STO Game Update: New Screenshots + Cardassians + Klingon v Klingon + New Backstory + more

In the last couple of weeks there has been quite a bit of activity for the Star Trek Online MMORPG. This update to Star Trek Online showcases three new screenshots (including Cardassians and Species 8472!), an update to Cryptic’s FAQ, two updates to the Path to 2409 series along with a few other tidbits of information, including more of the connection between the game and the new Star Trek movie


New Screenshots – Cardassians! + Species 8472 too!
Three new screenshots were released by Cryptic (one space based and two land based). The space screenshot is of a Cardassian battleship in flight, but unfortunately, like most of the space based screenshots from STO, not in combat.

The two land based screenshots show what ground combat will look like, the first is of a skirmish between a Klingon and Federation landing party. The second screenshot is of a Cardassian away team fighting Species 8472. These two land based screenshots show that flanking your enemies will be a very important strategy when it comes to away missions. If you look close enough on the first of the two you will see a Federation crew member maneuvering behind the Klingons.

Again with the Klingons – STO Producer Talks factions, ST09 & more
Executive Producer Craig Zinkievich sat down with to talk about the reasoning for the Federation and Klingons to be fighting against each other in STO.

It’s true that we wanted to add some more conflict and action to the story, but if you look at the history of the Trek Universe, these conflicts tend to be cyclical. When the Federation is in a good place with one or more of its rival powers, another will step in to fill the void as the main aggressor. And there have been multiple periods of peace and war in the Klingon-Federation relationship. They are two very different groups and it’s not always possible for them to be in harmony.

That being said, there’s nothing to say that the Federation and Klingons will never cooperate to face a greater threat. We expect the relationship between them to shift and change as the story advances.

Zinkievich also talks about how they will deal with the events of the Star Trek movie in the game.

We have always planned to have the game set in 2409. We wanted it "in the future" of the Trek Universe so we could give players a time that was familiar, but not set during any specific show’s era. We had storylines that connected to the various shows and movies that we wanted to explore, and setting the game in the near future allows us to do that. What happens to the Romulan Empire after the destruction of its homeworld is another great storyline for us to use in the game.

See 1up for more from Craig on STO.

Klingon on Klingon action (PVP) & more Q&A
Cryptic has also updated their FAQ and what’s interesting about this update is Klingon PVP. Most MMO’s force players to fight the opposite team, i.e. Team A must fight Team B, Red vs. Blue etc. As a Klingon you have the option to fight amongst other Houses within the Empire. This really goes along with Klingon culture. From the Ask Crptic:

…if you’re a Klingon, you’ll be able to have houses, and Klingons can squabble between other Klingons.
As far as PvP, we’re still working out details. What we can say is we’ll have Klingon vs. Federation PvP, and within the Klingon Empire, separate houses will fight between themselves. That’s just what Klingons do. In general, there’s more PvP involvement on the Klingon side of the game.
However, PvP will always be consensual. You won’t just be meandering around and get attacked. You can choose to flag yourself for PvP, and traveling into certain areas in the game is in effect choosing to engage in PvP. Most of the PvP takes place in the Neutral Zone; if you’re in the dead center of the Neutral Zone, you’ve consented to PvP.

The latest Ask Cryptic also covers some new ground with regards to missions, combat, exploration and more, check it out.

Cryptic also has developer chats every few weeks where players can ask Cryptic questions concerning the game, the only unfortunate problem is that these chats are usually posted up on the day before it happens. CLICK HERE for a transcript for the latest chat. Some of the questions range from general questions about the game to very detailed questions concerning the physics when dealing with starship movement.

More path to 2409 – Worf lives & No Red Matter for STO
Cryptic has released two new installments to the “Path to 2409” series one of them is in the form of an interview with someone we should all be familiar with while the second is formatted like a news article.
The first installment is between Federation reporter Jake Sisko and Ambassador Worf at his home on Qo’Nos, following the events of the Countdown Comic (SPOILER ALERT: which showed him getting impaled by Nero). A good portion of the interview is just Worf being himself. The other portion of the interview talks about the relations between the Klingons and the Romulans. Nero is referenced as well as the events of the comic Star Trek Countdown in this interview.

The most recent installment in the series talks about the political strife of all the major players in the quadrant: Klingons, Romulans and the Federation. For those who have not been following up with the “Path to 2409” entries this is a good summary of what has been going post Nemesis. Also from this update it appears that the compound known as Red Matter will not be introduced in STO.

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Infighting continues among the leaders of the Romulan colony worlds. While basic needs are being met and Starfleet is delivering supplies and replicators to every world that will accept their help, the Romulans lack a stable government and the chain of command of the military is chaotic.

Throughout the course of 2389, five Romulans try to seize the emperor’s throne, more than two dozen people declare themselves praetor, and at least a dozen more claim the role of supreme commander of the Romulan fleet. Most of these erstwhile leaders fall prey to quick assassinations. A fortunate few are simply ignored.

Federation analysts agree that the Romulan empire will remain in turmoil until there is a leader who is able to command the allegiance of the majority of the colony worlds. Federation diplomatic teams attempt to organize a conference where representatives from each of the colony worlds can take the first steps to establishing a new government and choosing leaders, but the Romulans cannot even agree on where the meeting should be held and the plan collapses.

The Klingon Empire takes advantage of the confusion with lightning strikes into Romulan space. The empire takes control of the Tranome Sar and Nequencia systems in a matter of days, and is poised to strike deeper into Romulan territory. The Klingons temporarily halt their advance when Starfleet sends a fleet to protect the Romulan/Klingon border, but tensions remain high and there are reports of minor skirmishes between Federation and Klingon starships.

The campaign to conquer Romulan space is not the only military conflict the Klingon Empire is engaged in during 2389. Their conflict with the Gorn, which had quieted after the battle for Gila IV, erupts again when the two powers struggle for control of the Gamma Orionis system. The Gorn take the advantage when King Slathis negotiates with the Nausicaans, who agree to contribute ships and weapons to the Gorn war efforts in exchange for rights to several asteroid belts and a substantial payment. The Klingons refuse to give up the fight for Gamma Orionis, winning several battles even when outnumbered, and Starfleet Intelligence reports that there are no signs that the conflict will end anytime soon.

In addition, internal strife divides the Klingon noble houses. On Stardate 66091.53, Aakan of the House of Mo’kai slays K’das, son of B’vat. The death reignites a century-long blood feud between the two houses, and B’vat throws all his efforts into hunting down every member of the House of Mo’kai. Allies of both of the noble families enter into the fight, but in the end, Aakan is the last of his house. After Aakan flees Qo’noS, he is run to ground by agents of the House of B’vat, who corner him on H’atoria on Stardate 66306.71. Two days later, B’vat defeats Aakan in ritual combat, and Chancellor Martok formally dissolves the House of Mo’kai.

The Cardassians take a major step toward self-sufficiency when they vote to replace the Reconstruction Committee with democratically-elected leaders. In the weeks leading up to the election, two groups dominate the debate: a civilian coalition with Elim Garak as a prominent member, and a hardliner group calling for the Cardassians to withdraw from the Federation-Cardassian Treaty of 2386 and reestablish the military.

Garak’s coalition wins a narrow victory, and in its first act reforms the Detapa Council as a representative body. The council faces its first controversy when it votes to send six ships as a token force to assist the Federation’s recovery efforts in Romulan space. Popular opinion is against the decision, and polls show that most Cardassians feel that they should reserve their resources. The Federation Council’s decision to cut funding for Cardassian reconstruction by 30 percent makes aid to the Romulans even less popular, and support for the council plummets.

Speaking to reporters from the shattered remains of the University of Culat, Elim Garak defended the Detapa Council’s actions. "We’ve seen what suspicion and backroom deals have brought us," Garak said. "We know what happens when we turn our backs on the rest of the galaxy and just worry about what happens on our own street, in our own city, on our own planet. Maybe it’s time to try something different."

One of the first industries to be restarted in Cardassian space is mining. A former member of the military, Gul Madred, acquires the rights to several-mineral rich planetoids and begins building a large mining operation in the Septimus system.
Federation President Nanietta Bacco focuses for much of 2389 on smoothing relations between Vulcan and the other worlds of the Federation. She and Ambassador Jean-Luc Picard do much to soothe the wounds caused by the revelation that the Vulcans may have known about the Hobus supernova.
On Stardate 66839.72, the Federation Council announces the results into an investigation of the Hobus supernova and the Vulcan Science Academy’s research into red matter manipulation. The council decides that the Vulcans may not have realized the full extent of the threat of the Hobus supernova, as the scope of the explosion was greater and more violent than any supernova previously recorded. In addition, the chain reaction of the detonation could not have been predicted, and the council recommends that the matter be subjected to further scientific study.
However, the council criticizes the Vulcan Science Academy for creating red matter without consulting or informing Federation authorities. In a speech before the Federation Council, Councilor T’Los of Vulcan expresses regret if any of the actions or inactions of her people have caused harm to the Federation. She announces that all of the academy’s red matter was on board the Jellyfish when it disappeared, and that the Vulcan Science Academy has pledged to do no further red matter manipulation research without the full knowledge and cooperation of the Federation Science Council. To the Romulans, she directs a single statement: "We grieve with thee."
At the end of her address, T’Los says that is only logical to change who speaks for Vulcan, as the past year has made it clear that she has been inadequate to the task. She resigns from the Federation Council and returns home.

In the courts, the case of the photonic lifeform known as The Doctor makes a small advancement after years of being stalled in hearings and appeals. On Stardate 66954.79, a Federation judge rules that the lawsuit may be expanded into a class-action suit encompassing all sentient artificial lifeforms in the Federation. "This is about more than one being and a mobile emitter," says Alyssa Cogley-Shaw, a lawyer for the Soong Foundation. "This is about basic rights."

Cogley-Shaw says that while the expansion of the lawsuit may mean that it will remain tangled in the courts for years to come, its ultimate resolution may mean an end to the forced servitude of more than 600 EMH Mark I holograms. And, as Starfleet re-equips more of its starships with holoprojectors to expand the usefulness of photonic "tools" such as the Emergency Command and Emergency Medical Holograms, someday those lifeforms may be considered Starfleet officers with all of the rights and privileges of their rank.



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I wonder if 8472 will be Federation-friendly or even playable?

Alyssa Cogley-Shaw? That’s a little too … cute, isn’t it?

Space flight and combat are going to be extremely reminiscent of Legacy is Dev. posts on the forums and IRC chats are accurate, which is rather disappointing.

things in Trekonline look pretty kool With the story we have read it would make for a great TV Miniseries.plenty of action and adventure and a great story. Would love to see Garrek as he tries to rebuild Cardassea and see how Gowron Handles the Gorn and so on. pretty kool Stuff. Sad to hear that Ed Mcmahan passed away as well.

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This looks OK.
Nothing special

One of those Klingons looks ALOT like a Reman.
Just Saying. Looks like fun.

I’m new to this site, so sorry if this has been answered before, but does anyone know a) a release date for this game, and b) will it be available for the Mac? Thanks a lot…

The Badlands?? KEWL!!

Where are the Tholians?

Tholians, I’m still wondering where the Organians went?

Where are thr Breen and what ever happened to the First Federation. Will the Borg ever come back and pay a visit.

What about Trelane. The Squire of Gothos. Or was he a Q. or is he Q. What about the Lagarens. Also the Ewoks. Oh Wait. Wrong Show.Oops.

I know. How about aTrek online Games about the Terran Empire reborn. The Terrans reclaim Earth and Vulcan and re teke the Alpha Quardrent and make the Aliance pay for there mistakes. That would be a great game to play.

How about we let professionals design a game and see how they do!

“Gamma Orionis system”

Mentioned during Voyager’s season 5 episode, Relativity. Nice use of canon.

The weapons in that second image look a lot like AK-47’s. Not something I’d expect a Phaser Rife to look like.

And in the first quote it suggest that the story will advance. Also something I wouldn’t expect from an online game.

Hm. The canon references are still flying thicker than a blizzard on Breen, and, Great Bird forgive me, I *love* it. (And I really do think this is shaping up into the first MMO I will actually play.)

But Garak is acting *way* out of character. Even given the events of “What You Leave Behind,” the annihiliation of Old Cardassia at the hands of the Dominion did not–*could* not–singlehandedly turn Garak into a sentimental, justice-loving statesman. This *is* the man who believed that the moral of “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” was, “That you should never tell the same lie twice.” So either Cryptic is doing Garak wrong (IMO)… or he actually has some devious plan up his sleeve.

Just for funsies, another favorite Garak quote:

Bashir: So of the stories you told me, which ones were true?
Garak: My dear doctor, all of them were true.
Bashir: What about the lies?
Garak: *Especially* the lies.

This game’s got an odd mix of art style to it.

The starships look great, the characters look decent, the space backdrops are stunning, but the planet surfaces look a bit cartoony in comparison.

I really like the big complicated backstory Cryptic is creating; lots of factions and Byzantine politicking could make for lots of interesting shifting alliances and backstabby goodness. Sounds like fun!

(Yeah, I want to play as a Romulan ;))

@18: Love the Garak quote!
Don’t know about them doing wrong by Garak, though. He’s a ridiculously complex character at the best of times, and he may have changed considerably from when he was a spy on DS9 with no one to look out for but himself, to becoming a major player in Cardassian politics, in charge of an entire Empire. Just my 2 cents.

Alyssa Cogley-Shaw – nice TOS nod.

Seeing these screencaps is making me pretty excited about STO – I might actually pick up online gaming once its all ready to go!

– 24thCRS

The character models look like mannequins. They have absolutely no natural look or feel to them at all, and definitely need work.

Outside of that, I’m very excited for it.

ety3, in the DC series (second run), we find out that they got married:

“But…you opposed each other at my court-martial!”

“Yes, but after that we started seeing each other socially.”

“And one thing led to another, and…we’re Cogley and Cogley.”

“Seemed easier that way- we didn’t have to argue over whose name went first.”

“How about we let professionals design a game and see how they do!”

To the records, professionals have done serious crap in the past and ruined
franchises… ;-)

I use to love video games, starting with my Atari 2600 for X-mas 77. Then Atari 800 computer in 1980 mainly to play games on. Since my near death in 1989, I have just not craved them, it could be because my head injury slowed my reaction time from hundredths and tenth of a second to tenths to seconds and being partly paralyzed on my left side. I can move things but that is where seconds with much brain work is needed.

As of now I make a good arm chair quarterback or a backseat driver. I’ll be waiting for the headset controllers that Atari has worked on for 5 years now. When those hit the road it will then become how many axises at once can you control. And for that you will need multi independent thought pathways. But then with drugs for fun you get split personalities developing. Which I’m sure the shrinks will love.

Who is this Alyssa everybody’s talking about? Can’t remember her…

Please respond.

History post-Nemesis is interesting…

Is this game canon?!

Sorry, couldn’t resist… (ducks to avoid storm)

Thats certainly a Reman in the first land screenshot there, uniform and everything!

Looks good. I also though the social interactions of ST would make it an exceptionally good MMO if done right, just hope it is! Either way, I am excited about my first command :D

Looks like an updated DS9: The Fallen (Best non-ship-based ST game in my opinion).

Still on the fence if I’ll give it a try (maybe the free trial). Real life might make this impossible to keep up with. I’m a “couple hours every couple of weeks” type of gamer.


By the way, what is with the Cardassian “love handle” uniforms. Weird.

Looks like they’ve had a few too many of those gross eggs Picard ate in the “five lights” episode.


#1 – I believe 8472 will not be a playable race, it would make gameplay unbalanced. However with the introduction of the Cardassians it makes you wonder if they are going to be playable (which looks very possible right now) and whose side they will be on!

#8 – Release date is expected Spring 2010.

#12 – If you look at the main gameplay video you will see a massive Federation vs Borg fight. Its avaliable on

#25: Alyssa Cogley-Shaw is an original character, but is presumably the offspring of Samuel Cogley and Areel Shaw, the opposing attorneys from TOS’s “Court Martial.” Subtle canon references = Cryptic’s forte. One of their fortes, at least.

#29: Taspar eggs. Served live. I have no idea how or why I remember that name. I’m even a little embarrassed.

#19: Eh, you could be right. It doesn’t feel right to me, but I’m not going to read Cryptic the riot act over it — especially if other fans (such as yourself) think I’m seeing out-of-character behavior that isn’t there.

What about the DOMINION!!!!?? There still out there and the have all of the GAMMA Quadrant not only that but atleast one planet in the Alpha, All because odo comes doesnt mean they will just give up on the other hundred and there female changlin in prison. They would want to reclaim then and still seek order that cant allow a defeat after 10000 years to go by like nothing.

wan to play