Bakula Talks ‘Informant’ & Open To More Quantum Leap + ‘Men of Certain Age’ Preview

This weekend Scot Bakula, Star Trek Enterprise’s Capt. Archer, is back in the big screen, co-starring with Matt Damon in The Informant!. The actor has been out promoting the movie and we have video of his TV appearance this morning and more. In other Bakula updates, we have a preview of his upcoming TNT show Men of a Certain Age, plus Scott talking about a return to Quantum Leap.


Bakula joins Damon for "The Informant!"
The Informant! is a new dark comedy from director Steven Soderbergh based on the real-life story of a whistle-blower in a price-fixing scheme at an American food company in the 90s. Bakula plays an FBI agent who is the handler for the informant played by Matt Damon. Bakula was on NBC’s Today Show this morning promoting the film, here is the video.

And here is the official trailer featuring more from Scott, plus the official Warner Bros. press kit video of Bakula talking about his role.

And here is Scott and his wife Chelsea Field at the world premiere yesterday.

The reviews for The Informant! are mixed but weighted towards the positive. The film has a 73% rating at Rotten Tomatoes, and 55 at MetaCritic. The Informant! opens on Friday. More info, video and pictures at the official site.

Men of a Certain Age Preview
After The Informant! Scott will next be seen as one of the three main stars of Men of a Certain Age, along with Ray Romano and Andre Braugher. The new show deals with three life long friends dealing with middle age. The show will premiere on TNT in December, and TNT has just released a preview, and added an official show page to the TNT site.

Bakula to Leap Again?
While at the New York premiere of The Informant, Bakula made some news on a return to sci-fi…not Trek, but Quantum Leap, the time-traveling show he starred in from 1989-1993. The Press Association quotes the actor saying:

I’d like to do it again and there are talks, but I don’t think it’s going to happen – there are complicated legal issues

Scott also noted that some of his Quantum Leap fans were there at the premiere, noting "they follow me to various places." Bakula is fan friendly for Leapers, he appeared at the Leap Back convention earlier this year.

Bakula at Leap Back 2009 convention


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i real hope they bring back quantum leap with scott it is a great programe with two brilliant actors

If nothing else, they at LEAST have to do a reunion movie with Bakula and Stockwell.

How freakin cool would that be? :D

They cant legal issues.

Any idea of what those legal issues are?

A return of Leap would be awesome. Hope they can sort out those legal issues.

My Quantum Leap DVDs are among the most watched in my collection, next to Trek of course :) I really hope they sort out whatever legal issues are preventing them from making this happen – Scott and Dean are not getting any younger.
In fact, Scott is the only reason I stayed with Enterprise all the way to the end

I have no ideas about what the legal stuff is, I do not even know the creator of the show, the authors, or even what holding Paramount has on the marketing side or even if it was ABC, CBS or even NBC that broadcast the show.

All I know is the show was a good view when it aired.

And then how much the palm computers will have evolved because of the progress in the real world.

And back then it took hold SFX labs to do the special effects that can now be done on a Desktop PC or Apple and at higher rez and in live production.

I’m sorry, Scott, but you look like a complete dolt…
Here’s a hint – GET A HAIRCUT!

NUMBER 8, your an ass, be quiet. he looks fine, your jealous mr. bakula makes more money that you even if he can get away with lookin’ shaggy, and chances are, eh doesnt look like a fat ass fanboy like you, hit the treadmill, lardass

I met Scott Bakula at the Leap Back convention in March. He’s a class act. I certainly hope the silly legal stuff gets handled and he can return to ‘Quantum Leap,’ but both he and Don Bellisario stated at the convention that it almost certainly wasn’t going to happen. Too bad.

New Quantum Leap would be AWESOME. Guys, please make it happen!

Yea, I love Quantum Leap. I didn’t get to watch alot of it when it was first on due to being in school, but I still grew up with it the same way I did with Trek. I’m still trying to gather up the dvd sets. With all the Stargates, BSGs, and spin-offs and original production scifi, most of which I don’t get into… Heroes, Lost, etc. I think a Quantum Leap tv movie or miniseries is a necessity. Could spawn a new series, but I wouldn’t go into it planning one. Leap the sad, sorry legalese out and leap in the three-part QL mini already! Note: Six or seven years before ENT, I’m out on the school’s athletic field. I tell my two friends: ‘if I was running Trek, I would totally make Scott Bakula, the guy fron QL the next captain…’ They agreed with me, but neither followed the shows that much. It later came to be, as we all know. So how bout a ENT Romulan Wars miniseries too, eh?

Admiral Archer! Give the man a cameo in one of the ST sequels! And T’Pol. ;)

13: Hear, hear!

Look who’s talking, NUMBER 8!
At least I got my spelling right, you illiterate hick!

i agree with 13 not only would it cool to see him but also you can show even more the difrrent in the timeline

GreggyBoy has a point (regarding both Scott’s hair and your orthography) and there’s really no reason for you to get a kindergarten relapse and be this insulting.
By the way, not every Trekkie is overweight, unemployed and living with his parents. I myself have a job in the management of a fairly big company, wear a suit and a tie and have my coffee break right now.

Gotta love those clucking hens on the “Today” show after 9AM. Absolutely the most news-free news program on television.

Can I get in on some of the “not in the basement” messaging. I am 29 married, have a little girl, in management, have my own house and have not lived with my parents since I was 18. Not all trekkers live an over weight life!

I hadn’t watched any of Enteprise when ST09 premiered, but I’ve now seen the entire series. An Archer cameo would be awesome. I really hope T’Pol wasn’t visiting home when Nero attacked. :(

#20 I never thought about that with T’Pol. I still can’t believe they would destroy Vulcan. It’s almost as bad as destroying Earth. Vulcan is that important in Treklore. Oh well.

Love Bakula!! Can’t wait to see his movie!!

I loved Quantum Leap!!! One of my most favorite shows when I was in undergrad!!!

As much as I absolutely hate and loathe ENT with every fibre of my being, I’ve always liked Scott Bakula. It’s nice to see him in a film, and a continuation of Quantum Leap would be really interesting!

18. Agreed! Scott was polite but had a difficult time getting a word in between those two. :-)

I’d love to see a QL reunion but in the meantime at least we’ve got that Enterprise episode with Dean Stockwell. I know, not the same.

I recently made a custom action figure of Bakula’s wife, Chelsea Field, as “Teela” form the 1987 Master of the Universe movie. Here is a pic:


I too am on my ‘TEA’ break at Oriel house… a government building here in Yorkshire England (Yes, even in yorkshire they exist)

I would LOVE too see someone reboot Quantum leap and personally, if I were producing I’d have Scott take Dean’s role and bring in someone else to be the new Dr. Beckett

Are we supposed to get more excited about this “Informant” thing because the title has an exclamation point?

Love Quantum Leap. Would love to see a return even more. I just wish they hadn’t ended like they did. I won’t spoil it for anyone who maybe just found the show, but it didn’t end right.

It was a weird ending, but it sort of made a continuation possible.

I wish they’d done the episode where he leaps into Magnum. :)

I don’t think I’d want a “reboot” as much as a “continuation”.

While we’re at it, how about another Serenity movie?

I could go on but I’ll stick to topic.

Going to nerd out here a second, but I figure it’s a safe place to nerd out

a) Don’t forget Admiral Archer was mentioned in the first Trek film

b) Mega-obscure canon, but it appeared onscreen. According to Enterprise, Archer lived to see the commissioning of the 1701, and died the following day. Yes, it’s an alternate timeline now, but I don’t think that would change too much.

Back me up. I know someone other than me knows the episode this was mentioned in.

33: Here you go…

Archer apparently passed away peacefully in his sleep in 2245, the night after the christening ceremony for the U.S.S. Enterprise NCC-1701

^ It’s an onscreen graphic from the Defiant’s computer, seen during “In A Mirror, Darkly Part II”

Holy crap! I never realized he was married to Chelsea Field! I’m not afraid to admit that I’m a huge fam of the 1987 Masters Of the Universe so it’s cool to see a link between it and Trek! Teela and Archer together!

You said he was fan friendly towards Leapers. Has he not been to trek cons? I hope he has not snubbed us. Q L was abit too soapy for me. A married man, no memory so he could be with other women with no consequences. No! Scott glowed as capto Archer. A great acter! I would rather see an Ent. Movie made. The romulan wars. PS Trekkies are also senior citizens too. A day where the elderly

GUYS,i have the same oppinion:a little cameo with ARCHER and T’POL,will be great!
i love SCOTT BAKULA,but with shame i must say that i never seen QUANTUM LEAP!MAYBE BECAUSE on 90s i had 10 years old,and i was still wathing crtoons!hahaha!but,when i was 11,i find STAR TREK!

SORRY,for my errors,but english is not my normaly language!

#13, #16, # 20… “Admiral Archer can’t appear in the New Star Trek Movies with Kirk and the new TOS gang. According to the time line, he has been dead from the time the NCC-1701 was commissioned..

It’s great to see Scott Bakula keping busy. I saw him in DC at Ford’s Theatre several years ago in Shenandoah. He’s a terrific stage actor with a great singing voice and, from what I hear, one of the truly nice guys in Hollywood. More power to him!

A return to Quantum Leap would be awesome. That show…but updated for todays (mildly) more sophisticated audience…would blow everything away. I’ve always been a big fan of Bakula in general. (and ive only seen like five episodes of Enterprise) I just root for him.

My pc jumped the trackaau ment to say tgat the trek unicerse. The ederly with resoect. Maney trekkiea are cops & judges so avoid speeding tickets LOLtrrat

Scott seems like such a nice guy and I loved him as Archer.

Wouldn’t it have been interesting if Chelsea Field had been cast as younger T’Pau for the three-episode sequence?


don’t care how, but I want
more Star Trek with Scott Bakula
more Quantum Leap with Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell

For the record, I am a trekkie…I am overweight (losing, Thanks!) I do not live with my parents, I do support myself blah blah blah. Even the overweight trekkies sometimes are not the losers everyone believes. I do not think that overweight+trekkie=loser.


– Maybe 2 or 3 new seasons of ‘STAR TREK-ENTERPRISE’ .?!?….

-Fat people are strange and freaky…always…

I wish Scott all the best. The Informant looks like a winner. And yes, I’d like a less tear-jerky ending to the saga of Sam and Al.

The destruction of Vulcan didn’t bother me. Given the way the paralel timelines are set up, I thought it was a good way to set things apart and let the audience know this isn’t the same Trek universe of the last 40 years.

You’re mind may already be made up on ENT, but have you ever tried it on DVD? I used to deride it, having never watched it in its original run. I thought they would just crap all over continuity (I still have some minor qualms). I was pleasantly surprised. I think I would’ve given up on it had I watched it first run, but watching them back-to-back helped. Again, it’s by no means perfect, but it’s my 3rd favorite Trek series behind TOS and TNG. (I can tolerate DS9 in small doses. For those who are fans my thoughts on VOY should remain my own.)

I thought I read somewhere that Orci and Kurtzman stated that Archer was alive and well in the ST09 timeline. Was Archer’s death on camera? That leaves the possibility it’s not cannon.

No need to apologize, most of us only wish we could speak a second language as well as you.

#23, #45
I’ve recently been re-watching Enterprise for the first time since they originally aired, however I started watching the seasons in reverse order. Since I haven’t hit the 1st and 2nd seasons yet, I’d have to say that show isn’t that bad! I think we were all robbed when it was cancelled as it was just coming into its own. (So far the worst thing about the show is the drab grey sets and the drab blue jumpsuits)

Scott Bakula is *hot* and would be hot with short hair, shaggy hair or no hair at all.

Just read everyone else’s comments about the cannon of Archer’s death. Geez, that’s pushing it a bit, but I am a continuity whore. That’s a tough, tough call. Still, I’m pretty sure Orci and Kurtzman stated that Archer was alive in their timeline. I could be wrong.

If Arcer is dead, now I’m REALLY hoping T’Pol was off-planet was Vulcan was destroyed.