.

i liked him in X-Men!! of course he like it! da movie hot!!! 4get da haters who dont like it!!

The news about Hamlet is frakking fantastic. It would have been better if I could have seen it live, but I’ll gladly take a DVD… :-)

I’m not even a big TNG fan but I love Patrick Stewart :D I’m glad he liked it!


Completely agree.

Maybe in a future series or something…

FC is still my favorite ST film.


Why must a discussion of Patrick Stewart become a Shat-bash-fest?

Patrick Stewart is a better (more range and ability) actor than Marlon Brando, too, but you don’t see me calling Brando an overhyped one-trick-pony fat ba$tard wanna-be…

Stewart, they(Paramount) aren’t going to make a new TNG movie. So you can stop kissing asss. lol.

Stewart is a class dude.

Maybe Stewart was being honest and just liked the movie. I mean, the rest of us enjoyed it, why shouldn’t he?

Further information on Hamlet featuring Patrick Stewart and David Tennant (Dr. Who):

For the television production Tennant will be joined by all of the key members of the stage cast, including the actor Patrick Stewart, who plays Claudius.

BBC Two controller Janice Hadlow said the three-hour tv Hamlet was “a wonderful opportunity.. to bring one of the great stage successes of last year to a wider audience”.

The RSC have revealed that filming will take place on location, while retaining the quality and tone of the stage production. Filming begins in June for broadcast later this year in the UK. Broadcasts in the US and Japan will follow in 2010.

To support the new film of Hamlet there will be an online BBC site, which is being created in collaboration with the RSC. It will feature behind-the-scenes stills and footage, specially shot interviews with the actors talking about their characters and how they approached the play and interviews with director Gregory Doran.

A DVD of the film is planned and will be on sale after the broadcast date.

I’m the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of TNG, but goshdarnit, I adore Patrick Stewart! And I realize someone above me has already said exactly this but I just had to blurt it out.

I would love to hand out with Patrick over some drinks.

46. “hang out”, ugh.

33. SirBroiler – June 12, 2009 What if….in the new timeline….instead of the Borg going back in time to disrupt the first warp flight…the Borg go back to the TOS era instead…and chasing right behind…the Enterprise-E??? Finally – we can see the TnG crew side-by-side with the TOS crew…what we should have had in Generations! Only difference is it will be the new timeline TOS crew. We can all dream, can’t we. … uh, huhh… >.> Or how about this!… The Narada is found adrift by the Borg, back in the 24th century. They assimilate the Narada and it’s dying crew and learn of the alternate timeline. The Borg queen makes Nero into a ‘special’ drone ala Locutus and they travel back into that timeline, where the technology is different and ripe for assimilation, and the Federation is weakened by the loss of Vulcan. Both the Borg queen and Nero can exact their revenge. Meanwhile, the Enterprise-E is sent back to search for Spock prime in order to rescue him and try to restore the timeline. However, before they can pick up Spock prime from ‘New Vulcan’, the assimilated Narada shows up and attacks. The Enterprise was sent to investigate the appearance of the Enterprise-E, so it shows up and both Enterprises manage to hold it off for a while. Spock goes to find Spock prime on ‘New Vulcan’, as he’s the key to fixing the timeline so none of this happens. But it’s too late. Borg drones begin transporting to the surface, and Spock is killed (or assimilated?) trying to rescue a group of Vulcan children. Before he (dies), he manages to meld with Spock of the alternate timeline, and transfers his Katra. Spock beams back to a battered Enterprise, and both ships retreat. Back at Starfleet Command, the admiralty discusses the impact of these events. With Vulcans being virtually extinct, Spock is made an important figure (of some sort) to the Vulcan race, and is taken away to a safe location. Before leaving, he talks with Kirk about his melding with Spock prime. Spock seems very unstable, as he’s essentially carrying his own katra. He tells Kirk they need to go to Genesis. Obviously Kirk has no idea what that means, and Spock realizes this. He tells him to find Carol Marcus… This sets up their relationship, and Kirk most likely gets her knocked up. Elsewhere, the Enterprise-E is following the assimilated Narada trying to come up with a plan to stop them, and debating what to do about fixing the timeline. Kirk mentions ‘Genesis’ to Carol Marcus, and in disbelief, she reveals some notes to him about a terraforming device she had thought up, with the same name. Kirk realizes Spock isn’t losing it afterall, and they’ve got to go get him. Kirk pleads with Admiral Pike to tell him where Spock is. He says he’s not sure what exactly is going on, but that Spock might be able to fix everything. Pike regretfully says no. Of course, this doesn’t stop Kirk. He gathers the bridge crew, who are somewhat reluctant, but they realize the stakes. Along with Carol Marcus, they manage to steal the Enterprise from space-dock where it was to undergo repairs after the battle with the assimilated Narada. They find Spock and ‘kidnap’ him. Once on board, Spock uses his knowledge and experience derived from Spock prime’s katra, to assist Carol Marcus in developing a prototypical version of the Genesis device. Kirk, having faith in Spock, has gone along with this rather blindly, but Spock reveals his plan. He’s going to detonate the Genesis device in some area of space and fly a shuttle into the resulting explosion. His plan is to rapidly age himself so he can take Spock prime’s place in the future, in hopes to reconcile everything. Back on the Enterprise-E, Picard (who’s aboard because of the rescue mission) is able to contact ‘Nero of Borg’ or whatever Borg name he would have. Just under the surface, Nero’s rage still bubbles and Picard notices. He plays on Nero’s strong emotions to try to win back his individuality. However the Borg queen interrupts. Picard offers her himself, in exchange for Nero’s release from the collective. It’s an odd enough request, and the queen is tempted enough by the thought of having Locutus by her side rather than Nero, that she grants the request. Nero is disconnected from the hive. As his individuality resurfaces, Picard distracts the queen just long enough for Nero to flip out and kill her, as Picard had hoped. For a moment, Nero collects himself, and to thank Picard for freeing him, he gives him the opportunity to escape. As the drones approach Nero, he steps into the queen’s alcove and connects himself back to the hive. Picard watches… Read more »

Patrick’s class act is the polar opposite of the ego-maniac Shatner.