TrekInk: Exclusive Preview: Star Trek Nero

Next week IDW kicks off a brand new series with "Star Trek: Nero," their first comic set in the new Star Trek 2009 movie timeline. Written by the same team that brought you Star Trek Countdown, Nero tells you the story of the Romulan’s lost years, during the Star Trek movie. And TrekMovie has the exclusive preview!


PREVIEW: Nero #1
Story by Alex Kurtzman & Roberto Orci, Written by Mike Johnson & Tim Jones, art by David Messina.


From STAR TREK writer/producers Roberto Orci & Alex Kurtzman and the creative team behind the best-selling prequel comic STAR TREK: COUNTDOWN comes an all-new story set within the events of the hit film!

Not an adaptation, this exclusive story follows the villainous Nero as he seeks to destroy the Federation. Don’t miss this essential chapter in the rebirth of STAR TREK!

Nero 1 cover & 5-page preview

(click to enlarge)

The first two issues of the  four issue "Nero" comic can be pre-ordered now from TFAW.





(Aug 12)





Exclusive interview with Nero writers Tim Jones & Mike Johnson



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Liking the preview a lot. Can’t wait for the release.

Very Cool! I love all this backstory! I’ll be honest–a part of me wishes that they’d film this instead of putting into a comic. How cool would that be?!

Looks good…decision making/plot dynamics seem a bit quick tojust happen, and I would of thought Ayel would have stood up against Nero, but then again when you only have a few pages to get the plot going you have to do that…the nature of comics! Looks cracking though! If only you guys had included the next page…..

But remember folks as our dear Trek writers have told us in the past…this isn’t CANON.


Hey “trekmovie staff”

what’s up with the Missions end # 5 you have written up there.

I thought this was a Nero preview?


Eh, my enjoyment of a Trek story isn’t dependent on whether it’s “canon” or not — just whether it’s well-written.

@5. Yes I was sorry to hear them say that… especially since they had previously stated that it could be or the fans could decide or something like that.

I liked Countdown and this looks good as well.

Hey 7

your talking to 5, right?

@5: ….So?

Nice. Continues straight from the teaser.

#5: And it wasn’t news.

Again with the Borg technology (ship healing itself).

Preview: Missions end #5

Well so far this comic isnt sticking to the cannon that was the movie. Engaged warp drive at the last second? Um no, warp drive was offline on the Kelvin, so that wasnt happening. And I honestly think that if a ship hit another at warp, no matter how big or bad the ship getting hit was, it wouldnt be around to make repairs. Still could be a good back story comic and if I see it somewhere I’d probably buy it, but I’m just a typical picky Trekkie.

This looks great! I’ve got it pre-ordered. Can’t wait for it to come!

#15, good catch, but maybe the Romulan was wrong about the warp drive (there’s always an excuse)… Anyway, if these scenes and others were shot, then JJ made a huge mistake by ommitting from the movie…

Is there any word on a trade paperback collection of this?
If so, I’m definitely getting it.

I loved ‘Countdown’. My only problem with it was that I read it just before I saw the movie. I have to wonder…if I hadn’t read the book, would I have enjoyed the movie even more? As it was, it seemed like I knew what the film was missing. (Plot holes you could drive the Enterprise through….) A comic book shouldn’t have to be required reading to get what’s going on in a movie….

Nonetheless, ‘Nero’ looks great.

Will there be a trade paperback?

Instead of “engaging the warp drive”, I think what’s implied is that the Kelvin’s matter/antimatter reactor went critical. Considering the size and the damage to the Kelvin before hand, the explosion would cripple the Narada, but as seen, wouldn’t have destroyed it.

The Kelvin did engage it’s warp drive. The nacelle flares up and propels the Kelvin towards the Narada. It was actually a bit of a continuity error that this comic seems to be covering.

Minor continuity thing, Robau’s blood appears green ion one shot (top of page 3 (I think).

Actually, I’m really impressed by this preview. Curiosity, thought, careful steps… aww, I miss Star Trek :( This gives me the feeling that I’m following a Romulan ship in a ST series. (As a kid, I always wanted a ST: Klingon show). So we find ourselves in a new time, trying to find our bearings and figure out what’s next. Wonderful.

But I can’t buy it because they should have put this stuff in the movie — and maybe cut out one of the fights to balance it. As a fan, I say NAY! Hands off my pocket-book.

Will they joined to form one comic as did the prequel?

If the Kelvin engaged warp drive… why was she not just jumping away to safety?

I found “Countdown” extremely dissapointing. Not about to read THIS one.

I think it’s laudable that they continue to attempt to develop Nero into a character.

I wish they’d done it in time for the film, though.

#26, I agree. It would have been nice to have these books prior to or at the time the movie was released. Also, it would have been nice if they were tied into the movie. In Spock’s flashback they could have showed Geordi LaForge building the Jellyfish, not the Vulcans. Little things like that.

#24 Think of it this way. Prior to that, ship’s power was drained from damage, and was being pushed into weapons, shields, and life support. Likely when George Kirk committed to his suicide run probably was able to achieve a slight warp burst by shunting power from all systems.

Isn’t this old? Didn’t Star Trek Countdown pretty much do all this already?


Actually, Bob Orci’s response was “The comic isn’t canon?” The “?” implies ambiguity, so that’s never been answered. So, basically, this IS canon. Horray for all that.

I loved Countdown and I’m really excited for this series!

Eh so what if it isn’t canon, it’s not like the film versions of Trek will ever visit this character again. Besides, it’s clear that ‘canon’ is up to the person watching or reading since there are more than a few that don’t consider ‘Enterprise’ or even Trek XI as canon.

I loved Countdown & will be adding these to my growing trek comic collection.

I kinda wish the villans had been as good in the film as they have been in the comics.

Adding these comics stories in order to add depth to the characters is futile. The movie is over. You missed the boat.
Nero’s character was flat as a pancake. Too bad the movie was busy covering ridicules stories of Kirk/Spock childhood rather than emphasizing the current story line.

#28 – Your explanation is likely, considering that in the movie, when George Kirk begins his suicide run, the WARP NACELLE flares to give the ship speed – NOT the impulse engines. Please tell me I’m not the only one that noticed that – the camera was even zoomed in on the end of the nacelle.

Nero’s ship takes a beating in the movie, but it pretty much survives every onslaught. What a ship!

They threw Robau into the replicator?

Did he come out as Chicken Sandwich and Coffee?

Those Romulan Bastards.

Tangential thought.

According to Pike, Kirk Sr. saved 800 lives. Yet there are only 17 shuttles seen escaping after the Narada is disabled. If you divide 800 by 17 – curiously enough – it means there would be approximately 47 persons on each shuttle.



Don’t worry. He came out of the Hollywood replicator as Thor.

Tastier than ever.


No George Kirk came out as Thor.

I still wish the so-called “bad ass” Robau hadn’t just stood there and been skewered like a sheep in a slaughterhouse. A couple of Kirk-fu counter-moves before eventually being killed by the much stronger Romulan would have improved my overall impression of him. Or Nero could have actually been losing the fight and Ayel could have shot him in the back, showing that a weaker man with advanced fighting skills can still beat a clumsy superhuman opponent. Oh well.

With all due respect, this material needed to be in the movie. We shouldn’t need a comicbook to explain a plot hole big enough to drive a Borg Cube through!


What if he comes out as a tribble? A hairball waiting to happen if you ask me….

I loved Countdown and I think Nero looks good too. I too would have liked some of this to be in the movie but I also understand why it was not. I think the BR Directors cut should be like LOTR extended. Heck, go ahead add an hour, I’ll watch it!!

5. Commander K – August 6, 2009
But remember folks as our dear Trek writers have told us in the past…this isn’t CANON.


Changed our minds again. Fans should decide.

Regarding the warp drive issue, I get the impression that when warp drive is “down” or “offline,” it just means that it is damaged and cannot be operated without destroying the ship (the matter and anti-matter are obviously still there, but the reaction can’t be contained).

Well, if you’re on a suicide run anyway, you might as well engage the warp drive then. The effect on the ship no longer matters.

This explains how GK was able to engage warp when it was “offline” (he overrode the safety features–they no longer mattered) and why he wasn’t able to just use it to escape (he couldn’t use it without destroying the Kelvin).

Mr. Orci, for what it’s worth, as long as the comic doesn’t make too many outlandish claims, I don’t see why it cannot bolster the movie’s magnificence. Nero and Ayel were characters with lots of potential. I’m happy to see them explored further.

Hopefully the other Romulans can have their time in the limelight too.

Captain Robeau is LEGEND.

After death, they put him in the replicator.

Translation: He becomes pure energy–and trancends phisical existence.


#43 Well, this fan here votes that for the new continuity, all products produced by the JJ/K&O/Lindelof/Burk/etc. team count. Let’s have an “expanded universe” with the new timeline.

We can keep the canon-or-not debate with the traditional timeline.

The comic looks good, as we loved Countdown in our household, and the story (not so much the artwork) of the Wired Spock insert, we look forward to more of this. Thanks boborci for making it so!

My view is that everything is canon until something more ‘official’ comes along to contradict it.

I see the pool has changed to state most people think Nero is one of the better villains.

I thought he was a pretty weak two dimensional villain on screen. The comic book tie ins are what give him more substance, but the development given to him in the comics could have been put in the film.

To me Eric Bana was great as Nero but he is not up with Khan, Chang, the Borg Queen etc.

Since the new movie is in a parallel timeline At least we can be more leniant with canon, its why I dont treat the movie as canon, I treat it as new canon. Spock and Nero are canon to me as they come from the prime universe. That is how I treat it as canon and therefoe in the prime universe we know Vulcan is still intact.

Chang is such a great, well thought-out villain because he quotes Shakespeare and acts nothing like a Klingon.