Behind The Scenes Video Of William Shatner’s Infamous Conan Appearance

Last week William Shatner made big news around the world for his antics on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien. Today The Shatner Project has posted some behind the scenes video, which shows Conan giving Bill his own salute while they were doing some promos.


Bill and Conan – Behind the scenes
This video was just posted this morning:

The Shatner Project also posted this BTS video a few days ago, which also shows the now infamous segment

Bill & Regis together again
As larger than life media icons, William Shatner and Regis Philbin are two of a kind, and this morning they were together as Bill co-hosted Live with Regis and Kelley. If you follow TrekMovie or William Shatner on Twitter you would have been notified yesterday, so sorry if you missed out. We will post video if any interesting clips become available. Until then, here is some classic Bill and Regis.

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Bill is the man! Thanks for the behind the scenes stuff. Hilarious!

I remember seeing that Millionaire segment when it first aired…first time I’ve seen it since. Also great behind the scenes stuff…Conan’s my favorite and that was fun to see. Ah, the Shat…

The Shat will always be The Man!

Captain Tiberius James Kirk – lol

the finger never gets old….that’ll become a quick classic

That was…fun.

I no longer call it the finger…I call it the Shatner Salute.

If Spock gets his own salute, it’s only fair …

To be flipped by Bill: the highest tribute.

This is to funny!

Great stuff.

Here is the finger…

This just made my day. :D