Star Trek Home Video Update: New BD Live SDCC Video + Close Look At Best Buy Gift Set + More Pre-orders

shatner palinAs we have been reporting over the last couple of weeks, the there is a lot of activity going on now in the world of Star Trek home video. Today CBS started releasing special Comic Con videos via BD Live (also soon available online). We also have a closer look at the Best Buy gift set badge pins, and now almost all of the upcoming releases are available for pre-order.


Gerrold’s tour of Comic Con
As part of their promotion of upcoming Star Trek Blu-ray releases, CBS and Paramount created a video tour of the Paramount booth and Comic-Con 2009, hosted by "Trouble with Tribbles" writer David Gerrold. There will be a number of videos available via BD Live for those who own Star Trek Season One on Blu-ray, including encounters with fans, green girls and a chat with Gary Lockwood The first wave of clips from the Con are available now, with even more from David’s adventures to follow in the coming days. [UPDATE: These videos are exclusive to BD Live for those who own Star Trek Season One and will not be available online].

David Gerrold hosts Comic Con Video

Closer look at Star Trek Badge Pin
Over the weekend we reported that Best Buy will be selling a special ‘gift set’ version of the Star Trek movie on Blu-ray that will include four metal ‘screen accurate’ badge pins made by QMx. Now QMx has sent us a closer look at one of the pins so you can see just how cool they are.

Engineering badge from Best Buy Gift set

You can get your badge pins exclusively in the Best Buy gift pack. You can pre-order the set from Best Buy for $39.99

[3-disk Blu-ray Gift Set: Best Buy pre-order $39.99]

UPDATE: What are the badges?
Some have asked so the badges in the gift set (starting upper left and going clock-wise) are: Command, Engineering, Medical & Science

More Star Trek sets available for pre-order
Amazon now has most of the Star Trek sets coming out this Fall available for pre-order. Most of the sets are awaiting Box Art. All are discounted (usually around 30%).


Individual movies (September 22nd)

Collections: TOS S2 & TNG movies (September 22nd)

Star Trek 2009 movie (November 17th)


Individual movies (September 22nd)

Collections: TOS & TNG movies (September 22nd)

Star Trek 2009 movie (November 17th)

NOTE: Amazon prices are subject to change. It is unclear why Amazon is currently charging only $11.99 for the Blu-ray editions of TUC and FC, it is possibly a mistake, but if you pre-order your price will be locked in.

More to come
TrekMovie is still trying to confirm details on the overseas Star Trek releases and get the box art for all the upcoming releases as well. Look for updates on those hopefully soon. We will also be getting more in-depth looks at the special features on many of the upcoming set.

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My family is seriously debating whether or not to get a Blu-Ray player JUST so we can haz the badges.

Exactly! No blu-ray here, but might have to break down and buy one.

Boy, we are suckers..aren’t we :-)

Unless I’m missing something, a standalone BluRay of ST:TMP is nowhere to be seen in this listing. Very interesting. Is a BluRay version of the Director’s Edition closer than we all think?

I just got mine (bluray that is). I believe it’s a good purchase.

I fought it, and fought it.

Seeing the quality now…I understand. I’m like Kirk when he got the spores,…”I see now….I’ve joined you…I understand”….. or as Sulu said in that episode, “It’s all so clear now”.

I pre-ordered the BluRay gift set for myself…now I guess I’ll have to buy a BluRay player soon. I might as well get the other Star Trek BluRay DVD’s…

Yes Anthony, I noticed that after making my post. I got a little excited and jumped the gun. Oh well, I’m sure it will be released eventually. Just need to be more patient…

The nice thing is that Blu-Ray will still play DVDs. This way a person (or family) does not have to replace all the DVD in ones collection, just buy new ones on BluRay and then replace selective DVDs in your collection with BluRay as they come available, if they come available.

Even this will take time, I bought a DVD player over 8 years ago and I still own some films on VHS (remember those movies?) that have not been put out on DVD or I just to care to buy them on DVD yet if they are out on DVD.

Not to mention what we are going to do when the next generation of home video comes out that will “revolutionize” the way we watch them. Who knows what that will be: smaller discs or a fromat like a flash drive?

I ordered STVI & STVIII Blu-Ray for $11.99 each…such a deal!!! I also ordered 2001 & 2010 Blu-Ray for cheap…bonus!!! I wouldn’t have known about these prices if it weren’t for “trekmovie”…THANKS!!!

BTW…I turned my 13 year old Granddaughter into a Trekkie…last Saturday we drove to Springfield, Ilinios, which has the closest theater still playing Star Trek, and she loved it!!! When we got home we had a mini-marathon of TOS episodes, and she loved them all. Best thing for me is I didn’t have to listen to her talk about Twilight or Harry Potter during them…LOL

#8 the next gen disks are holographic disks, already being developed in Japan. Higher capacity, greater resolution, which means to really take advantage of this, they are working on next gen TV. Sony’s next line will have dLcontent capabity, I think netflix will already be built in TV sets, according to the sony sales rep.

The Holographic disks will have a capacity of 6TB

Good God! They’ve finally pushed me over the
edge – going out this weekend to to get the BR Player.
Thank again JJ, I hope you got stock in Sony or

Okay… can someone help me with this…. for the badge insignia’s… i know which one is command and which one is medicine….

But which one is Operations and which one is Science ??


Yes, I believe I was accused unfairly :)

and thanks again to Matt for hooking me up. He went way above and beyond the call of duty.

#13 Science is the one that kind of looks like an eyeball, Operations is the swirly thing.

I hate when they do that. I want those pins but not enough to buy a blu-ray player and the HD TV that. Anybody have an extra HD TV lying around? :)

Two things–any hd tc recommendations–so many choices-obviously 52 inch big screen-which brand,is plasma better than lcd? Price vs performance–also if we just got a blu ray or ps3 would bluray and regular disks be viewable at all on a regular tv or monitor? Thanx oh guruzs of tech thst aleeady have their systems for any advice you can give us-

I’m so ticked off right now. The Mrs. and I were watching “America’s Got Talent” and they used the 12 Steps from Hell music used in the trailer 3 to introduce the judges. Drove me nuts hearing that music and seeing David Hasselhoff instead of the new Trek crew. Am I crazy?

not buying Blu-Ray for now……..i settle for the 2-disc DVD. 11-17-09 seems a long time.

17- I think Mr. Pascale should set up a special thread for the Trek blu ray discussions, since we keep diverging in that direction.

Any hd tc recommendations–so many choices-obviously 52 inch big screen-which brand,is plasma better than lcd?

My take (I own a Sony XBR4 LCD after alot of research)– All things equal, higher contrast tends to reduce my perception of motion blur and Plasma looked better than LCD. Supposedly 240Hz reduces motion blur vs. 120Hz achieving similar resolution during motion to plasma but I am not sure if this is completely true. Mostly blur I saw was in faces where you have a grey to grey transition in pixel which is slower than a more dramatic change in pixel. I think (as a happy owner of Sony) that Samsung are better value for LCD and very good quality. So far Sony and Samsung higher end LCD were made in the same fab facility. Sony has made agreements with Sharp for providing panels in future, so that is changing. I would strongly suggest Samsung and Sony. A friend of mine who did alot of gaming on his new plasma display actually did burn in logos when he started playing and had static images on within first 100 hrs of use. I would suggest you be very careful with plasma in early use and research into burn in and how to avoid it, when you should be okay.
Plasma will become obsolete but as a consumer this has little consequence. If you buy a set, most likely it will be supported in warranty and after warranty TVs typically need to be replaced not repaired. 240Hz LCD, OLED, and other technologies are nipping at Plasma’s heals, but these are just ways of rendering the image. So long as it has HDMI 1.3a you have a current set for use. So for price vs. performance you have alot of research to do.

Price vs performance–also if we just got a blu ray or ps3 would bluray and regular disks be viewable at all on a regular tv or monitor? Thanx oh guruzs of tech thst aleeady have their systems for any advice you can give us-

My brother in law has the Sony 40″ XBR Bravia so he’s been slow to change to something new. Even though that model is supposedly scanning in a narrower range for widescreen so you have more horizontal lines in 16:9 or lower, he can see only a miniscule difference between Blu Ray and upconverted DVD on that analogue in high end CRT. If you have an older TV (like my old 490 horizontal lines GE which was still higher resolution than an old classic Sony. If you look at it, when you take a 16:9 portion of a 4:3 standard definition TV (>65″). I think you will have a high end BLu Ray aavailable for this and over time, titles will start to support this as well, but for a moderate size screen and typical HT you will not be able to distinguish it.

Regarding storage format, multilayer BLu Ray are easy to implement multiplying the storage capability so you can expect newer BLu Ray standards but frankly content will be mostly available in 1080p except where 4k x 2k support for high end is interesting (which could be a higher price point disc or download only so piracy is easier to corect).

There is not as some have stated a motivation to use flash memory instead of discs. The cost of Silicon based memory is and always will be hgher than spinning discs. There is also no motivation for a smaller disk as wireless and Digital Copy (which a customer can transfer to their Memory Stick or SD or Flash Drive) have provided the ideal solutions for portability. If you don’t believe me, research into Sony’s UMD….

Happy hunting!!!

I’m still betting target will have a fancy dvd boxed set for star trek when it comes out.

I hope so anyway…

So short answer is you can view it on a regular TV but unless you plan to upgrade soon, why waste your money on it? The price of Blu Ray discs, players, and HDTV will probably drop faster than the cost of replacing movies you buy over next few years unless you have an addiction to buying DVDs.

I think Blu Ray and HDTV is something to spend good time researching, though the prices are much better now than when I bought my TV. I think you can buy a 46″ TV as good as my for 2 year old XBR4 (120Hz, 1080p) for about $1300-$1600 or less. Considering what I paid I’m saying it’s a good time. I would suggest go to AVS Forum when you have a short list of models you are looking at and find a User chat forum for models you are interested in. Reading through the 100+ posts on your model you will get a good sense of what are the common issues with it and how those are resolved.

What Blu Ray really impresses me (so much that I am replacing a large part of my frequently watched collection):

1. Facial detail: really enhances the subtlety in acting when you don’t have closeups.
2. Water and smoke and glass and metal. These tend to just distort, obscure in upconverted DVD. In blu ray there is so much added info in reflections, wetness, and

Regarding the future of HTheatre, I think the 4k x 2k will take off when there is true convergence of the PC and HTheatre where people will sit close to the screen or for gaming if processor speeds up and # processors and memory increases and to enable high end large screen size in home theatre (>>65″). I think you will have a high end BLu Ray aavailable for this and over time, titles will start to support this as well, but for a moderate size screen and typical HT you will not be able to distinguish it. My expectation is over next 5 years blu ray will be the thing and in 5 years or so you will start to see new technologies as I have mention start to strongly emerge in the US which still support BLu Ray but are gearing toward creating the new markets. I would not be surprised if within the next 8-10 years Blu Ray is obsolete and true PC convergence has occured. THat’s my prediction of the future and I am far more likely to be wrong than right.

I got my copy of FC locked and loaded, baby!

I guess it’s time to become Blu-Ray’s beeatch.

I herd about the Holo-DVD-s Japan developed around the first of the year. Have you herd anything about the new 4K HDTV format thats to be twice the size with 4 times the detail. And also approaching Movie theater quality. Thats 4096x2300x32bit color and Dolby 7.1 in six languages. And a 2 hour and 32 minute movie will fit with no compression. In time the Holo-DVDs will store Terabytes, could you imagine one disk of every Star Trek at Blue Ray quality. How many grand will that disk cost.

Can you imagine a whole month of TV on one disk. or a movie you can look at and not see any dots with out a microscope and have real 3D sound.

They may need lasers to project that good of a movie, LED and plasma would not cut the responce time needed for the tiny pixels. And 3D might look real. Just like the Holodecks.

Looks like I’ll be getting the 2 DVD set for my self this X-mas and getting my friend with the PS3 the 3 disk BR DVD set, but I may rewrap it just to snag the Medallions. I was figuring it would be $100+ but below $60 is a real gift.

The other reason to get a Blu-Ray player with your HDTV is that it will do a GREAT job making the old DVDs look good. I have a Playstation 3 and when it plays an “old” DVD on my 42″ Panasonic plasma set, the image is terrific. For example, the new DVDs of “Back To The Future” look great.

10 – CHuckster

Thanks for visiting Spring-Patch! The movie has been doing great around our part of central Illinois!

Another reason to get BluRay — even broadcast television is now 720p or 1080i, so watching DVDs (which are 480i) is actually a step down in quality.

Regarding lcd screens, in an ideal world everyone would get the best, but even the budget-brand Vizio is a fine way to start out.

For those UK readers Amazon have the BluRay version on pre-order for £17.88 with a free copy of Countdown. Also the 2 disc DVD is available for £14.98, also with Countdown.

Also, if anyone gets a BluRay edition and doesn’t want the pin badges (yeah right!), I’ll be happy to take them off their hands!

Enough of the Blu-Ray/DVD stuff already, I wanna see new model kits! :-)

I think it’ll be a good while before any ‘Super HD’ format has any relevance. Most people don’t have TVs the size of cinema screens in their lounges and most couldn’t fit them in if they tried. For a lot of people, a 28″ CRT was all they could manage and, even now a 32″ LCD is all that they can squeeze into their living rooms. At that size, you don’t need more than 1080p. Big numbers like 4k and 8k are all very well, but ultimately pointless!

Any news when to expect Enterprise on Blu ray?

FYI, walmart has blu ray players for 98 dollars

I am buying a blu ray player just because of Star Trek.

I bought an HD-DVD player just because of “Trek.” Nice paperweight.

With all the Star Trek goodies coming to DVD, I really hope someone over at Paramount decided to greenlight a TNG mini-series (or two direct-to-DVD movies). It really bugs me that there are 6 TOS movies you can buy, and only 4 TNG movies. Would anyone have a problem if they made two direct-to-DVD movies of TNG? I don’t think anyone would at all. If anything, they could film them back to back and make a ton of cash. The fact is, Star trek movies always sell well on DVD. With 2 more TNG films, the studio can jack up the price of the DVD sets. I would certainly pay more if I got two more films to enjoy.

Anyone know if the Blu-Ray badge set will be in Best Buy stores when released, or is it pre-order only?

The subject of “Next Generation” DVD movies (or HBO mini-series) always seems to come up on these boards. Clearly, there is a market for them. In the long run, making a few TNG DVD movies would pay off huge for Paramount. It would also help move more units of TNG (the tv show) on DVD.

Here is what I wonder… if they made an “HBO” mini-series…. would that be made through Paramount or CBS? If it airs on TV first, I would think it would be a CBS project (I could be wrong though). Best bet is that they would be Direct-to-DVD movies distributed by Paramount, and not a television mini-series. You are more likely to get TITAN or EXCELSIOR movies by CBS that would air on TV first, then a TNG series. I would rather see TNG handled by Paramount anyways. That way, the DVD movies would be part of the overall “feature films” DVD sets.

Of course, we are all just dreaming… lol… but I wouldn’t be suprised if we see some DVD movies of TNG. If Battlestar Galactica and Star Gate can do it, surely TBG can do it better. Make it so!

Will the Blu-ray gift set and badges be available for pre-order in Canada as well?

I’m thinking I will get a Blu-ray this year but will wait until close to the release of XI just for the fact that w/ the economy the way it has been retailers are going to be slashing prices to get you into the stores before the holidays get here. Wouldn’t be surprised if by November there aren’t some nice deals.

@ 1, 2, and others…

Just buy the BB exclusive set, and sell the discs on eBay or It looks like the set is just a thin cardboard box containing the normal releaes packaging alongside the badges.

i dont even plan on wearing the badges most likely (and if i do, ill cut off the tie pins and superglue magnets.

I just want to display them on my shelf

I love how David “Gene Roddenberry was a Homophobe” Gerrold is still making a living off of Trek, 42 years later. I guess the DVD sakes of “Martian Child” aren’t burning up the charts.

Wonder if he regaled the crowd with tales of hid girlfriend, Holly Sherman.

The man is a turd.

The badges are dead on. Must have. QMx puts out quality stuff.
OK- which to buy (to go with my Toshiba HD-DVD player. Yeah…) – Sony or Panasonic- or Samsung? Arrrggh!

31. Dom – July 29, 2009

Beyond the arguement of screen size, content providers were eager to end Blu Ray vs. HDDVD precisely to start making money on Blu Ray. The trigger was that DVD revenue stream started reducing. I think you can expect them to maintain Blu Ray as the standard until the Blu Ray revenue stream starts to fall off.

That said, HDMI 1.4 is already supporting 4k x 2k transmission. LCD follows something very similar to semiconductor’s Moore’s Law in terms of pricing, with the vendors having to maintain some price premium above that curve to be profitable. I can imagine 4k x 2k screens being a way to boost sales, but other than interpolated image from Blu Ray or convergence, I wouldn’t expect it to displace Blu Ray.

Regarding screen size, I think you are right. Tooling up for larger glass size is something you could easily track (it takes alot of time to build a fab, fill it, and ramp to volume. OLED production as well you can probably tell a couple years ahead when it is ready to scale to volume. I think without one of those two things, the only cost effective solution for 4k x 2k in the home is front projection. My guess is that will remain a niche market since it is not as practical as an LCD in the living room for casual viewing. I would expect that at some point you will have a more expensive 4k x 2k version of films on a multi-layer Blu Ray disk or downloadable but that content will be held as more expensive to avoid any sense of Blu Ray being obsolete.

Anyone buying a Bluray player and who has a Netflix subscription should consider the LG or Samsung players that support Netflix instant watch downloads. I’ve been using my xBox 360 to do that, and when I upgrade my present Blueray I’ll switch to the LG BD390, which I prefer to the Samsung models.

You won’t get all of Netflix’s library, but there’s enough to keep things interesting and they have the first season of TOS available as an instant stream anytime you want it.

36 and 38:

YES!!! We need some new TNG films! I would prefer to see them at the show, but I would be just as happy to get them direct to DVD. I say make two or three movie. You got Fakes and Burton who would kill to direct TNG movies. I think they should make three movies. Give one to Burton, one to Frakes, and if he wants it… give the last one to Nick Meyer!

Re: 47’s comments:

Between LG and Samsung, both appear to have some “quirks.” I would suggest anyone considering these players to do their homework ahead of buying so you don’t live in frustration or fear down the road. AVS Forum has user threads for these types of products. Pour yourself a tall beer.

I should say that I own a Samsung BDP-3600 and am extremely happy with it (streams Netflix but also Pandora, which the LG doesn’t) but if it breaks in the next week or month or 2 years it will neither bother me nor surprise me and I will rely on my Best Buy extended warranty.

Guys, TNG is dead. So are Voyager and Enterprise.

Give it up already.