TrekInk: 5-page Preview of Star Trek: Romulans: Schism

Over the last couple of years comic legend John Byrne has been adding more depth the the Romulans through his Alien Spotlight: Romulans and and Romulans: The Hollow crown series. And next week IDW kicks off the final series of Byrne’s cycle with "Star Trek: Romulans: Schism." And today we have a first look at the first issue.


PREVIEW: Star Trek: Romulans: Schism #1
Written and art by John Byrne  


War! From behind the scenes, the Klingons loose their unsuspecting puppets, the Romulans, against the forces of the Federation. But the Klingon Emperor is impatient with the slow pace of the conflict, and back on Romulus there are already some who begin to see through the Klingon schemes. The final arc in John Byrne’s Romulans tales begins here!

Issue 2 covers (regular and dealer incentive ‘virgin’ cover)

5-page preview:


(click to enlarge)

"Star Trek Schism" #1 arrives in comic shops Wednesday September 16th. You can pre-order it and the other issues from the three-issue series at TFAW.




(Sept 16)



Byrne’s Romulans Trade Paperback
In March 2010 IDW will release a trade paperback combining his Romulans issue from "Alien Spotlight" and his two-part "Romulans: Hollow Crown" plus the three issues of "Romulans: Schism." You can pre-order from Amazon for $13.59 (discounted from $19.99).

Romulans TPB coming in March

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Looks awesome! I love the IDW issues where the “smooth” and “crunchy” Klingons interact. Looking forward to it.

Klingon’s and Romulans, having thoughts of War provocations and battles against the Federation. You know someone is going to loose and I’ll bet you it’s not the Federation.

But the big point is how the fights happen that make the Comic Books worth investing in.

I avoid Comic books have since we landed on the moon, but I may stop that habit just to see how the polts build.

According to Byrne’s website, the trade paperback of “Romulans” will also include some new material…..Balance of Terror as seen from the Romulan ship’s point of view. That alone makes it worth the price!

#2 – “You know someone is going to ***loose*** and I’ll bet you it’s not the Federation.”

The Federation is pretty “tight” I guess.

(seems nobody can spell “lose” anymore, don’t people notice the show “Lost” isn’t spelled “Loost”?)

I really wish John Byrne would quit inking his own work. If you were to look at these Trek comics and then look at his work on Captain America when Terry Austin used to ink his pages, there’s a HUGE difference. I think the guy’s a great penciller, but man, he really ought to find a new inker.

Schism! I didn’t see Brett Favre ever mentioned on this site.

This looks very good. As always, I’m gonna wait for one-volume editions, though.

Notice also, that he’s particularly drawing only TMP crunchy Klingons at this point.

As if the first wave of “bump restoration” only gave spine… and it took later efforts to restore the turtlehead parts.


Nice to see that Koloth got a tan, too. The one place where TOS makeup really blew it with Klingons, when they let Koloth and Korax look too “unswarthy” compared to Kor and Kang.

(Of course, I won’t even mention the Klingon “reject”, Kras, from Friday’s Child.)

#5 – Your facts are a bit off. Terry Austin inked Bryne on Uncanny X-Men. Joe Rubenstein inked Byrne on Captain America.

Byrne & Byrne! What is Byrne?!

This guy rules! I’ll buy the trade in March!

Man, I love IDW!!

After the silly spandex bodybuilder Romulans from the Aliens issue, it’s great to see more John Byrne. We can nitpick but you can feel the love he puts into his Trek stories.

Isn’t it funny how people in comics never age?

wish he had done the trek 2 adaption after all…

is that Number One as a captain on the cover of the second issue?

Really nice art; I’ve been re-reading the old Marvel Star Wars series drawn by Carmen Infantino, and the art is just awful.

What’s the point of comments like #15?

Yay! The return of pink blood!

Yes, that is indeed Number One on the cover. In a sense, he’s tying his Romulan series into his Crew series (which had Number One as the main character)

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